Kansas defeats Temple, 84-52

  • 4:30 p.m., Jan. 2, 2010
  • Philadelphia, Pa.,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, Brother!

KU twins win big in return home

Kansas forward Marcus Morris puts up a shot over Temple forward Scootie Randall during the second half, Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010 at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pa.

Kansas forward Marcus Morris puts up a shot over Temple forward Scootie Randall during the second half, Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010 at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pa.


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— Marcus and Markieff Morris completed a brief on-court interview with ESPN2’s Len Elmore Saturday night in Liacouras Center, then raced over to their own 50-person cheering section behind the Kansas University basketball bench.

The KU sophomores — who combined for 18 points and seven rebounds in the Jayhawks’ 84-52 rout of Temple — planted kisses on their mom, Thomasine, who lives in Lawrence, and bear-hugs on grandmother Shirley, granddad Thomas and brother, Blake, who all reside in Philly, before finally heading through the tunnel to the showers.

All that was missing was the soundtrack from “Rocky” to make more perfect the Morris twins’ triumphant return to the place they were born and reared.

“You can’t ask for a better homecoming than that,” Markieff Morris said after the No. 1-ranked Jayhawks slaughtered a No. 18-ranked Temple team that had allowed an average of 54.2 points a game. “We played really good defense, even better than we played on offense.”

The Jayhawks performed so well on both ends that they ended this one early. KU used a 21-6 run to turn a narrow 19-17 lead into a 40-23 halftime advantage.

“They came to beat up Temple, I hate to say,” grandmom Shirley Morris said with a smile. “They wanted to play well with their family here. All this is our family. Everybody here is from (Washington) D.C. and Philly,” she added, asking all the Morrises to wave to a Journal-World reporter.

“I’m ecstatic for them. They are my cornbread babies,” Shirley added of her grandsons.

The twins returned to the court 15 minutes later to visit with all of their relatives and those of New Jersey native Tyshawn Taylor (eight points, two assists) and Washington, D.C., product Thomas Robinson (two points, three boards).

Markieff Morris held teammate Robinson’s 6-year-old sister, Jayla Paris, high in the air, while preparing to chat with reporters.

“It was great to come home and get a victory,” Marcus Morris said after scoring 13 points off 6-of-12 shooting. “I wouldn’t say I was nervous. It was exciting. I missed a couple bunnies in the beginning, but then I got going.”

It was easy for the Jayhawks to become motivated for this one. Temple’s fans, who chanted “We Want Kansas” after a recent victory over No. 3-ranked Villanova, taunted KU’s players with chants of “overrated” during warmups.

“It is what it is,” Markieff said of the chants. “I know they heard our fans chant, ‘You got what you asked for.’’’

More than 2,000 of the 10,206 fans were cheering for the Jayhawks and rocked the arena with the Rock Chalk chant the final 2 1/2 minutes.

“I was a little surprised how many (KU) people were there. The great thing is we have Jayhawk fans all over the country,” Cole Aldrich said after scoring 10 points with 10 rebounds and three blocks. “We played far west at UCLA and had great fan support. Now we’re in Philly and have another great fan base. It’s fun to have Crimson and Blue in the crowd when we are on the road.”

Morris family members, of course, helped hike the crowd total in KU’s favor.

“They got all the tickets,” senior Sherron Collins said with a laugh after scoring 14 points with four assists and three steals. He set the tone early with a steal and layup and also scored KU’s first seven points.

Coach Bill Self noticed that at least one of the twins didn’t fare so well early.

“Marcus missed two bunnies to start the game. You could tell he and Kieff were tight,” Self said. “I was especially happy for those two to come home and leave here with a win.”

It was a historic win of sorts: the biggest margin of victory by a KU team in a road game in the seven-year Self era.

That made for one happy twin homecoming.

“To finally get to play at home ... that felt good, and it felt good to be in this building,” said Markieff, who noted he had the best game of his life in the same building in a city championship game at Philly’s Prep Charter High, when he collected 23 points and 21 boards.

Marcus provided the highlight-reel play between the twins, cupping the basketball for a vicious one-handed jam in the second half, following his steal.

“I do it ’cause my hand is small. I can’t palm the ball,” said Marcus, who always seems to come up with something new to tell the media in postgame chats. “It’s like my trademark (to cup the ball).”

