Texas defeats Kansas, 51-20

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 21, 2009
  • Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, Austin, TX

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Longhorns roll over embattled KU

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino (right) walks off the field at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium with coaching staff member Joe Vaughn following the Jayhawks' 51-20 loss to Texas.

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino (right) walks off the field at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium with coaching staff member Joe Vaughn following the Jayhawks' 51-20 loss to Texas.


KU football competes but falls at Texas

KU football put up a fight but was overwhelmed by a more talented Texas squad, 51-20, on Saturday night in Austin.

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— Mark Mangino could have used a break Saturday night.

During a week in which KU athletic director Lew Perkins announced he was launching an investigation into the behavior of the eighth-year coach — who, among other things, is alleged to have poked his finger into the chest of senior linebacker Arist Wright during a practice several weeks ago — a single piece of good news certainly would have been welcomed.

Unfortunately for Mangino — the only coach in Div. I history to be named national coach of the year and the nation’s top assistant — he didn’t get one.

The Jayhawks lost for the sixth straight time Saturday, falling 51-20 to No. 3 Texas, and with the university’s ongoing investigation growing hairier by the day, there has been widespread speculation that — depending on the outcome of assistant athletic director/risk management Lori Williams’ ongoing investigation — Mangino’s time as Kansas’ coach is nearing an end.

Still, the eight-year coach wasn’t feeling sorry for himself following Saturday’s loss.

“Let me tell you something that’s really important that’s on my mind,” he said. “I have a player — D.J. Marshall — who’s in Tulsa, Okla., in a cancer center. He just started his chemotherapy this week.

“That’s called a bad week. I’ve had a great week.”

In light of various allegations from former players involving the coach’s abusive behavior, however, “great” might be pushing it.

Still, asked whether he thought Mangino should finish out the season as the Jayhawks’ coach — the Jayhawks take on Missouri next weekend in their final opportunity to gain bowl-eligibility — senior defensive back Justin Thornton said, “I think he should stick around ’til the last of the season. I don’t think there’s sense in starting up any commotion and stuff. I honestly wish none of this came up in the middle of the season. I think it’s something that could have waited until we were done. We only had two or three games left when this whole situation came up.

“(Mangino’s) in a tough situation, (and) we’re all in a tough situation,” Thornton added. “It’s tough on all of us. It’s not just Mangino’s issue. This is a Kansas University football program issue.”

Even as the media swarmed and various developments became public this week, however, Mangino remained steadfast in his insistence that his focus hadn’t shifted from beating Texas and leading the Jayhawks to their sixth victory of the season.

And for a while Saturday, it looked like Kansas might be able to make a game of it.

Two minutes into the second quarter, the Longhorns held just a four-point lead, 7-3, and were struggling to move the ball offensively, punting on their first possession and fumbling the ball away on their third.

But then came a 38-yard touchdown pass from Texas quarterback Colt McCoy to receiver Jordan Shipley. Then came a 49-yard field goal from kicker Hunter Lawrence, and a Cody Johnson one-yard touchdown run, and before long, the Longhorns held a 24-6 lead that would never be in jeopardy.

A number of missed opportunities for KU, meanwhile, along with a much-hyped Texas defense that turned out to be as good as advertised, and at the end of the day, it was all too much for the Jayhawks to handle.

“It’s not the way we wanted things to turn out,” said KU quarterback Todd Reesing, who threw for 256 yards but failed to throw a touchdown. “We played an extremely good team today. I’m sure they’re poised to head off to the national championship.”

Mangino’s postgame walk from the field, meanwhile, took a little longer than usual Saturday night.

He spoke at length with Texas coach Mack Brown at midfield, met an awaiting McCoy for another few moments and was stopped on numerous occasions by Longhorns assistants, who were liberal with back-slaps and handshakes.

Before long, however, as players began to clear the field and the crowd began to disperse, the coach made his way slowly across the turf and through the visitors’ tunnel.

And then he was gone.


Toto_the_great 11 years, 2 months ago

Even with a victory over Missery, we probably will miss out on a bowl... correct? We will be 10th in the Big 12 with only 8 guaranteed bowls for the Big 12?

thmdmph 11 years, 2 months ago

Lew Perkins has done many good things for KU (much more good than bad). But I think he majorly miss manage this situation. I can only hope that it's not his personal relationship with coach that brings this on at this time. Even if it's the 5 (now 6) straight losses and a very disappointing season, the management and timing of this fiasco is still bad. Nothing good is going to come out of this for the KU program and the school, unless Mack Brown signs on with KU if Mangino leaves.

number1jayhawker 11 years, 2 months ago

Toto, there are 8 teams in the Big12 qualified for bowl games right now and we are the only other team that can become bowl eligible. ksu is not because they played two Div II teams and only one can count as a win.

