Nebraska defeats Kansas, 31-17

  • 2:30 p.m., Nov. 14, 2009
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

Sunday, November 15, 2009

From bad to worse

KU’s losing skid hits five; ‘It sucks’

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing walks over to congratulate Nebraska players following the Jayhawks' 31-17 loss to the Huskers Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing walks over to congratulate Nebraska players following the Jayhawks' 31-17 loss to the Huskers Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.



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Which of the KU football team's losses was the most frustrating to watch?

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They’re running out of adjectives.

As Kansas University football players have attempted to sum up their feelings during one of the roughest stretches in the program’s recent history — a five-game losing streak that has included a fall from the Top 25 and an increasingly murky postseason fate — they’ve cycled through them all: tough; rough; hard; difficult; frustrating; disheartening.

There have been plenty more.

Perhaps aware of this shortage of appropriate verbiage, Dezmon Briscoe opted for a slightly more provocative analysis following the Jayhawks’ 31-17 Senior Day loss to Nebraska on Saturday.

“It sucks,” he said.

It would be hard to argue with the junior wide receiver, especially following what represented the latest chapter in a demoralizing fall from grace for a team that, despite entering the season with visions of a Big 12 North title, now will have to pull a rabbit out of its hat in order merely to qualify for a bowl game.

Since beating Iowa State on Oct. 10 in Lawrence, the Jayhawks haven’t won. They’ve lost in three states, in four stadiums and to teams with various levels of talent, the result being a 5-5 (1-5 in the Big 12) record with two games left to play.

Said senior receiver Kerry Meier, “It’s been one of the more difficult things in my life thus far.”

But Saturday’s game, at least, held a measure of hope. It was Nebraska, after all, and Kansas fans — fickle as they may be, and largely nonplused with the team’s lack of success over the past month — respectfully packed into a sold-out Memorial Stadium as a final farewell to a senior class commonly associated with the team’s rise to respectability in the past few years.

And with the Huskers’ struggling more than expected this season — before beating Oklahoma last week, they’d fallen to Iowa State and snuck past lowly Baylor — there was the sense that the day could be special.

Except it wasn’t.

It proved to be a forgettable day, particularly for the team’s seniors.

Meier fumbled on the Nebraska four-yard line to kill a potential scoring drive. Jake Sharp dropped what would have likely been a 70-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. And Todd Reesing, while playing better than he has in previous weeks, still struggled at times with accuracy, completing just three of his first 11 pass attempts before settling down to finish 19-for-41 for 236 yards and a touchdown.

Even when they got things right, though, they ended up all wrong.

Following a play in which he wrapped up NU receiver Khiry Cooper for a short loss on a Huskers’ third-and-14 attempt, senior defensive back Justin Thornton was flagged for a facemask penalty that gave the Huskers a first down at the KU 20-yard line.

They scored on the next play.

“When it rains, it pours,” Thornton said. “And we’re getting poured on right now.”


It is not a stretch to say that in at least a couple of its recent losses, Kansas has played well enough — with the exception of a turnover here or a coverage breakdown there — to win.

And the same could be said of Saturday’s game.

For the first time in four games, Reesing overcame his recent turnover issues — he’d given the ball away 10 times in the previous four games — and the offense managed to move the ball fairly well against the nation’s No. 2 scoring defense.

When Reesing connected with Briscoe for a 21-yard touchdown pass with 7:34 remaining, it gave Kansas its first lead and seemed to represent a sign that the team’s offense, abysmal as it had been the past month, finally had begun to regroup.

But the Huskers scored on their next two possessions — on touchdowns runs of 20 and 14 yards by NU running back Roy Helu Jr. — as the defense crumpled in the fourth quarter for the second straight week.

“It’s kind of been the story of the last couple games,” tight end Tim Biere said. “We have been so close every single game and just couldn’t get over that hump.”

As the window of opportunity for bowl-eligibility grows smaller by the week — “It went from three chances to two chances now,” Thornton said — players are doing their best to remain optimistic.

