Kansas defeats Ohio State, 78-67

  • 2:15 p.m., Dec. 10, 2011
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Saturday, December 10, 2011

No asterisk needed: Gutsy Tyshawn Taylor, KU not apologetic for beating Sullinger-less Ohio State, 78-67

Ohio State's Jared Sullinger, left, who did not suit up because of an injury, greets Thomas Robinson after the Jayhawks 78-67 win over #2 nationally ranked Ohio State University at Allen Fieldhouse, Dec. 10, 2011. ..

Ohio State's Jared Sullinger, left, who did not suit up because of an injury, greets Thomas Robinson after the Jayhawks 78-67 win over #2 nationally ranked Ohio State University at Allen Fieldhouse, Dec. 10, 2011. ..


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Kansas coach Bill Self talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 78-67 victory over Ohio State on Dec. 10, 2011.

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KU vs. Ohio State

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Kansas defeated Ohio State, 78-67 on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Ohio State sophomore sensation Jared Sullinger, who has a bad back, didn’t play in Saturday’s marquee matchup against Kansas University.

KU senior point guard Tyshawn Taylor, who has a bum knee, did participate. He dished a career-high 13 assists against seven turnovers, while scoring nine points and grabbing three rebounds in the No. 13-ranked Jayhawks’ 78-67 victory over the No. 2 Buckeyes in Allen Fieldhouse.

“I wasn’t missing this game,” Taylor said emphatically. “No discussion at all.”

The gutsy Hoboken, N.J., native, who suffered a torn meniscus and sprained MCL in his right knee at practice Monday, played 34 minutes against Long Beach State Tuesday and 35 Saturday, putting off a trip to the surgeon until Sunday.

He’ll miss between one and three weeks, with coach Bill Self not yet ruling him out for KU’s next game — a Monday, Dec. 19 contest against Davidson at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

“We don’t win the game against Long Beach State unless he plays and we don’t win (Saturday) unless he plays,” KU coach Bill Self said of Taylor. “He’s definitely not 100 percent, but never once complained and never once said he was hurt, never once said anything. I get on Ty because he will turn it over every now and then, but where would we be without him? I think everybody should appreciate how bad he wanted to be out there,” added Self, whose 7-2 Jayhawks handed Ohio State its first loss in nine contests.

The Buckeyes, who trailed 9-2 early, 35-29 at halftime, and a game-high 12 points with 10 minutes left, remained competitive without Sullinger. William Buford scored 21 and Deshaun Thomas 19 on a day four Jayhawks scored in double figures. Thomas Robinson led the way with 21 points, while Elijah Johnson had five threes and 15 points, Kevin Young a career-high 14 and Travis Releford 10.

“Don’t put an asterisk next to this," Self said. “We beat Ohio State. Without him (Sullinger) they are a top five team and with him, they are a top two team.

“We caught a break,” Self conceded, “just like we caught a break when Blake Griffin didn’t play at OU. We still went down there and outscored them, 60-25, in a stretch (in an 85-55 win on Jan. 14, 2008). We’re not going to apologize for winning this one in any way, shape or form. I hope Jared gets back soon. I hope we get to play them again, because that means we probably would have advanced in the NCAA Tournament.”

The Jayhawk players were not about to apologize.

“I’m excited for this win,” Taylor said. “They didn’t have their best player, but we can’t control that. It sucks that he didn’t play because I think it would have been a better game. We’ve got to take it for what it is. We beat the No. 2 team in the country today. That’s something for us to be happy about and proud of.”

Robinson, who likely would have guarded, and been guarded by Sullinger, had 10 straight points for KU as the Jayhawks stretched a 66-61 lead (at 4:16) to 76-67 (at :29.1).

“The big fella didn’t play today and we knew it probably would have been a little difference in the game if he was out on the floor,” Robinson said. “They are a great team with or without him, but we still prepared the same way when we found out he wasn’t going to play (in warmups).