Of getting the last laugh on Temple’s fans, Marcus said: “I didn’t hear the ‘overrated’ chant. I think Temple has great fans. I don’t think you can call us overrated after that. I think we were the better team, the more aggressive team.”

KU sure seemed to play like the No. 1 team in the land.

“They are playing great. They are No. 1 and are going to stay No. 1. That’s how it should be,” the twins’ older brother, Blake, said proudly.

Of his brothers, Blake Morris said, “They’ve improved. It’s how it should be their sophomore year. You break out.”

“They are at least 50 percent better than last year,” grandpa Thomas Morris added. “I’ve noticed a big improvement this year.”

As far as all the chit-chatting, Saturday’s Morris family reunion had to end sometime.

“Goodbye, KU,” one of the Morrises said, waving as the Jayhawks were finally herded out to the team bus.

“I’m staying,” Thomas Robinson told staff members Kurtis Townsend and Brett Ballard, looking lovingly at his mom and sister.

“Tell coach I’m going back to D.C.” he added with a big smile on his face.

For the record, he departed with the rest of his teammates and will be ready for the next test: Wednesday’s 7 p.m. home battle against Cornell.


jayhawker97 11 years ago

awesome performance by the Twins! fabulous show by KU team. what a game! this is what KU's opponents will have face from now on: embarrassment!!! they'll be happy enough to get beat by only 20! yeah.. assuming KU plays this style consistently, which i really believe they will!!!

rock chalk!!!!!!!!

Kevin Long 11 years ago

It was great to see them step up and play well on the road. I really wish that they would have been tested a little more, but can't complain.

yates33333 11 years ago

One word describes the game and the Morris' and the rest of KU's team. WOW!

Jayhawker63 11 years ago

soobawls, evidently you didn't read the past article where it talks about their love for cornbread.

AsadZ 11 years ago

Best performance of the year especially on "D". It was my first KU game since graduating from KU in 89 and what a special treat it was to see the HAWKS in action. Also, what a great sight it was to see so many fans fom east coast come to this game. KU fans were louder and enthusiastic from the start. Great experience. Thank You HAWKS. Jayhawk nation is proud of you.

PAHAWK1 11 years ago

LJW, there were more than four thousand KU fans in the building and they were vociferous throughout the game. These fans were louder than the fans attended the Temple game in AFH last year. There were a lot of fans on the second level (which could not have been captured by the ESPN camera) and were standing most of the game. More than 500 alumini attended the pre-game party at the Ladder 15 in Philadelphia. Some of the alumini drove 6-8 hours (from MA, CT, NY, NJ.....) to watch the game.

KU 11 years ago

OK, I was wrong about the score. I predicted 68-63. (Glad to see Coach Self was wrong, too. He predicted 65-60.) I gave Temple too much credit for their defense and rebounding. After seeing them play KU, it's clear their defensive stats are mainly due to their ability to slow the pace and limit possessions. KU was able to rebound on the defensive end, allowing us to speed up the game and increase possessions. Temple lacks a credible post presence that would have made this a game. Temple doesn't play aggressive perimeter defense. Rather, they play sound position. They lack the quickness and athleticism on the perimeter to beat a really good team

Their prolific 3-point shooter, Fernandez, has the mechanics of a junior high kid with the 2 handed set-shot. He was too easy to guard.

KU played with more intensity yesterday, which was a step in the right direction. However, I'm not putting much stock in this win, for the reasons above and the following: KU was just "on" yesterday. Everything they did was golden on the offensive end and every ball seemed to bounce our way. Still, KU only had 5 steals. We won't bother teams with good perimeter players enough to disrupt their offense. We still haven't played a team with an athletic, big front line, nor a team that plays frenetic perimeter defense (other than Memphis). K-State has the latter, but we won't see the full package until Feb 8 in Austin. A few speed bumps in between.

leonard 11 years ago

Kudos to the defensive game plan devised by coach Self. He put our players in the position to blowout a pretty good team on their floor.

The danger from Temple was not their inside was their jump shooting on the perimeter. Unlike most games where we try to fight through ball screens...we switched on almost every screen...preventing Temple from getting into a rhythm with wide open looks.

Great effort from the players...and just as important...a great scouting and coaching job by Self.

