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Kansas seniors deserved better

Kansas receiver Kerry Meier makes his way from the field after losing a fumble to Nebraska during the third quarter, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas receiver Kerry Meier makes his way from the field after losing a fumble to Nebraska during the third quarter, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.



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Which of the KU football team's losses was the most frustrating to watch?

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  • Oklahoma 1% 46 votes
  • Texas Tech 4% 120 votes
  • Kansas State 31% 791 votes
  • Nebraska 21% 552 votes
  • Undecided 5% 128 votes

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Who is your favorite KU senior captain?

  • Todd Reesing 30% 35 votes
  • Jake Sharp 6% 7 votes
  • Kerry Meier 45% 52 votes
  • Darrell Stuckey 18% 21 votes

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In some ways, it seemed like just yesterday that Todd Reesing stretched his arms and started tossing a football on the sideline, warming up to rip off his red shirt, save a sinking game and, as it turned out, push a tradition-poor football program to new heights.

That was three years ago that he rallied the Jayhawks to victory in Memorial Stadium against Colorado. Two years ago, he led KU to 76 points against Nebraska in the same stadium. Last season and early this year, he scrambled his way to so many more home highlights.

Now we’ll never get to see Reesing and sidekick Kerry Meier again play a football game on their campus. Nothing hurts the seniors more than the team’s losing streak, pushed to five with Saturday’s 31-17 loss to Nebraska, but saying good-bye to Memorial Stadium was not so uplifting, either.

“Everyone says it doesn’t hit you right away, and it hasn’t hit me fully yet, but to think I’ll never get to run, or sprint, onto that stadium again with all our fans singing our songs and hearing our chants and just having fun with all our guys ... ” Reesing said. “These last four years some of the best memories we’re ever going to have. It hasn’t gone as we wanted it to. That’s the way football is. That’s the way life is, but I’m sure going to miss playing here. There’s no doubt about that. I’ve absolutely loved my time here at Kansas. All the guys I’ve played with. All the coaches. All the fans. It’s been a heck of an experience.”

During pregame introductions, Reesing sprinted onto the field and jumped onto his parents. He was as jacked to play as he he ever has been. The game, like his final season, turned out to be a tease, rife with potential, ending in disappointment. Still, he, Meier and the rest of the seniors can take pride in knowing they consistently packed a stadium that used to be a third-empty.

“Absolutely,” Reesing said. “Just thinking back to my first year here. We didn’t have atmospheres like today’s. We weren’t playing in front of sold-out houses, with people expecting us to win. ... Even on a bad stretch, because sports don’t always go as you want them to, to have that kind of support from our fans and alumni is great to see because there are great things to come in Kansas football. It’s a speed bump that no one wanted to see, but it happened, and I just hope everyone continues to support these guys because after this senior class is gone we’ve got a lot of great players here, and I can’t wait to see what the young guys can do after this. It’s been an amazing experience to be a part of this transformation of KU football, and the intensity and excitement that surrounds it is unbelievable.”

This season went south faster than Sammy Sosa went pale, but as Reesing and Meier emphasized, they’ll give as much effort in the remaining two games as ever.

“There were a lot of things going through my mind,” Meier said of pregame introductions. “Just kind of remembering the important things and the great memories I had and tried to make another great memory today, trying to get out of here with a victory, and we failed to do so.”

Even ending on a losing streak, Reesing and Meier will be remembered as two of the biggest winners in Memorial Stadium history.


Clarence Haynes 11 years, 11 months ago

Simply put it, the Coaches let these guys down as well as its fans and alumni.

meatsauce 11 years, 11 months ago

See ya, Todd. You too, Kerry. Both of you guys are class acts. Glad you're gone. 56-0 in Lincoln next year.

