Saturday, September 12, 2015

Memphis blows out Kansas football

Kansas defensive end Ben Goodman (10) dives to force Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) out of bounds during the second quarter on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at Memorial Stadium. At right is Kansas defensive tackle Tyler Holmes (94).

Kansas defensive end Ben Goodman (10) dives to force Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) out of bounds during the second quarter on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at Memorial Stadium. At right is Kansas defensive tackle Tyler Holmes (94).


Despite an early 10-point lead against favored Memphis, the Kansas football team, early in a major rebuilding project, couldn’t keep up with the Tigers the rest of Saturday night’s 55-23 loss at Memorial Stadium.

Junior KU quarterback Montell Cozart struggled to hit open receivers early, often overthrowing them, and completed just 13 of his 28 passes for 118 yards, with no interceptions and no touchdowns.

Tigers QB Paxton Lynch, on the other hand, had his way with the Jayhawks (0-2), with just three incompletions on 25 attempts. The veteran threw for 354 yards and two touchdowns as Memphis (2-0) moved the ball with ease, routinely picking up massive chunks of yardage.

Just as he did in KU’s opener, junior running back Ke’aun Kinner impressed — this time rushing for 113 yards and a touchdown.

However, the Tigers’ 651 yards of offense, compared to KU’s 359, made it a long night for the Jayhawks.

KU will have next week off and visit Rutgers on Sept. 26 for its non-conference finale.

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Postgame: David Beaty addresses 55-23 loss to Memphis

After his Kansas football team fell to 0-2 on the season, first-year Jayhawks coach David Beaty speaks with media members regarding the struggles of a 55-23 home loss to Memphis.

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First Quarter

12:34 — Nick Bartolotta 30 field goal. After stalling on its first offensive drive of the game, Kansas picked up a gift on its first defensive play when Memphis QB Paxton Lynch and running back Tevin Jones fumbled a handoff which KU linebacker Marcquis Roberts pounced on at the 10 yard line to set up the kick. Four plays, -2 yards, 0:44. (KU 3, Memphis 0).

9:48 — Ke'aun Kinner 5 run. Bartolotta kick. A big sack by Ben Goodman on third down forced the Tigers to punt and allowed the KU offense to jump out to a two-score lead. Montell Cozart hit Joshua Stanford for a 19-yard gain to start the drive and then picked up 20 yards on the ground on a well-timed QB draw. Kinner did the rest, rushing for 24 yards on the next play and the final five after bouncing it to the outside and nearly falling down two or three times before reaching the end zone. 5 plays, 73 yards, 1:23. (KU 10, Memphis 0).

6:26 — Sam Craft 1 run. Jake Elliott kick. Memphis got on the scoreboard with an eight-play, 75-yard drive that took 3:22 and featured good run-pass balance. The key play on the drive came when Memphis QB Paxton Lynch pitched to Mose Frazier for a 14-yard gain to set up first-and-goal. The play was reviewed by officials, who wanted to see if the pitch went forward past the line of scrimmage. Replay showed it did not and Memphis scored two plays later. (KU 10, Memphi 7).

2:28 — Jake Elliott 27 field goal. A stop and a personal foul on the KU special teams set the Tigers up at the Kansas 34 yard line to start their second scoring drive of the game. Seven plays later, Elliott knocked the ball through the uprights on a fourth-and-goal to tie the game. The drive spanned 39 yards in 2:23. (KU 10, Memphis 10).

Second Quarter

13:45 — Doroland Dorceus 9 run. Elliott kick. Another Memphis stop on defense, which again featured the Tigers' front seven putting serious pressure on Cozart, led to a six-play, 69-yard scoring drive that took 1:16. The drive featured a 4-of-4 passing performance by Memphis QB Paxton Lynch. (Memphis 17, KU 10).

6:54 — Bartolotta 33 field goal. KU's longest drive of the first half covered 65 yards in 14 plays and four minutes and featured three completions from Cozart to Tyler Patrick and a 20-yard pitch-and-catch from Cozart to De'Andre Mann on third down early in the drive to keep the chains moving. (Memphis 17, KU 13)

0:32 — Tevin Jones 6 pass from Paxton Lynch. Elliott kick. After stuffing the Kansas offense on a drive that started inside Memphis territory, the Tigers responded with a 10-play, 80-yard drive that covered 4:07 and put them up two scores just before halftime. Lynch hit Phil Mayhue with a 32-yard gain to set up the score and a pass interference call on KU cornerback Brandon Stewart on third-and-goal allowed the Tigers to put up seven instead of three. (Memphis 24, KU 13).

