Kansas defeats Memphis, 57-55

  • 9 p.m., Nov. 17, 2009
  • St. Louis, Mo.,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The great escape

Kansas survives rematch

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps his fist as he exits the court following the Jayhawks 57-55 win over Memphis, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps his fist as he exits the court following the Jayhawks 57-55 win over Memphis, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.


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2009 KU-Memphis

Jayhawks barely edge Tigers

Kansas wasn't playing up to its potential Tuesday as the Jayhawks barely escaped with a two-point victory against the Tigers of Memphis. Cole Aldrich played a solid first half.

KU squeaks past Memphis

The KU men's basketball team barely topped Memphis Tuesday night.

— Marcus Morris hoped for the best as Memphis’ Elliot Williams hoisted a possible game-winning three-pointer with just a couple seconds remaining in Tuesday’s Hall of Fame Showcase at Scottrade Center.

Kansas University’s 6-foot-8 sophomore forward feared the worst, however, as the 6-5 lefty released the basketball.

“When he shot it, I froze a second,” Morris said. “I looked at his face. He was backing up, and his face ... he looked so confident. I said, ‘God, don’t let him make the shot.’ Luckily my prayers were answered.”

Williams’ shot — taken fairly close to the spot Mario Chalmers made famous against Memphis in the 2008 NCAA title game — was dead-on, but banged off the rim as No. 1-ranked KU survived the pesky Tigers, 57-55.

“I didn’t want him to shoot a three,” Morris said, “because that would give them the win instead of a tie. But he backed up and shot it. I didn’t crowd him as much as I should have.”

Unranked Memphis, which elected to go for the victory instead of trying to drive for a two-pointer and the tie against No. 1-rated KU, went to its most productive player down the stretch.

Williams finished with a game-high 21 points off 6-of-18 shooting (three of 11 from three).

“We did defend the last deal pretty well,” said KU coach Bill Self, who was pleased with his team’s defense late, crediting Memphis’ Williams and Doneal Mack for hitting clutch treys in the last minute to keep the Tigers in the game.

The Tigers’ last-ditch three for the win came after KU’s Sherron Collins missed the first of two free throws, sinking the second with :15.3 left, to give the Jayhawks a 57-55 advantage, setting up the Tigers’ final play call.

Collins showed a lot of guts in driving the lane and scoring off a goaltending call with :29 left as KU bagged a 56-52 advantage.

That’s because he cramped badly the second half. He limped to the locker room with 9:01 remaining and returned at 3:47.

Self said he thought Collins might have had IV fluids drained into his system during that spell.

“I didn’t ask him. I just said, ‘Make the second free throw,’’’ Self cracked.

Collins said he actually didn’t need an IV, but was hurting nonetheless.

“I wasn’t going to let cramps keep me down. I was going to finish the game,” Collins said.

He was a bit frustrated because the TV in the locker room, “was a few seconds off. I’d hear the crowd cheering and not know what was going on. I had to ask the trainer,” he said with a smile.

Much of what was happening on the court was not so pretty. KU committed 21 turnovers to Memphis’ 13. The Jayhawks hit 46.5 percent of their shots to Memphis’ 34.5. KU hit one of five threes, Memphis six of 25.

Tyshawn Taylor had seven turnovers against five assists on a day things just didn’t flow for the Jayhawks, who had scored 100 or more points in two exhibition games and the regular-season opener.

“We played stupid, didn’t finish plays. We have to be more focused,” Collins said.

Collins finished with 12 points in 32 minutes, while Hall of Fame Showcase MVP Cole Aldrich had 18 points, 11 rebounds and five blocks.

“I thought it was a very competitive game, a great game to play early in the season,” Self assessed. “I thought Memphis played extremely well, extremely hard, and we were fortunate they didn’t hit that shot. I thought we played very very hard. Offensively we weren’t clicking on all cylinders, but I thought we did some good things, and this game will be a very good teaching tool.”

As far as that offense ... “We don’t understand how to score yet,” he said.

KU committed 11 turnovers to Memphis’ seven as the Jayhawks struggled to a 26-20 halftime lead. Freshman Xavier Henry had four of the turnovers to go with five points and two steals.

The first-half stat sheet proved ugly all around. KU, which was led by Aldrich’s eight points, hit 41.7 shots to the Tigers’ 28.0. Memphis missed 14 of 16 threes, while the Jayhawks missed two of three.

Memphis had just one assist to go with the seven bobbles. KU had four assists, three by Taylor.

The best KU run of the half was a 6-0 spurt that opened a 24-17 lead with 2:05 remaining. Aldrich had a slam dunk off a feed from Marcus Morris, while Markieff Morris and Taylor each hit two free throws.

KU will next meet Central Arkansas at 7 p.m. Thursday in Allen Fieldhouse.


86finalfour 12 years ago

Phew! This game reminded me of Bradley/Bucknell. The major difference seemed to be Aldrich. If they can win playing that ugly, then I like our chances!

FlaHawk 12 years ago

What an ugly game. Memphis and KU combined for 11 assists. What a throw it up and pray game. Luckily Memphis was content to lob shots at the basket all night. KUwas very spotty and they had no transition game. Thank goodness for the bigs tonight.

Isaw absolutely NOdevelopment amoung the frosh. X had a decent game for a 2-3 and done guy. JOhn Wall is a one and done guy. X did not show it last night.


fansincewilt 12 years ago

Last year this game would have been a loss. With the addition of the freshman, we were able to pull it out. Xavier was a big difference. His presence on the perimeter forced Memphis to come out more than just on Collins. That opened the middle. Even though we missed some very easy shots on the inside, the shots were there. With Collins and Henry outside, the middle is going to be open. Memphis decided they were not going to get beat on the perimeter. Their scouting was good but we are just too loaded to shut down all fronts. I have a feeling that CJ is going to give us another boost as soon as he is healthy and ready. I am hoping that CJ can give us that guard spot that is really hurting. There are so many positives coming from that win last night, it is difficult to see all the negatives. The negatives are there but the positives are glaring. I am very excited about Xavier. The Morris twins showed their improvements. Congratulations Jayhawks. Great win! Great scouting and coaching job by the opposition. I doubt if our perimeter gets shut down again like that all season.

