Kansas defeats Central Arkansas, 94-44

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 19, 2009
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rise and shine

Inspired KU rolls past UCA

Kansas guard Xavier Henry reaches for a steal against Central Arkansas guard Imad Qahwash during the second half, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Xavier Henry reaches for a steal against Central Arkansas guard Imad Qahwash during the second half, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Morris twins shine in KU's rout of Central Arkansas

KU piled it on Thursday night against Central Arkansas, in part thanks to solid contributions from sophomore forwards Marcus and Markieff Morris.

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2009 KU-Central Arkansas

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Which KU freshman was most impressive against UCA?

  • Thomas Robinson 36% 910 votes
  • Elijah Johnson 6% 158 votes
  • C.J. Henry 39% 977 votes
  • Xavier Henry 16% 415 votes

2460 total votes.

Kansas University’s sleep-deprived basketball players didn’t nod off in the Jayhawks’ brand-new film room Wednesday afternoon.

They were wide-awake watching the highlights — and lowlights — of Tuesday night’s narrow two-point victory over Memphis.

“That game was a wake-up call. We learned from it, especially from the tape,” said senior guard Sherron Collins.

Collins hopped into bed about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, after returning from St. Louis, site of Tuesday’s nailbiter over the Tigers.

He was up by 8, in class at 9 and ready for practice and horror films by mid-afternoon.

“Offensively, we stunk,” Collins said, referring to the Memphis game, not Thursday’s 94-44 annihilation of Central Arkansas in Allen Fieldhouse. “We’ve got to move the ball. Against Memphis it was sticking too much. There was no offensive flow.”

There was better flow versus an inferior opponent Thursday. Collins, Xavier Henry, Marcus Morris and Tyrel Reed each scored 12 points on a night big man Cole Aldrich wasn’t much of a factor with seven points off 3-of-7 shooting.

“They took Cole out of the game. They double-teamed him the whole game,” Collins said. “But overall we played a lot better.”

Aldrich, like Collins, played a key role in the bounceback rout two days after KU’s 57-55 victory over Memphis.

“Me and Cole talked to ’em,” Collins said of their teammates following the Memphis scare. “We said we’ve got to get everybody on the same page. We’ve got to play better, more together, share the ball, move the ball. Coach said it wasn’t intentional. We just didn’t share it. Everybody did tonight.”

Coach Bill Self said, looking back on the Memphis game, “It was a good lesson for us that we beat a good team on a neutral floor when we stunk, only because we guarded and rebounded. I take that as a positive coming out of there.”

However, on Thursday, “I thought we moved the ball, and we took care of the basketball better. Rebounding stunk,” Self said.

The Jayhawks, who were outboarded, 38-36, will pay the price for the inefficient board work, Thomas Robinson (11 rebounds, eight points) noted that the team will have to run 10 “22s” at practice — sprints as punishment.

“It’s easy to let up in games like this when we are up early,” Robinson said of a game in which KU used a 23-0 run to open a 31-5 lead. “We have to play hard the whole game.”

There were several highlight-reel plays versus the Bears, including one by Robinson. He ripped home a two-handed dunk off a Xavier Henry drive and miss.

The ball whacked off the backboard perfectly to a trailing Robinson, making it seem like a pass.

“He called it afterward,” Robinson said of Henry claiming it was a dish off the board. “That was off his miss, (but) it was perfect, a perfect pass.”

Markieff Morris also had a put-back slam off a Reed miss. Morris finished with eight points and four boards; his brother Marcus had four boards to go with his 12 points. They combined for 20 points off 8-of-9 shooting with eight rebounds, three steals and two blocks.

Self was asked about the twins adding the dunk to their arsenal this season.

“For the twins to be as athletic as they are ... to find that (dunking) as taking energy away from you, making you tired, is sad. That’s where they were last year,” Self said.

“They were lazy. Let’s call it like it is. This year they have more bounce, more energy. They are more confident, not worried about anything other than playing. They look so much more athletic and explosive than they were last year,” he added, crediting trainer Andrea Hudy for helping them improve their vertical jumps by four or five inches apiece.

The bottom line is Self appeared to feel much better about his troops Thursday night than late Tuesday after he left Scottrade Center in St. Louis.

“If we’re going to have to play a game after getting back at 3:30 or 4 in the morning on Wednesday and the quick turnaround and that game against Memphis was pretty draining, it was probably good that it was a game like this,” he said.

