Sunday, October 26, 2008

Now that was ugly

Raiders have way with KU

Texas Tech defensive end Brandon Williams lets out a roar in front of Kansas players Kerry Meier (10), Adrian Mayes (66) and Ryan Cantrell (50) after the Red Raiders recovered a Todd Reesing fumble during the second quarter Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008 at Memorial Stadium. Right is Texas Tech defensive tackle Richard Jones.

Texas Tech defensive end Brandon Williams lets out a roar in front of Kansas players Kerry Meier (10), Adrian Mayes (66) and Ryan Cantrell (50) after the Red Raiders recovered a Todd Reesing fumble during the second quarter Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008 at Memorial Stadium. Right is Texas Tech defensive tackle Richard Jones.


Jayhawks mauled by Texas Tech

If you're a fan of an offensive game plan that includes a passing attack that accumulates a lot of points, then Texas Tech would probably be your school of choice. On Saturday, the Kansas Jayhawks were trying to pull the upset over the Red Raiders - however they were dealt a much different result...

KU falls to Red Raiders, 63-21

The Jayhawks were one-point favorites going into Saturday's game against Texas Tech, but that certainly wasn't the case by the end.

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Spodcasters Postgame: Texas Tech

The guys (Tom Keegan, Jesse Newell) analyze what went wrong for KU in its 63-21 loss to Texas Tech. The two also discuss the Jayhawks' chances next week against Kansas State, which also boasts a strong offense.

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In Week 9 of Going Deep, Matt Tait and Eric Sorrentino speak with Cole Manbeck of the Kansas State Collegian. Manbeck discusses a variety of topics, including K-State fans turning on the program, coach Ron Prince's recruiting methods, the impact of Josh Freeman against KU, and what K-State must do ...

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It is not an easy thing to put a positive spin on a 42-point college football loss.

It is even more difficult, one would imagine, to do this if the loss occurred at home - during a weekend in which a university's alumni are in town to celebrate said university's history and tradition.

So Saturday, after his team had endured a 63-21 drubbing at the hands of visiting Texas Tech on homecoming weekend, Kansas University coach Mark Mangino didn't try.

"Here's the reality of it," said Mangino, in a statement that was brilliant in its simplicity. "We got a good old-fashioned butt-whoopin' today."

Entering a game in which both teams had a great deal at stake - a Texas Tech victory would have pushed the Red Raiders to 8-0 for the first time since 1976; a Kansas win would have ensured the Jayhawks remained in sole possession of first place in the Big 12 North - the 19th-ranked Jayhawks were a proverbial no-show during a shocking 60 minutes of football that raised serious questions about nearly every aspect of this Kansas team.

No one got off easy against an eighth-ranked Texas Tech team vying for its first Big 12 title in school history. Not a usually potent offense, which turned the ball over a season-high five times. Or a Kansas secondary that, despite a number of personnel changes, couldn't manage a stop until the Red Raiders' 10th offensive series of the game.

Even the Jayhawks' übercomposed quarterback wasn't immune, finishing 16-of-26 passing for 154 yards and a career-worst three interceptions.

"This is the worst loss of any sport I've ever played in my entire life," said Todd Reesing, who failed to surpass 200 yards passing for the first time in 13 games. "It's tough when part of the reason you lose so bad is your own performance. I've never turned the ball over like that before in a game ... There's nothing really else you can sugar-coat it with, it was just a bad day for us."

Of course, even a career day from Reesing might not have made much of a difference Saturday.

Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell officially nudged his way into the top tier of Heisman hopefuls, completing 34 of 42 passes for 386 yards and five touchdowns, connecting with 11 receivers in the process. And on the Red Raiders' second offensive play of the game, he wound up and hit Edward Britton for a 55-yard touchdown pass that set the tone for the afternoon.

The Jayhawks were able to hang tough early on, answering each of Tech's first two touchdowns with scores of their own.

After punting on their first possession, Kansas scored twice in a row to keep the Red Raiders within reach. Reesing hit receiver Kerry Meier for a 33-yard touchdown pass and followed it with a 10-yard strike to Dezmon Briscoe on the Jayhawks' next drive. For a short while, it appeared the game was shaping up as the shootout many had expected it to be.

Then, for reasons no one could quite explain, the Jayhawks shut down. The offense stopped moving the ball. The defense stopped defending. The special-teams struggles, which seemed to be fixed following a unit overhaul, returned with a vengeance Saturday.