Robert Brock 12 years ago

I thought that the Hawks just needed to do a better job of feeding the post in this game. Memphis had no answer to Cole Aldrich. Shoulda had a monster stat line.

Matt1958 12 years ago

I got a little more grey last night.

RunningBeaker84 12 years ago

If we can cut the TOs in half and make 45% of those shots, we win by 11 or 12. We must improve if we are going to beat UT, UT, Temple, and Mizzery.

John Brown 12 years ago

Do they have organized practices before these games? They played like they just crawled out of bed. Cole was they only one who seemed to be prepared for this game.

Joel Hood 12 years ago

I agree, we looked slow and unprepared and that is what led to the turnovers. But, Memphis is very athletic and quick. Our three prior games were against much slower guys. This was a great wake-up call for the freshman to see just how fast the game can be played and how to control that speed.

jayhawkinnc 12 years ago

This game reminded me a lot of the Davidson game 2 years ago (but without the high stakes involed). Very ugly game, played in the 50's, we struggled to score, they struggled to score but hit big 3's late, it came down to the last possession and they miss a 3 at the buzzer. Phew! that's what i say.....

KUFan90 12 years ago

Taylor was so frustrating last night. Great passes one time down the floor, stupid turnovers the next. He needs to just slow down and value the posession more.

X needs to get a feel for the right time in the posession for his shot. I didn't have issue with his shot selection, but he threw up some 3 pointers way too early in the posession. It's fine for him to take those shots, but we can get him those same shots with under 10 seconds on the shot clock instead of 30. He'll get there.

tis4tim 12 years ago

I agree with JayhawkerJoel on the quickness factor. Many of the young guys were probably a bit crossed up by the speed of the game at this level.

That said, we won. And having a game against a team like this on a neutral court is a pretty good simulator for the tourney this early in the season. This experience will certainly serve this team well down the road.

Note to Dick Vitale: feel free to talk about the Jayhawks every so often during the broadcast, okay? Alright.

BCRavenJHawkfan 12 years ago

In some respect this was not all that surprising.

Scottrade Center is not a shooters venue. That showed. We made one 3 pointer. Rims were very tight.

When we had fast break opportunities we tried to hit home runs rather than just fill the lanes and push.

I think Xavier got a dose of how it is for big fish to swim in a bigger pond for a change. Offensively okay, not great, but defensively I thought could have been better for him.

Cole, thank God we have that guy.

Collins could have been a factor except for the cramps.

Thomas Robinson evaporated from what he showed in the earlier games.

We know these things are going to happen, better they happen now than say the first round of tournament time.

Tony Bandle 12 years ago

My observations from attending the game:

1] No one is ready for the NBA, including the coaching staff. 2] Johnson and Robinson - zero factors, Taylor and Reed - minus factors, X - positive factor [just barely] 3] If Collins gets hurt then this team will be screwed. 4] Adrich [ no surprise] and the Twins {big surprise] saved the game. 5] The Kansas defense kept us in the game...the Kansas offense kept Memphis in the game. 6} The Kansas crowd outnumbered the other three schools combined. 7] Memphis coach, Josh Pastner is the spitting image of Quinn Snyder, only shorter and a hell of a lot better coach. 8] Something tells me HCBS will use the entire court and a half in practice today. 9] The shooting background didn't seem to bother Louisville who score 96 points. 10] Bottom line, we played like crap, on a neutral floor against an athletic foe with virtually no help from the bench outside of Marcus and still won. A great learning experience that didn't cost us a victory.


BCRavenJHawkfan 12 years ago


Just currious since you were there.

Watching on TV the Kansas crowd seemed muted, not very vocal. It could have been ESPN focusing on the "underdog".

Your take please.

ParisHawk 12 years ago

Barring injuries, looks like we can count on Cole, Sherron and the twins throughout the year. By March, those four should be comparable to Darrell, Darnell, Sasha & Mario -- not individually, but as a group.

To become comparable to the Magnificent Seven of 2008, we need Xavier to grow up pretty fast and we need two guards to really step up.

We need seven guys who can really play. The others are for practice, injuries, serious foul trouble and getting ready for next year.

Tony Bandle 12 years ago


Good observation...we were at least twice as big as the Memphis crowd but more spread out throughout the arena whereby a largely student crowd and the band was grouped near the sidelines and the mikes....still we were pretty good but it was no Allen fieldhouse, of course.

Actually most of us were silent because we were all biting our nails in dread!!!!!

NebraskaJayhawk 12 years ago

Anyone still think we're going 42-0 this year?

JayhawkCasey 12 years ago

Memphis is going to be a pretty good team this year. They never gave up once. I think Sherron and Cole were both the difference makers. We looked bad when Sherron was not in. He just has the will to win. You can see he hates losing. At the end of the game he was the only one with his fist in the air, glad they won the game.

59Jayhawk 12 years ago

Hawks absolutely have to take care of the ball. 20 TO's is about a 15 to 20 point swing at least. Too many klangs of the rim on bad 3pt shots. Should be going in and out or just simply movement. Very rushed

Derek Conway 12 years ago

Oakville, I'm glad you mentioned the fact that our fans had more than the other three schools combined because the while the tv announcers were busy on their knees talking about Pastner, they seemed to mention multiple times how Memphis had just as many, if not more fans there than we did at the game. I found that hard to believe, and what do you know, it was false.

Thoughts on the game - WE ARE GOING TO BE GREAT, HCBS and co. have a lot of work to do as do the players, we need to stay patient (it was the second game of the year, plus it was on national tv), more than anything I am hoping for excellent team chemistry to develop between coaches and players, and finally, can't wait to see us grow throughout the season and hopefully we are playing our best ball when it counts!

