Tuesday, February 9, 2010

UT forward miffed

James steamed over thrown ’bows

Kansas center Cole Aldrich blocks Texas forward Gary Johnson's shot during the second half, Monday, Feb. 8, 2010 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin.

Kansas center Cole Aldrich blocks Texas forward Gary Johnson's shot during the second half, Monday, Feb. 8, 2010 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin.


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Who played the toughest for KU against Texas?

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— Damion James wasn’t happy with Cole Aldrich’s actions late in Kansas University’s 80-68 victory over Texas on Monday.

“He threw ’bows,” the UT forward said. “I know he probably didn’t mean it on purpose, but just the type of player I am, I don’t appreciate that type of stuff.

“But he’s a good guy. He played hard, so big ups to Cole. It’s all love.”

The KU center picked up a technical foul when he swung his arms after a whistle, knocking James to the ground.

It appeared that Aldrich tried to pat the 6-foot-7 James on the head, but the Texas forward swung his arms away before marching angrily to the bench.

“I’m always frustrated when we don’t do good,” James said. “It happens, though.”

Texas, which started the season 17-0, lost for the fifth time in seven games.

“This is the worst we’re going to play, I know that. This is the worst we’re going to play,” James said. “Once we get going on that high hill and get back up the hill, it’s going to be great.”

James, who set a career-high in three-pointers (four) and also tied a career-high for blocks (five), said that giving up a 22-0 run in the first half was “unacceptable.”

“It happened so fast,” James said. “They showed why they’re the No. 1 team in the country. If we want to be that, we’ve got to watch this game and see what we’ve got to do to make things happen.”

UT coach Rick Barnes said there was one reason for the Longhorns’ ineffectiveness offensively: a poor assist-to-turnover ratio. Texas finished with six assists and 17 giveaways.

“Not taking anything away from them, because they do some great things, but we helped them,” Barnes said. “And they don’t help you very much. Kansas doesn’t help you very much. You’re going to have to defend them and do some things.”

Texas, which scores more than 60 percent of its points from two-point field goals, struggled to get any offense inside against KU.

The Longhorns were just 20-for-52 from two-point range (38.4 percent) despite making 51.9 percent of their two-pointers heading into Monday’s contest.

“We’re going through a tough stretch right now,” James said. “Everybody knows that. I’d rather go through it now than at the end of this month and the beginning of March.”

James wasn’t convinced it was his last game against the Jayhawks.

“I think somewhere down the road, we’ll probably bump into them again,” James said, “and see what happens.”


7texdude 11 years ago

“I think somewhere down the road, we’ll probably bump into them again,” James said, “and see what happens.”

More of the same bubba, more of the same.........Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Clarence Haynes 11 years ago

James himself can be a bull in a china shop! Why cry?

phogthedog 11 years ago

When teams kick the crxp out of the Hawks, Bill Self makes no excuses. For Rick Barnes to suggest that the Longhorns beat themselves is ridiculous. Smoked...start to finish! RCJHGKU

Robert Brock 11 years ago

Damion James is quite the victim. Hilarious.

Lindsey Buscher 11 years ago

That was a bs call, especially when they went to "review" it. cmon, of course it looks worse in slow was not a technical. terrible call by the tejass homer officials.

Brad Avery 11 years ago


If you don't want Cole swinging, which he really didn't, it might be a good idea to get off his back and stop fouling him every play. There are ways to get offensive rebounds other than trying to jump over the top of the guy boxing you out.

mattvely 11 years ago

Damion James looked like a poor sport last night. Whining, crying, throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd in disgust....give me a break. That biz wouldn't fly with Self but Barnes seems to just let it go. It is even more fun to watch KU beat guys like James, acting the way James acts.

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago


Are you saying that you thought it was "classless" that Collins "spiked" the ball. Or, is it Sportsline saying that he did and you think it's classless that they are making that staement? Not quite sure of your position.

