Sunday, October 19, 2008


Explosive Sooners blow past Kansas

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing is helped up from the turf after being sacked by the Oklahoma defense. Reesing threw for 342 yards, but was intercepted twice and sacked five times in a 45-31 loss to the Sooners on Saturday in Norman, Okla.

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing is helped up from the turf after being sacked by the Oklahoma defense. Reesing threw for 342 yards, but was intercepted twice and sacked five times in a 45-31 loss to the Sooners on Saturday in Norman, Okla.


Jayhawks fall to Sooners

It had been 11 years since the Kansas football team had defeated the Oklahoma Sooners. And with OU coming off their first loss of the year last week to Texas, the Jayhawks would need something a little extra special to knock off Oklahoma in Norman. But on Saturday, the Sooners proved to be too tough for the Jayhawks.

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Spodcasters Postgame: Oklahoma

The guys (Jesse Newell, Tom Keegan) break down KU's 45-31 loss to Oklahoma and discuss whether KU's defense can play better against next week's high-scoring opponent, Texas Tech.

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Go figure

2 of 12 Kansas University's success on third-down conversions

7 of 16 Oklahoma's success on third-down conversions

0 Sacks by the Jayhawks

5 Sacks by the Sooners (for 33 yards)

269 Receiving yards by KU's Dezmon Briscoe

6.8 Yards per offensive play for the Jayhawks

6.9 Yards per offensive play for the Sooners

25 Advantage in total offensive plays run for OU (97 to 72)

468 Passing yards for OU's Sam Bradford, a school record

491 Total offensive yards for the Jayhawks (to 674 for the Sooners)

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— In the aftermath of the events that transpired inside Oklahoma's Memorial Stadium on Saturday afternoon - the offensive onslaught that the Oklahoma Sooners unleashed upon a visiting Kansas University football team - Darrell Stuckey stood in a cramped room in the stadium's innards and answered questions.

There were lots of them, and Stuckey, the lone defensive representative made available to reporters, spoke patiently, trying to explain how a Kansas defense known over the years for being stout and disciplined had allowed Oklahoma to pile up 674 yards of total offense.

He did the best he could. He refused to make excuses. He gave credit to a talented Sooners offense. He tried to remain positive, insisting that the Jayhawks' defensive struggles are, for the most part, correctable.

"(Oklahoma) went out there, and they ran their basic offense, and their receivers did their job," said Stuckey, a junior safety. "And a lot of times, we just didn't get where we needed to be."

The result was a 45-31 victory for fourth-ranked Oklahoma, which pushed OU's record to 58-2 at home under the direction of coach Bob Stoops.

As many expected they would, the Sooners came out firing following their loss to rival Texas the previous week. After the first quarter, the Sooners had rolled over Kansas for 252 yards of total offense, and in the ensuing 45 minutes, they hardly slowed down.

Sam Bradford, who entered Saturday's game with a trunk-load of Heisman hype, somehow managed to exceed expectations, throwing for three touchdowns and a school-record 468 yards despite playing without injured receiver Manuel Johnson, who left the game in the first quarter because of an arm injury.

Bradford finished 36-of-53 passing, completing passes to 10 receivers and, with more than enough time to sit hassle-free in the pocket, systematically picked apart a Jayhawks defense that looked out of sync.

"He's everything that they said he would be and more," said Kansas coach Mark Mangino, who fell to 0-3 against his former boss, Stoops.

Even in the wake of the defensive breakdowns - Kansas gave up a season-worst 206 rushing yards, as well as a season-high 45 points - the Jayhawks managed to keep things relatively close for much of the game. They trailed 24-17 at halftime, as receiver Dezmon Briscoe grabbed nine passes for 193 yards and a touchdown in the first two quarters.

QB Todd Reesing, despite constant pressure, made plays and kept the offense moving.