When the dust had settled, the Red Raiders had accumulated 49 straight points and built a 63-14 lead early in the fourth quarter (Good college football rule of thumb? More often than not, a 49-0 run against a team will not be overcome).

"It happens to everybody from time to time in college football," Mangino said. "You get a day where the snowball starts rolling down the hill, and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and before you know it, you've got no chance to stop it, and it runs you over. And that's what happened to us today."

Afterward, players quietly gathered themselves and attempted to pluck a silver lining from the wreckage.

It wasn't easy.

"We're not broken, we've just got to figure out our identity," insisted safety-turned-corner Justin Thornton.

"We could have easily been in the locker room, cussing, hollering, screaming at each other, but it wasn't that, so that's a good sign," said safety Darrell Stuckey.

"We're going to shake it off, I'm going to shake it off, we're all going to have to shake it off; and we're going to have to defnitely bounce back," Meier said.

Barring the unthinkable, Kansas' streak of 17 straight weeks in the top 25 will come to an end once the polls are released this afternoon. Their perch atop the Big 12 North standings is now a three-way tie between the Jayhawks, Missouri and Nebraska. And now, the team's game against Kansas State on Saturday, once thought to be a mere formality, suddenly doesn't look all that alluring.

"This program has had to fight through losses before and tough times, and we will continue to do that," Mangino said. "There's no doubt in my mind that our team will be ready to play next week. I'm not concerned about that."

Go figure

1 Times Texas Tech was forced to punt

3 Interceptions thrown by Kansas' Todd Reesing

2 Sacks recorded by Kansas University's defense

2 Sacks recorded by the Red Raiders

1 NCAA-leading sacks allowed by Tech in its previous seven games

34-42 Completions-attempts for Tech QB Graham Harrell

8.7 Average yards per pass attempt for the Red Raiders

5:26 KU's time of possession in the second and third quarters combined

24:34 Tech's time of possession in the second and third quarters combined

51 Points by Texas Tech's basketball team vs. KU in March


Brad Avery 11 years, 5 months ago

The defense was not ready for Tech's offensive scheme. Yes, they are a difficult group to cover, but Graham Harrell was able to find an uncovered outlet receiver most of the day or Tech had a screen pass called whenever KU blitzed and there apparently was nobody "miking" the screen man. Poor defensive schemiing. KU's defense needed to take away something and they probably should have gone with a dime package (six d-backs) most of the game.

railer1122 11 years, 5 months ago

We couldn't do a thing. We sat back and they had time, we blitz and they throw a check down or a screen. It was tough, but that's Tech football. When they get going, they get going. We will beat K-State by 17, win in Lincoln by 4, lose to Texas (close game) and I think the Mizzou game is a toss up, call me crazy, but Mizzou looked in the Texas game what we looked like in the Tech game. But in my opinion, Texas Tech will beat Texas by 14. They are VERY good.

ku_tailg8 11 years, 5 months ago

The new chant was cool. There was a long "kayyyyyyy" then they would kick followed by a "uuuuu" but after that the students still chanted "rip his ___ head off". This was my first game this year. And although I don't agree with the chant it was kinda funny. Something about 1000's of people chanting in unison. they could've been saying "i like ice cream" and i would've thought it was cool.

John Mueller 11 years, 5 months ago

First, where is my boy? I think his name is okjhawk or something.I said two things last week, We will not beat Texas. And, I forget the other thing, but he was appalled at my lack of optimism.Well, let me say it again, This football team will NOT beat Texas, not with a fox, not in a house, not with a mouse.Actually, we are a mouse.Dear Coach, I want three things for Christmas.....1. 4 defensive lineman that are "unblockable". I mean push the line of scrimmage back 4 yards, collapse the pocket and knock the ball out of the qb nasty. That, my friends is our biggest problem. Forget about the secondary, I think they are below average, but they will get better. But our d-line is just BAD. We didn't even make him move his feet without a linebacker / corner blitz until the 4th quarter, down fitty?2. We need a left tackle in the worst way. Both of our young tackles move their feet about as often as Nebraska loses to Kansas in football. Hint: Infrequently.3. Last but not least, I would really like a 6'2" 210 lb running back who runs a 4.3. I really don't see another win on the schedule. I really, really don't.Hope I'm wrong.Btw, I like Ice Cream and I hate profanity at a college football game. How in the world do you explain that chant to your 5 year old sitting there in his KU gear all excited that he's with his Dad watching his Dad's college / favorite team / only significant hobby / trying to be just like Dad and then he has to listen to that garbage?I like the new tradition, but the profanity has to stop.

