Kansas defeats Oklahoma, 90-83

  • 6 p.m., Jan. 8, 2014
  • Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, OK

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Good talk: Selden responds to Self’s challenge in win at Oklahoma

Kansas guard Wayne Selden lets out a roar after a three-pointer against Oklahoma during the second half on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2013 at Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

Kansas guard Wayne Selden lets out a roar after a three-pointer against Oklahoma during the second half on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2013 at Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Oklahoma.


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Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Bill Self talks Wayne Selden and his technical foul after 90-83 win over Oklahoma

Bill Self talks Wayne Selden and his technical foul after 90-83 win over Oklahoma.

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Podcast episode

Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Perry Ellis, Wayne Selden, Naadir Tharpe talk after 90-83 victory at Oklahoma.

Perry Ellis, Wayne Selden, Naadir Tharpe talk after 90-83 victory at Oklahoma.

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Box score

— Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self chose Wednesday’s day-of-the-Oklahoma game shoot-around to tell one of his prize freshmen to look for his shot more in games.

“He’s really been encouraging me. He actually said it today, too,” Wayne Selden said after exploding for a career-high 24 points off 9-of-17 shooting — five of 10 from three — in the Jayhawks’ 90-83 Big 12-opening victory over the Sooners in sold-out Noble Center.

“The confidence my teammates and coaches have in me ... that’s the main thing and being out there just playing, not thinking,” Selden added, when asked about the key to surpassing his previous high of 15 points, set against Duke in November.

Selden’s previous high in shot attempts was 10, also versus Duke. The most threes he’d hit in any game was two against both UTEP and Georgetown. The most he’d attempted in a game was four, three different times.

“I don’t know if he needed it, but we needed it,” Self said of Selden being given an order to shoot. “We need him to be more aggressive looking to score, to be a threat. He’s a starting two guard in our league that has played a lot of minutes in a lot of big games. He’s made 12 threes for the year (coming in). That’s not enough.

“I told all our guys: ‘New stats, new season. We won’t even talk about stats from the first season. Everything is fresh and new from this part forward.’ I think it gave them a bit of a new life so to speak.”

Selden, who hit six of his first eight shots, had 15 of KU’s first 24 points as the Jayhawks led, 24-17, just 8:09 into the game.

“Wayne got us off to a good start,” Self said of the 6-5 native of Roxbury, Mass. “We were a team that that lacked confidence a little bit coming in. It was nice to see a freshman step up and basically give us confidence early on. That was about as well as we executed half-court offense all year in the first half.”

Selden was mighty motivated after failing to score in double figures since hitting for 10 points against New Mexico four games ago.

“I feel I wasn’t playing the best I could play, personally. I feel my teammates and coaches kept encouraging me. I wanted to start off the Big 12 season playing a little bit better,” Selden said.

Selden scored eight points and Perry Ellis (22 points, 11 rebounds) two in a 10-5 run to open the final half and give KU a 60-49 lead. Selden also had perhaps the inspirational play of the night when he dove for a loose ball, controlled it and called a time out with 6:04 left, KU up, 78-74.

“That’s just Kansas Basketball, that’s what I think,” Selden said. “We’re trying to start out Big 12 play on the right foot. We said, ‘We’ve got to go after all loose balls and pick up our defensive intensity.’’’

Self, who had been seeking plays like that during a stretch in which the (10-4, 1-0) Jayhawks had won four of eight games, applauded the effort on the play.

“We attempted to take several charges tonight. We got on the floor a lot,” Self said. “The play where Wayne dove, Perry dove first and Wayne followed it up.

“We showed Aaron Craft’s play to our team 30 times last night.”

Ohio State point guard Craft had a similar play in which he dove for a loose ball Tuesday and tied it up versus Michigan State.

“We haven’t been getting that type of energy and effort, not because they are not trying,” Self said. “For whatever reason we’ve been playing handcuffed and have not been able to let it go. That was some guys letting it go tonight. I was really happy with that.”

Naadir Tharpe, who had three fouls the first half, scored six points and Selden one as KU led, 85-79, at 2:41. Next, Tharpe (17 points, three assists) hit two free throws at 1:06, giving KU an 87-81 advantage. And he hit two more charities at :39.9 as KU led, 89-83, holding off the (12-3, 1-1) Sooners. Cameron Clark led OU with 32 points off 10-of-18 shooting.