Running back Jake Sharp rushed for more than 100 yards for the second straight game, finishing with 103 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries, but was kept out of the game at crucial points, including one third-quarter stretch in which he sat out consecutive series with Kansas trailing by just a touchdown.

By the start of the fourth quarter, however, when Bradford connected with tight end Kolby Smith for this third touchdown pass of the evening to make the score 45-24, the Sooners pulled away for good.

"A couple plays here, a couple plays there, you give yourself a chance," Mangino said. "But when you're playing a really good football team like OU, you can't make many mistakes."

Now, Kansas will head home and attempt to regroup as it prepares for a schedule that, with ensuing games against Texas Tech and Texas, doesn't get any easier.

Saturday's loss drops the Jayhawks to 5-2 and 2-1 in the Big 12 and puts the team in jeopardy of losing its spot among the nation's Top 25. Afterward, however, players preferred to focus on the silver lining - particularly, that the team's quest for a first-ever Big 12 North title is still very much intact.

"It's not like we came out and got upset," Reesing said, before making his way toward the team bus for what surely would be a quiet trip back to Lawrence. "People thought we were going to lose by 20 points, so we did better than most people expected."


Kyle Crenshaw 11 years, 7 months ago

why o why didnt they keep jake sharp in! who the frick cares if jocque was a juco star... i havent seen anything that says he should be getting big time pt over sharp!

justanotherfan 11 years, 7 months ago

OU is better than we are right now. That is what yesterday's game proved. Our defense, while serviceable, lacks playmakers, specifically on the defensive line and among the linebackers. We didn't have anyone that was a disruptive force throughout the game, that OU had to worry about.None of our D-linemen command a double team. That is not a scheme problem. That is a personnel issue. Either we blitz to get pressure (exposing us to one on one matchups with great playmakers) or we sit back and give guys all day.Offensively, Briscoe proved yesterday why he is our best receiver BY FAR. His athletic skill set dictates that when we play big time teams, he is one of our few offensive playmakers that can make things happen, regardless of what the other team is doing. Reesing was very solid yesterday, but I knew that he wasn't going to lead us to putting up 50 points, so the defense had us sunk.Also, usually I am very supportive of Mangino, but two things trouble me about him. 1) he seems hypersensitive about the punt return game. He has guys terrified that they will get ripped a new one, so they are overly conservative when returning punts, and on special teams in general. This means we can't change field position in a positive way in the kick game, because guys are too busy trying not to make a mistake.2) he has no qualms about showing up a player. Even if the cameras hadn't caught him chewing out Springer after the personal foul, the entire team would have seen it. Getting shown up in front of your teammates is embarassing. While on one had, Springer will probably never do that again, making him run 20 extra sets of drills on Monday after practice would have had the same effect, without embarassing a guy in front of the entire sideline. The fact that he ripped him, followed him down the sideline and ripped him some more was overkill, I think.That isn't meant to be Mangino hating, just my own observations. KU didn't get outcoached, they got out athleted yesterday.

Hawkish4bigM 11 years, 7 months ago

Good news is Reesing is back next year. Chase Daniels and Colt McCoy are not, right? Who do we lose to graduation this year? I think KU did a good job. I was hoping that Coach Bowen had some magic and we did well against run early. Officiating blunted what could have been KU lead early on. Running game looked much better. All said, KU will have a winning season and go to a bowl. We can beat Tech. Worried about Texas. They are really, really good. KU did well in Norman considering everything. KU Nation should be proud.

John Mueller 11 years, 7 months ago

OU is better. I agree that the o-line played much better in the run game.special teams looked much better.The passing defense: I thought the big problem here was lack of pressure, not necessarily secondary. You've got to realize, OU simply has better talent, receivers were blazing fast, Harris was trying to catch up all day.Bradford is a legit Heisman candidate. Our D-line is adequate, but we need a stud defensive end to pressure, qb and against OU o line, we simply didn't have anyone who could create pressure.Need to win next week against Tech. Haven't done that much in Big 12 history, once if I remember correctly in a crazy overtime game??We will not beat Texas, so Tech is Huge!!Colt McCoy is your Heisman winner folks.

