Iowa State defeats Kansas, 34-0

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 23, 2013
  • Jack Trice Stadium, Ames, IA

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back to the futile

Jayhawks regress in 34-0 loss at Iowa State

Iowa State defenders collapse around James Sims during the first quarter on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa.

Iowa State defenders collapse around James Sims during the first quarter on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa.


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Charlie Weis explains how the field impacted play in KU's 34-0 loss to Iowa State

KU football coach Charlie Weis explains how the field impacted play in KU's 34-0 loss to Iowa State

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Iowa State 34, Kansas 0

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— Saturday night at frigid Jack Trice Stadium, Kansas University’s football team went back in time.

Unfortunately for the Jayhawks, however, the DeLorean did not travel back quite far enough, and instead of evoking memories and hopes of the Kansas teams that reached back-to-back bowl games behind an exciting and mobile quarterback, the Jayhawks merely went back a few weeks and more closely resembled the team that, earlier this year, could not get anything going on offense and left its defense on the field way too long.

There were a half-dozen factors that could explain KU’s 34-0 loss to one-win Iowa State. From cold temperatures and bad footing to unlucky breaks and missed opportunities, the Jayhawks who looked oh-so-good in an upset victory over West Virginia last week looked more like a team destined to start another long conference losing streak than one trying to start a rare winning streak.

“I’m as disappointed this week as I was excited last week,” KU senior center Gavin Howard said. “This is one of the most disappointing losses I’ve had in my career here, and I honestly don’t know how it happened.”

It’s not like this was a typical Big 12 juggernaut the Jayhawks were facing. Iowa State entered the game last in the Big 12 in scoring defense and second-to-last in the conference in scoring offense. Instead of becoming KU’s second victim in a feel-good finish to another rough season, the Cyclones rose up and became the first team to pitch a shutout against the Jayhawks since Texas in 2011.

It’s not like the Jayhawks were completely overmatched from start to finish. In fact, despite giving up big chunks of yards and failing to hit any big plays of their own, the Jayhawks (3-8 overall, 1-7 Big 12) did enough on defense in the first half to keep the game within reach. Five times KU moved into ISU territory. But five times, miscues or a frozen gas pedal turned the Jayhawks away without scoring.

“I was very frustrated that we were able to move the ball into plus territory but kept coming up empty,” Weis said.

Iowa State, which racked up 178 yards on just 17 plays in the first quarter, failed to capitalize on its final three drives of the half, tossing an interception on one drive, going three-and-out on the next and running out of time on the last after intercepting freshman quarterback Montell Cozart in the end zone to end another potential Kansas scoring drive.

KU’s offense in the first half looked completely different depending upon what plays were called. When Sims touched the ball, the Jayhawks’ offensive line gashed the Cyclones up front and helped Sims rumble for 96 yards on 15 carries during the first two quarters. On nearly all of the other plays, however, Cozart either overthrew receivers or scrambled into and out of trouble but never did enough to damage the Cyclones defense by himself.

“We just couldn’t finish,” Howard said. “You gotta give them credit. They buckled down once we got to their side of the field.”

On one first-half drive, a scrambling Cozart missed a sure touchdown by electing to follow his blocking to the right instead of cutting it back to the wide-open patch of turf to the left. On another, KU’s drive stalled when Cozart nonchalantly ran out of bounds just short of the first-down sticks on third-and-nine after scurrying for positive yardage.

Weis challenged the spot, but the call on the field stood.

Weis said the challenge was merely an attempt to settle his team down, since he planned on going for it on fourth-and-one anyway.

“They were saying, ‘Go for it, go for it, go for it,’ which was probably pretty stupid at the time because it was a 10-0 game, and we could’ve gone into halftime with a 10-3 game,” he said.

Instead of converting, ISU (2-9, 1-7) stuffed Sims (114 yards on 21 carries) up the middle, and KU never threatened again.

Iowa State held KU to a three-and-out on the opening drive of the third quarter and then threw up 17 straight points to turn a 10-0 game heading into the third into a 27-0 runaway heading into the fourth.

Weis played Cozart and former starter Jake Heaps at quarterback in the second half, but neither could get anything going. Not that either got much help.

“What’d we drop, six passes?” Weis asked. “We might have set a world record for most dropped passes in the shortest amount of time. When you don’t make plays in the passing game at all and your runs are going to be direct runs rather than getting to the edge, you’re in a heap of trouble, and that’s what ended up happening.

“I’m not shocked. I’m very, very disappointed. There was no evidence in practice or in warm-ups that we were going to do anything but play very well, and we didn’t.”