Also for KU, Andrew Wiggins had nine points off 2-of-9 shooting, while freshman Conner Frankamp scored five points off 2-of-3 shooting in 13 minutes, sparking KU the first half.

“Coach said before the game he knew everybody was going to play a big role in this game,” Selden said. “He said people were going to step up off the bench. That’s what happened. Everybody stepped up and made shots (29 of 53 for 54.7 percent).

KU will next meet Kansas State at 1 p.m., Saturday, in Allen Fieldhouse.


Rob Byrd 3 months, 1 week ago

Benz, your math is off a little. While it might be true that we are "old", and Wayne is young, he's not THAT young! :-)


Ben Schwartz 3 months, 1 week ago

On Selden Jr.'s loose ball play -

The attached picture captured immediately after Selden gets up from the floor speaks volumes.

I love Mason, but I'm not sure if he even smiles on his birthday.

I loved Selden roaring after hitting shots. The key thing here is kind of a sentiment I have gotten over several games from both the team's play and Self's comments: The guys aren't all committed 110% to the team. It was only yesterday when T-Rel was slapping the floor with his towel while Rio Adams was chowing on soup. I hate that there is no passion. Self's comments before big games always talk about having fun and playing to enjoy it. You come to Kansas to be part of a program.. so be part of the program.
Be a Releford. Be a Russ Rob. Be a T Rob. Be a D Block. Be a Ty Reed. Be a Sherron Collins. Be one of the Morrii. Traylor wants it. Black wants it. Embiid wants it (scary). Selden has shown flashes of wanting it.
I am a quiet guy so I get it, but pay attention to the game and support your teammates. This is your passion and you are in the most passionate environment for it. Guys who get that make plays. Plays motivate the rest of the team, the coaches, and the crowd. The team, the coaches, and the crowd then motivate guys who make plays. If these guys get on board, we will torch the conference and the post-season.


PS - Cliff Alexander wants it and he isn't even in Lawrence yet. I will gladly help pay for a new backboard if/when he shatters one in AFH next year.


Nick Rushton 3 months, 1 week ago

Where are all the posters that said over and over that Selden can't shoot and has a bad shooting stroke?


Tommy Kueser 3 months, 1 week ago

Great Road win, they desperately needed the confidence boost. These kids need to see that Coach Self is leading them down the right path. Momentum will start to build. I trust in the system. We as fans live and die with every play of the game, but the larger picture is starting to slowly come back into focus. We are a talented group that is beginning to play together as a team and trust in the system. And there will be stumbles along the way, and this site will be full of fans jumping off of building again, but trust in the system. We have the best in college basketball. Future is bright.


Tony Bandle 3 months, 1 week ago


1] Caught in a traffic jam due to snow in St.Louis combined with the worst bad weather drivers on the planet [a claim to fame right up there with Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, toasted ravioli and the Cards] so all I can do is agree with most of what's been posted.

2] Did anyone notice that Naadir had a hell of a game?

3] Run and gun style opponents play right into our strong points...the plodders and grinders are what get us.

4] Nice to see Conner, Jamari, Brannen and Tarik get court time.....maybe that 9 player rotation isn't such a bad idea, HCBS?

5] The Wiggins you see now will not be the Wiggins you see in March....that will be "show time" and I think he will explode!!

6] Jo Jo looked positively "Kareem-like" with the goggled look.

7] New board game in Lawrence, KS........."Where In The World Is Andrew White?"

8] HEY ALL...would really love your opinions. When the team hudddles up, Jo Jo towers over 6'-8' and 6'-9' guys. I think he is much taller than 7'-0" but they keep that height just to keep expectations from going wild. Just sayin'.