OklahomaJayhawk5 11 years, 7 months ago

I was at the game, and im sorry but our crowd was HORRIBLE. We sat in a KU section under the south scoreboard and you could hear crickets at times when OU had the ball. I was very disappointed to say the least.

easyfive 11 years, 7 months ago

jbrownjib I am with you, the officiating was so bad it makes me sick!!! It makes me want to give up watching all sports. I gave up 4 hours of my life to watch what the officiating play their agenda. With the new rules and TV run their ads this is not even football anymore. Mark getting in #45 face was not good. If he treated me like that i may have quit the team.

Ryan Sullivan 11 years, 7 months ago

Bottom line: OU is a better team. Yes, there were a few questionable calls, but OU racked up almost 700 yards of offense on us. Have you ever heard of a team giving up that many yards and winning?Yes, our D-backs struggled, but you can't put it all on them. OU was doing whatever they wanted to do. They ran the ball down our throatsThere were some things to be encouraged about. Certainly the defense is not one of them. The special teams looked MUCH improved. The running game continued to improved, and against superior competition. We had nearly 500 yards of offense, and it was balanced. You typically win games when you can have that kind of offensive output. Our problems on defense are 3-fold. 1. We can't consistently stop the run. 2. We get NO pressure on the QB. 3. Our D-backs play too soft. I think the losses of James McClinton and Aqib Taliq are having the biggest impact.The coaching staff needs to figure something out or we're in big trouble against Texas Tech, Texas, and Mizzou. Hopefully our D can play better just being at home.I'm still waiting for Mangino to use a little trickeration on offense. We can run plays where we have 4 players on the field who have played QB in their careers. We could do some fun stuff. There should be a limit of 2 or 3 shovel passes per games, and NO MORE WR SCREENS!

sava12 11 years, 7 months ago

You can't blame the players - those kids never gave up and played to the whistle on every play. OU was in sync and made the big plays. OU just played better; they know they have to win every game to get a shot at the BCS title game and that focus began this past week. KU will learn the lessons and rebound for TT.

thiknthinhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

There's just a lot of folks that need to admit OU is good. But, there's a lot of the same folks that need to admit that when you have the turnovers we had and still had a legit shot at winning- we're better than a lot are williing to concede. Lack of pass rush- yeah, that's obvious. But, even with me conceding that truth, the truth of the matter is that is not why we lost. It had much more to do with the turnovers. Even with the Sooners bringin it, we still could have beat them had it not been for the turnovers. People need to stop crying and also need to stop looking at UT as a loss. I will predict now that the OU loss is our last regular season loss. Arrowhead is neutal, and UT and TT are home wins. MU is not the team people thought. Special teams are much better and the running game is legit. I'm sorry, but as good as UT is, they are beatable.

Ryan Sullivan 11 years, 7 months ago

We made mistakes, for sure. Turnovers, bad penalties, ect. We cut out ALL of those and MAYBE we have a shot to win. At the end of the day, we gave up almost 700 yrds of offense! No way you can do that and expect to win. That's not all on the D-backs; it was a team effort. Very impressed with our offense for the most part. A couple of bad turnovers, but other than that we looked great. From an offensive and special teams standpoint, we're looking good for the rest of the season. We've got work to do on defense. If we give up 700 yrds in all the other games, we won't win another one this season - no matter what we do on offense. I think we had a bad day against a really good team on the road, so I'm not all doom and gloom. We do need to get better. I don't see us winning out, but I do see us giving ourselves a chance to play for the the Big 12 championship and one way or another making it to a respectable bowl game. That would be something to be proud of and happy about, given our VERY tough schedule.People need to manage their expectations - not too high and not too low.

