Missouri defeats Kansas, 41-39

  • 2:30 p.m., Nov. 28, 2009
  • Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

Originally published November 29, 2009 at 12:00a.m., updated November 29, 2009 at 09:51a.m.

Miserable ending

Reesing, Jayhawks go down slinging

A field goal by Missouri kicker Grant Ressel clears the Jayhawks' defense to win the game for the Tigers, 41-39, as time expires, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium.

A field goal by Missouri kicker Grant Ressel clears the Jayhawks' defense to win the game for the Tigers, 41-39, as time expires, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium.



KU vs. Missouri

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2009 KU-MU football

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— Todd Reesing went out firing Saturday, which shouldn’t have come as too big a surprise to anyone who heard his midgame exchange with Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino on the sidelines.

“Let’s go, Shooter,” Mangino had implored his senior quarterback. “Shoot all the bullets today.”

“All I got left,” the quarterback vowed.

And then he went out and made good on his promise. It just didn’t quite work out the way he’d planned.

The Jayhawks lost for the seventh straight time Saturday, falling, 41-39, to rival Missouri to conclude a season that had begun with hopes of a Big 12 North title and signal the end of what might be considered one of the most memorable careers in Kansas history.

For the past three years, Reesing has been the face of the program’s rise to respectability — a cocky, hyper Texan with a penchant for pulling rabbits out of his hat and giving KU fans reason to turn their attention from the university’s vaunted men’s basketball program and take notice of what was happening on fall afternoons at Memorial Stadium.

In a sense, Reesing’s final collegiate game was an embodiment of his entire career: an all-out, foot-on-the-gas extravaganza.

He did a little bit of everything Saturday — threw for a school-record 498 yards and four touchdowns, added another score on the ground, threw his pint-sized body around with reckless abandon.

It just didn’t quite have the ending he was looking for.

“Looking back, I have no regrets on anything,” he said. “I played as hard as I could every time I was out on the field. I gave it my all in football, I gave it close to my all in school, and I've built a lot of great friendships.”

If nothing else, however, he and the rest of the team’s seniors gave fans something to remember them by.

Despite the tumultuous nature of the past month and a half — a stretch that had included six straight losses, an inexplicable slump by Reesing and an investigation into coach Mark Mangino’s treatment of players — the Jayhawks played like they had back in the first month of the season, when the team jumped to a 5-0 start and anything, including a Big 12 North title, seemed possible.

Reesing’s 506 total yards Saturday were the second most in school history.

Junior receiver Dezmon Briscoe made the most of what could be his final game as a Jayhawk, too, grabbing 14 passes for 242 yards and two touchdowns.

Safety Darrell Stuckey finished with 15 tackles.

Receiver Kerry Meier caught 10 passes, two of which were touchdowns.

The list goes on.

And although the defense turned in a less-than-stellar performance, giving up 553 yards of total offense to Missouri, Kansas found itself with a three-point lead — and the ball — with less than three minutes remaining.

Two straight passing plays went for naught, however, and on a third-and-10 attempt from the Kansas three-yard line, Reesing was wrapped up in the end zone for a safety, pulling Missouri within a point, 39-38, with 2:45 to go.

Missouri quickly marched down the field, highlighted by a 27-yard run by running back Derrick Washington on third-and-two that moved the Tigers to the KU five-yard line, and unlike last season, when KU defensive back Phillip Strozier got a hand on a potential game-tying, 54-yard kick to secure a Kansas victory, Missouri’s Grant Ressel had no problem connecting on a 27-yard field-goal attempt as the clock expired.

Most likely, fans of the program will spend the next few days trying to figure out what to make of this senior class. On the one hand, the group won an Orange Bowl and an Insight Bowl, won 20 games in two seasons and earned a share of a Big 12 North title.

On the other, it couldn’t put the pieces together at the end, failing to qualify for a bowl game during a season in which expectations were at an all-time high.

Still, Mangino hopes the group is considered for its body of work, not just the outcome of a single season.

“I told our seniors that they’ve already left a legacy here with some of the things they’ve done,” Mangino said. “More people will remember all of the good things they’ve done than the negatives, especially our fan base. They should be proud that they fought and gave their very best. You can’t ask for anything from a player but their best effort, and they gave their best effort every single week.”


100 10 years, 6 months ago

You guys did your best.

