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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks’ road futility reaches record length

Kansas wide receiver Evan Fairs (19) celebrates a completion during first half of an NCAA football game, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (TFV Media via AP)

Kansas wide receiver Evan Fairs (19) celebrates a completion during first half of an NCAA football game, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (TFV Media via AP)


Austin, Texas — A revolving door of quarterbacks is the face of the longest road losing streak in the history of college football’s highest division.

Nothing will commemorate Kansas knocking Western State (based in Gunnison, Colo., 44 in a row from 1926-36) out of the top spot and only two words were spoken about it by third-year KU coach David Beaty when asked if he had any thoughts on it.

“I don’t,” Beaty said after a 42-27 loss at DKR – Texas Memorial Stadium, consecutive road setback No. 45.

Nor should he. KU’s next game is at home against No. 5 Oklahoma.

So many coaches, more than twice as many quarterbacks have made starts during the streak.

Kansas hasn’t been able to settle on a QB since Todd Reesing played his final season in 2009. One quarterback wins the job, leads an offense that turns it over too often, loses his job, gets it back, and so it has gone for nearly a decade for the Jayhawks.

Why so many interceptions through the years? To blame it all on the men throwing them is to ignore how much duress they face as a result of battles lost up front.

Look deeper for the foundation of it. KU hasn’t been able to recruit and develop offensive linemen that blend into a cohesive unit, spend as many as five years together in weight rooms and meeting rooms and play alongside each other long enough to communicate like twins. The names and frames forever change, much like the men they try to protect.

On this night, KU used just one quarterback, a testament to the toughness of third-year sophomore Carter Stanley, given how brutally and often he was rocked throughout the night, always popping back up to show the beatings didn’t defeat his will.

“I’ll say this about Carter Stanley: That might have been one of the toughest cats I’ve ever been around,” Beaty said. “They knocked the fool out of that guy today. He is bleeding from every part of his body, and he gets up and he can barely move, and he is a tough guy.”

Stanley, one of 11 quarterbacks to start a game for Kansas during the 45-game road spill, threw three interceptions, all in the first half. He also hit 10 different receivers, including emerging sophomore Evan Fairs (seven catches for 104 yards), threw for 268 yards and three touchdowns and rushed for net 43 yards, despite 19 yards in losses.

To what extent is the lack of protection to blame for the interceptions?

“Some of it,” Beaty said. “There’s a shared issue in some of those turnovers. It’s never just the O-line. When I came here I said this in the Air Raid: There’s always a place to go with the ball. There’s always a trapdoor. I can tell you this: We go back and look at the tape and unless somebody absolutely busts a route, it’s always there.”

But tough to see with behemoths closing in on the quarterback. Stanley is better than many at buying time with his feet and backup Peyton Bender at this point in their careers is better at seeing which windows and trapdoors are open.

All the hits Stanley takes don’t go unnoticed by teammates.

“He’s a strong kid, mentally, physically,” said junior defensive tackle Daniel Wise, the team’s best player this season. “He keeps us going the way he plays.”

Kansas competed much better in this road loss than in last week’s 38-9 home setback to winless Baylor, a changeup because the road usually brings out the worst in the Jayhawks.

KU has visited stadiums in 14 different states during the extended dry spell, keeping in mind that a 15th is not part of the streak because the three losses to Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium were neutral-site games.

State-by-state records during the streak, listed in order visited: Colorado (0-1), Texas (0-18), Kansas (0-4), Mississippi (0-1), Iowa (0-5), Nebraska (0-1), Georgia (0-1), Oklahoma (0-6), West Virginia (0-3), Illinois (0-1), North Carolina (0-1), New Jersey (0-1), Tennessee (0-1), Ohio (0-1).

The head coaches: Mark Mangino (0-4), Turner Gill (0-9), Charlie Weis (0-12), interim Clint Bowen (0-5) and Beaty (0-15).

The starting quarterbacks, all of whom came to Kansas on scholarship, listed in chronological order of first road start: Reesing (0-4), Jordan Webb (0-7), Quinn Mecham (0-2), Dayne Crist (0-3), Michael Cummings (0-7), Jake Heaps (0-4), Montell Cozart (0-7), Deondre Ford (0-1), Ryan Willis (0-5), Stanley (0-2), Bender (0-3).

KU’s final crack at keeping the slide from spilling into next season comes in the season-finale in Stillwater against Oklahoma State on Nov. 25, two days after Thanksgiving. KU last won on the road out in the west Texas town of El Paso, 34-7 against UTEP.

