Texas defeats Kansas, 42-27

  • 5 p.m., Nov. 11, 2017
  • Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, Austin, TX

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Missed Chances: Longhorns capitalize on KU’s mistakes; Jayhawks fall at Texas

Texas linebacker Kyle Hrncir (31) intercepts a pass by Kansas quarterback Carter Stanley (9), not in the picture, during an NCAA football game, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (TFV Media via AP)

Texas linebacker Kyle Hrncir (31) intercepts a pass by Kansas quarterback Carter Stanley (9), not in the picture, during an NCAA football game, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (TFV Media via AP)


Austin, Texas — The Texas football team made a point to exploit Kansas for its most glaring flaws Saturday night. When the Jayhawks failed to do the same, the Longhorns had little trouble avenging their storied program’s infamous 2016 loss to forlorn KU.

On a night Texas took the ball away four times and scored 21 points as a direct result, at Darrel K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium, a pair of UT mistakes only netted the eternal road underdogs three points, making it simpler for Texas to win 42-27.

The KU secondary’s first interception in five weeks, a Hasan Defense fourth-quarter pick of UT’s Shane Buechele (22-for-32, 249 yards, one touchdown), had little impact.

Trailing by 15 points at the time, and with more than 12 minutes left on the game clock, the rare Kansas steal possessed the potential to put some serious pressure on the Longhorns (5-4 overall, 4-3 Big 12), who entered the weekend two wins shy of bowl eligibility with three games to play.

The Kansas offense failed to apply such stress. The first play after Defense pilfered some momentum, a quick Carter Stanley pass to Steven Sims Jr. actually lost six yards. The next snap brought on a Breckyn Hager sack of Stanley. Facing third-and-20, Stanley initially dropped the following snap onto the turf before picking it back up, surveying the field and taking off for an 18-yard run. But after the teams traded infractions on fourth downs, the KU drive concluded with Malik Jefferson smothering Taylor Martin in the backfield for a turnover on downs at the UT 32-yard line.

“That’s always huge. That tells the story in games, right. Turnovers and if you can capitalize on them,” KU head coach David Beaty said. “Being able to capitalize on that interception which put us in great field position. … We were in good position and we have to be able to go down there and capitalize on that.”

Just to bring normalcy back to the college football universe, the Longhorns traversed 68 yards on the following possession to officially bury Kansas (1-9, 0-7) with a Chris Warren III rushing TD with 5:34 left, perhaps even inspiring some to forget that KU beat UT nearly a year ago.

“Defense did a great job all night,” KU redshirt sophomore quarterback Carter Stanley said. “Those guys play their tails off every week. Obviously it would’ve been great if we were able to capitalize with a touchdown there. But it hurt.”

Texas, which went 3-for-3 on fourth-down conversions in the first half, couldn’t duplicate that success in the third quarter, when back-to-back drives concluded due to a turnover on downs.

Yet, ever-snakebitten Kansas, which lost its 45th consecutive road game, couldn’t even catch a break on that side of the ball in the third.

Defensive end Dorance Armstrong Jr. bobbled and couldn’t corral a potential interception which he easily could’ve taken to the end zone at a juncture when Texas led 35-20.

“He’s sick, because he can see that goal line,” Beaty said. “The problem is he was looking at the goal line instead of seeing the ball in. But I know it, man, he’s been wanting that for a long, long time. So that would’ve been a big play. No doubt about it.”

On the same series, cornerback Julian Chandler forced a fumble, but UT recovered.

The initial fourth-down stop, at the 9:00 mark, with the underdogs trailing by 18, led to the only points of the third quarter for either team.

Two chunk plays — a 29-yard Stanley pass to Kerr Johnson Jr. and a 15-yard sprint down the right sideline by Martin — put Kansas in striking position, going as far as the 15-yard line. A 32-yard Gabriel Rui field goal was all the Jayhawks could muster, though, trimming UT’s advantage to 35-20.

“You know, they understand it,” Beaty said of the defense playing to its potential for a bit, keeping UT scoreless from the 4:49 mark of the second quarter until late in the fourth. “You give them an advantage. We’ve got to be able to just — just don’t go backwards and let’s see how things work out. Just don’t go backwards. You’d be surprised.”

Despite throwing a pair of interceptions in the opening quarter, unfazed Stanley (27-for-43 passing, three picks, three touchdowns, 268 yards on the night) opened the second quarter, with the help of positive Martin runs, by orchestrating a touchdown drive capped by a perfectly-placed toss to freshman tight end Earl Bostick in the end zone, cutting the Texas lead to 28-14.

It soon after shrank as small as 28-17 with a 36-yard Rui field goal, once kickoff coverage special teamers Kyron Johnson forced a Kris Boyd fumble and Kerr Johnson Jr. recovered UT’s only giveaway of the first half.

