Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lopsided loss mystifies MU

Shooting dooms Tigers

Kansas forward Xavier Henry pulls up from the corner over Missouri defenders Marcus Denmon and Kim English (24) during the second half, Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Xavier Henry pulls up from the corner over Missouri defenders Marcus Denmon and Kim English (24) during the second half, Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.


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2010 KU-Missouri

Jayhawks maul Tigers in showdown

Kansas dismantled Missouri in 2010's first installment of the Border War on Monday, Jan. 25 at Allen Fieldhouse.

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Who had the best offensive game for KU against Missouri?

  • Cole Aldrich: 12 points, 4-for-5 shooting, 16 rebounds 30% 825 votes
  • Tyrel Reed: 14 points, 5-for-6 shooting, 4-for-4 from three-point range 45% 1242 votes
  • Marcus Morris: 17 points, 6-for-10 shoting, nine rebounds 22% 604 votes
  • Other 2% 62 votes

2733 total votes.

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Do you like Bob Knight as a color commentator?

  • Yes 71% 135 votes
  • No 22% 43 votes
  • Undecided 5% 11 votes

189 total votes.


KU vs. Missouri

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Kansas and Missouri battle in 2010's first installment of the Border Showdown Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Of all the questions facing the Missouri men’s basketball team following Monday’s road matchup with Kansas University —and there were a lot of them — perhaps the most baffling was how a team that managed to win the turnover battle by 18 somehow suffered a 19-point loss that really wasn’t as close as it sounds.

No one could quite say afterward, but there’s a good chance it stemmed from an inability to succeed in just about any other aspect of the Tigers’ 84-65 loss to the Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse.


Mizzou shot 28 percent from the field. Two of their top scorers this season, Kim English and J.T. Tiller, shot a combined 5-for-24, and the Tigers produced a paltry 6-of-18 performance from three-point range — a statistic that serves as a regular indication of how the team fared on a particular evening.

“Obviously, if you shoot that way, you’re going to lose,” said Justin Safford, who finished with a game-high 19 points and represented the lone bright spot for MU offensively. “The first 10 minutes, we kind of had the game going the way we wanted, and then they gave us one punch, and we folded. Guys went separate ways instead of coming together.”


The Tigers were outrebounded, 56-28, for the game and 18-11 on the offensive glass, gave up 15 second-chance points in the first half alone and allowed Kansas big man Cole Aldrich to do as he pleased in the paint.

“They just dominated the glass, whether they came over our backs or not,” MU coach Mike Anderson said. “I told our guys, ‘You’re going to have to fight, and you’re going to have to hit somebody,’ and I don’t think we did a good job of doing that.”

Mental mishaps?

They had that covered, too, freezing after Kansas surged ahead during an early run and attempting to recover by shooting just about any shot that wasn’t inside the three-point line.

“We’re young,” Anderson said. “Real young. That’s how young teams play, that’s how they react to adversity sometimes. If you’re down 15, they may try to make a 15-point play.”

The result was a game that got out of hand quickly and had fans heading to the parking lot midway through the second half.

The Tigers’ 12-11 lead in the game’s first five minutes swiftly became a 20-point halftime deficit as Kansas steadily built upon an early lead and managed to outplay the Tigers in the second half despite being outscored by one.

Anderson insisted following the game that Monday’s matchup had made his team better — a stated pregame goal — but while one could appreciate his optimism, there was little statistically to back it up, as Mizzou was significantly outdone in three-point shooting, assists, blocks and fast-break points.

Missouri players, too, downplayed the significance of a midseason road loss — even if it did come against a rival as despised as Kansas — and pointed to a schedule that features 11 more regular-season games, including a March 6 rematch with the Jayhawks at Mizzou Arena, where the Tigers hold the third-longest home winning streak in the nation.

