Monday, May 31, 2021

3 more former Buffalo players — Rich Miller Jr., Ronald McGee and Michael Ford Jr. — transferring to KU

Former Buffalo football players  Rich Miller Jr., Ronald McGee and Michael Ford Jr. announced on May 31, 2021, their plans to transfer to Kansas.

Former Buffalo football players Rich Miller Jr., Ronald McGee and Michael Ford Jr. announced on May 31, 2021, their plans to transfer to Kansas.


The Kansas football program continued to be a popular landing spot for former Buffalo players on Monday, as three more transfers announced they are joining the Jayhawks.

A pair of defensive contributors for the Bulls in 2020 — linebacker Rich Miller Jr. and defensive tackle Ronald McGee — and young offensive lineman Michael Ford Jr., all of whom had entered their names into the transfer portal, told Jayhawk Slant of their plans to follow head coach Lance Leipold and members of his UB staff to KU.

Their proclamations came hours after three other former UB players made their intentions to play for Kansas known, giving the Jayhawks six Buffalo transfers for the 2021 roster.

Miller, who left Buffalo this spring as a 6-foot-1, 230-pound junior, played in every game for the Bulls as a reserve the past two seasons. Miller played mostly on special teams as a true freshman in 2019 and then got more time as a backup linebacker in 2020, making 13 tackles and one tackle for loss during his sophomore year.

Miller told Jon Kirby of Jayhawk Slant he trusted Leipold and his staff and wanted to continue his relationship with them at KU.

“I always knew that they see the potential I have,” Miller said. “Once I entered the transfer portal and I got the call, I'm like, ‘they really do see the potential in me, and it's meant to be.’ If it wasn't meant to be, then I wouldn't have gone to Kansas. I feel like Coach Leipold has had a lot of success everywhere he’s been, so it's only right for me to come help him try to turn the program around.”

Miller was a two-star prospect out of Detroit when he signed with UB in the Class of 2019.

McGee, a 6-3, 285-pound defensive tackle, played junior college in Kansas at Highland Community College before signing with Buffalo in the Class of 2019 as a two-star juco prospect.

Over the past two seasons, when he was a sophomore and junior at UB, McGee played in 17 games, starting once in 2020. He comes to KU having made 18 tackles and two sacks at the FBS level, mostly as a reserve.

The respect McGee has for Leipold, he told Jayhawk Slant, played a key role in his decision.

“I feel like what makes him a good head coach is that he personally cares about the players,” McGee said. “If you have a team full of guys that care about each other, it's going to be pretty hard to beat them. And Coach Leipold, he doesn't just care about the wins and losses. He cares about his players and player development as well.”

A 6-3, 285-pound offensive lineman from Homewood, Ill., Ford is the youngest of the UB transfers coming to KU. Ford redshirted at Buffalo this past season after signing in the 2020 class as a two-star prospect.

Ford was in the mix to start for the Bulls in 2021 before deciding to follow Leipold and his old O-line coach, Scott Fuchs, to Kansas.

“Coach Fuchs is a very cool person,” Ford told Jayhawk Slant. “He's a great coach. I think he's a great teacher. I feel like he's a gigantic reason of why I was successful my freshman year coming into college. From him I've learned just to play like a shark, because he always said that.”

Added Ford: “I always have a shark mentality because the only time a shark stops swimming is when he's dead. He always demanded the best. I feel like he teaches some great techniques.”

None by Rich Miller


Jim Stauffer 1 year, 6 months ago

LL is picking and choosing. Each of these guys is playing a position of need on our current roster. Sounds like we have a man in charge who sees what he needs and takes the necessary actions to get it. RCJH!

David Robinett 1 year, 6 months ago

4 new guys in the trenches, too - awesome!

Matt Stone 1 year, 6 months ago

Good to get guys that are already familiar with the system and bring their enthusiasm to Buffalo West! Starters and depth filled quickly.

Dale Rogers 1 year, 6 months ago

I'd rather it be said we are bringing them in from Lawrence East!

Dirk Medema 1 year, 6 months ago

This is a definite positive that no one seemed to consider when weighing LL and Monken.

Brett McCabe 1 year, 6 months ago

Pretty safe to say that there would have been zero transfers from West Point!

When Leipold was named HC, I’m sure that many of us thought that there might be a transfer or two. Never would I ever have imagined this. A seven player influx is a huge, huge bonus to this program. Just amazing.

Suddenly, we have some depth, more competition, and a group of players who can actually aid in the transition.

Jeff Coffman 1 year, 6 months ago

I'm still wondering if this gets our Scholarships up to 85? My concern with JUCO or even the transfer protocols is that is buys now to rob later. If however, this does not affect our count due to COVID, then I'm for the entire Buffalo team arriving by corporate jet tomorrow.

I just want to make sure we aren't burning scholarships next year for this one year, we know it is going to be a tough year.

However, I think how I read this year, is a free for all and we might actually have a complete roster, ready for consistent recruiting going forward, again Miles took two years of hits, rebuilding a roster of HS Seniors, I don't want that to go out the wayside. We know some of his recruits were solid as they've moved to Auburn/Tennessee once proven.

Brian Wilson 1 year, 6 months ago

The 85 number...probably not. I don't think KU even had 75 this last year. I'm pretty sure that only Seniors get another season so KU would have to have 10+ returning/transferring Seniors.

According to 247Sports, KU now has 31 new players coming to KU. 7 enrollees...which are walk-ons or players that don't need a football scholarship. Then 13 signed letters of intent. Plus 11 transfers.

Scary part about this...Beatty brought in about this many in both of his first two years. Hopefully KU will get a bunch of players to red shirt this season. And then, KU needs to adjust for all these 11 transfers back by recruiting a young 25 in 2022.

Armen Kurdian 1 year, 6 months ago

I know Les Miles wanted organic talent, more 4-5 year players on the team. Coach Weiss tried getting a bunch of transfers and that didn't work so well.

I know we need talent, and I'll chalk this year up to a black swan considering the additional allowances for transfers. I'm hoping we can get this new talent working in concert with each other.

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