Originally published April 16, 2012 at 02:54p.m., updated April 17, 2012 at 12:02a.m.

KU guard Merv Lindsay to transfer

Kansas forward Merv Lindsay puts a shot over Howard forward Theodore Boyomo during the second half on Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Merv Lindsay puts a shot over Howard forward Theodore Boyomo during the second half on Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Merv Lindsay said he’ll forever have fond memories of his one year at Kansas University.

“I’ll never forget going to the Final Four and winning the conference championship,” Lindsay said Monday in announcing his plans to transfer to a yet-to-be-determined school at semester’s end.

“I was fortunate to learn under a great coach in coach (Bill) Self and his staff,” the 6-foot-7, 195-pounder from Moreno Valley, Calif., added in a phone conversation with the Journal-World. “Being a part of the great tradition here and seeing what Kansas basketball is all about is something I will always be thankful for. I love my coaches. I love all the Kansas fans.

“I don’t want anybody to forget about the team or me this year. It isn’t about me. It’s about Kansas. That’s what I’m all about.”

Lindsay met with Self on Thursday to discuss his future. During that 20-minute session, Lindsay requested his release to transfer to a school where he’d be able to play more. He averaged just 2.2 minutes a game in 12 games this past season, scoring 11 points.

“That was my goal when I first came here, and it’s my goal now, to be an impact player,” said Lindsay, who said he had not yet come up with a list of possible schools. “I’ll see if I can accomplish that goal.”

He said he had not spoken with Danny Manning or Barry Hinson — former KU staff members now head coaches at Tulsa and Southern Illinois respectively.

Of Lindsay, KU coach Self said: “Merv and I met last week about his situation and the opportunities he has here. He has decided it is in his best interest to look elsewhere to have an opportunity for more playing time.

“Merv is not a good young man, he is a terrific young man,” Self added. “He has done well in school and he has impacted our program on the practice court and in the locker room in a very positive way. We’re going to do everything we can to support and assist him. He’s leaving here with a great taste in his mouth as we are with him. At this time he is at square one (in considering destinations) and we’re just looking into it, but he has been granted his release.”

Lindsay said he leaves with the idea of returning some day.

“I hope I can come back and enjoy a game and go out to eat in Lawrence, something like that,” he said.


Keith Kienzle 1 year, 12 months ago

I don't see why people think it was a bad situation for Merv or anyone in Merv's shoes who transfers after a year of practicing with a veteran team that went to the NC? If we know anything about Self's squads it is that guys who play small roles in games one year can come in and dominate in games the next year. If Merv took advantage of the opportunities he had to train with our team this year I can only imagine he will be much better for it at his next stop. At the very least, he'll have gained some valuable perspective when practicing with his new team by having seen how another (Blue blood D-I) team runs an offense and practices/trains.


Terry N Tom Denner 1 year, 12 months ago

That is the problem now days with some kids. They think they should just go straight to the top and be a full time starter and when they don't then they want to transfer to another school with the attitude they will be a starter there. Maybe if it were a Juco College or say maybe some NAIA College like Emporia State. But regardless where he ends up at, good luck too him.


Joe Baker 1 year, 12 months ago

I think it's safe to scratch OSU from Parker's list. ESPN just announced that Amir Williams will step into Sullinger's position. The butteye fans are still bitching and moaning about the stupid FF game.

One idiot poster said that Wiiliams should've matched up against WIthey and Sullinger against TRob. He said Sullinger would've dominated that match-up. Those OSU butteye fans are really funny posters. Sullinger dominate TRob? LOL LOL LOL LOL...LOL LOL LOL - Did I laugh? Oh wait there's more...LOL LOL LOL They are too stupid to realize that Matta purposefully kept Sullinger out of the first game so TRob didn't emasculate the poor guy and then purposefully kept him from TRob in the second game.

BTW- OSU is in the NC game next year too. I bet you didn't know that either. Wow this season is barely over and they are already deceiving themselves. Also the Hoosiers are wanting all B10 NC. LOL


Jack Wilson 1 year, 12 months ago

I've read the comments above .. I guess I have no problem with the Merv Lindsay transfer regardless of how it went down.

Did Coach Self deceive the kid? Meaning, did he feed him some fluff to get him to commit, solely to ensure that we had adequate depth for 2012? Knowing that Merv was not a long term solution to anything. Thinking about that .. what would have happened if Releford was hurt? Merv would have likely been a necessary bench player.

This is the scenario that some may not like. Some may dispute.

