Oklahoma defeats Kansas, 35-13

  • 2:30 p.m., Oct. 24, 2009
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reesing stopped; KU falls

KU quarterback Todd Reesing walks back to the bench, hanging his head after throwing an interception during the first half of the game against Oklahoma on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009, at Memorial Stadium.

KU quarterback Todd Reesing walks back to the bench, hanging his head after throwing an interception during the first half of the game against Oklahoma on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009, at Memorial Stadium.


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Postgame: Oklahoma

Jesse Newell and Tom Keegan discuss the KU football team's 35-13 loss to Oklahoma. What does the future hold for KU football this season? How many more games will the Jayhawks win? Do they still have a shot at the Big 12 championship game? Who is the favorite for the ...

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Oklahoma defeated KU, 35-13 Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.

The Oklahoma Sooners stopped Superman on Saturday.

It was kind of a weird thing. Through six games this season, no one had stopped Kansas University quarterback Todd Reesing. Here was a guy who was among the nation’s leaders in most significant quarterback categories. A guy who had thrown for a touchdown in 24 straight games, the nation’s longest streak. A guy who, after putting together another 300-yard passing performance and leading his team to another victory, has been known to sit in postgame news conferences and talk about the things he didn’t do.

Stop Todd Reesing? No one had much managed to slow him down.

But Saturday at Memorial Stadium, during the No. 24 Jayhawks’ 35-13 loss to visiting Oklahoma, the Sooners stopped him. They made him feel helpless, and when Superman feels helpless, it can be a troubling thing to behold.

“It’s tough, man,” said Reesing, who threw three first-half interceptions in what was the worst game of his four-year Kansas career. “Because when you can’t get anything going in the right direction, you just don’t know what to do. You try to stay positive and excited and ready to go out there for the next series and get something going, and then series after series when you fail to get the ball in the end zone and capitalize on opportunities you have, it becomes almost overwhelming.”

Before Saturday’s game, the idea of Kansas’ offense — or any member of it — feeling overwhelmed was laughable. The offensive unit was the team’s unofficial security blanket. It routinely helped the defense out of jams, gave it a good deal of leeway. Defense gives up 36 points to Iowa State? No big deal; the offense goes out and puts up 41. No big deal. Kind of like the football equivalent of a guardian angel.

And this is what made Saturday’s developments so shocking.

A previously unstoppable offense — the one that ranked second in the nation in total offense and fifth in scoring offense — couldn’t get anything right. The Jayhawks (5-2 overall, 1-2 in the Big 12) turned the ball over and gave up sacks and were held to a season-low 305 yards of total offense. They dropped potential touchdown passes and employed a brief and highly unsuccessful Wildcat formation and, at times, were booed by their own fans.

If not for a garbage-time touchdown in the final five minutes, in fact, Saturday’s game would have marked the first time since 2005 Kansas had failed to record a touchdown in a game.

And despite the assertions of teammates that their senior quarterback would be fine — “Todd Reesing is never down, you hear me?” center Jeremiah Hatch said. “... Todd Reesing is a soldier.” — it was hard not to attempt to gauge the game’s effects on Reesing, who finished just 22-of-42 passing for 224 yards and failed to throw a touchdown pass for the first time in 25 games.

Taking into account last week’s loss to Colorado, in which the quarterback’s two first-half turnovers led to 14 Buffaloes points and proved to be the difference in the game, it’s accurate to conclude that Reesing is engulfed in the first significant slump of his four-year career.

“There are no excuses,” said KU coach Mark Mangino, who shouldered much of the blame for Reesing’s struggles. “He has made some throws that he should not have. He knows that. We all know that. He understands that. He’s not offering any excuses, and neither am I.”

Of course, in the end, even a flawless performance from the quarterback might not have been enough to piece together a victory Saturday.

Despite the offensive struggles, the first half went promisingly enough, as a 57-yard field goal from kicker Jacob Branstetter in the final seconds of the half pulled Kansas within a possession, 14-6.

But following an encouraging first-half performance in which it held the Sooners to just 110 yards of total offense, the Kansas defense reverted back to its old ways in the final two quarters, giving up three second-half touchdowns to a team playing without its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback (Sam Bradford), All-American tight end (Jermaine Gresham) and top running back (DeMarco Murray).

And so it went on a day in which the race for the Big 12 North title grew increasingly murky.

Thanks to the weekend struggles of North favorite Nebraska, which fell, 9-7, to Iowa State earlier in the day, the Jayhawks remain in the thick of things heading into their final five games, though, with remaining road games against No. 3 Texas and No. 21 Texas Tech, the margin for error is becoming increasingly minuscule.