Jordan Brown 11 years, 7 months ago

Why oh why Anthony Collins! Why'd you leave us!!!

beebe1 11 years, 7 months ago

"didn't get where we needed to be."That is an indictment of the Defensive Plan. Bowen can't defend anything. Get a Defensive Coordinator who can make workable plans.Guess there aren't a lot of them around -- but we have guys who are defending 'areas' with no receiver in them, and guys who are trying to make plays against excellent receivers and could use help. And when they cross the field on their route, no one is defending them -- just passing them on to the next guy.Takes some real thought to prevent passes -- nobody is having any success.

troutsee 11 years, 7 months ago

I was there and what I saw was 1) a terrible pass rush by KU, 2) an officiating crew that was totally intimidated by Bob Stoops, 3) a gutsy KU QB.In summation, very poor defensive preparation and very poor half time adjustment. With 9 out of 11 starters back on defense, we should be better than we are.

KGphoto 11 years, 7 months ago

chalmers2wright: Nobody can pressure Bradford. He threw for 5 TDs against Texas at a neutral site. You gotta give KU some credit.A play here. A call there. OU is 58-2 at home under Stoops. That's the most ridiculous stat I've ever seen. And this is arguably the best team Stoops has had in that span. Winning in that stadium is like breaking a a world record. KU went in there and kept it close with a balanced offensive performance.I say, great job Kansas. You didn't win but you made us proud. You played the toughest game on the schedule. You learned a lot, now get home and beat Texas Tech. I think there is still a legitimate shot at winning out.Yes Texas looks tough, but they haven't played a meaningful road game yet. And Missouri looked awful. There's no reason you can't win every game left on your schedule. The season really just got started.

NH_JHawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Despite the almost 700 yards of total offense for OU, I'm encouraged by our play, especially in the first half. I think our O line deserves a LOT of credit for improving each game. Sharp had some great runs and Reesing had decent protection most of the game with a few exceptions. And how about Briscoe? HUGE!And finally, here's something to keep you smiling. Mizzou was absolutely embarrassed last night in Austin. Talk about a least we covered the spread.

Ryan Sullivan 11 years, 7 months ago

I'd be extatic if we could beat KSU and Neb, then get a win over TTech OR Tex. We'd have 2 conference losses going into Mizzou to play for the North championship. Win or lose that game, we'd put ourselves in position to make it to a great bowl game. If we win that one, we'd play in the Big 12 Championship game. Then, if something magical happens, we could be in another BCS game!Oh wait, back to reality. We just gave up almost 700 yards in one game. Let's just try and get a little better on defense before worrying about what bowl game we might to go.

chalmers2wright 11 years, 7 months ago

Was Anthony Collins a corner? Because the offense wasn't our problem today. I've never seen so many open receivers and we gave a great quarterback way way too long to make plays. If we were able to cover their wr's and maybe get some pressure on Bradford we would've had a chance.

Jordan Brown 11 years, 7 months ago

Chalmers2Wright... I know our defense was crap, but we allowed them to get to Reesing way to much. We're just lucky reesing is mobile or it would of been much more than just 5 sacks.

John Brown 11 years, 7 months ago

Kansas 31, OU 31, Officials 14 toward OU in Norman. There was a group of Alumni in ATL watching this game and we all felt there were many poorly reveiwed calls. I hope the Big-12 reviews the officiating because these games determine the winners of the Big 12 North and South. One or two bad call happens but there were several and they mostly benefited OU. These officials were determining the outcome of the game. I don't normally complain about the officiating but this was bad. I get to see a lot of college football because of living in the south and I can not remember ever watching a game this poorly officiated.

beebe1 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey, no criticism of our players! They have talent and do what the coaches tell them. That's the problem.

John Brown 11 years, 7 months ago

I am encouraged by the play of Kansas in this game. Defensively, we made OU use the entire length of the field to score every time. Offensively, we consistantly moved the ball well. I don't understand why we did not try to run the ball on a 2nd and 2 & a 3rd and 2 conversion. We had been running the ball well to that point and then resorted to the air. I don't know why we pulled Jake Sharp from the game either. KU doesn't discuss injuries though. Good game Jayhawks despite the loss. Game ball to Desmond Briscoe! The officiating could not rob us of the final TD!