This is a scenario that may not actually be the truth. We don't know.

But I think it is the most likely scenario. And to be quite honest, as KU fans, it is the scenario that we should expect of our coach. Ugly, yes. But necessary. We would be quite upset if we didn't have adequate support off the bench .. we heard that all offseason when our 2011 recruiting efforts were a bit off.

I saw Jaybate's comments on using walk-ons. Merv is better than a walk-on. I do understand the ethics of JB's comments. But perhaps not practical when trying to win the Big 12, make the tourney and advance.

Personally .. I thought the Merv Lindsay signing was a joke at the time, and that it was unfair to the kid. It was just numbers. Guys like Merv need to go to .. Texas Tech, or Tulsa. He was never going to play here barring a catastrophe. Here's what I mentioned the day he committed:

"The thought progression this spring: Anderson, who? Ugh. Traylor, why? Young, ok .. I think I see. Merv, now it's clear. It is as simple as this: Take as many as you can, throw them up against the wall, and see who sticks. Those that don't stick, hit the road and find their way to Duquense or somewhere else for 2012-13. And none are roadblocks to the big-time guys in the 2012 class. The more guys you snag, the higher the liklihood you find a keeper. The only guy in this group that mildly interests me is Young .. because of the prior 'fro. Hope he brings it back. But also because he has some proven D-1 qualities."

Any doubts that Self did exactly that .. recruited numbers, and threw it all up against the wall? The only one that stuck this past season was KY. And we're darn lucky he did.


Tony Bandle 1 year, 12 months ago

Merv had some fantastic experiences from walkng into Allen in a Kansas uniform, to playing in Madison Square Garden and Hawaii, to having a run to a runner-up in the NCAA tournament.

Respectfully to all, elite college basketball to the fans is a passion, but to the participants it is a big time corporate, bottom line business. Win or die. Produce or you're gone. It can be cruel and it can be unfair. Only Merv will know for sure.

However, the consistency of Kansas basketball is unquestioned. That is what makes the 1984-2011 Kansas run so amazing,...26 out of 27 NCAA appearances, 8 Final Fours, 2 NC's, numerous conference titles all with three consecutive different Head Coaches.

I'm afraid, outside of Jayhawk Nation, the rest of the country still doesn't quite "get it"!


Chris Shaw 2 years ago

I agree with that! Well said! I am not saying Merv coming to Kansas was a bad thing at all, unlike some posters that are trying to indicate that I am. I am simply trying to understand the recruiting process that got Merv here and how that correlates to the end of the season meeting with Coach Self.

As I have stated above, I just don't believe Coach Self ever put Merv in the same category as Morninstar, Reed, Releford, and Teahan (He's a little different since he was a walk-on for 4 years). What I mean, think Coach Self always envisioned those guys being around 4 and 5 years. I just don't think that was the case with Merv.

I truly believe that Self missed on his 2011 recruits and needed bodies and Merv was available for that schollie. I'm not sure of Merv's family history or their background, but I do believe there are still young kids and their parents out there that truly don't know how a scholarship works. I know I didn't and my family didn't back in the day. I am not saying Merv didn't know this information, but this topic does seem to be avoided at the college level. Although, I think over time more and more people through media and experience understand the rule more these days.

I really do think Merv was eager to prove himself as a Kansas Basketball player, but if he really had all the information and asked himself if he thought he would be transferring away from Kansas after one year, I think he would have answered "No" to that question. I just think in the interests of both parties, looking back and all the way till now, I think Coach Self should have just saved the schollie for a more promising impact player.

I am not saying Merv isn't an "Impact" player, but I view him as a 4/5 year guy at an institutuion. I would have been just fine with Merv staying all his years in a Kansas uniform, but I think Coach Self and Staff had different plans and I don't think those were long-term plans.


jaybate 2 years ago

And to Coach Self, if you don't want to stay with a kid for four years, use walk ons, rather than disposable scholarship players.

BigManU, I deeply respect your willingness to take this one on and see it from Merv's POV.

If I had to bet hard earned money, I would bet what happened was something like Scenario B.

But it is wrong to try to guess which way it was.

The right thing to do is keep letting Self, Sheahon, and CBernie know that, regardless of what unfair asymmetries the NCAA rules permit, we want the KU policy to be to keep the guys we give scholies to, if they are good citizens, and use walk-ons when needed, rather than churning scholies.

It is clear that neither Tyrone Appleton, nor Merv Lindsey, contributed significantly more than a walk-on could have, for whatever reasons.

