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Brackins lauds KU

Cyclone especially keen on Marcus

Kansas center Cole Aldrich (45) and Marcus Morris (22) pressure Iowa State's Craig Brackins (21) Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas center Cole Aldrich (45) and Marcus Morris (22) pressure Iowa State's Craig Brackins (21) Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Bill Self postgame press conference - Iowa State

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self addresses the media after the Jayhawks' 73-59 victory against Iowa State on Feb. 13.

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Which player were you most encouraged by in KU's 73-59 victory over Iowa State?

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  • Tyshawn Taylor 10% 178 votes
  • Elijah Johnson 19% 324 votes

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KU-ISU basketball

Iowa State forward Craig Brackins has the feeling that in a few years he’ll still be hearing about Kansas University sophomore Marcus Morris.

“I’m definitely going to see him,” Brackins said, “or see him on TV.”

Brackins, who has been projected by many scouting services to be a first-round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, isn’t ruling out the possibility that the two players might guard each other in the pros.

“I hope so,” Brackins said. “That’d be the dream.”

Following KU’s 73-59 victory over ISU on Saturday, Brackins said he enjoyed going up against his buddy, Marcus.

KU’s 6-foot-8 sophomore finished with 11 points and 10 rebounds on 4-for-12 shooting.

“He’s versatile. He can shoot, he can drive, he can pass,” Brackins said. “It’s kind of a playing-against-each-other-type of deal, because I’m just as versatile as he is. It’s kind of a challenge, and we like it.”

For the second straight game, the two shared some friendly banter as well.

Marcus fumbled one shot on the way up, later telling Brackins that the ball slipped.

“Man, you trying to do some of my turn-arounds?” Brackins replied with a smile before Marcus shared the laugh.

“The Kansas guys are a great group of guys,” Brackins said. “They don’t try to go out there and hurt you. If they knock you down, they pick you up.”

Brackins left disappointed with his own offensive showing.

The first-team All-Big 12 selection from a year ago finished with 18 points on 6-for-19 shooting.

“That’s the worst is when your shot is feeling good and you feel like you’re letting your team down, missing some shots,” Brackins said. “My team has faith in me, and I really appreciate my team and the faith that they have in me. I’m just going to keep doing what I have to do.”

In his two games against KU this season, Brackins made a combined 11 of 32 shots (34 percent).

“They were really aggressive with their double-(team). Kansas is always like that,” Brackins said. “Once I dribbled out of that, if I tried to go in, the guards would come and help. It was a team effort by them, and it frustrated me a little bit.

“I’ve got to watch tape and figure it out so that if another team tries to do it, I’ve got an answer for it.”

ISU changed up its defensive look against KU in the rematch.

In the first game, ISU’s guards helped double-team the post, and the Jayhawks either kicked it out for three-point attempts or slashed to the basket.

On Saturday, ISU only double-teamed with its bigs down low.

The Cyclones also avoided the whistles, finishing with just 12 personal fouls.

“We had eight capable players, so we couldn’t afford to be in foul trouble,” ISU coach Greg McDermott said. “I thought or guys executed the plan very well. It’s just Kansas is a very talented team.”


b_asinbeer 9 years, 11 months ago

I like Brackins. He sounds very sincere and is a very good player. I wish him the best of luck (whenever he's not playing against KU).

phillyh3 9 years, 11 months ago

i think marcus is starting to force shots instead of letting the game come to him

Ron Franklin 9 years, 11 months ago

McM is just becoming more and more confident. And with that, he's becoming more aggressive. Not sure, but there's probably a fine line between forcing thngs and just playing hard-nosed, aggressive bball.

MDHawk 9 years, 11 months ago

Brackins will make a decent pro...I wish him more luck at the next level than he's had at Iowa State. He's just a solid person.

Mike Kendall 9 years, 11 months ago

Brackins is a class act. Obviously, he thinks Mc. Morris is a decent player. I can't remember when it was in the game, but Marcus grabbed the rebound with several Cyclones around---he came out of nowhere---he was a man amongst boys! Wow! What a rebound! That impressed me the most.