Since the 45-game road losing streak started on Oct. 17, 2009, with a 34-30 setback to Colorado, KU has gone 15-38 in Memorial Stadium, including 9-36 (.200 winning percentage) against FBS foes. Not great work, by any means, but considerably better than the results when they hit the road and the road hits them back much harder.

They took some hard hits against Texas, most notably Stanley, but on this night it didn’t knock the fight out of a 1-9 squad that hasn’t come within single figures of an opponent during its nine-game losing streak, which has dropped Beaty’s record to 3-31 overall and 1-30 vs. FBS competition.

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Doug Cramer 5 years ago

The only way to turn this ship around is to hire someone that has the same coaching philosophy that Mangino has.

Paying attention to details, and perfecting fundamental tasks that players are able to control through repetition.

Repetition, repetition, and repetition.

Beaty does not understand this concept and nor does Bowen.

Guys like Sabin, Snyder, and John Wooden are other coaches that understands this method of giving teams a chance to reach their or lose.

John Wooden discusses this at length in his book titled "Wooden on Leadership".

Bill Kackley 5 years ago

Doug, I have really gotten tired of all your negative crap. Why dont you just shut up.

Al Martin 5 years ago

Have you gotten tired of the negative crap that happens on the field? What Doug posted wasn't that negative. It was a pretty fair assessment of what needs to happen.

Lynn Stuart 5 years ago

Bill, get off the d+ck, Doug is right,they play the way they do because of zero repetition, the same as the military, that way its reaction and no thinking, get a clue

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

Your comment seems to be the most negative.

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

Beaty is wrong, of course. Ryan Willis showed even more toughness as a QB for Kansas, was a better passer and earned the right to run the program. I don't think that he wanted to hold hands in the locker room, though, so Beaty chased him out the door in favor of his own recruit, who has been absolutely miserable as a starter.

Tom needs to stop lauding Stanley for doing nothing more than constantly finding ways to give games away, throwing awful footballs and creating losses.

Doug is right. We need an actual coach, not a 300-pound gas bag like Weis and not 300-pounds of good intention like Beaty. An actual real, proven coach. You'd think that, for $1 million a year, it wouldn't be that tough of an assignment for Zenger.

Kevin Robert Fest 5 years ago

Brett What is with this lament crap? Willis was God awful don't make him sound like the next Joe Montana because he is not here anymore. He will never play a down at VT. Yes Beaty goes out of his way to favor a Quarterback, but if Willis was that great why was he replaced by Carter in the first place? Same reason Bender was replaced by Carter. And Beaty recruiting another Juco QB God help us. The only QB to commit next year already decommitted hmm l wonder why? Please people stop with the if we only had Willis or Cozart garbage, the results would be the same neither would have transferred if they played well enough to keep their job in the first place.

Kevin Robert Fest 5 years ago

Willis had 3 TDs and 7 Interceptions as a starter last year. 8 TDs and 9 ints as a freshman. Better QB than who? Name another program he would start for?

Richard Hernandez 5 years ago

Gotta give it up for C.Stanley took some hard hits! But always popped Back up! He's one tuff kid! No it wasn't pretty again but the jayhawks put some points on the board at this point that's all I can ask for...blaming certain people and pointing fingers isn't gonna win us football games either.ino it's frustrating but we gotta support! GO JAYHAWKS!

Kevin Robert Fest 5 years ago

Let's see how you feel aftet OU OUST those are going to be slaughters.

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

Shouldn't calling our players "cats" be reason to terminate...we aren't cats we are Jayhawks. Cats are purple or yellow.

Bill Cohen 5 years ago

Week in and week out, we bitch about the poor football program at KU and week in and week out, nothing changes!

Recently, people were certain both Zenger and Beatty were gone and they're still here. Call me cynical, but nothing is going to happen and after next week, basketball will be the news and we'll forget football until next fall. There is no commitment to football at KU. I guess we'll just have accept it.

One thought, boycott KU giving by all alums and football fans. Might get their attention!

