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Crash and burn

Kansas merely mediocre

Kansas players Kerry Meier, left, Todd Reesing and Jake Sharp watch as the Oklahoma Sooners march down the field during the fourth quarter at Kivisto Field.

Kansas players Kerry Meier, left, Todd Reesing and Jake Sharp watch as the Oklahoma Sooners march down the field during the fourth quarter at Kivisto Field.


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Postgame: Oklahoma

Jesse Newell and Tom Keegan discuss the KU football team's 35-13 loss to Oklahoma. What does the future hold for KU football this season? How many more games will the Jayhawks win? Do they still have a shot at the Big 12 championship game? Who is the favorite for the ...

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KU football has five games remaining in the regular season. How many of those games will the Jayhawks win?

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  • 1 13% 404 votes
  • 2 31% 898 votes
  • 3 33% 956 votes
  • 4 10% 305 votes
  • 5 3% 89 votes

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2009 KU-Oklahoma football

Reader poll

If you had the choice of these two options for KU's football team, which would you pick?

  • A loss to Colorado and a win over Oklahoma 70% 149 votes
  • A win over Colorado and a loss to Oklahoma 25% 54 votes
  • Undecided 4% 9 votes

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KU vs. Oklahoma video highlights

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Oklahoma defeated KU, 35-13 Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.

That southbound train to nowhere known as the Big 12 North looked uglier than ever Saturday. Even so, it seemed absurd to discuss Kansas University’s chances of winning the division and making it to the conference title game scheduled for Dec. 5 at Cowboys Stadium.

Nothing about the way KU stumbled its way through a 35-13 loss to Oklahoma in packed Memorial Stadium suggested such a lofty goal could apply to a team that is without question a work in regress.

It’s time to lower expectations for a squad that made it through the soft nonconference portion of the schedule undefeated and in doing so remained a mystery. How good were these Jayhawks who in their Big 12 opener extended their record to 5-0 with a narrow victory against Iowa State? Was a road loss to Colorado the next week merely a fluke?

The mystery is gone. The answers to those questions are, not very good, and, no, it wasn’t a fluke.

Somebody has to win the Big 12 North because the rules won’t allow Texas to line up 11 tackling dummies and have at it, though such a matchup no doubt would pack Cowboys Stadium with folks wearing burnt orange from head to toe, hungry to witness a rout.

Understandably, the Big 12 title game was not on KU coach Mark Mangino’s mind after the sloppy loss.

“We’ve got to get better as a football team,” Mangino said. “We can’t worry about who’s winning, who’s got a chance to do this, do that. We’ve got to focus on what we need to do in this building and what we need to do on the practice fields this week to prepare. We’re not even going to talk about where we stand or anything like that.”

At this point, Kansas (5-2 overall, 1-2 in the Big 12) hasn’t shown it’s good enough to take anything for granted, not even a bowl invitation. Five games remain, just one in Memorial Stadium. Kansas will be a heavy underdog in road contests against Texas Tech and Texas. On paper, at the moment, the other three games — at Kansas State on Nov. 7; at home against Nebraska, Nov. 14; at Arrowhead vs. Missouri on Nov. 28 — shape up as tossups, give or take a field goal.

Six victories are needed to become bowl-eligible, but as KU experienced in 2006 when it went 6-6 and stayed home, seven are preferable to lock up a bid.

Saturday’s game shaped up as a prime opportunity for an upset. Oklahoma’s running game has been sabotaged by injury and an inexperienced offensive line. Red-shirt freshman quarterback Landry Jones is finding his way, and injuries to the receiving fleet make the Sooners less than what they normally are.

A quick start from the Kansas offense against one of the country’s best defenses would have lit up the crowd, but for the second week in a row quick Todd Reesing turnovers made KU play catch-up. Reesing’s longest day since winning the starting job as a sophomore included the end of his streak of 24 consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass. It wasted a strong first half from the much maligned KU defense.

That always seems to be the way with so-so teams in any sport. On days when the offense clicks, the defense sputters. When the defense shows up, the offense doesn’t. So far, so-so.


rastameta 10 years, 7 months ago

"Crash and Burn" is a good title.

I think OU might use the following title, "Like Taking Candy From a Baby".

Dirk Medema 10 years, 7 months ago

I think the best scenario from a conference perspective is if all the North teams end tied, and run out of tie-breakers so that the only recourse is for the North to forfeit the Championship Game and let UT get an early start on NCG prep by scrimmaging with themselves.