KU 11 years ago

If Collins "spiked" the ball, it was one of the least emphatic spikes I have seen. If I recall, he sorta fumbled the ball around with time still on the clock and it looked like he walked but the refs didn't call it.

dukehester 11 years ago

what a wussy!! you banged all night....and didn't get called for fouls.....then you bear hug Cole from the back and are upset that you got an elbow. be a man, james,......don't play 'mommy, mommy'.......your team played well against some folks early in the you guys are all wondering where the easy wins are versus working to play as a TEAM and allow the wins to pile up. go home and whine....OOPS, you ARE on your home court!! LOL

John Brown 11 years ago

If the refs are going to make that call then they need to be consistant. I saw Texas players throwing elbows after rebounds several times durning the game. James was coming off of Coles back after hanging on the rim. Then he remained in Coles space. Bobby Knight's immediate reaction was that Cole did not foul, but rather James needs to give him some space.

eastTXjayhawk 11 years ago

he spiked it, big deal, you wanna fight about it? (compliments of family guy)

He did it last week at home, and pretty much does it any time (or throws it in the air) he ends up with the ball at the end of the game. He didn't go to mid court and spike the longhorn, i fail to see the issue.

I'm off to spike whatever I can find at work, in front of every Longhorn I see.

kusayzone 11 years ago

Wrong KU....SC slammed the ball pretty well with 1.1 sec on the clock.verified on ESPN 360....this is not the first games he has done this! What is it going to take to tell the senior...dont do that! Waiting on the refs to call it! Hope its not in a 1 point victory with free throws awarded! There have been stranger things that have happened on the road in the Big 12 but his action is totally classless!

Jeff Scully 11 years ago

Give Sherron a break. The guy had never won at UT. He said that it was one of the top 5 wins of his career. He was just showing some excitement. Get over it.

Jonathan Allison 11 years ago

I agree that Sherron shouldn't spike the ball to celebrate a victory. I saw him do it at home against Nebraska, and he spiked it quite a bit harder last night. Probably bounced it a good 20 feet into the air. He should be called for a technical foul and get chewed out by coach Self for that. Doesn't matter if it's before or after the final buzzer, it's poor sportsmanship, especially on the road.

Dyrk Dugan 11 years ago

Collins definitely spiked the ball at the end of the game...he did it at the end of the NU game as well....he's done it before....sort of an exclamation point at the end.

if you're an opposing team...and don't want the spike...then make the last 30 seconds meaningful....and then it won't happen. hardly a big deal.

Cole got mugged all night. Aldrich is so doesn't even phase him. no contact on the "bows" however...he was just pivoting and clearing. if James hadn't been on his back and hit him in the back of the head...this wouldn't have happened in the first place.

we get fouled on a rebound...and they end up scoring five points and we get none...(thanks to Brady trying to do a magic trick with the ball...tee he).

for 25 minutes of the game, it was 47-22 KU. 'nuff said. domination. take that Tejas!

Jonathan Allison 11 years ago

ahh, read his comments about never winning there before. Don't give me that Sherron, you only played there once before. He's never won in Stillwater before either. I watched the game. It may have felt like one of his top 5 wins at the time, but after they watch tape I think it will move down his list. It may not even be one of the top 5 wins of the season.

docileboy 11 years ago

So James thinks it is alright to mug people as long as they don't knock him on his ass? I didn't realize he was such a cry baby. I think the Officials blew that call, along with several other calls.

Michael Leiker 11 years ago

Hey James, if you were spread eagle on my back I would elbow your arse too.

Joel Hood 11 years ago

Rick cried like a little b**** because his best player was handled and they were frustrated. The T was a joke. There are so many times I'd like to stop play and have the refs watch film and retroactively call a T. Cole was clearly protecting the ball with guys hacking the crap out of him - as usual. There was no malice on Cole's part - there was no intent to harm - just protect the ball. The refs knew Cole had 4 fouls and decided it was their opportunity to try to make this a closer game.

kvskubball 11 years ago

I am still wondering what the tech was called for...throwing the 'bows, or the head pat that James so graciously accepted???