One by one, they rattled off the same things they have for the past four weeks — We’re looking ahead, not backward; There are still things to accomplish; Still a lot of football left to play — if not with quite the same level of conviction.

Following Saturday’s game, Reesing was the last player to arrive in the postgame press room. He sauntered in quietly, and given his attire — he wore all black: black suit, black shoes, black dress shirt — and the somber nature of the day’s events, the mood in the room was not unlike that of a funeral.

“Things haven’t turned out this season the way we wanted them to,” Reesing said. “We had high expectations coming in, and we came up short. It’s difficult, especially for us seniors, because we know what kind of talent we have and what we’re capable of. And to not live up to what we expected and hoped for this season has been rough.”


100 11 years, 11 months ago

Keep your head up, Todd.

Don't worry about our record.

Just do your best these last two games -- what more can you ask for?

Rock Chalk.

kranny 11 years, 11 months ago

Instead of getting pissed, my son and I tossed in the MU game from last year and then watched a bit of the Orange Bowl. That's how we chose to remember this year's senior class. What a great bunch of memories from this crew. I'll never forget the 60 yard bomb to Briscoe against Sam Houston and the crazy scramble pass play against Okie State. And lighting up NU for 72 points. Great memories. Now it's time to reload and GIVE OPURUM THE FRIGGIN' BALL!!!! Okay I feel better now.

meatsauce 11 years, 11 months ago

Good morning. Is it just me, or does the sun seem really bright today? God, it's great to be alive, know what I mean?

Steve Brown 11 years, 11 months ago

Seniors and team: Thanks for forcing us to care about football again, you have given us back our passion. I used to come to this site and head right to BB and now stop at FB 1st. Hats off to you for engaging all of us to care. Just see the stadium full again. Nice!

This was the year of all years to beat an unusually average Oklahoma and catch Neb. & State before they get good again. It appears we need more than just an oil change, rather an engine overhaul.

an idiot singing in the rain, since riggins & jaynes days. RCJHGKU

bringheatwavewheat 11 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for the memories guys. I just happened to share season tickets for the 1st time in '07, not having a clue about the magical season that would be. This year has been a dissapointment, but that's life. There are peaks and valleys. The sports fans that can't accept these realities annoy me.

Guess what? Self and the boys might not win come March also! Hate to burst some bubbles, but it's life. We certainly had a few things go our way in 07-08 to win Orange Bowl and National Title. Be thankful for that instead of complaining.

Enjoy the ride, no matter where it takes you.

minnhawk84 11 years, 11 months ago

I don't feel bad for me or the Jayhawk nation, I feel bad for them. I still think they can win the last two, based on what they've shown over the past 4 years. BEAT TEXAS!

And thanks for giving me hope yesterday (17-16) at least for awhile. We were doing the 'dance' as we were working on finish trim in the new house.

jayhawk02 11 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for the great memories seniors. It is truly unfortunate that things didn't work our like expected this year. However, keep your heads up and remember that there is more to life than football. I think you all will definetly succeed in the game of life. And don't forget, we have two more game yet to play. Stranger things have happened. Tejas is due for it's annual trip up. Rock Chalk.

Bill Kackley 11 years, 11 months ago

Reading all the comments so far has brightened my day. Way to go guys. You are obviously not among the turncoat season ticket holders who sold their tickets to Nebraska fans. There was just too much Red in the stands. I have been a season ticket holder for over 12 years and drive 5 hours one way to get to the games and because I'm not rich I have my tickets on the 11 yard line and then to see all that red made me sick. There needs to be a change in the formula give more reward to long time tickets. I probably give more to the athletic coffers if it didn't cost me approximately $1,200 a season getting to and from the games. The other thing that pi--ed me off was Bo boliny. He ranks right down there with Dan Devine. Our coach would have taken a knee rather than go in for that last meaningless TD. So here's to the classless fickle fans, who sold their seats to NU fans and the equally classless NU coach for running up the score.