JayhawkHoosier10 10 years, 7 months ago

why does it seem like this article just suddenly ends? there didn't seem to be any kind of conclusion.

FlaHawk 10 years, 7 months ago

KU should not be even thinking of aminor bowl game. THey could very possibily lose out the season. More realistic is a 7-5 season with a very minor bowl game.

What a disappointment this season has been. Play typical soft early season, then get ISU and CU cream puffs early. FInally, the real season Big XII South, and total embarrassment. Limp back to North schedule of KSU,NU and MU totally demoralized and crushed.

KU just does not develop during the season. Do not know what it is, but can not wait to get UT, OU and TTech off schedule next two years.

Ryan Shelton 10 years, 7 months ago

Yes, our dirty little secret of leaving at halftime was mentioned by the ABC crew to the entire nation. How embarrassing. Good job "fans." I'm sure recruits weren't watching. Talk about a lose-lose.

Jason Bailey 10 years, 7 months ago

NJJayhawk: I didn't see what you speak of yesterday, my friend. I looked at the start of the 3rd and the student section was 80% what it was at the start of the game and increased as the 3rd qtr progressed.

I believe your comment was more pertinent for the ISU game...not yesterday.

Lone_salina_kufan 10 years, 7 months ago

Call me crazy, but I don't understand all the fan bashing going on in these posts. I watched the game at home because Im broke, but I don't blame people for walking out on that game. The Football team itself checked out before the first half was over. How can you get pissed at the fans for doing the same thing thier team did?

That was the worst effort I've ever seen from a Mangino coached team.

Plus, I think its a positive the fans were upset. They "booed" the team and coaching staff, who deserved it by the way. This is what LEGITIMATE football programs do. They expect their teams to show up and compete to win, no matter who they play. It appears negative on the surface, but look deeper.

Don't forget, this team is one foot away from being 0-3 in the conference. If Iowa State doesn't overthrow the guy in the end zone, we lose that game. Thats whats embarassing...its a culmination of the entire conference season.

But get off the fans. As a fan myself, I was embarassed by the way the team played, mostly Todd Reesing. First time I can say that

Gordy Hoffman 10 years, 7 months ago

The Student section was full until the 4th and the game was out of hand. They were the loudest part of the stadium and no, I'm not a student, I sat in Section 7 behind the parents.

We do not have generations of football fans and the bleeding blue fans don't come over night. We also do not have the athletes that measure up to OU's, as they are a national power and play several kids that will play professionally.

These are simple facts. Our fan base is green and wobbly and our program is new to this level.

We will not play a defense remotely close to OU until we get to Austin. Our defense did a lot of good yesterday. Our offense will return. The national, objective media saw the game for what it was: the OU defense took over.

That's what I saw too. How many points did Colt score on them?

Texas scored three field goals and one touchdown. We scored two field goals and one touchdown.

KU 10 years, 7 months ago

I have been critical of the fans in the past. Yesterday was the loudest I remember the stadium for a non-K-State game--until we were out of the game in the mid-3rd quarter. The students came back after halftime and hung in there until the play on the field became demoralizing. I think it was the 85 yard drive that finally led to fans bailing out.

We have only one more chance to practice being fans at Memorial Stadium this year. Nebraska's offense is in total disarray, but their defense is probably as good as OU's. It could be a 6-3 barnburner.

Rod Huffman 10 years, 7 months ago

Come on fans. Let's not be so down on them. It's only the 2nd loss of the season and it is OU! I'm sure they are down on themselves so we don't need to make them feel any worse. We all make mistakes and have bad days, but we survive them and so will the Jayhawks. They still have a chance to win the north even if they will face Texas in the championship. So lets get behind them and show our true support. You have to take the bad with the good. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!

kuelguapo 10 years, 7 months ago

2 plays go differently - no pick six and dez doesn't drop that TD pass... what's the score then? 28-24? are we even having these same types of conversations? who knows for sure... i'm disappointed like the rest, but i'm not ready to say the sky is falling just yet.

jhox 10 years, 7 months ago

I'd like to make a couple of points. First of all, the KC Star mentioned Reesing being booed at one point as he left the field. I was there...the boos were for the two play calls where they tried to run the wildcat formation with Pick at QB. I had no problem with the first call, or with Kale being in the game, but when they tried to run it the second time, that was a mistake, and then the next play call we didn't appear to make any attempt to call a play that had a realisitic chance of getting a first down. I believe the fans were booing the play calling, not Todd. Yes, he had a bad day, but the guy had to show, sooner or later that he was human. I don't believe any Jayhawk fan is down on Todd Reesing right now. He's given so much to the program that we all owe him, big time.

