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Jayhawks upside down


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2009 KU-TTU March 4

— From now on, the sun sets in the east and rises in the west. Rain falls from blue skies. High temperatures make water freeze. Vegetables taste phenomenal, and doctors and dentists alike recommend a steady diet of candy bars and doughnuts.

How else can such a shocking pair of college basketball results occur on the same night, involving the same school, 663 miles apart?

It’s difficult to say which Wednesday night outcome was more difficult to predict. Was it Texas Tech, such a non-descript, talent-challenged Big 12 team that few students bother to go to the games anymore, upsetting Kansas, 84-65, the nation’s No. 9 team, inside empty United Spirit Arena? Or was it the KU women shocking No. 5 Baylor, 69-45, in Allen Fieldhouse?

This much is certain: The Kansas team that clinched at least a share of the conference title wasn’t the one celebrating.

Sherron Collins’ outside shots were drifting as if he were playing outdoors on a windy day. He didn’t let that stop him from chucking. To the detriment of the team, Collins regressed to the days when he trusted himself far more than he trusted teammates. He made three of 19 shots and one of 10 three-pointers. When Collins is on, he’s all-world and makes everybody better. When he’s not, he’s the last to know it.

Cole Aldrich made just one of five field-goal attempts and had just three rebounds and was limited to 19 minutes by foul trouble.

Marcus Morris, the team’s most productive player with 11 points and eight rebounds, was whistled for his second technical. His coach, Bill Self, earned his third. All those free points stymied KU’s comeback effort.

Marcus and twin brother, Markieff, even by their standards, fouled excessively.

Reserve Mario Little checked into the game, tossed up an ill-advised fade-away and checked back out.

Texas Tech senior guard Alan Voskuil lit up Brady Morningstar, KU’s perimeter defensive stopper on most nights. Nothing Kansas tried to slow down Voskuil worked. He scored a career-high 35 points on Senior Night.

The students were so fired up afterward they stormed half the court. There weren’t enough of them in attendance to storm the whole court. Many of them long since had written off basketball in favor of looking forward to spring football. After all, this victory improved the Red Raiders’ record to 3-12 in the Big 12 and 13-17 overall.

Somehow, the same Kansas players who looked like men standing on top of the basketball world in slaughtering Missouri three days earlier, regressed all the way back to November, all the way back into the fetal position.

Against Mizzou, KU looked like a contender for the national title. Against Texas Tech, it looked like a first-round flameout.

How did they get this bad this quickly?

“I think we were a little high on ourselves because we won a few tough games and knowing we were in first place,” Marcus Morris said. “I think this is a great game for us to know we still aren’t as good as we think we are, and we can improve on every aspect, as far as rebounding, as far as just making shots and as far as knowing who we need to get the ball to.”

Consider the Jayhawks humbled.


Eric Hammond 10 years, 10 months ago

Marcus Morris said. “I think this is a great game for us to know we still aren’t as good as we think we are"

No seriously, it takes an embarrasing game like that to realize you aren't nearly as good as you think you are? Being ready to play and coming out with energy every game has to be your #1 priority.

I got faith in my beloved Jayhawks, but playing like they did tonight won't go far in either upcoming tournament. GO HAWKS!!!!

Omegatron 10 years, 10 months ago

"Or was it the KU women shocking No. 5 Baylor, 69-45, in Allen Fieldhouse?"

Don't know.

But I do know that the girls need to avoid getting high off the Baylor win and stay humble so that they don't mess up their chances of reaching the NCAA's. They still have alot of work to do....

jhawker162 10 years, 10 months ago

Man we sucked last night. Absolutley no emotion. I feel sorry foe Texas if we rebound the way I think we will.

Jason Pearce 10 years, 10 months ago

He said "oh my god." That's it, awful call. But this came from an inept officiating crew who called at least 2 phantom over the back calls, missed Tech guards traveling in transition and refused to call any fouls on their wrist-slapping perimeter defense. But we probably would have lost that game anyway with or without an objective crew.

biggbear 10 years, 10 months ago

I felt the officials decided before the game they wanted to show the players they were in control of the game. They called way too many fouls on both teams. What was the total foul count in the game? It had to be close to 50. That's just crazy.

Jesse Newell 10 years, 10 months ago

jhwkfan162515 — If Bob said it was the same official, he was mistaken. Scott Thornley T'd up Marcus in Columbia. However, there was a common link.