“It’s not Thomas Robinson versus Jared Sullinger,” Robinson added. “I know it would have been fun for everybody to watch. It would have been exciting playing against him, but it comes down to my team versus their team.”

The Jayhawks were mighty focused to win their first in three tries against a top 10 team. KU had lost to Duke and Kentucky this season.

“I felt our nonconference would not be complete if we didn’t get one of them,” Robinson said.

Noted Taylor: “At the beginning of the year we circled three games on the schedule. This was the third one. We were 0-2 for the first two and we got this one. Sullinger didn’t play, but that’s not really our fault."

KU hit 58.3 percent of its shots to Ohio State’s 38.7. The Jayhawks had 18 assists to 18 turnovers; OSU 15 turnovers, 12 assists. KU won the rebounding battle, 31-30.

“We had control of the game,” Self said, noting that was the plan. “We needed to beat one of the top three teams we played (in nonconference). I told our guys, ‘There was no other option but to win this game.’ We didn’t deserve to win against Kentucky. We got it down to the last minute and didn’t beat Duke. We couldn’t let that happen today.”

As far as Sunday’s surgery, Taylor is prepared.

“I’m a little nervous," Taylor said. "I never had an injury to my knee before, but T-Rob had the same injury; Conner (Teahan) had it. They said it wasn’t bad. I could be back next game if all goes well. It hasn’t really bothered me. It’s a little sharp pain when I cut. Surgery is going to make it better. I’ll be back 100 percent.”


BCRavenJHawkfan 2 years, 4 months ago

Travis is defining defensive play at levels that Morningstar wishes he had done last year.


IrishDaddy 2 years, 4 months ago

Neutral court with Jared, OSU wins by 30.


squintseugene1 2 years, 4 months ago

was that video they showed during the game about the booth family buying the original rules actually going to be shown on ESPN


IrishDaddy 2 years, 4 months ago

Once again Bedore proves that he is delusional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top player in USA does not play, and Gary thinks it means nothing, DUH !


William Blake 2 years, 4 months ago

So would you prefer your team leader playing with an injury but leading the charge to victory?

Or would you prefer your team leader sitting on the sidelines with pain in his back (but no known potential risk for playing) shouting out to his team in street clothes?

I'll take #1. I think TT's gutsy performance will do wonders for his leadership role with this team, especially when you compare it to Sullinger's gutless back out.

Sullinger is a two-and-done who cares about OSU only for what they can do for his future career.

Taylor is a Jayhawk, and doesn't have a problem "manning up" for the team and school he loves.

Another reason why I would prefer leaving all the OADs to Calipari.


tical523 2 years, 4 months ago

College officials are absolutely horrible and it was bad both ways, they take over the game and it is so frustrating. I can not believe how bad some of the calls are, they anticipate calls too much. I wish that college officials would go by the same rules/ training/ mindset as NBA officials.


Mike Kendall 2 years, 4 months ago

I am going to be like Oakville and start a list but I know I can't be Oakville because he is one of a kind---I love ya posts, Oak---so, here goes:

  1)   TT left it on the floor yesterday.    Yep, on some of his turnovers, I found myself rolling my eyes.     And where would we be without TT?    Oh, wait--HCBS has already asked that question.    Good luck on your surgery, Ty.    Turnovers or no turnovers, Jayhawk Nation will miss you.

  2)   Tharpe, please listen to your coaches and improve---improve fast, young fella!

  3)   EJ was stroking it, wasn't he?   And the thing is, he still has so much more room to improve.    Keep it rolling, EJ.

  4)   KY coming off the bench--he had his coming out party, didn't he?    At one point during the game, our bench points compared to OSU was in the lead by double digits.     Kev--keep it rolling.   We need you to bring your "A-game."

  5)    T-Rob, well, was just being T-Rob.    Would have loved to seen JS out there for OSU but Thomas was going to do his thing, whether JS was playing or not.    Anybody get the feeling that this is most likely T-Rob's last year to be in a Jayhawk uniform?     Hey, I am getting ahead of myself.    Lots of tournments to conquer first.