KU 11 years ago

leonard.....Right on about the switching. I read somewhere that Self likes to make his players learn to fight through them early in the year to make them tougher. Then as the conference play is about to begin, they start switching perimeter screens. It's like Self purposely ties one hand behind our player's back in the non-con season so we will be better prepared late in the season. (I don't miss the Roy Williams teams that looked like world-beaters in December at all.) Self is a Master at teaching toughness and defense.......incrementally.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

KU - There was a stretch in the first few minutes of the game where Temple received some very lucky bounces off of long shots. I remember one possession where they got three offensive rebounds. It was almost comical.

I have to put stock in a game such as this one. It was a road game against a ranked team and KU played a superior game with sound defense and offense for two halves. They showed good poise throughout. Collins and Aldrich played well which I haven't seen this year. Meaning either one or the other has had a good game but not both during the same game which could be a product of our competition.

They played well as a team and I can't pick out one player to say, "man, he had a crappy game". In fact, my Missouri loving in-laws were over and had no ill words to speak of the superior talent they were watching. It was a great show.

Also, great article regarding the interactions of players and family. Very heart felt. It's pretty cool to hear of these young men's journey.

hawk_of_ages 11 years ago

"Only 5 steals" is pretty good against a team that gives up the second fewest turnovers in the nation.

Temple probably was ranked too high, but beating them by 30 at their place is a pretty strong statement. Villanova can attest to that.

Andy Hess 11 years ago

time for Keegan to eat some crow. thought we were going to lose, eh Tommy Boy?

omng392 11 years ago

The Four most beautiful words to hear on an opposing teams court "Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU" THAT WAS THE BEST!!!

I'm hearing people complain about this win??? What our team stepped up and played like the #1 team in the nation. That brought the wood, can't ask for anything more. For young kids to go on the road, half way across the country and play like they did is excellent. Good job gentleman, and way to represent KU alumni!!

Steve Brown 11 years ago

KU right, Roy was our best December coach ever, (folks I'm not taking records or fact, just his philosophy of letting the dogs run and run) what Bill is doing is brilliant, the 'fight' thru screens is fun to watch and needed at this stage.

Rock Chalk chant is more fun on the road and glad to hear at places other than AFH WEST in Boulder.

I've been in Austin (fun to plan business trips around KU travel) the last two times we've played there, great games with sad endings and no chance to chant the chalk. Maybe this year.

Crisp passing and tough D wins championships!!

kansasbasketball 11 years ago

what a AWESOME win for ku!! now lets hope we don't get to ahead of are selves. Lets get better and prepare for CORNELL and not the tennessee team we have CORNELL first and that is a really good cornell team.

rock chalk

kennethst 11 years ago

Soobawls has lots of time on his hands!

bradynsdad 11 years ago

the twins are just a very solid and silent killer. they are not flashy but they do their job every game. congrats to both of you guys on a fun welcome home game.i also thought the chants of overrated were hilarious.

kennethst 11 years ago

Thanks Temple.....for firing up our players....."We want Kansas"? "Overrated"?

What else can we say but thanks!

PS-Anybody see that Temple pass that hit the othet Temple player in the face??? So funny.....and he didn't even try to recover of the Morris twins got it and was an easy slam dunk......perfect for how the game went for Temple.

melrank 11 years ago

I, too, noticed a lot of the defensive switching going on. I hadn't seen that much this year, but read the same quotes from Coach on his philosohy early in the season. It was amazing to watch our guys hand off their assignments and for the next guy to just pick it up without missing a beat. Smooth to watch and created very few really good looks for Temple.

Another defensive observation: Cole is really good at hedging very high on the ball screens, disrupting the penetration, and recovering to his man. It's easy to miss some of the nuances of his defensive presence. You can see when he's out, that we don't do any of the above quite as well with the Twins or TRob.

Although, you can't teach size, I'm sure those guys will get better as they get more experience.

Great win yesterday!

TRUEHEART 11 years ago

Let's not get too carried away here. We probably played our best overall game of the season, for a whole game, but despite the hype and their ranking, it is obvious that Temple is not as good as several teams we have played this year. I hate to use the Temple crowd taunt, but it seems pretty clear that this team was overrated. We had better not rate our team on this victory.

Kye Clark 11 years ago

Excellent game yesterday. Best performance of the season bar none.

One thing that truly irks me is the lack of respect by the national media. Both Foxsports & ESPN on the front page of their college basketball pages guessed it, Kentucky. Kentucky, a team that struggled to put away Louisville at home. If the situation was reversed, if Kansas had squeeked out the win today and Kentucky had run Louisville out of the building the result would be the same. The Kentucky media PR machine is really in high gear this season. Granted it has nothing to do with how this Jayhawk team plays, just as a fan I'd like to see them get the respect they deserve.

