Kansas defeats Iowa State, 84-61

  • 1 p.m., Jan. 23, 2010
  • Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA

Originally published January 24, 2010 at 12:00a.m., updated January 24, 2010 at 09:57a.m.

Poetry in motion

Lyric Aldrich plays big

Kansas center Cole Aldrich takes it to the bucket over Iowa State forward Craig Brackins during the first half, Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010 at Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa.

Kansas center Cole Aldrich takes it to the bucket over Iowa State forward Craig Brackins during the first half, Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010 at Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa.


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2010 KU-Iowa State

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Which performance were you more pleased with in the KU-Iowa State game?

  • Cole Aldrich: 19 points, 8-for-11 shooting, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks, steal, 31 minutes 56% 1353 votes
  • Jeff Withey: 8 points, 5 rebounds, block, turnover, 12 minutes 41% 991 votes
  • Undecided 1% 36 votes

2380 total votes.

— A loving mom who is willing to give her son some space, Kathleen Aldrich does not spy on her son Cole’s Facebook page.

She’s about to make a request to see a recent entry, however, one that provides a hint into how heavy of a heart Kansas University’s 6-foot-11 junior center has been burdened with lately.

“We had a couple people tell us he wrote a nice poem on Facebook. They said after they read it, they could tell his grandmother had passed,” Kathleen said of Ann Aldrich, Cole’s grandmother, who died nine days ago and had her memorial service Friday in Northfield, Minn.

“I wonder where he got that ability to write like that. Nobody in our family (is good at that),” she added with a laugh.

Cole Aldrich, who admittedly hasn’t been himself since last June when Ann was diagnosed with lung cancer — the diagnosis came when Cole was back home in Minnesota — has felt revitalized since his grandmother’s pain finally subsided.

“It just feels good to be back,” Aldrich said after hitting eight of 11 shots and going 3-for-3 from the line en route to 19 points and 11 rebounds in Saturday’s 84-61 victory over Iowa State in Hilton Coliseum. “I’ve gone through a lot of slumps this year and gone through a lot of stuff. It’s tough, and it weighs on me. I’m just going out and giving my heart.”

Aldrich’s dad, Walt, indicated there also has been a stress-fracture problem in Cole’s lower left leg, though Cole laughed and indicated he’s 100 percent healthy. Cole admitted, however, that a bout of bronchitis hindered him for several weeks this season.

He still appears a bit winded at times, including late in Saturday’s rout.

He was energized by having so many family members make the relatively short drive from Minnesota in rainy, foggy weather.

“Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and all that. I wanted to go out and play with my heart,” Aldrich said. “There will be big games when I am in the mix for a lot of minutes. I need to keep pushing myself, fighting through that barrier and having fun.”

Aldrich scored a team-leading nine points and grabbed four rebounds while playing 15 minutes the first half as KU led, 38-25, at the break.

“I told him on the bench, ‘That’s the Cole I know,” said sophomore forward Marcus Morris, who hit his first six shots and finished with 16 points off 8-of-16 shooting.

Morris — he and his teammates actually applauded for Aldrich as he entered the locker room after the game — spent a lot of time guarding Craig Brackins, who was held to 13 points off 5-of-13 shooting after scoring 42 against KU in Ames last season. Seldom-used Jeff Withey (eight points, five boards) also provided some dandy ‘D’ on Brackins.

“He was frustrated a little bit with the (KU) double-team,” Morris said of Brackins. “He actually told me that. He said, ‘I hate when teams double-team me.’ I said, ‘You’re a great player, you should expect double-teams.’’’

Aldrich moved the ball well the times he was trapped. He also finished with three blocks in 31 minutes.

“Hopefully the big fella is getting out of his funk. It’s over with. Nineteen and 11. He’s back,” said senior guard Sherron Collins, who had 11 points off chilly 3-of-10 shooting (0-for-3 from three) with six assists in 33 minutes.

Xavier Henry was also off the mark, missing eight of 10 shots and all of six threes en route to just four points in 19 minutes.

None of the negatives mattered as KU never saw its halftime lead dip below 12 the rest of the way. KU claimed its sixth straight victory at Hilton Coliseum with the big fella the main storyline.

“We have a very close family. It’s the first death he’s had to deal with,” mom Kathleen said, noting Cole was unable to attend Friday’s memorial service because he wasn’t able to schedule a flight that could get him to Minnesota and back to Lawrence to be with the team in time for its bus ride to Ames on Friday.

“We’re going to have another service in the spring, and hopefully that will work out,” Kathleen said.