KU 11 years, 7 months ago

Our DBs are good enough IF we get pressure on the QB. We knew going in that OU's offensive line was one of the best in the nation and KU's defensive line was suspect. Take Caleb Blakesly out of the equation due to injury and we are even thinner on the DL. Pass defense starts with the pass rush. We couldn't get any pressure, so of course our DBs are going to get abused when OU is able to run 5 receivers into the secondary looking for holes in the zone.I'm surprised we played them as close as we did.

Jarod DeLozier 11 years, 7 months ago

I agree about Bowen, not sure he's the right guy for the job. I can't imagine that the loss of Talib and McClinton could cause such a defensive let down. We lost a great coordinator too and that is showing.

Jarod DeLozier 11 years, 7 months ago

Our secondary is awful and there seems to be a lot of denial about it around the JH nation.

Clarence Haynes 11 years, 7 months ago

We played much better that what many thought, but against a team like OU, you have to play pretty much a perfect game. I also think that we can whip T Tech. We just need to get some of those studs who have a motor to pressure the Q-back. Bradford was untouchable! Hope that Kevin Young is one of them.

Dirk Medema 11 years, 7 months ago

The team's quest for the first-ever Big 12 North title is on display at KU, even if we were co-champions. The team's quest for a first-ever outright Big 12 North title continues.This is part of the difference between TTech, Mizzoo, and us this year - they have superior hype machines. I'm looking forward to providing a reality check next week.Rock Chalk

KURiggins 11 years, 7 months ago

Oklahoma did not beat us, we beat ourselves. Before you critize our defense, tell me why when Jake Sharp walked into the endzone we stopped running the ball? Ed W. deserves to be yelled at. Oklahoma LB's sucked, they could not stop our running game, we gave it to them. Running the ball would have eaten up clock, rested our defense and made play action passes dangerous. We still played a very tough team very well at their house, against a frankly horrible officiating crew. We still beat the spread if I am not mistaken which was 19 1/2 points. I just want Ed W. to realize we could have run the football, Oklahoma had not stopped us. Run it down their throat! On the good side, we are improving. We are creating push on the OL. And had our defense not had to play for nearly 40 minutes, we created push on the DL early. On defense, I wish our CB's would stop playing so far off. On ABC at halftime Mark M. said he would tell our corners to come up and play some bump and run...did not see it and I watched the whole game. We need to be more aggresive on defense. All this being said, I am still very proud of our team, and a great effort in a tough arena. We get Oklahoma next year at home...REMATCH! Bye the way, hey Misery..the Longhorns want to did that beating taste? Misery sucks, two straight losses prove they were way overrated

esque 11 years, 7 months ago

Until Mangino steps up recruiting efforts and lands better athletes along the defensive front, opponents with strong passing games will continue to cause much grief.

100 11 years, 7 months ago

Good looking schedule for rest of season. Only one real road game left. Memorial stadium has a magic for our football team. Would be nice if we beat TT and UT and make a statement for the Big12 North now that MU has fallen on embarrassing times.

okjhok 11 years, 7 months ago

"We will not beat Texas..."Hey, make sure you tell the team so they don't show up to play in two weeks. I mean, maybe they can go watch a movie or something. I'd hate for them to waste a Saturday afternoon. Everything else you said made pretty good sense, then you dropped that and completely discredited yourself.

JayViking 11 years, 7 months ago

It's not our secondary. It's our D-Line getting pressure on Bradford.Look, you can have 2 NFL CB's and 2 NFL Safeties and you can give an average college quarterback 5-6 seconds to throw and he's going to find an open receiver over that period of time.

Kent Kossoy 11 years, 7 months ago

Oklahoma is a better team. That being said, I can remember a game with such poor officiating.................2004 against Texas. I was hoping for revenge for that debacle. However, the way that Texas handled Mizzou, at least we have a good shot against the Tigers.