In other PR news, did Derek Jeter hire ESPN to keep dropping his name as often as possible? A couple weeks ago it was Bob Knight comparing a Morris twin catching a pass to the glove work of Jeter. Well, I just chalked that up to Bob Knight just being quirky. Then yesterday while discussing CJ Henry's minor league service time with the Yankees once again Jeter's name was mentioned, this time as a possible reason why CJ decided to quit baseball and go back to basketball, because Jeter was blocking his career path. Yeah...I'm sure that was it. Just a weird little coincidence to have him referenced yet again, like they're just looking for reasons to talk about him. Maybe someone there has a man-crush on the guy. IDK. Like I said back when Bob Knight brought him up, if you're looking for a reason why not show some of the ladies he's dated?

P.S. - Kennethst - Yeah, that play was hilarious. HIt him in the face and you'd have thought he got hit by a Mike Tyson uppercut and the ref sent him woozily to his corner, he just walked around with no regard for the ongoing play.

Mike Kendall 11 years ago


That play where the Temple guy got hit with the rock--looked like he got dazed, like a punch in boxing. The rest of the Temple players--looked like they were giving up. Chris Piper said it best on the radio after the game: Looked like Temple's coach said something to Bill Self but was probably saying, "glad we don't have to play you again!" Great win, but like "Truheart" said, I'm not going to get carried away with it. Temple was over rated. The Jayhawk defense stepped it up, though. Just another step toward our overall goal--we all know what that is. Hopefully, CBS will play "One Magic Moment" after we win the darn thing. GET READY FOR CORNELL!

kennethst 11 years ago

On second thought I probably should not make fun of that play.....I kind of felt sorry for the guy-he just wasn't expecting the ball. I think it really did daze him. But it certainly was typical for the way Temple played. They had no idea what they were up least that's how it looked.

Mike Kendall 11 years ago

Yea, I don't want get ahead of myself. Still a long season to go. Self did say, that because of their depth, a lot of the guys felt like they could play more BB after the game was over. That has to go a long way, especially when we have the tough games coming up. A lot to look forward to!

Hawktacular 11 years ago

I must now revise my prediction for this season.

Was: 38-2 (at Temple, at Texas)

Is: 39-1 (at Texas)

My credibility is shot now, however...

aerohawk 11 years ago

I think some of you are underestimating how bad it hurts to get a basketball thrown in your face. If it got his nose that could hurt quite a bit. An NCAA basketball weights between 20 and 22 ounces (that is two and ).

Just saying that I am not faulting him for being dazed for a minute. Now the guy who threw the ball should have been trying to get after it.

aerohawk 11 years ago

the parenthetical was supposed to read (that is two and a half rolls of quarters)

Kye Clark 11 years ago

aerohawk - nobody is claiming that it felt like he was getting licked by kittens. I'm sure it hurt. But if he got hit in the nose you'd have seen his hands up at his face and he more likely would have been bent over fighting back tears. But he was walking upright just kinda shaking off the impact. And people get hit in the face or poked in the eye all the time. How often do you see a guy get poked in the eye on a rebound? Usually what happens is as everyone heads to the other end he has one had at his face...but he passes the ball to a teammate or makes sure a timeout is called. I can't recall a guy just dropping the ball and walking around oblivious to the play. That's the main point being made here I think. The obvious lack of effort, and using getting hit in the face as an excuse to take the play off.

Bob Robertson 11 years ago

Was anyone else impressed with Len Elmore? What an impressive sports analyst. Thanks to him for his comments during the game, and the interview of the Morris Twins.

jaybate 11 years ago

Its okay to say:

a) a great performance; and

b) Temple is a Top 20, but not a Top 10 team.

I predicted a blow out (and got lucky doing so) simply because they lacked a post man capable of handling Cole, they lacked the size at the 4 to contend with the Morri, they lacked quality depth, they lacked a PG that could handle Sherron, and Self would amp the team (because he realized UTenn would probably be missing 4 of 5 starters and so would not require a peak performance).

The Cornell game will be an important one, because it will reveal something about how the team responds on the heels of an amped performance, and with big heads.

The '08 team was much more mature and veteran than this one. Where this one has one or two years of experience, the '08 team hand two to three years of experience. The '08 team practically went about their business like professionals.