"A man's character is not judged by how he reacts when things are going right... on the contrary, the truth of a man's character is revealed when things aren't going as planned..."

You guys all make us very proud to be Jayhawks...

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Lance Hobson 10 years, 6 months ago

I'll really miss the Reesing-Meier-Briscoe connection.

Billy Derringer 10 years, 6 months ago

hcmm has bought his wins mostly againts sorry azz teams he schedule in early season games mangino is a joke look at his big 12 record he has 23 wins @ 41 losses and if you take away that 07 year when we went 7 and 1 16 wins @ 40 losses now u tell me how and were he gets his wins--thats right he buys them againts chumps what a joke--he needs to go

mojayhawk 10 years, 6 months ago


You may be right that we beaten some less than stellar teams, but if you have a history book, look back at previous coaches' records, who they played, and what their record was. Comparatively, his record looks pretty good.

Coach M may have his faults. All do. But, MOST people look ugly in a witch hunt. He has done more for this program around than any coach since Pepper Rogers and Coach Fam.

Thank you Todd, Kerry, Dez, Jake, and everyone else who have made the past few years a lot of fun on Saturdays. I have never seen the Hawks on TV this much in my life as I have the past 3 years. Great fun. Great exposure.

Oh, and thank you Coach M for making our program one to be reckoned with. Hope to see you back!

KU_Alumn_2000 10 years, 6 months ago

Well said mojayhawk. Hope to see Coach Mangino sawing wood in Lawrence next season.

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

For the past three years, Reesing has been the face of the program’s rise to respectability — a cocky, hyper Texan with a penchant for pulling rabbits out of his hat and giving KU fans reason to turn their attention from the university’s vaunted men’s basketball program and take notice of what was happening on fall afternoons at Memorial Stadium.

“Looking back, I have no regrets on anything,” he said. “I played as hard as I could every time I was out on the field. I gave it my all in football, I gave it close to my all in school, and I've built a lot of great friendships.”

This is your best article to date Dugan, coming from a true shock jockey...

and word 100...I couldn't agree more in the heart of this adversity.

Reesing, I know your paying attention as this is your fame (and all you players) I know you were dissapointed with your season...the fact that you came out and even gave a damn and gave us a game to watch after such a disspointment called the conference season vs. our bitter rivals (of race) made me happy and brought a smile of prevail...(Mangino took away from this this year Oakland comments and his comments to Patterson about getting shot up in STL and dad being a drunk ur dads ur man ur role model...u can't talk on someones dad like that that is your direct genes. its sayin u half $U(K yourself... For everyone involved I feel for em. It makes me sick as Jayhawk- Let me tell you future or possible Jayhawk recruits- the rest of Jayhawk nation does not feel this way, and does not support such racial remarks or racial behavior...

We want you in Lawrence and will treat you like KU BALLERS...but when I think about it...I wanna say. Let us get TCU head coach..Our incoming class that all took a redshirt this year will be sick!! We are ready for our top rated recruiting class in KU's history to actually play!!..We won't miss a beat next year with a coaching change..and if we do get TCU Head coach...he will have his recruits jump ship from TCU to KU meaning we Will Not Miss A Beat!!

Growing up in Chicago, despite Lawrence being a bit whiter, (as most every college town is)... Lawrence is so much more liberal than any college I've seen (outta 40) Exception being Grambling U, Colorado University, Boulder, or UC Santa Cruz...but those goofy towns don't pay attention to sports....

They prefer arts and crafts... I'm really not kidding...If you want the best of both world and real connection to a job...KU BABY!


Much love to all of you!

This is the worst of times!

We have our best recruiting class ever who represent our best bunch of RS's of all time after this year...we're set up for success...

Give us TCU's recruiting class...

And...we don't even miss a beat!

And we will have better play calling! This is truly the best scenario as jayhawk fan!

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

Trust me all of you recruits....

The rest of Jayhawk Nation is all very very very very very sorry and embarressed by quote's like the one above that wish that racist fat man back next year...

Don't worry all of you recruits...the only people posting are losers from western Kansas that have never been to a Jayhawk game in their life and like Kstate/Mangino (they are one in the same and both not for KU-particularly after fatboy hates on his own players families (get shot in STL, don't yessir me and show me respect), or (Go get shot in Oakland), or (you wanna be a drunkn like your dad??))...So they can bring down a program that is really trying to enhance their students...

