Friday, April 15, 2011


NBA riches await Josh Selby


Josh Selby will hear his name called when the NBA holds its draft.


You’re asking the wrong guy.

But he will. Bank on it. Maybe even in the first round. Brace yourself: He might even be a lottery pick.


Beats me.

What has he done to merit an NBA uniform?

Well, nothing, but as we’ve all heard a billion times, the NBA drafts on potential. Fine, but guys drafted on potential have loud, exciting tools. They’re phenomenal jumpers or remarkably quick or insane shooters or they have great size or they’re lock-down defenders. This is where I confess to being lost.

And this was how one NBA insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity articulated what I’m missing about Selby’s potential.

“His athleticism, his speed,” John Doe said. “He can defend a one or a two. His upside is unlimited. I like his size, and he has an athletic body.”

Teammates painted a different picture of Selby the athlete in practice than the guy the rest of us saw playing in games, so often seemingly on the periphery of the action. This next quote from Mr. Doe blew me away.

“He’s going to go to one-on-one workouts and freak people out with his athleticism,” he said.

From my seat in Section 13A, Tyshawn Taylor looked a good deal quicker and Elijah Johnson far more vertically explosive.

Then again, I’m not even smart enough to know how ticket consultant Thomas Blubaugh could be getting paid $115,000 a year by the athletic department when director Lew Perkins didn’t know he was on the payroll. Nor am I smart enough to know how women’s basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson two years ago could have been given an extension without getting the team to the NCAA Tournament, a pact so lucrative the school has her under contract for three more years for about $1.9 million.

Anyway, back to Selby. Joe Abunassar, owner and lead trainer for Impact Basketball in Las Vegas, did a nice job of trying to clear up the mystery.

“Probably the closest comparison I can make is Monta Ellis,” Abunassar told Andy Samuelson, who interviewed him Wednesday for the Journal-World. “I trained him for the draft. Josh has a combination of skills, explosiveness and strength that you just don’t find very often. The way he controls his body is much like Monta did, where he moves in a very unusual way.”

Ellis averages 24.1 points per game for the Golden State Warriors in his sixth NBA season. He signed out of high school and averaged 6.8 points. Abunassar said he considers Selby a combination guard.

“Great change of speeds off ball screens,” Abunassar said. “He can handle the ball. His knowledge of the game is excellent. He sees the floor very, very well.”

Selby will be given several years to grow into the player he couldn’t become in parts of one season at KU. He never helped Kansas, which outscored Virginia Commonwealth by 10 points when Selby sat and was outscored by 20 points when the freshman from Baltimore played.


Steve Corder 7 years, 1 month ago

We shall see.

I wish the kid well, but I'd likely starve as an NBA talent evaluator cause I just don't see the star power. I sure hope he's a "saver" with his money.

ahpersecoachingexperience 7 years, 1 month ago

It's not about getting drafted to the NBA, it's about staying in the NBA.

selfishhawk 7 years, 1 month ago

You need to take an economics class, or simply do some more homework. If he is drafted higher than 20, staying the NBA is irrelevant. He's already a multi-millionaire by the end of his first contract.

ahpersecoachingexperience 7 years, 1 month ago

will you be across the hall in risk management? if he goes in the second round (projected by most) his contract is not guarenteed and he could end up a out of work hundred thousandaire.

hawk316 7 years, 1 month ago

Talent is not the issue with Josh. He has tons of it. But I remain convinced that he would have benefited greatly by playing a full year of college ball.

Andrew Dunlap 7 years, 1 month ago

NBA GMs almost always will pick the guy with a higher upside than the known quantity. That's why it's best to leave early. Speed, quckness and length are natural and cant be coached. Then all you need after that is character, smarts and desire. I thnk that Selby was thrown off stride with the suspension and never got in the groove. He's from Baltimore.. used to be the murder capital of the nation. Both KU and Selby are better off parting ways. I hope he becomes a stellar player- He's a poster child for the idea of dreafting kids right out of high school. Hopefully the NBA will drop that rule. I'd rather recruit a player that needs a couple of years to develop-like the Morris Twins, then to recruit one and dones

NationHawk 7 years, 1 month ago

Josh will be Ok....

Andrew Moore of Impact Basketball Academy in Las Vegas says Kansas freshman Josh Selby has been highly impressive during his time there both as a player and a leader.

“In my opinion, he’s as good an athlete, scorer and competitor as a lot of the guys I saw [drafted] in the first round last year,” Moore said Thursday by phone.

“I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people. I haven’t looked at the [NBA Draft] board but I can’t imagine him going into a workout and getting beat by anybody. He’s so athletic and strong, I was really surprised.”

Moore said he’s read negative things about Selby and his attitude on the Internet, but those accounts differ with the player he’s coached in Vegas.

“Basketball-wise, he can move his body and control his body at such a high rate of speed,” Moore said. “His attitude and all, he’s been awesome. For probably the youngest guy here, he’s as much of a leader as anyone. He’s a vocal leader, he’s sprinting, he’s going hard in drills. When I read that, people have a perception of him that he’s going to break.” -- compliments of

NationHawk 7 years, 1 month ago

You are blind. He was at the wrong position all year. He needed to be at the point. The injury tainted things immensely. Otherwise, he could have played through a few mistake-driven games and eventually found his confidence and balled... We will never know for sure. But, IMHO, I would much rather have seen him and EJ getting the minutes at the point. Thats where Josh needed to be, and thats why he is gone (knows that Tyshawn will mop up minutes next year bc Self has proven to show creedence to experience and upperclassmen... look at Mstar and Reed) Calipari would have started him in late January, as would have a number of other coaches. This was inevitable. Mark my words... Josh will be just fine in the NBA. He is one inch shorter than D Rose and every bit as much gifted athletically. He really can control his body in a way that is uncommon. It is a weak draft and he will have to compete once again for minutes next year, had he chosen to return to Mount Oread. I do not blame him, and the scouts know what they are doing. Trust me, I am in law school aspiring to be an agent: Josh is the kind of prospect scouts and GMs lick their chops over...its like investing in a startup company: although a risk, you have an inclination to believe the profit margin is huge plus they know the circumstances of this season (ie. suspension/injury/fact he could not demonstrate true skills at 2 spot in a "high-low" that was dedicated to twins.) Josh will be just fine. Now please, quit hating, open your eyes, and prepare to feel stupid.

NationHawk 7 years, 1 month ago

Andrew Moore of Impact Basketball Academy in Las Vegas says Kansas freshman Josh Selby has been highly impressive during his time there both as a player and a leader.

“In my opinion, he’s as good an athlete, scorer and competitor as a lot of the guys I saw [drafted] in the first round last year,” Moore said Thursday by phone.

“I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people. I haven’t looked at the [NBA Draft] board but I can’t imagine him going into a workout and getting beat by anybody. He’s so athletic and strong, I was really surprised.”

Moore said he’s read negative things about Selby and his attitude on the Internet, but those accounts differ with the player he’s coached in Vegas.

“Basketball-wise, he can move his body and control his body at such a high rate of speed,” Moore said. “His attitude and all, he’s been awesome. For probably the youngest guy here, he’s as much of a leader as anyone. He’s a vocal leader, he’s sprinting, he’s going hard in drills. When I read that, people have a perception of him that he’s going to break.” -- compliments of

jmsuther 7 years, 1 month ago

How could you sat they are anotjer other than better. What did selby do. Have one good game against usc?