KU coach Bill Self, who has called Aldrich a “stud” for how he has handled adversity this season, noticed an inspired big man Saturday, not a dejected big man.

“I don’t know if that’s the sole reason, but Cole was better today, no question,” Self said of Aldrich feeling better after his grandmother’s suffering came to an end. “He moved better. He was freer offensively. He has a freer mind.”

And if he wants, he has something to talk about on Facebook.

“Something positive on Facebook,” Walt Aldrich said with a big smile, referring to the oft-controversial Web site.

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moehobart 11 years ago

Tell me that stress fracture comment was a joke. It sure seems like xavier is having a tough go, anyone know his conference ppg?

fansincewilt 11 years ago

We should be very grateful to the Aldrich family for sharing their son with us these few years. What a great family. It felt so good to see Cole out their dominating everything again. Overcoming bronchitis alone is quite an accomplishment.

Luan Do 11 years ago

i had a stress fracture on my leg my first year at ku too. it hurt when i run and jump but that didn't prevent me from going to robinson and playing. he should be fine as long as it's not on his foot like yao ming.

minnhawk84 11 years ago

I am thinking it is safe to drop the "one and done" descriptor for Xavier -- I sure hope he can get his game right and improve enough to really help the Jayhawks down the stretch and into the tourney. Right now he acts and plays like a freshman, not a lottery pick. At least his defensive game is clicking very well, but..... "Xavier Henry was also off the mark, missing eight of 10 shots and all of six threes en route to just four points in 19 minutes." I am beginning to cringe when he sets up to shoot.

Vic Janeway 11 years ago

I like Jay Bilas and want the KU players to read this article....I hope they do.

Want to win? Don't do these things

Jesse Newell 11 years ago

gongs — Thanks. It's been fixed.

Mike Kendall 11 years ago

With Cole's better game at Iowa State, I think it was a combination of things: Cole's family being there for him, his grandmother passing away and having a freer mind and Jeff Withey. That's right, I said Jeff Withey. Withey took the pressure off Cole when Cole was on the bench. When Cole came back, he was well rested. Both Cole and Withey played together at one point and the other teams from the Big 12 lookout--this could be a deadly combo!

KEITHMILES05 11 years ago

This team looks out for each other and no doubt will be helping Tyshawn deal with his situation. It's all about family.

Alec White 11 years ago

Can we all agree as fans that Cole is probably the most humble person of all time??? I wish every player just soaked in the experience like Cole does. All he does is keep on truckin' forward no matter the scenario.

On a similar note....Walter Aldrich (Cole's dad) is the choice for POY (parent of the year), narrowly edging out the Twin's mom (Angel I think) and Sherron's mom (I don't know her name). Walter has kept his son's spirits high and still managed to show up loud and proud to most KU games even while dealing with the death of his mother. The Twin Tower's mother was spotted right next to the Aldrich family and was seen shouting encouragement to the whole team that brought a big grin across Markieff's face. And Sherron's mom is also receiving votes for parent of the year because she's simply Sherron's mom, which makes you ubercool in my book.

But in all seriousness, I think it's cool that Self lets the families sit right behind the bench-as in close enough to touch them. He has confidence in the players and their parents that they won't interfere and only words of encouragement will rain down from behind theml

milehighhawk 11 years ago

I don't think Cole's dad would make up something about a stress fracture.

It's incredible to think the kid can AVERAGE a double-double with a broken leg and manage to bust out for 18 against ISU. It also goes a long way to dispel whispers that Cole doesn't seem as quick or explosive on offense.

yates33333 11 years ago

This is another excellent article by Bedore. Bedore is the Collins of the LJW sports staff. I think Roger Morningstar is the POY. I never see where he says anything about KU basketball or his son, which considering his own past in KU basketball must take real restraint with a Brady playing as well as he does.

The guy that played at Robinson Gym with an injury must really be old. I think Lovellette and his team were about the last to play there. I've already forgotten when Allen Field House was opened but it had to be in the mid-fifties or so.

Mike Kendall 11 years ago

Yates33333-- AFH opened March 1st, 1955, against K-State. In that game, KU won the game, 77-66. The crowd of 17,228 will likely remain an attendance record because of the fire code restrictions. Phog Allen was given a Cadillac at halftime. You were fairly close (mid 50's) in your thinking!

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years ago


you're forgetting Hoch--KU played there between Robinson and Allen. Moved out of Robinson in the '20s, when Hoch opened. And I realize you're only joking about Robinson, since he referred to it as the gymnasium instead of the rec center.