We love you...We want a football team in lawrence! Lawrence was part of bleeding Kansas and has the racist slave state from Mizzou seeming like saints after Mangina's comments...

This man is sorry. After this play calling how can any of you support this??

We are favored to win the North and beat Iowa State (by 5 at home)...and lose all of our next 7 games versus conference oppenents???

That is no reason to stay on the sideline...

Congrats Yates, MojoJayhawks, and KuAlumn 2000............... I'm glad a last place season, alone in the cellar with the most talented team in the history of the program makes you want to keep your coach...(We went 1-7). That is loser.

A loser goes 1-7... A bigger loser wants a 1-7 team with their most talented team in the history of their program that went 4-4 versus the same teams last year to keep their coach... congrats for being that LARGE OF A LOSER, AND THAT BIG AND ACCEPTING OF A LOSER,

I've honestly never felt more disgraced by a fellow Jayhawk fan... "YOU LOSERS! MIZZOU WILL NEVER FORGET ALEXANDER....FOREVER" - says ESPN! ESPN JUST SAID THAT (CAPS)! Congrats on you guys not caring and being okay with KU getting smacked up and b****ed out on national TV...

Sorry future recruits, the rest of the country doesn't feel this way... We hate these losers that somehow love that KU got smacked around all conference season long...after having the most talented team of all time...

Imagine if we still have Mangino in 2 years, our most talented team to date... we cant guarantee a year better than this...that is for sure. The guy has reached his peak. His large magic has ran largely out.

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

Congrats on you guys not caring and being okay with KU getting smacked up and b****ed out on national TV... Sorry future recruits, the rest of the country doesn't feel this way... We hate these losers that somehow love that KU got smacked around all conference season long...after having the most talented team of all time... Imagine if we still have Mangino in 2 years, our most talented team to date... we cant guarantee a year better than this...that is for sure. The guy has reached his peak. His large magic has ran largely out.

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

Congrats on you guys not caring and being okay with KU getting smacked up and b****ed out on national TV... Sorry future recruits, the rest of the country doesn't feel this way... We hate these losers that somehow love that KU got smacked around all conference season long...after having the most talented team of all time... Imagine if we still have Mangino in 2 years, our most talented team to date... we cant guarantee a year better than this...that is for sure. The guy has reached his peak. His large magic has ran largely out.

Mike Barnhart 10 years, 6 months ago

Field the punt!!!!!

If our return man (can't remember who it was) had fielded Missouri's last punt at the 20, instead of letting it bounce down to the three yard line, the game would have been over right there!

There was nobody within five yards of him when the ball bounced high and he actually got out of the way and let it bounce and roll to the three!

Add this "small thing" to the mountain of "small things" that KU did wrong this year.

Andy Hess 10 years, 6 months ago

"Hope to see Coach Mangino sawing wood in Lawrence next season."

i don't care what he's doing in Lawrence next season, as long as he's not coaching for KU. He can saw all the wood he wants, so long as he keeps himself away from KU.

meatsauce 10 years, 6 months ago

Fatty is going to get fired and Hawkins gets another year. WTF???????

meatsauce 10 years, 6 months ago

I'll give you guys a call from Dallas. Wow, you should see the view from up here. It's good to be King. Bwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

LOL... you go to Nebraska!!

I'd rather go to UC Davis than Nebraska....!

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

Althought your hater comment was comical...I thought you were a Texas fan...

Now as a KU fan, I find your hater even more comical...especially considering how bad Texas is gonna give you the business...Oh wow no u finished top in the big12 north! played 5 games vs the Godawful b12 N... that gives u 5 off the bat, congrats!

I wouldn't pray to be you, or ever be you...I mean that truly as a jayhawk...I am regarded when I go all over the nation for having a real team...You Nebraska boy, are known as typical OKie, nothing going for you, nobody pays attention to your schools bball or fball teams!

KU is regarded nationally...Nebraska was regarded nationally in 1995, but that was before Jordan came back the first you lose again as usual!

Wow! You are soo laughable....with a terrible wannabe football team that hasn't made the BCS since the BCS has been around (ohhh sorry maybe the very first year every of BCS! LOL! YOU ARE SAD! WE WON AN ORANGE BOWL IN '07!!! And we won more national titles in BBall and fball in the past 2 years than you will have in the next 100...AT LEAST! LOL!!!!