Collins agreed.

“We were sound tonight. We played better,” he said.

KU, which figures to return to its normal sleep routine, will meet Oakland at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Allen Fieldhouse.


KGphoto 10 years, 11 months ago

Kinda hard to believe they weren't sleeping on the bus for 4 hours. Besides, they got plenty of sleep during the Memphis game.

James Hubin 10 years, 11 months ago

What do you mean? Beating central ar kansas doesn't mean that we will automatically beat texass.

KANSTUCKY 10 years, 11 months ago

If we would have rebounded better this would have been a blowout! I'll trade rebounds for a few more points on the board. (like 50)

Redlandsjhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Soobawls-- I get your sarcasm perfectly. Nice job, hilarious and we all deserve it.

Joe Baker 10 years, 11 months ago

I want to hear from the CJ critics...any takers? LOL

I think he proved his maturity and ability. I feel much better knowing that if anything happened to SC, CJ could step in with some maturity and leadership!

EJ and TT are great athletes. They could probably take care of business, but CJ proved his ability to be a bit more consistent like SC. I just hope CJ learns the system as well as SC and is earning the respect as an elder on the team, the "old man."

Who cares about the undefeated crap...all that matters is we cut the nets down in April!! 40-0, 39-1, 38-2, 37-3...who cares? I see us as 39-1 with a great "chance" at 40-0.


Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

36-4 or 34-6 with two banners. trumps 39-1

how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.

folks we should enjoy the ride.

batter up: Oakland.

Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

CJ critcis- just the opposite.

You can't coach maturity try as we might.

4jhawks4ku 10 years, 11 months ago

Its gonna take CJ several games to get comfortable but I like the way he plays. He has basketball savvy and can shoot. Looks like Tyshawn may come in as an energy guy later on. Think smart Tyshawn Think smart.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 11 months ago

Can scheduling actually have this karmactic effect!!??

1]Fort Hayes, Pittt State, Hofstra - warm-ups and get feet wet

2] Memphis - first away game challenge and team marker for progress

3]Central AK, Oakland, TennTech, AlcornST - initiate and improve on lessons learned

4]UCLA - Second, enhanced away challenge at appox.20% point of season.

5]Radford, Lasalle - second round of improving on lessons learned

6]Michigan, California, Belmont - tougher home challenge force growth and toughness; home streak could be in jeopardy

7]Temple - third tough away challenge, measure team progress

8]Cornell - one more round of improvement and correction

9]Tennessee - the toughest challenge and an away game to boot; final measure of team at 30% point of season before league starts.

10] BIG TWELVE - Games that no way we should lose: NU-home and away. CO-home and away, TT-home, ISU-home, BU-home,

Games that we should win but are traps: KSU-home, MU-home, ISU-away, A&M-away

Games that we will be tested: KSU-away,MU-away, OSU-away, TEX-away, OK-home

  1. Big Twelve two games at least to secure seed.

12 NCAA: first/second round - KU goes to Oklahoma City, OK - Excellent NCAA: third/fourth round - KU goes to St.Louis, MO - Huge Alumni Presence NCAA; FinaL Four - Indianapolis, IN - KU kicks a$$ and takes no prisoners!!!!!


Joe Baker 10 years, 11 months ago

s 6 and 9 will be huge from a preparation point!!

Tony Bandle 10 years, 11 months ago

PS Random thought....maybe Xavier will have so much fun playing with CJ that he sticks around another year!!!

ginger2015 10 years, 11 months ago

Should be a solid Ku win, but dont't overlook Oakland. Picked to finish first in their conference, four starters return from a 23 and 13 team and they'll be hungry. Nothing like playing the #1 team in America to get you pumped.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago

42-0 is possible until a 1 shows up in the L column.

Indiana's 32-0 team had several close calls. I do believe every team that has gone undefeated had several close calls, and before every team went undefeated people said it was highly improbable that they could get through the season without an L. This team will have many close calls, and it is already widely said it will be highly unlikely for this team to end with a zero in the L column. But...

But the even distribution and youthfulness of talent on most good teams this year makes it possible for a talented, experienced team to do it; where as, the last two years, with KU's and BajaKU's incredibly experienced and talented teams, it was not feasible.

KU will have to improve steadily and stay a step ahead of the steadily improving opposition, but then that was exactly how Quinn Buckner said the '76 Indiana Hoosier team decided to view things, when they were undefeated early, but starting to struggle.