Ron Franklin 9 years, 11 months ago

Wanted to pose a question to anybody interested in answering: Didn't wanna do it on the 400th win Article and take away from Self--

Realists, with X's & 0's experience only: Who is the better team:

Syracuse or Kansas.

I'm only a fan, with no playing/coaching experience so I can't make logical arguments on this. My 20+ years of watching ball leads me to beleieve that we have the speed on the perimeter, enough slashing guards, and a bigger front court than Syracuse. So, I think on a neutral court we have the best chance of coming out on top>>

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

hawk316 9 years, 11 months ago

I like this comment by Brackins:

“The Kansas guys are a great group of guys,” Brackins said. “They don’t try to go out there and hurt you. If they knock you down, they pick you up.”

See, there's a right way to do it, and it's nice to see our guys showing the class.

honk_for_hawks 9 years, 11 months ago

I personally think syracuse plays zone because their players can't guard one on one very well. That being said, their zone is one of the best I have ever seen. Their players are perfect for a zone. Everyone on that team is long and has good awareness. Because of that, it is hard to find holes in their zone. As Bob Knight mentioned the other day on ESPN though, their are holes and the teams best equipped to find them and exploit them are teams with good penetrating guards (Hello Sherron!) As for one on one matchups, syracuse took a huge step down from johnny flynn, so sherron won't have as hard of a time on defense as he did at the Sprint Center last year. Wesley johnson and marcus morris should be a good matchup since just like Brackins, he is very versatile. I'll call that one a wash. Cole against their main big (can't think of his name, oziaka or something like that) is definitely a cole win. their big can get on the offensive glass pretty well, but cole should be able to keep him off the offensive glass and get rid of his garbage points that he usually gets. Rautins burned brady last year, but that was before Brady spent this offseason getting in phenomenal shape with the same trainer blake griffin used the offseason before. Brady should be able to keep up with Rautins this time and hopefully his conditioning cancels out rautins size advantage. Basically, brady won't let him get the ball so his size shouldn't be able to be used. that's just what I am thinking off the top of my head from my limited exposure to the orange, but I think if a team can bust their zone and beat them, it is probably us. (Kentucky has john wall, but they don't shoot well enough)

hawk316 9 years, 11 months ago

BlownJay, Syracuse plays an outstanding zone defense. We usually do well against the zone, but their zone is at another level. We can certainly beat them, but we probably need to shoot well from the outside to do so. Still, even with a cold outside game, our ability to attack the zone may be enough to squeak by. And should we meet them in the tourney, let's hope we are able to hit our free throws this time.

Mike Kendall 9 years, 11 months ago

I will take first dibs on your question, blownJay.

KU has the outside shooting---TT, Sheron, Tyrel, Brady. In order to create those shooting opportunities, a team has to have a slashing guard to draw a double-team. We have that in Sherron. Then, when the shot goes up, you pray it goes in because it will be hard to get in good rebounding position--mainly because Syracuse has height and length and they are already in rebounding position. Several things to consider here: If Syracuse were to play us, we would have to keep the Orange off the offensive boards and then, Cole or whoever needs to make that famous outlet pass and fastbreak the heck out of Syracuse so they can't set up in their famous 2-3 Zone Defense.

Also, I believe we are deeper than Syracuse, so, the theme would be, IMO, to run, run, run and get them tired.

Bob Knight, the former coach, said a team will not have the perfect shooting opportunities against Syracuse, but in order to get good opportunities you have to create them---I think KU can create those opportunities. I probably left some things out, but that's what I would do. Easier said then done. Ralster can chime on this because he/she said it would be a good match up, and an interesting one, which I totally agree.

Mike Kendall 9 years, 11 months ago

I guess I was 2nd or 3rd on the list---not fast enough! Yes, one thing I forgot----hit the frickin free throws. In 2003, when we played them for the NC (Roy's last game, btw), we were awful from the line. Talk about just giving away a game---that was it!

Craig Lang 9 years, 11 months ago

I find it funny that this headline is the exact same as one used after the last game on January 24! Is this story like the sequel to the last one?