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

Here are my observations:

1) TURNOVERS! Tyshawn Taylor and the 3 freshman (X, EJ, and Robinson) did not "Value" the basketball. I am not quite sure what Taylor is thinking, but his demeanor on the court seems a little off to me right now. I don't know what it is, but he seems pretty relaxed (Too relaxed and comfortable in my opinion). When Collins came back in the game he should have subbed for Taylor and left Reed in the game. Taylor was about as careless with the ball as I've seen a player in the last two years. I have to go back to the "JuJu" days for such carlessness. As for the freshman, they need to "Focus" and understand how valuable the possessions are at the college level.

2) Marcus Morris: I thought Morris played extremely well. Out of everyone on the team I was most pleased with Morris. The reason I was so pleased because there were some pretty tense moments that did not go Mc Morris' way and he showed a lot of poise and maturity that would have been obsolete last year. I also thought Mc. Morris played within himself and wasn't frustrated at all during the night. I think if KU can get him a few more touches, I think that is a good thing. I was impressed with Morris all night.

3) Aldrich and Collins: Typical game from KU's All-Americans. For those individuals who were "Crying Foul" last year for Collins over aggressiveness, he completely played within himself and got the rest of the team involved (Even though it was ugly) when he was on the court. I am not worried about these two at all. I do think Collings was "Too Jacked" before the game and got his adrenalin pumping too much. LOL! He looked a little tired on the court in the first half. Love these two players.

4) Xavier: He is not ready for the NBA at least from I witnessed from last nights game. He Settles too much for outside shots. He's athletic enough to get the rim so he needs to do just that so it opens up his jumper more. X also had some careless turnovers and needs understand important it is to take care of the basketball. He did get some big rebounds, but I would like to see a little more assertiveness from him.

5) EJ and Robinson: They need to take advantage of their minutes and understand how important their limited minutes are to the team. EJ's last stint in the game was horrific as he committed a lane violation with Aldrich at the line on the front end of a 1 in 1. Lost two possible points there. Robinson missed that "Bunny" underneath and we didn't see him the rest of the game. They will be fine as they got caught up in the moment.

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

6) Brady Morningstar: I don't think people realize how much KU misses Morningstar's leadership on the court. Obviously, he made a terrible decision, but Morningstar was missed in this game because of his experience. Morningstar takes care of the ball, understands his role, and knows where everybody else should be to get them the basketball. Morningstar whether people like it or not will be a great addition after the break.

7) Reed: I thought Reed played pretty well even though he didn't hit any shots. He took care of the basketball, but he needs to play with more confidence. He played scared and tentative and it showed on the court. Reed will be fine, but I'm not sure if Morningstar returns if that spot is open to hit some clutch shots. Reed will have plenty of time to turn this game around and I have confidence in him.

8) Offensively: KU was just in a "Hurry" all night and allowed Memphis to "Dook" us tonight. They got KU in a hurry when there was no reason to get in a hurry. KU just needs to "Slow Down" and they will be fine. I was very pleased with the inside presence and the amount of times we tried to get the ball inside. Even though KU only shot 1-5 from the arc, I was impressed that it was only 5 attempts.

9) Defensively: I was pretty impressed with the Defense. There were some times when KU made a good play and got caught looking at their own highlights rather than getting back on "D". Self will address that.

10) Self said, "Our offense Stinks"! Nuff said right there for me.

Beak 12 years ago

....BASICS.... Taylor got smoked on a back door late in the second half. Just standing and ball watching. There was no Carolina ball fake to throw him off, it wasnt even a very good cut by his man. He didnt look like himself.

JayTee040708 12 years ago

I thought this game was more reminiscent of the Davidson game rather than Bucknell/Bradley. The bigs (esp. Shady) saved their arse's that game. I thought HCBS exploited the mismatches well in the paint in both games, when the perimeter shots weren't falling.

Tyshawn was the biggest disappointment for me. Freshman get a pass, its early, first game outside of Allen field house etc. Ty has no excuse. Perhaps he needs to switch back to that lucky no. 15 jersey??

All in all, sloppy game, good coaching adjustment, a win is a win is a win. Can't wait to watch their next game. Tally Ho!

tdub 12 years ago

AzHawk97, that "other choice" is Reed's sister!

kingpin 12 years ago

Wow! How much did this game resemble the Davidson game???

Both Memphis & Davidson miss the last second 3 pointer for the win.

KU over Davidson 59-57 KU over Memphis 57-55

rcjh22 12 years ago

I can't believe the amount of negative people on here. Memphis is a much better opponent than anyone we have played and it's only our 2nd real game. Some people expect us to be the best team ever already and that is not going to happen. They got the win just be happy and trust HCBS. He will bring this team along. RCJH

Joel Hood 12 years ago

Amen rcjh22!
Self's teams always start slower (anyone remember ORU?) but finish strong. I got so sick of UNCle Roy's teams looking like world beaters around Thanksgiving and then getting exposed in March. I think this is just Bill's coaching MO to help everyone develop - we lost a lot of games early last year, but by January we were looking tough. November 2009 is light years ahead of November 2008 - imagine what January 2010 will look like.

KU 12 years ago

The good thing that came to light after last night is that Xavier WILL be back for his sophomore year. On the floor with players that are his equals athletically, he was lost for a couple long stretches of the game. He needs to understand time and situation better--at least 3 or 4 times he took shots early in the possession where we could have run clock and got the ball to the Big Man down low. Wow, was Cole a beast last night. They should have put it on his shoulders after it became clear about 10-12 minutes into the game that Memphis had no answer for him.

Back to Xavier--his feet seem slow on the defensive end.

I'm not down on the kid. He's going to be terrific. But he's not ready for the League. Losing Harrison Barnes to UNC doesn't seem like such a big deal now. I hope Brandon Rush talks to X and lets him know how beneficial coming back for a 2nd....or 3rd.....year can be.