FriscoKU 11 years, 5 months ago

I think we all got to excited for our football team. Last year was a fluke. We had the easiest schedule in college football. The days being in the top 25 are over for a while. I cannot believe Mark Mangino received such a nice contract. We better win next week, so we can head to the Texas Bowl.

KUGreenMachine 11 years, 5 months ago

I wonder what next week's voted chant will be...other than meaningless...ha

Dyrk Dugan 11 years, 5 months ago

i'll admit it, i though we would beat TTech...predicted the score here. i was obviously wrong.We have a decent football team, but not a good one. We should be able to hang in....make a win against good teams on our field....and we didn't do that.And what's with this secondary overhaul? Goog grief, let Isiah Barfield play some.....Corrigan Powell sure isn't getting it done...and a true Frosh to boot. and Thornton to corner and Harris to safety? No wonder Red Raiders were open all day.You can't experiment like that this late in the season. You have to develop thru the tough times...and move on for the future. But it's like we're desperate. Next week, get Harper back in there, rotate in Barfield and Powell, put Harris back to corner, and Thornton to safety...and let's play some physical football. If we can't beat the woeful 'Cats.....i just don't know.

DalTXJayhawk 11 years, 5 months ago

Don't think its just our football program. I have seen people leaving early in basketball when we have the game well in hand. This could be midway thru the 2nd half. In the rare event we are losing, the fans leave too. It's frustrating being from out of town, as I would love to sit thru a blow out til the end. I take my kids and we stay until they kick us out!! (and we don't go to the 'premium' games, so it usually is a blow out!)The basketball team is doing fine with that, but as a Jayhawk, the football team needs our support. That means 1. the beer can wait and 2. another 15 minutes in traffic is not that big of a deal. (game day traffic in Lawrence is everyday traffic here)

Mangino_Maniac 11 years, 5 months ago

"...the 19th-ranked Jayhawks were a proverbial no-show during a shocking 60 minutes of football that raised serious questions about nearly every aspect of this Kansas team."And the most serious questions should be about the defense.It is too evident that the biggest loss on the defensive side of the ball from last year is not Talib or McCliinton, but Bill Young. Coming off the season we had last year, we were poised to establish ourselves as a consistent Top 25 team, if not higher. But it's our defense that has let that slip, and I strongly believe Bowen is the man to blame. How we go from a defense that last year was one of the nation's best to what we're doing now is beyond me. Fingers can only point to Bowen.I have consistently been a Mangino supporter through the years and I still am, but I am completely the opposite with Bowen. Ever since USF opened the flood gates and rattled off 30+ straight points in the third game of the year, I've seen little in the following weeks that looks like Bowen's scheme is ever going to work.It's a shame we may drop out of the Top 25 rankings, because we should be a much better team than our performance is indicating.

JayViking 11 years, 5 months ago

Some of our fans truly are pathetic.A lot of the pessimistic comments here disgust me. Go fairweather somewhere else, PLEASE.Our defensive and offensive lines are not great. I think that was a point made early in the season. Our schedule this year is tremendously more difficult. Yeah, we got smoked today, but it's OK. It's not the end of the world.We come back next week and we take care of an average KSU team. We go up and grind one out in Lincoln. We probably lose the Texas game, then we go to Mizzou and try to grind out one there. In the end, our losses only come to ranked opponents, and life isn't so bad. We go to a middle of the road bowl and smoke some horrible Big 10 or Pac 10 punching bag.

BigD 11 years, 5 months ago

It's a dual problem. Really good players can make a coach look better than he is and vice versa. The problem is two-fold and rests on both sides. The fact is we don't have as much talent as the better teams in the conference. Having said that, you don't have to have talent to tackle and that has not happened in conference play either.