“It’s early in the season,” MU guard Zaire Taylor said. “I don’t know the date — I’m assuming somewhere in the middle of January. But at the end of the day, we’ve got February, which is a big month, and we still got the rest of this month. And as much as this is a rivalry game and we’d love to get the chance to beat them ... it’s still Big 12 basketball, and it’s still one loss.”


waywardJay 10 years ago

Sherron had an off night, Xavier's getting the flow alot easier on D and his O numbers are coming back.....

we Turn over the ball 23 times.....

We win by 19 ????

Brady-Reed scores 23 with 3 boards 5 assists and 1 steal....

X nears his first double double as a Jayhawk....

and let's not forget our Bigs were worth 40 points, 36 rebounds 8 blocks and 6 assists....

"one thing you cannot teach is Heigth...." Anderson's no doubt trying to figure that out as we sleep.....

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Fans leaving midway thru the second half is unacceptable and embarrassing especially when the game is televised nationally.

irish2255 10 years ago

Noone left midway 2nd half dips*!t. It was full until 3 minutes left.

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Maybe you should read the article instead of just reading the comments, here is the quote, "The result was a game that got out of hand quickly and had fans heading to the parking lot midway through the second half".

NebraskaJayhawk 10 years ago

"The result was a game that got out of hand quickly and had fans heading to the parking lot midway through the second half."

Johnson County.

Robert Brock 10 years ago

If the Hawks turn the ball over so casually in Columbia they will be embarrassed.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

If they were heading for the parking lot midway in the second half, they are not our fans in my opinion!

Maybe more accuracy would have been: "The result was a game that got out of hand quickly and had MISSERY fans heading for the parking lot midway in the second half with their tiger tails between their legs".

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

I noticed the empty seats too and even made a comment on the blogs last night. Even more reason to move the students into the seats that get prime time showing (I know, I know...$$$ talks). The Rock Chalk chant still sounded loud. Props to the folks who stayed to the very end!!!!

patton6 10 years ago

At the under eight minute timeout, we lost quite a few people. At the under four, we were probably down to is what it is, I guess, but it was pretty bad last night.

hellx 10 years ago

really, i don't think shooting 6-18 from 3 is "paltry." in terms of points per shot, it's equivalent to shooting 50% from 2 point range.

considering they shot 26% from 2 during the game, i think you could make the argument that they should have fired up even more threes since they scored much more efficiently from beyond the arc.

KUbsee69 10 years ago

“It’s early in the season,” MU guard Zaire Taylor said. “I don’t know the date — I’m assuming somewhere in the middle of January."

Amazing, simply amazing. The 25th is "somewhere in the middle of January"??? And he has to "assume"???

Typical MU education.

spiff 10 years ago

I also thought it was pretty amazing that Zaire Taylor barely knows what month it is.

mandomax 10 years ago

“They just dominated the glass, whether they came over our backs or not,” MU coach Mike Anderson said.

I agree that on this night, with the crowd pumped like they always are for a Mizzou game, the refs may have been a little lenient towards the Jayhawks with some calls. However, to imply that the Tigers were out-rebounded by a 2-1 margin for any reason other than our bigger, taller, stronger frontcourt is ridiculous. Anderson should watch his passive-aggressiveness towards Big XII refereeing.

JayDocMD 10 years ago

Anyone notice the not so subtle jab at the refs:

“They just dominated the glass, whether they came over our backs or not,” MU coach Mike Anderson said.

I thought he was a better coach than to imply that this beatdown was in any way a reflection of the officiating.

JayDocMD 10 years ago

(didnt see your post mandomax until after i posted)

David Leathers 10 years ago

JayhawkinMullen and NebraskaJayHawk~~

I know what the article said but I agree with irish... ESPN showed the crowd around the 4 minute mark saying that some people were leaving the game, but still it was only a handful of people... Who knows? Maybe they had to work at 4 AM.

Don't worry, our fans support for basketball is ten fold better than football.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

I think memhawk made a good point. We have no way of knowing how many of those leaving early were there to support Missouri. Believe me, I'd have gotten out of there BEFORE the end of the first half if I were a Tiger fan.

kureader 10 years ago

re: fans leaving ...