“We can’t sit here and look back and feel bad for ourselves, because we’re still very much in the hunt of things” Reesing said. “Just looking around at what’s going on in the conference, everyone’s got a loss or two in the North.

“There’s a lot of football to be played,” he added. “By no means are we out of it.”


yates33333 11 years, 3 months ago

When you do worse in the second half than you did in the first you probably got out coached during halftime. Likewise, teams, especially weaker teams, tire out as the game goes on, and individual players have bad days and can be the focal point of the other team's game plan. Last of all, KU is not as good a team this year as it has been in the previous two years. Hopefully, KU can beat KSU, MU, and Nebraska. That would make it seem like a good year.

okjhok 11 years, 3 months ago

If we beat KSU, MU, and NU, I've got to believe we still win the North. I don't see any North team coming out with a winning conference record.

Jason Bailey 11 years, 3 months ago

As strange as it seems, I think KSU is going to take it and then get smashed in Dallas. They have huge confidence with beating ISU and CU...their schedule is puffcake compared to ours and MU's. Nebraska is already fading away. I see the North situation as clearly lining up in KSU's favor. Not sure why others think "it's a tossup!"

Robert Brock 11 years, 3 months ago

Perhaps some credit should be given to the OU defense. Those who considered OU as a pre-season national champion were not particularly fascinated with the Sooner offense - which obviously lacked a great offensive line - rather, they knew that OU had moved heaven and earth to plug up the holes in their defense. It showed. They were lightening quick, could always get into the passing lanes, and it looked like they were well-read on KU's next move. Sheesh.

namder 11 years, 3 months ago

You know KSU is probably going to slop this thing out. It's not who's better but whose got the clearer road to the championship and KSU just has fewer redwoods in their way. It sucks but sometimes reality does.

tdub 11 years, 3 months ago

yates, I thought the same thing about the coaching in the second half. Horrible offensive playcalling. RUN THE BALL! It was working.

Talk about puffcake, the only team MU can lose to from here out is KU. As bad as they are, the final game might decide the North.

hawksince51 11 years, 3 months ago

The only somewhat bright spot against OU was the D looked the best it has for the last 4 games, especially in the first half. Of course, OU's O is not that great and battered by injuries. But, it does appear some of the changes KU has made in D are paying off. It seems to me that we have our Big 12 North destiny in our own hands since we still have the 3 to play. However, I will be very happy if we beat KSU and MU, and only take 2nd in the North to avoid a second beating up by TX going bowl game selection. I believe that worked in our favor the prior two seasons with MU taking those beatings in the Big 12 Champ. game.. Let KSU have that "privilege" this year.

Jayhawk1116 11 years, 3 months ago

And now I would like to do an impression of the KU student section after the 3rd quarter of a football game.

Thank you, thank you very much. I'll be here all week, and remember to tip your waitress. They work hard for a living.

Sparko 11 years, 3 months ago

Reesing stopped himself. None of the three crucial picks was due to athleticism. All were stupid decisions. He was psyched out. I blame Mangino's almost cultish fear of Oklahoma.

rkstoops 11 years, 3 months ago

The bad second half wasn't poor coaching for our defense. They got exhausted after playing the whole game. Our offense was never on the field for more than 10 seconds and our defense was worn down. They deserve a lot of credit for playing that well. We'll get our offense fixed. This is the first time Reesing has had an entire bad game. It won't happen again.

Jeff Hargate 11 years, 3 months ago

Who knows what happens if we take advantage of the 2 long drives in the 1st half. We should have had a lead at halftime, but that is the way it goes. All I know is that we could move the ball in the 1st half and in the 2nd it seemed like OU had a copy of our playbook. The 2 "wildcat" plays with Pick were absolutely horrible. Try it once, ok, but 2 times in a row seemed like we were giving up. This was after a huge play and 15 yard penalty...way to kill a potential great drive, Ed. How about getting the ball in Briscoe or Meier's hands with some bubble screens or reverses? After the pick 6 we stopped all horizontal passes. Just a bad day...

grandpa 11 years, 3 months ago

Nobody can make excuses for Reesing. He played horrible and Mangino knows it. Mangino takes pride in chewing the butts of every defensive person when they make a little mistake but he says nothing about the horrible,disgusting play of Reesing. Makes me want to throw up my guts.. #81 , John Wilson is a very good receiver and Reesing never throws to him when he is in the clear many times. He has his mind set on Meiers and Briscoe. Even the announcers for this game mentioned this several times. Oklahoma knocked down and sacked the Texas quarterback last week over 14 times and still Texas went on to win the game. Reesing was sacked about 3 times and he did nothing but throw interceptions and other poor passes. Our coaching staff put the second string quarterback in for two plays and put Reesing out as wide receiver. This is one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen. The qb ran the ball both times and made about 3yds. Stupid.!