If we beat Misery, then we will be the 9th team qualified. The only way we will go to a bowl game is if UT is in the Championship game and OSU goes to the Fiesta bowl.

OSU needs to beat OU and hope they are selected over a team like Iowa.

Brad Avery 11 years, 2 months ago

"along with a much-hyped Texas defense that turned out to be as good as advertised, and at the end of the day, it was all too much for the Jayhawks to handle." Huh? I only watched the second half, but it appeared KU was able to move the ball as consistently against Texas as it did against any of the other defensive "giants" they've faced, like K-State and Nebraska. It was Texas's offense, aided by a bogus roughing the passer call in the third quarter, which appeared unstoppable.

A disappointing letdown all season by the seniors who were supposed to propel the program to the next level. At times, a serious lack of "want to."

IowaJayhawker 11 years, 2 months ago

Bowl game, no bowl game. Mangino, no Mangino. I really only have one thing to say that I believe almost all of us will agree on:

It is Mizzery week!

Beat Mizzou, Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

Aaron Carpenter 11 years, 2 months ago

Why do you continually bring up the finger to the chest? I cannot believe that incident is making any news whatsoever. Maybe Mangino should be fired for not saying "have a nice day" to the grocery store clerk, or maybe he forgot to change the toilet paper roll. All much more serious offenses than poking a football player in the chest. We have a BF with a hyphenated last name as chancellor whose heart bleeds heavily. I'm sure they will remove Mangino now. Thanks for the years Mark, I wish you would stay.

KJRFC 11 years, 2 months ago

Does anyone out there seriously want to watch KU play another football game? What is all this garbage-talk about playing in a bowl game? Does a team that will finish DFL in the God-awful Big XII North deserve to play more football, all for a few extra bucks? Teams that finish 6-6 shouldn't go bowling. What a f-ing joke! Playing in a post-season bowl game is a reward for a successful season. Even if we beat Fizzou next week, this season is the furthest thing from a success that I can think of. I hate everything about Texas, but I hope they show the rest of the country just how awful football is north of Oklahoma.


As a KU alum. and living in SEC/ACC country, I am flat-out embarrassed and tired of having to answer with an explaination when people ask me, "What's going on with your football team?" I can't believe that our players (former and/or current) have come forth with this huge load of crap, and the one person who took us out of the dark days of Terry Allen is going to take the fall. Do you think Urban Meyer, Mac Brown, Nic Saban, Trussell, Stoops, Carroll and company pass out cookies and pats-on-the-back after each football practice? THIS IS D1 FOOTBALL!!! It is truely sad that our players' lack of execusion on the field and the squandering of a golden opportunity to make history in a down B12 N will be the undoing of this up-to-6-games-ago memorable team. The players' willingness to feed the media with the fact that Mangino was mean to them a few times will cause us to likely lose this talented coach. Look in the mirror and then point the finger. What a bunch of skirts!!!

What's even worse is Lew is entertaining all of this and will make Mangino his scape-goat. If Mangino comes into your home next year and wants your son at KU, won't you as a parent be wondering now if your kid will be treated well? This fiasco will destroy recruiting under Mangino, so Lew is going to have to let him go for the future of the program. Nice work, you soft, childish, losers. Have fun in the real word trying to be successful when you blame everyone else for your flaws.

Two things to look forward to: 1) Basketball is here and a NC title is on the way. 2) Football changes to the eaiser side of our unbalanced Big XII South schedule for the next two years. Great time to break in a new coach, but I wish (and still hope) we don't have to. Lew, be a man and keep Mangino, fire some coordinators/assistant coaches instead.

Rock Chalk.

Bee Bee 11 years, 2 months ago


Excellent post and AMEN! This disaster of a season has been made worse by Perkins and THE SOFT, SO CALLED FOOTBALL PLAYERS on this team.

I think they all should be flown to MCRD in San Diego and introduced the the DRILL INSTRUCTORS of the Marine Corps!! Then they can see first hand what DISCIPLINE AND HARD WORK ARE ALL ABOUT!