Either commit to the guys for four years and a redshirt year, or don't commit to them.

The guys that jump to the L early and leave the program high and dry without early warning are another issue requiring more thought than I care to commit to right now.

We can wish Merv well.

We can say Coach Self has a history of appearing to be helpful to many of the guys that leave the program.

But we can also say we don't like this and it ought to stop, if that's the way we think.

I don't like it and I think it ought to stop.


jaybate 2 years ago

I can see this situation with Merv two possible ways.

A. Merv gave it a shot, he wasn't good enough, didn't like the idea of just being a practice player and working for a degree, maybe missed California, and decided to go play where he was good enough. This may not have been what Coach Self preferred. He may have wanted Merv to stay and be someone like Conner Teahan; that's sort of what I had expected for Merv. Being a practice player and getting a scholie to earn a college degree from a reputable school with a redshirt year seems like a good deal to me--a lot better than borrowing your way through college and graduating with a mountain of debt, but maybe Merv didn't see it that way.

B. Merv came in a package with Kevin to get Kevin (note: if I recall correctly, Kevin and Merv had the same mentor advising them about whether to back out of SDSU, or not, and maybe to get Kevin Self had to take Merv to make the mentor happy); now Self needs the scholie for someone better, now Self forces Merv to play the charade of wanting to move on, so that Self doesn't label him a trouble maker and kill his chances of playing anywhere else.

Which is it?

No one can say without insider information.

But what one can say is this: if the truth were B, then Self and KU's PR people would want to create a situation where one had to say: I can see this situation with Merv two ways, but without insider information, no one can say for sure.

Whatever, I agree with BigManU that this is really not a good situation for KU, or for Merv, to be in. And it is completely unfair for players to be release-able yearly by coaches, but have to sit out a year to transfer. Someone needs to change this rule, or the ACLU needs to look into trying a case to get this rule changed. It is flat wrong and a disgrace to the greatest game ever invented.


niemoth 2 years ago

Anyone see the uproar about that Lee Summit elem. school playing rock chalk on an article by Eamonn Brennan. I think that's hilarious that the Mizzou fans get are so bitter about it and make a big deal about it. KC Star said there are about 60000 KU alum in KC and only 25000 Mizzou alum in KC area (can't remember exact numbers but they are close), so playing Rock Chalk at a KC school even on the Missouri side should be acceptable.. Can't believe they are pulling the "my tax dollars" crap. I teach at Hillcrest in Springfield, MO and am one of DGB's teachers. I have my own pad of paper with my name on it that says Rock Chalk at the bottom of it. If I have to write a pass for DGB I circle the Rock Chalk at the bottom and have fun with it. Does that mean I should be getting a letter form the former state rep that says I am trying to indoctrinate my students to be KU fans. Eamonn Brennan does a great job of pointing out the poor example the parents are setting by saying if something little bothers you then throw a fit.


southwindjay 2 years ago

Kids leave and transfer all the time. Had he been a useful tool he would have been playing....He always seemed like a good team mate from his actions from the bench.

Best wishes to him whereever he lands.


kgreg01 2 years ago

I think everyone is underestimating how hard this would be for Merv. Yes it gives him a better shot to play elsewhere but the kid has to leave a great school, program and college town not to mention all the bonds made with great players, coaches and friends. It's not an easy move to make leaving.


hawkbono1313 2 years ago

Merv consider yourself lucky. You got to experience something that most college kids dream of. Good luck at your next stop.


JHAWK34TRUTH 2 years ago

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Merv. We wish you the best in life and your career.


REHawk 2 years ago

Regarding the recruitment of Tony Parker, this is the time of year when a cautious, rational top 30 recruit finds himself in the favorable position of being able to pick and choose from among the five or six top 10 programs in the land, knowing with better than average predictablility precisely where he will fit best for development and playing time his freshman year. If a barrage of advice comes from parents, summertime coaches and other highly ranked recruits, the plot thickens and decision making bears down like a fast moving freight train. If it is true that players born to the South most often remain close to their roots or general locale, then Tony Parker's days are filled with heavy stress. I would imagine that he represents a huge chunk of the possible winning puzzle for Bill Self's 2012-13 Jayhawk squad...and that he might possibly find a solid 20 minutes of playing time, either at the 4 position or relieving Jeff at the 5. One thing Tony probably is coming to realize for certain: if he becomes a Jayhawk, he will become part of a solid winning program; and he will have to exert maximum focus and effort to be rewarded with playing time. UCLA has sunk into the mud of despair the past couple of years, but looks to be on the upswing, what with the influx of two top recruits. But success of that program is, at this date, a huge crapshoot. Can a coach who allowed his team practices turn into thuggery and mayhem take control over talented one and done newcomers? Although extremely partial to crimson and blue, if Tony were my son I would try to guide him toward Lawrence, Kansas, esp if he matriculated with the thought of spending enough time to hone his skills into position to become an impact NBA draftee.


d_bradley27 2 years ago

Good Luck Merv. Glad you were a part of Jayhawk Nation. You'll always be welcomed back.