I thought we were much closer talent wise than the score suggested. Take away the pick 6 (we were in field goal range at the time so instead of us getting at least 3, OU got 7. The the dropped ball by Briscoe (not an easy catch, but certainly catchable) which would have been an uncontested TD, and we probably go in at half up 13 to 7. Later in the game OU narrowly converted a couple of third and longs, which sustained touchdown drives. On one of those drives we had a roughing the QB call which killed us. This was literally a game where maybe 4 or 5 plays, which all went against us, made for what appeared to be a lop sided score. If maybe 2 or 3 of those go our way, the game is tight to the end. Granted, good teams make their own breaks, but from what I saw the talent wasn't that far apart (though I would love to have a couple of their cornerbacks an defensive linemen.)

If we had the lead at the half, and hadn't had to play from behind the entire second half, we could have ran the ball more and played a more balanced offense, who knows what happens. I do believe we have the best team in the North division. Unfortunately, the loss to CU, and our schedule will make it very difficult for us to prove it by winning the North division.

Let's hope next week the Tech team that lost to A&M shows up, and not the one that pounded KSU and Nebraska.

SchaeHawk 10 years, 7 months ago

I never thought I would applaud our defense and boo our fact, it was tough to even type that and had to double check to make sure it still wasn't backwards. What a PATHETIC offensive scheme. We threw it deep twice, one intercepted and one dropped by the over-hyped, arrogant Briscoe that would have been a touchdown right before half. The OU defense was so good because we are scared to stretch the field. Their corners and safties are blowing up our recievers and plays at the line of scrimmage, sitting on our short routes and running game. We run the same receiver screens as OU did and they get 9 yds per play, we get 2.

AND the trickiest play we can come up with is two straight Wildcat formations for no gain or a loss? Bravo, offensive coordinators and coaches, bravo. I could see the mass confusion on the faces of the OU defenders as we lined up with 3 possible quarterbacks on the field at once.....ooooooooooh.......scary!

The only thing I took away from this game is that our coaches and offensive players need to have a gut check meeting. The defense had theirs and I saw a strong willed D out there yesterday and applaud them. Also, we apparently have a very above average kicker that is very very underused. The score at half, assuming Briscoe drops that pass again, should have been 9 or even 12 to 14. Why can he kick a 57 yd field goal one minute and we punt it the next?

I hope we get back to the last couple yrs offense and open it up or else its back to the 7-5 or if we get lucky, 8-4

wolfy 10 years, 7 months ago

The defense was much improved -- that is, until they all quit. The offensive line was excellent, as usual. The offense didn't work because there simply were no matchup advantages. The spread offense is predicated on exploiting matchup advantages, and OU's defensive backs and linebackers, to a man, are better athletes than our receivers and running backs. In years past we could beat more talented teams because we played smart, team football and we didn't commit costly turnovers and stupid penalties. Alas.

Robert Brock 10 years, 7 months ago

KU's D looked a lot better yesterday. The offense got whipped by a terrific Sooner defense - the one that they lacked in Big 12 ball last year and particularly in the championship game. C'mon, their recruiting is remarkable. The Sooners put it together yesterday. It hurts but we don't have to carry it like a cross to Lubbock.

John Brown 10 years, 7 months ago

KU played bad on a few plays. Overall though, they played well. We have to win all of the games that we are supposed to win. I don't count us out but realistically don't see us upsetting anyone. We have to beat NU in Lawrence and MU in KC. I am not counting on winning in Manhattan. KSU is playing well right now.

Max Ledom 10 years, 7 months ago

All of you guys are pathetic. Quir being a crappy KU fan. We are so much better then in the past. We can still win the north. And guess what we will go to our 3rd bowl game in a row this year! so you guys shut up! in 1990's if i said we would go to three bowls in a row everyone would laugh. look at us now! you guys suck. I still believe like a true fan!