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

You really do S(UCK)tink that bad, Nebraska...and not just you red "I have a babysized" meat (sauce) I'm talking about your fball program, bball program, and your state!

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

I own people like you...OWNT! You are my Nebraska Submissive Bitsized baby! KU SMASHES NOT ONLY YOU BUT YOU ENTIRE STATE!

Kent Kossoy 10 years, 6 months ago

Can u really blame just the coach? What about the star players dropping passes, fumbles, and pooch punts? As for coaches, u have failed to name any other coaches with better records. The world is back to normal. KU football sucks again. But could we at least have beaten Missouri?

Steve Brown 10 years, 6 months ago

Meatsauce, you guys done ice fishin'?

100 Exactly correct, very proud of the players.

Mr. Cellar Dwellar: Move on, take your saw and go and realize you didn't build anything of long term value. Maybe getting on your symbolic knees with a little humble responsibility would have been in order. just once?

hawksince51 10 years, 6 months ago

5jhok--I agree he should have fielded the punt. However, HCMM only put one guy back and gave him the "safe" (don't field it) sign so it was a coaching decision, not the player's fault. I could not believe that after their punter had already pinned us inside the 3 twice that we would not try to field the punt. The poor end of the game coaching was truly unbelievable. If MM goes, it should be for blowing an MU game and losing the last 7 conference games with a team that should have at least competed for the North title.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years, 6 months ago

Yesterday was the whole season in a nutshell. it had everything that went wrong this year.

we played hard, but the D really couldn't hold up. our defense had no speed...and definitely no depth. what a clown suit Phil Strozier (and bless his heart for last year's FG block) wore most of the game trying to tackle MU's receivers in space. i think Lubbock Smith makes a couple of those plays.

our d line is experienced but again, no quickness or speed. Onyebule's sack of Gabbert was Gabbert caused....Max had drifted out of the play, and Blaine ran right into him. we got manhandled in the run game.

we basically have no LBs. on one of those in motion sweep plays that Washington carried for on a first down, Drew Dudley blitzed, and had the play right in front of him. but he took a side and drifted and the OLineman just basically got in his way. Bowen and MM both just chewed and chewed on him on s the sidelines. Dudley plays soft..and he's not fast either. Wright is undersized too.

and then the offense. Reesing had his best game of the year....finding guys left and right and down the middle. even his lone INT didn't cost us. but Briscoe chipped in with two fumbles, both leading to TDs...(one just a five yard drive.) Again, we couldn't run the football. Yesterday, we really didn't try. but this year was the worst rushing year we've had. we cracked 100 yards ONCE...vs. ISU. we should AVERAGE at least 130 or 140 yds rushing a game. (remember -8 vs. CU?)

Our turnovers led directly or indirectly to four of our losses...and they were all in the North. Moo, KSuck, the shuckers, and CU. even in the ISU game, we had one pick, and they had none. and that therein lies the main difference in the season. we made more mistakes than the other teams. we couldn't force TOs, and we couldn't keep from making them.

it's a toxic mixture. we turn it over, and cant' force TOs....we can't run the ball, or stop the run. and 5-7, wtih a cloud hanging over the program, is what you get.

tis4tim 10 years, 6 months ago

This is not meant as an excuse, or as sour grapes or anything of the sort as we certainly had every opportunity to win the game, but I haven't heard anyone talk about Mizzou's combat unis (except for how hideous they were) . How much of an advantage is it to have lighter, more technologically sophisticated uniforms than one's opponent? Thoughts?

Steve Brown 10 years, 6 months ago

tis4tim: your choice- space age uniforms or coach that can manage the time clock.

Cimhawk 10 years, 6 months ago

Mojayhawk....tend to agree with you....nice post!!! It's been a tough year but still way better than the old days. Maybe Mark has taken us as far as he can....don't know....but no need for you haters to spread your venom all over.....He brought us to a level we've never been before...and being a grey beard I've lived through it all!! Calihawk you need to get a life and probably a job....every board I see you're on their making your dumb a**'ve made YOUR point....why don't you just shutup!! Whatever the outcome....Glad to be a JAYHAWK!!!
PS-For more years than most of you have been born.......