Steve Brown 9 years, 11 months ago

TTaylor & Headband:

I watched this game with an educator and shared my frustration with TT that he demonstrates moments of brilliance and then other moments of lost in space. They mentioned potential touch of ADD, etc. and then offered that yes, the headband from his past may have offered some sort of focus crutch.

Similar to creative people doing better in math tests with background noise from fans, or better golf shots with back ground noise like from distant trains or airplanes. Sure not from everybody but in fact for those bright, creative or easily distracted. Worth a shot, bring back the band.

Half the junk I write is TICheek and half is real, I'm not giving clues to which is which. Yet I'm surprised in the junk some of you take as real and some of the real stuff most of you take as junk...oh well.

Steve Brown 9 years, 11 months ago

If/when Taylor brings his A game we can't be beat. does anyone disagree, think about it, if TT brings game we are unbeatable.

Love the Twins, Big Mac and 'The Other'. Amazed at Cole, Daterminator: where shots go to die. Admire Brady and TReed. our glue guys. Revere Sherron.

But here is the lynch pin, the cornerstone, the key code, the Ace in the hole, it's Tyshawn. This is turning point in season, if..... naw dare I say, NOW that TT has found game, and from this day forward will reduce turnovers, play tough defense, create more assists and hit that random trey, jump shot and floater for high percentage, then we will not, can not, dare not lose again.

I've picked on him all season and now I'm his 'fan in the stands', come on TT rise up. You've shown us flashes of extreme talent all year, just be you, that is all we need from you, and you will help make us great, I've watched games in AFH for decades and I know you can do it. You've got game and coach knows it, or you wouldn't play, you've got game, bring it.

Eliott Reeder 9 years, 11 months ago

Pretty sure KU is the best team in the land, but I certainly will not be disappointed if 'Cuse gets clipped early in the tournament by someone else. Now Kentucky, on the other hand, for some reason I actually WANT to meet them in the Final Four or Championship game. We got Cal's number all damn day.

Jack Wilson 9 years, 11 months ago

lighthawk: I'm the wrong guy to have seen your question on TT. Two stupid turnovers, 0 fer from three (one of which was on a break, he wasn't set, leaning), gets blown by then commits a foul, can't score one-on-one on a break and gets his shot blocked, doesn't hedge on a Brackins 3. Only positive was a nice take with the foul. The other layup he had on a "steal" bounced off the defender right to him .. the last guy on the bench would have scored. I don't see anything to hang my hat on with him. I have never seen an "A" game from him.

On the positive side, his four assists were the better news from him. He does not impress me a skilled passer, but perhaps if he made that the focus of his game, it would improve. That would be the "A" game we need from him.

newyorkjayhawk 9 years, 11 months ago

BlownJay -

Coach Boeheim has coached the 2-3 zone for decades. If you stick with something long enough, it's bound to become perfected. By sheer accident, i believe this has become the best 2-3 zone ever constructed at Cuse. With guys like McNamara and Flynn no longer around, that go-to, ice-veined PG isn't there, but the short stature of that PG isn't either. Even though Jardine and Trische can score, they aren't solid PG's. They also lack a true center. Onuaku is a beast down low, but he's too short to be a true center. However, with a smaller post player taking that spot, you have a more mobile player. Johnson is a Hakim Warrick type athlete and the Joseph/Jackson combo at the other post is a more agile version of Onuaku with less strength. It's just the physically perfect makeup for a 2-3 zone. Offensively, they struggle in the half court. Trische, Rautins, Johnson, and Jardine all shoot above .370 from 3pt range, but only Rautins and Johnson average over 3 shots from the perimeter per game. they've got strength down low, but Joseph, Jackson, and Onuaku combine for just 58.5% from the free throw line.