TTU Officials: Rick Hartzell, Dan Chrisman, Rick Randall At MU Officials: Officials: Tom O'Neill, Scott Thornley, Rick Hartzell

chicagoeddie 10 years, 10 months ago

first, hats off to the women... it makes the mens loss a lot easier to swallow.

second, what kind of garbage officiating was that last night? they whack morris and call how many fouls off the ball? its like the refs didnt let them play basketball and this no nam senior shoots all of his shots from nowhere...


Rock Chalk, get ready for one hell of a comeback for the next coming weeks!

JayhawkLova7 10 years, 10 months ago

The Jayhawks just need to step back and think about how far they actually want to go, they control this. Neither Bill Self, us, or anyone else can play these games for them. Cole looked like he didn't feel to well, he wasn't playing like the energetic Cole. Sherron wasn't playing like himself either. Everyone has off games and unfortunately they all chose the same night. Brady looked awful, slow, and just horrible. Reed didn't do to much but played better on offense than most of the players. We couldn't guard out on the perimeter for the life of us and when we did they still drained the threes.

There were so many little fouls they could have called on them but no instead they call the little fouls away from the ball. The refs did a poor job of officiating last night, not that I think it would have made a difference but still! It's like they were watching a different game. The T on Marcus was insane! Poor officiating, mixed with horrible shooting ends with disaster!

Young teams make mistakes, they have problems like these with games they thought were in the bag. But.. This game was hopefully a learning experience for our kids. Hopefully they learn that, hey we are going to lose if you don't give it 100% every time you step on the court. Think about that Texas loss back in 2006, horrible right? Well, guess who won the Big 12 Championship. Tough teams bounce back from these losses with fire. We are a tough team. We just need to relax and leave it all out there on the court every time we play.

Hawks, put this game behind us, let it be. We lost. But remember when a 12-17 team chanted 'Overrated' in their house. Remember the feeling of losing. Shut them up and show 'em.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

d_prowess 10 years, 10 months ago

I have to disagree with Keegan about Collins hurting the team last night when throwing up shot after shot. No one else was making shots; the whole team seemed off. So in that situation, I would rather have Collins take the shot than anyone else because if does hit one, it could be the start of a hot streak.
I do agree that sometimes he does forget to get his teammates involved (although we haven't seen that in a number of games now), but last night can't be viewed as one of those times because no one else was hitting either.

Jared Grillot 10 years, 10 months ago

You know what, though? I don't think this is the same team it was in November, although I agree, they sure the heck looked like it. For one, who ever thought in those first few games that the Morrises would ever become dependable? Who ever thought that, of Reed and Morningstar, Brady would be the one who turned out to be workhorse on both ends?

I agree wholeheartedly, though, that these guys can't suddenly look at their record and think that they've "made it". There are more than enough teams out there that are stronger, more consistent, and that just play smarter game in and game out, we can't start basking in our own glory and believing our own press, because, honestly, what glory do we have right now? We have a conference championship, but, at least for now, who do we owe that to? The Missouri Tigers We have a trophy on the way because of the amazing basketball THEY played, while we flamed out from lack of... well, lack of everything.

I hate actually losing a game to get a wakeup call, but we did, so it better freakin' wake them up, because Texas may be on a slide, but they're not out, so we better defend the home court and send the seniors out right. Wake up and Hook those Horns! RCJH

Greg Lux 10 years, 10 months ago

First its good we practice 5 against 8. Second its bad we have to play 5 against 8 because that's what happen most of the night. Yes, KU was having an off night following the energy packed Sunday, Yes, they probably took this game way to lightly, but they still would have had a good chance to win this game if have given a chance by the zebra's. When we made our run and got back in the game it seemed that at every chance the zebra's found a way to stop our momentum. Coach doesn't get T's for nothing and the ESPN replay showed a blatant "no call" and most every athlete will tell you they only want a fair chance to compete. That was taken away from them last night by a group on a mission and that group was waring strip shirts. Why? Only they can tell us, but to me it was criminal to not give both teams a fair shot. This was so one sided it was off the wall. Yes, Sherron took and missed a lot of shots but he was frustrated like his teammates. I only wish MM could have popped that basketball he got T'ed for abusing. Or maybe it was not the basketball he was squashing that got him T'ed

zissou 10 years, 10 months ago

Prowess, you're exactly right. While Sherron's shooting line looks awful, those shots he took and missed last night were not the same ones he was taking and missing in November. He hoisted so many shots last night because he had to. Nobody else was making anything. If he had taken five or even 10 more shots, I would have been OK with it.