Joel Hood 12 years ago

kushaw, Excellent points on Brady. We needed a glue guy on the floor w/o Sherron - he was clearly missed late in the game, especially when we needed a defensive stop. I hope X, TRob & Elijah still have a sour taste in their mouth from that bad case of the freshmens.

KU 12 years ago

kingpin....With the exception that Memphis has marvelous athletes. That was quite a collection of talent on one floor last night. I was proud that our Bigs played so well. Our guards were horrendous. It's early. We won. Next game.

Either KU or Memphis would have been punked by BOTH Sparty and the Zags last night. Those teams played a very good game.

MGJayhawk 12 years ago

kushaw - I agree with almost everything you're saying. Brady is a great defender and prides himself on making smart decisions. And he can knock down the 3 ball. Reed and X looked scared to be guarded by quicker opponents.

HCBS will get them back in the groove and I think Dick Vitale said it best. It's early, it's a learning stage for our youngsters and it's good to get tested like this early so we can build off teams that are quicker than us. Tyshon will rebound. He's a competitor.

Why are we horrible at guarding the 3? Why are we horrible at preventing 2nd chance shots? Danny needs to chew some ass.

Go Hawks!

SuperDude 12 years ago

man, it was a tight game, loved the nail bitters! Cole was great, Collins was good, everyone else needed some tightening up. Overall, loved the ending!

trueblue9 12 years ago

BS got outcoached by a 32 y.o., plain and simple. I was ready to give BS credit coming into the year because it finally looked like some of his players had actually improved while under his watch. I'm starting to think that its just the bigs and of giving the credit to DM. BS - YOUR offense stinks, and it always has. We should run people off the court with 12 quality players. You are one desperation 25fter away from people being scared to question your ways.

I was also wrong about the need for BM and CJH on this squad. TT TR and EJ are clearly not ready to contribute meaningfully in a tight game. Reed in particular shouldn't sniff the court again once BM is back to fill the "at least he's good for a 3 when we need it" shoes. I don't know that CJH will contribute, but hope that he can bring some maturity and levelheaded play (I'm looking at your minutes TT).

Love the work from CA and the Twins. I disagree with any posters above who don't see X going pro next year, he has that physical maturity that can't be taught. He's ready barring injury.

frisbeenation 12 years ago

Was I the only one thinking we could foul on that last possession?

Scott Smetana 12 years ago

Trueblue, you're an idiot. Self's "offense stinks, and always has."
X is gone next year "bigs playing well is Danny's credit, not Self's" (you were in practice??!)

Take your downer debbie attitude somewhere else. i'll remember your post and paste it back to everyone once we have an awesome season.

Nebraska - 42-0 might be a stretch, but I'm still on board. Maybe you, trueblue, and soobawls need to get together for some Zoloft and crying session.

I'm thinking we need Brady back asap to add some consistency, ball handling, and defense. Right now, he is more of an asset to me than Taylor. I also wish the twins would lighten up a little and have some fun. I think it would help their games.

Scott Smetana 12 years ago

Frisbee, no fouls, but should have not allowed an 3 to get off so easy. The above article says Marcus wished he had crowded more. Definitely!! That shot reminded me of the last second Davidson shot. Same spot on the floor.

frisbeenation 12 years ago

With the way Memphis has been known to shoot FTs...

kerbyd 12 years ago

I read one commentary that said the Jayhawks seemed arrogant. Anybody else see that?

Jim Pendleton 12 years ago

I was at the game last night as well. I can add a couple things on the crowd.

Memphis did have a good number of people there, more than either Ark or UL, but we still had all three other schools way outnumbered. We had people all thru the arena, while the other three were mostly in their sections.

Our crowd was good, certainly when the good plays were there. We kept trying to get pumped up, however, it seemed like we were all waiting for the big runs that never came, and that kind of had everyone back on their heels so to speak.

Kingpin, you nailed it with your comparison to the Davidson game. I had almost the same angle from my seat last night that I had in Detroit, and as soon as the shot went up, I immediately thought of that. The guy last night probably got a little better look than the Davidson guy did.

Last night is evidence that despite our lofty ranking and predictions, this will not be as easy as it seems. You always need some breaks to win it all, but I think we have a good chance to get it done. While I agree the team will get better as we go along, we will need to bring it strong when the better teams come along.

Frankly, I think we will do well to get out of our own conference, and did you see what Tenn did to UNC-Ashe last night? UCLA lost at home to Fullerton, so that doesn't look as tough, but you know they will be up for that game at Pauley. Temple? Hard to make a judgment, as they lost to G-town 46-45. The next few weeks shouldn't be difficult, so this will give the guys ample opportunity to improve. Rock Chalk!

trueblue9 12 years ago

Pikes: thanks for your personal attack, but I am not an idiot. I'm sorry that I didn't follow the unwritten rule that only those with nice things to say were allowed to post without being called names.


The offense amounts to pick n roll, and if that fails or we remember that we have the most dominant C in college, a high/low pass. I personally think its garbage, but digress.

X may or may not leave, I don't think I'm being a "downer" either way. If he leaves and makes millions at age 19, I wish him the best. I'm a KU fan and will find other players to cheer.

The point is that the guards have gotten no better while I see major improvements from the bigs, whether that is b/c they are hitting the weights on their own, working with DM, etc. I don't know, but there's a difference. I'm not the only one who gives DM the credit for the bigs' improvement.

Please save my posts if you have nothing better to do, as I have no doubt that we will have a good season. Just as we did two years ago, we have the best talent in the country. I just want BS to get the most out of it.

jaybate 12 years ago

Everyone including me has been ragging on Tyshawn, but Tyshawn has been given the Brady Morningstar role and he produced 6 assists against Hofstra and 5 against Memphis. Quantum T's problem are: a) he produced 7 TOs against Memphis (vs. only 2 against Hofstra); and b) he's not canning the trey at 40% plus the way Brady did. Two TOs is okay. Seven is horrendous. And he wasn't feeding to the post against large opposing bigs. To me, it is looking more and more like Brady is going to become a 2 this season; that is the position to plug and play him, with the least disruption to the Xavier/Marcus rotation, if Marcus keeps developing at the 3.