Mark Kostner 5 years ago

I quit watching this disfunctional program years ago and try to ignore it but things have gotten so out of hand that it's impossible to ignore anymore. When we're breaking historical records for losses, when you have to go all the way back to Obama's first year in office to find a road win, this screams out for action to be taken. This is as low as you can go, like Death Valley or Hell. This football program is a joke and I'm still laughing for now but something has to be done soon. Seriously. This really is becoming an embarrassment to Jayhawk alums and I trust I am not alone here. It's time to either build a competent program with a coach who can really recruit players and win games or pull the plug on it like Wichita State did. At least they don't get embarrassed every week like this. My gut feeling is KU has the wherewithal to do this and building a football program in Kansas is not like constructing a 14, 000 foot mountain peak in Douglas County with a fleet of dump trucks.

Bill Kackley 5 years ago

All you whiner are contributors to the football teams poor showings. Texas has been a very average football team the last few years, where they have first pick of most every high school player in Texas. The fans filled a 100,000 seat stadium against the worst team in the big 12 or maybe secound worst. I thing we wood beat K-State 6 of 10. So Kansas fans sit on their duffs, dont go encourage the kids and complain about the University not caring about football on this blog. You are right, Beaty should not have been hired when he was, lack of experience. So we have to let him gain that experience. He will be a good coach and he cares more about KU football than most of you.

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

If he cared about KU football, he would have gotten rid of Bowen a long time ago.

UT also realized they were headed downhill and replaced their coach with a new philosophy...that wasn't working so they canned that coach. If this coach doesn't make progress next year...he'll be gone as well.

Matthew Gaylor 5 years ago

Did you see the crowd at the Texas game? There was not 100k there.

As for "he will be a good coach" how in the hell is a guy who hasn't ever been a coach, barely was an OC, going to magically become a good coach? He's not getting good experience in, nor is he improving as a coach over the 3 years he's been a coach. So whatever fairy dust magic that's going to make him a good coach, needed to be sprinkled on him 2 years ago.

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

Don't forget, he named himself offensive coordinator last year, s now he can put that on his resume. Maybe he can get a job somewhere as a "walk-around guy".

John Fitzgerald 5 years ago

Congrats, Bill. You’ve managed to make two of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read on one article.

David Kemp 5 years ago

We wouldn’t beat semo 6 out of 10 times. Quit writing garbage. Texas is winning games we aren’t. Nobody is going to support that mess and let the Beaty experiment destroy what little dignity we have which is on life support. Quit talking about the air raid having always a go to option. Out qbs aren’t quick enough to find the option before a line that can’t block allows total collapse.

Al Martin 5 years ago

Living here in Austin, I can tell you that the stands weren't full, and season ticket holders were giving tickets to anyone who would take them. It was alumni band day (which is not the same as homecoming at UT), and the UT alumni band is ridiculously large, like over 1000. It is routine to schedule alumni band day on a game that will have less than stellar attendance.

Blaming the fans for a perennially crappy football team is just stupid. We packed the stadium in 2009 when we had a competitive team that demonstrated at least some competence. This program has no energy, so neither does the fan base.

Brian Conrad 5 years ago

Bill so when will you face reality. When they set 100 road lose record ? Why can Iowa state , k state , even MU go from bottom to top and you just accept worst record in history of football. Heck just shut football down even SMU is way better. Save the millions spent on football at least we do not look like idiots. Heck Gruden said Kansas may not have won 12 games since takin and Harris left. Embarrassing. And worst part the people in charge and idiots like Bill are still all rah rah and no one will take Any responsibility for this JOKE

John Brazelton 5 years ago

Gentlemen, in the military you don't get to pick your leaders, your don't get to pick your co-workers, you don't get to pick your equipment or the lack thereof, you don't get to pick the enemy, most of the time, you don't get to pick the location of the battle, sometimes, you don't even get to choose whether or not you stay alive, what you do get to pick is whether or not you win or lose. It takes a long time to dig yourself out of a deep hole which KU is in scholarship wise. KU only gets 25 or less new replacement players every year. A vast majority of KU's coaches were successful in other football programs. They just didn't turn STUPID because they came to KU. It has already been stated that Beaty will most probably return next year as the head coach. Next season, Beaty will have 20+ seniors and around 15 juniors (add a few JUCOs) and will finally be close to 85 recruited scholarship players. If he can't come up with a winning record, then it will be time for a coaching change. In the mean time, everyone needs to switch over to basketball sports articles and let your blood pressure return to normal.

Bryan Mohr 5 years ago

You're comparing a public university to the military? Don't get to choose whether or not you stay alive? You get to pick whether or not you win or lose? What the...?

Thomas Green 5 years ago

Hmm...if only Beaty could play a few downs and get the fool knocked out of himself. No doubt that’s a tall order.