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

Okay folks. Todd Reesing did stuggle no doubt of that. However, Mark Magino is as much to blame as anyone. Its easy to climb on his bandwagon, but until he starts scheduling harder teams to start the season and beating them we will always struggle when meeting the tougher South teams. You have to test your toughness early. Second reason its not all Todd's fault. Why quit on the run? Why not put in something Okla. has never seen on tape. Maybe put in an I-Form with Opurum and Sharp in at the same time, and run some straight ahead dive plays or options outside the I-Form. Not just option out of Shotgun, we have shown that already in previous games!! And talk about setting a player up for disaster, putting in Kale Pick when Okla knows all we are going to have him do is run. Now remember, we need this guy next year. Cannot shake his confidence, but why not let Pick throw a couple. Really shake Okla up. And how GDamn stupid do you have to be, to not once run a reverse and catch Okla as they overpursue. Why NOT, why do you think the shovel worked. Cause Okla was coming hard all day, allow them to overpursue, but not with the screen, they have seen that already. Run a reverse!! And keep running. Limit OU's opp. with the ball. Finally, Todd Reesing has NOTHING left to prove. Got it. As I recall he got KU their first and only Orange Bowl victory. And do not kid yourselves, if not for Todd Reesing and his amazing plays throughout the year, we are not even in that Orange Bowl. You want to boo someone KU fans. Boo Mark M. who punted in the third quater when it was clear we needed points. Boo Mark M and his staff for not being creative and forcing OU to overpusue. For giving up on the run. For forcingTodd Reesing to carry the whole load.

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

By the way. Todd Reesing does deserve to still be a part of the Heisman talk. Don't believe me, take a look at Colt McCoy's stats. McCoy is LUCKY to have Texas def. Todd does not, frankly our defense is shaky at best. Remove the Okla. game from the discussion altogether and just look at Colorado. K-STATE figured out Colorado and shut them down. Todd might have had two turnovers, but HE STILL put us in a position to win. Blame the defense for the Colo. game.Todd will bounce back, I have little doubt. He still deserves the Heisman hype, considering outside of Meier and Briscoe he has no home run hitters, no great offensive line or any other advantages McCoy and others enjoy. The great Tim T. almost let Arkansas beat him, again if NOT for Florida's def. he had nothing to do with it. The Heisman Trophy is a JOKE! We had Gale Sayers and he could not win it. Need I say more. What a joke. Todd deserves to be in the NFL and would fit great in to New Orleans off. Back up Brees for a few years and then take over. High Octane Shotgun offense. But he will never get a sniff. He is not allowed bad games like other QB's are. Everyone has a few bad games. Get over it. Todd has just been great up to this point. And he will be again. McCoy and Bradford with stink in the NFL, cause they will wind up in Oakland or some other crappy team, and you will find out real quick how good they are improvising like Todd has had to do his whole career. If Todd had McCoy's Off Line, and just part of OU defense we would still be undefeated. End of story. He has carried the load. Boo Mark M. and his staff. Not Todd. He has made them look good up to this point. They got lucky when they got him. Again, everyone..oh that is right..everyone except Todd is allowed a bad game.

Steve Brown 11 years, 3 months ago

maybe we are saving our new plays like reverse, half back pass, triple T formation, Sharpe ANY Opurum wing T and more shuttle passes for the Arrowhead game. wonder if we'll be bowl eligible this year.

Quit throwing sideways. put Wilson and McDougal on the left side and then throw left 40% of the time as the defense puts 3-4 guys on Meier and Briscoe on the right side.

also on man to man interception coverage like OU game double hitch and GO LONG for the BOMB.

Migady 11 years, 3 months ago

People, The world is not over yet. We were a dropped pass away from this being our first loss of the season to Oklahoma. It sucks that weve sucked in the last couple of games, but the fact is A&M got rolled by KSU last week then A&M rolls over Tech who beat the crap out of K-State the week before. This conference is either awesome or horrible, but the north is going to who gets their Shi^ together first. This KU team won the Orange Bowl. They just need to remember that they are a good team. Long story short, we were scared of Oklahoma as a football team... Coaching to the Players. We need our confidence back. How is my question?