Gerry Butler 3 months, 1 week ago

Hey sorry guys for posting here back to back but getting old and senile but anyways on wiggins, got mixed feelings ya know. not trying to be a sand bagger here for the kid or anything like that but there ARE some things that we need to try and keep in mind, and that is this kid is under so much pressure, he has been hyped up sooooooo much by national, local media, scouts, other players, fans that this kid is in a no win situation. NO WAY would I want that, there is no way he can just go out and be able to enjoy and have fun with the game that he loves. now, is it our fault about the hype he has gotten? not entirely a lot of us are just goin off what we have heard I mean after you hear all the things over, and over, and over then a lot and I mean ALOT of people think this kid that its just not possible for him to make any mistakes. but we have to remember the kid is STILL just an 18 yr old kid, and ya he is goin to be getting a lot of extra attention from other teams, but again he is in a no win situation, if he travels, throws the ball away, doesn't score 20 plus every time out then he is a bust right? over-hyped right? no good right? I mean seriously everytime ku plays all we hear about or espn or whoever leads off with or about is what? WIGGINS, WIGGINS, WIGGINS, here is a news flash ku is more then wiggins national media people. I just feel that the expectations for the kid is just way way ridicilious like they said comparing him to LeBron is just totally unfair, there is only 1 of him, again before you bust my chops again not tryin to be the big homer for him but just things we need to try to remember, I know its easy to crititize I do so myself but lets try myself included just try and be patient. I will say the thing I notice probably alt with him is though just seems pretty emotionless where is the enthusiasm? but see now there I go again its easy to sit back and be criticial but he is a good kid but like announcers were talking on duke how jabari may have hit the freshman wall, I dunno I'm just babbling now so time to cut it off, just hang in there and continue to support him guys he after all he is part of our BELOVED HAWK NATION. GO HAWKS


Gerry Butler 3 months, 1 week ago

nice way to start the big 12 season, have to say was nice to see wayne come out and have the type of game he had, we can sure use that. could tell jo jo's eye was bothering him a bit, looked a little swollen, its good to gt the win, if you can still a road win its big especially when it looks like the conference race is gonna be really tough this year. got to saythe guys shot the ball a lot better, BUT and I know this is kinda on the down side, BUT also on the realistic side and that is yes we did definitely shoot the ball better, offense looked better now this is where the but comes into play and that is Oklahoma didn't actually play stifling tight defense if you watched and or noticed more like kinda matadore defense like they where more interested in scoring theirself then coming down to play defense, so we kinda have to keep our shooting performance in perspective, like jay bilas said last night on connor's 3pt shot he said connor wasn't that wide open in pre game warm ups. but that's ok still feel better over all, not sure how many turnovers we had does anyone know? I know we had enough unforced turnovers though we have GOT to stop that. but on to the next one we got the win looked better rebounded better so good work lets get the next one. GO HAWKS


Mike Riches 3 months, 1 week ago

Wow, what a game! We were there, screaming as loud as possible (my apologies to the old lady two rows ahead, who kept turning around to give me dirty looks...) One thing is for sure, the Lloyd Noble Center may have been sold out, but just before tip-off, the place was maybe 25% full and mostly KU fans. It really makes me appreciate how amazing our fanbase is! No wonder AFH is the most intimidating place to play in college basketball!

I know it's easy to criticize Wiggins, and he appears to have gone ice cold on offense and really cooled down on defense, but I don't think it's a lack of motivation. I wonder if what looks like Wiggins being lazy, is really Wiggins trying to be sneaky. In high school, with his length and athleticism, it probably paid dividends to be sneaky, to ease down the court on D, with his arms down. It baited the other team to pass the ball lazily over him where he could steal it, or his man into putting up a shot, and then boom, out of nowhere, Wiggins is there to swat it out of the gym. He averaged 2.5 blocks per game his senior year and almost as many steals. At the college level, however, guys are so much faster, shots are much quicker, and passes are so much sharper. He's still getting a block or a steal here and there, but for the most part, they're shooting (and passing) right over him. It seems to me (as a simple observer, admittedly) that if he would get his hands up, and play tighter D the entire possession, he has the ability to really disrupt the flow of the opposing offense, and he may end up with more blocks and steals. Just a thought...


Jim Stauffer 3 months, 1 week ago

Wiggins' problem is he is not hitting the three. When he hits it the driving lanes will become more readily available.

In the meantime, he saw tonight how he can affect a game by driving anyway toward any crease in the defense. When he goes hard he can get the first step on anyone. He needs to keep this up, work on his outside shot and things will begin to happen for him.