Brian Correll 11 years ago

Maybe I am wrong but I dont think the guy that was talking about playing with a stress fracture in Robinson Gym was talking about playing for KU. Intramurals or rec ball possibly?

Debbie Mangen 11 years ago

Went to ESPN's site to see what they wrote about yesterday's game and ran across this article of interest. How many of you know that a player can receive a technical foul for dunking the ball during warmups? I have never heard of such a thing and it happens at every game I've ever seen.

100 11 years ago

There are certain simple offensive sets we could absolutely dominate teams with. I'm talking sets we all ran as fifth graders. Two big men, swinging side to side on the blocks, Cole up down low & Withey up high.

Takes five seconds to learn & one minute to practice for gametime -- when you are loaded with height, skills and athleticism, one should always make us of the simple credo:

"The simplest way is usually the best."

in this set I would see three guards outside, just like we all learned in grade school, swinging the ball around looking for one thing -- an open seven footer to throw an alley oop. With Cole now not double teamed, everything opens up.

In relation only to quality minutes, where the players have thrown very few turnovers, played tough D & remembered to box out, & overall been great teamates, I would use the above offensive set for 5 minutes per half, with the following players:

  1. The Human Bowling Ball
  2. The ReedIng Aparatus
  3. The Brady Factor
  4. The Seven Foot Dunkotron
  5. The Seven Foot Coal Train's Brother

All of these players we can count on -- and it comes down to matchups. 5 minutes per half of this combined with another 10 minutes per half of the 2nd team led by the Xman, pump faking, driving in for layups (& not 3 pointers), leading his troops, playing pressure D would drive an opposing coach NUTS!!!!




Dan Pawlowski 11 years ago

The guy, asn_snsation, was definitely talking about intramural play. The basketball team has never played there. Robinson was for us regular students. That was the case when I graduated in the mid 1980's

Kye Clark 11 years ago

100 - making sure we all recognize your coaching prowess? Saturating the site just in case HCBS is reading? I just read this same post on another thread. It's fun to draw up plays in the sand, but I think Coach knows what he's doing.

Dan Harris 11 years ago

Man if Withey can play like that every game he will be huge addition to our rotation! On the negative side, how many freakin airballs does X have in the last 2 weeks!

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

Regardless of what X has done, you let him work through it. Without him playing well, we aren't a national championship caliber team. Patience. This swoon shall pass .. perhaps tomorrow night?

Kye Clark 11 years ago

to drgnslayr's point - X has been making great strides defensively, which was the point being made. He's not the complete defensive liability he was early in the season. He's starting to get it. Much like a child, when learning and focusing on one skill set, often another skill set tends to suffer. I will say that it is odd for his shot to be so off (the airballs!) because he seems to be such a natural shooter. However, I'm confident he'll get his stroke back. While somewhat discouraging in the short term, game-to-game perspective, it's good that he keeps shooting. The last thing we need is for him to lose his confidence and be gun-shy down the stretch. His shot will come around.

to bhann's counterpoint - if you read more than the first sentence of the post, he acknowledges the shooting slump and points out that the gains are coming at the DEFENSIVE end. Maybe it was you who had the long night out?

GreyHawker 11 years ago

I agree we probably don't win a NC w/out him(X) but it seems we've got alittle double-standard going here. Put TT and the Twins on the bench for lack of production but since X said he's one and done......Heaven (hope Jesse didn't see me use this word) forbid asking him to take a seat..... even though coach said don't read anything into it.... he didn't see the floor much the second half yesterday!!!

GreyHawker 11 years ago've made alot of very good observations through the season........can't argue with stats (and you know them well) but you do seem alittle chippy today..........

Kye Clark 11 years ago

bhann - No one is making excuses. No one is saying he's been shooting the ball good of late. It is possible to acknowledge a poor aspect of a player's game while praising another part, which was the whole point of the post. You seem to only focus on scoring. I don't think some of the posters here give HCBS enough credit. IF X was hurting the team, being selfish, had a bad attitude...he would sit. We can all say what maybe we'd like to see, but it is irritating to see all these armchair coaches thinking they know what's better for the team.

GreyHawker - it's pretty illogical to think that because X says he's one and done (which I don't think he's ever been quoted as saying that, it is simply assumed) that HCBS is afraid to sit him on the bench. IF he's gone after this year, then Coach is playing with house money, he can bench him because he doesn't have to worry about hurting his feelings, stunting his developement, the player transfering, etc. What are the repercussions of benching a OADer? The only concern would possibly be that the player becomes a distraction and a locker room transfer, a risk that is not exclusive to benching OADers.