OmahaKUAlum 11 years, 5 months ago

"Then, for reasons no one could quite explain, the Jayhawks shut down. The offense stopped moving the ball. The defense stopped defending."For reasons no one could quite explain? Really? I can explain it. Granted, I only watched the first half last night because I worked all day (and I don't know if I can bring myself to watch the 2nd half), but I have an idea. First of all, for the second game in a row, Sharp is having a great game on the ground, and we completely went away from that. Yes, once you get down by multiple touchdowns, you need to air it out more, but this was when were still tied at 14 or down 21-14. I really don't understand this. No wonder Reesing feels like he has to do everything, which is becoming a problem.And the defense stopped defending? When did they start? Apparently I missed that. We got burned on the 2nd play of the game!! And it continued all day. I really don't get what is wrong with this secondary. Are they that slow? They give a 10 yard cushion and still get burned. And the safeties were so concerned with Crabtree that they leaned towards him, and then our DBs who got burned had no safety help. I really don't know if it's the scheme or the personnel or what, but something needs to be fixed on this defense and FAST! Or we won't win another game. I'm usually not this cynical, but that game was embarrassing.

Hawkish4bigM 11 years, 5 months ago

Fairweather? Heck, we the people who post here are the ones who stand up and yell. We are the ones who stay til the end of the game. Why? Because we believe that it can happen. This is a good sign. We are growing in number and we will eventually be the majority. No more passive football fans for KU...ever. KU has a great history, the school, the alma mater, the history of Kansas and the linkage to the greatest struggle the country has ever known, the Civil War. Kansas' part in that history, the beautiful campus, the tradition of Kansas and its founding transcends that of KU football tradition. We true Jayhawks who love freedom, who saw the fiery rebel John Brown as a hero, who understand the absolute evil of slavery, who know our history as a battle ground state will prevail because we are not ashamed to stand up and be counted!!

Hawkish4bigM 11 years, 5 months ago

There is a real simple solution for failure to tackle...wind sprints. That is also a part of recruiting. What I would look for in a recuit:1) IQ2) Basic football skills3) Work ethicAll three of these are a must. He may be short on talent according to Rivals but f them. The real cherries fall off the tree before the rest are ready. Look at Meier, does that tell anyone anything????? Get a fn clue, people. Those three things are everything in football. A guy with great intelectual capacity with great work ethic will win out 9 times out of ten. But we don't have that because we have fallen into the most obvious bull$$$$ scam, that altheticism triumphs over intelect. Not true. Boise state won the game via guile. I am really getting tired of the same old bs. Isnt there anyone out there that gets it?????

Mike Barnhart 11 years, 5 months ago

It'd be wrong to think this years defense has taken a turn for the worse. A quick look back will show that last years defense gave up BIG yardage against average offenses. Sure, we clobbered the bad teams but any offense with a pules light us up pretty good.Only more talent will fix this problem. Let's hope the Orange Bowl crop of recruits leads to a nice harvest. Otherwise, we'll be the college version of Dick Vermeil's Chiefs.

JBurtin 11 years, 5 months ago

"However, you must admit message boards bring out the worst in any fan base during tough times. Bad fans, ku or not, typically post here. Good (well thought) fans are typically having a BBQ after the game, perhaps a bit upset, but not posting trash."The first worthwhile comment I've read all day.

ku_tailg8 11 years, 5 months ago

I don't agree with the chant. I honestly would not have known what they were saying if hadn't gotten all the publicity it has lately. If the articles would stop then I think the chant might stop. Dropping an f bomb is classless. If you drop profanity in regular life like any other word then you should probably get some help.

Hawkish4bigM 11 years, 5 months ago

Look guys, its like chess. I put a heck of a lot more responsibility on the chessmaster than I do the piece. I have not seen anything really innovative. To me our problems are more tachtical than stategic. We do NOT know how to make changes on defense. We cannot and should not fault the players. I will say it again. This is a coaching problem.

thiknthinhawk 11 years, 5 months ago

Yip, got our butts whooped. Yip, looks like the old days. But, GA_Longhorn made a good point- other good teams have gone through this before. Do I think we're on the road to mediocrity? No. Obviously some changes need to be made. Bowen may not be ready for DC responsibilities. Yesterday should have been the day to take chances- and he didn't do it in the way that makes sense. Should have had a dime package, should have had corner blitzes, quick DL packages, etc. I stand corrected about my predictions- but the season isn't over. It should be noted that going to a bowl in back to back seasons is still a mile stone. And that, again, shows a level of success never acheived by KU. Thanks to Mangino, the coach who didn't win all of the National Coach of the Year awards by fluke- if anyone thinks that was a fluke, watch the Orange Bowl again! Even if it's the Texas Bowl or another middle of the pack bowl, 2 in a row would be awesome....