... didn't happen until there were just a few minutes left. the MU fans are the ones who left .... 6 or 8 around me, and quite a few on the other side. They started to leave at the 15 minute mark in the 2nd half (it was great)! ... my complaint is: "how can a KU fan sell or give his KU-MU ticket to an MU fan to begin with?" Nothing irritates me more than to see MU fans sitting near mid-court in Allen Field House!

Joe Baker 10 years ago

“They just dominated the glass, whether they came over our backs or not,” MU coach Mike Anderson said. “I told our guys, ‘You’re going to have to fight, and you’re going to have to hit somebody,’ and I don’t think we did a good job of doing that.”

Ok Mike, we dominated the glass without coming over your backs. Come on now, take the loss like a man. The officials called it both ways. I can't belive he'd even say this. I'm trying to like him and seems to be a good coach, but when he says this, it sounds petty and silly.

I really liked what Self told the guys about playing and not to look at the bench for a foul. He told them to play.

Omegatron 10 years ago

ralster (anonymous) says...

"And regarding the officiating, I also thought it was atrocious. Not all of those "charges" were truly charges, and Bobby Knight/Brent Musberger both showed that on the replay."

You can blame the rules committee for some of those calls.

"The committee rejected adding the arch underneath the basket for charge-block calls, a line the NBA uses, in part because it believed there would be too many lines on the court."

comland 10 years ago

Regarding fans leaving: I sat under the championship banners at the very top and I'm speaking first hand when I say this. Literally with 8 mins left in the game, there were people leaving...KU fans!!! some might have left early to get down by the tunnel to cheer for the team when the game was over and get handshakes...but the majority of the people looked like they were heading for the parking lot. By the time the Rock Chalk Chant started there were noticeably more empty seats. I was sitting by some much older KU fans who made comment about it and said they weren't "real fans". I somewhat agree with that. This was a rivalry game, and I wouldn't care if we were up by 50 with 8 mins left, I'm not leaving.

About students having seating around the floor...I'm all for that. I'm sorry... AFH may be the best venue to watch a game, but it doesn't have the best atmosphere. AFH can be sadly dead at times...the only section making noise or trying to create an intimidating and hostile environment are the student sections. The only time ALL of AFH is on their feet and pushing the decibel level is when someone gets a big dunk or shoots a 3 at a critical moment. You would think that with a game against our most hated rival, AFH would have been the most hostile and aggressive environment that Mizzou would face all year, and it wasn't. What type of environment do you think the Jayhawks will be in on Sat?? Or when we travel to Columbia? Why can we not create that type of environment here at AFH and SUSTAIN IT FOR THE FULL 40 min? Let's re-assign those near court seats and put students courtside. Alum's and other season ticket holders can sit behind the students. Besides, the athletic events for the university should be for the students first and foremost. They're the ones who attend the university and pay tuition for it. Alum's are ofcourse Alum's because they went there and graduated, and most of them probably had their student experience at AFH and Memorial Stadium. We should help enhance the student experience at KU by providing students with a better athletic experience. Look at Michigan State...or Duke with Cameron Indoor Arena to name a few..or as much as I'd hate to say it, K-State. We are better than those schools and AFH is by far a better venue. The mystique and ambiance of the fieldhouse can be lost once the game is underway. Its up to the fans to remind the opposing teams why they should "Beware of the Phog" .

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

I am surprised to hear their were alot of Missouri fans at Allen last night how did they get tickets? If it was that noticable that people were leaving and it was Mizzou fans how did we even let them in the door. Something needs to be done about this there should be a limit on how many Mizzou fans can walk in maybe 2 maximum.

Matt Bowers 10 years ago

I was watching on tv and almost left during the second half, it was that sloppy. Am I alone here? At the risk of being burned at the stake, I thought that KU didn't value the ball much in the second half, and as a result weren't able to give screw mizzou the world class beating they deserve. All I am trying to say is that it would be nice to see our intensity extend through two halfs. Besides that, always good to get a win against misery.

Rock Chalk

skeezerpleezer 10 years ago

Brock said "If the Hawks turn the ball over so casually in Columbia they will be embarrassed."