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

Awesome posts today! So glad to be a Jayhawk! Thanks for the memories Seniors! I was going to "rant" a little about the guys in stripes because it hasn't been pretty all year (and not just for us but around college football). However, I'll refrain because I'm so proud to be a Jayhawk right now!!!!!! Thanks Todd - you reminded us how awesome it is when you make plays with your legs. Thanks to the O line who sent Suh quietly home to NU. Thanks to all the Seniors! I only hope that we can have new memories in years to come!! Rock Chalk!!!! And for me, the sun always shines brightly as a Jayhawk!

sevenyearhawk 11 years, 11 months ago

These players have laid a great foundation for the future ...

... it is just a horrible way to end their collegiate careers.

Dyrk Dugan 11 years, 11 months ago

i agree with kack....way too much Red. season ticket holders to the right AND left of us gave up their seats to the shuckers....just despicable. we sit on the 20 yard line, down low.

and to all of you 'Husker fans: yep, you had the horses to beat us again. we played hard, and with a bit more quality play, we could have won...but i tip the hat.

now win a mens bball NCAA tournament game. just one. that's the challenge.

Greg Lux 11 years, 11 months ago

Todd it's NOT your fault .. some of the plays called just plain suck ... you are not being given a chance to win at times by the O.C. ( in my opinion ). Calling short passes on 3 and long time after time is not giving you a chance... I know you have had some bad luck and a few mistakes but you either let a guy play or don't put him out there on the field.. It's wrong to not call a few longer passes ( 11 to 20 yards ) .. when its obvious that the short passes each 3 down are not working well. I am sorry for you and your team that poor play calling is not giving you a chance to win... ( JUST MY OPINION OK ) ...

TexasHusker 11 years, 11 months ago

To Kackley ---winning by two touchdowns is not "running up the score". That being said, the Jayhawks played a great game and gave the Huskers everything they could ask for and fortunately for us, still come out with a win. It was a game that was not decided until the very end of the 4th quarter and both teams were in it right up to the end. Good luck to you in your last two games and here's hoping you "go bowling"".

55jayhawk 11 years, 11 months ago

I know this season has been tough on you players and we crazy fans try to explain what the problem is. Bottom line is: CACA sometimes happens and there is nothing more than you can do to change the outcome. But if you want to ruin someone's season, beat Texas this coming weekend. Talk about remorse at least you can wipe out their bid for # 1 and really light up our program to a positive. I saw something yesterday in your play and you have the capability to win that game because there is enough talent to do the job. Yes it's a dream but dreams come true; pull that one off and you will have vindicated yourselves.

jhawkazmars 11 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for the great memories seniors, I've been a KU football fan my whole life and it was great!! I am also a "just beat Missouri fan". I grew up in Lawrence, graduated from K.U. and no matter where I lived, have followed K.U. football. I will be at Arrowhead for the game this year, the first game I have actually been able to attend for many, many years. I am looking forward to seeing Todd, Kerry, Dezmon and the gang play. See you at Arrowhead!!!

Layne Pierce 11 years, 11 months ago


The truly great things you have accomplished in your careers can never be taken from you. You have made many who did not, now care deeply about KU football. My only regret is that the coaching staff this year were never able to figure out a receipe for success.

Todd you were placed in the impossible position of carrying a broken team on your back. Kerry the defenses began to cheat on you guys because of the offensive line problems, and the adjustment should of have come far earlier. That's what coaches are paid to do.

Stucky you have been an anchor, but the defensive ship has too many holes and alas is sinking surely. Fundamentally people miss their assignments, or try to do too much, speed wise we are not in the ballgame. Again, no plan for success.

Jake you got hurt, and they stopped throwing to you out of the backfield, you couldn't hold on to the big one against Nebraska, but seeing as how that was your first long pass in 5 games, I can understand it.

Kerry your willingness to change positions and excel will never be forgotten.

Beat Texas, Beat Missouri, if you do, you will go to a bowl, and I for one will say this was a good season.