Marcia Parsons 11 years, 7 months ago

I think we are missing Young. Bowen seems to be carrying on what they did last year, but it was evidentally Young who had the vision and the creativity. That being said, we were still the first ones to hold OK and keep them from scoring on their first possession for the first time all season. I think our defense got increasingly pooped as the game went on. OK's plan is to get to the next play so fast there is not time to adjust or even substitute between plays without calling a time out. Or to call for a review, which you have to do before the next play is underway. That's the main reason the Meier catch wasn't reviewed, it seems to me.

Aaron Carpenter 11 years, 7 months ago

It did seem like Sharp was not in on the most crucial plays, but one to me stands out the most......punting on 4th and 2. I know they didn't get any points from it but you hadn't stopped them all game and had a chance to close the lead. I really feel that was a slap in the face to the offense and showed a lack of fire and all out desire to win by the coaching staff. Great teams force the issue, not let it come to them, and they can also cover a receiver, worst coverage I have ever seen. Rock chalk

100 11 years, 7 months ago

We got beat today. OU played the best game they've ever played and we lost by 2 TDs. Congrats to OU and their fans. As for us, the world has not stopped turning. We'll continue to get better as the season goes on. Just wish Mangino would've challenged the non-catch of Meier's supposed non catch, early in the 3rd quarter. Even though he fumbled, it would've been ruled ours because it was blown dead. Replay showed he caught it and had both feet down. A critical loss of possession when we're about to tie it up and gain crucial momentum.And surely he had a good reason for taking out Sharp when we needed him most (Talk about handcuffing Reesing for 15 crucial minutes with no threat of a run).

John Strayer 11 years, 7 months ago

One third down conversion for the day.....good grief?!?

John Strayer 11 years, 7 months ago

The stat above says two...but after watching the game I only remember the one and it was for the last touchdown.

eastcoasthawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Not upset about the outcome as we did our best to stay in the game. Offense was killing our tired defense with no 3rd down conversions. Not sure if it was Warriner who lost his edge or Reesing in the 2nd half. First half we had a good plan to attack their makeshift players at MLB and safety. That sort of went away in the second half. And you can not blame our secondary. They are coached to play that far off the receivers and were not as fast as the OU receivers. We were chasing them and Bradford all game. We did well but we needed a perfect game to beat OU. I was glad to see a couple of new/trick plays to keep OU off balance. I wish Clint Bowen would throw a more curve balls on the defense also.

hawk_bred20 11 years, 7 months ago

I think OK is just better than us. It's pretty simple.Couple other observations:I think our defense played pretty well to start the game, but they were on the field waay too much. It looked like it started to wear on them. There was one point where the Time of Possession was like 16 minutes to our 4 or 5. That's a full quarter that our defense was on the field, halfway through the 2nd quarter. Cut the D a little slack.The other is the terrible officiating. I don't think it would've won KU the game but it definitely would've made it much closer at the end. The intentional grounding call on 3rd down? Reesing threw it at Sharp's feet and they called that, the exact thing happened today in the Titans and Chiefs game adn there was no call. We probably go for it on 4th down there in OK territory and the entire game could've been different. Oh well, at the end of the day, though, they have a lot more talent than us.

JBurtin 11 years, 7 months ago

Add Charleton Keith to this defensive lineup and Bowen would be touted as a defensive genius.We already didn't have much of a pass rush last year. McClinton was pretty much it for us, with an occassional flash from Laptad. Then even if the pass rush failed, Talib was often there to pick up the key interception when you needed it most.Nothing irritates me more than all of this crap about Bowen not knowing how to coach. Bowen supporters point out time and again that there were years that Young simply didn't have the ponies, and some of his defenses were terrible, yet those who are calling for his head seem to have very selective memories about such things.Did everybody forget that our pass D was 119th in the nation just a couple of years ago under Bill Young?I find it disgusting that so many people were against him before he was ever hired, and are now using one half of one season to judge him as a coach. Nothing kills a program faster than constant coaching changes.Once again, I can only be thankful that Mark Mangino makes these kinds of decisions instead of the knuckleheads on this board.