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

Guess I'll just keep posting as I read each article! Todd and Kerry ARE class acts! But that's the Jayhawks. We'll have more class acts to follow. cshjhawk - defense let us down yesterday. I keep thinking I should hold off on my rant but here I go - here's my "unofficial" opinion on yesterday, as "just a fan." This game wasn't lost by Reesing - yes, he made some bad passes but several were just flat dropped by receivers. He made several first downs and a TD with his feet, when no other option was available. Ok, defense... NU fumbles the ball going into the end zone and no one sees it, the ball sits on the turf for several secs until an NU player lands on it. Poor defense. 3 yards from the end zone Meier fumbles. That stunk but I'm thinking, it's ok because NU won't score from 97 yards out. Defense again fails and they give up 3 points. Now, I have serious issues with referees this year - not just ours but across college football. Amazing what they "see" and the blatant calls they miss. I'd like a job where I could be wrong 50% of the time and still take home a nice paycheck with no chance of being fired. Sheesh.... Here's what I saw - offensive pass interference on Dez that absolutely wasn't... it was a nice catch and a 1st down. However, if you're going to call that, then the 2 catches made down field by NU receivers where they pushed off to make the catches (one not so obvious but one was VERY obvious), should have been called. I'm not going to say that referees changed this game but they did make some HUGE calls/none calls. I saw more of it last night as I watched other games. Makes me crazy! Ok, done now....

frobro 11 years, 11 months ago

Found it interesting the KU fans were streaming to the exits with 5:15 left, NU in lead by 7, first and ten from around own 20. KU had all three time-outs left. NU's offense has been prone to turnovers. A defensive stop or a turnover and KU is right back in it. That is when your team needs you the most! Why are you leaving? The outcome was far from determined at that point. That should have been the loudest the stadium was all day, not when your team takes a one point lead with 7 minutes to play.

Babyjay1, your assessment of this officiating crew is right on. This crew did the NU-Texas Tech game and they were horrible there, too. I too thought there should have been at least one offensive pass interference on NU. The one on KU I didn't understand either. Hard to argue with the facemask on the third and 14, though. That call has to be made. But if you just watch the mechanics of this crew, they are just disjointed and very poor. After the big hit on NU tight end that required an injury timeout, there was a media timeout. The officials didn't even pick that up until at least :60 into it. They just don't seem to be on top of things. To be fair, these guys are reviewed by the conference every week, but that doesn't help the mistakes they make during games. Let's hope this crew gets disbanded or at least give them some more experienced guys to help them get better.

Really admire Kerry Meier. Checked his ego at the door and did what the team needed him to do. Not something you see much anymore.
Always enjoy watching a game in Lawrence. Had a great time with the KU fans we met.

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago


Nebraska can barely score 56 points over 4 games give me a break...Get off the KU website and go back to your shanty in Mead, NE...You're a joke and so is Nebraska...I hope you all go to the big 12 championship so you guys get rocked by UT. Nebraska thinks they have the best fans in the country and I think its a flat out joke. I live in Lincoln and I have never been around so many arrogant, no knowledge football fans I have ever been around.

At least KU seniors have been more relevant in their four years at KU than any of the Nebraska seniors. They have an Orange Bowl and Nebraska has..................nothing.

jhokfan 11 years, 11 months ago

Let meatsauce have his fun. Everyone knows Nebraska football is irrelevant. The last meaningful game they played was the 2001 title game where they were embarrassed. Not as bad as the 76 we hung on them but it was still fun to watch.

Hmm, wasn’t 2001 when Thunder Collins suited up for the hucksters. Maybe Thunder and Lawrence Phillips can hook up in the can. Now there’s a true Nebraska tradition.

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago

hahahaha yeah now Thunder Collins is suitin up for another team and the color is orange lol

Dirk Medema 11 years, 11 months ago

frobro - Thanks for representing well. The objectiveness - vs. mindless ranting, is appreciated.

As for deserving more, the seniors got about what they deserved: Todd started 3 of 11, and many of those passes weren't close, but at least there wasn't the barrage of TO's Kerry short circuits a long TD drive with a fumble on the 4 yd line Jake drops a potential TD pass that hits him on the hands Justin gets the crucial 3rd down penalty that seals the win for NU, regardless of the last meaningless TD.

Are there more? This doesn't mean that I don't appreciate all that these guys have done for us over the years, or that I don't question the coaching (going for the home run pass with 6 min to play instead of controlling the ball for the winning drive and leaving NU without time to respond), but to say they deserved to win this game is just not accurate. They got exactly wha they deserved - a legacy that fell short of expectations.

grittysker 11 years, 11 months ago

jhokfan and suttonku-

You posters are poor representatives of jayhawk fans...Are you actually MU fans b/c you make comments like them...very sad. NU football irrelevant? Compared with whom? KU? :-) KU basketball? What is the comparison and if basketball why on this site or article? I really thought KU fans were better than this and that is the only reason I got on here to post. Making fun of NU fans or where they live like Kansas is such a dramatic difference? Funny and idiotic. Lawerence is not a nice town but has a beautiful campus and you make fun of Mead? I see a great resemblance to Mead in Lawrence! Ha! Minus the KU campus of course...