We are about to learn whether this talented bunch is easily satisfied with themselves--the mark of a good, but not a championship caliber team--or if they stay hungry and wanting to run the table.

If they are not hungry, and shoot back to their trey average as is probable, and if Cornell is a Princeton offense team that marginalizes TRob, and Cornell shoots the trey well in a low scoring game, then there is always the chance of a Bucknellization, or a Bradleyization.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

icthawkfan316: I agree completely .. I was out of town during the game and completely blown away that on ESPN, website and TV, Kentucky struggling to beat an unranked Louisvilled team at home gets all the pub, and KU winning on the the road at the #19 team, who had already knocked off the #3 team at the time, gets no billing. Even on, it was the same way.

Perhaps becuase it was a rivalry game, with the high profile coaches .. who knows.

melrank 11 years ago

Did anyone notice at the 14:00 mark of the 2nd half, for exactly one possession, Temple played a 3-2 zone? We looked really out of sorts (maybe we were in shock they got out of a MTM) and we jacked up a very poor 25 footer as time was winding down on the shot clock. It wasn't mentioned on the broadcast and for whatever reason, Temple didn't play it again. But, we looked bad on that possession.

I had a Michigan flashback and was left hoping we have some opportunities soon to work against a quality zone defense.

Geez, I'm digging deep to find something to improve on. :)

BTW, Jaybate - Getting Better Week obviously helped your pre-game analysis.

KU 11 years ago

Good observation, melrank. I did notice the zone and was worried that we would get a steady dose of it because our offense didn't adjust to the zone well. I was thinking 2-3 zone, but you might be right about it being a 3-2. Either way, we could use some practice against it. But not many teams play enough zone to be really good at it like 'Cuse's 2-3 or Michigan's 1-3-1. For most teams, it's a gimmick that's fairly easy to punish with good post passers like the Morris brothers at the foul line. KU seems especially well-equipped to play against a zone because the way you attack it with the high post is similar to KU's high-low offense.

Steve Brown 11 years ago

hope KY gets all the hype and is untarnished when we meet them Indy or sooner.

how to beat KU: Double Cole, have both twins in foul trouble, run 3 men to blanket SC, keep your man on him fresh, hope X has off night, hope KU underclassmen throw the ball away trying to be too cute. better have 2-3 quality big men, no foul trouble and hit high percentage trey and patience on motion offense. Your guards should be quick, feed the ball well and have about zero turnovers. Use the multiple TV timeouts during the March dance to keep guys fresh & shoot like Curry from Davidson - catch high number of rebounds, hustle back on D. All the planets have to align to beat Kansas.

I don't see it anytime soon. 38-2 w. NC Banner.

melrank 11 years ago

KU - may have been a 2-3. Not sure, either.

I was thinking about your comment regarding beating the zone. Get it to the elbow, working our usual high-low. I agree totally.

I hadn't considered this before, but, did the alignment of a 1-3-1 zone that Michigan played crowd the free throw line area, clogging our high post, and become even more effective against us?

More than likely, Temple wasn't long and quick enough to be very effective in a zone for very many possessions.

Kye Clark 11 years ago

melrank - I think you are in fact digging deep, nit picking. I don't recall that particular possession, but would guess it was a coincidence more than anything else. If they were in fact playing zone and we looked out of sorts I'd have expected Temple to stay in it, or at least go back to it. As well as we played yesterday it's a pretty tall order to expect us to look good on every possession.

Not to sound too cocky, but Cornell will be a cake walk victory. We might not even play that well - like against Belmont - but I expect similar results. As was noted by the announcers in the Temple game, the Jayhawks can just come at teams in waves. Too deep, too much athleticism & too many weapons. Temple was considered a good defensive team because they control tempo. Obviously that wasn't a problem Saturday. I would think that every team we've faced so far would want to make it a lower scoring game, because no one has our depth, and if teams try and run with us we can just wear them down. Memphis held us to 57 points, our season low. Other than that, we haven't dipped below 70.

I'm very upset because I think we've been robbed of some good preparation by the developements at Tennessee. This was supposed to be a good road test against a quality opponent. Right now, they seem about as formidable as UCLA, against whom we played one of our poorer games of the season and still won by 12 on the road. I really wish that we had a game before conference play that really tested our mental toughness. The '08 team faced that challenge against Arizona, where Brandon Rush almost ended it in regulation with a half-court (or 3/4 court) shot that rattled out at the buzzer. Coach Self said they needed to play 5 more minutes against a quality opponent where the possessions were magnified. This team needs a game like that, but sadly I do not see Tennessee giving us that game.