Knight said retired Long Island U great coach Clair Bee mentored Knight regularly through the season, but stepped in with decisive advice a third of the way into the season when the team began to struggle under Knights astute, but intensely negative criticism. Bee told Knight to cease the negative criticism and constantly emphasized the positive accomplishments of his very experienced team in the aspects of the game that he felt needed improvement. Knight followed the advice and from that point on the team steadily improved incrementally in exactly the directions Knight thought necessary.

I watched that great '76 team with considerable awe, but a great deal less insight about the game than I now possess. Knight, whom I detest as a human being in so many regards, did many great coaching jobs in his career, but this was by far the finest of his career. Why? Because he recognized what he had and admitted what he did not know and chose the right advice from the right mentor at the right time. This was not luck. This was the antennae of a great, but young basketball mind feeling, thinking and finding his way along the pathway to greatness with a team of players, who were a great bunch, but who lacked even one truly great player, which the perfect USF and UCLA teams possessed.

Going 32-0 without a truly great player means Knight did a fabulous job of coaching that team, even during a season that lacked any truly great opponents, but which still confronted IU with many very fine teams, nevetheless.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago

Bill Self is a wily devil, probably wilier even than Bob Knight, though perhaps not quite as brilliant a tactician before and during games.

Bill Self put his team in harms way against Memphis. He manufactured a scare for them. He didn't rev them up for that game at all. They were flat as pancakes the entire game. Self used a short, fiesty Memphis team to put a scare in his own team. It is as simple as that and he nearly got burned doing it, but he got away with it.

Instead of Self having to ride his team into the ground about not getting the big head, instead of Self having to persuade a big talent with a big ego (Xavier) and no experience that he had a long way to go and a short time to get there, Bill Self let Josh Pastner and Memphis do his coaching for him.

Bill Self wanted and created a close game by sending his team out flat.

He gambled that he had enough more talent that his seniors could pull the fat out of the fire when the time came. He looked so worried the whole game, because he feared he had gambled wrong. But lady lucked saved him at the end. Williams missed that shot.

Seasons are sensitively dependent on initial conditions.

The initial conditions of FHSU, Pittsburg State, and Hofstra were giving his experienced the big head in a big way. Self knew he had to turn the tide. He had to put the fear of god in them, because he knew from experience that players will only listen to coach's yelling and pushing for so long. Eventually, they need a scare, sometimes even a loss, to understand how hard the game has to be played, how much you have to protect the ball, how much you have to work together on offense to get the right shots to take, how much animal intensity you have to bring to defense and rebounding to be victors on the bad nights.

KU will easily win every game it plays on its good nights this season.

Self is coaching this team to win on its bad nights.

You win on your bad nights by not turning the ball over, by ferocious rebounding.

Look at the UCA game that followed the close Memphis game.

It was a blow out, but that is completely irrelevant. They shot 57.9% from trey; that is coincidence. At that rate, they would blow the Lakers out. High trey shooting percentage? Irrelevant to coaching objectives in the UCA game.

Self had only four objectives for the UCA game.

1 Improve ball movement.

2 Protecting the ball better.

3 Get Robinson some practice at rebounding, so he's good for 5 minutes of boarding each half.

4 Pimp Cole to puncture his big head.

Nothing else mattered to Self. They guy is a surgeon this time of year. He knows where and what he wants to cut on each game and he doesn't give a tinkerer's damn about sore throats and blisters and what else may ail you. Those he will treat in a later procedure. He is cutting tonight on the part the patient needs most to survive tonight.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago

Dr. Self made a house call on young Pastner and Memphis. He used the boy wonder, even pumped him up, so that Josh would be sure his outmanned team gave KU a good scare. Josh bit. He revved his team up for a game that the odds were against winning.

Josh left his team with a negative lesson. They played as hard as they could and choked.

Dr. Self left his team with a positive lesson. You stink up the floor and you are going to be lucky to win against even young teams with less talent. Respect every opponent. Cut no one any slack. Never bring your B game. You are a lucky bunch though. Luck is on your side. And special teams are not only talented, and tenacious, they are lucky too.

UCA is just the first of many incremental improvement experiences that special teams need to reach steadily higher and higher toward the stars.