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago

hahahahahahaha I find it funny that you say Lawrence is nothing without the campus but Lincoln is nothing without its campus either...As far as football, last I checked we have been more relevant recently than Nebraska (orange bowl)...Yeah I make fun of mead, have you ever been there?

I hope you're not implying that NU football is more relevant than KU basketball because that in itself would be hilarious...Nebraska is a joke and they will continue to be a joke. Bo isn't going to take them anywhere.

I have yet to meet one Nebraska fan that knows anything about football and I live all around them. In fact im sitting in Burnett hall right now studying for a test in KU gear! So suck on that! How does it feel to know that I go to every Nebraska football and basketball game just to see how pathetic they are? Especially basketball! I went to the game last night and they let SC Upstate stick around for most of the game! I was the first one to say that Zac Lee is terrible way before his terrible streak of games leading up to his benching.

How insecure do you have to be about your team to come on a KU website to talk about Nebraska? That's pathetic. Are you secretly a Colorado fan? You act like one. Now get off the KU site, douche.

nebhawk 11 years, 11 months ago

My family and I went to the game,and we had a great time. seeing the stadium full of fans,and all of them cheering and haveing fun was great.these seniors have changed ku football,what was loosing to nu 46 to 7 every year to making it a game to watch. For the last 3 seaeons these guys have given there heart and soul, they made ku football fun again,and its been a long time coming.They were in a position to win the game,they made us fans get up and cheer and have fun. t They gave it all they could,tried to win for us,but it just didnt happen.Thats sports,thats life.So tothis team andthe kids that were on the roster for the last 3 sesons.I THANK YOU for making football at ku fun again.

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

Ok, seriously - I'm so tired of NU fans coming on our site and telling us to quit talking about basketball. We play both game at KU! AND, on our sites, we can talk about whatever we want! Good grief - don't NU fans have their own sites? I'm sorry, but I wouldn't want to comment on other teams' sites - what is the point? And really, grittysker, if you read all the posts on all the articles over the last couple days, you'd realize that the only reason KU fans are making negative comments about NU fans, is that they keep coming on here and saying obnoxious things.

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago

Thank you, babyjay...Stop talking trash on our site! I hate Nebraska fans...They all call us stuck up but yet they consider themselves the best college football fans? give me a break...Im telling you that I live in freakin Lincoln and all of them are dumb hicks! They know nothing about football they just show up. I will give them props for 300+ sellouts but give me a break they are not the best college football fans, not even close. They think their team is so good every year, even when Callahan was there (although now they would never admit it)...Ive met fans who actually thought NU had a shot at the BCS this season! Are you kidding me? Thats a joke! I cannot wait until January 13th when Sherron and company comes to Devany and dominates Nebraska! I hope they keep the starters in the entire game and dont let up one bit!

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

I have starred the Nebraska basketball games on my calendar! A whupping in basketball can ease so many pains!!!! ROCK CHALK! And yes, we'll see you NU folks in football again next year and I'll still be here - happy to be a Jayhawk forever!

jhokfan 11 years, 11 months ago


After Texas pummels you into submission I'll come on YOUR site, talk smack and then you can reprimand all the husker fans for being poor reps of your fan base. Until then, use the common sense your parents taught you and leave. And take all dbag friends with you.

FriscoKU 11 years, 11 months ago

Could Reesing apply for another year, since he barely played his freshman year. Not sure how good Cale Pick is going to be.