Rock Chalk

(sorry for grammar issues, i typed this out of anger)

EasyChair 10 years, 7 months ago

Part of the halftime problem is that it takes 30 minutes to leave your seat at 00:00, stand in line for 35 urinal spots shared by 10,000 people and get back to your seat. We never had the bathroom line/food line problems before when 25,000 fans were at the game.

Craig Lang 10 years, 7 months ago

This is essentially the same team that went into Oklahoma last season and, against a healthy Sam Bradford, lost by only two touchdowns. How is it that when we play a weakened Oklahoma in Lawrence, they manage to score the same points as last year (35), and we end up losing by 22?

I hate to say it, but somehow this squad is appearing worse than last year. The way Reesing is hurting his stock with huge turnovers, he would have been better off trying to go pro last year. He really needs to step it up in these last 5 games if he wants a shot on any NFL team.

lovemyhawks 10 years, 7 months ago

hey, guys, the past 2 weeks have been very tough and discouraging to ku fans and yesterday i just sat in gloom as i watched a game go bad. yes, i think we should have had the lead at halftime...... and yes, i think at least it should have been a game throughout and never a blowout. ouch, the turnovers and penalties have absolutely killed us the last 2 weeks. i love reesing to death and always expect him to come through but i guess he has proven he is human. at colorado, he ALMOST came back and won..... yesterday not so close BUT we could have definitely made a game without the mistakes. briscoe catches a couple more passes in the 2 games and the outcomes change tremendously. yes, i was at the isu game and expected the blowout and had to hold my breath for the win alone but we held on. i thought some changes on defense might help and the defense HAS improved but then the offense i never worried about, crumbles and falls. they came back at colorado but had made too big a hole due to the ugly TOs in the first half. ANY offense in the first half yesterday could have built a lead while ou's was suffering but then the 2nd half just slipped away. the long field goal kept the fans excited and in the stands for awhile but they seemed to give up just like the team did later in the 3rd quarter. i was ready for basketball yesteday but today i realize that there's A LOT of season left here and much left to salvage and a north title still within reach. no, not quite what we hoped but wins against the cats, tigers and huskers are still strong possibilities IF both sides of our team both show up for those games. let's not give up quite yet......... we CAN still finish strong and surely reesing's slump will go away soon. sure hope so anyway. ROCK CHALK!! KEEP THE FAITH!!

Jayhawk1116 10 years, 7 months ago

I am sick and tired of the University giving away ipods and Xboxes so the freakin' students won't leave early!!! Absolute joke. Basketball school indeed.

rastameta 10 years, 7 months ago

Lone_salina_kufan, well said.

The thing that disappoints me the most, besides the play calling and coaching decisions, is the fact that this team QUIT in the second half. I have not seen that from a Magino team before. I used to see with Allen and Mason teams.

I suspect the players don't fully believe in our coaches anymore. I suspect they feel they will make bad decisions with regards to who plays, what plays are called, and game management and simply don't feel like giving the effort. When this happens, you have a serious problem. Even if the coaches make good decisions, if the players don't believe in them, then they won't give the effort.

These next few games will be the final deciding factor for me on wether this coaching staff can get it done from a coaching perspective. While I already feel they are not getting the job done, they should have a chance to prove they can do it in the games that are left. If they can't get the players motivated to play and execute, then I think Mangino may need to make changes to his staff.

LAJayhawk 10 years, 7 months ago

"...the over-hyped, arrogant Briscoe..."

WTF??? He dropped a pass. And a hard one to catch at that. That's it. He has one of the highest yards per game of any receiver in the country let alone the Big 12, and he was a major reason we were able to almost win against Colorado on that last drive: climbing the ladder to pull down tremendous catches. He's proved himself against some of the best corners in the county time and again (including OU last year), yet he still gets very limited national attention.

So, again, I ask, WTF??

"The thing that disappoints me the most, besides the play calling and coaching decisions, is the fact that this team QUIT in the second half."

Totally agree. Every player out there looked like they completely checked out by about middle of the 3rd. And the back to back Pick draw plays absolutely killed whatever tiny amount of momentum we had with the previous first down catch and roughing the passer penalty. We weren't out of the game until that drive stalled. Then it was over, especially in the players' heads. And the latter was the most disappointing.

We went threw a similar slow spot in the middle of last year, so I am still confident this team can find their rhythm again. Of our last 5 games, 4 of them are legitimately winnable (and anything is possible in the Big 12 regarding Texas if we get our act together next week in Lubbock). We need to fix a lot, and we need to find our edge and our heart again. But this still can be a very successful year even if we don't win the North.