BTW, slow mo shows that there probably wasn't much, if any, contact from the 'bows, James was into his con man routine acting like he'd been knocked silly, after he climbed down off of Cole's back. Then he puts on his classless, hurt wuss act...give me a break.

Cole tries to apologize, and James shows he's truly and totally classless.

KU 11 years ago

So if Collins spiked the ball, big deal. You have to have that sort of attitude to win road games in this league. It ain't intermurals, baby!

Marcia Parsons 11 years ago

Chris Piper, who normally has to calm Bob Davis, just about went balastic on this call. He didn't even have his elbows out as near as I could see. Pipe called it the refs being "reactionary" to the crowd.

SDSurferFan 11 years ago

Love Collins fire. He doesn't have a reputation at all, so I take it as passion and fire. I think he did it because he knew his team pretty much just sealed up the big 12 title right there.

BMonstaC 11 years ago

Good Lord. Was Cole throwing 'bows? It happens, especially when a guy is being saddled. Not a great call. Made to please the crowd. Cole is unassuming, and if he weren't he might get a few more calls. James going crybaby was the shocker. Cole's had his nose broke 3 times and his front teeth knocked out, but he never made a scene about any of those shots. Good player, keeps his cool. Great win 'Hawks. Great Team road win! RCJKGKU

greg robinson 11 years ago

Did you ever notice how the first sentence that follows the statement "not to take anything away from them" is taking something away?

justanotherfan 11 years ago

Actually, the call was in line with the NCAA point of emphasis this year.

I have watched a lot of games where the officials have gone to the monitor on similar plays and assessed technicals. Unfortunate that it happened to be Cole's fifth foul, but there have been a lot of plays like that this year. I'm not really a fan of the rule, but it has been called pretty consistently a technical this year.

I do wonder if some of the fans on here would feel differently if the elbow belonged to Dexter Pittman and the chin it grazed was Cole's.

peter56321 11 years ago

According to HCBS's post-game conference, Cole was called for the technical because he was clearing space (initiating contact, whatever) after the whistle was blown and play was stopped. That's also why they were looking at the monitor. To see if they had the timing right and Cole's actions came after the whistle.

Woody Cragg 11 years ago

Cole has to have room to come down with the board. James had no room to complain or whine. Some guys like Aldrich let their play do the talking. Or they have something to say when they do talk. And others get paid to talk as well. But alot of these spoiled brats just have to talk to say something no matter how stupid or irrelevant the comment is. Makes you wonder how they're getting through school. Also that is at least the second time SC has spiked the ball at the end of the game recently. Equally brainless. He could easilly be slapped with a T and extra laps by BS. Barnes did make too many excuses as well. Again, a big lack of poise and credit for good defense. One more thing. Cole did not have the elbows extended off the ball when the pivot was made. His arms were cradled about as tight as possible around it. After all, they are rather long. Real crappy call, especially after they went to the monitor. If Texas doesn't get a bye in the conference tournament they'll be long gone before the Jaybirds see them again. As for Morningstars' free shot, BS will address all the issues with extra reps, and reps, and reps. Barnes is pretty easy for BS to out coach. He does it every time. RCJH!

Michael Leiker 11 years ago

KU fans need to give this guy hell at Sprint Center. Maybe just booing every time he touches the ball or something like that.

Mike Kendall 11 years ago

Is James challenging us down the road, really? I say, bring it on, baby James!!!! More of same every time!!!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!

Jaminrawk 11 years ago

You have to use the elbows as a big man or the jackals converge on the ball and try to strip it or get a tie-up. If you don't want to lose teeth, don't saddle a 6'11" monster when he is turning with the ball. Cole learned that same lesson against Darnell Jackson a few years ago, hence, missing tooth.