Chris Shaw 3 months, 1 week ago

4) It was really good to see Self attempt to get Frankamp and Greene some more minutes. Frankamp on the floor directly forces his man from helping or "Sagging". I liked what Frankamp was doing out there. Granted, it's a slower pace and it takes a little longer for him to get the squad into the offense, but it may be a nice change of pace from Tharpe and Mason. Talk about 3 different gears with Mason, Tharpe, and Frankamp. Frankamp is definitely a threat out there from the arc.

5) Wiggins didn't play well offensively, but he made an impact defensively. I thought he had a couple of bogus fouls, but it gave a couple of other guys opportunities that may benefit Kansas down the road. We know what Wiggins is and he'll bounce back next game.

6) Embiid didn't have a great game stat wise, but man he makes an impact just being out there. Considering the double teams he was getting I thought Embiid did pretty darn well. You could tell his eye was bothering him a little. I really don't worry too much when he is on the floor.

7) I thought Tharpe blended pretty well last night. I didn't like that fall away jumper that swished the bottom of the net, but for the most part I thought Tharpe shot within the confines of the offense, took what the defense gave him, and was a secondary option to the others on the floor. I thought he had a pretty good game. I think Wayne doing what he did and Wiggins just doing his thing took the pressure off of Tharpe, which is a very good thing and a must for this team.

8) This Self team isn't very good defensively. Hopefully it gets better, but the slow it down, grind it out games still scare me going forward this squad. In an up and down game...I think 95 percent of the time it's gonna favor the it did last night.

9) Great consistent game from Perry Ellis. I think Tharpe and Ellis are in the same book that if Embiid, Wiggins, and Selden play really well...their games are going to elevate. If Ellis and Tharpe have to start taking over...I don't know if that's a good thing for the Jayhawks. Great double double by Ellis.

10) 17 more to go for 10 straight!


Chris Shaw 3 months, 1 week ago

BigManU Observation and Notes:

That was a much needed road win for the Jayhawks and may be the game that turns the corner for this Jayhawk team. Still a difficult schedule to start the conference slate with OSU, Baylor, K-State, and at Iowa State coming up, but the OU win coupled with the tough non conference slate may have this team prepared. We'll see.

I thought the Jayhawks played with passion and showed an energy that they really haven't showed since the Duke game (Second game of the season). With all that said, I'm staying level headed because OU is a poor man's UNC Roy Williams's squad that doesn't play much defense. Still a great road win for these young Jayhawks.

1) Standing ovation Wayne Selden! Man, where have you been? Welcome to the 2014 Kansas Jayhawks. Amazing what hitting a couple outside jumpers and becoming a threat on offense will do not only for his game individually, but for the entire team. My two favorite plays from Wayne Selden came at the end of the half when Connor nailed that jumper to end the half and Selden was pumped with everybody running off the floor and then when he came clear across the floor and dove for the ball only to get the timeout.

If Selden shows that type of effort and passion every game...I clearly won't be on his case anymore. Hitting those early jumpers opened up everything for him. He was able to drive and create and just looked like the player we all expected. This was your coming out party Wayne Selden. Well done!

I liked when Jay Bilas was talking about Bill Self getting all over Wayne Selden for passing on a shot during a shoot around and telling him that he hurts the team when he doesn't shoot. I hope Self does that at every shoot around.

2) Speaking of Jay Bilas...I think he's the best announcer out there. I always enjoy it when he's calling a game.

3) Amazing what knocking down a couple of shots will do to the ole confidence and spacing on the floor from an offensive standpoint.



Jonathan Allison 3 months, 1 week ago

I apologize if someone's posted this already, but I didn't read the comments yet..

18-0 HERE WE COME!!!


Brett McCabe 3 months, 1 week ago

I can't imagine the pressure that Wiggins is feeling right now as teenager. The SI cover, the hype, etc. and now dealing with a bit of a slump and the reverse-hype. The kid is probably overwhelmed and he is, after all, just a human.

He has shown plenty to me on the court and I think that he'll break-out this month. I'd like to see him focus on one thing: become the team's lock-down defender. It gives him something to hang his hat on and something to build from, plus he has shown the competitiveness in the past to fill this role. It could help him tremendously in the confidence department, and then things will flow from there.

Think of Relly from last season. Andrew is a better athlete with more hops, so he can definitely take on this role for the team and then do more with it than even Releford could.