GridironHawk 7 years, 1 month ago

I agree that Selby has the "potential" to be a better player but he is going to have to grow up fast. The NBA won't even have the patience that Self showed. Suspension and injuries really hurt Selby this year but I think his ego hurt him just as bad. When things didn't go right, Selby let it show and if he thinks things will always go right in the NBA (or life for that matter) then he will have a short stay. I'm one that believes Selby could have truly benefited from another year at KU (I like to think that isn't the selfish fan in me talking but who knows :). However, I will be rooting for Selby to prove everyone (myself included) wrong. I hope he can grow up fast and succeed in the NBA. This won't be an easy task for him but maybe that is the challenge he wants. "I don't need easy, I just need possible"

selfishhawk 7 years, 1 month ago

Keegan and the rest of the posters seem to be pointing the microscope only at Selby. I would love to see an article on Self's use of Xavier and Selby. If both seem so average to us during games, but so remarkable to scouts when not running Self's offense, then maybe part of the problem is Self.

lahothan 7 years, 1 month ago

Self didn't make him miss all those shots, and Self didn't force all of those turnovers. Selby was a dud who, with a year or two, could have been a KU great. Sadly, he is 18 years old and let's be honest, who didn't make a regretful decision at age 18?

trenae01 7 years, 1 month ago

Taylor,Robinson and Johnson is better than Selby on a bad :)

hawksquawk 7 years, 1 month ago

Why don't we wish him the best and hope he becomes the star we all believe(d) he should be? Even though he was only here one year, Josh and KU are forever linked. Some people seem like they'd rather have him fail, in order to fulfill their own prognostications, rather than have him succeed. Pft.

Jack Wilson 7 years, 1 month ago

Remember, simply because someone is not enamoured with Selby, or his talent, or his contributions, does not mean they don't wish him well.

Alec White 7 years, 1 month ago

Great post. I don't remember reading an article where Coach Self or any player faulted Josh for his struggles here at KU---in fact, HCBS even said he had to deal with the most issues of any freshman he's ever coached. Selby had a tough job---he was expected to come in and make an undefeated juggernaut even better when he took to the floor. Yes, all of us were probably frustrated at times with his lack of cohesiveness with KU team ball...but Self knew that risk when he signed him. I wish Josh all the best and actually think his style of play fits the NBA way better than the college game.

And it was pretty obvious that Josh had something hampering him the whole year. I only saw a handful of slams and only glimples of the explosiveness that everyone mentions when they say Josh Selby. For those of you who don't think he is an phenomenal athlete, please watch this video (I'm talking to you Keegan!)...

John Randall 7 years, 1 month ago

What impresses me in that video is the vacant roll-away bleachers.

So, other 15,17-yr-olds were less physically developed? What do we see when the rest of them grow up too? Time will tell

Most career athletes hit their peak at about age 28 or 30. Some maintain it until near 40. On the other hand, some are as good at 16 as they're ever going to be.

Fewer than 20 games, limited by sore foot, emotionally challenged, yadayadayada –– didn't show me anything special about handling tough times. Then again, only about three hours (you go back and count the minutes) doesn't say much of anything, either way . . . except that the team results weren't as good during those minutes as they were the rest of the time . . .

Josh Selby is just one of the examples where the (NBA's own) OAD rule didn't protect the GMs the way they wanted it to do. It's put-up-or-shut-up time. Pay your (owner's) money and take your chances.

tydon27 7 years, 1 month ago

Tom keegan is one of the haters. Was josh selbys year a disappointment yes. Did he not live up to expectations no. But to say that he shouldn't go to the nba or deserve to give it a shot is a joke. He has the talent to be a lottery pick. You don't get ranked the #1 recruit for no reason. Everyone forgets that as the stats say he averaged 12 points a game before his injury and I think he was shooting about 40% from 3 during that time. He was the 3rd best player behind the morris twins before getting hurt.

I think the reason so many people are hating on him is because he didn't live up to the expectations we all had for him when he signed. I personally thought he would average around 15 to 20 points per game and be the best player on the team or close to it. However because of the suspension, missed practices, injuries, bad luck or whatever he didn't perform a level he was capable of. Is it disappointing yes. Does it mean he was a disappointment no. The only reason why I'm disappointed in him leaving is because we never got to see his full talent while he was here. I wish him good luck and know he'll succeed in the nba.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 1 month ago

Before Josh got hurt, I believe his 3% was 53%, and that was even with a couple off games. The reason people are hating is because they remember the ends of the season - waiting to start and struggling to finish. When healthy, he played great O and was working to learn to play D

Viggo3003 7 years, 1 month ago

Seems like this "hating" in your own special little way.

yates33333 7 years, 1 month ago

I hope he has a great career in the NBA since it costs KU or me nothing and is probably to KU's recruiting advantage to have another former player in the NBA. That said, I believe this sentence in your comment, "However because of the suspension, missed practices, injuries, bad luck or whatever he didn't perform a level he was capable of," is based on an assumption about "his level" that is not demonstratively verifiable. He was a great high school player, but college ball played as it is now is much tougher. We do not know what "level he was capable of" as a college player. Based on his performance at KU I'd say not too good. Whether he faded after the first two games he played was due to injury or to realization by other teams to press him more is moot. As a pro he will be pressed even more. Note how they manhandle each other at that level. Even more so than on the inside in college. He seemed to shrink from contact. I hope I am dead wrong, but we shall see. I don't believe luck is good or bad, it is just luck, i.e., an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that leads to an outcome. Our way of explaining developments we do not understand based on what we reasonably expect.

Brianna Zaleski 7 years, 1 month ago


Your statement is extremely well put and sums up the exact reasons why people are wishing him to do poorly. The odds of him being good in pro ball are in his favor. We only saw brief glimpses of it but, oh well, it is what it is. Thanks for illustrating this point so well as I've been trying to think of ways to say it myself. With all the "experts" on this site predicting his demise, they should quit their day jobs and go hire on w/ an NBA team as a talent evaluators because they obviously know so much. The kid has skills that NBA teams drool over and someone will take a chance on him and I believe Selby will make believers out of those people who have doubted him. But if he doesn't, I'm sure he will make plenty of money playing hoops somewhere ala Keith Langford. Best of luck kid.

WilburNether 7 years, 1 month ago

Time for a reality check, fanboi. Here's a clue: Pointing out facts in an objective way is not "hating," and people who toss the "H" word out are only showing their pathetic ignorance and inability to write in a rational manner.

cklarock 7 years, 1 month ago

Well put, tydon27

"Is it disappointing yes. Does it mean he was a disappointment no. The only reason why I'm disappointed in him leaving is because we never got to see his full talent while he was here. I wish him good luck and know he'll succeed in the nba."

Ed Brown 7 years, 1 month ago

Actually we did see incredible talent at Late Night when Marcus (I think) lobbed to Selby for a highlight reel jam. It was great to see and showed what was ahead. It's always a good day in Jayhawk Nation when a Jayhawk is drafted but better when they go on to perform like many have.