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

So what Collins spike the ball. It gets done all the time, saw it a couple times over the weekend. Whats the difference of spiking the ball or with a couple seconds left throwing it high in the air ? NONE......Get over it

kufan4284 11 years ago

c'mon James was all over aldrich plus i saw that aldrich was trying to see if he was okay james was the cry baby

sdoyel 11 years ago

If I was James and had to play for that lousy coach Rick Barnes, i'd be crying too.

Dan Pawlowski 11 years ago

justanotherfan, No, it was a bad call. You cite "NCAA point of emphasis". Sounds pretty but back it up with a quote from an NCAA edict. If that edict were to state that the NCAA will call flagrant fouls against an player even if the opponent is not giving him space after pulling down a rebound then your statement would have teeth. Nice try with that "point of emphasis" bit.

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years ago

I for one was glad to see Cole get those elbows up and out. If it's going to be a T everytime, so be it. Actually too bad Cole didn't connect nice and square in the guys jaw. As I posted last night during that game, Barnes went Izzo with his guys. Our guys have encountered that before and have seamed to back down. Not this time, and that is great. Add to this the way Xavier, Sherron, Marcus, et al, came around to essentially say "we got your back bro", "accept the T and we'll mop up".

I also mentioned last night that the Texas players looked like they have sold out on Barnes, something I've noticed over the last 5 or 6 games. Meanwhile our guys have bought in to Self for the full-meal-deal. I would love to know more about what Holly Rowe reported last night that Self has challenged each player to personally get better by 10% starting now.

Hawkin8r 11 years ago

You can "spike" the ball all day long as long as the clock is running. The technical foul is called only for spiking it AFTER the clock is stopped. Personally I would prefer Sherron didn't do it but if HCBS doesn't mind then I don't either.

Great win Hawks!

Sally Presson 11 years ago

I've never seen so many flops as there are this year. guess these guys are trying to master the Tyler hansboro flop and get some fouls or an academy award!! And what's with Barnes, I thought he was a bigger person than that--KU beat him like a drum. However Coach Self challenged the guys, it worked, they are really working together and giving it their all. James is a super big baby, if I were a Texas fan, I'd be embarrassed.

d_prowess 11 years ago

BoulderHawk, while it may not be written anywhere, you just have to follow the game to know that the refs have decided/been told that swinging your elbows is no longer acceptable. Say that is wrong, say that is how kids are taught, say Cole had a right to the space, or say whatever else, but that is the reality of the game right now. If you swing your elbows high (which Cole did) and make contact with someone (especially their head), you are going to get a T. Maybe not a good call, but it has been consistent all year so players have to adjust.

docileboy 11 years ago

Big Baby James, what a fitting name.

kvskubball 11 years ago


If the elbows were swung outside of the shoulders, it would have been the right call, but Cole's elbows are high and tight and he didn't swing them away from his body...point of emphasis or not, in this case, with a player having just climbed off his back and not backing off...I'm not buying it. Look at the replay, he rotates inside his shoulder width...should have been a no call. If James wasn't backing off, how can it matter if Cole did it after a whistle??? None of that makes sense.

stravinsky 11 years ago

Yeah dudes, Sherron spikes / tosses the ball literally every time he dribbles out the clock at the end of the game.

You don't really have to worry about it getting called and changing the course of a close game -- he's never going to be dribbling out the clock in a close game. He'd be getting fouled, sent to the line, and then the other team will be trying to get the ball back for a buzzer beater. Only time he'll have a chance to spike / toss, its already over.

Michael Leiker 11 years ago

Strategically, spiking the ball is a great way to run the clock out if there's 2-3 seconds left and you're worried about getting fouled. I like it.

kerbyd 11 years ago

A little change on James Taylor's moniker. Sour Baby James.

Joshua Hann 11 years ago

I find it funny that he cries when multiple times during the game, after a dead ball, I saw him and a few others shove Collins or walk into them and attempt to take a few steps through them......happens when you get frustrated and get your rear handed to you on a national stage in front of your home crowd....lovely!