AZHawk72 2 years ago

With UCLA's recruits, Shabazz and Anderson, breaking all national texting records on a daily basis (former record held by Baylor's Drew who overtook Kelvin Sampson's Oklahoma/Indiana record-shattering performance), I doubt if we'll see Parker. However, his positive remarks about Hudy certainly show that the "bigs" have been coming to Kansas for more than just Danny, and this is good to hear.

The day after a great season, I was trying to move us away from the pain of a loss (although for me, the real "pain" is not getting to see these guys play anymore), so I penned my starters, the second team, and the TWO others remaining. There was no Merv listed. I was surprised that no one commented. True, few ever do comment, but it was a not-too-subtle omission of a scholarship player.

And while I don't believe we'll land Parker, Turner, or any other point guard this season, we have already landed two really good prospects from 2013. It's down to Villanova and us for an even higher rated shooting guard, Freeman, and we continue to stalk big man Randall and others. Losing four next year--Johnson, Releford, Withey, and Young--I think we'll land five from next year's class, one which is emerging more like the Chalmers-Rush-Downs group than any of the last few years.

We will have no juniors next year, which places more importance on next year's class than the current one. I feel that we'll be having this same thread next year for either Peters, Lucas, or Traylor. Call it a hunch, just like leaving Merv off my next year's roster.

Merv, kick some butt next year, and remember everything you've learned from a helluva ride. We'll all be pulling for you.


bennybob 2 years ago

I'm sure none of us saw this coming



John Randall 2 years ago

Thinking ahead to the time we have to replace Withey, I am torn between Parker with a year of practice time and six or eight minutes a game versus what we would come up with by saving back the scholarship and going after 2013 blue chippers.

If Parker is seriously an admirer of Andrea Hudy, he is going to find out that her method is not a way for improving players, but rather of guiding players to improve themselves, and a lot of what I see/hear makes me wonder how well he could buy into that.


REHawk 2 years ago

Merv, best of luck to you. Sorry the Kansas dream did not work out as hoped. Jayhawk fans will follow your move and keep an eye on your progress. If you wish to play next season, find a good j.c. slot, establish some decent stats, then get back into the Div. I hunt without missing a beat. You have gleaned a year of practice time with a team which played for the national championship, and you were a part of that grand entourage. Keep your sights high, and keep a'pumpin'. You are a 2011-12 Jayhawk forever, member of a league championship squad which accomplished great things. You have experienced the best coaches and trainers in the land, and are destined to be lifetime acquaintances or friends with a bevy of future professional athletes.


Justin Daniel 2 years ago

I doubt Parker is coming, I think this is more in response to things looking good from the Anrio Adams camp. He must have done well on his ACT or SAT whatever one he took Sat. I think we will recruit a PG transfer, maybe Turner maybe not, but I don't see anyway Parker picks KU, whenever he gets around to it.


Martin Rosenblum 2 years ago

Merv will always be known as the "Kansas transfer" wherever he ends up. Just like Withey, who is the "Arizona transfer" and Kevin Young, the "Loyola-Marymount transfer" . Not a bad thing to be labeled with.

There were some who could have been labeled similarly, but not without controversy. Who can give me a list of these notorious "Kansas transfers"? I'll start the list:

  • Micah Downs

tical523 2 years ago

I am sure that Self hates to do this as much as we hate to hear about it but it is a very tough, bottom line business. I have no proof but I would be willing to bet that Bill stays in touch and would always welcome a visit or call from Merv, or any kid in this situation; coach would help him any way he could during and after this process. BUT I do feel bad for Merv because I know he loved being a Hawk but now time for him to get focused and determined to kick some ass on the hardwood for whoever he plays for!! Good luck Mr. Lindsay, RC4L.


Tony Bandle 2 years ago

After the 2012-2013 Season:

Jeff, Elijah, Travis, Kevin, graduate, so that leaves at least 4 [5 if Keith takes care of his cuz] schollies.