Jeff Hargate 11 years, 3 months ago

KURiggins, I don't think anyone is blaming the Colorado loss on the defense. If I remember correctly it was the offense that put the D in a hole. The D has played well enough to win the last 2 weeks. The offense has let us down and I think most of us on here agree that we need to get more creative. Remember in 2007 when we ran a lot of sets with Sharp and McAnderson in the same backfield? Sharpe catching screens out of the backfield is a dangerous match-up for and D. I do feel for Todd having to find passing lanes against 6'5" defenders crashing down on him...roll him out more?

MNHawk23 11 years, 3 months ago

not sure if anyone has mentioned this but if we win our next 2 games we have a very very good chance of being alone atop the north going into the nebraska game. and i think we will win next week easily.

look back to last year- we lose a tough one to OU, get killed by tech.. then play great against Kstate. we lose a tough one to nebraska, get killed by texas... then play great against mizzou. so now this year-lose a tough one to CU, get killed by OU... it looks like we will play great against Tech. not to mention tech is coming off a tough loss to A&M. so then we play at k-state who will be coming off a momentum hurting loss @OU.

we win those games and nebraska loses either @baylor or to OU (most likely) and CU loses to either mizzou or A&M. then as long as ISU loses either @A&M or home to OSU we will be 7-2(3-2) and possibly tied with ISU with the head to head win to lead the north.

this season is very far from over. before the year i just felt like this was our year to play in the big 12 championship game, and i still think we will do it.

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

jeffthehawk, are you serious? You did watch the Colorado game right? Tyler H. disgraced us, and then K-State figured him out easily. Reesing put us in a position to win that game with minutes left. We got over the turnovers and came back. That is what good teams do. If they make mistakes the come back. The did not come back and then have their defense give it away against a QB getting his first start

CheneyHawk 11 years, 3 months ago

Two series were telling - 1) OU passing to tall Tennell over short frosh multiple times with success and defense fails to adjust. Def Coord doesn't have a clue. 2) Desperation series with K Pick running off tackle multiple times losing yardage. Off Coord doesn't have a clue. This team is not enthused, fighting or fired up and it could be a long season.

Jeff Hargate 11 years, 3 months ago

KURiggins, without the turnovers at CU we win the game by 20. I don't care if it was Hansen's 1st start. When you give him 2 drives of less than 5 yds for td's can you imagine the confidence he gained? It's like Richmond or Oral Roberts hitting a few 3's in the Fieldhouse and the next thing you know we lose because we did not respond to the punch in the face we took. Our offense took too long to catch fire. We know what we have in our defense...mediocre at best, but they are getting stops. Didn't our DEFENSE get the stop at CU late in the 4th qtr to give us a chance after the offense BLEW IT the possession before? If the offense shows up in the 1st half at CU we are 6-1 and things would be shaping up like we thought. Now at 5-2 we will need some help down the stretch. D gives up 20 pts at CU and 21 against OU (if you count the short fields the offense gave the opposition). That should be good enough to win both games. Todd had a bad game and that's OK, it happens.

Paul Christiansen 11 years, 3 months ago

I was at the game Saturday and I can tell you this:

Todd Reesing has been forced to carry way too much of the load.

I agree with KURiggins. Why can't we put Sharp and Opurum in the backfield at the same time and run a zone read and throw to those guys out of the backfield. I was shocked that Opurum didn't start the Colorado game. He has played very well.

Our play calling was not good or creative. Certainly there have been some coaching deficiencies for two games in a row. The defense was doing all they could.

Quite frankly

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

JefftheJayhawk. I respect your opinion. However, even in your own example(i.e. Oral Roberts) we DID respond. You do not have to win a game going away 20pts...who cares. Win by 1. The fact is, Reesing like he often does, gave us the lead late. With what, about two minutes to go..and the defense could not stop a new QB. End of story. Blitz him from the outside so he cannot scramble out of the pocket, cause clearly we are not getting pressure with just four down. Blitz the heck out of him, then press your corners up tight and FORCE him to beat you with his arm. His main weapon was his running ability. You don't have to like it, but Reesing put us in the lead with about 2 minutes to go. Who cares about turnovers in the first half. Get over it. By that logic..our offense has to be perfect because God knows we cannot depend on our defense. If that is the case, forfeit the remaning games, because you do have to play defense, even if you do not want to. If two turnovers in the first half, even though you have the lead with about two minutes to go, against a new QB who basically only runs is your excuse as a have no right playing Div I football. Reesing gave you the lead, blitz this kid and go home. End of story