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

Wow - I love being a Jayhawk! I love the props to the Seniors! These posts make me SO proud! Yes, I cried when they honored the Seniors yesterday. It was awesome - loved seeing Todd jump into his parents arms. He was SO pumped for the game. And I got what I wanted - to see him do his "fist pump" in person one more time!!! Hey, thanks TexasHusker - you are a quality fan! Just fyi - I will be rooting for you cuz I think I dislike Bill Snyder too much to see them win....

lama 11 years, 11 months ago

Meatsauce must be bitter about KU hanging 76 on a "football" school a couple of years ago. Get over it -- the gap has closed. This will be a game now, thanks largely to the seniors.

JayhawkCrazy 11 years, 11 months ago

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Ferneau17 11 years, 11 months ago

C'mon kackly....running up the score? The final Helu TD came on a 17yd run off tackle. That isn't running up the score. That was nothing more than a KU team that gave up and quit. The previous few plays were up the gut as well. The KU defense packed it in on that entire final NU drive. Where's the KU pride? You would never see a Bo Pelini team give up like that.

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

mjhawkchalk - I hope you're right! There's always another year, which is what makes sports so interesting & exciting!

JayhawkCrazy 11 years, 11 months ago

The issue is both FriscoKU + you don't drop a potential 70 yard TD pass or fumble on the 4 yard line OR get a personal foul penalty at an incredibly important time. These, I believe were Seniors who made these mistakes. Our coaching is very suspect and we have young talent that did not improve over the season. For 25 years I have been a FB season ticket holder. It won't be 26 next year as I AM DONE!! I don't consider myself a fair weather fan---I have missed only a handful of games the last 25 years. I also go to a couple of away games each year. In 1986 I witnessed KU lose to nu by a score of 70 - 0 and I stayed for the entire game. During the 11 miserable years of losing to ksu; I attended every game to include the games at ksu. For some reason this season is the straw that broke the camels back. The coaching, the play calling, the fight with the BB team, the Heisman talk regarding Reesing--yeah right, Reesing--the player who is out in the bars and casinos way too much. My buddies from work see him at the casinos the Monday after the ksu loss. He obviously had had a few too many. Are you kidding me? Nice leadership Todd. For the first time in a long time, I saw KU give up. That is one thing that never happened with MM coached teams. Come on Lew; you know what needs to be done. Step up to the plate and do the right thing. The ship is sinking fast and I wonder what kind of money you will get to build that elitist, snobbish and probably empty gridiron club.

jhokfan 11 years, 11 months ago

meatsauce is a typical Nebraska fan, always showing up uninvited. Given the average girth of most Nebraska “women” she must think there is free food here.

Dirk Medema 11 years, 11 months ago

Texashusker - There are obviously worse ways of running up the score, but the point being made was that with a first down and only a minute left, you don't need to "run" another play at all. A team could easily take 3 knees and run off almost 2 minutes worth of time. The last TD meant nothing to the outcome of the game. Most teams just want to get off the field. Bo chose to run plays. The plays may have been run into the line, but they were run none the less - hence, running up the score.

Dirk Medema 11 years, 11 months ago

Texas, et al - How different would the comment have been if they would have fumbled the handoff to Helu with the ball popping in the air where it's caught by a LB and returned for a TD?

TexasHusker 11 years, 11 months ago

Dagger108----at that point we would have gone to overtime and I still would have been pulling for the Huskers and you would have been pulling for the Jayhawks. I guess Bo was willing to take that chance. He didn't ask me before he made that decision. All I can do is still cheer for my team, although I can say that I would be disappointed.

JayhawkCrazy 11 years, 11 months ago

TexasHusker----I personally believe that most Nebraska fans have class, unfortunately you are not one of them. You will go to a minor bowl game which will be the highlight of your year. The Jayhawks will be competing in basketball for a Big XII title, Final Four appearance, and maybe even their 6th National Championship. If you are lucky and I mean really lucky--you will get an NIT invitation. We refer to the NIT as the "Not Invited Tournament". Now, correspond with your big red folks and leave us alone to lick our wounds.