Bryce Landon 3 months, 1 week ago

A sold-out Noble Center? Judging by the photos and what Matt Tait told me during live chat, that arena didn't look sold out. (I listened on the radio, so I can't say what it was really like.)


Craig Carr 3 months, 1 week ago

Wiggins is a freshman and above average for that. He will turn pro and be lucky if he is ever anything more than a role player off the bench, his skill set and build is not suitable for the NBA. Unfortunate as KU needs a difference maker in the NBA as Pierce is nearing the end of his career. Going to be interesting to see if Coach Self reevaluates the kids he concentrates on.


Rodney Crain 3 months, 1 week ago

Its a road win, and it was nice to see improved offense with perimeter shooting, strong drives to the hole, and better post play. Great day for Wayne, and good to see for Conner. Our defense is a mess, still are not blocking out well enough, not guarding shooters, and using fouling the guy to stop penetration. Even though we out rebounded them, it never felt like we were controlling the boards.

By defending the way we are, we are going to allow an opponent to be in the game till the end, and require us to close it out to win it. Our team is shaky doing that still so we are going to have to excel on offense to overcome that. A very hard hand to keep playing as the competition in conference rises.

Wiggins, its like watching a Ferrari 458 Italia being driven by a 5 year old right now. Every once in a while he hits the accelerator and its beautiful, even breathtaking.
But there are too many times where it just sits there with the engine revving like he is playing with the seat adjustment. Stops and starts to much, all over the place, on and on. Boy would it be fun to see that car driven like it was built to for a full game.


Steve Zimmerman 3 months, 1 week ago

“That’s just Kansas Basketball, that’s what I think” - yeah, I'd like to see more of this kind of offense & effort. We looked fluid, moving the ball, driving, shooting with confidence, rebounding, good D. That's what I've been expecting.

Selden starts to figure things out. Embiid is keeping up with his progress. Frankie needs more minutes & shooting with confidence. Greene is learning the system.

Wiggins? He just needs to hear "overrated" chant from the crowd - that'll get him pumped up.


John Randall 3 months, 1 week ago

What great strategy by HCBS – keeping Wayne under wraps until the conference season opens!


Alex Berger 3 months, 1 week ago

What a great rebound for our team. We really needed this win tonight going into such a tough stretch of games. I don't think we'll be a national title contender this year but I'm thoroughly enjoying watching future KU stars get their feet under them. This team reminds me of when Collison, Hinrich, Goodson or Chalmers, Wright, Rush were freshmen. We might not hit our ceiling this year but there is something special about this class. We just have to put up with some games where inexperience has to be worked out.

Even tonight it seemed like we played pretty good defense but OU made some great mid range shots. Especially Clark. If they play like that against the other Big XII teams they will be a tough team to beat every game. Maybe Ole' Lon is an underrated coach.


Benz Junque 3 months, 1 week ago

Glad the folks on these boards aren't coaching the team or Selden would have never even been in the game...


3 months, 1 week ago

Looks like a focus on offense seems to work better for this team than a focus on defense. Probably more fun for them.


Suzi Marshall 3 months, 1 week ago

Super happy to see Selden and Frankamp's performance tonight. Big time response by Ellis after the SDSU flop. Self showed again tonight he is one of the best out there with the way he handled Wayne and tinkered with the line up combinations. The guy is a master motivator how he told Selden to step it up. It we can get a steady performace from the 2 that will be an enormous help. I was amazed to see CF get quality minutes at the point but not surpised to see him in at the 2.

Wiggins seems to be in a deep slump. Not only did he not shoot the ball well, with seems to be his MO, but he got caught napping on the D several time and didn't block out, most notably allowing Spangler to get an OReb and put back late. When Self put him back in at with 3:19 in the game...he looked and played like he didn't care...3 turnovers, no points, no rebounds, no assists, nothing....but did have a nice block with about 23 seconds. Normally Wiggins is solid with the D, for the most part, tonight was a different story. He's got to knock off this weak dipsy doodle nonsense when taking the ball to the hole. He's got to learn to be strong which will also alow him to pick up more fouls. I don't know how Self is going to motivate Wiggins.

Loved the funky googles on Embiid.


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