59Jayhawk 10 years, 6 months ago

My post is simple. Thank you, all of the football team. I would wager not one person writing about the teams good and bad have ever played a down of division 1 football. I with we could have won more games, it didn't happen. Nothing wrong with the offense, the defense sucked. Coach's fault, poor recruiting in all positions. Give players credit, they were on the field and we were not.

thmdmph 10 years, 6 months ago

Reesing is a stud. I wish he could have ended his career at KU with a bang instead of this disaster the last couple of weeks punctuated with the multitude of horrible game management by the coaching staff.

I think it's funny that MM told Reesing “Let’s go, Shooter. Shoot all the bullets today.” Reesing did exactly that to defend what he thought was his house. However, what really happened is MM put Reesing in another house on the other side of the river and let him shoot like a mad man with no end, while him and the rest of the team sit back in the house that Ray Evans-John Hadl-Dana Stubblefield-Gilbert Brown-Nolan Cromwell-Gale Sayers built and opened all the doors and let MU in all night. Would somebody pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare so I can use a forklift to throw MM in Potter Lake.

babyjay1 10 years, 6 months ago

thmdmph - Reesing is a stud and he and all the other Seniors gave it their all! Yep, they made some mistakes, all players do. But they did some AWESOME things too!! They have been so fun to watch and I will miss them! MM gave this game away and let the Seniors down! Horrible play calling at the end is what ultimately lost the game. No matter what our players did or didn't do, they had the game won at the end. The announcers even called it - all they had to do was run the ball a couple times and run time off the clock. Obviously, if the announcers knew what to do, MM knew what to do, too and he didn't do it. Time for a new coach, NOW!!!

Bill Kackley 10 years, 6 months ago

Cimhawk here is another graybeard who tends to agree with you. Negative, uninformed posters like Calihawk and thmdmph make me want to puke. We don't need their kind as jayhawks. Babyjay you are so right LOL run the ball 3 times as MU expects get few yards, or maybe safety as we have the ball on the 2 yard line, kick they get a field goal or td, which they had plenty of time to do. We could not have run the clock out without getting at least 2 first downs. Hindsight is so good.

thmdmph 10 years, 6 months ago

babyjay, I completely agree with you. Reesing was playing his butt off. The other players tried too. I'm in no way degrading the players because this lost has nothing to do with what they did or didn't do. The lost didn't even have anything to do with Briscoe's TO's. The lost didn't even have to do with player not fielding the punt. It wasn't Reesing's fault either when he passed the last possessions of the game rather than running those plays out. It was the coaching and instructions that lead to some of those plays and the play calling surrounding those plays and the entire game.

What I meant to say was that it felt like MM dubbed Reesing in shooting like mad in one house and forced the rest of the team into another house thus nullify Reesing's efforts. Reesing was playing one game and MM forced the rest of the team in playing another game.

thmdmph 10 years, 6 months ago

I'm so misunderstood. I have all positive feeling toward the team. I'm just saying the team was duped by MM.

thmdmph 10 years, 6 months ago

Potter Mangino. That's what I'm saying.

troutsee 10 years, 6 months ago

It's the little things that win and lose football games and I am talking about the whole season here, not just the MU game. All of these "little things" have to do with coaching. 1) Teaching the QB to get down when running the ball into traffic. Reesing did not do this until the NU game.

2) Emphasizing the "throw away" when no one is open. Again, took us until the NU game to do this.

3) Protect the FB when running into traffic, something our receivers did not do all year long.

4) Establish a more varied running attack, one where the QB really does keep the ball on the "read" play. Bringing a flanker around also adds to deception, something Mizzou and ISU used quitel well against us.

5) Recruit speed and then develop the player.

6) After the fall-on-your-face debacle by this team this year, especially on defense, one wonders if the judge of talent is really that good. Rivals says we have top 40 recruiting talent. Where are the results?

7) Valuing the football is and should be a coaching emphasis. Somehow it did not translate to the field of play with this team. Clearly, turnovers cost us a winning season and a bowl appearance. Playing mistake free football (penalties and turnovers) is a reflection of good coaching.

8) Poor special teams play. No explanation needed.

One last comment, hats off to you Tood Reesing. You had one hell of a game. Hats off to the O line for their pass blocking. Hats off to Kerry Meier for his tenaciousness and good hands. Hats off to Briscoe for a bunch of good plays, but Dezmon you lose concentration and that will hurt your chances at the next level.