I'm curious who people think should be starting instead of X. Brady's already starting (and more at his natural position of the 2) so people can't clamor about how he started 30-something games last year and should be in there. You can't really make the arguement to re-insert Taylor AND play Brady. TT isn't a good shooter; he's average at best. X at best is a great shooter. Reed? Let's forget the fact that it took X's shooting struggles to lower his 3p% to that of Reed's for the season, but X is quicker, rebounds better, even with his reluctance to do so he drives the ball to the hoop better, and he probably defends about as well. Marcus is our next best option at the 3, but he's playing so well at the 4 why would you move him? I'm sure some people want to move Marcus to the 3 to clear room for Withey to start, but I'm sure there's a reason he's been at the end of the bench and only got into the game because of foul trouble. We're 18-1. Relax, enjoy the games, and trust in the coaching staff to know what's best for the team better than a bunch of amateurs.

Rick Arnoldy 11 years ago

Is it just me or does X have one of the slowest releases in a long time (Terry Brown - esk)? That may have worked in HS. It's getting him by in college. He needs to change his shooting style to make it at the next level.

Kye Clark 11 years ago

lol - meant locker room cancer...not locker room transfer. Maybe I had the long night out

GreyHawker 11 years ago

316........relax, unless BS is posting...and I kinda doubt he is.......we're all armchair coaches....that's what makes these posts fun.........each of of us has the answers......

Kye Clark 11 years ago

GreyHawk - I'm very relaxed (hence why I told some of the more "chippy" posters to relax). I just think it's sad that someone says something complimentary about a guy and others see that as an opening to use their own personal agenda to attack both the poster and the player.

GreyHawker 11 years ago

Point well taken.........everyone on here are SUPPOSED to be Hawk fans.....and it's that love (emotion) that can make all of us alittle chippy at times......rockon

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

bhann...I'm with you to a point on X, however, I think it would be more dramatic if you start him and the first lazy pass he makes, the first air ball three he shoots, the first silly foul he takes, sit him down and I mean maybe a whole half and let him realize that each player's ultimate responsibilty is to play to the maximum of their potential.

And I don't mean have a personal best every game but hustle and do the little things to contribute.

It is ironic how much his defense has improved and his offense has slipped....go figure!!

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

It was really exciting to see Cole have a great game and see some of his offensive prowess. I hope Cole isn't just on an "up tick", but more of an upward antigravity parabolically increasing propulsion, the great space coaster to scoring efficiency, and the road to having opposing bigs call him "Big Papa".

Lets see the sequel tomorrow.

GreyHawker 11 years ago

Fairgrove....not sure I'm smart enough to know exactly what u want Cole to do but I'm with you......well I think anyway......

Kye Clark 11 years ago

bhann - it didn't take me "log" (second time) to realize that you only look at scoring. Offense and defense? Really? Who knew? I'm not even saying you're focusing just on offense, just his shooting. There's many aspects to offense and defense. Rebounding, passing, setting screens, etc. You saying he gets blown by doesn't make it true. HCBS, every announcer that's called maybe the last half dozen games, and most of the fans seem to disagree with you (and it's really only HCBS's opinion that matters).

I'm still waiting for this double standard to be adequately explained. Greyhawker suggested the double standard was due to X being a OADer (whether self-proclaimed or not). I asked why that would lead to the double standard, but haven't heard an explanation. The lack of production (which again I assume both you and greyhawker mean scoring) is not the reason why the Twins or TT have been benched from time to time. With TT it has been carelessness with the ball, the inability to feed the post, and his attitude in general. With the Twins it has been laziness, taking plays off (this from the mouth of Marcus himself). If the standard was about scoring, then why was no one complaining that Cole should sit? Maybe they (specifically you) were, but Cole didn't sit and he seemed to be just fine yesterday. There's no "one size fits all" to dealing with players. Maybe Coach suspected that Marcus would respond to not starting 4 games ago but does not think the same approach would work with X or would have worked with Cole.

And again, who deserves to start at the 3 if X sits? There's no one that fits there to play starter-quality minutes. You can go with gimmick line-ups (i.e. playing big, playing small) but that is not something you can go out there and be successful game in, game out for long stretches at a time.

Ralster - I'm with you. I like X, but I want Relaford & Little to get PT next year after sacrificing this year for the good of the team.