KULA 7 years, 1 month ago

Yeah, there sure is a lot of hate among posters to the previous story. Newsflash guys--these kids don't grow up dreaming of playing college basketball. Just like little football players don't dream about playing college football and little baseball players don't dream about playing college baseball. And little actors don't dream about acting in the college play and little musicians don't dream about playing in the college marching band and little writers don't dream about writing for the college paper. Josh said his dream was to play in the NBA. He's been evaluated and it's been judged that he has the skills to play in the NBA. Sorry that Bill Self's offense, which turns another nobody into this year's Cinderella every March, doesn't showcase those skills, but Josh has got 'em. Sorry that he not loyal enough for the haters, but he only came to college because he had to. Get over it. Good luck Josh and thanks for coming to Kansas, even if it was too briefly.

Kye Clark 7 years, 1 month ago

We get don't think much of Bill Self. I'm sure you were just so happy go lucky watching Roy not win a title here for 15 years, and I'm actually surprised you haven't switched your allegiance to UNC or UK. After all, if what you care about more than anything is getting guys to the NBA and recruiting, they're the programs to follow.

Sad that you feel the need to degrade him in every single one of your posts, because some of what you say is actually coherent and I agree with. But your incessant (sometimes blatant, sometimes passive-aggressive) jabs at Coach Self just make you come off as clownish. He's the head coach, and no he's not God nor is he perfect...I have my own criticisms of him. But maybe a little respect for one of the three coaches who have won an NCAA championship here at KU wouldn't be too much to ask.

Jack Wilson 7 years, 1 month ago

KULA: A couple observations - 1. If you don't watchout, per ict, you will become known as UNCLA, or UKLA. 2. I have been critical of coach Self, and I get where you're coming from. His system doesn't accentuate the positives of a guy like Selby (most tactful way to put it). 3. But coach Self is our coach. He's your coach. I can tell you're still t'd off over UNI and VCU .. me too.
4. ict's point about hammering Self is well taken. Time for you to get back on board .. not blindly, I realize .. but just sanding off the rough edges. 5. You're too good of a poster to carry this on too much longer ....

Not saying your observations on Selby, his goals, etc., are incorrect.

KULA 7 years, 1 month ago

HEM & ict--Appreciate the kind words (and actually deeming me coherent, lol) but I see no reason to sand the rough edges off in regards to a guy making $3 million a year. And its not just the last 2 years. I said the same thing about him after 05 & 06--the coach chokes and his offense sucks. Btw, I also came to the realization around the turn of the century that maybe it wouldn't be so bad if Roy left. He too, was kind of a choker and it just didn't look like he was going to be able to win here. I'm still a big fan of his and cheer for him against everyone except KU.

But back to BS. I thought after 08 that he had grown as a coach and the tourney embarrassments were fading like childhood in the rear view mirror. I now see that's not the case, and his pre-championship locker room speech was extremely telling, as he actually thanked the team for bringing him along on the ride. Yeah, I'm still mad about the end of the season. Just like I was last year. We should've had at least a couple more Final Four banners in AFH. Instead, Duke and Kentucky have them. And we'll be featured again this year on the ESPYs, as the a$$ end of the biggest upset award. So I can't just drop it and get excited about all the great recruits we're getting and how great NEXT years team will be. Been there, done that. THIS years team was great. And so was last years. And he blew it.

And yeah, I know we're stuck with him, because no NBA team has the least bit interest and he'd never leave for another college job (heck, even T. Boone drifted away,lol) so I hope he'll grow through this and become a better coach. But I'll reserve my right to roughly criticize the 3 million dollar man, just as so many posters feel the right to run roughshod over the kids in the program. And yes, I still feel there are plenty of coaches out there who could do just a good a job (flame out in the tourney?) with the talent that the name Kansas on the jersey draws.

Btw, HEM, your analysis after the latest debacle, of Bill Self panicking and getting taken out of his game was perfect. You elucidated, much better than I could have, exactly what I was thinking. I'll stick to my un-sanded evaluation of a guy who performs magnificently in the regular season and wilts under the pressure of the playoffs (are you listening, ict, haha?)
Gutless Wonder. But he's our coach and I hope he gets better.

Kye Clark 7 years, 1 month ago

You absolutely have the right to continue "roughly criticizing the 3 million dollar man", just as trolls absolutely have the right to come here and act a-fool. My post has nothing to do with what you have the right to do, it was meant to speak to what you should do. Because you're a better poster than that. I remembered your "gutless wonder" and "I'd trade Coach Self for Mark Turgeon in a second" blasts from a year ago. Why? Because you're a one-trick pony. It's a schtick. Whenever anyone sees your name in the comments they know what's coming. You're another jayhawkinnebr...and people tune you out. Now maybe you don't care, but it seems as if you could have some decent basketball knowledge & perspectives that would be worth contributing from time to time, if only you'd take the time to refine your voice.

I'm certainly not suggesting blind, obedient support of Coach Self. I have criticized him in the past, I agree that we should have a couple more Final Four banners hanging in AFH, and I definitely think he has room for improvement. And it's fine to point those out. But is it really fun to have every aspect of KU basketball tainted with your scathing opinion of Coach Self? A perfect analogy would be Randy Quaid's character in "Major League 2". As the the team was making a great run all he did was complain and doubt ("who cares? They'll blow it in the 9th"), and his friends and fellow fans wanted nothing to do with him and finally chased him away, although they welcomed him back when he jumped back on the bandwagon as his team was on the cusp of accomplishing something special. I'm not telling you to simply "enjoy the ride"...remain skeptical, but perhaps trying to enjoy some of the positives of a recruiting period, looking ahead, and the regular season would go a long way.

Hank Cross 7 years, 1 month ago

Agree 100% with KULA's assessment of Self. I hope Jaybate is right and I am wrong and that Self will change and adapt in response to UNI and now VCU. I just don't see that happening. People don't change their nature.

Hank Cross 7 years, 1 month ago

At least Keegan admits that he can't judge basketball talent.

And the message to OADs thinking about coming to KU is this: Be recruited to KU as a OAD. Make it known you're coming as a OAD. Have KU fans rejoice at you're signing, even though they know you're a OAD. Leave after one year. Be torn apart and called all kinds of names by many jilted fanboys on this board because you left after a year.

In the end though, leaving was also in the best interest of KU. You can't have a player that on the fence about staying and the Vegas trip was an NCAA investigation waiting to happen.

Best of luck Josh.

Cmill1221 7 years, 1 month ago

The NBA is a total joke. The draft is about nothing but potential and it's sad. The NBA needs a 3 year rule like the NFL. If they had that they would have many more quality players like Blake Griffin. I don't get it why not stay and play for BILL SELF in college and hone your skils and be a lotto pic rather than end up in San Antonio play for QUIN SNYDER in the NBADL? (Yes QUIN actually has a coaching job in the NBADL)

Steve Gantz 7 years, 1 month ago

The fact Blake Griffin left after 1 year of playing at Oklahoma kind of contradicts your point doesn't it?

eastcoasthawk 7 years, 1 month ago

Need to check your facts on this. He didn't leave OU after one year.

Steve Gantz 7 years, 1 month ago

When I typed it I thought should I check this? I guess I should have. Obviously my memory is getting fuzzy.

JHawk74 7 years, 1 month ago

He spent two years in college and a red-shirt year in the NBA (he was hurt his 1st year). Basically he had 3 years of experience before becoming a great rookie NBA player. I think the rule should be you can declare for the NBA out of high school or if you get a college schloroship for basketball you should required to play for 3 years in college (for 4 year colleges). If go to JUCO your only required to play 2 years of college. This ends the 1 and done players in college and also develops the great college players for the NBA.