Even so, it was only a matter of time before a Kansas mishap, in the form of a muffed punt by Steven Sims Jr., set Texas up with its third touchdown off a Jayhawks turnover. Lil’Jordan Humphrey’s one-yard rushing score padded UT’s lead up to 35-17.

Making matters worse, one of the more eye-pleasing drives of the night by Kansas on the ensuing series covered 71 yards over 12 plays with no points to show for it. The drive ended when Stanley badly overthrew Ben Johnson in the end zone, enabling UT nickelback Antwuan Davis to secure his second interception of the half.

“It was big-time. They scored off of them,” Stanley said of the Longhorns’ takeaways. “That’s where I’ve got to be better. Just reading the coverage better. I think those were good plays by those guys anyway and we were just unfortunate.”

Beaty referenced the words of former UT offensive coordinator Greg Davis in his summation of the late second quarter interception.

“Reserve the right to kick. Do not throw the football to the other team down there in that red zone,” Beaty shared. “And we just were not able to get that done. We’ve got to be able to come away with points there. We’ve got the ball coming out at half and you have a chance to go make it a really good game and we weren’t able to do that.”

Their ninth consecutive loss couldn’t have started much worse for the Jayhawks. After attempting an onside kick, easily recovered by the Longhorns, to open the game, it took one play from scrimmage and nine seconds of game clock for Texas to reach the end zone.

Wasting no time to take shots at the KU secondary, which was without injured starting defensive backs Mike Lee and Shakial Taylor, Buechele put a deep ball down the middle of the field on the money for senior receiver Lorenzo Joe, who beat the coverage deep for a 49-yard score.

After the KU defense displayed the ability to mentally recover on its second series, surrendering only one first down before forcing a punt, the offense couldn’t escape a drive that began at its own 1-yard line unscathed.

UT punter Michael Dickson pinned KU deep, and two rush attempts only gave the Jayhawks an extra yard of breathing room. On third down, Stanley found himself under severe pressure in the end zone and his hurried throw over the middle was easily picked out of the air by Davis, who took the ball to the end zone for six carefree points.

Stanley and the Jayhawks at least proved resilient, though. The redshirt sophomore QB, who already survived a pulverizing hit on the first series, sparked a six-play TD drive with a 15-yard rush which concluded with him spinning forward to eke out extra yardage. Stanley later found senior tight end Ben Johnson for a crucial 20-yard gain. An ensuing hurry-up snap capitalized on that momentum, as Stanley found Sims for a five-yard touchdown, seemingly eradicating the lingering stench of the disastrous start and cutting the lead in half, to 14-7.

The Longhorns made sure the visitors, so used to suffering the worst outcomes on the road, didn’t get too comfortable. A 35-yard kickoff return from Kris Boyd set up a quick, rushing-only 60-yard scoring drive bolstered by carries of 20-plus yards by both Daniel Young and Toneil Carter.

The Horns’ 21-7 lead soon got an upgrade courtesy of Stanley’s second interception of the first quarter. Freshman Texas QB Sam Ehlinger entered for a series after missing the past couple games due to injury and only needed two short completions and nine yards for a TD and a 28-7 cushion, thanks to senior safety Jason Hall’s pick and 25-yard return.

Texas seized its big moments. The Jayhawks couldn’t.

Said Defense: “Opportunities come and if they come to you, you have to make plays.”

KU plays its home finale Saturday versus Oklahoma, at Memorial Stadium.

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Max Ledom 4 years, 7 months ago

It’s clear improvement is happening. Yet again it has to come in the last half of the year due to poor starting QB decisions (if Carter was perfectly healthy at any moment Week 1-7 and we chose to keep playing Bender I will be extremely upset). Carter is a baller. He turned the ball over 3 times today against one of the nations top defenses that was out for revenge. But the dude isn’t afraid to go make plays. So we have to encourage this kid big time. Even if he has some turnovers, at least he will keep us around by producing on offense and keeping the guys motivated. Where the Benders of the world would simply prefer to take a sack, throw it out of bounds, or throw it so badly short or far that it ends up close to or picked off. KState was improvement. Baylor, though disappointing, was some improvement as we still were able to move the ball just weren’t able to get in the end zone. And Texas was certainly an improvement. I still believe in Beaty. But I hope he starts making more gut decisions like Carter over Bender and less by the numbers. Carter is your QB of the future and he can sling it. Let’s rally around him the last games of the season and salvage what we can.

We have no other choice.

Brett McCabe 4 years, 7 months ago

We lose to the Baylor Junior Varsity, winless football team, and you call it improvement? Okay, Mrs. Beaty, even you are starting to sound ridiculous.

