Despite disqualification, Jamari Traylor shines vs. Bears


Kansas forward Jamari Traylor (31) puts up a floater amidst the Baylor defense during the second half on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2014 at Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas.

Kansas forward Jamari Traylor (31) puts up a floater amidst the Baylor defense during the second half on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2014 at Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas. by Nick Krug

1. Jamari Traylor – Fouled out and picked up a couple of bonehead fouls while doing it, but played his best offensive game of the season and, more important than that, was under control, played with purpose and produced when the Jayhawks needed him most. As Wayne Selden Jr. said after the victory, “He got us this win.” Traylor made 6 of 7 shots and hit his only free-throw attempt for 13 points and added five rebounds, two assists, two blocks and a steal.

2. Brannen Greene – Wednesday must have been one of those nights where his injured neck wasn't bothering Greene. Gun-slinger hit 4 of 5 shots, two enormous free throws, scored 12 points and played with enough passion and intensity on defense to log 29 minutes.

3. Wayne Selden Jr. – Outside of dishing four assists in a game where points where tough to come by, Selden did not do much for most of the game. But the sophomore guard's three consecutive buckets down the stretch allowed Kansas to maintain control in the final minutes.

4. Frank Mason III – Quiet in the first half, Mason finished with 11 points and 5 assists, modest numbers by his recent standards but still more than enough to play a huge role in the victory.

5. Kelly Oubre Jr. – Made just 1 of 7 shots — including 1 of 5 from three-point range — but grabbed five boards, dished two assists and came up with the defensive play of the game, a deflection on a Baylor inbounds pass with 8.5 seconds to play and KU leading by one.

6. Cliff Alexander – His first taste of Big 12 basketball was not kind. Alexander played just 20 minutes and scored four points and grabbed one rebound. Looked to be a step slow and thinking too much for much of the night. Did manage to dish four assists and block two shots during the stretches when he looked most comfortable.

7. Perry Ellis – KU coach Bill Self said it best after the victory when he said Ellis “was out of it tonight.” The junior tallied just four points and three rebounds in 31 minutes and missed six of the eight shots he attempted. A lot of the offense against Baylor's zone ran through Ellis at the high post, but the forward often looked tentative when he touched it and finished with just one assist.

8. Landen Lucas – Only memorable contribution in his four minutes came on a hustle play in which he took out an elderly couple in the first row while hustling after a loose ball.

9. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk – Played three minutes, air-balled the only shot he took and did not record another statistic. Even during warm-ups, when his shots weren't falling then either, the Ukrainian looked to be in his head and frustrated. 


Frank Mason III - 109

Cliff Alexander - 98

Perry Ellis - 97

Wayne Selden Jr. - 97

Kelly Oubre Jr. - 70

Jamari Traylor - 69

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk - 68

Brannen Greene - 59

Landen Lucas - 44

Devonté Graham - 39

Hunter Mickelson - 16


Rodney Crain 7 years ago

100% agree Tom on every player rank for this game. Traylor was excellent tonight, would like for him stay in the game and finish, but great effort tonight.

Our bench must be very weak for Self to leave Ellis in there for 31 minutes after it was evident early he was not into the game. We have played 14 games so far, how many times is that now for Perry, where he just does not show up? 6 or 7 by my guess.

What is even more puzzling is why we keep going through him when he gets his pocket picked, is tentative, does not block out, basically does so many things so poorly some games.

Steve Zimmerman 7 years ago

Ellis did pick up a couple of blocks and helped tightening our D. But he just looked clueless when it comes to attacking the basket - especially vs zone. Perhaps, he has reached his ceilings. He doesn't show any progress from last year. In fact, his FG% is down. Perhaps, our coaching staff needs to train his legs, train more post moves: power dribble, up & under; fake, react fast and how to DUNK with authority. It's so frustrated watching his softness. Where's Hudy? What's she doing? I don't see Ellis growing muscle/strength at all. It's been 3 years...

Joe Joseph 7 years ago

You're right about the bench being pretty thin down low.

I'm a Perry supporter, but I'll also eat some crow and admit that he has been pretty disappointing the past couple of weeks especially. He's always been soft around the rim and will probably always be soft. However, I think his recent struggles have been much more mental than anything else. The guy can play, but he's been bad a number of times lately.

John Randall 7 years ago

Perry does not play well against length with agility, primarily because he has little of either. His smooth offensive moves and position-only defense and rebounding just disappear. His only value in these games is in occupying the opponent's best big. Tonight, that was enough to allow Jamari to assert what inside pressure we managed – on both ends. While admiring Perry greatly for what he can and does bring, we need to be realistic about him carrying the team against longer, more athletic opponents.

Eliott Reeder 7 years ago

Jamari was at his best when he REPLACED Perry Ellis and played with Cliff. I don't know what is wrong with Perry, but I agree with Rodney, it seems like Self has made the "he just wasn't on tonight" post-game comments over and over about Ellis...

Dirk Medema 7 years ago

Mari was dominant on offense because he took control of the middle of the zone and shot over the 6' guard that defended that position many times. Perry on the other hand got his pocket picked by the same player in the same position when the ball went into him. Just weak.

I'd also add that Frank is under valued in this list. Wayne had a couple good minutes, but was far to nonexistent for much of the night when Frank was controlling the team. I'd also put Kelly above Wayne. While he didn't hit the baskets that Wayne hit at the end, he seemed to be so much more integrated in the game. Rebounding. Defending. All the little things. Wayne just seemed to be drifting too many times.