Well, if the Hawks hold Mizzou to 29% shooting and win the rebound battle 56-28 Mizzou will be embarrassed....again.

jaybate 10 years ago


One of the funniest posts all season.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Observations from afar:

Is it just me or do the Mizzou away uniform colors look like baby poop brown?

Is it just me but for all his fumbles and faults, Bobby Knight really, really likes Kansas and HCBS?

Is it just me but doesn't Brent Mushberger look about 107 years old?

Is it just me but are there a lot more girl fans in the stands now than in the late sixties?

Is it just me but when Kansas is on, no one in the country could stop us?

Is it just me but should we be jealous Jaybate went to Cancun and didn't even bring us all back a tee shirt?

Is it just me but for any non-Jayhawk isn't the Rock Chalk Chant about as creepy as it gets?

jaybate 10 years ago


I agree with you on Knight seeming to like Self and KU.

And it fills me with cognitive dissonance.

I want to praise Knight for fairly reporting KU, but I remember his willful overlooking of the '08 team.

Frankly, Knight seems to be doing penance to Self and KU for having had to suck up to Dick V in the '08 Madness coverage in order to enable his and Vitale's joint campaign to get themselves into the BHOF.

Knight was right there with Dickie V underestimating how terrific the '08 KU team was at tourney time. If it were not for Jay Bilas, Knight and Dickie V might never have mentioned that KU won! The entire post game show would have been about why Memphis lost. As it was, only 95 percent of it was.

I never understood why Knight felt he needed to suck up to Vitale to get into the BHOF, when he had the most wins of any active coach. I guess he never trusted the press, or other coaches. Knight probably knew where he stood with voters, and believed he needed Vitale to do a two year PR campaign of restoring Knight's public image.

And perhaps Vitale, knowing he had backed so many shady coaches that were no longer considered respectable, thought he needed to do a good turn for "the General" to prove to the coaching establishment that he would help even non-cheaters get into the BHOF.

Do I sound cynical?

I am about this.

But if we have to suck up to Knight to get fair coverage, then I will be first in line to draw deeply.

KU needs to break through the media grey out (i.e., systematic under-reporting of positive accomplishments and over reporting of negatives) that ESPN has put KU under.

Knight ought to like Self.

After Coach K, Self is the leading descendant of Wooden, Haskins, Eddie, Hartman and Knight, the great coaches most inspired by Iba.

But if I were Self, I wouldn't trust Knight any farther than I could throw him.

Knight is out for Knight. He sees some tactical advantage to joining Bilas in reporting fairly about KU.

I don't know what it is, but Bob Knight is nobody's fool.

jaybate 10 years ago


Coach Self agrees, saying it would be nice if KU could put 40 minutes together.

Let's hope they do it against KSU.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


Answers to your questions:


Perfect evening for basketball tonight--raise your beer to me, if you agree:

1--Kitty Kat #1 loses against S. Carolina. 2--Kitty Kat #2 loses against Baylor. 3--The Turdhills lose at NC State -- Coach Roy gives another excuse for losing, looks for a female reporter and blurps out another choice expletive for asking a dumb question!

Keep Rocking, Jayhawks!!!!!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Hope Coach Self is taking a look at the K-State/Baylor game--Wildcats are being pressured full-court and turning it over--I do realize the game is in Waco. However, it is still very interesting.

actorman 10 years ago

" 'It’s early in the season,' MU guard Zaire Taylor said. 'I don’t know the date — I’m assuming somewhere in the middle of January.' "

Yep, another product of that fine Misery education ...

rxjayhawk 10 years ago

Agree with you 100% comland. The atmosphere could be so much better. All you see on tv is the seats the length of the court and those are the johnson county season ticket holders. They rarely stand and cheer and it looks terrible. You barely see the student section and every time espn showed us we were doing the same free throw routine. We need to do something to make the environment more hostile.

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

Lopsided Loss Mystifies MU? Where is the mystery?

They blew. A lot.