You want to talk about SCREAMING, YELLING AND, "BEING MEAN!" A poke in the chest or a slap on the helmet would be a vacation compared to a couple months of BOOT CAMP!

Time for some hoops! RCJHKU!

Steven Jackson 11 years, 2 months ago


Excellent synopsis and post.


I was excoriated the other day for comparing football to military tactics and strategy. Apparently to many fans don't get it. They accuse one of being Republican if such a metaphor is profered. (Great Post)

crofts_30 11 years, 2 months ago

I do agree that the players are being soft, KJRFC you made an excellent post I am in the Marine Corp and you are right that being slapped on the helmet is a hell of a lot easier then getting yelled and screamed at all day every day for 3 months. Knowing what its like to play high school football for a good team that expects a lot of you as a player, all of these players on the roster had to of played on a team with a coach that yelled and cussed, so to have Mangino put his finger in your chest, i have no problem with that and neither should the player get the sand out of your vagina. At least Self has his team in line, and we should be expecting another Banner in that rafters this April [ROCK CHALK]

Omari Miller 11 years, 2 months ago

If you didn't believe that Mangino was gone when the investigation started, I think you have to admit that he sealed his doom when, in response to former players challenging his fitness to be head couach (including 3-year starters, team captains, etc.) he blamed the players and their parents. Nothing sells better on the recruiting trail than a morbidly obese coach who never played college ball, that takes shots at former starters and captains... and their parents when under fire.

I'm not trying to take a cheap shot at Mangino. I appreciate what he's done for the program and have supported him over the years. But the situation is what it is now. The point is, he's done a good deal of digging of his own grave.

Some of us seem to continue to remain beligerently opposed to the idea that the investigation is now so much more than a poke in the chest. The reason this story has developed real legs is because there have been so many former players (ranging from program heroes to heels) that have come out and said that Mangino isn't the guy to lead the program to the next level.

That said, I'm sure nobody reading or contributing here has the wherewithal to make that call one way or the other. The man who the university has charged with that responsibility has apparently already determined that Mangino has made his contributions to the program and it's time for someone else to pick up the ball and run with it.

And in response to the kneejerk reactions that are so anxious to point out that Lew is about the money... Uh, duh. Of course he is. He was hired to be the lead executive in the business of what we as ardent fans call KU athletics. Because of what he did at UConn and because of what he's done at KU, he was named by Time as the best AD in college sports and one of the best sports professionals across all categories.

That's not to say that we have to love everything he does. But that is to say that we're fans with and tend to have a different sensibility. Using an investigation such as the one underway now as part of a strategy to replace the head coach without having to shell out all of the $6 million that it would otherwise cost to do so may sound repugnant to many of us, but that's business. And when that "savings" ends up being spent on removing the track (the pet project of so many of us here), adding seats, extending the bowl, etc., who will be standing, beating their chest, yelling to the rafters about how business needs to be taken out of KU sports.

Omari Miller 11 years, 2 months ago

A few other posters have hit the nail on the head when they pointed out that if we want a top tier football program, with the best facilities, the best coaches and coordinators, consistently providing the highest level of results, we're going to have to see fat wallets opening up on a regular basis, the rest of us filling a larger Memorial Stadium, big money bowl appearances and the like.

We oohed and ahed at the new football complex. We cheered the renovations and additions to AFH. And whether any of us like it or not, Lew has decided the next step for KU football in particular and KU Athletics in general is to replace Mangino. This much is a done deal. Crying in our beer about it isn't going to accomplish much. The only thing to do now is hope that we get a great coach that can take the program to the next level without skipping a beat. From recruiting, to hiring the right staff and coordinators, to game management. Who's that going to be? I think that's the more interesting speculation.

The conjecture I think we've particularly had enough of is the petty thinking that because KU has a Chancellor that's a woman and black, she's designed a conspiracy to oust our beloved football coach. Get a grip of yourself... in other ways than you typically would on a lazy Sunday morning, sitting on your couch. That biggoted and chauvinistic correlation is not only illusory and offensive, but it just doesn't stand to reason.

JBurtin 11 years, 2 months ago

I've been a Mark Mangino fan from day one, but I think we're simply past the point of no return on this one. I really hate to see him go because I've thoroughly enjoyed watching his teams these past few years.

I'll always maintain a touch of loyalty to Mangino, but at the same time he has to take some of the responsibility for the mediocrity that keeps rearing its ugly head. I'm tired of having to make excuses.

