Sunday, October 19, 2008

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2008 KU-OU football

The game was over when...

Kansas failed to convert on a third-and-two late in the third quarter while trailing 38-24. Quarterback Todd Reesing's pass attempt to receiver Dezmon Briscoe on a deep pass was incomplete, forcing the Jayhawks to punt.

Unsung hero

Jocques Crawford. With the Jayhawks' kick-return game in a significant rut, Crawford provided a spark in replacing Marcus Herford. Crawford returned three kicks for 77 yards, including a season-best 42-yard return in the first quarter, and likely earned himself a starting role at the position.

KU needs ...

A better performance from its pass defense against Texas Tech next week. The Sooners tallied 468 passing yards Saturday, and a strong outing against the notoriously pass-happy Red Raiders could provide a boost heading into the rest of the season.


lulurocks 11 years, 7 months ago

It is great to finally see someone acknowledge Crawford with a positive and encouraging remark. People do not have a clue what these players go thru 24/7 so they can be perfect gameday. For a kid who hasn't carried a ball in over 7 quarters and goes out on the field with a new challenge to proove to everyone he can play sold me!!! InNorman? Come on....that took guts, for him to get his confidence back was huge and the pressure to deliver in BIG D1 shows what this kid can do. You should be commended for your work and keep looking for the accomplishments all these kids make during this season. A few deserving words of encouragement goes a long way!

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