GeneFad 11 years, 11 months ago

OK, I'm a Nebraska fan. I read all the post-game stories in the Nebraska papers and that week's opponents papers. Rarely do I comment. But I have to respond to the claim that Pelini ran up the score. This game was 31-17 for cryin out loud. Have you seen how a college fb game can turn? Did you see Tulsa-Houston where Tulsa had it won with seconds to go .... and lost? KU could have recovered a fumble (believe me, Nebraska fumbles!) scored and tried an onside kick, which is what Houston did against Tulsa. If Nebraska had a 10 or 14 point lead, then I could see just falling on the ball, but a 7-point lead is never failsafe. Helu did find a hole and took advantage. Also, I want to comment all the KU fans who have commented on here. You have great appreciation for the seniors and the great years they've given you and there's no whining about the loss, the coach, or the other team like you see Mizzou and CU fans doing all the time. I really hope KU beats Mizzou. Good luck, and I've enjoyed watching Reesing all these years -- well, not ALL the time!

Brian Leiker 11 years, 11 months ago

mjhawkchalk- I'll give you 10-1 on a 50 dollar bet we don't win 7. 2010 will most likely be 5 wins at best.

babyjay1 11 years, 11 months ago

thanks GeneFad! Love classy fans! And as I said before, since I REALLY dont' like Bill Snyder, I'll be rooting for you against the mild kitties. But you better hang on tight for the ride vs Texas. I guess we'll be experiencing it first - next week!!!!

Dan Harris 11 years, 11 months ago

A big thankyou to the seniors, what a great couple of years! I still think we have a remote chance against texas, but no matter what you have given us a great ride. Now for a little bitching. Why in the world would you pootch kick with the wind at your back after Briscoes td?????????????? TERRIBLE coaching decission!!

SDsker 11 years, 11 months ago

JayhawkCrazy - nice one...lose a football game and start talking about hoops. Typical Jayhawk fan..."But wait til basketball!" LOL pathetic. I'm sure you were one of the guys on here talking smack about how KU would win this game.

dagger108 - really? I mean, really??? Running up the score? It was a 7 point game and NU calls a simple off-tackle run and happens to score. Was NU throwing for the endzone? No! Can't say the same for KU a couple years ago when you were up by 4 TD's late...that is the definition of running up the score.

I've read some comments about questionable officiating. We've had our share of terrible calls all year, so please don't use that excuse. If anything, I thought KU's O-line was holding all game long and never got called, but whatever. If you can't block 'em, hold 'em. KU played tough and made it closer than what I expected, so kudos on that.

Steve Brown 11 years, 11 months ago

we are alloweed to have different views about score running. here's my take: a couple years ago we pulled off the dogs and could have scored 99+ if we had still ran the aggressive offense. Some of us wanted to see the scoreboard that only had two digits. We could have but didn't run up the score.

About 25 yrs. ago in Lincoln I think against Mike Gottfried, I witnessed tom osborne score with a 98 yard fly pattern from their own 6 yard line to pad the lead going into halftime to something like 36-0. The time clock read less than a minute. they were running 6-8 yards per play with all our 11 guys on the line of scrimmage and the game was over after the first 3 series. That day was running up the score.

I apologize for all my posts about playing injured Sharpe over Opurum as it appears that Opurum has been even more injured. I take it back, if Opurum has been hurt then yes, he shouldn't have been playing much these last 4-5 weeks while we were losing.

Steve Brown 11 years, 11 months ago

note to staff: the last 5 weeks the D is reading our play calling. We continue to talk about this, want proof. Check tape, with 6 min. left we get the ball and on 1st down call a fly for Briscoe who has the ball thrown to him in triple coverage.

If they didn't know what was coming and been in single or double coverage he would have caught the ball and we would have still won the game perhaps.

Plug the leak, coaches lips read, hand signals stolen, tells from players stance or eyes, or worse, electronic in some way, which is unlikely. Is it true last year Stoops reported on his radio show they knew every play we called before the hike. Something has to change if true.