So the Air Raid always has a trap door unless someone busts a route. What previous tapes has he not watched? I’m sure after he watches the tapes from this game he’ll have it all figured out. What the hell is he talking about. Hard to hit the receiver if you are running for your life or in your back. Unbelievable. Clearly Beaty’s offense would work great if the other team wasn’t playing defense.

Jerry Walker 5 years ago

"Hmm...if only Beaty could play a few downs and get the fool knocked out of himself."

That's the funniest quote I've read in a long time!!

Larry Smith 5 years ago

Brian, To answer your question. One thing that ISU, KSU and even MU have that KU doesn't, is fan support. KU fans like to sit around and complain, but they really don't do much to support the team. The people on this site want to say that the Chancellor doesn't take football seriously, but neither do the fans. ISU was not good last year, and haven't really been for years. But they still averaged 50,000+ fans per game. What does KU average? 20? maybe 25? I am as disappointed as anyone in the current season, but I also realize what kind of hole we are digging out of. It sucks right now, but switching out coaches every 2-3 years will only make it worse. Look where it's gotten us so far.

Bryan Mohr 5 years ago

Blaming the fans? That's low. Don't slam the fans for the KU administration's millionaire failures. You're wrong about ISU, KSU, and MU having ONE thing KU doesn't. Since the 2010 season: KSU is 65-36, MU is 60-40, ISU is 34-62, and KU is... 15-79. Those schools have lots more things than KU does: WINS. When Mangino was the coach the stadium was full and he won about half his games. If you think the stadium should be full regardless of the product, you're out of touch with reality.

Armen Kurdian 5 years ago

I flatly disagree. KU fan support wants to be there, desperately. Myself included. Went to the Rutgers game last year, bought KU gear. Went to the A&M game at home a few years ago (I move around a lot and don't live in KS anymore). Listen/watch the games religiously until last weekend. At some point the program has to step up and do its part.

Bryan Mohr 5 years ago

What will be a definition of success for Beaty next season? He wins 2 games in his 4th season? That's the best he will do. Nicolls State is a FCS team, so Beaty should win that, but Nicolls only lost by 10 this year at Texas A&M and has won most of their games. Beaty then plays an away game at Central Michigan, the team he couldn't beat this year at home. Then Rutgers, who isn't that great but has beaten Illinois, Purdue, and Maryland. Every team in the Big12 is expected to be better than KU next year. The only way I see KU keeping Beaty for a 5th season is if he wins 5 games next year. He won't come close to that.

My main point is that keeping Beaty another year is a waste of time because what P5 school is going to keep a coach that is 4-44 or 5-43? That's ridiculous. The entire Beaty experiment was based on the faulty pipe-dream of Beaty pulling lots of great recruits. He hasn't done that. Beaty himself said that year 3 should start seeing dividends. Nope. It's over. Whether it is at the end of this season or next, Beaty will be gone. For those interested in wasting another KU football season to satisfy their need for proof that Beaty isn't going to win games, go ahead and keep Beaty. A wiser decision will be to replace Beaty with a proven winner that has HC experience as soon as possible. For all the nay-sayers out there, yes, KU can hire a proven winner as HC (if MAC and C-USA teams can do it, KU can do it).

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

Sitting at home, watching a coach win with KU players.

5 years ago

does anyone else remember these classic gems from hcdb?: 9/6/16: “..a couple of things that stood out to me was the play of our offensive line. You really want to see improvement from year to year with those guys.” and my FAVORITE!: 9/5/15: “Being the smartest team in the country, we weren’t that today. We’ve got to get better at that and that’s me and my coaches’ job.” when-if ever or even One game- in the last 3 years have we been the ‘smartest team’ on the field?! weve started more games w false starts than we have Wins in 3 years! want a chuckle? read hcdb quotes from years past re: ‘smartest team’ sad sad sad, but hilarious. sometimes, the Truth Hurts. rcjh

John Brazelton 5 years ago

5 to 7 D1 teams will fire their head coaches this season and they are all from higher ranked conferences like the SEC. Most of the best coaches around will be considered for these openings. What coach would be a fool to take the KU position after three coaches have been fired averaging 2 1/2 years of tenure? The only type of coach that you will get is a coach like Matt Campbell who will be gone from Iowa State this season or next or a coach like Charlie Weis who is trying to resurrect his career from an earlier failure.

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