But I better not see us give up like that again. Not this year or any year.

grandpa 10 years, 7 months ago

I hope that everybody who is a Todd Reesing fan will read my comments. His performance in this game was one of the worst that I have ever seen a quarterback display. I hope that Mangino will take notes of this while he is saying that Reesing should be mentioned for the Heisman.He not only threw three interceptions but a number of his other passes were completely unacceptable. He continues to throw to Meier and Briscoe when other receivers are open. He wants to improve their stats as well as his. In the fourth quarter, I wanted to go out to the back pasture and throw up my guts. He also played a poor Colorado game. In that game he fumbled on the 3 yd line resulting in a Colorado TD and then immediately did not watch when one of his players backed up allowing another fumble and another TD. Last play of the game, instead of going to a tight end or someone else, he went to Briscoe when 52,000 people in the stands , all of the Colorado coaches and all of the Colorado gteam knew he was going to Briscoe. Let's go back to the South Florida game last year. We were leading with 40 seconds to go. First down. All we had to do was kill the clock. What does our brain child do.?Throw an interception which resulted in a field goal beating us as the clock ran out

leonard 10 years, 7 months ago

grandpa...that was one of worst efforts that I've ever seen from a poster on this forum.

Go back to whatever a grandpa does when he's not masquerading as a knowledgeable football fan...and that includes heaving up your guts if you choose.

knayte 10 years, 7 months ago

I'm far more embarrassed by the "fans" whining about every little thing that goes wrong and crying about the sky falling than I am by our football team. You guys are pathetic.

babyjay1 10 years, 7 months ago

"Grandpa" ... seriously?? Reesing has been amazing with what he has accomplished at KU. Yes, he's had moments where he looked bad but as I've said before, I feel honored to watch him. No, he won't win the Heisman, although I haven't seen anyone else in college fball look like they want it too bad.... I didn't post yesterday because I was not in a happy mood :( TT is probably not the team that stomped on KState, based on quarterback issues, defensive struggles, etc... so that game is definitely winnable! I'll be watching that and what OU does to KState next Saturday. Nothing is over, no we're not as good as we had all hoped, but they are still OUR team! Rock Chalk!!!!!

jhokfan 10 years, 7 months ago

Can’t decide what disappoints me more, yesterday’s loss or our sorry excuse for fans who show up on this site each week.

bergyju 10 years, 7 months ago


Migady 10 years, 7 months ago

The only reason all of these people are talking about KU Football on a wall posting is because of Todd Reesing.

okiedave 10 years, 7 months ago

bergyju, I am with you. It takes time to develop enough tradition, that the 4 and 5 star recruits want to come to Kansas. It takes the support of the fans and support of the alumni and good coaching. Oklahoma picks which 4 and 5 star recruits they want to come to Oklahoma and has their quota of 25 or so players selected long before teams like Kansas. Our offensive was simply out manned yesterday. But, we are not that far off.

It is like basketball, Kansas is good every year because we have developed a tradition that allows us to put 5 potential NBA recruits on the court every year. O.U. gets one or two top notch players ever so often, enough to make a run for the conference championship about once every 10 years, but they do not consistently lure the 4 and 5 star recruits because they have no appreciable basketball tradition.

In football, K.U. has the ability to develop that tradition. But we cannot do it with knee jerk reactions of being down on the coach or the players, because the road is a little bumpy along the way. We have a one of the hardest working coaches in the country, we have a better balance of players than we have had in the last 40 years, we have one of the best facilities in the country and hopefully a remodeled and improved stadium on the horizon, a beautiful campus and a great town, and we are going in the right direction as evidenced by the respect we get from other programs.

InfiniteJ 10 years, 7 months ago

Kale Pick should have been in the game the entire 4th quarter......give the dude some reps. As long as KU beats Fizzou and K-Stank....I'll be happy.

KURiggins 10 years, 7 months ago

Reesing, Meier, Briscoe, Sharp etc. If you are out there. If you are reading this, please know that real KU fans still believe in you. Like Rocky Balboa, there is another round. Stand up, wipe the blood off and knock somebody out. Todd, you are still Superman to many, we will NEVER forget what you have meant to this program.