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

I am also very dissapointed in Mark Mangino for putting Pick in the game and not allowing him to be creative. We need him next year. If you are going to put him in, do not just run QB sprint. Fake a QB sprint, have Briscoe run an out and up and test Pick's arm. Having him run into the teeth of a defense that was ready for that..was setting him up for disaster. What if he had broken his leg? Again, he is our future, Reesing is our present. If you are determined to switch it up and run a "Wildcat" offense, shift Reesing to WR and let Kerry M. run a few plays from QB. Then you do not risk your new QB for next year.

MNHawk23 11 years, 3 months ago

i think people really need to relax. our offense is still top 5 in the country in total offense.. i dont think we can complain too much. and our defense.. well they havent been great by any means but they are playing a lot better than last year. they dominated UTEP.. came up with solid game winning stops against S. Miss. and played pretty solid games against colorado and OU. the only really bad defensive game was ISU but hey they played well enough to get the W. we had over 100 more yards than colorado, and had about the same amount of yards as oklahoma (a team 5 points from being #1 in the country) in fact we had about 40 more yards and just 3 less points as colt mccoy put on that defense. we are playing fine, we've had a couple of bad breaks.. it happens. we are 5-2 and we have 3 straight winnable games coming up. its not quite basketball season yet.

btw i really like dj beshears.. that kid plays with some tenacity. couple bad plays but it was his 1st game and he was a reciever in HS. i think he'll help the D a lot the rest of the way

Jeff Hargate 11 years, 3 months ago you remember those basketball games? We lost. Even if you do pull ahead the damage has been done and at the end of the game you are physically and mentally exhausted from getting back in the game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.

We had the lead at CU for 4 1/2 min. in the 4th qtr until 8:36 left, not 2:00. The bottom line is wins and losses and I don't care if it is by 20 or 1, but to put your team in a hole early is HUGE. You can respond, but if you don't win the game then it becomes irrelevant. We had 2 drives at the end of the game and failed. Eventhough they were awesome drives to watch.

Maybe we have different expectations about the defense. To give up 10 2nd half points to CU is good enough to win. Hansen had 2 successful drives of over 5 yards the entire game. I believe that is good enough.

It sounds like your beef is with the actual play calling on defense and not the players on the field. That point, I totally agree with you...on both sides of the ball. Good debate and good evening.

GabrielMichael 11 years, 3 months ago

KU's football program will NEVER take the next step with the sorry excuse for football fans that we have... disgraceful.

John Percival 11 years, 3 months ago

With all due respect to Chuck Brown, I hate to sound wishy-washy, but there's truth in what everyone is saying. The offense (mainly Todd) cost us the CU game. Yes, he brought us back, but it was too late. The defense has been bad at times (ISU) but they played well enough for us have a lead against OU, but Todd (or MM or EW) let us down. However, they let them march down the field on the first drive of the second half instead of coming up with a big stop.

Having said that, we won more games in 2007 than in my original 4 years (86-89). Some of you have no idea what it's like and how much better it is now. Reesing to Meier 2008 vs. MU is the highlight of my KU football existence (only because of the failed 2-pointer to NU in 1993). Those of you bashing someone who has done so much for this program (and is 22 year old college kid), are clueless (keepin' it clean for the kids).

John Percival 11 years, 3 months ago

I did like parking next to stadium in the Allen years, however!

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

Todd Reesing is a legend at KU, deserves to be on the wall when his career is over. He deserves to be in the NFL when his career is over. He deserves respect from KU fans who have gotten spoiled over the Human Highlight Reel the last two years. Back to back bowls..enough said. And as far as our defense being "good" enough..then call it in. The season is over. Todd can play great, but as long as the defense is allowed to make excuses, we are done. The schemes are horrible. Our Off. Coord. also needs a shot for putting all of it on Reesing' shoulders. Hansen should not have beat us, end of story. K-State kicked his butt and I guarantee they will not be the last team to do it. Colorado stinks, our defense just stunk more. Again, with all do respect, Reesing gave us a chance to win. Blitz that kid, press your corners and go home. And do not let Oklahoma run 45,000 screen passes w/o jumping on one, like they did to us. Good evening

ralphus 11 years, 3 months ago

A grand total of four quotes amid 30 inches of blather.

Another Doogie masterpiece.