Nick Cole 10 years, 6 months ago

First and foremost, let me begin by saying that I don't see how KU could possibly keep MM after this season. Between the allegations (and how public they have been), our record this season with the talent we have, and MM's overally Big XII record, I don't know how you keep a guy like that around. In 8 years we have four, FOUR wins against the south (3 came in 2007 and 2 of the 4 are against Baylor <----- Really?). Pathetic.

Now, for those of you chumps who keep saying "Well, look at the record of previous coaches. MM is so much better." I say this to you. Are you OK with a football team that is mediocre every year and is no fun to watch because they can't win a freakin conference game? Because I am not. I want to win. I want to compete for the North every season. I want a better defense (they are awful) and I want coaches that know how to make changes at the beginning of the season, and not in the middle. How would everyone like it if HCBS changed the entire starting lineup in the middle of conference play every year and we were losing a lot of games because of it? Answer: YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT!!! I also want coaches that make good decisions in the game. If you don't know what I am talking about, watch the previous 7 games.

Bye bye Mark, and thanks for all you have done. It's time for a fresh (better) coaching staff.

babyjay1 10 years, 6 months ago

thmdmph - I get you!
Kackley - get over yourself.... I guess you think you are so much more "informed" than the rest of us - LOL! Let's see, I'm pretty sure most everyone would have tried to run the ball a couple of times to get out of the end zone and use clock.... and it's not "hindsight" - it's what I expected them to do right then and if it didn't work, well so be it. But the play calling at the end was horrific. I don't put myself out there as someone who knows it all about fb (probably less than many) but I am a huge fan of college football and I know a few things.... MM should be gone for many reasons and last night sealed the deal for me! Rock Chalk!!!!

Nick Cole 10 years, 6 months ago

And thank you to all of the seniors (and the rest of the players) for giving it your all. I respect what you have been able to do, especially with the lack of coaching ability. Thanks for all of the great memories and I hope for your success in whatever you go on to do in your future.

rawkhawk 10 years, 6 months ago

Thank you Reesing, Meier, Stuckey, Sharp, and Briscoe for your tenacity and bringing about some of the best years of KU football. I've enjoyed watching you guys the past few years and wish you well in the future!

jhokfan 10 years, 6 months ago

Here’s to the seniors. I’m sure when they look back on their four years they will find plenty to be proud of. I know I am.

jhokfan 10 years, 6 months ago

meatsauce is a perfect example of what happens when you are conceived from a bad gene pool. Unprotected sex can result in various STD’s but sleeping with Nebraska women is even riskier.

Be kind to meatsauce, he deserves our pity.

okiedave 10 years, 6 months ago

Whatever happened to honoring a contract. Lew signed a contract with Mangino. Now Lew wants out and has hired a female lawyer to make a case against Mangino to remove him without honoring the salary that Mangino wanted to execute a long term contract. Is Lew trying to pretend he did not know Mangino was a tough disciplinarian? When Mangino was coach of the year and won the orange bowl, it would have been generous for Lew to tell Mangino to go find another home now while the pickings are easy, because you are too much of a disciplinarian and poke players in the chest and we cannot have that here. I think Lew needs to honor his commitments for good or for bad. Like a marriage. If Mangino needs to stop the chest poking, then simply tell him -- no more chest poking. Lew, do the right thing -- honor your commitments to others. Mangino honored his commitment to taking a bad program and making it so much better and then staying at K.U. even after his national coach of the year award and orange bowl victory.

Ross Cargo 10 years, 6 months ago

Give us TCU's recruiting class...

I say, give us TCU's coach. Pay whatever, but sign him. He has even won a game in Norman. Now there is a concept, winning against the South - winning on the road.

Dustin Engelken 10 years, 6 months ago

Say what you want about Mangino's conference record, in-game coaching, etc., but how can any of you say that nothing long-term has been built here. How many top 50 recruiting classes did we have before coach? Any? No. How many freshman and sophomores played this year? We have a lot of young talent coming back regardless of who the coach is and I'm pretty sure that is the definition of building for the long-term success of the program.

And while I am on here, how many of you really think Patterson would ever consider leaving TCU for KU? I mean seriously, he would have to be a complete moron. Why leave a school where he has already built a national title contender with a built-in recruiting base for a school with little tradition, many fairweather fans, and an AD that is clearly willing to throw his head coach under the bus with little provocation?