Nick Cole 10 years, 7 months ago

Alright folks, here's the deal:

KU Fans: They packed the stadium (even after half) and were loud throughout until the team gave up. When the team gives up, the fans quickly follow, and that is what happened yesterday. As a fan, I did the same thing. I still watched, but gave up none the less. Sure the fans have been suspect at best up to this point, but football is new around these parts and most of these kids are only doing what everyone else is doing at the games. I think it is going to take the players and coaches coming out publicly about the issue (which has happened to an extent) and the team to play much better than they have for the fans to want to stay and watch a game in it's entirety. The fans were the only ones associated with KU who showed up ready for a game yesterday. Give them some credit for that.

KU Defense: Has shown improvement. The problem, KU seems to be the only team doing these defensive overhauls in the middle of the season. This is what spring is for. Why can't HCMM and staff get this bull figured out in the off season? You can't win games in the Big XII if you have to switch this many players around to new position in the middle of the freaking season. This had better not happen again next year or HCMM may be looking for a new defensive coordinator (or worse). Why would you have a kid who has never played defense who is 5'9" at the most go up against a veteran 6'4" receiver and get torched all game before putting the experienced Patterson in the game? Coaches? I could make better coaching decisions than that & I could play better defense as well. Maybe I should go out for the team!

KU Offense: As the season has progressed, the offense has regressed. Todd is pulling a Chase Daniel (great college career and then sucks it up the last half of his senior season). Todd has been throwing terrible passes (underthrown, overthrown, too high, too low, too far in front, too far behind) and he has not been taking care of the ball (fumbling after running into his own teammate). However, Todd isn't the only problem. The play calling has been anemic at best (especially the last 3 or 4 games). Throw it deep to DB or KM. What's the deal coaches? Plus the line has been suspect. How many times are they gonna let TR get sacked this season? I know they are new players but they need to have some pride and stop getting man-handled all the time. Get pissed off and blow your man up at the line, get in his face, talk some trash, and knock him down on his face. Make him think twice about getting to your quarterback. This isn't powderpuff boys. It's time to play like men and earn that scholarship.

Sorry about the length. That is all for now, just had to get those thoughts/opinions/feelings out. Please let me know if you agree/disagree with anything I said.

Max Ledom 10 years, 7 months ago


On the KU offense, Don't ever compare Todd to Daniel ever EVER again you SOB. Todd is twice the QB Daniel will ever be. You suck.

kusilverlake 10 years, 7 months ago

I wish KU was 7-0, but unfortunately they are 5-2. KU football has been very enjoyable over the last few years and Reesing has played a huge part. I am glad he is our quarterback this year and he will be missed next year. KU fans now expect to win and that is great because it proves how much the program has progressed.

Nick Cole 10 years, 7 months ago


I will be the first person to toot Todd's horn if he starts to play better. I am not saying he is similar to Daniel (although they are both short, haha). What I am saying is that mu fans hate Daniel. If Todd does not step up his play for the rest of the season I fear that many will not remember Todd for all the great things he has done for this program, but instead for his crappy play the second half of his senior season. I personally would never do that.

Todd needs to stay away from The Hawk, The Wheel and greek life for the rest of the season. He needs to pull his head out of the mud and lead this team. They all look up to him and if he is struggling it's pretty evident that the rest of the offense follows suit. I hope HCMM got in Todd's face hand made him cry like a little baby after that "performance" on Saturday. He is this team. If he plays well, we stay in and win games more often than not. If he is throwing picks on the first play from scrimmage, we get knocked down early. Todd can usually battle back but the past few weeks this isn't the case. My suggestion: Quit boozing and chasing tail, focus on football, and win the North.

I don't think I am being too hard on him and I hope he is reading this. I could have made better quarterbacking decisions than he did on Saturday. Even I know you don't stare down the receiver you plan to throw it to. Also, has Todd ever heard of a pump fake (every now and again)? It will get the defensive linemen to jump early and the corners and safeties flustered. This will allow him to throw it over the line better and have a man a little more open down the field. I don't remember the last time I saw a pump fake this year from Todd. Dude, what's the deal? Fundamentals. You should have been taught this stuff in pee-wee.