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

ohioburg -

I agree about his release.

At times, he looks like a "stop and pop" shooter. But, the actual release is so soft that he could get blocked very easily if scouted properly. Even Tyrel has a quicker release with more purpose. For that matter, most everybody else at the 1, 2 and 3 on the team looks stronger with their stroke. Maybe some see the wrist action as a pure shooter's stroke. I see it as a liablilty like you do.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

bhann: The Morrises and Taylor were benched for lack of effort in the first case, and mental errors in the second case. X is just in a shooting slump. That's it. You don't pull a player like that simply because of a shooting slump. That makes no point. What you show is confidence in a guy that is progressing as a defender, and who is playing smart. The rest of his game is fine. Reducing his minutes more that already has been done accomplishes nothing. That's my belief with a guy you believe is a shooter, when he's in a slump.

But I will admit that you may be right .. no way to know for sure, though. I just think you treat effort/mental mistake issues different than a mere shooting slump.

Larry Smith 11 years ago


Here is a link for you to use since you seem to be so concerned about X's percentage of shots/points per minute played. Individual stats are at the bottom of the page, and I would really reccomend you read the "need help with this page" link. Some people really get confused about what the numbers mean.

As you can see, his effective FG percentage is not quite as bad as some would think. Granted, this is YTD, but sometimes, that is what you have to look at. The entire year and not just a snapshot of a few games.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

Greyhawk- :)

X is a scorer and his problem is mental. He'll overcome it. If he were to focus on expanding his game by improving his dribble drive and forget so much about shooting threes, the trifecta would return faster.

Self may be giving X more PT than he would give another player in a scoring slump because of his ability to learn/comprehend the game, which Self has given X props for many times this season. X did have a heck of a defensive outing last week. I see X continuing to play a high number of minutes regardless of offensive production as long as he is playing good defense and not mucking up the flow of the offense. If he is having a bad game defending and scoring, Self will bench him.

Hopefully this scoring slump will be short lived. Tomorrow's home game would be perfect timing.

KU 11 years ago

ohioburg.........Yes, X does have a very slow release. I think it's because he tends to slowly roll up into his jump and he elevates sooooo high. He has such a high release point, it's very difficult for a defender to block it. But I think now that he's playing against better defenders, his slow release causes many of his shots to be contested, whereas earlier in the year most of his 3s were uncontested. Shots that Brady takes "UNcontested" because of his quick release would be contested if X shot the same shot with the same defender coming at him. If having a defender fly at him bothers his shot, he should work on trying to get it off quicker. But he has such a pure stroke, it's hard to understand how he can be shooting soooooo poorly lately. Something has clearly got in his head and hurt his confidence.

Another thing: relying on his legs to elevate as much as he does, I imagine his shot can be affected more by fatique late in games than a player that doesn't rely on elevation as much.

KU 11 years ago

Fairgrove.......I think X is a "shooter", not a "scorer". Earlier in the year, I thought he was going to be a natural "scorer", but he has shown an aversion to or an inability to create his own offense. His mentality is more that of a spot up shooter than a scorer. Sherron is a scorer. Tyrel is a shooter. We really don't need a 6'6 shooter, especially if his 3 point shot is going to be around 35% over the long haul.

We really need X to be a great wing defender every night, we need him to rebound 6 or 7 boards every night, especially on the offensive end. We need him to be aggressive on the offensive boards and get a couple easy put-backs a game. We need him to get to the foul line 5 or 6 times a game. This will require him to be aggressive on the offensive boards and try to develop a mid-range game where he can get in the lane. He elevates so high, he doesn't need to go all the way to the goal to score if he can develop touch from 10 feet. If he does these things, I don't really care about the 3 point shot. He's shown that he's probably going to be streaky from 3, which is fine for a freshman.

jhawkd 11 years ago

Rockchalk Mom...

That is a rule in all college levels. Any player who dunks while the referees are out on the court gets a technical. When you go to a game, or see warmups on tv, if you see them dunk it means one of two things...

  1. The refs aren't out on the court yet, or
  2. Watch carefully and see if the player actually touches the rim. If he doesn't touch it, it's not a dunk.

Kent Wells 11 years ago

X will be fine once he gets it figured out defensively. That is taking a lot of energy right now. Once the D becomes SOP, the scoring will return.