Once upon a time, in a basketball season long, long ago, a Knight communicated to a Mighty Quinn, and Mighty Quinn communicated to the team that they had a chance to go all the way, if they just kept getting better every game. It was stupid to try to leap ahead, to try to do it all at once, to peak and sustain it, because you would only play some of your best games too early in the season. The key that a Knight grasped from a Bee, and that a Mighty Quinn grasped from a Knight was just to get enough better each game to stay ahead of the competition's improvement. With IU's talent and experience, doing that ensured that Indiana would peak in the National Finals. It meant they would be, as John Wooden endlessly preached one must be, at their best, each step of the way, when they needed their best, and at their peak in the final game.

This KU team does not have a Russell, or an Alcindor, or a Walton.

But it certainly has talent equal in quality, and deeper in number, than that '76 Indiana team. Collins is the equal of Buckner. Our two guard may not be as lock down good as IU's 6'7" Bobby Wilkerson, but we will have many 2s and they will be almost as good. Our 3 man will eventually be the equal of Scott May. Our rotation of 4s will be the equivalent of Tom Abernathy. And Cole is already the equivalent of Kent Benson. KU also has a great coach even more mature than Knight was in '76. Self also has three great mentors--Eddie, Larry Brown, and Del Harris. It also faces a field of top teams that are young and not blessed with any players of the ages, as IU faced.


If not now, when?

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago

If not KU, who?

This experienced, talented, KU team and its coach are in the beginning of the same long dark corridor IU had to feel its way through for several stretches of its season.

The stars are aligned. The game space is favorable.

The only question is whether or not the Coach and players really get and live what retired Coach Claire Bee conveyed to Bob Knight, who communicated it to Quinn Buckner and his teammates. Does every member of the team understand that the team has get better every week, not just some weeks, not just after some games?

Perfection requires steady, relentless, incremental improvement, while all other less talented teams are riding roller coasters up and down in a general direction of up.

Perfection requires total concentration each day in practice.

Perfection requires playing through everything that stymies, frustrates, and bothers lesser players on lesser teams.

Perfection is not an exhausting jog up the trails of Mt. Whitney.

It is a relentless climb up Everest overcoming obstacles that break lesser men.

It is wonderful to be good.

It is great to be a champion.

But to be perfect is to go from here to eternity.

It is the highest goal.

It destroys any who covet it.

It eludes all who only hope for it.

It embraces only those willing to climb the highest mountain, willing to fall from the highest mountain, if necessary, willing to climb one step at a time, growing ever more confident in one's fellow climbers that together, and only together, it can be done.

Doubts are for old men, no longer able to climb, and young fools who evaluate risks, rather than look for the next higher foothold.


Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

OakvilleHawk: you say games we will be tested and mention Tex away. Hope you are right, hope we get only a 'test'. Yet I've been in Austin to see 1st hand our last two games there - 2 & 4 yrs. ago and we were more than tested. We were spanked. I suspect Longhorns will be favored that night. Yes, it will be a good test. I suspect our last loss of the year. Hope we beat them down there, just know it is tough to do. They are very special this year and may lose less games than us overall season.

Jaybate: I also saw Scott May, Adrian Dantley, Kyle Macy some darn good players come into AFH those years with some fine teams. Didn't Oscar Robinson get 50 on us in AFH. Not sure we don't have an alcindor or walton, in Cole, who knows his top side with mentor Danny in his ear. Certainly, X is our Keith 'Jamal' Wilkes and you are right SC = Buckner. It's the improved play of the twins, that tops mr. abernathy and gives us hope for your worthy goal of perfection 42-0 yes it would be eternal. Where do we hide Taylor, under healthy CJ? TT isn't playing perfection right now, not even league champs level.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago


We were probably a row apart if you saw May, Dantley, and Macy, too. Did you see the guy two rows down from me throw a hail of ice shavings on Dantley? He was trying to hit Digger, but got Dantley. AD almost came up into the stands. :-)

We almost upset May's team the year before the perfect season, if I recall correctly. Bobby still had a lot of pepper with the salt in his hair and the hideous plaid sports coat that I now am kind of nostalgic for. Bobby and the Hoosiers took so many hails of shave ice I recall he refused to come back to AFH for quite some time. Ours was an irreverent, uninhibited, over-sexed, and unfortunately stylistically challenged generation, but we had to do something while Ted wound to the end of his Bruce Drake-ball career. :-)

I did not see Oscar put 50 up on the board in AFH, but I believe my brother and dad did. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall Oscar did it in a regional at AFH, and not to KU.