Suzi Marshall 8 years, 10 months ago

Some help is on the way for Kansas Football. Tyler Patrick, WR The Woodlands HS and Kansas recruit, came through with a little over a minute to go in the game with a 44 yd reception to the 1 yard line that allowed The Woodlands to take a 24-23 lead on Round Rock in the Class 5A Division I Area playoff. With no time left on the clock, Patrick then blocked Round Rock’s 37-yard game winning field goal attempt. The Woodlands advance to play Allen HS, the undefeated and defending Texas 5A champions. Kansas has a good one in Patrick.

Craig Carr 8 years, 10 months ago

Really? Good for him, no chance he ever makes an impact in the Big 12. Congrats to your nephew

John Waszak 8 years, 10 months ago

Someone please explain to me Taylor Cox tweeting during the game. He is still on the roster isn't he? On the sideline? In uniform? No wonder why this team has no fire, no heart, no discipline... lacks the basics of catching, tackling, etc. Head is not in the game. No way there is any focus in practice or film room or weight room if they are too busy tweeting from the sideline. WOW!

Mark Lindrud 8 years, 10 months ago

Concur. Unless he wasn't at the game, but I don't know.

Matt Tait 8 years, 10 months ago

Typically red-shirts don't travel, so I'm sure he was at home.

Ethan Berger 8 years, 10 months ago

Yes cause the red shirt guy who has nothing do with anything shows how are team doesn't care... Except this team plays it's butt off every game.

Michael Sillman 8 years, 10 months ago

I am a great believer in financial incentives for coaches. That being said there should also be penalties when a team puts out a stinker like today. Every coach should give some dollars back after this one.

Craig Carr 8 years, 10 months ago

Who cares! Drop the program. No real coach would ever take the job after the whining from players and subsequent firing of a coach who won a BCS bowl game. Weis just makes excuses, let Self recruit for the team and hire a real coach.

Len Shaffer 8 years, 10 months ago

Yes, firing Mangino was a horrible mistake, as has been evidenced by the numerous head-coaching offers he's gotten since he left ...

Craig Carr 8 years, 10 months ago

Only thing that is relevant is the record of the football team and that speaks for itself.

Len Shaffer 8 years, 10 months ago

That's not true. Abusing players and support staff is just as relevant (actually more so) than the record of the football team. Or are you someone who believes that having success in football trumps basic humanity?

Len Shaffer 8 years, 10 months ago

Well said, Brett. And let's not forget the horrible play call on 4th-and-4 when he tried a pass out to the side instead of continuing to do what had been working -- running James Sims. If they keep that initial drive going, who knows how differently the game might have turned out?

Joe Ross 8 years, 10 months ago

It's not just that Kansas lost to Iowa State. It's the manner in which they did it. Sucker punch to the gut if you were looking at this game as an opportunity for Kansas.

Can't blame the weather. Both teams had to play in it.

Marc Frey 8 years, 10 months ago

I agree. This one hurts me more than some of the others. Why? We lost to a poorer team. And we were outplayed for almost all 60 minutes. We are not good enough to slip, drop passes, and miss coverages and win.

W Keith Swinehart II 8 years, 10 months ago

Better preparation for the prevailing cold and icing conditions by ISU. Shoes, simple plays, no sweeps, better patterns, softer throws. See Keegan opinion piece about shoe bottoms. Old pro teams used 'em. Should consult our suppliers about this.

FOX commentators kept harping about ISU player toughness. Baloney. Not toughness or macho stuff. They were simply better prepared to play in the ice. I hope we learn that lesson.

kellerman411 8 years, 10 months ago

This game was one of the more embarrassing ones over the last few years and that's saying something. KU has lost, a lot, but Iowa State is not a good football team. Iowa State is a bad football team and they beat the crap out of us.

I'm just not sure you can bring Weis back for a 3rd year. In two years, you aren't looking for them to have turned the program around already but you are looking to see how disciplined the team is and how the coach's first year of recruits have panned out. It's been a mixed bag on the recruits but this team is terrible undisciplined and simply don't seem to understand the game of football. I almost puked when Cozart randomly ran out of bounds on 3rd down when he had an easy path past the sticks. Like I said, the kids simply don't play smart football.

Bringing Weis back would be a HUGE risk for Zenger. If this team wins 2 games next year with Weis leading, Zenger's job will immediately be in jeopardy.

Doug Cramer 8 years, 10 months ago

Agree Kellerman - Z is taking a huge risk if he brings W back. I for one will not be attending any games next year if Weis is back.

This is the most undisciplined football teams I've ever seen. Playing disciplined football comes directly from the coaching staff and their training strategies.

Not only did Cozart run out of bounds shy of the sticks...there was another play that he had a clear path to the inzone...but decided to run toward a hand full of defenders. Even the announcers pointed it out in a replay.