Hank Cross 12 years ago

I think trueblue raised one good point and then made a bad one.

He's right that HCBS can't run an offense. Had that shot by Davidson gone down, or Rose or CDR made one more free throw, HCBS would be under the gun. I'll give him credit that his teams are tougher mentally and physically that Roy's teams that could not take a punch to the nose. This game reminded me a bit of the ugly win against USC 2 years ago.

trueblue is wrong about BM though. Towards the end of last season he was exposed again and again as not being fast enough to guard good players, plus half the fans in the stands could duplicate his "offensive" game.

KU should be in the FF and probably should win it with their talent and experience, but its is going to be an ugly grind getting there.

Joel Hood 12 years ago

WOW - I never knew that Bill Self's offense was crap. Thanks for clearing that one up fellas...

Seriously guys - if you're going to bring that kind of Self bashing you really ought to explain yourself. Are you talking about the system or the execution of the system? Or, are claiming both. Because, I gotta tell ya, winning over 80% of your games, 5 out of 6 Big 12 titles, and a NC typically doesn't come from someone who has no ability to coach offense.

Joe Baker 12 years ago

Good point frisbeenation...but then again if he nails all three freethrows, game over! Memphis was frantic and don't think they knew exactly what they were doing. I thought Memphis played at a very high level, but they were extremely out of control most of the game. They reminded me of Baylor last year.with Dunn, Jerrels and Carter.

KGphoto 12 years ago

I don't think you're an idiot trueblue, but to say that Bill Self was plain and simply out-coached by Josh is pretty ridiculous. Memphis came into the game with nothing to lose an Kansas was caught napping a little. Memphis is obviously way underrated and I'm a Pastner fan. But it's a huge stretch to think scoring 55 and losing would get you the "Best Coach" award.

Personally I'm glad they had to fight for a tough win. It's a huge wake up call. But they better get used to absorbing knock-out swings because that's all they're gonna see the rest of the year. If you are playing Nebraska, pretend you're playing Texas. If you're playing Texas pretend that you're playing the Lakers. They have to get their heads straight and find a way to motivate themselves.

KANSTUCKY 12 years ago

I think we were just off in general. Memphis was pumped to get this one. They have been a frustrated team/fan base for the last 18 months and were looking for some sort of redemption/payback. Half of our team feels sorry for them for stealing their NC and their players. How much more motivation can you have? We walked in there like we were no.1 and played like Memphis was going to roll over and go away.... didn't happen. Kudos to the efforts of 32 year old Pastner and his scrappy team. Self had nothing to go on scouting wise to prep for this game except that Henderson-Niles is in a hell of a lot better shape than he was last year. We were out hustled on many occasions. We were absolutely out- cheered as a fan base late in the game (just like Michigan St. at Indy last year and yes I was at both games). We are a better team than you saw last night and the outside game will come back. Self is the best coach at the best school with the best kids and once that all comes together we should be a very good team. Sometimes you have to teach kids "the hard way". Nice game Cole, Sherron take care of yourself, X bring your game and cockiness back, TT slow down.

Fred Davis 12 years ago

This was the first game of the season I've watched, and I'm not sold on Xavier Henry... I think he's a me-first type ballplayer, he shot the ball way too much, he's not even thinking about passing and I get the impression he's just biding his time before he declares for the draft... I hope I'm wrong, and hey, it's only two games into the season and KU looked terrible last night, but this offense looks lost and until the chemistry improves, I maintain that KU made a mistake taking the Henrys over Lance Stephenson...

100 12 years ago

Great analysis by many -- others are way-overanalyzing this game.

First -- let's look at our posts yesterday. Look at your own. Let's be real here -- yes, we all got the big point, this was a "neat" game because it was a "rematch" of one of the best games in the history of the NCAA.

But c'mon, so much was missing from the "real" fire of last night's game to even be talked about in the same sentence as the 2008 Championship -- There was no John Calipari & Memphis had three players who barely played in that original game. And most importantly, this was our second real game of the season. Kansas' "multi-pronged system" takes longer to learn than Memphis' "system"... those are the facts.

Luckily, two huge factors were there for us, Sherron Collins & Cole Aldrich.

Yes we have lots to learn, mainly keeping it simple & not turning it over due to nerves, but I'd prefer the way our practice time is currently being used to their "scrimmage all the time" way any day of the week. A "system" (which has already been fully taught 1 week into the season) like Memphis' will give you a headache until you learn how to attack it. The biggest reason is because almost no one else is running it, so you haven't prepared for it. From an opponent's perspective, why would an average coach in preseason spend time worrying about the dribble drive when essentially two teams in the nation use it, & there is more than enough to think about/ teach with our own scheme(s)?

The solution is quite simple in stomping a team like Memphis or any other similar looking teams -- later in the season Self would have had a chance to truly get his guys schematically prepared for an odd, decently talented group like we saw last night -- a bunch of 6'7" lanky athletes who can dribble & a few who can shoot (sometimes) & all who could play tough nose full court D.

We must give it to Memphis.


We must be realistic about ourselves, & where we are right now -- we are putting key ingredients in the first few weeks of the season that other teams completely skip over. Put another way, this is as good as Memphis will look this year. Yes, they might make a decent run in the NCAA tourney due to similar play like we saw last night, but if an intelligent coach sits down & realizes how easy it is to limit that ugly offense & how easy it is to negate their tough nose defense, Memphis will run into trouble. Greedy play can be negated very easy, even if the first time you play a team you get beat by 100. The second time you take away their own weakness (themselves), & you win the game by 25.

Effort Memphis does not lack -- very impressed with Memphis.