Regarding my beloved, and disappointing Quantum T Taylor, I fear one of two things:

a) sickness/injury to himself or someone in his family; or

b) sulking about being given the glue job, after having been a star in U19 international play.

Really can't say which, but Self's careful avoidance of discussing him much in post game interviews suggests sickness/injury scenario to me.

But CJ is going to make a run for the job like there is no tomorrow,as there is none for CJ. And Brady will want some of those minutes starting January.

Rock chalk!

Martin Shupert 10 years, 11 months ago

jaybate... close calls? Indiana? What close calls? I'm a Hoosier and old enough to remember that year and yeah, uhhh... there was one game in particular that was just a bit of a close call. In fact, Indiana never led throughout the entire game, from the beginning tip off until the final buzzer. They weren't even ahead at the buzzer, but a tip in fell in to put them ahead AFTER the buzzer went off. Yeah, that could be described as a close call. Bird's Sycamores trailed in one game and needed a half court shot at the buzzer to tie it to send it to over time too... though they didn't get the final game against Magic, still... yeah... there are always a few close calls. With the Jayhawks schedule, I'm assuming we'll get tagged with a loss eventually. There are just too many youngsters on our team and the schedule is too packed with strong opponents. Still, it is possible to make it all the way through. If any coach can do it these days, I'm thinking Bill Self can. But I really doubt it can work. Love it if it did.

Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

you are correct it was in AFH and not against us so I was told, and it was a bit before my time as well yet heard about it.

one of the best players I saw in AFH in my opinion was Memphis Dana Kirk's Keith Lee and he was a monster yet played half speed for most of the game, it looked like point shaving that night as he could have scored at will. did you get that performance? memphis lost by point spread minus one and later Dana Kirk was endited for something.

I have vague memory of the old Xmas classics where we had two games in AFH in one night, KState played someone like UCLA and we played USC or something like that both games in Allen. What a night.

back to this year, RCJHKU

Tony Bandle 10 years, 11 months ago

lighthawk...I was trying to put a positive spin on my heart of hearts I've got us down for three losses for sure, Texas being the most likely. The only good thing is that Kansas will have played about two dozen games together and Withey/Morningstar will be available as added firepower.

Personally, after witnessing the Memphis game in person, I think the first loss is going to come a lot sooner than most of you are imagining...I'll leave it at that.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago


I remember Keith Lee well, but I think I missed the Keith Lee performance, because I had mono, or flu, or was it something in the UT?

Next, I recall those twin games as being called Sunflower Classics, or something like that.

Re: Dana Kirk--he was an assistant to Denny Crum before he took over at Memphis '79-'85. Kirk's descent into the nether regions of hoops has always fascinated me. Kirk was a pretty darned good coach (158-58 W/L) before he and his players went over the event horizon of inappropriate behavior. But the underbelly of his story was so much juicier than I remembered, at least according to his Wikipedia entry. To wit:

"Only a year after the Final Four appearance, Kirk was forced out after an investigation revealed he had committed several felonies. Moreover, the Tigers were found to have committed many NCAA violations. The Tigers were forced to sit out the 1987 NCAA Tournament, and were forced to vacate their Final Four standing from 1985.

"He was indicted by a federal Grand Jury on 11 counts of tax evasion, filing false income tax returns, mail fraud and obstruction of justice. At his trial, witnesses testified that he scalped tickets for as much as five times face value, took money from boosters to give to players and actively solicited kickbacks from tournament promoters. He served four months in a federal minimum-security prison in Montgomery, Alabama. After his sentence, he returned to Memphis where he hosted a sports talk show on WHBQ (AM). He has also published his autobiography "Simply Amazing, The Dana Kirk Story", where he talks about his years as a basketball coach.

"He is now retired and living in Memphis with his wife Denise, a successful attorney. If asked about any of the happenings surrounding his Memphis State years, he will only respond "I don't do negativity"."

Someone needs to write a book, or at least do a web site about the greatest coaches that joined the dark side, kind of College Basketball There could be an annual award--the Tarkanian Award, or something. It might make some of the coaches that cut too many corners stop before it is too late.

There have been some really talented coaches with character issues.

Ron Franklin 10 years, 11 months ago


I enjoy reading your posts, but is everything you write just based on assumption? You speak like you have some insight to HCBS thoughts. And can you please elaborate on the following statement?