GA_Longhorn 11 years, 5 months ago

These kinds of losses are miserable and embarrassing, but they are not the end of the world. TX suffered a couple nasty losses like this at the hands of the Sooners, but things turned out okay. Some days are just really, really bad days. I'm sure the Jayhawks team you expect will show for the game against K State.

fljayhawk 11 years, 5 months ago

No Pass Rush. Harrell had all day to pick the secondary apart. The defensive line was a no show.

JBurtin 11 years, 5 months ago

P.S.Not sure if anybody remembers it or not, but I just wanted to mention again that Bill Young coached the 119th ranked pass defense in the nation just a couple of years ago.You guys have the memory capacity of a goldfish.

eastcoasthawk 11 years, 5 months ago

I could have swore that MM was quoted this week as saying something to the effect of "you don't change what you have been doing in one week" regarding the defense and schemes to deploy against TT. However, that is exactly what Bowen did. Seemed like an experiment gone horribly bad. Bowen's first year as a defensive coordinator is not helping this team's season. Seems Young was able to get his unit to play high on their potential. Bowen still has a lot to learn. And a note to Warriner - the thing this team needs most from the offense is ball control. Get on it. Right now with things as broken as they seem, I am not confident we will win enough to get into a bowl. Need to turn that around.

justanotherfan 11 years, 5 months ago

I was at the game yesterday, and three things were obvious to me about this KU team.1) Our secondary has TWO legit guys in it. That's it. Stuckey and Harris is all we've really got back there. Harris is a solid cover guy. Stuckey is great in help. Defenses have discovered that if they can make Stuckey commit to a side, and run Harris off the play, they can pick the rest of our secondary apart pretty easily. I don't know how many times yesterday I saw some of our other guys, particularly in nickel and dime packages, scrambling because they were out of position, even on the short routes. Harrell was getting rid of the ball in two seconds. He could have been playing with no line at all and still would have eaten us alive with the way our second, third and fourth guys were covering (or not covering) people.2) Reesing only has TWO reliable options offensively against the more talented teams. Meier and Briscoe are our only two big time options. Rod Harris and Co. need to step up. The spread is predicated on either having one guy that cannot be covered one on one (like Crabtree) or having several guys that can all kill you (like OU does). We have one really good guy (Briscoe) and one good reliable sure handed guy (Meier), plus a bunch of dudes. It hasn't been shown that Harris or Fields or Patterson will make plays against better athletes. Basically if Meier or Briscoe doesn't go crazy, we can't really move the ball against big time opponents through the air. Side note - The same thing that happened to Pendelton last year is happening to Patterson this year. Big start, couple of mistakes, ends up in doghouse, no more production. I don't like that trend with guys that looked like they were going to be play makers.Side note 2 - Sharp has been our best runner by far. Why he came out yesterday is a mystery to me. 3) No playmakers up front on the d-line. I have said this more than once. Several other people have already said it today. No one on this d-line requires a double team. You don't have to adjust your blocking to contain any one player. It is too easy to block our d-line, and that kills us, especially with a suspect secondary, although as I mentioned, Harrell would have torched our secondary yesterday anyway with as quick as he was getting rid of the ball.

Rivethead 11 years, 5 months ago

It's ironic. I came on this message board last spring and said that KU would really feel an impact with the loss of Coach Young. It made sense - anytime you lose a coach with 40 years of experience and replace him with a guy who hasn't even been alive for 40 years - you're going to see a drop off.But I was told not to worry - Coach Bowen was the man. Coach Bowen had been groomed for this position for 2 years. Coach Bowen was the Kansas kid everyone loved.Basically, in the classless way that is so evident in some of the KU student body today - I was told to F off.Fair enough. You can hide behind the "freedom of speech" card. But my opinion still stands.And, unforutnately, this football team's problems run deeper than a change at DC. This football team (which is basically the same as last year's team) is S.O.F.T. Why?We shouldn't be surprised. They went from practicing on a hard clay field full of fire-ant hills and holes and ruts to posh new practice fields.They went from lifting weights in a smelly dingy weight room to a brand new, state-of-the-art mecca.They went from a small, dingy, embarassing (per Mangino) locker room to a gold-plated, art-decco, multi -plasma tv and XBox 360 mansion.But at least they'll be able to attract better recruits with these facilities (nevermind KU went to a BCS bowl and won 12 games without these 'better' recruits).Maybe I'm wrong about all this. I hope so. But there really aren't that many things that have changed from last season (10% new starters, 3 new coaches, all new facilities, much higher expectations).

