Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bob Frederick tribute: Chuck Holley


It's men like Carney Smith (head football coach at Pittsburg State), Nanny Duver and Bob who just happen to have the name “Coach” before their name, that make me glad and proud to live, work and coach in Kansas.

I met Bob when he started coaching at LHS. I was coaching 9th grade basketball at Central and football at LHS. There are very few people I have met that I have never heard raise their voice. I watched him coach and later while he was athletic director at KU, he took time out of a very busy schedule to talk basketball and coaching philosophy with me.

He always remembered your name when he saw you. He would wave when he was jogging and he always came over to speak to the coaches during a KU home football game.

Honesty, integrity, caring, family man and intelligent are the first words I think of when anyone mentions Bob's name. I'm glad he was a person I could call my friend.


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