Hack-an-orange, with Brady Morningstar guarding Wes Johnson tight may be the defensive scheme that'd push this year's KU over SU. In attacking the zone, the Hawks would probably be well served with Henry, Morningstar, and Reed having good nights from 3 point range, and Collins and Taylor attacking zone with penetration and hitting reverse layups. But the only way I can figure the Jayhawks truly ensuring a win, Aldrich and the Morris twins MUST be fed the ball on the post with extreme regularity. UConn, WV, Florida, etc... they all faded after their 3 point shooting let them down, and their post play couldn't pick up the slack. Our post players are, in my opinion the best in the country. If Collins and Morningstar can feed the post effectively, and if Taylor doesn't turn the ball over too many times, I think the Jayhawks could win by 15.

The major difference is that Kansas doesn't have a defined weakness. without that zone defense, syracuse lost a pre-season game to Le Moyne, where they tried to figure out how to play man-to-man. free throws were disastrous for a few games, but Kansas has gotten past that. We're solid from 3pt range, VERY strong down low, we have a true point guard, and we have a true center. Also, depth is more of an issue for Cuse, too. they have only 2 guys off the bench, we have at least 3 (excluding TRob, Withey, EJ, or CJ). I know our team has shown moments attention-deficiency, and a few other moments of unnecessary aggression (ie, selfishness with the ball, or stupid fouls), but the ceiling is higher for Kansas, and the fact that (even for a short glimpse), the 'Hawks have shown that ability, I'm confident that Kansas is the better team.

Dan Harris 9 years, 11 months ago

LIGHTHAWK- I think were unbeatable when X plays up to his potential more so then TT

Ron Franklin 9 years, 11 months ago

Thank folks! I appreciate the feed back. Maybe Ralster & Dragonslayer will show up too...they've got playing experience (I think).

IMHO the Hawks are completely unstoppable as long as: Sherron recognizes when he's hot, and when he's not and acts accordingly. McM and Aldrich demand and recieve the ball and are efficient with it when they do. Tyshawn sits on the bench (especially at crunch time), and Brady just needs to be Brady. And finally, they continue working hard at Self Defense. The rest will fall into place.

In general, I really feel like the entire field (ncaa) is not as deep as it has been in the past and this is advantagous to our HAWKS.

Mike Kendall 9 years, 11 months ago

newyorkjayhawk---Well said, my friend. Love to have us play the Cuse just to show the world we can beat them.

BlownJay---The season will not be complete until Sherron wears another ring on his finger. KU has to be the favorite going into the field of 65. Coach Self has, for the most part, kept our guys hungry and motivated. Kudos to the best coach in America, as far as I am concerned. It doesn't take an X's & O's guy (no offense, BlownJay), to figure out that KU has something good going on here.

All the posts about Syracuse and how to play them----I find very informative and interesting. Truly, an audience of experts!!!!!

Steve Brown 9 years, 11 months ago

HEM and JHDan, you both are spot on.

Yet if X gives us A+ game and TT screws up with TO's against talented opponent, then who knows who wins.

My point is (if or when) TT gives us an A game, and up to now, sure we only see it for a few plays at a time, but when or if he does, then all the other pieces are in place and we are unbeatable.

I know it may suspend logic, but you see those few plays where TT looks All American, my question is what if we get that most of the time from him...then we don't just win but dominate even the top ten teams.....give the kid the head band back.

Steve Brown 9 years, 11 months ago

I don't mean to take any minutes from BM or Mr. Reed, just while TT is on the court to get his best. call me selfish, he has more upside....maybe it is as simple and breath and smile and quit thinking....or maybe start thinking.. guess I"m at loss for TT.

Ron Franklin 9 years, 11 months ago


None taken! As I mentioned, I don't wholly understand the technical side of basketball, but I have been a HAWK since birth....I definitely understand this is special! We've got the best coach, point, and big in the country! What's not special about that!!

And crap...I thought 'cuse played a 3-2/1-2-2 and not a 2-3! Gotta start my research over!!

Mike Kendall 9 years, 11 months ago


If you saw the other thread, I posted this, but #3 Syracuse lost at home today against the Louisville Cards, 66-60. Big win for Pitino!!!!!!