Excuse: we lost 3 senior linebackers Retort: It's Mangino's job to make sure that we reload

Excuse: It's Clint Bowen's bad defense that has cost us these last two years. Retort: Mangino promoted him rather than finding somebody competent to fill the position.

Excuse: Todd Reesing has had a terrible year and Mangino didn't make him throw those interceptions. Retort: Lousy play calling and lack of team discipline have forced Todd to throw into too many 3rd and long situations.

I truly wish Mark well and would still love to see him on our sidelines next year, but I think that sometimes you just have to recognize when it's time to let go.

jhawkroger 11 years, 2 months ago

Good post KJRFC. I too am a Hawk in the SEC?ACC country and wonder how the poor little guy that got poked in the chest would like to play for some of the fellows in this part of the country. His poor little heart would be broken. If there is a problem with the football program, I say investigate it, but for heavens sake don't investigate it for a finger to the chest or some insensitive remark and don't do it in the press. Lew blew this one for sure so he better go out and find a pretty high powered guy to take Mangino's place as no matter the out come of this investigation he's toast. And above all else remember when hiring a coach that it is football we are after and not the ring around the rosie team.

TenaciousD 11 years, 2 months ago

Mangino became a good coach the day Todd Reesing took off his red-shirt. Mangino was on the hot seat that year and there was talk he would be fired after the season. Reesing came on the scene and wallah... Mangino is a great coach.

Reesing gets injured in his senior season and all of the sudden, KU is mediocre and Mangino is back on the hot seat.

No mystery here.

Another example. With Bill Young as the Defensive Coordinator, the Jayhawk defense is top five in the country. Holding teams below 14 points regularly. Defense alone is responsible for many wins. Bill Young leaves and KU's defense drops to around 50th the next year and close to 100th the year after that.

Mack Brown said it yesterday... Todd Reesing is a huge part of their success lately.

55jayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Probably no one will read my comment because it is at the bottom of the pile, but we forget that Mack Brown failed to win 8 years ago at TX and was on the line to lose his job. He won the A&M game I think and saved his career then slowly built it up what they are today. Coach Mangino has others issues like health and weight that can make anyone get out of control especially when we lose games we think should have been won. We did not lose because of bad coaching last night, we lost because we did not have enough quality players to match up with Texas. We also lost some key people on offense and defense which did not help one bit. Yes, maybe the coaches could have done something different and changed things a bit, but I think Coach tried to save what players he had from getting hurt anymore. This team never quit last night or do I think they ever did this year! Lew, you need to find out what's going on, then see if it is a situation that can be worked out @ weight program, counseling, and yet keep MM as head coach one more year. With all the other coaches in the country getting the ax, I do not think we can find another coach better qualified than MM, if he is working on all 8 cylinders as they say in the racing business. Go Hawks and smack MU! To Don Fambrough who has been recovering the past days with the H1N1 flu in Lawrence, you will be needed this week to give your annual "Trounce the hell out of MU" speech to the team. I think KU will put it all together this weekend and meat MU.

Pacer 11 years, 2 months ago

It's difficult to know what the top brass at KU thinks about this sordid affair, especially as the media has not been proactive in trying to get them to comment. However, listening to Chancellor Hemingway the past few years, it sounds like there's not a whole lot of admiration on his part for either Mangino or Perkins. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Stay tuned.

100 11 years, 2 months ago

Biggest play of the year was first & goal, 4th quarter on the Colorado 1 yard line.

All we had to do was hand it to Oprum up the middle -- could have changed the complection of at least part of this season.

That Colorado loss was a backbreaker for a young line like we had -- wouldve been such a huge boost to have pulled that game out.

However, that's all in the past. I'm behind Kansas Football no matter what happens with this sideshow.

If these allegations are true, they need to be investigated.

Coach Mangino is one heck of a Coach who is capable of learning from past mistakes (just like I guarantee you he would never throw the ball again with an effective big back at the 1 yard line & a first down & the season's confidence on the line)

Let's beat Mizzou!!!!!!

JBurtin 11 years, 2 months ago


I don't think anybody is too terribly worried about the loss last night. Everybody had that game penciled in as a loss before the season ever started.

It's losing winnable games against teams like K-State, Colorado, and Nebraska that is the real issue.