OmahaKUAlum 11 years, 7 months ago

Three things really stuck out for me from this game. 1) Say what you want about needing more pressure from the D-line on the QB (which I agree with), but our defensive backs are atrocious! I re-watched the game today, and I counted nearly 10 times that Chris Harris got burned, and that was WITH him giving the receiver at least a 10 yard cushion!! Isn't the point of giving that big of a cushion (which I don't agree with) so you don't get burned? If you can't keep up giving a 10 yeard cusion, then at least try to bump/jam them at the line to impede their routes a little bit!! We are more than halfway through the seaon, and I haven't seen any improvement in our pass defense. That worries me. 2) We had soooo many costly, stupid penalties! And those of you that are complaining about Mangino ripping Springer on the sideline, are you kidding me? He deserves that! You cannot commit stupid penalties like that! Maybe getting "embarrassed in front of his teammates" will keep him from doing it again! 3) Why the hell did we stop giving the ball to Sharp? After Sharp carried us on that touchdown drive early in the 3rd quarter, I didn't see him in the game again until the 4th quarter when we were down 21 points. Like someone else pointed out, why didn't we run the ball on those 3rd and short opportunities? Sharp was very effective, and we went away from that. I really don't understand that. Running the ball more with Sharp might've kept our defense on the sideline a little longer to get a little rest!I still think it is very possible to win out the rest of the regular season. Texas still worries me. I know we have them at home (which gives us a slight advantage), but if we can't figure out how to pressure the QB and not get burned by opposing receivers, it will be another long day for the defense. But we are definitely capable of winning our other remaining games!

Hawkish4bigM 11 years, 7 months ago

My feeling is hey, if they are going to score anyway why not take risk. Playing soft is not playing D at all. I say man on man right on the line of scrimmage getting in their face. The defenders on the corners should be charging hard at the receivers to the point of knocking them on their can. If they get burned then, well that is what the safety is for. I would rather see blown coverages, long touchdown passes to receivers all alone than to play a pseudo defense. AND if you can't get to the QB then emphasize staying in front of the QB and getting up and batting the ball which is likely to decrease visibility and create turnovers. I have no doubt that I could rattle the opponents. Smacking receivers coming across the middle of the field is something else I have yet to see. Then, failure to wrap just drives me nuts. The lazy man's way to tackle.

rasta_meta 11 years, 7 months ago

The biggest lose from last season was Bill Young, not Collins, not McClinton, and not Talib. The defensive problems are correctable only if Bowen matures into a good coordinator or Mangino hires a new one.

rasta_meta 11 years, 7 months ago

I should add that so far this season id doesn't appear that Bowen is maturing as a coordinator. As I have said before, he plays very similar defense to that of former defensive coordinator Bob Fello (under Mason) and who Bowen played for. Fello was terrible. He always played cushions and never played bump and run. We had so much talent on some of those teams with Stubblefield, Mamalonga, Brown, Wright, Davis, Howard, McBurrows, Lassitor, etc. and they couldn't stop anyone in the run game or the pass game. It seems to be the same with Bowen.

Jarod DeLozier 11 years, 7 months ago

saying you have 11 solid defensive players and giving up 700 yards a game just doesn't make sense unless you have the worst defensive schemes in the world. i don't care how good the team you're playing is. everyone is tip-toeing around it, but the fact of the matter is our defense is NOT good. and i think it lies mostly on the shoulders of bowen because I do think our personnel is better than 700 yards a game to any team.