Mike Barnhart 11 years ago

Texas is soft! Very, very soft!!! After getting clocked by Cole, Damion James said, "...the type of player I am, I don’t appreciate that stuff." He's a wuss and so is Dexter Pittman. Just get physical with big Dex and he'll cower and hide for the rest of the game.

It probably comes from the way Rick Barnes babies these guys. It's like a junior high rec league team; everyone gets to play no matter how bad you are.

It's a man's game and the Jayhawks ate Longhorn steaks for dinner Monday night.

oldrocker 11 years ago

I always liked Damion James - great ball player, very competitive, always hustling...but after the way he acted last night, I hope Texas loses the rest of their games and fails to make the NCAA tourney. What a poor sport!

Joel Hood 11 years ago

Q – UT has virtually unlimited financial resources. The state of TX is their HS recruiting backyard - arguably the most fertile pastures in the country for great HS athletes. Ole Rick (AKA – Skeletor) has more big macs on his team than anyone in the Big 12. So why is he (almost) always second to HCBS?


Any decent D1 coach could be successful at UT. But, Self is the total package. He totally out game-coached Barnes last night and clearly had the Hawks much more prepared going into the game last night. If anyone at UT actually cared about basketball, fans would openly question Barnes’s ability to coach and succeed. And, we may soon hear some grumblings out of Austin, but not because they actually care about basketball, but because it gnaws at their pride that they are consistently second best to little ole KU at something. JMHO – RCJH.

Steve Gantz 11 years ago

I still like Damion James. The man's a beast. Someone here said we handled him last night. Really? 23 points (I think) 10 boards, 5 blocks. We won despite what Damion James did. Read his story sometimes. This is a young man who has endured an awful lot in his life, maybe didn't have the best guidance and upbringing. His reaction was more out of frustration to a game gone bad. He's an amazing kid who I'm hoping for a successful career. Great game by the Jayhawks, kind of restored some of my faith in them.

Rick Arnoldy 11 years ago

Haven't sifted my way through all the comments yet but Cole's elbows weren't even out - they were close to the body. He was securing the ball, not clearing the area. If they reviewed the replay before making the call it was clear it was unintentional.

jhwkswn 11 years ago

Seriously, Damion James, u are a huge pu$$y for crying about this. Did one of those 'bows' hit you in the vaj or something? Be a man.

kureader 11 years ago

Damian James pouted, whined and acted hurt during the game ... more drama that I'd expect from such a great player. But, his postgame comments above are OK. He gave KU and Cole credit. You can't expect the kid to gravel too much.

It did seem like the refs got "caught up" in the excitement at the end of the game. It felt like they were trying to keep things close ...

It's actually Coach Barnes I'm not crazy about. He's an underachiever considering his incredible recruiting advantages in Texas. What a fun game to watch! ... Texas getting "spanked" on their own court. Incredible job by the Hawks ... and on Big Monday, too! Awesome.

If Coach Self thinks Sherron's end of game ball spike was inappropriate, I'm sure he'll talk with Sherron. Too much is being made of it here. The story here is that the Jayhawks took a big step towards securing the Big 12 title last night ... in front of a huge national tv audience. Rock Chalk!

Joe Baker 11 years ago

If you're an alumni or long time fan, this isn't surprising. This is typical UT b-ball. I'm sure you all remember a thug in the highest regard by the name of Brad Buckman and Connor Atchley?

Yeah...They were some of the nastiness players KU has ever played. UT just keeps recruiting thugs and training them to be hit men. They'll never change because this is Ricky Barnes b-ball. I have no problem with being aggressive and getting physical but James knew exactly what he was doing against Cole.

Texas is great about losing and then getting nasty fouls.