Aaron Paisley 4 years, 7 months ago

Screw Stanley, the kid is not a Big 12 QB. He gave UT 14 of their 28 point in the 1st quarter with a pick 6 and another pick deep in KU territory UT returned to 9 two drives later. He also cost KU another TD on a pick he threw in the end zone. The first two picks were thrown right to the UT defenders and the 3rd on he floated into double coverage.

KU may have actually won with a real QB last night because they were the better team for much of the game last night.

Brett McCabe 4 years, 7 months ago

I was flipping through some games last night as we were setting an all time road loss record, and our quarterback, three years into the system, was throwing the football to the other team accurately, frequently and in perfect field position.

Two things came to mind as I was checking out the other games. First, would any of these teams on t.v. have hired our coach 3 years ago? The answer, of course, was no. Most head coaches are hired after working a few years as an actual coordinator. I know that not a single P5 school would have even interviewed our coach. I also don't think another FBS AD, at any program, would have ever made this disastrous hire. Especially having just hired and fired a coach who completely gutted our program.

Second, if Chancellor Girod doesn't care about KU football, why should I? Seriously. When an A.D. is allowed to make, possibly, the two worst consecutive hiring decisions in major college football history, we set an all-time road futility record after getting destroyed at home by junior varsity team, and nothing is done about it. Why should I care? Clearly, KU doesn't care.

And we have fans, like Max above, trying to rationalize this idiocy? It's not even interesting anymore.

Micky Baker 4 years, 7 months ago

And you're the expert. Give it a break Brett. There has been improvement, but not as much as you'd like. Baylor gave OU a scare. They lost close games. We're way behind in the number of scholarship players. And here you go basing your opinion on one game against a team that has a lot more roster spots filled than we do.

Greg Ledom 4 years, 7 months ago

Adios Brett. Those of us left who do care, aren’t rationalizing anything, we're looking for improvement, silver linings, the positive, wherever we can. If, ands and buts.......I choose to care and support.

Max Ledom 4 years, 7 months ago

Brett, sorry, I’m not going to sit around and be a negative, terrible fan to fit your narrative. If you wanna be that, so be it. Beaty made fair points as to why our improvements are slow. Behind on scholarships, and no seniors due to Weis. If you think you know the solution (which you clearly do, you have told KU Football EXACTLY what to do for the past 10 years....why haven’t they hired you as AD!?) be my guest and lay it out. Otherwise just stop it already with the constant negativity. It brings nothing. 3 coaches haven’t fixed a thing. Beaty has shown the most potential to. And we have to support what we currently have. I’ve been a season ticket member for 15 years. I certainly am not quitting now or anytime soon. Not the Jayhawk way. Bye.

Charlie Gaughn 4 years, 7 months ago

Brett you said it perfectly so i’m not going to waste any space with a lengthy comment. $0 from me until Zenger is gone.

Chris Condren 4 years, 7 months ago

The team collectively crapped in their pants during the 1st quarter to give Texas an insurmountable lead. The balance of the game showed Texas to be a flawed team and the Jayhawks to be a truly terrible team. KU would have a couple of decent plays and then self destruct killing any hope of making this a competitive game. This team is poorly coached and unfortunately it looks like this staff will get another year to enterta8n us with their incredible incompetence.

Clarence Haynes 4 years, 7 months ago

This sounds simplistic but perhaps a solution is to increase the ante of the Stadium capital investment program, Raise the Chant” by an amount that covers the payout of Beaty and then the employment of a seasoned and well respected coach that will rebuild the program concurrent with the upgrade of Memorial Stadium! Coach will be decided on by a select committee created by Girod, with input from donors.

Jeff Coffman 4 years, 7 months ago


Comparison from 2016 to 2017 pt differential, followed by overall comparison:

FCS +49 vs +22 = -27

Ohio -16 vs -12 = +4

MAC Team -36 vs -18 = +18

WVU -27 vs -22 = +5

TTU -36 vs -46 = -10

ISU -7 vs -45 = -38

TCU -1 vs -43 = -42

KSU -15 vs -10 = +5

Bay -42 vs -29 = +13

Tex +3 vs -15 = -18

So Improved against a second MAC Team and Baylor, roughly the same for Ohio WVU and KSU, and trashed by the others. I don't think this is improvement.

The article we need is one of the following three 1) Beaty has been fired and Zenger will work with a committee to find a new AD as he switches to a new Fundraising role 2) Zenger has been fired, or 3) Girod has stepped down because he didn't know the athletic department was in his area of responsibility.

Do we really want Zenger selecting any more coaches for KU?