poo86 10 years, 10 months ago

Maybe if Self Changes The Offense Around Some, Maybe More Jayhawks Can Score The Ball, Its Understandable That The Offense Is ran through Cole and Sherron but GEEZ, Their not goin to be ON every game...Thats why i feel you dont see much scoring Taylor, Morningstar, Twins, Little, Releford... because of the Offense Self Run's and Im a highschool coach....Thats not the way to do it...Seems as if The Jayhawks are trying to Get Cole and Sherron Out of here with their shot attempts instead of playing Team ball??who knows what Bill Self is Thinking????

janeyb 10 years, 10 months ago

I think there were 8 assists last night. That is the way this season has gone. Remember when more than one player would have several assists in a game? Remember when to have assists was more important than points?

When Collins is hitting he is awesome, but he does not make everyone on the court better. That just is not his style of point guard.

Lance Hobson 10 years, 10 months ago

Cole was off and we needed the twins to step up, and they layed an egg. Bad attitudes, technicals, poor body language. God forbid Reed and Morningstar make a three when Sherron is struggling. The supporting cast needs to know that they weren't there for our leaders.

jaybate 10 years, 10 months ago

TTech prepared especially for KU; that much was obvious. Pat Knight and his team wanted some revenge for last year. Sherron's comment only acted as igniter to the fumes that had collected for a year and been pressurized with pregame preparation by Coach Knight.

TTech's offensive sets had Bob Knight's counsel written all over them, too. Pat is a plenty smart coach at x's and o's. He is the one who actually diagrammed the even more frequent screening than usual in the old Bobby Knight offense. I was seeing double and triple picks with much more frequency than in years past. But Pat still does not seem to me a guy who can look at what an opponent likes and dislikes and figure out ways to annoy that opponent to death in that way. I can just hear Bob Knight talking over the phone with his son.

"Say, Pat, have you noticed how much KU has struggled this year defending offenses that screen a lot?" Bob says.

Pat swallows a son's tendency to say no to whatever a father says, because he rightfully fears for his job on the heals of an awful season.

"Yea, Dad, I figure your motion offense is going to give them some problems," Pat says.

"Yeah, Pat, but Bill's no slouch on defense. Last year and the year before Bill seemed to figure out how to teach his players keys about when to fight through, go over, or run under the picks."

"I agree. That's why I'm putting in a few more double pick options for this game."

"Good, boy, you're a credit to your pop," Bob says. He pauses. "It occurred to me that you could really fluster Self and his players, if you also varied the amount of spread in the motion offense every so often."

Pat rolls his eyes, but says nothing, again because he knows he needs as much edge as he can get and he knows his old man knows a ton about how to annoy opponents into the cheap seats.

"Go ahead, Dad, what is it?"

jaybate 10 years, 10 months ago

"If you pack them in really tight and add your double screen options, maybe even some triple screen options, it would completely nullify how much more athletic they are. If the screens are wide apart, or if the shooter runs way beyond the screens, well, Self's guys are so athletic that they'll still close the gap after fighting through. Make it so its all about getting through the screens and not about catch-up. They're just to good at catch-up."

"Oooooooooh, I get you," Pat says. "Instead of worrying about getting enough spacing, against KU we try reduce the spacing."

"Yeah, Pat, and why stop at double picks? Throw some triple picks at them in really tight spacing. And make alot of the passes very short, so they don't have time to recover with their athleticism. Really athletic kids just hate playing in close quarters. They like wider spacing to do their jumping jack thing."

"Cool, pop, really cool idea," Pat says.

"Another thing this could buy you is some neutralization of the Aldrich kid and those two green twins. Aldrich is pretty good, but he likes a one or two step jump to get up in the air and block shots. I don't think I've ever seen him dunk without a step. I bet he can barely clear the floor in a standing jump. The twins are the same way. No step, no jump. If you keep spacing tight, and keep them operating in fairly close quarters, and tell your guys to keep pushing them so they can't get their one step and jump, they really can't get up in the air and cause you problems. And all three are foul prone anyways, so this will guaranty foul trouble with 2 or 3 of them."

Pat is smiling cunningly. At last, he feels like a winning game plan is coming into focus.