Larry Smith 11 years ago

I would not call 1 or 2 games a slump. I can hear it now, "He had to work through that 1 game slump". The reason he is still starting is because he puts out effort and takes his shot within the the offense. Has he gone cold? Yes. But that is completely different from Marcus or Tyshawn losing the starting spot because of effort and bad decisions within the offense. So, do you think that Cole should have been benched during his slump/funk or whatever you want to call it? I think he earns his position in practice and the effort he puts forth. Would Bill Self have it any other way?

Kent Wells 11 years ago

Is there not only 1 big game? Will Sherron allow KU to lose?

jaybate 11 years ago

Go to Cancun for a week and Brady's playing 25-32 mpg as any individual with a brain case bigger than a thimble knew he eventually would.

Go to Cancun for a week and Withey's starting to contribute, albeit against Cylcones sans 5s.

Go to Cancun for a week and Marcus and Kieff learn to do the 20/10 gig (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less) to make KU win even when KU can't trifectate.

Go to Cancun for a week and Xavier is a two and done struggling to get his shots off against B12 level defense (how do you say: opposing coaches found his weakness, plus X is shooting towards his average?).

Go to Cancun for a week and Quantum T is reduced to 15 minutes of glue with 33% trifectation.

Go to Cancun for a week and it is still Sherron and Cole's team trying to find a third option.

Go to Cancun for a week and Frank "Horse's Head in the Bed" Martin has his Hit Cats knock off Tayhoss, proving once again that Tayhoss can't shoot the rock and been hidin' it all season long.

Xel Ha!

Rock chalk!

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

KU...... I have to argue X is a scorer. He is not to Collins' caliber, not many are. He is not only a shooter, as Tyrel. Therefore, if Tyrel and Collins are the extremes of the spectrum in which we define if X is a scorer or shooter, I will have to choose scorer. Although, I too, am disappointed in his lack of progression as a "scorer" this season.

Early in the season, he showed the ability against light weight competition. Likely the same level of competition he scored against in HS. Hopefully as the season progresses we'll see more of his 'scorer' capacity.

David Howell 11 years ago

I am glad to see Cole is getting back to the Cole from last year. Keep up the hard work !

I have to beg to differ that we only have Cole and Sherron producing. Marcus has been producing nicely over the last 4-5 games. Impressed with the Twins physical improvment, but still a doubter as to their emotional development. Still too many boneheaded passes and stupid fouls.

As for Xavier, well I've been disappointed since conference play kicked in. His defense might be improving or is it just his ability to steal the ball ? One thing is for sure ..... his shooting from 3-point range has been pathetic lately. And even more alarming is how many AIR balls he seems to shoot ! One and done no more in my book.

Did "X" even play in the 2nd half at Ames ? If he did it escaped me and couldn't have been for very long ..............

duanep5ku 11 years ago

bhann I have to ask you do you no anything about basketball? The reason I'm asking you the question is because you keep bringing up scoring stats on Cole and Xavier. bhann if you watched the game, why not bring up another key factor in the game, Xavier air ball "Yes but what did he do after the air ball. He hustled back down the court on defense and got the ISU miss rebound. Oh "X also got KU two rebounds in a row and made a layup in the same stretch bhann you always complain about what Cole and X are not doing on the court but if you no BB you should know what they are doing that's positive on the court as well as the numbers you keep hashing on. Which also only brings up one side of you're argument buts it's not the whole picture. Xavier is a very coach-able person on the court because he listens to the coach. So why not let the man learn on the court. which he's doing take note what X is doing now in games compared to earlier in the season. I hope you no that his outside threat still draws other defenders out to cover his shot, and if they do forget about him. He will start hitting his shot again probably in some important games this season. hopefully this week against MU-KSU

bhann report to the Kansas athletic department monday and apply for the coaching job at KU just tell them you no more about how to coach then Bill Self note I'm laughing bhann" no seriously you can not give some players bench time if their still following or listening to you on the court.

duanep5ku 11 years ago

ralster I do understand what your saying about X going pro because man we do need to lose some minutes at that position on this team maybe and if he stays we could have major minute issues next year with those two red shirts. Who deserves a shot at playing time. ralster I think with all X press of being a one and done. I think X being here forced Bill to over play his hand he had to red shirt those two players on the team for space and In doing so I think he sacrificed some better on ball defenders this year by doing so. pick your poison. ralster we do need minutes but on the other side of that coin. what if X gets a lot better and returns. "Wow I'm glad that's HCBS job to figure out and not mine.

Hays_Hawk 11 years ago


It's a sign. Stay away...

  • Hays_Hawk

Ryan Mullen 11 years ago

Jaybate, By Cancun do you mean Witchita to visit family.

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