This article make this win a whole lot sweeter-

Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU

kmatlage 11 years ago

Cole had his arms wrapped around the ball. His elbows were about as far in as possible--it's not like he was sticking them out trying to draw contact--and he was simply turning the ball after coming down with the board. Perhaps if you watch it in slow motion the contact might come 0.1 seconds after the whistle (I don't think so, but let's humor them), but either way, the turn was already started and it's not like he just started clearing space after the whistle. He was clearly already in the action before the whistles blew. Stupid call.

justanotherfan 11 years ago


It IS a point of emphasis. You notice that the officials went to the monitor to look at the play. That was put in THIS YEAR for situations just like this. Oh, and if you want an NCAA edict

here you go. (see number 2)

Joel Hood 11 years ago

kmatlage - you are exactly right. The retro T on Cole was to passify the crowd and lil Ricky. Cole was protecting the ball from being hacked out of his possession - he was not trying clip anyone. I agree with earlier posters that Damian James is great player - but right now he is not a great leader and lil Ricky is letting his seniors down. All their whining last night was from bad coaching and player immaturity. Glad I'm a hawk...

stravinsky 11 years ago

re: joel, that's something I've been saying for a while -- Barnes just isn't a good coach. Which I don't mind, since Texas consistently recruits extremely well and then rarely performs even close to their potential. This is his twelfth year at UT, and they've made the sweet sixteen just four times. It might seem odd to talk bad about a guy thats brought them a final four and two more elite 8s, but their team has been talented enough to be a consistent top 10 contender.

This year? I'd be extremely surprised for them to make a final four. Sweet sixteen is what I'd probably guess.

Ralster -- didn't see that from Marcus. Bad sportsmanship, probably, but also kind of awesome.

Joel Hood 11 years ago

jaf - thanks for the link - read the details...

"...When the arm and elbow, with the shoulder as a base (pivot) are swung with a speed that exceeds the rest of the body as it rotates on the hips or on the pivot foot, that action is considered to be excessive..."

Cole's elbows did not swing faster that his body speed. His elbows were locked in a down position and he was twisting his entire body to get James off him. It's called protecting the ball - James overplayed his position and then cried when someone played tough against him.

I know it's a point of emphasis but the refs caved in their interpretation of the rule to appease the crowd and lil Ricky.

Joe Baker 11 years ago

ralster (anonymous) says... Oh, did you see Marcus with the two-handed "pistol shooters" gestures as he "stepped over" a downed TX player after a made layup?


Yep! I loved it!!

Shoot 'em down Marcus!

Also saw Ja'Covan Brown put his hands on Marcus after a made layup too and Marcus told him to keep his hands off! I loved KU's aggressiveness. Texas expects teams to come into that arena and cowar down. But they'll bully you all night if you're not ready.

Dirk Medema 11 years ago

The elbow emphasis came after Chris Kramer (Purdue) was knocked out of the game last year with Michigan. I believe it broke his nose as well. If someone wants the reference - do your own research.

It stinks that it was Cole's 5th, but I hope he does it as necessary in the future as well. Was it Jaybate that wrote yesterday about Cole DOMINATING the paint? Maybe it was a article (GREAT website). Let 'em know they need big boy pants to play in your neighborhood Cole. James was just frustrated that his teammates didn't wear theirs.

As for Sherron, how high can you dribble the ball before it is wrong? :-) Sure are surprised by the homers whining. It's not in anyone's face. Personally, I love the fire. It is why he is a great leader.

jhokfan 11 years ago

My knee jerk reaction was that Cole would pick up a foul. Whenever you see a player swing his arms in that motion they usually get called. But on the replay it appears to me that he had his arms high and tight in an attempt not to elbow anyone which I think would keep a ref from interpreting his actions as being excessive. Also, James was literally right in his face. Seems to me Cole was doing the only thing he could do to protect the ball. According to the letter of the rules I think the refs called it right but the rule needs to be revised.

Disagree with most of the comments regarding James. He acted badly in the heat of battle but his comments afterward showed good sportsmanship.