Thankfully last night's game was the best lesson we could have ever gotten...

The 2008 Championship team would have lost that game by 5 points.

We didn't.

"Crisp Passes Win Championships"


jayhawks4life09 12 years ago

i can't believe what I'm reading! anyone who wants to rag on the man who has the highest winning percentage in the history of the best basketball school in the nation needs to check themselves. We as KU fans, and I as a KU student pride ourselves on being a well educated group who has a higher basketball IQ than fans of other schools. I am ashamed at how many fair weather comments are on this blog. 1) we are the best team in the nation. 2) we have yet to lose a game. 3) we have shown vast improvements on defense, improvements that most of us did not expect to surface until late january/ early February. 4) we continue to be one of the nation's leaders in defensive field goal percentage. wise up and have some pride and respect for OUR team OUR player and OUR institution; one of unparalleled history and tradition.

Joe Baker 12 years ago

FreddyD (anonymous) says... This was the first game of the season I've watched, and I'm not sold on Xavier Henry... I think he's a me-first type ballplayer, he shot the ball way too much

Freddy- I agree with some of your posts. You're entitled to your opinion my friend but you're wrong. X is much smarter than Lance and believe you me, in a game like last night, I want a smart, level headed player with the ball.

Good shooters shoot the ball. You don't try 1-2 shots and then stop. You have to keep shooting, yes some forced, but taken all the same. I remember some games where Rush was super hot, but I remember games where he was super cold too. They left Reed open because he isn't as consistent, but if they leave X open, he drains open shots.

This is will be opponent game plans: Cover X like a blanket. Do not let X beat you. Teams are more willing to lose with Reed taking a trey than X. I too was sold on Lance early prior to the Henrys. But I was converted quickly when I witnessed X's maturity, talent and IQ. I do understand your point and respect it, but not convinced you're right. We now have X, why drudge the past with Lance. Lance had his chance and played a game only to lose. Nobody forced Lance to wait until X signed. Let this mess go...this is the team and they will grow together.

Tony Bandle 12 years ago

Pastner played a seven man rotation..I think most if not all are coming back and Memphis has a five man third-ranked recruiting class coming in next year. They are good now....they will be a force next year.

There's nothing wrong with undying passion for your team. There's nothing wrong with justfiable criticism of your team. There's everything wrong when your passion causes you to either negatively overreact to your team or blatantly overlook your teams failures.

Was HCBS out-coached last night? - absolutely. Memphis hits a marginally acceptable percentage of three's, we're looking at the Spartans as Number Uno. Is HCBS offense ineffective? - ridiculous. Just check the last seven seasons.

Think of this team as a golden retriever puppy who peed in the Living Room. Your upset with him now, but he will learn...and he'll always be cute!!

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

Freddy: "This was the first game of the season I've watched, and I'm not sold on Xavier Henry... I think he's a me-first type ballplayer, he shot the ball way too much, he's not even thinking about passing and I get the impression he's just biding his time before he declares for the draft... I hope I'm wrong, and hey, it's only two games into the season and KU looked terrible last night, but this offense looks lost and until the chemistry improves, I maintain that KU made a mistake taking the Henrys over Lance Stephenson..."

You don't remember that one handed bounce pass on a fast break X tried to get through two defenders that hit one of them in the thigh and then bounced up in their hands. I mean, that was some crisp passing? LOL!

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

I can't believe I'm witnessing a Brandon Rush on this 2010 team, but only from the mirror. X is Brandon Rush born all over again except I'm looking at them through a mirror, literally. Rush had no left hand until he finally developed it his junior year and X has virtually no right hand although that lay-up scoop with the right towards the last 10 minutes of the game was nice. I haven't seen X dribble twice consecutively with his right yet.

Also, after watching Collins sit for most of the second half has left with the conclusion that KU absolutely without hesitation needs a "True Point" next year because EJ nor Taylor are true points. Brandon Knight is "Key" for next year's squad.

Tony Bandle 12 years ago


HCBS knows that....Brandon knows that....and I think EJ and TT know that as will either be Knight or Selby who will step in as frosh with a defending NC team!!

Bill Klein 12 years ago

Well, well, well, Mr X-man, think the NBA is calling? you bet, they're saying stay home. don't follow your shots do you? Shoot when you want? did you see the Coach throw up his hands in disgust over your NBA talent? Did you daddy score great for KU this way? don't think so.

mr_jhawk4477 12 years ago

I thought we could have used Morningstar last night. He would have given us another sound guard option that we could trust with the ball in his hands, and we could have used his outside shooting. I think he can be the missing piece for us upon his return. Its games like this that he can be very useful in by limiting turnovers and hitting outside shots, both of which we needed last night.

Rian Ankerholz 12 years ago

I'm not ready to criticize Coach Self's game plan or coaching, but if you REALLY want to see good gametime coaching, watch the replay of last night's Michigan State game. I was fuming because it delayed the telecast of the KU game, but while I watched, I marveled at Coach Izzo's work. He knows how to work the end-game clock. He utilizes timeouts effectively. When his team comes out of a timeout, they seem to actually MAKE the adjustments that were needed. When they come out of a timeout, they RUN a designed play. While in the huddle, the players seem to gain the confidence that comes from useful information being delivered by the head coach. I don't care for Michigan State, but I am impressed with their head coach's gametime presence. He delivers.

Christopher Hauser 12 years ago

It seemed to me like the constant stoppage of play in this game contributed to absolutely no rythm whatsoever for either team. Also when play was not stopped it was pretty physical out there. Many of our players seemed to not be ready for the physicality of this game. I don't think we will play this bad again, and to get a W playing this poorly is a credit to the team. It will be a great learning experience for them. My football coach used to say, a w is a w is a w. Better to win small and learn from it than to lose and learn from it.

jchief40 12 years ago


(you know who you are.)