Brad Avery 7 years, 1 month ago

Skills, explosiveness, strength from Josh Selby? KU's starting wings this season were two good college players who won't play in the NBA. Selby couldn't run the offense well enough to beat out Tyshawn Taylor or Elijah Johnson and play point guard. I never saw any evidence of a great individual basketball player. He had two games where he was good and helped the team. But good luck, Josh, and good luck, NBA, if your league is the league is so talent deficient to pay money for Selby to play.

Jeff Coffman 7 years, 1 month ago

I wouldn't blame Josh all that much for this decision. He has had several people in his ear for probably 5+ years telling him he is NBA bound. These same rulemakers created a OAD scenario. After he served his one year, those same people are telling him he is NBA bound. Look at some of the quotes, some say he will be a Lottery pick still and if so it is a no-brainer, others say early second round. Either way he will make more than me next year, and I feel like I make a lot of money.

When push comes to shove, he was offered the dream of his entire life, is it so wrong to reach after that dream? I think he will develop well, you can see that he has some real potential, just was adjusting during the season, and I think that Self even realized that with mentioning all of the practices he missed and all of the games he had to miss.

Ultimately, I think he will do better in the NBA, but as mentioned he will have to develop into the player we all hope he can become.

Good Luck Josh, there might be some comments on here that are lackluster, but ultimately we all wish you well as you fulfill your dream.

eastcoasthawk 7 years, 1 month ago

Seems that there are two books on Josh. The guys like Keegan's Mr. Doe that might be convinced to take a shot with Josh. Then there are the guys like the Mr. Doe's from the CBS story that liken him to Willie Warren. Will be very interesting to see how this plays out. I believe you Tom is right. Someone will want to take a shot with Josh. When and where, I don't know. I can only wish the Baltimore kid who signed with KU but whose dream was to play in the NBA all the best.

HAWKTOPIA 7 years, 1 month ago

Keeg's, the hard working guy your colleagues see in the pressroom is not the writer the rest of us see in print. you're a jerk!

The very fact that Josh never became an integral cog to our success suggests he made the right decision. Josh has great skills, and needs to play where he can be 75% of the offence at any given moment. That's the NBA

It is nice to consider that HCBS could sequester parts of Josh's skill-set so the team could benefit, but that's not what the first year showed.

Good Luck Josh

LJ Gee 7 years, 1 month ago

dude why do you people get so offended anytime anything is said that is in any way even the slightest bit critical of a coach or player? Its utterly ridiculous - its like you people think that once someone dons a KU uniform they are completely infallible. Thats stupid. I mean Im all for fandom and loyalty but its okay to also be logical and objective. Keegan is by far not the only person that thinks this could be a mistake and that another year of college could really benefit Josh. He is just telling you what he saw and a lot of other people saw the same thing. That doesnt make him or them bad people or as you put it jerks. Its not like anyone is attacking his personal character or his family or slandering him or personally attacking him. Just saying that last season was disappointing for a variety of reasons and as a result made it really difficult to evaluate the NBA potential of Selby - playing against the NCAA's best is far different from playing against highschool's best, and playing in the NBA is an even bigger leap. Given that, it made sense to a lot of people, myself included, that another year of college could greatly benefit Selby. That is just my opinion and evidently is shared by Keegan and many others - doesnt make me a jerk or a bad fan. I still wish him the best, as do most others and Keegan (he even said that in his article) and I hope he becomes a huge star in the NBA...I wouldnt bet my house on it though because that would be like going all-in pre-flop...blind...if you play poker.

phi4life940 7 years, 1 month ago

You know what...Selby is gone. Let's move on as fast as he has and focus on other things. These forums have turned into all out brawls between people ( I'm one of the brawlers, I'll admit).

Let's talk about how today is DeAndre Daniels birthday and he is going to Duke for a visit! (ugh!) Also, Braeden Anderson wrote on Daniels facebook wall: "happy b-day, come to KU!" I knew I liked this Braeden kid. :-)

phi4life940 7 years, 1 month ago

I don't think he's blaming anyone. (correct me if I'm wrong stupidmichael).

Seems like he's saying, in hindsight, it was a wasted scholarship based on what little Selby provided the team...

No one could have known a #1 Recruit would have a season like he had. Look at the rest of the top 10 and the production they gave (not wasted scholarships) - Harrison Barnes, Brandon Knight, Tristan Thompson, Jared Sullinger.....

Joe Joseph 7 years, 1 month ago

Yes -in hindsight- a wasted scholarship.

Ed Brown 7 years, 1 month ago

Here's another perspective to ponder. What if the draft was held in January every year. Would it be the same? It would have to be based somewhat more on potential and Josh Selby really only gave us half a year or slightly less because of the injury. I'm not sure we could have snagged anyone else with his scholarship. We struggled even when we won because this is one of those rare years when KU had no true PG on the floor ever. We had some great ones over the years, Rex Walters, Jeff Boschee, Mario Chalmers, Jerod Hasse, Russell Robinson even, etc., etc. We always had a good true PG and a good backup combo guard. I think Taylor was expected to be that but even Kenny Gregory led the team when he had to. Watching VCU I believe their PG was incredible and he played a lot of minutes every game all year. He led that team on both sides of the court. Maybe he was fired up because one of the twins told him there run was over. Who knows, but I am glad I got to see Selby playing...sometimes good, sometimes not. If he succeeds in the NBA, KU wins in some way.

bradynsdad 7 years, 1 month ago

I would really support the college baseball rule if it were to ever be instituted. Either take the draft out of high school or play a minimum of three years in college. I would have liked to see selby stay but he needs to be supported. Fact is the better he does in the NBA the more it helps with recruiting. Everyone complains that we don't get espnu's top ten players but almost all of them are OAD's. So we can't have it both ways. If we want highly rated recruits we have to accept their here for one year and gone regardless of their performance. Hoping they fail does not look good to other highly rated recruits. It's a double edge sword but which side are you on?

phi4life940 7 years, 1 month ago


Love the college baseball rule.

I think from now on....if we get a Top 20 Recruit, I'm just going to assume he's OAD. That way it'll hurt less when he does leave.


KGphoto 7 years, 1 month ago

Remember, a lockout could benefit the non-lottery guys the most. The idea being that some lottery guys would decide to stay another year and leave gaps in the order for lower picks to move up. I'm not sure I'm seeing those gaps develop, but that was a very common theory amongst the experts.

Besides, after finishing the most frustrating first year of college ball imaginable, as Selby just experienced, I might leave the NCAA to flip burgers.

Ultimately his talent will redeem his decision. Will I remember Josh for all this hoopla? Sure, but I think once he starts to get his groove in the league, we'll all start focusing more on those few games where he looked like the shizz. Maybe even on just a few individual plays. A steal, and a race down the court with a dynamic behind the back dribble, blowing by the defender and finishing strong. Even if we only saw it a few times, it was there, and it was ours for a bit.

Cameron Schienebeck 7 years, 1 month ago

This just continues to prove that these kids need to serve a mandatory 2 years in college before they can declare for the draft. If they want to go straight to the pros from HS that's fine. Just don't waste the time of colleges trying to build/maintain a successful program. Most KU fans don't hate Selby. Like me they are probably just disappointed we never got to see his full potential.

As a bonus this rule would also hurt Calipari at 1&DoneU.