Craig Lang 11 years, 7 months ago

I did not expect KU to win this game, so I was not disappointed. I actually saw a lot of positives in this game. KU is the first team to score against OU in the first quarter this season. KU was the first team to stop an OU opening drive this season.I also agree that the officiating was lop-sided. On at least two occassions, it looked like the head referee conferred with Stoops before he conferred with his colleagues on the field. The third-down conversion problem needs some attention, but Reesing finally got his act together in the last drive (with 2 third down conversions).There was a 19-20 point spread in favor of OU going into this game, and KU only lost by 14! I have a feeling that KU can keep things even closer against UT... I'm not going to say the Jayhawks will win that game, but I think they CAN win that game (especially because it's in Lawrence). And our team definitely looked better than MU did Saturday night.

justanotherfan 11 years, 7 months ago

Everybody needs to look at our personnel.Our DEs are not dynamic pass rushers. Our DTs don't command double teams in the middle. What that means is that it is generally no problem for an O-line to block our four man front. If we had one disruptive guy on that defensive line, it would completely transform our defense, because we could generate pressure with four rather than having to blitz five or six.Our corners are solid. Not otherworldly great, but solid. Problem is, unless we can clone Champ Bailey and put him on either side, no pass rush is going to put our CBs in a no win situation. Guys like Bradford will stand back there and find the open guy eventually. It's inevitable.Our LB's are also solid, but once again, none of them are disruptive playmakers. None of them require special attention to avoid having them completely destroy the offensive gameplan. If we had one or two disruptive guys in our front seven, the game would have been different Saturday. If we had a guy like Orakpu from Texas, or a Ray Lewis type linebacker that covers the whole field, we could have held OU in check. Bowen has 11 solid guys. Unfortunately, when you play a team like OU, that can put 6 playmakers on the field on offense, you need your own playmakers to disrupt them. That's what Aqib gave us last year. We don't have that this season. Hopefully we can control Crabtree this weekend without letting Tech's second and third receivers go crazy. An unhurried Harrell is just as good as Bradford was on Saturday.

rasta_meta 11 years, 7 months ago

I hope he matures into a good coordinator...but it isn't looking promising at this point and bad coaches can waste good talent and those are lost years for the program and those players. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these players are doubting Bowen as well. This can cause some players to try to take things into their own hands and not cover assignments and give up big plays. I have heard some rumblings that this might be case now....some of the older players have started to doubt Bowen, his schemes, his ability to game plan, and his play calling. IF this is true, this season might be at a loss for correcting some of these issues but Bowen would need to prove to the players next year that he can cut it or it will only spiral downward. We saw something similar with Nick Quartaro the last two or 3 years he was there. The players were really doubting his coaching abilities.

100 11 years, 7 months ago

Entirely believeable: If this is the case (Bowen being doubted by KU's leaders), Mangino needs to plan the D schemes -- they would work much better than the 7th grade strategies we're seeing from Bowen. Let's be frank here, our pass D too often looks like the Chief's prevent Defense.Many of you might be thinking, "but wait, Magino's an offensive guy at heart". True and good point. But Mangino knows enough non-soft D after working with great D coordinators at KU, KSU and OU during BCS bowl seasons and one national championship. So I say -- Mangino, all by himself, should change the schemes for a week. If Bowen can catch a hint from his employer, then let Bowen back on the bandwagon after a week of hanging out on the sideline, being a yellleader.As for next week's game, let's face it: with TTech passing up a storm, Bowen's strategies will have to change. As we've seen from him so far, he's certainly not the man to change (much). It's gonna have to come from the big man.

actorman 11 years, 7 months ago

I agree that Young was a huge loss, but I wouldn't give up on Bowen just yet. It's only his first year as a defensive coordinator. I'm not saying the defense will necessarily get significantly better this year, but you don't give up on someone in his first year as a coordinator. And I do think the losses of Talib and McClinton have had a huge effect as well.

rasta_meta 11 years, 7 months ago

I would like to add that I like Clint as a person (played with him) and as a program guy and I hope he succeeds, but I am also being realistic with what is going on with the defense.

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