HCBS - another annoying acronym - can't run an O? LMFAO WTF !!??!

jhawks2012 12 years ago

WOW looking back at this game it reminds me of the Davidson game so much.. we had a small lead all game but no one really went on runs! i was never worried this game until that lucky three they hit to cut it to one...but my thots on the game were taht we playe awful but i guess its good to say you played awful and still beat a team with a mcdonalds all american and a few taht have played in teh national championship.. shots jsut werent fallin.. we really need to get it to cole... im jsut happy that we pulled it out it shows we ahve taht swagger to us, that we can win games late!! no concerns here! still number 1 and still National champs!! rock chalk jayhawk!!!!

Ryan Mullen 12 years ago

I know most will disagree with me. I can't help but think that the 08 team was fueled by the success of our football team that year. I don't think our current team is fueled by anything to win. I hope I am wrong though and maybe it is the superstition in me but with all the crap that is happening with our football team it scares me.

Craig Colgin 12 years ago

Im not going to get on here and throw anybody from this team under the bus, some people are being way TOO negative, some are being way TOO positive. We need to be realistic, and remember that HCBS is OUR Coach, and X, and all the others are OUR Players, they are part of the greatest Basketball Program in the History of Basketball Programs, and I'm proud of all of them no matter what. Nobody who gets on here and posts has half the basketball knowledge as HCBS and Nobody who gets on here and posts has a tenth of the talent as the guys on our team that are sitting on the bench watching!!!!

In all reality, we were lucky to win a very sloppy game last night, Put plain and simply, we have to get better. Right now we are not the #1 team in the nation, and if the tournament started tomorrow, it would be a short stay for us. But it doesn't start tomorrow, and it doesn't matter where we are ranked right now, It only matters at the end.

I have all the faith in the world that this team will be much closer to it's ceiling and not its basement, by the end of this season when it really matters. Every game along the way is what will help make that happen.

Rock Chalk!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Rosenblum 12 years ago

OakvilleJHawk -

I agree, there had to have been 3-1 Jayhawk fans vs. the other three schools. I was in my seats with 8 minutes left in the first game and I didn't see very many Arkansas or Louisville fans. There were actually a lot of empty seats at that point and throughout our game. During the day on Tuesday, I saw a few of their faithful (Ark, Louisville) around town, but not many. Memphis brought a fair number of people, but less than half of what KU was represented by at least. Seems like I saw several charter buses with mostly senior citizens making up a fair percentage of their base.

Pastner was out on the floor just like Cal used to do while play was going on. Bill, was Bill. One thing I thought was in poor taste was while our band was playing during pre-game, the usual routine, the Memphis team ran out onto the floor led by their flags that spell out T-I-G-E-R-S. Rude! Don't know if it was obvious, but when Xavier Henry was introduced, there were quite a few boos from the Memphis crowd, which was to be expected.

Speaking of Cal, don't you know he had to be fuming when Pastner brought the game down to 1 point in the final minute of regulation and ended up only losing by 2 points. Cal, with a more talented team needed OT to lose the NC against us. Is it possible X didn't have a great game vs. his potential, against Memphis for some other reason, maybe quasi-guilt? No, certainly not. No player would ever do that, right?

Final interesting thing to me, it took a Duke transfer to make a 3 pointer to get them within a reachable margin at the end.

jaybate 12 years ago


I agree Brandon had two gaps in his game from the beginning: a) no left; and b) not great at putting it on the deck and forcing to the rim. The left he developed considerably by his last year, though never enough to stop defenders from over playing him. What he never made himself into was a slasher.

But Brandon had such a great stroke from the beginning from three, and he could come off picks and screens and shoot so well, and he was so strong and such a fine jumper and able to work the baseline for alley oops from the beginning, that Self could turn the offense over to Brandon as a freshman and Brandon could carry the team to a conference championship in a good league. And from the beginning, Brandon could defend, help defend, and switch off to lock down anyone hot from the one to the 3 and when he bulked up his second year he became the lock down man when opposing 4s got hot, too. Brandon was so smart that he understood how to carry a team, and also how to blend in, almost from the beginning. Brandon was just an amazing player. Xavier is a natural scorer, but I haven't seen anything yet that makes me think he could carry a young team on his back to a conference championship.

It is early and after the first game X seemed like super man, where as after the second game he seems like a very young scorer. Brandon had his ups and downs that first season, also, but there just is not denying that Self finally just said, "Brandon, you are the man. We sink or swim on your shoulders." Maybe Xavier could do it, but he just does not seem to have the floor game Brandon had to go along with both of their formidable individual games.

But its early. And Xavier is trying to fit in the way Brandon did early. Maybe when he is more in the flow, on a team with a flow, he will show the same kind of saavy floor game that Brandon made look so easy. But my doubting antennae is up right now.

MM2 12 years ago

As a Memphis fan, I can't help but laugh at some of the criticisms that I read from some KU fans - only because it reminds me of some of the same comments or criticisms that some Memphis fans hurled at the 07-08 (Memphis) team.

Looking back on that team, several non-Memphis followers will admit that Derrick Rose was the stand out on that team mainly due in part to his performance in the NCAA tourney. What many don't realize is that it took Rose a few months to ease into his role as the leader before he began to play like the no.1 pick in the NBA draft. He didn't start out that way. I predict that the same will happen with X.

As fans of the no.1 ranked team in the nation, it is easy to be critical when anything but a no.1 effort is given. KU should worry about the way they played last night only if the calendar read March. As it stands, it's only November. I predict that things will fall into place well before conference play starts.

Only one thing can be said about last nights game: Kansas stunk it up, but stunk it up less than Memphis did. As such, they got the W. Forget about this game and save your criticism for when they blow a 9 point lead with less than two minutes to go...