   6)     The Rock Chalk Jayhawk chant was 10 times louder than what it usually is.      It was sounding so sweet on my little TV.

As always, RCJHGKU!


Robert Murphy 2 years, 4 months ago

I was thinking this might be a good time to thank Tyshawn Taylor for his great contribution to KU basketball. He is surely the most talked about point guard and this is largely due to his unpredictable play. He is a great example of a human being. All humans make mistakes and some of Taylor's are mystifying. And they are all out their for thousands of other humans to see. It is hard for humans to forgive themselves and so often it is hard to forgive others. Empathy and forgiveness are most important qualities and essential for good health. There he goes dribbling into the lane again ending up on his back with the ball going straight up in the air nowhere near the basket. There goes a pass over the head of everybody, what could he be thinking. What should be laughable and entertaining is instead vilified by many from our over obsessed society in its' striving for perfection. Believe me, perfectionism is a slow form of death. There was a recent TED talk on regret which is well worth hearing and it reminded me of all the things I have said and done which have hurt others for which I have regret. No matter how much money we have or how much power or influence we cannot change one iota of the past.

This years KU team has already produced many exciting plays with more to come and the players who have been waiting so long to get in there to show their stuff are doing so. Tyshawn Taylor will go down as one of our best. He is an example of hard work and maximum effort, very human, showing us all our human frailties, and a great basketball player and I for one take my hat off to him.


Dyrk Dugan 2 years, 4 months ago

Tyshawn has plenty of heart, and high pain tolerance....and he is a very good leader. it's a great testament to him that he played in this game. basically, we had a one legged point guard out there.

and with that, what does that say about Aaron Craft? Mike DeCoursey was boasting on KC sportstalk radio that he was the best defensive point guard in the major college game since Gary Payton....if that's the case, then we've had some lousy defensive guards in this game the last 25 years. TT gets 13 assists...where was Mr. Craft? Yes, he was fairly impressive....but several of TT''s seven TOs were not forced by Aaron Craft.

I think we just saw our point guard play some pretty darn good basketball against a supposedly gifted defensive player....and our guy won. Pure and simple.


jaybate 2 years, 4 months ago

But maybe some of the statistical gurus can set me straight here in a hurry. Maybe there is a ton of data that indicates this sort of thing happens all the time. Maybe my cursory look at one game is even overlooking something obvious in the stats. And I haven't looked that KU game stats for this season yet. Maybe they would refute my suspicion. This is why I am a devotee of looking at the numbers of a game, as well as considering strategy and process. You just never know when you may fool yourself.

Still, I am frankly astonished that more people are not noting the apparent statistical improbability of what occurred on James Naismith Court yesterday.

Here might be some leads for a professional journalist who saw what I saw (if any did):

a) Yesterday, inexplicable refereeing turned what should have been a rout into a close game; or

b) Yesterday, basketball fans witnessed perhaps a one in a million chance of a close game between KU shooting brilliantly and Ohio State, playing without Jarred Sullinger, shooting miserably; or

c) Could it be remotely possible that a media-gaming complex using officials to manage game length and point spreads have caused a close game between hot shooting KU and cold shooting OSU playing without Jared Sullinger?

Surely none of this can be true; this is D1 college basketball we are talking about. Gambling can't corrupt it, can it?

There's gotta be a simpler explanation that is consistent with the facts, right?

Okkham is just out sharpening his Gillette and will shortly return with a simpler hypothesis that can be empirically verified to refute what I seemed to see yesterday.

There's gotta be another more credible explanation, right?

The greatest game ever invented hasn't been reduced to window-fitting and spread-reffing, has it?

(in the voice of a barker at a carnival...)

Holy cow!

Step right up.

We have a winnuh!

(in the words of a child wanting an autograph...)

Say it ain't so, Joe. Say it ain't so.

(Note: All opining and speculation.)


jaybate 2 years, 4 months ago

So: in memorium of this perhaps ignominious performance by what seemed Gilded-Age 2.0 refereeing, I will henceforth call this sort of officiating "spread reffing," until right reason can reveal a more credible explanation of its mystery.