We simply have too much talent on the field to suck this bad, and it was Mangino's responsibility to fill the holes and shore up our weak points.

troutsee 11 years, 2 months ago

Agree with you J Burtin, as usual. Also agree with 55, the team did not quit last night. Yet, the subpar performance all year points toward the coaching.

jhokfan 11 years, 2 months ago

I have been a huge supporter of Mangino and have hoped he could weather this storm but I am beginning to think that his departure might be in the best interest of KU football. Right or wrong, fair or foul, the damage has been done. Even if he survives the inquiry how effective will he be at recruiting. Perception is reality and how potential recruits and parents perceive Mark at this time will not benefit him.

A win over Missouri would be a great consolation for an otherwise dismal season but I don’t want to go bowling at 6-6.

troutsee 11 years, 2 months ago

The only hang-up here is the 6M buyout. Unless it can be proven that he really did act inappropriately in his power position as coach, 6M is a huge amount to cough up. However, if there is enough damaging evidence discovered, KU might be able to negotiate the amount down to a more reasonable amount.

jhokfan 11 years, 2 months ago


I never cared for the recycling approach. Seems like we would be getting leftovers, but there is some logic in this type of coach. Mark Richt has won and he has done it at a high profile school that knows how to compete at the highest level. Something that is unfamiliar to up-and-coming coaches. Right off hand I can’t think of any school who has done this and was happy with the results. Not that is hasn’t been done. Tubby Smith left Kentucky for Minnesota but the jury is still out. Recycling has worked well in the NFL.

Even though Nolan Cromwell lacks the experience to warrant a head coaching job, I have to admit having an alum in Lawrence is not without its appeal.

Lost_in_the_Phog 11 years, 2 months ago


Tommy tuberville, Jim Harbaugh-might soon be one of the hottest picks to go to a high profile school Gary Patterson- I bet we could top whatever TCU pays him Bob Stoops- very far fetched but I really wouldnt be surprised it he gets run out of Norman Maybe we could get Bill Young back here from OSU?

I'm really curious to see who they name as cantidates but who could they lure to Kansas who could possibly be a better coach than Mangino?

Al Martin 11 years, 2 months ago


I don't disagree with the gist of your post, but having lived in Austin for the entirety of Mack Brown's tenure, I have to tell you that you very much misrepresent his career here. His first three years here, he won 9 games. Since then, at least 10 every year. His worst Big 12 record was 5-3 (in Colt McCoy's freshman year, 2007). In his worst period (when Oklahoma whipped UT five years in a row), his Big 12 record was either 6-2 o 7-1. People here hate losing to Oklahoma (almost but not quite as much as we hate losing to Missouri) but his job was never in question.

Mack Brown at UT never experienced the kind of fallback that KU had this year. Mackovic did, and he got canned. Before Mackovic, McWilliams did, and he got canned. I'm not saying that Mangino should go based on this year's record, but to imply that Mack's success was the result of UT showing patience during poor seasons is simply untrue. UT has never shown patience in the face of poor seasons.

jhokfan 11 years, 2 months ago

I don't now where Richt came from but I believe he got the Georgia job after Mason accepted and then rejected the offer.

I think Stoops has bought himself more than another year. Bradford goes down and things go south, big surprise. I'd love to have him for the revenge factor alone.

Not only does Cromwell lack college experience, this is his first season as a coordinator, college or pro. He would have to have a Jim Zorn like interview to get hired.

Notre Dame will be in the market for a new coach. I'm thinking Patterson will get some consideration. Can't see him coming to Lawrence unless his alma mater really pissed him off when Prince was hired.

sactownhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Can everyone please stop talking about how great a coach mangino is? his record in conference does not lie, especially playing in the big 12 north which has been awful since he has been at ku. he has winning records against 2 big 12 teams. he has a winning record because of easy non conference scheduling, how do we not see this? yes mangino has provided hope and excitement around the program, and i cant thank him enough for that, but its been 8 years and we arent remotely close to taking the next step to being competitive year in and year out.

complain about lew all you want, but he has done everything he needs to at this university. new football complex and practice facilities, amazing renovations to AFH, boat house for rowing, plans for a new olympic village to help most other sports, new baseball complex, BILL SELF, bonnie has the ladies looking good.

I do not understand why everyone thinks we cant do better, that is ridiculous. We have new facilities, plans to expand the stadium, beautiful campus, loyal fans, increasing season tickets every year, and a new excitement about football. This can easily attract the attention of a lot of very good coaches. Also, 2011 is very much looking like the NFL will not be playing do to a lockout, maybe a good nfl coach is looking for a new challenge. Lew pays enough money to lure a lot of coaches away from other jobs, have a little more faith in our program to get someone that players actually enjoy playing for.

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