We don't don't play smart football...and we are undisciplined. This is a coaching issue.

Jim Jackson 8 years, 10 months ago

Subsequent to this season, Weis is owed 7.5 million over the next 3 years; he is not going anywhere. Furthermore, not to make excuses for this team because we looked like crap all around, but ISU did seem to have way better footing/ cleats than we did, the entire game.

Our guys were constantly slipping and the advantage of having Cozart as a duel threat was nullified as we he could not run the read-option or scramble. He had a couple of good runs but that was it.

I sincerely hope Charlie and Co. are hitting the JUCOs for immediate impact players as this team needs help & depth at almost every position. We need immediate impact 20-21 years who are physically mature enough to contribute on day 1.

Worked very well for Mangino & Snyder.

Doug Cramer 8 years, 10 months ago

First of all...the payout is no problem...and won't be a problem.

Secondly...going the JUCO route was a compete bust this year. Look at how many of our top 5 JUCO recruits even made it to the field this season.

Jim Jackson 8 years, 10 months ago

Really? Are you to raise the 7.5 to buy him out? Who is going to fit that bill, since, according to you, it is not a problem.

Second, a few may not have made it but those circumstances could be be extended to HS players as wel. I.E getting arrested; home sick issues.

What is your resolution? Recruiting 2 star athletes whose second best offer was from Tulsa?

Doug Cramer 8 years, 10 months ago

I'm proposing that we get a coach in here that's gonna recruit quality / talented players in the trenches. Something this program has lacked since the days of Mangino.

And yes...I said the payout will not be a problem. Mangino's wasn't a problem...Gill's wasn't a problem...and either will Weis's.

Joe Ross 8 years, 10 months ago

Weis will come back next year, to the dismay of anyone who wants him fired. I think he's earned a third year. If he improves 2 games a season, next year we will have 5 wins (doable with the schedule--but we're still washing lettuce). The year after that it's 7, which is graduating up to fries. A year after that? 9 wins. And THAT'S where the big bucks come rolling in.

Seriously. Weis is staying put. If I'm AD I set the mark at 5 games. Demanding four wins doesn't show a dedication to establishing a solid football program. It's gotta be five, and you gotta have 'em. All the talk of firing Weis is best postponed one year.

Craig Carr 8 years, 10 months ago

If he earned a 3rd year and you own a business can I work for you? He is an excuse making train wreck

Erich Hartmann 8 years, 10 months ago

The KU receivers need to apologize to Heaps (& Weis) for not catching balls that hit them in the hands (!!!) while IowaState WRs were catching in the same weather. And this crew (other than Mundine) cannot catch in good weather either. No Pierson, either, sadly. We better find our offense vs. KState, if that is possible.

John Fitzgerald 8 years, 10 months ago

I'm not going to say Weis needs to be fired after this game, I'm just going to say I'm deeply dissappointed. This game truely dictates how much work that is still needed for next year. We will need help at the offensive line, receiving core, and QB. Also, our offensive strategy is something that needs to be fixed because playing the 2nd worst team in the Big 12 (we're now the worst) and not scoring a single point is, to say the least, concerning. I get that the field was icey and it was cold outside, but our ground and pound game actually should have benefited. I think it was poor game planning and the players assuming since they beat WVU this was going to be a cake walk. That's a horrible attitude to have, and it reflects Weis's ability to prepare these guys. Like Joe Ross, I agree he will get a 3rd year and I'm sure we will slowly see some improvement, but needless to say Weis's work will surely be cut out for him this offseason. I like Weis and I truely respect him, which is why I really want him to succeed and turn our program around. I have faith in the big guy even if I'm thorougly dissappointed at the moment.

Stephen Young 8 years, 10 months ago

Charlie Weis WILL turn this program around. But doing things the right way takes time, and the "talent hole" he inherited--from Mangino, who left the cupboard bare, to say nothing of the Gill debacle--was far deeper than most KU fans seem to recognize. Patience is a virtue. We'll do better than three wins next year.

Bill Kackley 8 years, 10 months ago

You obviously are a Magino hater. He did not leave the cupboard bare.

John Waszak 8 years, 10 months ago

Thank you. Someone else who doesn't think that Mangino was god!

Craig Carr 8 years, 10 months ago

No chance, Weis is completely out of place in college. Out schemed every single game and his recruits are not Big 12 quality. Facts are that Mangino won enough to get to bowl games and actually won some of those. Wins are all that matter.

John Waszak 8 years, 10 months ago

I don't think Young is a hater. Just to many people with Rose color glasses on about Mangino.

This was my post a couple months back. Look at his tenure with us outside of the Orange Bowl season, as magical as it was.