Maybe I'm wrong, but c'mon, this seemed pretty suspicious even for this day and age of inexplicably strange refereeing decisions.

It does not seem a stretch to suggest that without the peculiar reffing, KU would probably have won by 20 points without much trouble, and by 3-5 more than 20 had KU been shooting a bit better at the FT line.

Face it, no matter how good Ohio State is without Sullinger, KU shot a fantastically efficient 58.3% from the field and a fusion hot 52.9% from trifectaville.

Compare that to Ohio State shooting a dismal 38.7% from the field and a frost bitten 29.4% from Trinitron.

With those shooting percentages, KU wins by only 11 on its home floor, when KU only had 3 more pop tarts, OSU only had 5 more made FTs, and KU even out-glassvacced Ohio State by 1?

Pardon me while I stop laughing incredulously. :-)

And remember the hypothetical spread reefing, if it were true, actually appeared to cut KU's lead to almost nothing at one point, before the spread-reffing appeared to ease off and let KU stretch the lead out perhaps to something closer to what the media-gambling complex hypothetically found tolerable?

How shall I put this?

It seems a statistical long shot on the order of WTC VII being hit by nothing and falling in its own footprint that the KU-Ohio State game would have been close down the stretch, or that KU would have only won by 11.


jaybate 2 years, 4 months ago

Travis isn't getting much love for it, but he a definitive Glue 3 day and did a fabulous job on Buford, at least I think it was Trav guarding him most of the time. Buford is a terrific player. Buford was 8-23 from the field and 1-6 from trey. That comes form good guarding. He can have 21 points that way every time we play them.

Kevin Young thrilled me most, because I knew EJ would turn the corner, but I wasn't sure about KY. He seems to have it all, but you never know until seems turns into is once on a floor. And it did and he does and KU now has...the missing piece...if it didn't lose Tyshawn in the process. I am tempted to say Self has been sand bagging Kevin for this game, as I hinted at a couple days ago, but then I remember that KY's bone headed footwork recently appeared very real.

Regardless, KY came out and played like gang busters and in a way that really added a huge new dimension to the team. KU will be an order of magnitude better if KY can consistently do what he did against OSU and he should be able to.

~Call me a skeptic, but it appeared to this board rat that the referees were calling the game down the stretch sharply and conspicuously in favor of Ohio State, perhaps to stretch the game into the broadcast window, and perhaps in order to meet some kind of gambling spread requirement.

(Note: I have not evidence of any wrong doing on anyone's part. I just never recall such an anomalous series of calls in a game coinciding with game stats that would suggest a blow out instead of a close game. All I can do is wonder out loud as a baffled observer and ask for those more learned than I to explain a more logical, probable hypotheses of what may have gone on. Everything that follows is hypothetical speculation aimed at triggering a search not for proof of what I lay out, but rather some more credible hypothesis. I don't want for there to be referees biasing games for window fitment, or spread management, but I am drawing a blank on more fitting explanations right now. Help me on this, folks.)

The media gambling complex's money is probably significantly driven by the Northern Industrial states still. A team like Ohio State may be money in the bank for them, especially with 23% and rising unemployment (by 1980 standards of measure), and desperation gambling and gambling addiction on the rise, as usual, in these hard times, as the middle class is being hollowed out by corporate wealth diversion upwards to the top .1 percent continues.

Without the calls, it seems to yours truly that KU would have easily walked away from a Sullinger-free Ohio State in the last half, especially the last 8 minutes, as it had done for much of the rest of game.


jaybate 2 years, 4 months ago

NCAA seeders remember this in March: Thad Matta pulled Sullinger and ducked KU to try to suck you in.

Ohio State can probably win what appears to be a weak Big Ten this season probably without a loss.