Sigh ... time to go check the Star.

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

Quick thought on a first play. Kale Pick(I-Formation) on a fake option sprint. Dez Briscoe a quick half block and then releases and sprints down the field on a fly pattern. By the time the corner and safety figure it out, Briscoe is gone Touchdown. The linebackers are not in it, cause they figure like most that Mangino is not going to allow Pick to throw and they think they are going to rock Pick's bell. If some reason the safety saw it, Pick simply eats the ball and gets what he can, no risk. Make it clear to Reesing he is not out because of bad perfomance, but instead on the first play you want to show OU or whomever a play, a look they have never before seen. Just a thought

Adam Evans 11 years, 3 months ago

OKJHOK: I don't see it being possible to win the big 12 N with just 4 big 12 wins. 4-4 will not win the north. In order for us to have a chance at winning the north, we HAVE to win out against the north teams, and pull one win from tech or UT. And still, 5-3 would be cutting it close. At least we would hold the tie breaker against all other north teams except CO.

On the bright side though, I think that Ressing having a hard time right now is good for the team. For so long he has BEEN the team. Everyone else around him was made better by him. So, everyone else around him relied on him to be that guy. Now, when he isn't that guy, it is time for everyone else around him to step up and say "This is OUR team, not Todd's team". This could be a very good thing down the stretch. Let's just hope our defense gets at least somewhat respectable from here on out. Right now they are simply awful. Play 4 quarters or don't play, because if you don't, chances are you're gonna lose regardless.

Adam Evans 11 years, 3 months ago

And that would relieve so much pressure from Todd to "be that guy" and he can go back to doing what he does best...being a damn fine quarterback. And case and point from the last few years for those trying to defend our defense...

Defense wins games. Offense wins fans.

Two years ago our one loss was because our defense gave up 36 points, not that our offense only scored 28. Last year, against Oklahoma, we scored more points against them than anyone else did that year except Texas and Kansas State, but we didn't lose that game because we only scored 31 points. We lost because our defense allowed 45 points. Both games Reesing played his heart out. Colorado this year, Reesing had 401 yards passing with 2 TDs, and some of you have the AUDACITY to say that because he didn't get that 3rd TD it was the offense's fault we lost. A game like that would make ANY quarterback's day. Don't defend a defense that allowed 8.7 ppg against bad teams (NCU, UTEP, DUKE), but 33.3 ppg against conference (+SMU) foes. That doesn't, never has, and never will, cut it in the Big 12.

100 11 years, 3 months ago

Keep in mind Kstate is 3-1 in conference right now, they've played one more in conference game than most of us. So here's the deal:

TT is as mad as we are right now (they got blown out by Texas A&M). However I believe we are much madder -- we can play much better & we'll be ready. If we take care of those guys next week, we'll be 2-2 in conference, essentially one game behind KSU.

Once we meet KSU, if we win, we'd have the same record, and hold the tiebreaker. They'll lose a couple more at least before all's said & done. Similar to the tough task we have at Texas (now let's not go crazy if we lose, lets just hope we play our best that's all we can ask of our guys).

My point is, it might look like KSU is way ahead of everyone in the North right now -- but it's an illusion, they've played an extra game & we still get our head to head matchup (which we must attack).

The point? If we do our best, we still control our destiny to the Big 12 championship game.

Adam Evans 11 years, 3 months ago

Agreed. It will take some work, and maybe a little help from some other teams, but we can do it if our defense plays like it deserves to be in the big 12. If it has repeat performances, we will get ran.

Bee Bee 11 years, 3 months ago

Football is over, time for hoops. It sucks, but that's how it is.

MNHawk23 11 years, 3 months ago

danno- we are 5-2.. we have 5 regular season games left, 4 of them very winnable. and still a good chance at a big12 championship game. plus a bowl game.

remember last year when we were 6-5 about to play a mizzou team who was supposedly going to have no trouble with us? everyone was saying the season was a failure and at least we have basketball season. well turns out we beat mizzou, win our bowl and suddenly it was a good year!