Good game

Kit Duncan 12 years ago

Maybe I'm missing something here, but nobody seems to realize this game was the showcase game of the "24 Hours of Basketball" blitz put on by ESPN. It's hard enough for these kids to wear a Jayhawk uniform onto the court at anytime of the year since there always seems to be a bright red bullseye painted on their backs. Add in a Number 1 ranking the first week of the season. On top of all this have the kids sit around all day waiting to play the last game of the night in a nationally televised contest between the 2008 National Championship contenders with a tip-off time of 9:10 PM in the evening!

Is it possible these kids might just have used up a lot of energy fretting about this game? I know, Sherron came in juiced to play, and Cole, well ... he's pretty calm most of the time. The Morris twins showed their experience. But I bet the Frosh were probably feeling some butterflies when they walked out on the court and possibly felt like they had lead weights on their wrists and ankles. It's entirely possible this young team will take home the most valuable lesson of all from this game. Go out there and have fun!

Against Hofstra they were loose and firing on all cylinders. Against Memphis they were tight and looked like they had a huge manifold leak. Give 'em a break and let them learn to play the Self System before we declare them unfit to wear the KU uniform. They'll gain experience from this "win" and hopefully will continue to grow in maturity and confidence.

Enjoy the journey to excellence just as we did that team in '07-'08!

Marcia Parsons 12 years ago

Should we consider that X might have been trying too hard against the team that he almost played for? And that he was playing his first game against a really tough defense?

JayTee040708 12 years ago

Token message board nitpicking aside: Somebody needs to acknowledge the effort, heart, and sheer resilience of Sherron last night. The guy is an absolute wrecking ball of a human being. Can't keep him down. He fought through a sore knee and two muscle cramps to play a key role in the KU win. The guy is a winner. I feel safe with the team in his hands. Thank you.

100 12 years ago

What I love is we played awful against a very athletic, attacking style team in the early season.

And still won.

I would have loved to see how CJ would have played last night -- I think it would have brought up the intensity & game smarts a notch, but obviously he needs to practice healthy before he gets much game time.

I do think his age & maturity will be a tremendous stablizing force this year down the stretch.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

kraus42 12 years ago

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Steve Brown 12 years ago

really like the twin towers this year.

Is Tyshan dialed in this season?

Scott Smetana 12 years ago

MM2... Well Said!!! I'm starting to really like you Memphis fans. Plus we share a dislike of Calisleazy.
Good Luck Tigers, it looks like you're in good hands, even if he does look like Quinn Snyder.

MassachusettsStreet 12 years ago

Generally this post is a riff off of Jaybates last post,

I must agree with the assessment that Rush was an amazing player in this era of basketball of contributing so much on the court while blending into the team. Rush was a great teammate. His natural tendency to blend in and be a team guy moved coach Self to regularly call for Rush to be more aggressive in looking for his shot. Rush’s genius as a player bloomed his Junior year. Anyone who compares Rush’s junior year to Xavier’s November 09 play is being ridiculously unfair (not saying that is what Jaybate specifically was conveying). First of all, there is the maturation that comes with playing within a program for three years. Second, BRush never had an upperclassman like Sherron Collins, nor did BRush in his Freshman or Sophomore year ever play with a front court presence like Aldrich brings this year. X Henry isn’t expected to play the same role that BRush did while BRush was an underclassman.

Part of making this post is simply reflecting upon BRush’s career and what a great Jayhawk he was.

The second part of this post is to say that X Henry does not need to play the same role in the program the Brandon did.

One thing that Xavier has that Brandon didn’t, is the aggressiveness to use his ability as a basketball player to score the rock. I don’t think Bill Self will be calling out X to look to score like he did each week during BRush’s tenure as a Jayhawk. This is good for the current Jayhawk squad. Remember last years Sweet 16 team and how much we wished we had one more scoring presence on the wing to give the opposing team nightmares trying to match up with Aldrich and Collins. We were too two dimensional and now we are witnessing the grooming of the third dimension (we should also not ignore the improved play of Marcus nor the new responsibilities placed on Taylor to run the point more frequently). X has two months of grooming to become more aware of when to score in the KU offense and I look forward to watching how that maturation takes place. Looking at the schedule for the next four games and remembering what Xavier has done so far as a Jayhawk, I strongly believe that he will put up some impressive numbers and several highlight reels which will shame some of the posters in this thread. With the guidance of Bill Self and the coaching staff, along with what appears to be X’s ability to be coached, I see nothing but a positive trend in the development of this team as they come together for conference play.

msthompson37 12 years ago

Tyrel Reed is a waste of a recruit. How did he help us win? nuf said

dcmander 12 years ago

I was at the game and I would say the crowd was probably 70-30 for KU. I would agree that KU had more fans than all 3 schools combined. It seemed like most of the KU fans were in the upper deck, which may be why we weren't loud on TV.

I'm still shocked at people who say Tyrel needs to be on the court all the time. He is a huge liability defensibly as he gets beat every play and it leads to a wide open 3 or a layup. He's fine to play in stints but not when the game is on the line defensively. I was shocked that Self put him in over X on the last play.

tiger413 12 years ago

I'd say that you Jayhawks don't have much to worry about. The Tigers have had a fair share of one-and-dones, and they've always started slow. Xavier looks pretty darn good to me (although he'd look even better in blue and grey) but he needs a little more time to adapt to college ball. Some of our fans were ready to tar and feather Tyreke Evans early last year, but now he's a hero. When it's all said and done, I think X will be too.

We might be the quickest team you play all year, so don't let the turnovers and bad shooting worry you unless they continue. We knew what to expect from KU, and put together a solid game plan. Your guys didn't know what to expect from us since you only had film from one game, and it was easy to see you weren't expecting to be pressed so hard by a team with so little depth. You still came out on top, so don't get caught up with a lot of negativity. It was a positive experience for both teams.

kennethst 12 years ago

Tyshawn Taylor had a poor game-but he is a great player that improved greatly by his experience overseas this summer.

No.....that certainly did not show vs Memphis. But it will.

Take some confidence is KU winning even after playing so poorly. That says a lot.

As usual.....well done JAYBATE!

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