Jayhawks still 7th in latest AP poll


Kansas guard Christian Braun (2) comes to congratulate Kansas guard Remy Martin (11) after Martin got an and-one bucket during the second half on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Christian Braun (2) comes to congratulate Kansas guard Remy Martin (11) after Martin got an and-one bucket during the second half on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021 at Allen Fieldhouse. by Nick Krug

The team that finished the 2020-21 college basketball season on top remains in the No. 1 spot in this week’s Associated Press poll.

The unbeaten Baylor Bears (10-0) received 60 of the 61 first-place votes in this week’s poll, with No. 6 Arizona (11-0) getting the other.

The Kansas Jayhawks, winners of five in a row since their late-November loss to Dayton, stayed in the No. 7 spot.

Baylor, Duke and Purdue all stayed put in the top three spots in this week’s poll, with No. 4 Gonzaga and No. 5 UCLA flip-flopping spots to round out the top five.

USC, Iowa State and Alabama joined Arizona and Kansas in this week’s top 10.

In the Big 12, Texas (8-2) moved up one spot to No. 16 and Texas Tech (8-2) stayed at No. 25. Oklahoma and West Virginia were the first two teams receiving votes, putting the Big 12 on the verge of having six teams in the top 25.

Oklahoma State was also on the “receiving votes” list, putting the Cowboys in the top 40 nationally.

Here’s a look at the complete poll:

1 – Baylor, 10-0 (60), 1,524

2 – Duke, 10-1, 1,445

3 – Purdue, 10-1, 1,360

4 – Gonzaga, 9-2, 1,313

5 – UCLA, 9-1, 1,294

6 – Arizona, 11-0 (1), 1,230

7 – Kansas, 9-1, 1,210

8 – USC, 12-0, 937

9 – Iowa State, 11-0, 926

10 – Alabama, 9-2, 897

11 – Michigan State, 9-2, 822

12 – Auburn, 10-1, 782

13 – Houston, 10-2, 780

14 – Ohio State, 8-2, 744

15 – Seton Hall, 9-2, 693

16 – Texas, 8-2, 569

17 – LSU, 11-0, 542

18 – Xavier, 11-1, 469

19 – Tennessee, 8-2, 447

20 – Kentucky, 8-2, 428

21 – Colorado State, 10-0, 328

22 – Providence, 11-1, 266

23 – Villanova, 7-4, 222

24 – Wisconsin, 9-2, 182

25 – Texas Tech, 8-2, 86

Others receiving votes: Oklahoma 65, West Virginia 57, Connecticut 55, Illinois 49, Loyola Chicago 42, Arkansas 9, Michigan 9, BYU 8, North Carolina 7, San Francisco 6, Wake Forest 5, Oklahoma State 4, Virginia Tech 4, Iowa 3, Minnesota 3, Creighton 2, Memphis 1


Joey Meyer 5 months ago

On the verge of seven ranked teams, right? Iowa State is in there too - wowza.

Will potentially be even more fun once Houston, Cincinnati, BYU and that other school joins the fun.

Jeff Coffman 5 months ago

I think OU and UT are missing the truly good conference and it probably won't hurt OU much, but Texas could end up being a doormat in the SEC.

If it was up to me, I would setup 8 conferences of 10. If you win your conference you are in. The top two from each conference makes it into the championship game of the conference and the winner is in. You play a round robin of your 9, basically how the Big 12 is setup currently. The seeding could be determined by non-conference opponents...not record, that way if you play a tough non-conference you get a better seeding. Top four seeds are at home.

This would make it possible for everyone to have a shot, and it would also, get really good non-conference games like in Basketball, because you could go 0-3 in non-conference and still make it. You could even have a X conference versus Y conference in the second week of November, where the teams play off each other...1-10 against 1-10, decided only the week before. Again it plays better games without any affect on the ability to play for the national championship...more like the NCAA BB championship. You could also setup in week 1, One conference playing another conference based on conference results from the year before. Again it would just setup good matchups early and throughout the year.

Mallory Briggans 5 months ago

even though the polls really dont mean much this early ,Kansas loss to Dayton dropped them to 8 and we have also been jumped a couple of times. Looking at our schedule Michigan State and kentucky notable non-conference ......but looking at our conference as it is now , Baylor 2 times ,Texas 2 times Iowa State 2 times and Texas Tech 2 times all currently ranked then you have W Virginia ,Oklahoma and Oklahoma State who wont be pushovers .that looks like a pretty good strength of schedule which should help during selection sunday

Scott MacWilliams 5 months ago

If all the Big12 teams keep playing well & winning most of their games, there could be 8!! teams ranked in conference play! That's what you call a meat grinder of a schedule. EVERY game will be a big game, even KSUck!! ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWKS!!

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