Ron Franklin 9 years, 11 months ago

I saw! I was pumped up!!....especially because Louisville isn't that good of a team. Now I wanna go on 360 and watch that game.

jaybate 9 years, 11 months ago

“The Kansas guys are a great group of guys,” Brackins said. “They don’t try to go out there and hurt you. If they knock you down, they pick you up.”--Craig Brackins

I am so glad to hear Mr. Brackins say this about the KU team. I believe it to be true, but only the guys out on the wood can know for sure. In the age of referees calling few fouls, teams fouling almost at will, and many teams seemingly trying to normalize thug ball, it is a tight rope walk between playing rough enough to be competitive today, and playing to rough and becoming one of the bad guys.

And Brackins is one heck of a player and I would have to say that whether he had said what he did, or not.

Rock chalk.

PAHAWK1 9 years, 11 months ago

Jaybate, do you think that quote from Brackins was meant for D. James of Texas?

jaybate 9 years, 11 months ago


KU is the better team. It is a more multi-dimensional team on both offense and defense with the better, bigger, faster, more skilled and more experienced players. It probably has more depth, too.

KU also has the more difficult combined offensive/transition/defensive philosophy to contend with. KU does not set tempo and it wants to play the opponent any way the opponent wants. By doing this, KU denies the opponent--in this case Syracuse--the advantage it usually strives for. It strives to unsettle an opponent by making it play Syracuse's game--its style of play and tempo. KU accepts the tempo and style of play and seeks out match-up advantages and impact plays that beat the opponent at its own game. The only exception in this KU philosophy is defense. KU is as determined to play man to man defense, as Syracuse is determined to play zone. Yet even KU will play zone if circumstances dictate doing so, just as Syracuse will come out of its zone, if it absolutely has to do so.

Next,'s strength of opponents overall indicate KU's played a significantly tougher schedule, despite the hype of the toughness of the Big East. This means KU is more hardened for battle and more experienced at overcoming tough opponents than Syracuse. This creates not only a skill advantage for KU, but a confidence advantage for KU.

Next, though I can't document it, I suspect KU has played more varieties of styles of play and tempo than Syracuse has. I believe Self actually schedules more to get his KU teams used to every kind of tempo and playing style, than just to play marquis opponents. By the time March rolls around, KU has had to play the game just about every way it can be played and this is a great edge to a team that intentionally tries to play opponents on their terms. KU wil run with you. It will brawl with you. It will press with you. It will play half court with you . It will grind it out with you. It will get down and chase you on in your Princeton offense. It will even zone with you if it has to.

On the other hand, I believe Syracuse has the tougher defense to struggle with for an entire game. No one really likes to play against a zone defense, especially a really good one. They just learn how to do it. They never enjoy it. This is one of the great advantages of playing zone defense. An opponent is annoyed before it starts and stays annoyed the entire game, unless it is a very seasoned and effective team.

100 says Cuse's zone (any zone) can be exhausted by teams that keep them moving every trip, instead of sitting outside and popping treys without penetration.

jaybate 9 years, 11 months ago

I think 100 knows his stuff regarding the effect of forcing zones to move constantly and every trip. He says it wreaks havoc with their their quads. And I agree with him in principle, but it takes a team entirely on the same page, a team willing to hang in when it is heavy slogging through the zone for extended stretches of the game, to capitalize on that fatigue and actually beat a zone.

Get behind Cuse's zone by 12 any time in the second half and the game is very nearly over, unless your team remains incredibly disciplined, or Xavier just goes 4 for 4 from trey for an six minute stretch after some terrific stops on defense.

Cuse used to play a 2-3 and 100 leads me to believe Jimmy B has adopted a 3-2 this season. No doubt Jimmy Boeheim could play either, or both in a single game.

FWIW, 100 and I exchanged ad infinitem on how to break the 3-2.

Position your two guards on offense in front of the seams on both sides of the point. This occupies three perimeter defenders with only two offenders.

Position two bigs on the lower blocks, one each on both sides of the lane.

Use your three man to roam baseline, setting frequent back picks for the two bigs and generally have the 3 man create 3 on 2 overload on the baseline.

Guards penetrate and dish to which ever big gets the back pick. Turn and dunk, or dish which ever guy is free on baseline, because of the overload.