LJ Gee 7 years, 1 month ago

Im still disappointed that he decided to leave although I cant say that I am surprised. I think mostly though, Im frustrated at how he decide to make the announcement and with his seemingly total lack of respect for his teammates and the program once the season was over. It just feels like he was just waiting for the first opportunity to jump and really didnt care very much about KU. I could be wrong but it never seemed like his love for KU or his teammates were making the decision difficult - the only difficulty he had was in determining whether or not he would be drafted. Oh well. I wish him well nonetheless because its always good to see a Jayhawk tear it up the NBA. I love watching The Truth and it would be great to have another star from the hill in the NBA. In any event, hopefully this helps us sway Trevor Lacey into coming to KU

Dyrk Dugan 7 years, 1 month ago

i still predict no first round pick. something will happen, he will get hurt again....something attitude wise....i just don't know what it is, but i don't know how a kid, who basically did nothing, sans his first game, at the big time college level, will merit a 1st round selection.

i understand all the "upside" arguments...but there's too many other players who have proven it, or shown a lot more in real situations to garner the interest. it wouldn't have hurt him a lick to come fact, he could have been a top 10 guy next labor strife.

i guess we shall definitely see.

John Randall 7 years, 1 month ago

Are you confident enough in your prediction to place a meaningful wager?

What (nearly) all those other players have proven is that they have a lower ceiling than Josh (still tons of 'potential').

GMs in the NBA don't consider their draft decisions to be doling out rewards for doing college 'the right way' – they have to keep putting fans in the seats and upping the $$$ for TV ads.

As my favorite English teacher often said when a student challenged, "Isn't that RIGHT?", -– "Whether it's 'right' or 'wrong', it certainly is SO."

Ben Simonett 7 years, 1 month ago

From a recruiting standpoint, we should all hope he gets drafted early. If he doesn't every coach in the country is going to use him as an example of why future elite guards should not go to ku, i can hear it now:

coach to kid: "So where else are you considering playing ball next year? Kansas? are you sure about that. Look what happened to Josh Selby, He came into KU as a unanimous top 5 player and a consensus lottery pick. Bill Self hardly let him get off the bench and Selby slipped into the second round, the same thing can happen to you."

on the flip side, if selby does go high in the draft:

Self to kid: "Look kid, ive got alot of talented players that play your position on my roster already. if you show me your a better player then they are right now you'll play. If you don't you wont. But regardless of how much time you see on the court, My coaching staff will get you ready for the NBA next year. Look what we did for Josh Selby"

those are both powerful talking points, lets hope it'll be self doing the talking.

HawkKlaw 7 years, 1 month ago

I don't think any rational person that watched KU this season would blame Bill Self for Selby's inability to get off the bench. First of all he was suspended for 9 games. After the suspension, he was playing some good basketball and Self was letting him start (and giving him lots of minutes at the expense of other more consistent/proven players). Then Selby got injured, and the injury plagued him throughout the season, causing him to never really get back in the flow. That's why he didn't play as much in the 2nd half of the season. It wasn't Bill Self's fault in any way, shape, or form. I don't think a coach could have handled Selby any better than Self did. He tried to get Selby in as much as possible, but when you've got far more consistent players (that aren't injured) on your bench, you have to go with them over an injured potential star like Selby. And from Selby's quotes, it sounds like he has a lot of respect for Bill Self. I mean, in the end, Selby is going to the NBA, which was his goal from the start. I think he's glad he had a coach like Self who tried his best to put Josh in a position to succeed, and I think other recruits definitely recognize that (sure didn't scare McLemore away).

Mike Bratisax 7 years, 1 month ago

Different player involved but Coach K got a lot more from Irving w/only 11 games. I'm sticking with my opinion that Self & Selby really never clicked.

ahpersecoachingexperience 7 years, 1 month ago

Black helicopter theory: after the ncaa tells josh about his 9 game suspension they also tell him he will be one and done or they will investigate this a little futher.


could you imagine the recruiting nightmare if selby does go early in the draft and we had him sitting on our bench.


he needs to thank some big name players who were projected lottery picks that decided not to turn pro

HawkKlaw 7 years, 1 month ago

I think it is way too early to tell if Selby will be great in the NBA or not. I wish him the best of luck. It sucks that things didn't work out great at KU, but in a few years Selby has the potential to be a great NBA player (not saying its a guarantee or anything). There was a huge discrepancy between how awesome Selby played in high school and how poorly he played at KU. I honestly believe that this year was a fluke for Josh, and that he will bounce back. He may not see a lot of the court in his first couple of years in the NBA (heck, he may even go down to the d-league), but if we are honest with ourselves, I think most of us would admit that Selby's potential is limitless. He showed us a glimpse of it during the USC game. Do you remember how loud AFH got when Selby came in? I was there and it was pretty damn loud (by no means the loudest I've ever heard at AFH, but respectable nonetheless). I hope one day he'll be a dominant player in the NBA on a good team so I can root for him in the playoffs (basically the only time I watch the NBA unless its Paul Pierce and the Celtics playing a decent team like LA or Chicago...) Goodbye Josh, and best of luck!

CardHawkFan 7 years, 1 month ago

Good luck Josh! He's already made the decision to leave folks. No sense in speculation. The kid WILL pay for play somewhere and when the media guides mentioning how many players KU has sent on to the NBA or professional basketball, his name will be included. It is what it is, so how about instead of making him wish he'd never been here, let's give him a reason to feel like he had a home here, even if it was just for a year. Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk!

justanotherfan 7 years, 1 month ago

I realize a lot of people see Josh Selby as a disappointment, but I see him fighting through an injury plagued year, never complaining or becoming a distraction, doing whatever he was asked, whether it be starting or coming off the bench.

I also see him as phenomenally talented. We have known for quite some time that Keegan doesn't know how to judge basketball talent. But watch these highlights of Selby in high school. Ignore the competition. Just watch his speed, quickness, explosiveness and how high he's jumping. Pay special attention to how sudden his moves are.

Check out this video of Selby dunking on a guy. Watch at 0:05. Now think back to the NCAA tournament vs. Illinois when Selby was out on the break. He had a guy lined up, but instead of dunking, he did a double clutch layup. Why? He wasn't healthy. That play summed up Selby's season for me. When healthy, that guy would have gotten dunked on. But without his bounce, Selby had to resort to a much more difficult move to finish. I think once he gets healthy, Selby will be quick and explosive again, and will be a tough cover.

On a side note, I think the suspension also helped Selby out the door. The NCAA's draconian rules are only encouraging guys to leave because honestly, unless you already have a pretty secure financial future, you don't have many other options. Any job you get will likely be investigated to make sure you aren't making too much, or that you didn't get a job because of your position as an athlete, or that you aren't working for a prominent alum or booster or whatever. The only other option is to take the NBA money.

WilburNether 7 years, 1 month ago

We are about to see which NBA general manager is stupid enough to take a kid who played part of one season in college, and never established that he could play at the Division I level.

Oh, yeah, I forgot, it's all about "potential."

Stupid, just stupid.

Woody Cragg 7 years, 1 month ago

From the use of the words stupid and idiot in every post you put on this board, some might say you have a rather obvious intillectual inferiority complex and are simply making yourself feel better when you do so. Maybe you've no one to talk to at home or maybe you really are smarter than all of the professional basketball coaches, scouts & GM's. If that's the case then why are you wasting your time & resources on the internet? Hopefully you're finacially independant & don't need to make a good living. Despite what anyone on the planet says, Josh is not only following a dream that few in life can, plus he'll make a helluva lot of money for an extremely bright future. How can your conscience allow you to bash a kid for that? If you want to be a jerk-off go somewhere else because these kids DO read this message board and they don't need to hear some a$$hole who's simply nothing more than a wannabe. Some people have something to say, and others just have to say something. Go somewhere else-like misery and post.

shinguard 7 years, 1 month ago

When we are all done analyzing all that is wrong with Josh, the NBA and college basketball, take a look at Wayne Simien on

What a great way to put all this in perspective. A must see.