grittysker 11 years, 11 months ago

Alright suttonku and babyj1- The only reason I posted was because I don't understand where you guys/girls come from when you start spouting off against things like Nebraska towns, fan intelligence, and irrelevance in football, etc..etc...KU has basketball, one year in football, and that's it. You guys act as if KU has been some awesome powerhouse in all college athletics?! NU has had more than their lions share in NC games played, championships won, etc... As fans you should be proud of what you do have, how KU has improved, support the team, and respect opponents with some resemblance of class. Is that too much to ask? I have to remember though that at least you suttonku, are in college and lack a general maturity along with knowledge. Zac Lee sucks? He played a good game against KU who did not really stop him. As far as you are concerned, you attend NU suttonku? Why? If you hate everything and everyone from Nebraska why are you there? Does that speak more of Nebraska or more about you? It is impossible to have an intelligent debate against people who lack subjectivity... I also have to remember that it was at Lawrence that 60 some odd Nebraska vehicles had their tires slashed while attending a football game...So I need to take into consideration what type of "classy and intelligent" fans I'm dealing with. You guys are more like the little kid in the movie Big Daddy who just repeats the phrase "I win, I win." To top it all off you end with calling me a douche... Stay classy KU fans, stay classy...

RckChalkJeff 11 years, 11 months ago


While I agree with everything you are one is forcing you to come here and read these retards comments.

I'm sure you have your share of douche bag posters on whatever message board site your school clings to as well.

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago

So you think Zac Lee is good because he played well against the worst defense in the big 12? Yeah really awesome...And if I lack maturity and knowledge about sports then why am I constantly on sports radio shows for input? Just because Im in college does not mean that I lack Knowledge it means that I am young and thats it...You wanna speak of maturity, how mature is it to come onto a KU website and talk trash about KU when NU is not that much better...Remember ISU beat you guys in Lincoln and we beat ISU in Lawrence...just sayin. And it's in Lincoln where I get stuff thrown at my car because I have a KU sticker on it, how classy is that? Only the best college football fans would do that right? You are a douche for coming on a website that has nothing to do with NU and talking trash about KU...We have been better than NU recently and thats obvious...If NU was better than us then they would have done something recently...

I attend NU because I like the campus and I have a lot of friends that I knew from high school that attend here...I made the decision to attend NU ultimately because I have family that attends the university and I have a brother that is alumni...I love the campus just not all the students that happen to attend here...And it's not just one year in football either...The orange bowl was our second...An we produced the likes of John Riggins and Gale Sayers...Nebraska has Eric Crouch? Jonny Rogers? yeah they both did big things in the NFL...

Just get off of our site...KU fans should be able to say whatever we want about other teams on OUR site...The reason we hate NU fans is because of their arrogance...The self proclaimed best college football fans really gets on my nerves when Im sitting in the student section at a game in Lincoln with a bunch of moron students and fans that know nothing about sports.

Yes I made fun of Mead, Nebraska...I know people who came from Mead who make fun of Mead so dont give me this crap about making fun of towns in Nebraska is so mean.

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago

I would say NU fans of 1996, may know football but the fans and students of today are not really very educated either. I have actually sat next to fans who think that every penalty called against NU is BS. In other words NU never does any wrong the refs make mistakes by throwing flags. And then they beg for penalties when they think they see holding. I dont know all KU fans but me personally I believe that penalties are apart of the game and I watch the play to determine if there should have been a call or not...The play to start the game where NU threw the ball down the field and their WR ran into Anthony Davis and knocked him down maybe should have been called Pass Interference on the offense but it was questionable. At second look I could see how the ref might think he just tripped so I just moved on after that. Im not going to cry about it the whole game and after the game like I have seen several NU fans.

I do not understand why NU fans got their tires slashed and I did not here anything about it. I can say that I have never heard of that in Lincoln but I have also never heard of that in Lawrence either. I have heard of it at Colorado games though. If there were tires slashed I do think that's disrespectful and something I would never do. If KU fans did that then I would be very disappointed in them.

grittysker 11 years, 11 months ago

SuttonKu- You really are the douche here, and I'm on your site so go cry like the bich you are...I love KU supposed football fans talking trash against a much more decorated program like NU. Better than NU recently? No. NU 39 wins KU 2 since 69. Want to talk players in the pros? Look that crap up before you type dumbss! We have had great players in the NFL, a couple even played locally for the chiefs (multi pro bowlers as well)! Crouch was a Heisman winner idiot. Johnny Roger too...Sayers was from Omaha...You are an idiot and I have no more time for you...grow up.

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago

Who cares if Sayers was from Omaha doesnt that speak volumes that a "decorated" program didnt get him? You see, I dont go on any NU sites and talk trash about NU anything...I do that on this site with other KU fans, some are knowledgeable and some are not...Since when is 1969 recent? recently is the last 5 years in which KU has outscored NU and put 70+ points on them in one game! A BCS bowl win in the last 5 years...NU no BCS wins in the last 5 years and no appearances I dont believe. Im aware Crouch won the Heisman but whats he doing now? Not playing in the NFL.Rodgers never did anything professionally either, mostly because of injury that ended his career but he did start in the CFL not the NFL.