Steve Brown 11 years, 11 months ago

ESPN lead story next week:

Texas 24 Kansas 27 turnovers Kansas +6.

Texas crowd stunned on senior day, Oregon, Iowa, Cincy + TCU throw jayhawks a bash.

gardenjay 11 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for the optimism lighthawk. Sometimes it feels like someone is paying us to lose.

I just wish Joe's Bakery would open again.

Come on boys, do something different...

minnhusker 11 years, 11 months ago

Congrats KU on a hard fought game. After the beating we took last year, it was nice to see us tough one out against a good team. You should be proud of your seniors. They put KU football on the map. Anytime a team is up with just over 7 minutes in the game, the other team cannot run up the score. Lighthawk, according to your logic running the ball for the last 5 minutes is aggressive? Sorry, not buying it. Again, congrats to KU and good luck the rest of the year. I'd like to see you make a bowl game and represent the Big 12 well.

Brian Skelly 11 years, 11 months ago

Simply put we are brutal. We'll end up 5-7 after starting 5-0 and that quite frankly is nothing short of @#$@%#! disgraceful. I've got no dillusions that we were going to go undefeated or even drop a few games. This however is ridiculous.

To have the best QB in school history in his Senior year, along with 2 of the top 15 receivers in the whole country and come out and be this impotent on offense is staggering. Yes, our "D" has been horrible. But for its shortcomings, I see at least 2 of the losses we've had you can pin DIRECTLY on our pathetic offense's issues. The "D" on Saturday cost us with that stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid facemasking penalty. The shame of it is, they'd been more than just respectable during the game, they'd been pretty damn good.

Weather its the coaching, or the Reesing's not being able to do his progressions like he once did our offense is pass happy and sadly predictable. Our run game used to be strong, but we seem to bail on it far to quickly, even in games we're still in.

The unfortunate / fortunate reality is that 5-10 years ago most KU fans would just nod and go on their way with the schools football team. We'd all just be ready for hoops. But the heightened expectations (which are justified --- at least to go bowling regularly) not being met because we can only win ONE @#$@#R$ is pathetic and disgraceful.

A team with this much talent shouldnt go 1-7 in conference play. And were going to. Sad.

Well... at least the X-Man is lighting it up.

SDsker 11 years, 11 months ago

lighthawk - eveyone's entitled to their own opinion. Regarding your example from 25 years ago, I'd say anything's fair game when it's still in the first half, unless you're up 50+ points. It's running up the score when the game is beyond doubt late (ie: 2nd half, 4th qtr, etc). I don't think you'd find many people who would disagree with that.

Again, the Huskers ran a simple off-tackle play that happened to score at a time when it was a 7 point game. During the game 2 years ago, I was actually cheering for KU to score 90+ to ensure Callahan got the boot. Thanks for helping to make that'll never see that again with Pelini at NU. Hope you enjoyed your chance to gloat. And again, KU was passing late in that game when the outcome was beyond doubt...

To call what NU did on Saturday "running up the score"...sorry, not even close.

Bill Kackley 11 years, 11 months ago

It isn't the score that counts for running up the score. It's scoring an unnecessary touchdown with 29 secounds left when all they had to do was take a knee and the game was over.

Bill Kackley 11 years, 11 months ago

If there had been 2 or 3 minutes left not able to take a knee to end the game I would have had no problems with it. Mangino would have taken a knee, Stoops would have taken a knee

Philip Bowman 11 years, 11 months ago

Is there anyone out there that really expects us to beat Texas? Seriously? If not, why not give Pick some playing time? and I don't mean put him in for 1 play or with 37 seconds left in the game. Why shouldn't Reesing step up and say, "for the good of the future of KU football, let Pick play." Considering his injured groin, maybe it would be best that he sit out the the game altogether. Really, wouldn't you like to have a chance of beating MU? I would and think Todd would be in better shape for that game if he didn't get beat up by Texas next Saturday night.