Wayne, Everyday, you do Jayhawk Nation proud!

KUbsee69 7 years, 1 month ago

And Keegan slips in another "Bonnie Bash", in an article about Josh.

Stop it ... just stop it.

Cody Stumma 7 years, 1 month ago

Watch, I'm going to laugh if he gets passed up in the NBA Draft.

Steve Corder 7 years, 1 month ago

Mostly, it's about the money. Everyone should hope for the best for Selby, and from a scan of these comments I think most do.

Wilt left KU early for the money (Globetrotters). For the exceptional athlete (heck, for most parents today they dream of the "big-time" for their little athlete in AAU or "Little League") the lure of professional sports has always been a dream, regardless of NCAA rules (1, 2 or 3 years). Education will remain secondary. Tension is created between that reason which KU was founded (generating the loyalty, love & admiration that most alums have) and the athletes dream of glory from which legends are made as well as Hollywood movies.

Jason Brinker 7 years, 1 month ago

There's really no reason to be bitter about Selby leaving. Everyone knew he was a likely OAD recruit. Yeah, he didn't have the season everyone expected him to have, but oh well. He obviously wasn't happy at KU. If he doesn't want to be at KU, then it's best for everyone that he leaves. The last thing we need is someone who may interfere with next year's team chemistry.

One has to wonder if things between him and Self were a bit tense. According to the other article, he had his mom call Self to give him the news before he posted it on Twitter. He didn't even have the decency to man up and call coach Self himself? That's my only beef with his decision. At least have the common courtesy to talk to your coach yourself and not have your mommy do it.

Aside from that, I wish Josh well. I think he'll do fine in the NBA. It may take him a couple years to establish himself, but he obviously has the talent. A lot of people seemed to think he should come back for one more year before making the jump. Yeah, that might have helped his draft stock, but the fact remains that the NBA potential was there. Unfortunately due to the suspension and injuries, he didn't have a standout year. Let's not forget the fact that he got bent over by the NCAA dragging their feet on his case for so long. He missed a lot of practice time b/c his investigation took so long. Had they rendered their decision and suspended him a lot earlier, he could have still practiced with the team a lot longer. That certainly wouldn't have hurt his development any.

If there is an NBA lockout this year, let's hope the NBA and NCAA can work something out in the next collective bargaining agreement so this OAD crap isn't an issue going forward. Let kids jump straight to the NBA out of high school if they're ready. But if they choose to go to college, make it mandatory that they stay 2 or 3 years. I think Self has talked about that idea before. Don't let agents contract with high school kids until after the draft, so if a high schooler isn't drafted, they still have the option to play college ball instead of having to head overseas or to the D-league. Making kids go to college one year before they turn pro just isn't an improvement over the way it worked before that rule was implemented. All it creates is kids who don't want to be in college having to put in their time and in a lot of cases, they're putting themselves above the team so they can showcase their talent to the NBA scouts.

Chris Bailey 7 years, 1 month ago

I've actually liked the last few articles Keegan has written. I realize the fans don't always agree with what he says but how many of the posters on here really think Selby is ready for the NBA? I, like Keegan, have no clue what they see in drafting him. I do remember his first game he showed the flashes of what I had hoped was to come. I wish Josh good luck in the NBA and he will always be a Jayhawk! RCJHKU!

63Jayhawk 7 years, 1 month ago

I really DO NOT understand all of the negative comments about Selby. We knew when he came that it was for one year only. Yes, he probably would have gone straight to the NBA out of high school if he could. But he couldn't, and he chose KU as the best place to spend that year. He came to KU because he WANTED to come to KU.

Some mistakes were made before he got to KU that cost him nine very valuable weeks. Those mistakes were never hidden. The staff was aware of them before he became a Jayhawk.

He was injured for much of the season. He NEVER had a chance to get comfortable playing with the team in games.

Had he not missed all of that time, all of you who are putting Josh down would be talking about what a great player he is...and crying because he's leaving.

Josh is going to have a GREAT pro career. Be glad for him. Be proud of him as one of us. Cheer his success. Invite him back for celebrations.

I want him to be successful as a pro. I want him to proud that he came to Kansas. I want his success to help Coach Self recruit other great players.

So, GET OVER you disappointment that his success at Kansas was not what we all hoped it would be. GET OVER your disappointment that he won't be here another year.


stedman15 7 years, 1 month ago

The mock draft sites have him going in the second round, which means that any contract he gets will be non-guaranteed. Whoever told him to declare is a fool.

Jason Brinker 7 years, 1 month ago

Mario Chalmers left early and was a 2nd round pick and he's doing just fine...

Jocelyn Kennedy 7 years, 1 month ago

Sure will make watching this year's draft a little more exciting! Good Luck to you, Josh!!

kubball99 7 years, 1 month ago

Found this interesting comment in an article from Rivals:

"None of the past three national champions appear on our list of teams hit hardest by early entries. North Carolina lost four underclassmen to the draft from 2006-10, but 2007 lottery pick Brandan Wright is the only one-and-done player from that group. The Tar Heels won the 2009 national title largely because Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Danny Green chose to stay in school rather than entering the draft after reaching the Final Four in 2008. Duke's only two early entries over the past five drafts are sophomore Josh McRoberts in 2007 and junior Gerald Henderson in 2009, though freshman Kyrie Irving will join that group this year. Connecticut has produced four early entries over the past five years, a group that featured four juniors and one sophomore. The Huskies would not have won the national title this season had Kemba Walker not stayed for his junior season. Walker has indicated he will turn pro rather than returning for his final year of eligibility." Kansas ranks #7.

Seems like the one and done route may not be the best route to the promiss land. Butler would certainly add strength to this argument.

kubball99 7 years, 1 month ago

Found this interesting comment in an article from Rivals:

"None of the past three national champions appear on our list of teams hit hardest by early entries. North Carolina lost four underclassmen to the draft from 2006-10, but 2007 lottery pick Brandan Wright is the only one-and-done player from that group. The Tar Heels won the 2009 national title largely because Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Danny Green chose to stay in school rather than entering the draft after reaching the Final Four in 2008. Duke's only two early entries over the past five drafts are sophomore Josh McRoberts in 2007 and junior Gerald Henderson in 2009, though freshman Kyrie Irving will join that group this year. Connecticut has produced four early entries over the past five years, a group that featured four juniors and one sophomore. The Huskies would not have won the national title this season had Kemba Walker not stayed for his junior season. Walker has indicated he will turn pro rather than returning for his final year of eligibility." Kansas ranks #7.

Seems like the one and done route may not be the best route to the promiss land. Butler would certainly add strength to this argument.

Ty Mar 7 years, 1 month ago

Get over it. He didn't have a chance to do what he is capable of doing because of suspensions, broken hand, foot injury. He's 100% now and destroying the workouts. You mad? I can't wait to see Josh play in the NBA! Rock Chalk!