So far we have Brandon and Conner in 2013.

Justin will be a senior, so he may keep a schollie

I am pretty sure BenMac, Jamari, Perry, Nadiir, A&W, Anrio and Landon will all stay

If Tony comes, I doubt he is a one and done...that still leaves at least 2 schollies for 2013!!


Steve Bunch 2 years ago

" and my family have decided to transfer at the end of the semester..."

Hmm, must have missed a few of those English 101 classes.


Jake Powell 2 years ago

Dude's name is Merv. You knew he would never cut it at KU. He needs to get into the game show business. Oh yeah.........that's a different Merv.


Dyrk Dugan 2 years ago

Merv, bless your heart, and good luck in your future endeavors.

with that said....Tony Parker, come on down! Plenty of schollie room for 2012, if you would like to take advantage of it.....some of the best coaching in the country, and a chance for you to play against your brethren in the south in the NCAA tourney.....we're going to be loaded Tony, so you're best chance of winning big is in Lawrence.

C'mon Tony! pick up that Jayhawk hat on Friday! :)


rumor_man 2 years ago

He's transferring to Kentucky.


Wisconsin2Kansas 2 years ago

I pray we don't sign Tony Parker. I'd rather save a roster spot for the 2013 recruiting class and sign someone worth getting. Tony Parker is undersized for being a center and doesn't seem athletic enough to play power forward.


Tony Bandle 2 years ago

Let's look at the positives for Merv:

1] A whole year of being coached under Bill Self. 2] A whole year of being coached under Danny Manning [something no other new Jayhawk will have for a long time if ever...even if he was a guard] 3] Being part of a team that won a Big 12 conference title. 4] The experience of playing in Allen Fieldhouse, Madison Square Garden and Maui. 5] Being part of a team that went all the way to the Final NCAA Championship Game.

How many freshman guards in America can boast of such a year.....not too many.

I wish him only the best and hope he takes his experiences and training to the next level in college.of his choice.


Kye Clark 2 years ago

Those calling for this extra scholarship to be filled by a point guard, let me ask you...who? There are no decent prep point guards left worth bringing in. Ditto for juco players. Josiah Turner? He's the only one that makes even a little bit of sense, but I don't see it happening.

It's Tony Parker or nothing. If Parker signs elsewhere, let Wesley remain on scholarship for another year and stash it away for next year. Better to do that than to bring in another kid with no chance of seeing the court anytime soon and have him transfer like Lindsay had to. Really, is there anybody else that we're in on that makes sense?


Ray March 2 years ago

He seems like a great kid. I kind of looked forward to seeing him develop. It was going to be hard to get much PT though. I can see why he would want to look elsewhere.

Best of luck Merv! You will always be a Jayhawk in our hearts!

This brings up one other question though......does this mean that there might be 1 or 2 more recruits that are strongly considering coming to KU next year? I know in the past when we were short a scholarship or 2 and had some talented guys coming in, things "happened to open up" and players "suddenly decided it was best for them to look elsewhere for PT".

I wonder if this is the case?


kcn18 2 years ago

I would be mad too if I had to play behind teahan...


phogphan2000 2 years ago

I'm sure Mr. Lindsay had a great time this season and improved his game, hopefully he has a ton of success at his next stop and will never forget a great season at KU


midwest_muser 2 years ago

Has Andrew White had his signing ceremony...I like that kid...can't wait to see him play. We're going to have shooters and matchup flexibility like Self hasn't had since 2008...


martyks 2 years ago

I don't know about these great experiences with west coast kids. Chenowith? Maybe that has soured me on them, but really, to me, west coast kids = soft


martyks 2 years ago

There are worse things than not seeing the floor. Ask Jeremy Case. Ask Connor Teahan, who had to serve as an endentured servant for years to get his chance. Ask any kid who's walked on and stuck. Contributing to the program is a big deal. You practice against the best, day in and day out. You drink in all the knowledge you can hold from the best coaches in the country. You watch 4 years of college games from the front row, which, btw, go for around $100 each for the rest of us. Yes, you work your hind end off, but you also end up being in the best shape of your life. I'm sorry they do not all see playing time. And, for many, playing time is what it's all about, which is understandable. But it is what it is and being a part of a team that goes to the Final Four is enough for most players. It's an experience the others on the team will not forget. Let's hope they all appreciate it as much as the overwhelming majority of KU fans appreciate them.


blindrabbit 2 years ago

Be'in a left coaster myself, I hate to see a West Coast kid leave the program. Historically, KU has had very good experiences with kids from out there, not only from a ballplayer standpoint, but good, usually trouble free, good attitude youths! Just think back to their history with Brown, Williams and hopefully Self will continue to recruit out there! The main competition for recruits is Arizona, UCLA and Duke!