greenworld 10 years, 7 months ago

Dont worry Todd, It just wasnt yout day. Im sure the sun is still going to come up tomm. Just get ready to play some real good teams upcoming and hope for the best. I noticed Ou def was playing right up on our receivers and started jumping some of our passes. With that in mind you might check off the initial receiver and look over your 2nd and 3rd receivers. Im no expert or coach by no means just a spectator watching but it seems like the over the middle 30-40 yrd pass was open all day and we never went to that. Ou started playing the short/slant passes and defending them well. The one to Brizcoe over the middle was as wide open as I have ever seen and we should have done that about 10-15 more times. Also quit trying to hit homeruns and take what the defense will give you. Im not impressed with #20 on defense, I know he is a fr but he got baked on 3-4 plays that resulted in pretty large gains. There are two guys that I would insert into way more playing time. Quigley on defense, and Opurum on offense. These two are way to talented to be standing on a sideline watching a game.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years, 7 months ago

MM is exactly right: we just have to play better football across the board. we have to catch it...and throw it. blocking, tackling, dumb penalties....the works.

even coaching....i agree with an above comment....i was calling for the play pass, and the post to Briscoe all day. we finally run it, it's wide open...and we can't complete it.

until we start playing and coaching better...then we really have nothing to wish for. Big 12 north title, bowl game...anything.

the seniors: Meier, Reesing, Sharp and Stuckey...i can't believe they will allow this season to drift away. it's their legacy year: this is what they'll truly be remembered by. they won't let it go down the drain.

it's all still there....IF, and it's a big IF, ...we start playing quality football. we're just a few plays from 6-1...but we're also just a few plays from 3-4. we have 5 football games left......let's focus this week on just doing the right things...and see what happens.

Go Jayhawks!

labbadabba 10 years, 7 months ago

Grandpa -

We were actually tied in the USF game and we were trying to get into FG position. Reesing was bad on Saturday, no doubt, but I would think that being a 'grandpa' would at least provide some perspective on what Reesing has been and what he means to KU.

bergyju 10 years, 7 months ago

No one needs to tell me to go to other sites to see how they compete! I am simply saying just because Todd had a terrible game now some fans can compare him to Daniel....That my fellow fans is pure crap! We don't need to come on here and be so harsh, they are the reason our football program has risen to where we are now, so needless to say I don't need to get on here and bash Todd. I can simply get on here and say, "Todd, and all you others we need you now keep your heads up and prove them all wrong....You are a part of what we are today!" Come on get real drgnslayr I am not going to act like "other teams fans"! I am a Jayhawk fan and have been through thick and thin I don't see how bashing and criticism is going to make them step up and play the perfect game you want them to. Don't ya think that the coaches are taking care of this for us? Look up the stats for OU defense and the size of them, then get back on here and tell us one reason that Todd made some poor passes, they were giants, have you ever tried to throw a ball over someone that is several feet taller. Why isn't anyone on here cheering on Jake Sharpe for giving his all with that injury he is not completely over? Just be respectful fans and give them support and yes, I do want to see some victories, but this bashing is just plain hateful!!! And to drgnslayr.....if you were in these guys shoes and had everyone bashing you do you seriously think that is whats going to bring some perk to your play? Seriously! Heck no...your only taking them down! GO JAYHAWKS!!!!! ROCK THE TECH!!!!

KURiggins 10 years, 7 months ago

Here is one for ya Grandpa. We beat Missouri last year. Remember that game. I know you are old..but try. Because of Todd Reesing. We also won an Orange Bowl because of Todd Reesing. Check the KU stat books and get back to me. Check back to back bowl victories and get back to me. How about our coaching staff sucks. No new plays, all the same old stuff. Reesing beats MU in the final seconds. Stuff that in your calculator.

mwradcliffe 10 years, 7 months ago

I have to believe that the fault of the loss on Saturday firmly lies in the hands of Coach Mangino. Coached showed no confidence in our team beginning early in the first half. First instead of taking a shot at a 49 yard field goal during the 2nd quarter, we pooch punt the ball to the OU 3 yard line. This is a kick that was with the wind and Branstetter proved later on in the quarter that he was very capable of making. Second was the clock management at the end of the half. The clock management was horrific. There was no reason that with a minute seven to play that we couldn't of driven down that field and tried to score the 7 points. The field goal was obviously an after thought as Mangino was going to run the clock out. These 2 incidents alone show to me that we have a Coach that does not have not have confidence in his team. I believe that Mangino is a good coach but last game made me very suspect as to whether he is the future of KU football. I'll be in Lubbock on Saturday hoping that we can break a trend that has dogged us in the past and that is beating Texas Tech. Hopefully this game Coach will show a little more confidence in our players.

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