Brett Forreal 7 years, 1 month ago

Yes, Selby did cost KU something, the Turner kid that was almost a lock for KU and then went to Zona.

kubball99 7 years, 1 month ago


Don't get me wrong, I personally believe one and dones can work in Self's system and that staying away from them is a mistake. If the ultimate goal is to win a championship every year, going the OAD route like Kentucky has, may not be the best approach. I think having talented guys on the roster is key to winning a title, but having a team full of them may not prove to be the best way to a championship. While Kenctucky has been good for the past several years, the old adage that experience is key seems to hold true more often than not, which is what I think this article is getting at.

I'm happy Selby came to KU and disappointed he left, however it was his decision to make about what he feels is best for HIS future. I think we all knew there was a good chance he would be gone after this year, but I think he would have benefited from staying another year and I would have loved him to be in a Jayhawk uniform again.

Ultimately, I think changing the one and done rule in college/NBA basketball will make the game better, both on the college and NBA level. College teams get more than 1 year to develop a kid and they don't have to worry about taking on kids who are just biding their time until they can go to the NBA. I also think NBA teams can take guys they think have potential and develop them the way they want. In the end, I think the CBA will change this rule and hopefully make college basketball better over the long run.

HawkKlaw 7 years, 1 month ago

Good to see some people on here defending Josh a bit. Give the kid a break, people! Selby did exactly what we all thought he would do. He played at KU for 1 year, and now he's going pro. That has always been the plan. Don't fault Selby for the stupid one year rule. He would have gone pro straight out of high school if it were possible (which it should be).

People making negative comments stating that they hope Josh fails/goes to the d-league/goes to Europe/doesn't get drafted seem like fair-weather fans to me. Nobody was complaining when Josh chose to come to KU. Now, just because he had a disappointing season and is still going to get drafted, people are acting like bitter ex-girlfriends/boyfriends.

Think about it, if he would have stayed, people would be saying, "well, I hope he learns how to play Division 1 ball!" And he would have to deal with that the entire offseason. However, since he's leaving, KU "fans" are flat-out making fun of the guy and wishing him the worst. Its a lose-lose for Josh Selby, which isn't fair IMO.

If you're going to be mad at anything, be mad at the NBA for having this stupid one year rule. It hurts college basketball far more than it helps, and it really doesn't do a whole lot for talent in the NBA either. I wish more players would do it like Brandon Jennings and play in Europe for a year. I think college basketball would be a whole lot better. (NBA would probably still suck just as much, but who really cares? The NBA is only competitive during the playoffs anyway.)

jhox 7 years, 1 month ago

I told my son today, exactly what the scout was telling Keegan. Selby will likely go to the NBA work outs and blow them away with his athleticism, and may even work his way into a lottery pick. We did see flashes of that athleticism. Unfortunately, it was usually when he was a bit out of control. I was at the KU-OSU game in the Big 12 tourney, and at one point he blew by someone, put on a lightning quick spin move and laid it off the glass, he missed, and I believe he was called for a charge (poor call with a guy too far under the basket defensively to have gotten the call.) Self immediately pulled him, but I remembered thinking "that is the athleticism we've all been hearing about." It was quicker than any move I've ever seen Taylor make.

Let's not forget, he was just starting to play well prior to the foot injury. He was taking on more of the point guard duties and I thought it was the point in the season when KU was playing its best basketball. Selby was fitting in with what the offense was trying to do. The foot injury clearly slowed him the rest of the conference season, and he basically played the entire season without really even getting into mid season form.. He only started to get that explosivness back about the time the Big 12 tournament started.

Personally, I think he should have come back one more year. I really think he could have assured himself of being a top 10 pick. On the other hand, with the lockout looming, there are a lot of guys sticking around and next year's draft will be loaded.

Bottom line, I think he'll be a first round draft choice. I doubt he'll play a lot initially because I'm not sure he's ready, but hopefully hell develop into a good NBA player. If I have one reservation about him, it is whether or not he's coachable. I did see a lot of frustration from Self this year in dealing with him, and Josh's body language in reaction to Self wasn't always the best. Of course, the NBA is full of guys who don't necessarily take well to coaching. The very best NBA players do allow themselves to be coached. I hope I'm wrong about that side of Josh, because if he does open himself up to coaching, he has the potential to be a very good NBA player.

I do wish him the best. I would never root against a kid who thought enough of KU to come play here in the first place. I hope he becomes a star, and speaks well of his time at KU.

Kip_McSmithers 7 years, 1 month ago

Twitter is blowing up with reports about Royce transferring...

douglas6280 7 years, 1 month ago

It will be hard to replace Selby. Guards who are poor ballhandlers/passers, don't defend well, and are streak shooters are tough to come by.

Mike Bratisax 7 years, 1 month ago

If Duke's Irving is the 1st pick as some mock drafts have him, then I could very easily see Selby going in the first round. Neither Selby nor KU did much good for themselves in this situation. I'm sure there will be some top pgs will think twice about coming to KU. Big men thrive here, guards not so much.

Hank Cross 7 years, 1 month ago

Keegan's point about 'meriting' an NBA uniform is nonsense. The NBA makes its determination on whether a player has the ability and athleticism to play in the League. It doesn't make a difference if a player stayed for four years, became the poster boy for his school's program, etc. All that matters is if there is enough information to make a positive determination about a player's abilities. If a positive determination is made, his college experience and its length are irrelevant. Kobe and KG didn't need one minute of college ball to become the players they became.

People are quick to point out how many OADs have been busts, but there have been upperclassmen lottery/high draft picks that have gone bust as well. Laetner had one of the most storied careers in college BB history, yet was bascially a journeyman in the NBA.

There is a case to be made that college ball can actually make a player look better than they are thanks to the storyline, awards, etc. Right now I bet there are people in the Jazz organization who have serious concerns about whether Jimmer is quick and athletic enough to play in the NBA. Yet, they know that if the Jazz doesn't draft him if he's available, the fans will have a meltdown.

John Randall 7 years, 1 month ago

What the Fredette kid was doing before this year was putting the ball in the basket a lot more often than other players, and moving forward in other aspects of the game.

I think the Reddick kid from Duke is a good comparison and the 'Zaga guy (Morrison?) a good contrast –– virtually even as college players, entirely different when it became time to get better at a higher level.

With a few years of hard work, one is becoming a regular part of the rotation on a team in the mix for deep playoff run. With the expectation of 'I'm already good enough' the other is the answer to a trivia question, but still an inspiration for diabetes patients.

Mike Bratisax 7 years, 1 month ago

Interesting and well done. I consider myself a better than average NCAA BB fan in terms of knowledge..that isn't saying much. I know we have some coaches and super knowledgeable fans here. I've seen a lot of great college players fall short in the isn't the same game. I think Selby will be a much better player than Jimmer in the NBA. Time will prove that either way. Ralster..your comment on Tyler Hansbrough is exactly what I am talking about.

KUsmoothies 7 years, 1 month ago

Two mice fell into a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drown, the 2nd mouse fought so hard he churned that cream into butter, and he walked out.

Eric Bernauer 7 years, 1 month ago

It amazes me the obvious immaturity of some of the posters on these boards. Because a player disappoints us and our huge expectations, some think it okay to attack a 19 year old young man. I'm guessing most know him not at all, have probably only been as close to him as a television screen and yet on these boards he has been called a joke, immature, and a clown. Some are out and out hoping he will fail in the NBA. Why? I'd say these comments reflect more on the posters than on Selby. Are they jealous that he will be making millions even though he didn't lead their team to the championship? Some will point out it is their right to point out Selby's mistakes, that it is their right to make personal attacks as if they are defending the First Admendment. Of course these who attack others in such personal ways reflect their own lack of maturity. I'm betting most do not even have the skill to make a high school team and yet they will tell you they know exactly what a NBA prospect who has sought out professional advice should do. Any of you people denigrating Selby have any sort of professional or even any collegiate sports experience?