Third Quarter

14:04 — Mose Frazier 60 run. Elliott kick. The Tigers blew things open 56 seconds into the second half with a three-play, 75-yard touchdown drive that included an 11-yard pass to Phil Mayhue for a first down that set up the jet sweep to Frazier. (Memphis 31, KU 13).

11:20 — Montell Cozart 7 run. Bartolotta kick. Kansas answered its biggest deficit of the game with an impressive drive to get right back into the game. Kinner ran for 29 yards on the drive and De'Andre Mann added 23 to set up the Cozart TD on a called draw on third-and-goal. (Memphis 31, KU 20).

9:14 — Daniel Montiel 3 pass from Lynch. Elliott kick. The Tigers answered the Jayhawks' quick score with a seven-play, 75-yard drive that took 2:06 and featured a crucial third-down conversion on a pass from Lynch to Frazier and a 42-yard hook-up by the same two players on the very next play. (Memphis 38, KU 20).

3:53 — Elliott 32 field goal. The Tigers upped their lead to three touchdowns after another stalled drive by the Kansas offense. Lynch hit on a couple of mid-range throws to set up the field goal, which came as a result of the KU defense stiffening in the red zone. The drive covered 65 yards in eight plays. (Memphis 41, KU 21).

1:01 — Jarvis Cooper 1 run. Elliott kick. Memphis' offense really started rolling on this drive, carving up the middle of the Kansas defense with the running game all the way to the end zone. The drive that put the Tigers up by four touchdowns covered 62 yards in five plays and 1:41. (Memphis 48, KU 20).

Fourth Quarter

10:56 — Jamarius Henderson 1 run. Elliott kick. Memphis kept things on the ground for the majority of this eight-play, 71-yard touchdown drive that spanned 3:50 and pushed the Tigers over the the opening over/under number of 54 points established by odds makers in Las Vegas when the lines came out last week. (Memphis 55, KU 20).

7:57 — Matthew Wyman 51 field goal. With junior Deondre Ford spelling Cozart at quarterback, the Jayhawks drove 42 yards in eight plays and 2:59 to crack the scoreboard for the first time since the 11:20 mark of the third quarter. (Memphis 55, KU 23).

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Bryce Landon 6 years, 9 months ago

Don't tell me you thought David Beaty could instill toughness in just two games of the biggest rebuilding project in college football. This program is so downtrodden and in such a deep hole that an instant change from five years of bad football under the Gill and Weis regimes is simply impossible.

Adam Miller 6 years, 9 months ago

Oh don't give me that... EVERYTHING is suppose to change instantly. Things happen instantly. We MUST have instant gratification NOW!

Or now!

How about now?

Are they better yet now?

In all seriousness... I agree completely with you Bryce, this is a multi-year rebuild and patience is the key.

Aaron Paisley 6 years, 9 months ago

I have a fun idea for a drinking game in 2 weeks, take a drink every time Cozart throws an incomplete pass.

*If you do this, it is highly recommended you use light beer so you don't kill yourself by alcohol poisoning.

Also, can we do a pool on when Cozart gets benched again? I'll go with after the Texas Tech game.

Andy Tweedy 6 years, 9 months ago

I always appreciate reading your posts, mainly because you seem to be a pretty positive guy and I really don't need any more reasons to be down on my 'Hawks. I appreciate this post because it's not positive but is spot on. Cozart is just not a good quarterback...he's just not good! Maybe he's the best option we have, and I applaud him for suiting up and busting his butt every week, but tonight's numbers are not the numbers you want to see from a QB in an offense built to produce nice, shiny numbers! UGH

Stan Anderson 6 years, 9 months ago

I agree 100% with Aaron and Andy sentiments.I wrote in my comments last week "Time to get a new QB!". Everyone was screaming about the comment because it was the first game. Didn't we have these same problem with Cozart last year?

After a 32 point lost where we threw no touchdowns in the new "Air Raid" offense. Does everyone still have the same feeling Cozart is the QB of the future. Cozart is not a Big 12 QB. He's really a receiver.

Its time to start getting some of the young guys on the field for experience. We already lost the games we had the best changes for winning. Right now we have nothing to lose and should focus on building the team of the future.