John Brazelton 4 years, 7 months ago

Gentlemen, look at K-State. There's not a better coached team in the Big 12 based upon their overall talent base. But they are down to their #3 QB and are losing close games that they would normally win. My point, KU doesn't have enough scholarship talent to make up for injuries. We have decent #1's, but our #2's don't have the experience or athletic ability to fill in adequately this season. The only good thing about injuries is that the replacements are getting on-the-field reps which should give us experienced backups or starters for next season. Some of our posters are so bitter towards Girod, Zenger and Beaty that they should switch over to the basketball articles and take a break until next football season.

Jeff Coffman 4 years, 7 months ago

Last week Baylor had 25 Players out because of injury and we had 10, they were playing 17 true freshman. We were playing at home. They have a new coach we have a three year coach. They had more injuries than we had last week, and they beat us by 29.

Gunnar Hays 4 years, 7 months ago

Thank you. I agree that KU is certainly lacking the roster (talent, scholarships, experience, injuries, etc.) to compete at a really high level. That said, looking at Baylor and what they have in year 1, should not be winning in Lawrence the way they did during year 3 of the KU rebuild.

Micky Baker 4 years, 7 months ago

So if we had 10 players injured and 18 fewer scholarship spots filled, how can you just overlook that? Or did you even know that?

Gunnar Hays 4 years, 7 months ago

I think Jeff's point was less about the roster issues KU has in general, and more about the fact that Baylor was really the first Big 12 team to have a comparable roster in terms of issues with experience, injuries, etc.

Jeff Coffman 4 years, 7 months ago

FYI...ISU lost to OSU at OSU by 7 points on their 4th string QB. The third string QB didn't make it in the PAC 12, couldn't play at Hutch CC and walked on at ISU. Until injuries he would have never made it on the field. We might have depth issues, but our bigger issues is at the leadership/coaching issue.

Layne Pierce 4 years, 7 months ago

John A year ago I would have bought your argument. But this team is actually worse in many ways, not better. Second, Stanley has leadership qualities that Bender does not. He also has mobility that Bender does not. Now we find that we are recruiting a hotshot juco qb again. We continue to try and run the worst short passing game in college ball. We are effective on offensive, when we mix run and pass, when we roll out. We are always in the shotgun, and we are completely predictable. We have some good running backs, we do not use them enough, and we do not look for lineman who are effective for running game. We still manage clock and field like a bad high school team.

Finally I ask you where is the consistency of effort and performance. This is not year 1. Forget the record, just where is the consistency of effort and performance. And that goes for the coaches as well, do they not know their players well enough to design a system that uses their strengths and minimizes their deficiencies? Last year's Texas game was a fluke, why because it did not contribute to overall improvement and consistency.

If Stanley had continued to play, learn, and be coached from the beginning of the year, his development would be marked. Just the fact that we all fall for the qb is the answer to everything that is wrong with this team, shows how far we have all fallen.

Rock Chalk

Don Johnson 4 years, 7 months ago

Something to remember about Beatty is that he was a discount store coach.KU was paying Charlie 6 million and had a big buy for his predecessor as well. Zenger didn't want to lay out the big bucks for aanother coach. He got Beatty at a price no one else would take.

Jeff Coffman 4 years, 7 months ago

However we doubled his salary over the offseason, and every week it costs KU $135k to have him around.

Aaron Paisley 4 years, 7 months ago

Beaty is still near the bottom of salaries for P5 coaches.

Dee Shaw 4 years, 7 months ago

The headline of this column:

“Missed Chances: Longhorns capitalize on KU's mistakes; Jayhawks fall at Texas”.

No way. Hard to believe that KU had missed chances, mistakes and lost on the road again. What a surprise.

George Johnston 4 years, 7 months ago

There are 129 teams in the FBS. This week the Jayhawks are 127th in Scoring Defense 127th in Team Passing Efficiency Defense 126th in Turnover Margin 123rd in 3rd Down Conversion Pct 122nd in Net Punting 116th in Scoring Offense 116th in Passing Yards Allowed 115th in Rushing Offense 115th in Team Passing Efficiency 114th in Punt Returns 113th in First Downs Offense 110th in Total Defense 109th in Time of Possession 105th in Total Offense

In other words, of the 25 statistical categories that the NCAA tracks, the 'Hawks are in the bottom 25 in 14 categories -- and we still have to play Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Brett McCabe 4 years, 7 months ago

And yet, people post that the team has improved. We are literally, historically bad. The man primarily responsible still has a job and the coach who is responsible for the last three years of incompetence still has a job.

I truly feel sorry for the ticket-sales team next year.

Dee Shaw 4 years, 7 months ago

Oh George it’s not that bad. Lol. Nice work looking up all those stats. After doing that I heard you are on suicidal watch. How dreadful.

George Johnston 4 years, 7 months ago

Dee, thanks for starting my morning with a laugh.

The NCAA posts lots of great data on line; all I did was organize it but thanks very much for the compliment.

Every so often, it's nice to inject a few facts into the discussion.

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