Im saying that you are giving too much credit to NUs program since they havent done anything for a while...I understand you are proud of your history but good lord they better rebound soon because they are becoming more and more irrelevant as the years go by. I could care less if you call me an idiot online and a dumbass. It's a lot easier saying that into a computer screen and not to my face. Im on campus, try and hit me up sometime, douche.

By the way, I called you a douche for coming on a KU site and then complaining that we have no class, oh the irony. Nebraska as a state is a joke and so is the NU football team. Overrated every year by their own fans. I actually heard someone say they would only lose one game this season and win a BCS game LOL. I get sick of NU fans thinking they are going to win the NC every single season. They arent that good and their offense is flat out terrible. Grittysker must have nothing better to do than to come on a KU site and talk a bunch of sh*t like NU just won the title or something.

Best college football fans? I think not.

jhokfan 11 years, 11 months ago


First you were just annoying, now you’ve become pathetic. I don’t know why so many corn fans have come here seeking validation so here goes. The Cornhuskers are one of the best teams in college football, you can not find classier fans anywhere, none of their players will ever see the inside of a jail cell and Nebraska women are slim and attractive.

There, satisfied?

p.s. Were it not for all of the obvious holding calls the refs missed, Suh would have spent the entire afternoon in the KU backfield.

hawkinPHX 11 years, 11 months ago

I'm a Kansas alum and huge Jayhawk fan living in Phoenix. C'mon jhokfan and suttonku, you two sound like immature douchebags. If grittysker wants to visit KU websites, let him. It's easy for him to talk smack when we lose a game, which in my opinion, we lost because we really are just not that good.... for many, many reasons. Kansas is a terrible football team this year and stop blaming the officiating on losing to a sub-par Nebraska team. Nebraska isn't good this year either, but they beat us. Don't blame a loss on officiating. Show some class. Kansas is 5-5 with a win against Southern Miss to be the highlight of the season (unless we upset Texas!). Also, go to the Basketball links to talk KU basketball. Who CARES what grittysker says. Also, are an idiot for going to NU. Do you realize how dumb you look? I'm sorry you attend the NU sports games with a smug look on your face, but your tuition dollars (as well as sports ticket dollars) are going to their University. Transfer as soon as you can, it's not that hard.

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

Jeff - you can keep your "retard" comment to yourself. I DON'T use language like that and find it offensive toward people with disabilities! I will not give any more response but think you should know that I am a Jayhawk fan with a long history of being one. I will give My opinion and you may give yours; however, I do not think name-calling is necessary!

jhokfan 11 years, 11 months ago


No f###ing way you are a Jayhawk. No self respecting KU fan would come on here and give corn fans a free pass for all the garbage they've been spewing and then reprimand his own fan base. I've said nothing that wasn't previously stated by a husker. Nice try. Kiss my f###ing a$$ you lying piece of excrement.

suttonku 11 years, 11 months ago

Yeah Im just defending the school and team that I love and Im not going to let some corn fan talk a bunch of trash because we beat ourselves on the field in which two teams played...We outplayed NU most of the game and if Meier hadnt fumbled inside the 5 I think the outcome would have been different. But he did and we lost. NU is going nowhere fast anyways. Ive watched this team the whole season and really NU is not that good either.

ShazzyD 11 years, 11 months ago

This article is bunk. It is the seniors that are letting the games slip away with poor play and turnovers. We'd have won against Nebraska if not for Kerry Meier's fumble within the 5 and Justin Thornton's penalty on Nebraska's game deciding drive. Lets not forget to mention Jake Sharp's dropped pass that would have gone for a touchdown. It is Reesing that has cost as the previous few games with his poor passes and not protecting the ball.

Stuckey is a great player and I think he has the most pro potential, but where are the turnovers he usually forces?

Blaming the coaches for this senior classes's under achievements is simply a way to be nice and respectful to a group of seniors. We owe them that. Its nice. But in all honesty, it's the seniors themselves that have signed their own fate. Here's hoping they redeem themselves in the final two games!

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