packs_of_wild_dogzz 11 years, 5 months ago

I can't figure out why anyone would ever think KU's game against KSU was a mere formality. We've had a suspect defense all year long. No pressure on the quarterback, poor tackling, etc. We aren't good enough to mark any game as a win until it's over.

packs_of_wild_dogzz 11 years, 5 months ago

And since I'm on a roll....KU football had an easy schedule last year but the season wasn't a fluke. We beat A&M at their house, we beat OSU at their house, we pummeled NU, and we beat a very good Virginia Tech team in the Orange Bowl. You also have to remember there are a couple players from that team that graduated or are playing in the NFL now, and the Defensive Coordinator left town for Miami.

packs_of_wild_dogzz 11 years, 5 months ago

And for everyone, and there are quite a few, saying "can't wait for basketball", there are gonna be some painful moments with this years BB team too. This ain't last years National Championship squad. They are talented but young and inexperienced. For people to not think that will rear it's ugly head at some point are going to be shocked.

leonard 11 years, 5 months ago

We've been exposed in a couple of key areas but it has little to do with effort or coaching schemes.After losing an all-america, our interior defensive line has been decimated by injuries, forcing us to compete with 2nd/3rd team defensive tackles.After losing an all-american, both of our off.tackles are inadequate. They'll get better but for the present they're not getting the job done.Even returning a defense largely intact from last years squad we can't compete at the high level without some help in the middle. The def. ends are ok...the linebackers above average...the secondary is talented enough. But they're all exposed when we get no pass rush from the interior or the ability to stop the run...injuries are the culprit here.By effort and individual talent the offense is performing at a high level. But, it's hard to overcome the lack of production from two talented but inexperienced off. tackles. They'll get better but not this season.I think Mangino and his staff will keep their motors running and produce the effort...but it will be hard to overcome the injuries to the interior of our defense and below par results from both off. tackles.

scootja32 11 years, 5 months ago

Aqib Talib has 3 INT so far in the NFL and he doesn't even start. Ya think we miss him?

Marcia Parsons 11 years, 5 months ago

Not just him. It seemed like McClinton used to take out the whole middle of the opposition when he crossed the line.

Fred Davis 11 years, 5 months ago

Yesterday's game wreaked of the pre- and early- Mangino days, and I think a loss like that sets KU Football back... Here's my biggest concern moving forward - what the hell has Mangino and his staff been recruiting the last few seasons? Anybody with a pulse that knows anything about football knows you can't do squat on defense without good rush ends, and we haven't sniffed a sack since Ashley and Keith left... Mangino and his staff knew they we're going to need better ends and all we have to show for it are two slow-moving plods who couldn't generate a pass rush playing Madden...As for the secondary - take away Charles Gordon and Talib, and that unit's been a liability year-in and year-out... Our linebackers, they're good, but they're not that fast and they can't do a whole lot with no D-Line in front of them... This team has real problems and from what I've seen, there's nobody up and coming that makes me feel better about the Defense's potential... Bowen needs to go, but most importantly, this team needs some playmakers on defense, and we have absolutely none... I'm not a doomsday guy - but the reality is - this team can go the other direction as quickly as it ascended last season...

OmahaKUAlum 11 years, 5 months ago

"And a note to Warriner - the thing this team needs most from the offense is ball control. Get on it."Couldn't agree more, eastcoasthawk! I've been saying it for the last two weeks....why do we stop running the ball when we've been effective in the first quarter or two? When our defense is getting used like that, we need to sustain longer drives to give them time to rest. Not to mention take some pressure off Reesing so he doesn't think he has to make all the plays. I think that's why he's made more mistakes this year compared to last year.

BigD 11 years, 5 months ago

Jay, criticism doesn't equal fairweather. Fairweather fans wouldn't bother coming on here and making a post. Yes KSU is average, but we've been exposed as barely better than average. Next week is winnable but it's hardly a given at this point. Our defense is no better than KSU, NU or anyone else in this conference. Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by the fact that the team states they didn't show alot of anger after getting embarrassed? The fire and desire is gone. Unless they show they want to win again they're done.

rockchalkAZ 11 years, 5 months ago

first!!!!when's basketball season?I know that will make some mad, but oh well. I love our football team, but this is obviously disappointing. We're undefeated against unranked teams, 0-3 against ranked teams. Not too impressive. It's too bad we couldn't back up a good season (last year) with another good one. Hopefully we can make a good bowl though. Hope is not lost, we just gotta get it done. Come on!By the way, I couldn't make it to the game this weekend, I was out of town. How'd the efforts to change the chant go? Did the students chant the same old thing? Just curious....