They can go into March on a long undefeated streak since the loss to KU, which seeders will rationaliz as Sully didn't play. OSU will have what will be called a quality win against a highly ranked UK team, a close loss without their star to a ranked team in KU, and so OSU will be in line for a 1 seed. And Sully might heal a bit, too.

Can't say Matta made the wrong choice here, just the unmanly one--the one lacking in competitive greatness--the one no great coach makes.

~Frankly, everyone on KU played heroically and pretty darned well. Withey was the only one off his game, but he was due for a down game after contributing so much so soon in his development process. And he faced a problematic match-up, and a split lip that wasn't going to take much contact anyway. Same for Justin. We needed a bit more offense from the 5 than Justin could give and so he sat. No failure or dishonor in that.

Tyshawn went about as far above and beyond the call of duty as a Jayhawk can go. Imagine how badly he would have worked that dweeb Allen Craft, if Tyshawn had been healthy. Craft is yet another case of mega hype masking a merely decent player.

TRob carried the mail and was the cornerstone that he increasingly shows himself able to be. My respect for him jumped massively today. It was a big game. It was unpredictable who he would play against. They roughed him up. He had another highly efficient game and controlled the paint at decisive moments inspire of ridiculously biased officiating, which I will address subsequently. 21 its and 7 boards on 7 of 9 says it all.

Elijah sprang to life at a big moment and reminded everyone why he is an excellent player in the process of becoming one. Injury prevented him from running away with the game today.


REHawk 2 years, 4 months ago

Good luck with your surgery, Tyshawn. Here's hoping you recover quickly and are 100% by league play. Thanks for your gutsy week at the helm of Jayhawk hoops. You took it to Aaron Craft last night, and helped neutralize his usual terrific production.


jaybate 2 years, 4 months ago

"Matta's Unmanliness, KU's Fine Play, and Spread-Reffing"

It was a good KU win with KU being the more injured team, and Matta appearing to duck full scale war to try to avoid a loss to KU in Allen Field House by keeping Sullinger out.

See it from Matta's POV.

Ohio State probably stays Number 2 with a loss to KU without Sullinger. And the guys who seed the Madness will ignore the loss to KU come March, if Sullinger did not play.

On the other hand, playing Sullinger did not guaranty a win in Allen Field House. Road game. Sullinger was not at his peak, and even if he were AFH is a tough place to get a win. Further, Matta probably knows Self can out coach Matta 10 out of 10 times. KU also posed difficult match-ups for Ohio State even with Sullinger. And KU, having lost to UK and Duke, and needing one quality win in pre conference, was going to be letting everything ride on a win. And playing Sullinger, while it wouldn't have hurt him, probably wouldn't help him heal.

So: add it all up and Matta ducked KU. It was unmanly, but his smartest move, nonetheless.

Had he played Sullinger, KU still probably would have won; then OSU would have definitely tumbled in the rankings, and the seeders of the Madness in March would have held it against his team.

So Jared Sullinger, a guy capable of jumping around and bounding and high fiving in street clothes on the side lines, but not certainly capable of outplaying TRob even when Sullinger is healthy, sat this one out and Matta, with shrunken manhood, played the seeding game, instead of basketball yesterday.


KansasComet 2 years, 4 months ago

Tyshawn did what a leader should do in a big game for his team. If you can play, then play. He gave the team confidence, and we won the game. Now, as for Sullinger??????


LngTimeFan 2 years, 4 months ago

TT was gutsy for sure, good performance. Gotta give him credit. I still want to see him stay focused like the other big time pro-potential guys do and have done in the past. Everyone has an off game once in a while, but TT still makes terrible mistakes and is careless with the ball in key situations. BUT, cudos for Sat agains OSU. Wesley woke up, great to see that, TR was into the game too as was EJ, and TR got with it in 2nd half. Great win against a great school/program.


jhawkrulz 2 years, 4 months ago

I don't get the people that are calling for Tharpe...he is good, but against good competition he has turned the ball over at a higher rate than TT.

The team is going to have a lot of up and downs, but everyone has to realize that we are rotating TT, EJ, Rele, and Teahan...I don't think we are going deeper than that.