"You're a lot better at drawing this complicated sort of stuff up, so the kids can understand it," Bobby says, "but I'm pretty darned sure that if you tighten it up for awhile, Self and his guys will get so frustrated they will be fouling and giving up. I mean, no offense to you, son, but they're not going to be juiced up about this game anyway. You're club has struggled and they just had one of those over the top wins against that stupid press of Missouri's. They're going to come out flat for sure. You force them to work hard when they don't want to, neutralize their athleticism on defense, keep their big guys flat footed, maybe fouled up, shoot well, and catch them a little cold, I think you could beat those guys and hang onto your paycheck another year."

jaybate 10 years, 10 months ago

"Gee, pop, you're a genius."

"Naw, son, I just worked harder at it than everyone else for 40 years." He pauses. "One more thing I probably don't have to tell you, but...if you show Kansas that tight spacing for about five minutes, then come out of it for five minutes, then go back and forth like that most of the game, they are not going to know whether to !@#$%^ or stand up by the end of the game. And sooner or later if you can keep Voskuil coming quick off the screens, he's going to light it up. Its senior night for him and he's got a really good touch. Nobody, but nobody likes their defining strength neutralized. Drives'em nuts. That's why I never emphasized defense more than offense. I emphasized both. You know that. That way if someone figures out how to ball up your defense, you're players confidence isn't wrecked. Every approach is trade-offs, Pat, I taught you that."

"Yep, that is so right, Dad," Pat says, "any ideas about our defense?"

"Just double down on Aldrich, push him in the back every time, and pray Collins has an off shooting night. Nothing fancy."

"What about Morningstar and the Reed kid? They are the other three point shooters."

Bobby thinks a moment and says, "Guard'em on the stripe and give them anything they want inside." He pauses. "Rough'em all up a little, but nothing fancy. Keep it simple and let the players concentrate on what you cook up on offense. That will take their defense away and without an effective defense, Self and his team is much less of an offensive threat. Just make sure your guys get down the floor and deny the fast break buckets. Hey, son, I gotta run, me and Parcells are gonna go fishing tomorrow and I gotta get some sleep. Give'em hell, kid."

In short, Self, who got the better of the old obnoxious master a few times, got stung by him last night.

Bobby exposed a small vulnerability in KU's philosophy. It is a chance for Self to fix it. It will be interesting to see how he does it.

Blake Brown 10 years, 10 months ago

I agree with Keegans assessment of the game as I posted an abbreviated version of the same in Bedores article before reading this one.

This was a team loss and an indication we can go out in the upcoming tournaments in any round. Bradley and Bucknell would have put us away by 30 last night. We really do not have a team leader. And with al of this said, we will beat Texas and win the conference outright, an achievement most of us never dreamed possible.

The Jayhawks rock!!

rockchalkin54 10 years, 10 months ago

I think that, a lot of times, the team feeds off Sherron. When he is playing well and confident, they feed off his energy and play well. When he is not playing well or not confident (like last night), they feed off that.

easyfive 10 years, 10 months ago

Does anyone know why Self went back to 1 on1? Sherron should have waved him off and stayed in the zone!!!!!!!
Why can't the bball team learn from our great and powerfull coach Mark M. "Task at hand". The players and coach was all thumbs lastnite. Why did he not change things up like full court press? Or, something...

James Miller 10 years, 10 months ago

I agree "easy5". The 3-2 zone was working. I am not sure of the rationale to come out of it. And I definitely don't understand why we didn't go back to it as Tech was making thier final run.

LAJayhawk 10 years, 10 months ago


My guess is Coach Self went back to man because we were down double digits with only a handful of minutes left on the clock. Time was no longer our friend, and while the zone helped contain that offense for a good chunk of time (although, one could argue TTech missed a lot of open outside shots -- which you get plenty of against a zone -- during that stretch), it is not an aggressive defense and allows the offense to run a lot of time off the clock. We had to be aggressive and try to force turnovers faster. It was a time thing.

easyfive 10 years, 10 months ago

Hi LAja, I was watching the replay but it was 2 down, 15:50 left in the 2nd half. I had to go but i did not get to see the whole thing again. But that was around the time Bill came out of it. I remember thinking why did he do that? (Going back to man to man.) That is when TT took off again.