This strategy leads to heavy emphasis on inside scoring vs. a 3-2. You play your biggest bigs on the baseline, say Cole and Withey. You alternate Marcus and Xavier at the 3, because they are both active scorers and big enough to set meaningful picks.

Against the 2-3 you just reverse the over stack.

Three out front flooding the two defenders in front and two bigs underneath occupying three defenders across baseline. More three point shooting and more 15 foot floaters on the wings.

Hope this was some part of what you were looking for.

Rock chalk.

jaybate 9 years, 11 months ago


Great question. I wondered the same, but didn't have the sense to phrase it in a clear question to prompt discussion.

I could see it two ways. Brackins took a pretty good lump during the KU-ISU game.

Brackins knows ISU is near the cellar, or in it. He knows ISU very likely could get a first round rematch with KU in the conference tourney. He could be trying to disarm KU with love, so he can come back and put 40 on us again. He said that KU's double on him really caused him problems and that he's going to go watch tape to learn how to keep doubles from being so effective in the future.

On the other hand, Butcher Barnes really does coach a brand of butcher ball that a guy like Brackins would get real sick of seeing. You've seen how rough Texas gets with the Crisco Kid and James. KSU also doesn't take prisoners, if it thinks it can get away with it. It could with Texas. It could not with KU. The thing about being a great player on a weak team is that the butcher ballers really pick you out and make you miserable for an entire game. There are no holds barred, because your teammates are not studly enough to really retaliate much. The star on the weak team gets hammered, accordingly.

Great question. Wish I had a great answer. But maybe someone else knows.

jaybate 9 years, 11 months ago


To: Jayhawk basketball addicts

From: jaybate Basketball Investigation Agency

Topic: Pre-Game Report on TA&M

Security Status: For Official Use Only

Number of Pages Including Cover Page: 1

Warning: Aggie Disruption Statistic way better than KU's indicating they win by getting about the same number of strips as KU, while making far fewer TOs than KU. This is a potentially acute problem that could easily trigger an upset unless KU shoots and rebounds to its averages and protects the ball very well.

Aggie coach code-named Turg likes to play ten deep a la mentor Roy. Has good mix of experience and youth.

Front Court: 6'9" inch center bulky at 250 lbs. 6'8" forward weighs 230 and 6'7" shooting forward tips at 215. Size match-up with KU pretty even. Back-ups only slight drop off in size. Front line will test Jayhawks.

Back court: 6'1" and 6'3" at guards, with Sloan the gun.

Shooting, 44% FGAs, but only 32% 3pt average. As bad as Texas from outside. 65% FT average. Force Aggies to trinitize and you win. Donald Sloan is their version of Sherron last year. 18ppg on lots of attempts.

Boarding: They can get after it on the glass. Like Texas, they beat opponents on the offensive glass.

Disruption Statistic (steals to TOs):

KU: 154/359= .429 TAM: 149/293 =.508

The Disruption Statistic and Sloan's scoring makes clear why Self rested Tyshawn, Brady and Xavier a huge amount in the ISU game. He needs his perimeter players fresh, protecting the ball, and applying a ton of pressure on the Aggies to spike Aggie TOs, or KU could have some real problems.

Conclusion: KU ought to win by shutting down Sloan, defending the paint, forcing the Aggies to shoot treys (except for Sloan) and rebound. But the decisive statistic will be steals and TOs. The Aggies are long and good defensively. But most importantly, they protect the ball as well as anyone KU will play this year. This is going to be a real test of how much defensive pressure KU can apply, and how much defensive pressure it can resist. Self is likely to have the team amped up for a maximum effort to try to nail down the conference crown now. A win will not clinch, perhaps, but it would require a complete KU meltdown afterwards to keep KU from clinching very soon.

Note: Please shred this file after reading with a mininum of a 3 pass shredding routine.

Scott MacWilliams 9 years, 11 months ago

I agree Brackins is a class act. He's got the size and skills to do fine in the NBA.