100 11 years, 5 months ago

JayViking -- like any school, "some" of the KU fans are "pathetic", yes. However, you must admit message boards bring out the worst in any fan base during tough times. Bad fans, ku or not, typically post here. Good (well thought) fans are typically having a BBQ after the game, perhaps a bit upset, but not posting trash.Keep in mind, too, sometimes the "ku" posters are, quiet literally, other schools' posers to top it off.Overall, 99% of KU's fans rock out. There is no better group of fans in the world. Most just don't waste their time here.

sava12 11 years, 5 months ago

I agree with dolindalton - they had an answer for our defense. I get the feeling Bowen may be in over his head. The kids play hard and make mistakes from time to time but overall they play till the whistle blows. I have no doubt we have some of the best linebackers in the conference but wonder if they are not being utilized properly. The opposing QB's have plenty of time to go through their progression on almost every play. Maybe it's time to bring in a more experienced def coordinator and let Bowen continue to grow.

okjhok 11 years, 5 months ago

Here's your boy, springtx...I wasn't appalled by your lack of optimism. I certainly am not feeling very optimistic today, that's for sure. I just didn't like that you made such definitive statements about a college football game, where anything can and will happen. And no, I'm still not convinced KU will lose to UT. If fact, I think they're more beatable for KU than TTU. Good luck on your wish list.

KJRFC 11 years, 5 months ago

Mangino_Maniac is correct and Rivethead, you're right too, you can F-off! New facilities don't make a program soft in any amount of time. That's nuts to even suggest that. The problem with this team is Bowen. He's gotta go because he obviously is not the right person to manage the talent we have (and had last year) on D. You can't convince me that losing a corner and a D-linemen completely turns a team upside down. Our DBs and front 4 totally suck and are basically useless, they have been all season. Our LBs do all the work, but have to drop into coverage when we get behind, and then the QB still has time to take a freaking nap and find an open receiver on every snap. Look who TxTech has played this season, no wonder they've only allowed one sack, THEY HAVEN'T PLAYED ANYBODY!!! TT is a strong team and will give TX problems next week, but we should have put on a better show on defense. The problems with the D spill over onto the offensive side of the ball, i.e., playing catch-up when we're down. We lost a lot more on O than we did D last year. We lost two O-linemen, a RB, TE, and WR, as far as I can immediately remember. So I expect a drop in our offensive production. But when Reesing is having to force throws to try to get a touchdown or a huge gain every time passes, he's gonna have problems that lead to turnovers. Especially when his O-line is letting everyone through on a jailbreak. We can't expect success in the Big XII when we consistently play from behind, even with some of the great playmakers we have on offense.We will be fortunate to beat K-state, it will be a damn miracle to win in Lincoln, forget about Texas, and the Tiggers will have a field day on us, but at least we will be able to score on them. Their D sucks just like last year. Not impressed with MU shutting out Colo, they are really down. Plus, Fizzou plays NO ONE until us, and we are starting to look like no one. 6-6 is very realistic, 7-5 would be if we really patched a lot of holes, especially on D. Bowen needs to join Tommy Bowden in the unemployment office.

bbengtson1 11 years, 5 months ago

Our fans are so pathetic. My family and I stayed until there were three 0's on the clock. Yes the game was terrible on our part, but it was a pathetic testament of what jayhawk nation is aparently all about. To make it even better, I keep hearing from everyone who watched it on ESPN (all around the country) that it looked terrible and that they were scanning the crowd looking for people waving the wheat but only found four. Way to go, stupid "fans" who left. All of you.

Gregg Webster 11 years, 5 months ago

Say Goodnight Coach Bowen! Can everyone in unison please beg Bill Young to come back. Does he have a good friend, child or ex-teammate that might like to contribute some help? We need lots of help. This defensive effort was horrible and....uh....has anyone seen a division 1 offensive lineman anywhere?