LAJayhawk 10 years, 10 months ago

As to Sherron,

Someone please tell me what else Collins was supposed to do? Did he have a bad game? No. He had an awful game. Terrible. But so did every other member of that basketball team. THE WHOLE TEAM shot 16.7% from 3. 16.7%. That against 55.6% for TTech. On top of that, THE WHOLE TEAM shot 33% from the field. Who else was going to make an offensive play, Aldrich? Cole was rendered almost totally ineffective largely by his own hand (being in foul trouble when 61 points -- that's 73% of the scoring -- came from the guards is pretty bad). When he was in there he had 17 defenders collapsing down on him as soon as he touched the ball causing him to shoot 20%. Morningstar? He was as off as Sherron was. 1 for 6 from three, 1 for 7 overall. Reed? Shot poorly as well (and got killed defensively). Markieff Morris? Not sure he did anything positive. Taylor? He scored 9 points, but was seemingly invisible for most of the game (on both ends of the floor). He had no desire, clearly, to "take over." Marcus Morris was the only one, in my eyes, who had anything positive offensively, yet, like his brother, when you get a guy in his face, you can almost guarantee a miss. He did a good job of drawing fouls... only to go 1 for 3 from the line. So where does Collins go?

My point is, this is a team loss. Pinning it on Sherron is a cop out. A cop out for lazy, emotional journalism. Saying things like "When Collins is on, he’s all-world and makes everybody better. When he’s not, he’s the last to know it," just proves it. Really, Mr. Keegan? Why then did I see Sherron pass up a wide open three after missing one to pass to Morningstar for his open attempt (which bricked)? You don't think the guy realized he was off?

Collins had a terrible game. So did everyone else on the floor wearing blue. Everyone.

Mr. Keegan, writing an article like this immediately following one that was titled "How did KU get this good, this fast?" clearly shows your desperate attempt to be in the zeitgiest. You want to write "what everyone is feeling" instead of reporting on a team. That's called emotional reporting, and it's trash. Is this team the powerhouse that destroyed mizzou on Saturday? Well, clearly they still have some problems. Are they as bad as Wednesday? Um... Saturday just happened, so clearly not. They, like every sports team in the history of time (including last years National Champions), can be up and down during a year. Now we just hope they can pick themselves up and dust themselves off.

"You don't need a weatherman to now which way the wind blows." Nor do you need a sports journalist to tell you how you feel.

jaybate 10 years, 10 months ago


You have way to little time. Look how short your posts are. Stretch a little. Live a little. Extend the envelope. Break it out to a paragraph. The bandwidth is still fixed monthly cost in most areas. :-)

Hawkish4bigM 10 years, 10 months ago

I don't think there was anything we could have done to win that game last night. Everyone was way cold on shooting. Rebounding was too much of a problem, though. Looked like we had a little trouble matching up with Indiana b-ball.

LAJayhawk 10 years, 10 months ago

Oh, and Sherron had 4 assists against three turnovers. If anyone, ANYONE else could have hit shots he could have had 7 or 8 assists easily. That would be better than a 2 to 1 ratio. Don't say he didn't try to get guys involved.

easyfive 10 years, 10 months ago

J.1866 Maybe he forgot?
The guys started to get into the flow with the zone.
Is it more of a "pride" thing to play man? I say take what they give you!
Some one get Sherron an ice pack for his head. Learning to be humble will keep that swelling down.

Craig Lang 10 years, 10 months ago

I think people are overanalyzing this game. Losses like this happen, even for good teams. KU just wasn't ready for a pumped Texas Tech team. Even the Lakers lose some "easy" games. Hopefully, the Jayhawks have learned that they need to be prepared for every game, and that there are no freebies this late in the season.

In my opinion, KU never had a chance. KU tried to keep Tech out on the perimeter by putting pressure on the inside, and Tech got hot with its threes. They changed it up, put pressure on the perimeter, so Tech took it inside, let the refs call the fouls and made their free throws. It seems that every year Tech is at the bottom of the Big 12, they pull off the upset against KU. When they actually have a decent team, KU is able to put them away.

At the end of the day, it's important to remember that our team is sitting on top of the Big 12 (and that is not a fluke) while the team that beat us is still tied for 10th! I have faith in the Jayhawks that they will learn from this loss.