Spencer Goff 11 years ago

Good sportsmanship, seriously? It sounds like "cover your ass" trash talking to me. Let me define my new phrase; you want to talk garbage, you just got your ass whipped, you got taken out of the game in the second half, the only teammate that bothered to show up is a bench guard, you are frustrated that you are getting rick-rolled at home, you want to act like the other team somehow is dirty or getting away with things you are not (funny, coming from a Texas player), and although you want to talk yourself up for a rematch, you want to mince words and 'cover dat azz' because you don't want to give poster material for that same team (particularly the same player that a teammate has to cover) that just kicked your butt in your own backyard. Thus, the "cover your ass" trash talk....

Hey James, if you don't want to get hit with boulders, don't try climbing Mt. Cole.

Spencer Goff 11 years ago


You spelled that wrong, its Connor Snatchley.

And who can't remember Buckman? He played there till he was forty-three.

Bus 11 years ago

As far as Collins being a pore sport! If slamming a ball on a court is the result of dominating TX up and down the court. Then so be it! We all have seen way worse!

LOL MT. Cole! I like that! I just want to know what the rest of the players was saying to Cole just after the technical was called? Sometimes I wish I took a read lips class!

Bus 11 years ago

Ha! forgot about the two handle pistol action! I did see that! It was discrete " kinda" yet well deserved!

thehawkster 11 years ago

I was at the game yesterday and I was sitting 2 rows from the floor and had a great view of the incident of when Cole supposedly threw bows because it pretty much happened in front of me. The first thing I saw (of course I was the only one to see it b/c I was around UT fans) was James trying to get a piggy back from Aldrich. Then Aldrich swings his elbows to create space which he is entitled to and then James hitting the floor. Once on the floor I thought Aldrich was trying to grab his hand to help him up but James swung Coles arm away. Then they go to the monitors and I am watching the refs call both coaches over and I am thinking this can't be good and then they decide to give Cole a T which makes him foul out.

It was so frustrating to have the UT fans yell that Aldrich was a dirty player and he tried to hit him. Then later in the game the guy sitting 2 rows in front of me started yelling at Sherron when UT was shooting free throws. Sherron looked over at him and told him he was acting like a child and then the guy yelled some more crap to him at which point I yelled at Sherron that it's cool b/c we got the win and all this dude could do is talk crap. Sherron then looked at me and smiled and that shut the dude up.

Man it was an awesome game and the first time I have seen KU play since I graduated in 2004 and moved to Austin. Sorry for the ramblings but still jazzed about the experience and thought I would share it. Rock chalk baby.

nobody1793 11 years ago

Collins did not "spike" the ball. It was just a bounce pass to God!

eastTXjayhawk 11 years ago

I'll be at "the Drum" for the Texas High School State Tournament in about a month, I so enjoy 3 days of wearing KU gear in the home of the horns! I feel personally responsible for Shady coming to KU...that wasn't a dream, that was me in the stands, in front of all the SOC fans, wearing Rock Chalk Jayhawk loud and proud.

Bus 11 years ago

Nobody1793 grats on making me laugh! " Collins did not " spike" the ball. It was a bounce pass to God!


David Howell 11 years ago

James, you friggin crybaby ! The only reason you scored at times was either X, Brady to TT took a play off and left you wide open. Big mistake I know ..........

As for the elbow, you deserved it ! Anybody trying to do a "let crawl into your boxers with you" body check of Cole is gonna get the BOW .............

Bus 11 years ago

If D Manning said it was a BS Call its true!

tashe2 11 years ago

Damion James is a punk btch.. I cant wait to see what happens if we "bump" into texas again.. Another beat down is what will happen.. Cole didnt elbow him on purpose whatsoever.. he didnt even know he was still there.. after he gave that pssy a piggy back ride.. Screw Rick Barnes saying they gave us this win.. Yaaa rigghhttt.. That whole Texas team is a bunch of poor sport b*tches!!

Rock Chalk Championship 2010

David Lara 11 years ago

Um, yeah. Cole deserved the T. He did swing elbows and it was in the direction of a specific player, intended to clear space. It is OBVIOUS, however, that he was never planning on making contact. The elbows were not IN, like many have said (what the heck does that mean anyway?), but they were up over his head so high that they couldn't have connected with anyone. Still deserves a T according to the rules and that's the way it has always been. It's ok, he learned and luckily it didn't cost the hawks the victory.