gchawk 11 years, 11 months ago

To the folks who think NU ran up the score, get a grip. Maybe in the "good old days" of the 70's and 80's did we witness some unnecessary scoring, but yesterday wasn't indicative of that. I'm still proud of our boys, especially our juniors and seniors, they've given us some very memoriable years, which is probably the reason for our frustration this year. I also want to say that every NU fan my wife and I ran into were very gracious and classy folks who know their football. I'm not going to say that I'm not disappointment by our record, like everyone else, I thought we'd have a lot better season. Thanks for the memories seniors, well, most of them.

Brian Powell 11 years, 11 months ago

Todd's groin seemed fine (that's what she said')

The problem this game was fumbles and passes that bounced off BOTH hands :( (two very key plays, if I remember right. A probable TD, and a much needed first down(?)

Defense had some good stops, but wasn't consistent.

Now if we could just get it to all come together for one game....

Andy Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

With 29 seconds to go, Pelini wanted another score. Period. The right thing to do in that situation is to take a knee. Period. Game over. Ask the New York Giants. I'll laugh myself silly when a Pelini team fumbles a game away.

GeneFad 11 years, 11 months ago

Ah, come on kansasbb, think this through. THis was not a blowout, this was a close game. You didn't want NU to score late because 24-17 "looks" better than 31-17. The same logic can easily be applied the other way. Had this game been one-sided and NU didn't fall on the ball the last drive, that would have been running up the score. You don't run up the score when the score is 31-17, give me a break! Stoops would have done the same, and so would have your coach and any coach worth his salt. You don't need to resort to this. KU played a great game and gave Nebraska all they could handle. Take pride in that and quit this nonsense about running up the score.

hawwks2much 11 years, 11 months ago

Hold on a second everyone. It was a 7 point lead. It was third down. We still had a timeout left. If they kneel on it, we get the ball back down seven (or Nebraska kicks a field goal to make it two score game). Call me crazy, but even with only 30 seconds left, the entire state of Nebraska was probably remembering the 80 touchdown pass they gave up to VaTech with under a minute to go. This wasn't running up the score. This was securing a victory. Any argument to the contrary seems a bit off.

JayhawkCrazy 11 years, 11 months ago

HawkfromHays--don't put up with the BS that the k-staties dish out. I grew up in that area and I know what the mildkittens are like. mu and ksu are the worst fans. My brother lives out around the Hays area and he has to practice a great deal of self control when dealing with the mildkittens. I keep telling him that when you lead a football series by 28 games and the basketball series by 80 - 90 games you get people in purple who are jealous. Hang in there. I grew up in a town 17 miles east of Hays.

Good luck and don't take their CRAP!!!

vfoster52 11 years, 11 months ago

I will congragulate the KU players and seniors.You guys have brought KU to a point ,where your fans can be proud.The year has not gone as you thought it would,but hold your heads high.I would like to say to all my friends in Kansas,love you all and me moving up to lincoln has been great.I know that you all are proud of this team..I miss you all. Now to some of you so called fans ,I thought some of our nebraska fans were bad,I guess the whinners are all over the place,just not up here,lol Mangino has brought you some good years,and some of you want to change that,as are the fans I have to deal with up here,youre a pathetic bunch of whinners,you can't be happy I guess ,no matter how many games you win,even if you won all of them I am sure you would find fault in how you won them,all I am saying is be proud of your jayhawks,they have accomplished a lot in the past few years,and theres more to come ,I am sure,also when your team scored 76 on us up in lincoln,the thought mangino ran up the score never entered my mind,we could'nt stop an old lady pushing a shopping cart that year.I called my ex-brother in law and congragulated him,on his teams theres a true jayhawk fan,he always supported the team no matter what,and sat through games,that most of you I doubt would have,,,,any way kudos to the seniors and to all the jayhawks .it was a great game ,you had us on the ropes,and very worried.I hope you win your next two games despite what your fans think or say,give those horns a licen,and bag a tiger

TexasHusker 11 years, 11 months ago

JayHawkCrazy....sorry you feel that way. I thought I did a good job of explaining why I feel we did not run up the score. I also complimented your players on their hard play and and never give up attitude. Since you seem to be more of a basketball fan than football, I will also tell you good luck in that. Anyway, good luck in your next two games -- not so sure about Texas, but I know you can beat Mizzou. You are right about the bowl, we won't make it to a BCS, but I am hoping for a good mid-tier bowl and a better one next year.