KSseahawk 10 years, 6 months ago

This is shocking that you all think Mangino is actually doing a good job. He can't beat the big boys and his player management, game management, clock managment are a total mess. Perhaps this is why KU is a 'basketball' school, because you don't seem to care much about getting better. You want to continue to overpay a coach who has made the program relevent in the region...hardly the nation.

Get with it and start expecting more.

JerseyCity - We're not fairweather...we just want more for our program and we know we can get it. Mangino is the reason we're somewhat relevent, but this latest witch-hunt by the AD is killing his ability to recruit. We're darned if we do and darned if we don't....I say look at the games we lost this season and ask why / how we lost. It's obvious the staff didn't put the O in a position to succeed (predictable play-calling and only 5 real plays in the arsenal) and the D just couldn't do anything late.

djhawk75 10 years, 6 months ago

This game showed a little of everything about KU's football program. We have enough talent to compete, but not enough to win without stellar discipline. We have some discipline, but not enough to keep from making a mistake in a big game at a crucial time. With the exception of the 2007 team, KU football has been under-talented and lacking discipline. I don't foresee the situation getting any better as long as Mangino is the head coach.

jhokfan 10 years, 6 months ago

Our history gives us no reason to believe we could lure Patterson. We will likley get a DC/OC from a good program or mid-major head coach. If it was as simple as hiring a great coach what has kept us from doing that for so long?

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 6 months ago

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GoBadgers 10 years, 6 months ago

"I gave it my all in football, I gave it close to my all in school..."

Hilarious quote. Pretty much sums up college athletics.

Dustin Engelken 10 years, 6 months ago

I didnt say everybody was a fairweather fan. Despite this witchhunt there are many proud KU football fans and I am happy to count myself amongthat group. However, watching some people demand Mangino's head seven losses after they professed blind trust is a little disheartening. If people think Mangino should be fired because of his alleged comments or pokes, i disagree, but can understand. However, if they think he should be fired because of clock management or worse yet, his weight, then I've got nothing. I hate to see people jump on the bandwagon and start demanding his firing without remembering all the good he has done at KU.

rastameta 10 years, 6 months ago

Stop using our history as a reason to say we can't get a good a coach or that Lew has hurt recruiting. The new coach will have to keep the MM recruits he wants and will probably bring some others of his own.

Here are the reason why Patterson WOULD come to KU:

1) BCS Conference, if you can compete here, you have a chance at getting into the BCS. 2) Believe it or not, Lew Perkins is respected by many, many coaches. I know this for a fact. He does the little things to support his coaches to have a better program. The new facilities do not get built without him.
3) We have top-notch facilities and are working on making them even better in the coming years. 4) Lew pays his coaches extremely well, especially for the Midwest. 5) The cupboard is not bare. There is talent on this team. It is not a complete rebuilding project. 6) KU's campus and proximity to KC.

There are a lot of selling points for bringing a coach. We haven't brought in good coaches in the past for a couple of reasons:

1) We were always rebuilding. 2) The AD's were terrible at supporting football. Bob Frederick sucked when it came to football. He was my AD and everyone on the football team wanted him gone because of his lack of support. He was a basketball guy and favored them over football. He thought KU could never be a football school and didn't want them to be because he loved KU basketball because he played basketball for KU

IMHO, Lew is the best thing to happen for KU football in the last 100 years.

rastameta 10 years, 6 months ago

BTW, I am not jumping on the bandwagon of firing Mangino now. Go back to last season, I have complained about our coaching for two years now. I did not post before that. I was the first to say that Bowen was a terrible D-Cordinator after a couple of games last season and everyone on here defended Bowen and said I didn't know what I was talking about. Well, guess everyone seems to think Bowen sucks and they are not defending him now. Even before the 2007 season I complained about Manginos coaching and the way he handled players. The way he would yank players and get in their heads. Remember the QB's the he messed up before Reesing??

This isn't jumping on the bandwagon. Some of us are just ahead of the curve and realize when someone is not a good coach. Lew Perkins happens to be one of those people too.

rastameta 10 years, 6 months ago

This isn't a witch hunt. Mangino did this to himself.

Dan Harris 10 years, 6 months ago

CalliHawk- I agree that its time for Mangino to go ( not for your reasons however) Its also time for you to go find another site to post your ludicrous comments as your making a fool of yourself! (CAPS!)

lance1jhawk 10 years, 6 months ago

jhawkdan42- Very well said...