Hawkish4bigM 11 years, 5 months ago

Coach Mangino is the right guy and he will not publicly embarras any staff. I think if the fans and the boosters make enough noise about the defense something most certainly will happen in the off-season. But we have to be relentless. This offense can score. This is a far cry from previous KU regimes so we need to lay off Wariner and Coach M. I figure a defense that should be as good as last year's is a difference of 3 or 4 wins. I don't think we will beat Nebraska. KSU? Texas, now way. Mizzu, no way. Sorry fans, but that is not being down on the team. The team has enough talent. It is a coaching problem. We will most likely finish 6-6 with no bowl.

bringheatwavewheat 11 years, 5 months ago

I agree with the previous post. It's pathetic to read some of these comments. As quickly as people jumped on the bandwagon, they will jump off. Besides the game, I was also digusted to see how quickly the students left. Yes, the game sucked- but a few mins into the 2nd half, thousands of students gone. They were the FIRST to leave and don't try to tell me different. I was sitting right there.

741hawk 11 years, 5 months ago

The defense gave up???? Where's the fire? Where's the testy Mangino who refuses to quit, who uses the bench as his favorite coaching technique? KU was flat . . . like I never expected. It's one thing to get beat by a Top 10 team, but 42 points! Coach -- I'm really disappointed.

John Mueller 11 years, 5 months ago

railer1122, you're crazy! you asked for it.I don't see this team beating NU at Lincoln. just don't.We can't put any pressure on the QB without a corner blitz and we cannot run the ball effectively enough to win on the road. I'm kind of surprised Reesing isn't hurt yet. Our left tackle can't move his feet.The only thing you said that I might agree with is Mizzou. We might beat them based purely on rivalry. That is a throw the records out game every year, save last year when we just didn't play well.okjhok, you're still my boy. I wish I were wrong btw, I just don't see us giving the Horns a game. Believe me, as a Jayhawk living in permanent exile in Texas, would really like to win that ballgame, but don't see it.The truth is that, man for man there are few years when our talent is in the same zip code as UT or OU. They are simply bigger, stronger, faster.That, however, should NOT be the case with TT. Our 1-10 record makes me crazy against that team. I do not understand it. I really don't.With respect to our fans, a few years since I've been to a ballgame, but historically we haven't had great football fans. pretty quiet crowd. The West side has always been a wine and cheese bunch.But, when we're getting our doors blown off and somebody has a perfectly good tailgate party several hundred yards away on a beautiful day, can you really blame them for taking a walk??

OmahaKUAlum 11 years, 5 months ago

Just because people post their honest opinions on here and offer up some criticism doesn't mean we aren't KU fans or are "fair weather" fans. When I was at KU, when we were absolutely horrible during the Terry Allen era, I went to every single home game. Rain or shine. Just because I'm frustrated with our team when they looked like they weren't giving it their best effort doesn't mean I'm not a Jayhawk fan. I always will be! This is what message boards are for...for people to post their opinions. Being realistic and/or pessimistic doesn't make you a bad fan.

shelleysue 11 years, 5 months ago

I agree - Bill Young was definitely our biggest loss from '07. I saw one HUGE problem Saturday. No one really gave a crap. Including a large percentage of the fans. I for one was still yelling when time ran out. The other thing unfortunately is that every team has one of those games. The other team couldn't possibly do anything wrong, and we couldn't fire on all cylinders no matter what. It happens. On a day like that, fate just isn't on our side. Yes. Our team has a lot of problems. The defense gives up. My solution was this: Sit the defense, put some new guys in with simple instruction: hurt somebody. Our offensive line couldn't block me for crying out loud. Reesing shouldn't be so hard on himself - he really needs more than .5 seconds to do something and it seems like that's about all he's getting. Don't wear red when you're playing the Red Raiders. :) Keep doing what's working until it doesn't work any more. Don't screw around with what works. And seriously. Please play every game like that game is the one thing you want most in this life.

John Percival 11 years, 5 months ago

I agree Omaha. I've had season tickets since 1986 and that game ranks with every 70-0 beatdown NU or OU put on us. I expected it then, but not after winning the Orange Bowl. There's a little truth in what everyone is saying even if the rant is coming from season ticket holders, bandwagon jumpers or Misery fans.

John Percival 11 years, 5 months ago

Maybe BY got out when he could and saw what was coming. My problem is with recruiting. We have some talent, but we're able to get Charles, Aquib, etc. when we stunk, but I'm not seeing much upgrade after 3 bowls in 5 years. Of course, look at Tennesse, so nothing's guaranteed.

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