I'm glad Collins had an off night last night. Law of averages would say he'll be on in Columbia, and so will the tigres. It will be the last conference game and in a hostile environment. Collins will be needed.

Cole Train is back and it's as great a reason to celebrate as I can imagine. He opens the game wide.


Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Looks like my perfect night of basketball got ruined--K-State wins by two!!!!!!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

but......................Kentucky and North Carolina are losing, so, it might not be so bad after all!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

North Carolina won--bummer--but Kentucky lost. I am glad they lost but I'm afraid it puts the bulls eye back on the Jayhawks----with the huge game at the Little Apple--the Octogon of Doom (please, spare me!) on Saturday!

jaybate 10 years ago

comland and drgnslayr,

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."--Mohandas Ghandi

You are now a minority of three. I'm with you on this. Students get the best seats. Period. A nation's greatness is measured many ways, but one sure indicator is the way it cares for its young. To move students, naive and ungrateful though they may be sometimes, out of the best seats is to give our students less than the best KU has. By doing so, it teaches them a lesson for life: this society does not give children the best it can. This insidious lesson enlists them in giving the next generation less than its best. To teach a society to do less than its best for its children is evil. This is evil, regardless of what religion or agnoticism one holds.

KU1976 10 years ago

type this into how many consecutive home basketball games has MU won? You'll love it!

tashe2 10 years ago

who cares when people left!! I think some of you people get on here and talk, just to talk!! Who cares, we beat our biggest rivalry by double digits, we continued our at home winning streak and if we can beat k state saturday, KU will be back at #1

STLJHawk86 10 years ago

KU1976 - that google search is hilarious; I really "mean it"!!!

Jaybate - I think you make a good point about giving our best to our children but I am assuming that you are being a little facetious when you apply it to basketball tickets. If not, please make sure and let me know so I can exchange my house (and its contents) and vehicles for my son's crappy apartment (and contents) and bike he has while in college.

Firebirdguy31 10 years ago


"type this into how many consecutive home basketball games has MU won?"

I did that and it came back with "did you mean, How many consecutive home basketball games has KU won?" lol, that's freakin priceless.

jaybate 10 years ago


I had a feeling some astute person like you would make your observation.

Thanks for raising the issue.

When I say the kids should get the best KU has to offer, I mean that we as a society create the public good of KU education and its experience. We have created this public good for them and they, not the wealthy alums, or corporations, deserve the best it has to offer.

What we each give to our own children is quite our own business and each parent believes a certain way about such things. Any drive through a university parking lot verifies this. Some can and do give their kids opulence. Others give them the short end of a stick and say prove to me you can handle the humble life before I bestow my riches upon you when I die. Some can't give much at all, but their love and what little they can scrimp and set aside.

But the university itself all Kansans, state and federal governments, and corporations and foundations create as a public good so they can benefit down stream from the educated students and the research that this public university produces. The university is a public good, even though it has to managed essentially as a Fortune 100 or 500 corporation. The best the university has to give to students ought to be given to the students. They should be sitting at court side. They should be getting exposure to the best scholars from the beginning. I've always felt this way even though I know the reality falls far short of this. But I really don't see why we can't subsidize the students continued seating by simply asking those alums and corporations that continue to sit on the other side to simply pay double what they pay now to subsidize the students sitting where they do? The joy of the experience of sitting on the adult/corporate side is predicated on the exhuberance of the students on the other. Otherwise its just like going to another pro game. KU basketball is a living myth. It is the liveness of the myth that is the goose that lays the fiscally golden egg for KUAD and KU. I am only advocating that KUAD and KU leadership act in their own self interests. Preserve the students to preserve the goose. Without the students on one side of the floor, it will inexorably decline into a minor league professional sports franchise, or something like one finds in many eastern universities playing in half empty arenas full of listless crowds.

Preserve the students to preserve the goose.

Similarly, I would not propose pushing the alums and corporations out.

Part of the living myth is that the alums and the corporations want to be apart of KU basketball.

It is a sports ecology in balance.

Preserve the balance.

Rock chalk.

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