"Josh left his team with a negative lesson. They played as hard as they could and choked"

Is losing to the number 1 team in the land by 2 pts/1 shot choking? Losing always sucks, and I'm sure hat Memphis hated going out that way...but REALLY? A negative lesson? Giving 100% for 40 minutes, and just coming up short facing a great team?

beebe1 10 years, 11 months ago

By the way, radio indicated that Cole was double and triple teamed much of the time. Apparently their coach didn't want Cole to be the guy that stomped them.

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

I was very impressed with CJ's first game. He showed greate poise running the point, made good passes, ran the offense well and made good decisions on when to shoot.

From a leadership standpoint I feel he has better qualities than Taylor. CJ staying healthy and productive will help Taylor come out of his funk and allow EJ to develop faster. The competition will pay dividends.

Robinson showed some good ball handeling skills with 1:30 left in the game beyond the arc. Anyone else see him dribble between his legs. I had to rewind it and watch it 3 times.

Soobawls- B positive! 40-0 baby yeah!! We just beat UCA!!! We're going to Disney World.;)

100 10 years, 11 months ago

"We won 38 games at Memphis, more than anyone in the history of the NCAA. Do I think 40-0 is possible? Of course I do. First you have to believe.... I'd love to be the first person to do it."

Coach John Calipari, October issue of Sporting News

Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

I so pray we meet coach cal again with his wildcats in INDY - but first 38 or so games to savor.

Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

jaybate, this is merely from memory no facts yet I recall a leak of a phone call Dana 'taped' w/ Brown while he was still here as part of Dana plea bargain with either feds or NCAA...didn't get much play around here, nor should it.

ring any bells..

Scott Smetana 10 years, 11 months ago

Oakville says, "3 losses for sure, Texas definitely one of them"

Are you a Misery fan or maybe a Mizzery fan? Nice confidence.

Pike's Peak Smitty says, "Texas and Tenn look like tough games ahead, but with our 2 first team all-americans, bench, and coach of the year, bring it on!!!'

Scott Smetana 10 years, 11 months ago

I just read an earlier post of yours Oakville... sorry I dogged on you, it does look like you're an optimist.

I hope we win them all, but realistically think losing a few doesn't hurt at all. Look at UNC last year. Look at us in '08 when we lost at OSU. Seems like it's healthy to have a rough stretch in the middle... don't want to peak until March anyways. I just hope we never lose to MIzzery!

I didn't realize how Michigan and Tenn are going to be so good until now. Great! Bring it on! I'm hoping this team develops some good chemistry, that's all we lack right now.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago


Never heard of Kirk-Larry phone tape. Interesting. Let's hope it has been misplaced in the evidence locker in Louisville PD, or ESPN will do a huge story on it instead of covering KU games.

journalism students,

If any journalism grad students over at Flint Hall read this, please propose a masters thesi,s or Ph.d. dissertation, on regional and market size biases in qualitative and quantitative coverage by cable oligopoly sports news outlets.

Pick CBS and ESPN websites to study.

Pick KU, UNC, UCLA and Georgetown for programs to study.

Measure Headlines for Masters Thesis: --Count number of qualitatively positive headlines in Top Stories Box --Count number of qualitatively negative headlines in Top Storie Box (Note: Use focus group research methods to assess positive and negative stories)

Measure Headlines and Story Content for Dissertation:

Use total words, or total characters, not column inches for story content. Define positive and negative target words and phrases, then scan content for number of such phrases.

Compare in a matrix. Four Schools, 2 regions (east, non east), 2 media market sizes (Large, small).

Then watch your professors trying to get grants and not rock the boat refuse to be on your committees and run for cover.

Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

PikesPeter, yes not only Michigan and Tenn but also the Gags. They will rock this year. Unlike'88 when the stars aligned, we won't require a smooth path to the glory land.

Danny's footwork in '88 and Danny's coaching footwork in '10, how fitting.

enjoy the ride, every game.

Chad Hallack 10 years, 11 months ago

Several points to make here...

1) To all those complaining about the "cupcakes" and claiming there is no benefit to playing those games... You have a basketball IQ of -12. When you have 4 freshmen who are expected to contribute and a sophmore who's being asked to play the 1 who doesn't have his head on straight, these "cupcake" games are invaluable and will pay big-time dividends down the road. I could go into more detail, but then I'd have to change my handle to Hallabate...