things can change very quickly, the season is far from over. dont give up yet

wiltstilt 11 years, 3 months ago

Riggins, I was at the CU game and have to side with jeff... our D did not lose that game. They actually played really well for 50+ minutes despite being put in some tough spots early. Well enough to win anyway. CU's last/winning score included several semi-ridiculous plays that Hansen made with his feet against a defense that looked noticeably gassed. (BTW, given a week to scout him, I have little doubt we would've "figured him out" much like you credit KSU for doing). I do however agree that Reesing still gave us a chance to win. The problem then as it has been too often over the last couple years was play-calling. They (off. coaches) seem to feel the need to try to establish a running game from time to time like a "real" football team, so we end up punting/turning the ball over on 3rd and long until we are down a couple scores (21 pts against CU)... then we run our offense and make the comeback. I'm all for being able to run the ball, but go put up 14 first and stop putting our players in tough spots out of the gates. I know this article was about the OU game, but at the end of the year we'll likely look to CU as probably costing us the North... not to mention any damage that is tougher to measure--confidence/psyche/morale (see: Reesing's/everyone else's performance Saturday). The players looked 20 pts better that night, but the coaches didn't... and that's says a lot when you're up against Dan "Nick Nolte" Hawkins...

NebraskaJayhawk 11 years, 3 months ago

I've been saying that the last three games about putting Sharp and Opurum in the backfield together.

KUgodfather46 11 years, 3 months ago

This has been a long time coming, I cannot hold my tongue anymore. Why is it that you take the starting spot away from a player that has been solid at his position for the last three years, led the team with tackles, and 1 pick on the season after 5 games? Not to mention he is a senior in his last year at KU and mess with any future of playing at the next level. If you had not guessed it by now I am speaking of my god son, Justin Thornton. And since that decision, we have dropped 2 games and praise the play of your young players you have put at that position. Then put him in late in the game when our backs are against the wall. Should we not trust the defense that got a bowl game last year and 4 non-conference wins this year? I wish the coaches would wake up and see that they are giving us a slow death by not playing certain players that have steped up in the past. If anyone else agrees please post your comments and God bless. Love ya J.T.

KUFan90 11 years, 3 months ago

Reesing's accuracy is off the last 2 games in a way I've never seen in his career. And don't give me the "it's hard to be accurate when you are running for your life" thing, he's been in that situation the majority of his career. Yes OU's D is incredible, but his throws are just off. I hope he gets past this slump and regains the old Reesing accuracy for the rest of the games.

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

Todd Reesing is the Greatest QB in KU history. And for the fools that actually compare him to Chase Daniels...Get a life! Not even close. If the Heisman was not a joke, a trophy given only to the most popular player..Reesing would have won it already. END OF STORY! Who has meant more to his team over the last two years. He owns, as in..not even close KU passing records. And he has led us to back-to-back bowl victories. He has spoiled KU fans and now, because of ONE bad game mind you(he brought us back at Colorado, sorry ..our defense just sucks) people are ready to write him off. Good for you. When..not if..but when he comes back and kills. What then?Do not forget OU's defense is the best in the Big 12.. And the GD coaching staff DID NOT show OU any new wrinkles..nothing!! Absolutely NOTHING OU had not already seen on tape. How stupid.

rxjayhawk 11 years, 3 months ago

KURiggins, with all due respect, Reesing will not be in the NFL after this year. He is too short and yes he is very good, but still not good enough for the NFL. But I agree that he is the best QB in KU history, but that's as far as it goes. We can still win the north. We just need to start taking care of business a little better on both sides of the ball.

KURiggins 11 years, 3 months ago

I agree rxjayhawk. Reesing will not make it into the NFl. With all due respect, I do to exception on this point. Reeesing will not make it into the NFL, but it will not be because he is not deserving. If size and athleticism is all it took, how do you explain the disaster that is Vince Young? He is not even starting in Tenn. How about Ryan Leaf? How about JaMarcus Russell. Doug Flutie played better than all of the above and he DID make it into the NFL. In fact he was a first round pick of a USFL team before that league dissovled if I am not mistaken. What I said is Reesing DESERVES to be in the NFL. The NFL needs to get over itself. A QB either has "it" or they don't. And Reesing definetly has "it". And since he has made a career out of proving people those who said he would never play for a Div I college. Maybe he will prove us wrong and get into the NFL. God I hope so, I would love to watch him at the next level.

mwradcliffe 11 years, 3 months ago

Just a few points I'd like to make:

1) Coach Mangino cost us the game this past Saturday. His lack of confidence in this team is really starting to show. We had opportunities in both halves to put up points and Magino didn't have the fortitude to take those chances as he has in the past.

2) Scheduling is becoming an real issue. We schedule so weakly at the beginning of the year that when we run up against a true challenge we are unprepared for it. We have to start playing true opponents early in the year instead of stacking our record with these cream puffs teams. We play in what I believe to be one of if not the strongest conference in the nation and we schedule games against opponents such as Northern Colorado and Duke. 2 of Oklahoma's out of conference games this year were against top 20 teams in the BCS rankings (up until this past week when BYU dropped out of the top 25 BCS).