Jack Wilson 2 years ago

We all saw this coming, right? No surprise here. Best for KU, best for Lindsay.

When he signed, many were curious how a guy like this would ever get any playing time. There was of course the group that said he would be a stud, Self must see something in this kid, he could contribute immediately, etc. (I point this out simply as a recurring example of the over-exuberance displayed when anyone signs or commits).

But by and large, most were puzzled. This seemed like kind of a "grab depth because we have a scholarship available" move. And from the kid's perspective, it was "wow, KU!" As opposed to .. I will never, ever play. Reality has set in after one season.

Now -- again, as most here have predicted -- a scholarship is now magically available. Amazing how that happens, isn't it?

The question now is, as Lindsay was the most obvious transfer, is there another shoe to drop? Wesley to walk-on status now opens a spot for Parker or some one else. But if we add two, one more must come of scholarship.


Robert Brock 2 years ago

FWIW, Tony Parker is going to Georgia and will never be heard from again.


ldjayhawk 2 years ago

I remember reading Merv being the best shooter in the current KU team. Hate to see any kid leaving, but sure he has to look out for his best interest. So does this mean we will have officially 2 schlorships available for next year?


tbbucboy21 2 years ago

tony parkers not coming to KU not with all the bigs we have next year. this is for josiah turner hopefully (or if those trevor releford rumors had any truth to them)


CardHawkFan 2 years ago

Could we expect to see the headline "Lindsey Transfers to Tulsa"...? Just a thought.


midwest_muser 2 years ago

Best of luck Merv...We hope to see you score 20 for a mid major to knock out Mizzou in the first round....


BPSkelly 2 years ago

KU is fortunate that we have a lot of guys who'll come here to walk-on and play on their own dime. We also seem to 'shuffle' scholarships around a lot as well and I, like others arent sure thats the greatest thing in the world.

The reality is, I never knew why we got Merv to begin with. Yes, he was available. Yes, he probably loved the idea of playing here. But once it became apparent he'd never see the floor it just makes you wonder.

Regardless, good luck to him and I hope he finds a good landing spot.


Rockchlk1333 2 years ago

Speculation - I have a good feeling about this. Does the KU staff already know the status of Tony Parker? This might have been done to make some room. Lord I hope so! What a great addition to this recruiting class it would be. It's sad to see a kid with such class go though! Wish you the best Merv.


kranny 2 years ago

He was probably asked to redshirt which means he was going to sit out anyway. I predict a mid-major maybe even division 2 so he doesn't have the sit out.


Rock_Chalk_NYC 2 years ago

Best wishes Merv! Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk...


Michael Auchard 2 years ago

Best of luck, Merv. Saw this one coming a long way out, but I hope you can achieve your goals at another university.


Chris Shaw 2 years ago

This is the part I hate about college athletics. Now, let me preface this by saying that we have no idea what was said by Self and Lindsay. We also don't know what was said to Lindsay back during the recruiting process last year.

Now that we know Merv is officially transferring I am a firm believer that Self, Staff, and Kansas probably should have not brought this kid to Lawrence in the first place. If Self and Co. had zero plans of Merv being on the roster for 4 or 5 years (red-shirting) than this is the type of kid that I believe you just leave alone.

I am sure Merv gained valuable experience and can one day say he played basketball at Kansas, but now the kid has to sit out a year at any other Div I school! Like I said, we will never know if Merv was pushed or asked to leave the program, but I just had a bad feeling about this situation from the start. I'm just not a fan of these type of situations.


FarSideHawk 2 years ago

Does that mean Tony Parker is coming to Lawrence?

If he is leaving on his own, then it's ok, but I really hate it when kids are asked to leave to make room for higher rated recruits.


Thomas Michaud 2 years ago

Was just looking at the roster moments ago and the recruiting coming in ... Hate to see Merv go, but can understand that he might want more playing time. Never like loosing height.

As others have said, and will continue to say, once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk -- we always like keeping tabs on former players/transfers around here.


YaBoyJrod 2 years ago

Who will fakejeffwithey talk about now


Carter Patterson 2 years ago

Merv, once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk. Good luck in your future endeavors.


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