Monday, March 2, 2009

KU beat Mizzou at own game

Kansas forward Mario Little pokes the ball away from Missouri forward Laurence Bowers during the second half Sunday, March 1, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Mario Little pokes the ball away from Missouri forward Laurence Bowers during the second half Sunday, March 1, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Kansas stomps Missouri with 90-65 victory

Less than a month ago, the Kansas men squandered a 14-point lead and fell in Columbia 62-60.

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2009 KU-MU March 1

When Mike Anderson took over as coach of the Missouri University men’s basketball team three years ago, he brought with him a style of play known affectionately as “40 minutes of hell.”

It is a system built on constant motion, a controlled chaos, the objective of which is to apply constant pressure, push the pace at all times and attempt to translate that into as many easy baskets as possible.

And while his team has excelled in this style — sprinting to its best season in years and making life tough for opponents in the process — the Tigers on Sunday suffered a sobering reversal of roles against rival Kansas University.

In short, Missouri got out-Missouried.

“They were pushing the ball right back down our throats,” MU senior forward Leo Lyons said. “That’s normally what we want to do to teams. And they did it to us.”

Missouri was outscored, 18-6, in fast-break points and 18-12 in points-off-turnovers and gave up more points than it had all season to fall, 90-65, to the Jayhawks and all but end its chances for a Big 12 regular-season title.

In a dominant and fast-paced first half, Kansas capitalized on countless fast-break opportunities — many of which stemmed from long rebounds after missed Tigers field goals — and used an aggressive offensive approach to build a quick double-digit lead.

Missouri’s vaunted “40 minutes of hell” didn’t prove all that hellish in the confines of Allen Fieldhouse.

The Tigers struggled in other areas, too, of course. There was the dismal 3-of-17 performance from three-point range; the full-court press that proved far less effective than it did in the teams’ previous meeting; the bench that, after providing as many as 62 points in a game this season, was held to six Sunday.

“Some days the bench is going to have it,” Missouri forward DeMarre Carroll said. “Some days it’s not.”

In assessing how his team — the conference’s scoring leader — was held to 19 first-half points on just 8-of-39 shooting, Anderson cited a tentativeness about his team early on that the Tigers never quite managed to shake.

“There’s not many games this year,” the coach said, “where we came out and got in a hole that deep.”

And while most Kansas fans, surely, were poised for at least a marginal second-half letdown — given Missouri’s come-from-behind victory in Columbia on Feb. 9 and Kansas’ propensity to let large first-half leads slip away late — it never really came.

Jayhawks center Cole Aldrich scored 13 of his 19 points in the second 20 minutes, Kansas didn’t shift much from its first-half game plan, and the Tigers left the fieldhouse with their most lopsided loss of the season.

Following the game, Missouri players seemed unsure of how to process the loss — Murphy’s Law was referenced on more than one occasion — and many wrote it off as one of those things: a perfect storm of ineptitude that must be accepted, learned from and then promptly put behind them.

“I mean, up until the last second, we were missing dunks and lay-ups,” Lyons said. “That shows you what kind of night it was for us.”


RockChalkJayBlog 10 years, 10 months ago

Missouri got Missouried.

Meaning...They did what they did best, which was fail.

Eurekahwk 10 years, 10 months ago

Mizzou walked into the lion's den with a meat belt strapped to its waist! There was really only one way this game could possibly go.

Jonathan Allison 10 years, 10 months ago

Missouri did not get out-Missouried. That is an insult to this young Jayhawk team. Missouri got beat by a superior team that was firing on all cylinders.

nocaljayhawk 10 years, 10 months ago

Notes on MU: one, how overrated is Demarre Carroll? Dude looks out of control all the time...KU's best defense was allowing him to dribble wildly then shoot.

Two, MU's style of play works much more effectively, as is usually the case with full-court teams that feed off a home crowd's energy and load up on easy-to-press and easy-to-beat softies at home.

eastcoasthawk 10 years, 10 months ago

In both games we have played Missouri barely put together 20 minutes of anything related to bball hell. What a joke. Looking forward to seeing the rankings later today when we exchange positions.

cklarock 10 years, 10 months ago

plasticJHawk: co-sign.

Missouri has gotten better -- just not at the rate this year's Kansas team has.

If you're a Mizzou fan, you're hurting right now, because you know this was your year. If you were ever going to sweep us or finish higher than us in the Big 12, you should have done it this year, when we lose all but one of our big contributors to graduation or the NBA.

But you weren't able to get over that Jayhawk-shaped hump, because we just got better faster with our re-loaded squad. Still, third place is better than sixth, and a spot in the NCAAs is better than the NITs. But what y'all need to stop doing is taking one step of progress to mean that you're a world-beater. Sometimes, those rankings don't mean much, and Sunday was one of those days.

As a Jayhawk fan, I like hard-pressing teams, because once your players solve the puzzle, it's a beating waiting to happen, as we proved yesterday. You'll catch teams off-guard with a hard press, and win some games, but you're not going to beat an equally athletic and well-prepared team very often.

jayhawkintexas 10 years, 10 months ago

As much as I hate Mizzery, I'm going to cheer for them to beat OU so that we can win the Big 12 outright on Wednesday (assuming we beat Texas Tech). If that were to happen and we beat Texas on Saturday, we will win the Big 12 by two games. THAT would be awesome for such a young group of players!!!

63Jayhawk 10 years, 10 months ago

I'm pulling for OU. I don't like Missery. They deserve to be recalibrated! They need to understand that they are third at best. I prefer that the Jayhawks win the title by winning their last two games.

The Jayhawks out hustled and wore down the miserable tigers, just like they outran the Tarheals in the final four last year. The superior team won in both cases. The media's opinion counted for nothing. The game was played on the court.

KUbsee69 10 years, 10 months ago

Lyons: "That shows you what kind of night it was for us" ... hmmm.

It might have seemed dark as night to them, but it was broad daylight when they got whupped.

But, it wasn't revenge ... it was a reckoning. Feels real good.

Greg Lux 10 years, 10 months ago

What you saw Sunday ( for some of us 32 mins not 40 ) was the difference between a team that's improving and a team that's slipping. The puttycats got their 40 mins of hell turned on themselves by a team that's not even close to the team that started the conference season. I can only say thank g.. Hightower was at the Big 10 game calling his exaggerated fouls and not down in Lawrence

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years, 10 months ago

my dad and i both predicted KU by 10. our reasoning was that KU would learn from its lesson in the 62-60 loss, and was really the better team.

boy, we never expected a 25-point drubbing!

rock chalk.

theno1kufan 10 years, 10 months ago

i said ku by 20 on espn boards....... guess i was wrong....... damn it...........

Blake Post 10 years, 10 months ago

Killed them tigers dead. Poor poor misery. Just like football they get Kansas then Oklahoma. Poor tiger lilies. Then they will maybe get more Oklahoma, and if they luck past them, more Kansas. Sad days for the Paige boys. Ha!

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