3) Reesing was off but has the ability to shake those plays off. I feel that a combination of the lack of confidence shown by his coach (see point 1) and seeing a true powerhouse defense such as Oklahoma for the first time this season this late in the year is going to mess with you a little bit.

4) I lived in Lawrence for the first 30 years of my life (the last 2 being in New Mexico unfortunately) and Fans support has always been an issue. I remember growing up and a sell out crowd was virtually impossible. The only time you would see it happen was when Nebraska was coming to town and there was more red than blue in the crowd. I'm happy to see a stadium that is full at the beginning of games. I don't feel that our fans cost us this game. They like many others are tired of seeing these great starts but when it really counts we sputter and fade away. I haven't been able to make it back for a game since the Orange Bowl season (which I did not miss any) but have watched faithfully every chance I can on television and I see that the fans are upset and I don't blame them (See point 2). I will be in Lubbock on Saturday rooting for our boys in blue to steal one from the raiders and hopefully I won't be disappointed.

justanotherfan 11 years, 3 months ago


Reesing is not NFL material. What I have said all along is that Reesing doesn't have NFL arm strength. That was evidenced in two of his first half picks.

First interception. Out and up for Briscoe, Reesing has to throw the ball deep, over the corner, but underneath the safety. It's a touch throw, but you have to put something on the ball, because if it floats or hangs up, the safety will pick it every time. Todd's floated. Safety picked it.

Pick six. An out or hook to MacDougald. Reesing has to gun this ball. This throw is even tougher because he's going to the sideline, and Reesing has to throw the ball about 35 yards, even though the pattern isn't very deep. The ball has to be on an absolute rope to have ANY chance of not being batted down. Anything that floats even a bit is picked. What was really telling about this interception is that the OU corner was sitting on this route the whole time. He KNEW Reesing couldn't throw that route by him, and he wasn't scared of the out and up, because he knew Reesing didn't have the gun to do anything other than lob it over him (as proven by pick #1). So he jumped the route. Watch the play. He's running even as Reesing is preparing to throw. He wasn't even scared of the pump fake.

Those two throws are all an NFL scout needs to see to know Reesing can't play in the NFL. Doug Flutie had a stronger arm than Reesing does. Arm strength is an absolute must to go to the next level, and Reesing doesn't have it.

Reesing has been a great QB for KU, and should definitely go down in the history books as one of KU's all timers. But he is NOT an NFL prospect. He's a great college QB.

KURiggins 11 years, 2 months ago

I guess we will have to agree to disagree justanotherfan. Would you say Joe Montana had a strong arm? Afaid not. I agree Reesing has some things to work on but he can make all the throws. End of story. But fine, if you want to suffer through the joke that will be McCoy's career or Bradford's, or Matthew Stafford..fine, I hope Reesing gets his shot and a lot of people have to eat crow

KURiggins 11 years, 2 months ago

By the way the first pick the out and up...Reesing has made that throw a thousand times..go watch some tape. Its a timing pattern any good coach will tell you that. He and Briscoe were off that is all. And you are also understating the obvious. Not every safety makes that pick. Oklahoma does, cause they are the college equivalant of the Steelers. Yet Reesing and that offense still managed a lot of yards against them. He brought us back. You can argue day and night, it was bad coaching, timing was off..whatever. How about the OU game was bad from the get go. But to argue Reesing cannot play in the NFL. He lacks arm strength..go back and review articles..the same argument was made about Drew Brees. Okay, you don't like the Flutie analogy...look at Drew offense by the way, you be hard pressed to say Reesing does not fit perfectly

KURiggins 11 years, 2 months ago

Oh, and the pick six was a flat screen to want to know why OU picked it off. Timing again..and how about OU had seen that play a thousand times from us. We are what about four yards from the endzone and we do that?? Why not just put Opurum in and run it. OU makes the pick six, cause they know our tendencies..not because Reesing has no arm strength..see also Sam Houston State ESPN play of the week on Youtube. If I have to suffer through Elvis Grbac, Ryan Leaf, Vince the way..they all had arm strength..and they all...sucked! Grbac did nothing, is nothing..Leaf ..barely played long enough to comment..and Young sucks so bad his coaches are unwilling to let him start on a winless team..Collins at what about 38 yrs old is better than he is. So tell me again why Reesing does not deserve a shot.

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