As for Sherron, spiking the ball on the opposing team's court to celebrate a victory IS classless. I don't really think it's a big deal or worthy of an entire article, but yeah, I'm not sure why Self wouldn't say something to him. I think we have gotten the best of UT enough times that we shouldn't feel we need to give them a big "f*** you" at the end of that victory. I understand getting amped after a great, potentially conference-clinching road win, but I think it's best to leave those kinds of reactions for the locker room, and I would bet that in retrospect, Sherron would agree. Again, I don't call this a huge transgression, but this issue seems to have separated hawk fans into 2 groups: those who care about the hawks maintaining an image of class, and those who couldn't care less about such things. Those belonging to the former group will struggle to justify Collins' actions, which is where I am currently sitting.

captku 11 years ago

James just let himself lose control. It happens. If you wanna talk 'bows, take a look at Dogus Balbay - or should we say "Belbow". That guy was giving Collins the business for the 16 minutes he was in there. Also, if Collins wants to spike the ball in each of the away games his senior year after a win, awesome. I have generally been proud of his sportsmanship in conference. Don't think he likes Sek Henry, though!

emillasap 11 years ago

Cole, keep clearing. As bate eluded to in a post recently, exert your dominance.

James, if you don't like elbows to the head get the f@#k out of the way when you have been beaten on the board.

Rock chalk

Dan Pawlowski 11 years ago

I have watched the game plenty and I know the difference between "swinging elbows" ( Elbows , thats what we used to call them) to clear out space and swinging them to do harm. I have watched basketball for longer than some of you have been alive and I have never seen that call against a player when the opponent is crawling all over him. Don't tell me it is something I would see by watching a few games. Bobby Knight himself ( yea criticize him for not have the perfect temperament but that does nothing to diminish his basketball knowledge) said it right after that play happened "the player has to be given room to move". Bad Call.

Dan Pawlowski 11 years ago

So how do you swing your elbows high when you are 6-11 coming down for a rebound? Define high. Please no stupid , immature and worn out, comments about living in Boulder and being high. I'm done with this thread just reading it is lowering my IQ.

KEITHMILES05 11 years ago

To those griping about Sherron and spiking the ball get over yourselves. He's never embarassed KU on the floor and he won't. What a bunch of whiners.

Joel Hood 11 years ago

sorry wiseapple, I've seen the replay too many times. Cole's forearms were wrapped around the ball, his elbows were pointing downward (not up high as you suggest), and the only reason it looked bad is because James was literally on top of him when he twisted his entire torso to retain possession of the ball. Nothing about the replay shows that Cole was trying to clip anyone. The T was a joke - it was BS - it was to appease the UT crowd and lil Ricky.

BMonstaC 11 years ago

Lots of great comments about Coach Barnes. There was a coach in the Big Ten for many years that was widely respected and still is today. His name was Gene Keady and I swear I could never figure out why they loved him so much. In my mind I will always remember him as the guy that wasted and tanked more talent than anyone. Great collections of talent and no real results year after year. Rick Barnes is starting to fill those shoes. Talented and deep teams, coached to nowhere year after year. What a shame. We are soooooo lucky to have HCBS. RCJHGKU

Martin Shupert 11 years ago

Wait a minute. You don't get a technical for throwing the ball hard in any direction while the clock is running. It is part of the game. The clock is running. What it would take for SC to stop doing that would be for the ball to go to straight into the opponent's basket to beat us. Nightmares sometimes happen. But if a ref calls a technical for throwing a ball in any direction while the clock is running, it's a horrible call. As far as it being the only time SC has won down there... he's only played two games down there, correct? It isn't like it was for Ryan Roberson at Missouri where they tormented him for four years. Am I right about the count here? SC played down there two times if I'm correct.

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