After 40 years of watching KU football I'm amazed at the people that want the big guy back. This is why the Kansas program has never been consistently competitive. I liked watching the Fighting Manginos as much as everyone. They were aggressive, scrappy and just generally fun to attend and watch. But, let's be realistic. The Hawks under Mangino were 50-48 overall in 8 seasons. ONLY 3 winning seasons. (don't go crazy about 4 bowls - really? most 6-6 teams get a bowl) Worse, they were 23-41 in conference with ONLY 7 conference road wins (4 during the magical Orange Bowl season). There was ONLY 1 +.500 conference season (again O Bowl season). And finally, 4 conference seasons with 0 conference wins. Take away the Orange Bowl season and there would have been screams for his firing. Would KU nation allow the Basketball program get to the big dance only 50% of the time, never win our conference, etc, etc. So, why be complacent with wanting to bring back a coach that honestly coached KU to the bottom half of the conference Consistently and had one great year (and I think the Orange Bowl season was a perfect storm, with a great DC - Young and OC - Warinner). So, let's move on from the good, and for 1 season, great memories.

Bryan Mohr 8 years, 10 months ago

I consider it offensive to say that KU's Orange Bowl season was a "perfect storm". Mangino, his staff, and all the players worked incredibly hard to achieve success. It wasn't magic, it was hard work and good coaching. I also think it is important to look at more than just the W-L record because there is a difference between losing by 7 and losing by 34. Mangino did not create a dynasty, but he created a competitive program. It's not fair to compare KU basketball expectations with football. It takes more than a head coach to create a football dynasty. Nick Saban was 34-24-1 at Michigan State. Under your criteria of success (of meeting expectations of KU basketball), if you were the MSU A.D., you would have fired Nick Saban. I realize that the human nature is to be greedy, to want everything, to want KU football to finish in the top 10 every year. What KU fan doesn't want that? But there are 9 other teams in the Big-12 that want the same thing, and are just as willing to pay the millions to the head coach, and more willing to put into their facilities. Even if KU magically brought in a guy like Nick Saban, do you really think he would make KU a consistent top-10 team? Even if he did, he would leave KU to coach in a stadium that seats 100,000. I don't think the answer for KU is necessarily bringing back Mangino, but I'll take a 50-48 Mangino over a 39-46 Weis. Contrary to KU fans' hopes, Charlie Weis won't even be as successful as Mangino. But I'm sure all the Weis sympathizers will have a list of excuses when the expectations aren't met. Unlike KU, Notre Dame is a football dynasty, and they fired Weis. KU needs to get a clue, and Weis needs to go back to what he's good at - assistant coach in the pros.

Bryce Landon 8 years, 10 months ago

At this point I'd take Glen Mason back, gladly.

John Waszak 8 years, 10 months ago

Offensive? I think it was an absolutely positive perfect storm. It was great. Yes, the coaches, players, and, fans worked their butts off and the result was a GREAT season. One for the ages. Yes, yes, and yes. However, take away one season, and he, Mangino was 37 and 47 in 7 seasons and the team, many from that same Orange Bowl team, was falling apart at the seams. Other than the Orange Bowl season, and I in no way am dismissing the accomplishments of that season, however, I am looking at the body of work, other than that season Coach Mangino was an ok coach who still coached us to the bottom half of the conference most seasons. OK, be happy with mediocrity, playing close and not winning. I hope for more with our program and year after year continue to support the coaches, whoever they may be (for better or worse) and most importantly the athletes that commit to The University of Kansas.

John Waszak 8 years, 10 months ago

And, don't get me wrong, I'm not throwing all my chips in with Weis. Never have. I just think people should be more realistic about the past success or lack of. To think or not set the bar for Kansas football as high as National contender is the real travesty that I hear on these posts. K-State was the doormat of the Big 8 until Snyder. Kansas owned the cats forever. Mizzou was never a powerhouse. Baylor? really? And, you think we have problems recruiting? Baylor was the State doormat in Texas and competes with UT, TT, Ta&m, TCU... not to mention OU and OSU, who am I missing? There are always reasons why we can or cannot compete. Oh, by the way, losing by 30 and going 2-10 is just as bad as losing by 7 and going 2-10. At the end of the day its a losing program. No kid is going "Ohhhh Man, I want to go to Kansas, cause they only lost those 10 games this year by 7 each.

Len Shaffer 8 years, 10 months ago

You said it, John. And don't forget that a HUGE part of the reason for the "perfect storm" season was not having to play Oklahoma or Texas, and in fact having ONE game against a team that ended up ranked (two if you count the bowl game).

Craig Carr 8 years, 10 months ago

OK is 5 steps above the last 4 years! We wouldn't be a top 20 FCS program

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