Bring up a few athletes who are hungry on defense (I don't care what year they are, or their height/weight). If they are aggressive, can tackle, and smart, get them on the field! We need some energy on the defense. I don't care if the kids is a 2nd/3rd string or scout team kid. If they can play move them up.

  • Add more offensive weapons.
  • Bring in that Ryan kids as QB (or that Stanley kid from Florida) they both are better passers than Cozart. Allow one of them game day experience.
  • Add Cozart to the wide receiver rotation to helps the air raid offense. This work if the football is delivered by a QB who can deliver the ball.
  • Let see more of that Ryan Schadler kids in the running back rotation to keep everyone rested and to add some more weapons at running back. Ryan has great speed and creates challenges for defenses to contend with.

I like Coach Beaty. I want him to be successful. I hope he gives this loss some thought and realizes his current approach is going to negatively impact his future if he does not demonstrate the ability to make major changes. Especially after these 2 big losses.

We have the players to win games this year. We could have won these last 2 games. Unfortunately I don't see us maximizing the talent currently available.

Big leadership is needed. Put the right athletes in the right positions to win.

Adam Miller 6 years, 9 months ago

I'm in, 5 bucks on after the Baylor game.

Mark Lindrud 6 years, 9 months ago

Cozart should be replaced by October. I give him two more starts. It's just figuring out who's the next man, and maybe trying to redshirt Willis and Stanley.

Joe Ross 6 years, 9 months ago

Against Big 12 competition? Freshmen with no experience? I dont know. True, Cozart is not accurate at all, but man! Greensticks?

Stan Anderson 6 years, 9 months ago

What are you afraid of?

  • A loss. Oh yea... we have that covered.

  • Getting players experience. Probably not a good idea. It doesn't align with K-state strategic goals (where our current athletic director came from) to make sure KU football is the worst program of all time. Soon we are going to have to schedule D3 schools so we have a fight chance to win.

  • A win. Wow that would be a surprise and embarrassing. Not polite and not the Kansas way.

Aaron Paisley 6 years, 9 months ago

Beaty already torched Willis' redshirt against SDSU for 2 plays when Cozart got banged up. At this point, I would give Willis 2-3 series a game to get him some experience in low pressure situations since his redshirt has already been torched when it really shouldn't have been for the situation.

Mark Lindrud 6 years, 9 months ago

I missed Willis getting in. Didn't get to see alot of the game. Then sounds like he's the choice to take over or can give it to ford, the transfer junior. Cozart most likely wont survive the season as starter.

Gerry Butler 6 years, 9 months ago

Love it, already talking about Beaty's future. that's about right, he has had 2 games as a head coach and we have people ALREADY talking about his future. I know here is an idea- - - FIRE COACH BEATY RIGHT? holy crap, like Bryce said about this being the biggest rebuilding and the most down of any program, and we STILL have people throwing comments ALREADY about Beaty future, you got to love it. Yes I agree Cozart just doesn't seem like he is going to be able to give us what we need, but not really sure at this point WHO is, agree also if we change might as well as go with willis, hold Stanley for his redshirt why waste both freshman year? Not sure is Cozart would work at wide receiver, that is ONE spot where it seems we are already deep, not sure if he could work as just a plain RB or not? but our QB IS NOT by far our biggest problem, our defense is just pitiful I mean a QB shredding us for 22-25? qand once again after like the 1st quarter no pressure what so eve, short passes, deep passes, he could of packed a lunch and ate it before we got back to him, HUGE chunks of yardage, if we can't get this defense turned around then its not goin to make any difference who the QB is. 96 pts given up in 2 games? can you imagine the TCU and or BAYLOR games if we don't get this corrected? We all knew this season could very easily be very ugly, but like was said and still we are just got to bite the bullet and patience, NOT already talking about coach future, our 2 previous coaches put us here and we sure THE HELL not getting it fixed in 2 games

Bob Bailey 6 years, 9 months ago

A REALLY good DC would show major advances in 3 weeks, esp with one week off. You could start with a Defense Scheme that might work. But it might be easier to teach tackling and coverage. That would help the Defensive Scheme. It would take about 3 weeks to teach tackling. They have some prep in coverage but they are seriously mis-used.

Hey, apparently not even Beaty can judge Defense. Why would you be surprised at how long he'd last?

Gerry Butler 6 years, 9 months ago

with some of the fans that's here, ESPECIALLY HERE i'm not surprised at anything that would happen, so of course FIRE THE COACH after 2 games right?

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