Another subject, seems like ESPN's figured out that Lawrence is one of the best towns for college hoops in America.

check out Pat Forde's highly scientific poll at:

"Lawrence is clearly the class of the Big 12 in hoops, the only one to win an NCAA title since the league was formed. Before KU won as a Big Eight team in 1988, the last titles belonged to Kansas in 1952 and Oklahoma State, twice in the 1940s when, I believe, they were playing three-on-three at each end, no crossing midcourt. As for Allen Fieldhouse, it's like a museum, maybe one that is haunted. I always think a famous dead guy is going reach out and shake my hand." Also receiving votes: None. Lawrence was the lone unanimous pick in the entire survey.

pfister99 9 years, 11 months ago

I hope we play Syracuse as it stands now...means we're in the national championship baby!!!

Sparko 9 years, 11 months ago

Jaybate: Turgeon's mentor was Larry Brown. Brown played 10 guys. See 1988 championship.

Syracuse? Kill them in a half-court game and limit transition looks. Louisville played a great road game and exposed them yesterday.

jaybate 9 years, 11 months ago


Don't oversimplify about Turg.

LB coached him.

He worked for LB 2 years washing jocks and handling film.

Next, Turg was Roy's assistant for 4 years, where Roy brought him a long way, did some recruiting and probably really taught him how to operate a basketball program. Turg coached the JV for Roy, at times.

But if the truth be known, Turg probably learned a lot of his basketball coaching from Jerry Green. Green was the 12 year veteran from UNC Asheville Roy brought with him to KU as his top assistant. Turg, no doubt under Green's sway, assisted Roy four years, after LB left. Green jumped to be head coach at Oregon from KU and Turg spent 5 seasons as Green's top assistant and recruiter at UO, before Green jumped to Tennessee, Turg got passed over for the head job at UO, and Turg for some reason did not follow Turg to UTenn. LB threw Turg a life line as an NBA assistant for a year with the 76ers before Turg jumped to head coach Jacksonville State.

(Note: in another post I errantly recalled Turg at Jacksonville in Florida, not J State in Alabama.)

To be fair, Turg is about 1/3 LB, 1/3 Roy, and 1/3 Jerry Green in pedigree.

Regarding LB playing ten guys in the championship, one game does not a tendency make. I have not checked the minutes, but I do not recall LB being nearly as much of two platoon substitute guy as Roy. In fact I recall LB being rather a 7-8 man team guy for most of his coaching career in college and the pros. But, again, I have not checked the numbers from way back then either.

dmb41fan 9 years, 11 months ago

In regards to some of the comments on the Syracuse 1-3-1 zone, it doesn't get ANY better. They play against what is this year and commonly year in year out the most athletic conference in America, the best shooters, slashers and big men. Yet, Syracuse somehow slows down all of them. The issue with the zone is that it forces you to beat them from very deep or in the short corners. In the short corners, Johnson comes at you with long arms and a solid 6'8 stature and everyone else on the floor is no smaller than 6'1. KU doesn't have the same shooting strength as w/Kirk, Nick, Giddens, Gooden squad. The zone also helps to reduce the number of second shots, which KU has used to create a large substance of offense, thanks to Cole and Morris twins crashing the boards. I definately wouldn't want to play Syracuse at the end of the season when their zone is always at it's best, no matter who you are, ask the 2003 Hawks, Georgetown, Conneticut..

waywardJay 9 years, 11 months ago

But DMB ... their zone is bustable.... because all zones ar bustable.

Arinze Onauku ( despite what an earlier poster suggested ) is not an easy win for Cole. He's a legit big east big man, he's capable of a big night in a championship game.

We have seen what Wesley Johnson can do, and Now we are seeing him do it with confidence.

As that same poster suggested though... this team is not "title ready" without an answer to the loss of Mr. Flynn to the NBA.

The one kid who left from last years team who DIDN"T sign an Agent going pro. The One kid who scares me the most in teh Syracuse uniform.

Johnnie Flynn was an excellent player and will not easily be replaced like sherron will be tough to replace next year.

If 'Cuse finds that answer in the coming weeks.... We might very well see them in the title game.

Case in point, Put JOhn Wall on this Syracuse team.... Scary. Real Scary.

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