BrianandKati Robertson 11 years ago

Well.......... I was a little off on my prediction earlier in the week. I told Jayhawk nation not to worry about their recent lackluster performances. I predicted a statement game from our boys, which is exactly what it was, however I only predicted a ten point victory. Boy was I off! I guess you should never underestimate the power of motivation!! "We want Kansas", and "overrated" goes a long way! Although from watching the game it was cleary obvious that it wouldn't of mattered cuz we had superior strength, shooting, defense, depth, and all-around talent!!!! I got a feelling that alot teams from here on out will be saying the same thing about our boys!!!!! And Sherron was in full control today! He set the tone early and we never let up!!! Rock Chalk baby!!!! This one was SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aerohawk 11 years ago


The fighting back tears part is what I remember the only time I ever got a basketball to the nose (and it wasn't even going that fast, but I am admittedly soft).

If he had taken it full force to the nose he probably would have reacted differently than he did. I hadn't thought of that aspect.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

icthawkfan316....what makes you believe that Vol coach Bruce Peirl will be anything but his true self and not manipulate the situation that will allow his fearsome foursome to play.

The Tennessee athletic program is a quagmire of corruption, thuggery and hall of fame cheating. I totally believe we will see a full roster next week.

What is it with KY and TN...are these two states in a heated competition to see who can have most outrageously scandalous collegiate programs??? [ By the way, they're tied at two apiece}

TRUEHEART 11 years ago

Hawktacular . . . . I agree that is very difficult to get through a conference schedule without a loss. You are predicting a Texas loss. It's also nearly impossible to call the loss. The most common thing that happens is that we lose to someone totally unexpected - someone we were obviously better than. Those are always the most frustrating and maddening to accept. I hope neither one happens and I think that is a possibility, but I am the eternal optimist along with everyone else.

Kye Clark 11 years ago

Oakville - I happen to like Bruce Pearl. I like the energy he brings to the game. Bad things happen under even the best coaches' watches. Now I'm not saying Coach Pearl is one of the best, but like Coach K says, there's not a program in the country that could withstand the full spot-light of an intensive NCAA investigation. Kansas fans are quick to forget, but fan favorite Darnell Jackson was once suspended and I might be mistaken but we may have even lost a scholarship. Now certainly we all love Darnell, but we wouldn't want his incident to be used by fans across the country to speculate that HCBS runs a corrupt program would we? I guess the first thing that would lead me to believe that they won't be playing is that as of right now they are suspended indefinitely. Now obviously the game is a week away, but it's not as if he's letting them practice & play until the they are convicted or anything. As of right now they are suspended. The second thing that would lead me to believe that the players in question will not be playing is the severity of the charges. In particular, what may seem to be the least egregious offense may prove to be the worst for the program. The fact that they were in a rental car borrowed from a friend could possibly be construed as receiving improper benefits. Now it doesn't seem likely that will be the case, but until it's known for certain that cloud still hangs over them. Couple that with the criminal drug & weapons charges and I believe it will in Tennessee's best interest to err on the side of caution and punish these players themselves, lest they appear to not care and have the NCAA bring the hammer down on their program. Look at what USC has down to avoid the wrath of the NCAA. I'll go on record right now and say that there's no way all four play next Sunday. For Tennessee, the most fortunate outcome would be that one player takes the fall, but to expect Tennessee to have a full roster when they host the 'hawks...doubtful.

jaybate 11 years ago

jaybate news service (jns):

Dateline: Lexington, KY

Slug: Suspended UTenn Four transferring to Contucky...

jns stringers in Contucky indicate Calipari is not only rumored to be accepting the transfers, but also is rumored to be planning to start them immediately along with Wall in a quest for a National Championship.

Rumors also suggest Calipari plans to leave Contucky after this season to take over as Bruce Pearl's replacement at UTenn for $10 million a season.

Calipari reputedly expects to win the ring this season, leave for Knoxville, and have Contucky forfeit the wins and the ring after a year of investigations.

Contucky not to be outdone is rumored to be willing to hire Bruce Pearl at double Calipari's current salary if Pearl can keep the soon to transfer suspended UTenn Four in Lexington.


(Note: Post is all fiction and satire. No malice. Intended as pure entertainment.)

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