2) With the combination of what I saw from C.J. on the court the other night and his age (ie. maturity) it could very well be a short stay for Tyshawn in the starting lineup. C.J. was confident with the ball, made good decisions, didn't turn it over and knocked down shots. He did everything T.T. is not doing at this point. Albeit in limited minutes. But if we got a true glimpse of what this guy is... watch out. We'll be better than I thought we would be, and that's pretty damn good. Plus, he will obviously have instant on-court chemistry with X. That's a huge point to consider as well. With the depth we have at the guard position combined with the expectations for this team, Taylor will be on a shorter and shorter leash as the year goes on.

3) Cole is fine, nothing is wrong with Cole. I repeat, Cole is fine. He had an off night, it happens to everyone. Also, two games stacked back to back like that (particularly for a big man early in the year) probably took it's toll on him. Especially considering the effort he put in on Tuesday in 30 minutes of PT.

4) The dicussion of 40-0 is pointless, maybe fun to imagine, but pointless. I'd rather go 25-15 and cut the nets down, than go 39-1 and not. The 76' Indiana comparisons are stupid. This stuff drives me crazy! You CANNOT objectively compare athletes, teams and sports separated by more than 30 years from each other. It doesn't work, won't ever work. If you brought Wilt in his prime to the current NBA, there's no way he ever scores anywhere near 100 in a game, Babe Ruth MIGHT make a major league roster and Mark Spitz wins 0 gold medals at the Olympics. So in the future, when tempted to contemplate the comparison of different eras, DON'T!

5) I've watched several ball games this fall and we're as good or better than anyone at this point, and we have a match-up advantages against everyone. Plus, I truly believe that we have a higher ceiling than any Top 25 team. I'll say it again, once Coach gets the defense where he wants it to be... It's ours to lose. But the D has quite a ways to go yet.

Rock Chalk!!!

P.S. Just watched the end of LSU vs. Ole Miss football game. LSU's coaching staff gets the Idiot Coaching Decision Award of the Year... You thought Belichek caught hell after the Indy game last week... This one takes the cake! Go watch the hightlights! Oh my dear Lord, what an idiot! Worst clock management in the last 40 seconds I've ever seen... peace

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago


While I personally like Hallabate as an alternative alias for you, I fear it is too derivative. How about something like Hallatosis? :-)

Can't speak for others, but I'm not against cupcakes given current money dynamics of the game. Everyone has to do something to keep the lights on. Avoiding home and home series is an effective way to make extra gita.

Alas, playing cupcakes does cheapen the competition and ridiculously inflates the W in W/L statements.

Sorry, but there's no getting around it.

Playing a UCA just is not as challenging as playing a school from the bottom half of the SEC, Big Ten, or Pac Ten would be (which would require a home and home), and some of those bottom half teams of major conferences are pretty darned bad. Think Colorado in the B12.

To give you an idea of how bad the cupcakes are, Bzdelik's pitiful Colorado Buffaloes are now 3-0 against Arkansas Pine Bluff, Coppin State, and Texas Southern, but they do have much more money than if they had played home and homes with schools from the bottom halves of major conferences.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago

Hallatosis Redux:

The dicussion of 40-0 is pointful, and fun to imagine, but utterly pointful. I'd rather go 39-1 and cut the nets down, than go 25-15 and not. The 76' Indiana comparisons are astute counterfactual inference any one but an intellectual dwarf sees it. This stuff drives pea brains crazy! You CAN through analogy and counterfactual inference compare athletes, teams and sports separated by centuries from each other. Wilt is better than Cole. It works, will always work. If you brought Wilt in his prime to the current NBA, there is every way he scores anywhere near 100 in a game, if is allowed the same number of FGAs and FTAs. Babe Ruth would certainly be a huge start and Mark Spitz, with all of today's training and diet regimes wins just as many gold medals, if he were the only great swimmer at the Olympics, as was the brilliant young man this past Olympics. So in the future, when tempted to contemplate the comparison of different eras, DO IT! Only intellectual dwarves unfamiliar with techniques of adjustment and counterfactual inference, and so on whine about doing it.



Chad Hallack 10 years, 11 months ago

So what you're saying is that back in the day, the athletes were just as good as now, but the coaches and trainers weren't... Only intellectual dwarves unfamiliar with techniques of factual inference and common sense, and so on feel the need to express themselves in a manner that utilizes elaborate dictation and the inference of a supreme intelligence through expansive venacular... Or as I would say it, talks a lot, but never really says much.

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