Tan Hong Woon 10 years, 10 months ago

They have forgotten that they are playing one game at a time. In this conference, there is no walk over for KU. There are teams out there that do not care if they have win any conference title in the last decades or centuries, but they do want to beat KU. That is the indication of a good season to them. If the Jayhawks think that it is going to be an easy game, they will be in trouble. They should play every game like the championship game in NCAA.

kranny 10 years, 10 months ago

LAJayhawk, I completely agree with you about Keegan's take on Collins. The "forgetting his teammates" line was out of line. This was a team loss and everybody played badly. Is Keegan saying if Collins would've passed the ball off after missing his first 10 shots we would've had a chance? That's BS. Lame_ss journalism.

jaybate 10 years, 10 months ago

Memo to Tom:

Journalism is history in a minute, but it is history.

You recorded what happened and related it to the strikingly better performance the previous game.

You did your job (and generated a few clicks).

TaTownHawkFanBase 10 years, 10 months ago

embarrassing game...yes. but least marcus morris found out he could dunk the basketball (finally)

Steve Brown 10 years, 10 months ago

Our goal is to win banners. CHAMPIONSHIPS A conference title would have been long shot a few months ago, considering what 'experience' we lost from last year. Hats off to the team and coaches for growing up fast, playing hard, focusing on teamwork and DEFENSE. Sure we got some breaks and had help from other teams. Yes, we are capable of a stinky selfish game such as T Tech and UMass...we are also capable, albeit more likely at home, of some great performances. One game left to win our Conf. Championship outright....a worthy and laudable goal.

How we approach that opportunity is up to the team and small part the home crowd and then we also have our secret weapon ... the spirit of "Doc" Allen who rules the court and yearns for the Rock Chalk Chant .... Butcher the Longhorns....feed the spirit. Get another banner for our rafters....make Doc proud once again....

LAJayhawk 10 years, 10 months ago

Memo to Tom:

You wrote your own form of history ignoring the facts of the game to lay blame squarely at the foot of one player.

Fact: KU's second-leading scorer, the Big 12's second-leading rebounder and #1 shot blocker missed over half the game because of foul trouble when the 73% of the opponents scoring came from the guards. And he only shot 20%.

Fact: KU's two best 3 point shooters combined to go 3 for 12 (3 for 14 overall) and couldn't guard their own jersey.

Fact: Tyshawn Taylor was conspicuously absent even when he was on the floor, remarkably similar to his play in the middle of the season (no mention here, though).

Fact: I'm not sure if Markieff Morris even showed up.

Fact: Marcus Morris' emotions lead to a 4 point play and eventually got him, the only simi-effective player, out of the game due to fouls.

Fact: KU as a TEAM shot 16.7% from 3 versus TTechs 55.6%.

Fact: KU as a TEAM shot 33.3% from the field versus 45.1% for Tech.

Fact: Sherron Collins had 4 assists. If the team could have shot only slightly better, he easily could have had 6 to 8.

You did not do your job (and generated a few clicks).

Blake Post 10 years, 10 months ago

we didn't guard and we didn't hit shots. Looked worn out to me.
Hope to see killers vs. tex

TxJyHwk 10 years, 10 months ago

chicagoeddie - if you are still reading, it is highly unlikely we will see them in the conference tournament. If I calculated correctly, we have the 1 seed in the tournament regardless of the outcome (win the tie breaker with both Missouri and Oklahoma), and TTech is either the 10 seed or 11 seed.

If we meeet TTech, we wouldn't meet OU with Griffin . . .

Eric Schneider 10 years, 10 months ago

This game was inevitable. You have a bunch of freshman, and sophomores who didn't play much if at all last year. Then you have the amazing run they were on and everyone saying look out for KU to work its way up to a 2 seed. I'm just glad it happened during the regular season. You can say all you want about they should be prepared for every game. The truth is, these are still very young men. And we're younger than most (11th youngest team in the country). This will help them refocus. And I have a feeling Texas is going to run into a buzz saw on Saturday.

Probably the best news is that we'll enter the NCAA tournament with a little bit more realistic expectations and a lot less pressure.

And to LAJayhawk good points except for Marcus Morris. That was the best job he had done all year of controlling his emotions. The technical was ridiculous. He was facing the camera the whole time. All he said was "Oh My God" and he didn't show nearly as much agitation as usual. The official either had an axe to grind with Morris from an earlier game, or he was still pissed at what ever Self said to earn his T. I'm pretty sure it was the same official who called the phantom fall on Aldridge right after Self's technical.

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