It looks like we are rotating Wesley and Young when Withey and Trob need a break, but that is the team we are playing with. It seems like if one of the people have foul trouble we go deep to Young, who had to have played the game of his life. I can't believe how many shots from long range he shot and made. If he makes those, that will just open up space in the paint.


jhwkfan162515 2 years, 4 months ago

Yesterday I called this game a "monster upset". Not really. The "monster upset" happened later in the day when Indiana took down #1 Kentucky.


10point8 2 years, 4 months ago

Wow. Were any of you watching the same game I was? Absolute worst of Tyshawn's career. Sure, physically, he's not 100%. I get that. But his mental errors are the problem. His crowning blunder of the day was taking and missing a terrible shot in lieu of dribbling out more time with 17 seconds on the shot clock at the end of the game.

In most cases, I don't think he's "not thinking." I think he's starting to think too much. His game has always had a flow to it, and when he starts analysing every move he's making as he's making it, that flow is disrupted and the results are frustrating for everyone.

So maybe he just needs to stop thinking, have some fun, and flow.


Bob Forer 2 years, 4 months ago

Props to TT for his gutsy performance. He played his heart out. Now lets hope when he returns he plays with his head as well.


NoteToSelf 2 years, 4 months ago

I'm pretty sure it is a minor NCAA violation to show recruits on the video board at a game. I would bet the officials are coached not to show the high school guys. Tyshawn can be very "loose" with the ball sometimes, but we would be worse w/o him. Why isn't Tharpe playing??? KU needs to get him some playing time to back up Tyshawn this year and take over next year.


John Mueller 2 years, 4 months ago

PS sure would be nice to get Crist. Gosh, what would it be like to have a QB?

If I never see Webb take another snap, i will be ok.

That kid is just awful. No clock in his head, zero ability to see the field.

Just awful.


John Mueller 2 years, 4 months ago

I will speak for the so-called haters.

First, that is a stupid label. Of course we all love KU and we all root for TT.

But, for a senior, the kid makes way too many stupid mistakes / decisions with the ball. Period. No debate.

However, i tip my hat to his guts and leadership yesterday. He played hurt, and for the most part, he played well.

Nobody hates the kid. Just want him to play to his potential and be intelligent.

With regards to the asterisk, its a win. I don't think Motta was being a jerk, i think he was just having fun with Self. No harm done.

Clearly, the game would have been more difficult to win with their best player on the court, but who's to say Kansas doesn't win even with the kid of the floor?

We are KANSAS, after all.

Misc thoughts: Withey took a step backwards yesterday. Hopefully, just an off day. Liked to see Young makes some plays. EJ stroke looked nice, but never seem to see him make plays on the defensive end. Thought Releford played a nice game as well.


BillSelf4Prez 2 years, 4 months ago

Tip my hat to Mr. Taylor. Played a gutsy game and played good. Only thing is he needs to keep his TO's down. But he is now 42 assist and 39 turnovers on the season!!!


Steve Gantz 2 years, 4 months ago

"I get on Ty because he will turn it over every now and then, but where would we be without him?"
Bill Self's quote. Read it all you people who think we'd be better with him off the floor. Of course you may know better than the coach.


Kyle Sybesma 2 years, 4 months ago

I'm as guilty as everyone else. I'm more intrigued by the football stories than basketball on a day we played and beat the #2 team in the country.

Who's gonna be the DC? Who's gonna be the OC? Who's gonna be the strength coach? Is Crist coming to KU? Who else is Weis gonna get to commit to KU?

I'm getting excited!! Fall 2012 needs to hurry up and get here.


jhawk613 2 years, 4 months ago

For those of us not there, two questions:

Did Crist get shown on the big screen?

How did the crowd react?


michael anway 2 years, 4 months ago

Thanks Tyshawn for the great effort with a bum knee. You are a warrior!


Hank Cross 2 years, 4 months ago

Get well TT. And spend your recovery thinking about how you can cut down on all those turnovers.


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