Erich Hartmann 7 years ago

It must be mentioned that Selden is usually a very consistent defender, and may also be playing more of a 'glue' role than we all would prefer. Perhaps the gameplan of feeding Perry first (or the bigs in general) has made him put his own offense 2nd, or at least pick-his-moments. Selden has shown enough flashes, that I feel he is a LEGIT player. Look at the zany amount of assists he has had over the course of the season. You could admirably say that this MickeyD isnt trying to hog the ball, actually trying to bring the whole newby team along and make everyone better? Ask Billy Donovan of FL what he thinks of Selden's offensive ability. It's there, maybe in a soph.slump, or maybe just picking moments. Either way, Im not worried about Wayne Selden.

Suzi Marshall 7 years ago

After Traylor, it's really hard to rank performance in this game. Selden did have those big 7 points late but the rest of the game he was horrible on offense and defense.

I though Mykailiuk played pretty well in his 3 minutes, sans the airball. His D was solid and he moved the ball.

NOBODY made ANYTHING in warmups!!!!

Rodney Crain 7 years ago

Agree on Traylor..., Selden almost missed the entire game. Mason was steady which has been nice to have and is so different than the Taylor, EJ, Tharpe roller coaster we have been on. I saw him three times slow down reset and then move forward with the play. There was a ball going out and he calmly stepped right to the sideline retrieved it and reset. I will take that every game.

Nothing in warmups, really? Wow that is a reassuring.

Mercy sakes this is going to be a wild ride this season.

Robert Brock 7 years ago

I think our players hated having to play in Waco. Understandable...

Rich Hetherington 7 years ago

I really enjoyed the combo of Traylor and Alexander. Traylor was showing enough offensively to pull defenders, and then was able to get a couple of quick passes to Cliff, leading to easy deuces. It was great to see, and something I hope we'll see more of, not just from 'Mari, but from others going into the paint as well.

I've been hard on Mason for most of his tenure, but he's grown steadily on me this year, and I'm not sure he shouldn't have been #2, behind Traylor, for yesterday. He's gotten a lot better at finishing his shots in the paint this year. Last year he drove in with reckless abandon, finishing sometimes, but causing turn-overs or empty possessions more often. He's really stepped up his ability to finish, and it has shown in the box scores!

Nice to see Green have a good game. Any time he can come in and hit a few shots, it's a big boost for us. He should always be in when the other team is looking to foul, as he's still perfect on the season. I'm not sure his defense was great as I saw him get blown by a few times and miss an assignment on another, but we just need his +/- to be in the + and I can live with that other stuff. Great game Jayhawk nation and the streak of conference openers remains in tact!!!

Dale Rogers 7 years ago

Traylor's fifth foul was definitely a foul but I thought it one that had not been called, many times, prior to that, in this game. Suddenly they decide to call it. It has to be exasperating for players, and coaches, when officials change the way they make calls. Usually they change at the half and it happens often. I wish when they decide to start enforcing tighter they'd clue the coaches so the kids don't have to figure it out after several foul calls are accumulated.

Mick Allen 7 years ago

I would have have dropped Selden behind Mason as far as value in our win. Granted his late 7 points were crucial in the win, however his defense, especially when on Chery was lethargic in going under screens when we didn't switch the ball screen. Commentator Welsh pointed this out a couple of times.He continued to do this even after Chery had hit a couple of threes. Except for the missed one and one with 8 seconds to go, Mason played a very controlled, steady game who hit a big 3 and made a couple of tough, tough drives to keep us in the game in the second half. Five assists in this limited possession game was impressive along with only one turnover,which was given to him when Perry lost a pass that hit him in the hand.Frank will be the happiest man on the team if and when Graham comes back. Frank hit the floor on 6 different occasions, which always makes me hold my breath.

Erich Hartmann 7 years ago

Great points, Mick. I am thrilled that its looking like Graham will be back soon. We absolutely need him for the BigXII and postseason. He really is capable in all phases of the game. Hard to imagine we are saying this about a frosh guard in Bill Self's system, but Graham has proved to be a quick study. Mason is awesome, and is setting a great example for Graham. What a backcourt to have.

With all due respect to all poster's opinions, but I personally absolutely loved Tyshawn's sr. season and his never-say-die attitude. And he made EJ better by keeping the spotlight off EJ, who wasnt a limelight seeker. People forget how good those 2 together were during the '12RunnerUp run. EJ surely missed Tyshawn and Thomas Robinson after they left.

Jonathan Allison 7 years ago

I thought Tyshawn was great for us even in his Jr season, there was simply no guard in the conference who could keep Ty from getting straight to the basket. However his Sr year was truly special.

Erich Hartmann 7 years ago

I thought Selden was aggressive to the rim, but just missed the layups. Of course thats driving everybody crazy. But then he hit those 7pts late, bang, bang, bang. So all Im saying is I just wouldnt count out Selden. Oubre didnt have a good shooting night, but kept hustling, and got boards. When I see Self grumbling about Selden, and putting someone else in the lineup in place of him, then I will start worrying about bigWayne. He is a better defender than Greene, period. Now Selden gets some more rest also when Graham comes back, as Graham can run PG or SG, as can Mason.

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