Andy Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

GeneFad, here's a little history lesson for you and the rest of the Pelini cult. This happened in 1978 when Nebraska had about 300 football players on scholarship. Eagles fans call it the Miracle in the Meadowlands. Giants fans call it The Fumble. The Giants were up 17-12 with about 30 seconds to go. Giants QB Joe Pisarcik hands the ball to the sure handed Larry Csonka. Oops! Csonka fumbles and Herm Edwards, yes, Herm Edwards scoops the ball and takes in for touchdown. Eagles win. As I said in my comment, "the right thing to do in that situation is take a knee". There was not enough time for Kansas to win except if Nebraska fumbled. As I recall, Nebraska fumbled a few times a couple of weeks ago. I don't recall a team fumbling away a game from the Victory Formation.

Andy Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

OK, I'm off the late score rant. I'm mostly bothered by the untimely facemask gift penalty. That penalty was much more costly than a late hit helmet spear to a quarterback that was down. I'm left to wonder "what if". I'm not comfortable with the new rule on face mask calls. All face mask calls are now 15 yards and automatic first down. It was cleary inadvertent contact on the face mask. It was nearly an interception.

SDsker 11 years, 11 months ago

I don't disagree that it was inadvertent, most facemasks by definition are. How many players actually "try" to tackle a player by the facemask? Point is, it was a personal foul simply due to the way he wrenched the guy down by the facemask. It does suck, because KU had us stopped on that drive. I know the feeling all too well...8 turnovers against ISU, including 4 fumbles inside the Clone 5 yard line!?!?!?

Andy Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

I think the 15 yard penalty for face mask violation should be called when a player reaches toward the helmet and grabs the mask. On that play the Kansas player was going for the ball. He made one small mistake and the penalty was HUGE. It wasn't a mental mistake. It wasn't flagrant. It wasn't a cheap shot. The ball flight actually took his hands toward the receivers mask. We'll just chalk it up to bad luck.

troutsee 11 years, 11 months ago

Yes, bad luck.

And, NU was trying to run up the score, just like they always did back in the days of "Fellowship of Christian Athletes Tom." NU always has an eye on the rankings. That's okay. We all remember the days of Dr. Tom and that's why they are the most hated team in the B-12. But their glory days are over. The 85 scholarship limit has leveled the playing field. There will be no more lopsided NU wins. From now on this series is going to be competitive. We'll be ready for them next year in Lincoln, mark my words.

Andy Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

Check the photo gallery at Was that really a touchdown?

shelleysue 11 years, 11 months ago

kansasbb - sure doesn't look like a touchdown.

hawwks2much 11 years, 11 months ago

Well there you go. Nebraska tried to down it at the one and run out the clock. We can't blame Nebraska for poor officiating.

Andy Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

bad link........ just go to football page story about helu carries nebraska to victory page 2 #27

Andy Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

That was the last touchdown. Helu tried to down ot at the 1-yard line. Got a TD anyway.

kansasfb 11 years, 11 months ago

What an appropiate picture!!! "From Bad to Worse" with Todd!!! Something has been wrong for weeks with him...the announcers have made comments on TV..If he is injured it is too bad he has continued to play when not 100%...

JayhawkCrazy 11 years, 11 months ago

Todd parties way to much. He needs to stay out of the bars--he was at the casinos the day after the ksu loss and my friends tell me he had definitely way to much booze.

MitchumMan 11 years, 11 months ago

With everything going on, this title should read, "From bad to worse, to shoot myself in the head."

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