KUsmoothies 7 years, 1 month ago

KU fans aren't use to players caring so little about our program, I think that's why people are lashing out so much at Selby. Personally, I said a couple harsh things about Selby after I heard that he was leaving that I wish I wouldn't have said. Bottom line is that we are just upset. We are some of the most passionate fans in the country. We want our players to be just as passionate about our program, but after the smoke clears I think we will, for the most part, all support Selby and wish him the best.

hawksince51 7 years, 1 month ago

When Selby announced on national TV he was coming to KU (I believe it was at the McD's AA game) my immediate reaction was I hoped he would do well for us in one year, but I was very skeptical. That skepticism was based on the year X had just had. The hype and build-up for these two was similar and it was well known that we would have them for one year only. The results speak for themselves--we got far less out of Selby than we did out of X. And it is not just these two players. For whatever reason, KU and Self do not seem to be able to capitalize on the talent that these high potential freshmen bring. In spite of their great contributions beyond their first year, how much did Rush, Wright, Chalmers, the Twins, and many others really contribute their freshman year? IMHO, none were much better than average their first year, but all became really good or great as sophomores. This is not a knock on Self as a coach but rather as a recruiter. I feel he is wasting scholarships and playing time on OAD'ers that would be better used on players interested in staying around long enough to contribute to his system. I would rather see KU be more like the mid-majors who knock us off so often in the NCAA's with solid upper junior and senior players. Let UK continue to fall flat on their face with the OAD'ers.

Janet Olin 7 years, 1 month ago

I am sorry that Josh sustained injuries and suspensions that kept him from demonstrating his skill set. KU fans, players, and coaches supported him and cheered for him. I have no problem with him chasing his dream,especially since he didn't get to 'show his stuff' this year. I object to him insulting all the coaches and players who stood by him in a sub-par year by blowing off the banquet, and then announcing his draft declaration via Twitter, while he had his mom deliver the bad news to Coach Self. That is so junior high, no class.

Mike Bratisax 7 years, 1 month ago

It could have been done better janetsjazz but I don't think Selby and Self ever had a tight connection. That doesn't excuse it but it is what it is (I hate that phrase).

Jaminrawk 7 years, 1 month ago

The funniest thing to me is the "endorsements" from the guy at Impact. What is he supposed to say? That Selby was terrible? It's better for the place Selby has been training at to see him picked high so they can keep getting paid by prospects to prep for the NBA draft there.

Marty Sedlacek 7 years, 1 month ago

Josh was the greatest recruit in the Bill Self era. An athletic freak, with first step explosion that is tailor made for the NBA.

His, is an NBA skillset, that just doesn't translate to college ball -- where defenders are allowed to slide under the player to take a charge. This kid is a future star in the NBA and I will be proud to say "He played at KU". Well done Josh, and thanks for being a Jayhawk!

shinguard 7 years, 1 month ago

Call me crazy but this sounds too much like a girl I "dated" in college.

Went out with her for months and thought she could be the one. My life would have been great. Can you imaging coming back from the bars and being able to drunk-dial her? Forget that fact that, in all this time, shehad never put out. I would just have be patient and one day my hopes and dreams would come true.

Woke up one morining and realized that, all this time, she was really after another guy. I hated that guy as the womanizer would just sleep around and cheat - cheat like ther was no tomorrow. The drugs that guy must have been taking to keep from getting VD must have been unreal. She was just using me to get to him - ouch!

It hurt.

She did use me - and everybody knew.

Now what? Who would want to date me knowing that I had just been played.

After after months of dating (lets hypothecitally call her) Shelby, I realized that the only thing I had to gain was being able to say... "Guess what? I am dating Shelby". Eventhough I never even got to first based with her after all this time.

Now I come to find out that Shelby is already going down on that other dude and he hasn't even bought her dinner.

okiedave 7 years, 1 month ago

The rest of the story. Shelby and the other dude married but it ended in divorce a year later. I hear she is now dating a somebody in Spain or Greece.

jayhawkintexas 7 years, 1 month ago

Top Ten Least Likely Things to Happen in the Next Twelve Months:

  1. Lasting peace occurs in the Middle East
  2. Sarah Palin declares that she is a Democract and has been a closet Democrat all these years
  3. China forgives all U.S. Debt
  4. Congress balances the federal budget
  5. Snooki enters a convent
  6. David Hasselhoff wins Best Actor award
  7. Royals win the World Series
  8. Donald Trump gets hair transplant
  9. Gasoline prices drop to 32 cents per gallon
  10. Josh Selby pays dues to the KU Alumni Association

LngTimeFan 7 years, 1 month ago

Commenta about attacks on Josh are ridiculous. No one here wishes Josh bad luck in his career. I sure don't. I don't feel Josh is at all ready for proball. He was not even successful against even average guards in the Big 12 this season. He was a turnover waiting to happen and his defense was only OK. He has potential for sure, but he sure needs some maturation. There are hundreds of guards his size playing pro ball at the lower levels who are much better than he. Good luck Josh, hope it works out for you.

Jabez Harlan 7 years, 1 month ago

Copied and pasted from Jason King's column on regarding the best and worst decisions on entering the NBA draft or returning to NCAA.

Josh Selby was the first player under bad decisions.

Here is the link; enjoy;_ylt=AmXxsZ3yidbpy6zzYmVzGujevbYF?slug=jn-king_nba_draft_sidney_makes_right_decision_others_dont_041611

Bad decisions

Josh Selby, Kansas, going – In his one season at Kansas, Selby didn’t come close to proving he was capable of playing in the NBA. Not all of that was his fault. He missed the first nine games because of an NCAA-mandated suspension, then suffered a stress fracture that affected his play during the final two months of the season. He could be every bit as good as he was projected to be coming out of high school. Still, another year of college would’ve done wonders for Selby, but he isn’t mature enough to realize it. The majority of the criticism for this decision should be directed not at Selby, but toward his advisors – and the team that drafts him.

David Leathers 7 years, 1 month ago

I may be completely wrong here, but I honestly don't see why Selby couldn't be a decent NBA player. BUT, if the NBA drafts on potential, I would put the Twins going #1 and #2. Look 3 years ago at the maturity level (non-existent) and skill set (stuggling big bodies, with little to no B-Ball IQ) and then look at them now. IMHO, TT would be a first round (if he left of course, thanks for staying) this year and Selby: middle to late 2nd.

Scott Smetana 7 years, 1 month ago

Harrison Barnes staying in college... smart people he's around.

NBA Riches for Josh = $200K or less after taxes and expenses $40K maybe a year after that in the Developmental NBA. $15K /year as assistant high school coach year.


Exposure, training, great times, teammates and coaches who care, fans that are real, League and national championships. $$$ as a lottery pick.

Lance Hobson 7 years ago

You are using logic and common sense. Most of these kids lack that, which is one of the reasons they're all bankrupt after their NBA career ends. In Josh's case, it may be before it ever begins. Even if he does get drafted I see him ending up like JR Giddens.

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