CalliHawk -you very much come off as a giant douche. No offense, but come on... get over yourself.

Dustin Engelken 10 years, 6 months ago


Again, I am not sating everyone is a fairweather fan, nor am I ignorant enough to believe Mangino is perfect or even untouchable. I have always thought clock management was an issue with this staff and I have always seen flaws with this staff's personnel management (ie replacing the entire d after the noncon two years in a row). IfI thought we could get a guy like Patterson then I guess I might feel different about getting rid of coach, but I dont believe we can. I am aware we have increased our program prestige since the TA days and I am also aware of the new facilities and Lew's piles of money, but Patterson has turned down better offers before and I have no reason to believe now would be different. I'm just not sure that bringing in an assistant to replace the 2007 COY is the answer, whatever his shortcomings might be.

babyjay1 10 years, 6 months ago

Interesting posts... Rastameta - I've been wondering why the people who don't like Lew don't see the "business" side of things. I don't know enough about Lew to know whether I like him or not but I do believe that he has done great things for KU football. Honestly, where do you all think the $$ comes from for the upgrades in our facilities? Lew has done as much as everyone things MM has done. I, too, agree that MM brought KU football up a few notches, but I do think we can do better now. Although I will never be able to afford the Gridiron Club seats, I see the point in having them. I may be wrong on this point, so don't slam me too hard, but from what I heard around our local media, Lew had a big part in our getting the Orange Bowl bid. He worked hard on the PR end, once the team had done their part. Remeber how mad MU was that they beat us and didn't get it? This is all getting tiring and I do wish we could just move on and see what's next....

pb88 10 years, 6 months ago

clock management lost the game for us. i want to scream at whatever idiot would decide that 2 pass plays were acceptable with 3:00 to play on our own 3. mangino needs to leave. we can't recruit with everything that has just happened. who wants to play for a coach that humiliates his players? if i'm an in state kid i would rather play for bill snyder than a man that is always negative.

babyjay1 10 years, 6 months ago

Great article right now - says it all

klip 10 years, 6 months ago

I truely believe Lew Perkins called the audible from run to pass on all three downs. Reason: He did not want to deal with a possible bowl game and extend the mess and move on.

Hope Mark Mangino the whole team the best. Character is determined by how you handle adversity. Sharp, Meyer and Ressing will have a great life in or outside of FB thanks to Mangino.

rastameta 10 years, 6 months ago

JerseyCityHawkFan, I agree that Lew needs make a good hire. If it isn't a "sexy" hire then people might not be happy with it and it might be a couple of years before we know for sure. Keep in mind that some really good coaches were successful in their first head coaching job. I guess I just have more confidence in Lew then everyone else because I know what it is like to not have an AD that supports football. However, I too will be disappointed if the new hire doesn't pan out, but again I believe he can hire someone good. I definitely do not feel he will hire anyone worse than Mangino. It will not be the same as going from Glen Mason to Terry Allen because at least Lew knows something about hiring a football coach, unlike Bob Frederick did.

rastameta 10 years, 6 months ago

babyjay1, that was a great article. I couldn't have said it better myself.

I have been saying for weeks that KU fans need to have more confidence in what KU has to offer as a football school. Everyone wants to accept the status quo just because it is better than Terry Allen or better than the 80's when we really bad.

beauj 10 years, 6 months ago

Thank you, senior class, for all the wonderful memories over the past few years. You guys played hard, inspired us, and made Saturdays really really fun. Watching Jake, Todd, Kerry, Maxwell, Darrell, and all the others against Missouri was absolutely thrilling. You guys played your hearts out, as you always have. Dez, congrats on learning from past off-the-field mistakes and becoming a solid young man. You are our star, and while I of course hope you come back, best wishes with whatever you decide to do. Finally, thanks to the entire team, each and every single player, for making us proud to be Jayhawk fans. We love you guys and can't wait for next year. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, forever.

mdfraz 10 years, 6 months ago

Maxhawk, you are really trying to convince us that our athletic director hated that our football team went 12-1 and won a BCS bowl? Seriously? Is that why, by all accounts, the only reason we GOT to the Orange Bowl is because of Lew's lobbying?

I understand if you are saying he didn't want Mangino to succeed so that he could get rid of him, but to say he HATED that we went 12-1 seems ludicrous to me.

shelleysue 10 years, 6 months ago

LJW - Please just ban calihawk from this site altogether.

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