Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pendleton’s folly popular on YouTube


Reader poll

Whose performance Saturday against CMU is least likely to be proven a fluke down the road?

  • Todd Reesing's 261 yards and 4 TDs 44% 618 votes
  • Marcus Henry's 103 receiving yards 11% 162 votes
  • Jake Sharp's 106 rushing yards 14% 208 votes
  • Brandon McAnderson's 110 rushing yards 11% 162 votes
  • Raimond Pendleton's 77-yard punt return 17% 252 votes

1402 total votes.

New offensive strategy works for KU

No huddle, get to the line of scrimmage, take your time, check the defense, get a signal from the sideline, then snap the ball.

Mangino happy with RBs

Conventional wisdom says two heads are better than one.

Audio clips

2007 KU football presser Sept. 4

As tough as it is to return punts - much less one for a 77-yard touchdown - it's kind of crummy that Raimond Pendleton has gained Internet fame for what he did wrong.

But it is what it is, and Pendleton became a household name around the sports world this week based on his appearance on YouTube (caution: explicit language).

Pendleton's clip is unedited footage from a television station showing the Kansas University sophomore returning the punt for a score against Central Michigan, doing a showboating dive into the end zone and getting a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. It then shows KU coach Mark Mangino ripping into Pendleton on the sideline about the flag.

The popularity of the video stems from Mangino's rant, which can be heard clearly in the clip. Beware: the language would make a rapper blush.

The video had around 88,000 views within 48 hours of its upload, thanks to links by popular sports sites all over the Internet. At one point Tuesday, it was the day's 10th most-viewed video on YouTube.

Coaches yelling at their players is normal in college athletics - especially football. But it usually stays between the coach and the player.

Not this time.

"It's everywhere," Pendleton said. "I've had people from my hometown, up here, people I don't even know writing to me saying you're on this and that, and we're hearing this about you. It's really exciting, but at the same time it's kind of embarrassing."

Mangino said Saturday that his point was made and he's holding nothing against his return specialist. Pendleton, meanwhile, manages to chuckle about the whole incident - a little bit.

"I learned from that experience," he said with a smile. "I won't let it happen again."

Of course, Pendleton gained the fame because he initially did something right - with the help of 10 blockers who created a giant lane for him.

Once Pendleton made the second-quarter catch, he noticed the center of the field open up for him in stunning fashion.

"My eyes got so wide," he said.

He had to make a couple of cuts, but the table was set for him to run in and put Kansas up 28-0 over the Chippewas. The Jayhawks ended up winning, 52-7.

"When you look at the tape, everybody got a hat on a hat," Mangino said Tuesday. "Raimond (found) the lane and burst through it. He leveraged his blocks like he's supposed to."

Pendleton, a Garland, Texas, native, will resume punt-return duties Saturday, when Kansas plays Southeastern Louisiana at Memorial Stadium. It's partly based on the 77-yard return, but equally on the punts that didn't make it onto YouTube.

"He had a tough duty the first night," Mangino said. "They had a rugby-style punter (who stepped to his right and swung his leg across the ball, instead of under it). The ball usually is short, but you take a risk. If you move (Pendleton) up too close and the guy kicks a conventional punt, it can sail over his head and pin us down in our own territory.

"The ball (spun) like a helicopter," Mangino added. "He did a good job of keeping it in front of him and knowing which ones to field and which ones not to. We feel pretty comfortable with him right now considering he was put in a tough situation and did a good job."

As for that 15-yard penalty? Well, Pendleton has an excuse for why he dived into the end zone - if you want to believe it.

"I really thought there was somebody behind me," he said, "but I looked later (on film), and there was nobody."


Alan Halvorsen 14 years, 4 months ago

That poll sucks, I really can't say that any one of those could be flukes down the road. Especially the one with the majority of the votes; Reesing's 261 passing yards and 4 td's. He'll surpass that plenty more this season.

William James 14 years, 4 months ago

That poll is laughable. If Reesing dosent get have 260 passing yards and a few TDs again Saturday, I will be worried. Hey guys, next time read the question before you vote.

William James 14 years, 4 months ago

Im an idiot, I read the question wrong. Everyone laugh at fabio. HA HA, real funny!

bmcmich1 14 years, 4 months ago

It's okay fabio, you couldn't believe it wasn't butter either...=)

Jimmy Dean, looks like you misread it too--the question is who's performance is LEAST likely to be a fluke. That means that Reesing getting a majority of the votes is a good thing. I agree with you though, it's a pretty goofy poll--I really don't think that any of those performances was a fluke so I'm abstaining from the poll.

bangaranggerg 14 years, 4 months ago

He didn't get the touchdown alone but he didnt' celebrate alone either. Who cares if the kicker has 30 or 15 or 20 or 35 whatever those PATs are way easy. Oh and if it had ended up 51-7 instead of 52-7 because this kid was excited that he ran his first touchdown in that was 77 yards in his first game big deal. We can't all celebrate by eating an entire cake Mangino.

bmcmich1 14 years, 4 months ago

I think the penalty was assessed on the following kickoff, not the PAT. It's how K-Suck scored quick after a similar-type penalty by us in the game last year.

True, you can't fault a guy who just ran it 77yds to the house for being excited, but the most comforting quote is "I won't let it happen again." In a tight game stuff like that can come back to bite you in the a$$.

justanotherfan 14 years, 4 months ago

For the record, I hate the penalty for diving into the endzone. It's just stupid. Kids get excited and want to jump up and down. There's no harm in that. It's not like he jumped into an opponent's face and taunted him. Nonetheless, I'm glad Raimond won't get tapped for it again.

Probably the best thing to come out of this weekends game was KU's display of superior speed. KU used to be even speedwise with teams like Central Michigan. Now we have guys that can pull away from them. That will be HUGE in conference play.

seattlehawk_78 14 years, 4 months ago

He put himself above the team. He deserves the reprimand and I think the language and tone of voice was appropriate.

sevenyearhawk 14 years, 4 months ago

The fact there is a penalty is dumb, but so is a speed limit in Western Kansas ... you could run off the road and not realize it until you hit a cow!

But the law is the law, and this poor guy cost his team yardage, which is really bad considering the shorter kickoffs.

Speaking of YouTube, has anyone seen that moronic Kansas football video some an Ohio State U fan put together?

It makes no sense that someone from that school would waste their time on Kansas ...

Kyle Crenshaw 14 years, 4 months ago

i did see that video sevenyearhawk! i thought it was ridiculous as well

sevenyearhawk 14 years, 4 months ago

i hope my response got posted, i paraphrased the judge from Billy Madison ...

"that video is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen ... Everyone on the Web is now dumber for having watched to it ... etc"

troutsee 14 years, 4 months ago

I agree with all of those who agreed with Mangino. It's a team effort. Grandstanders should be admonished. Mangino did the right thing.

justanotherfan 14 years, 4 months ago

Here's the problem I have with the diving in the endzone penalty - it makes one form of expression illegal, while not penalizing another. Had Pendelton run into the endzone and pointed skyward, no one would have said anything. Had he crossed the goalline and pumped his fist, no flag. Had he crossed the line and jumped into the air and pumped his fist, no flag. Had he crossed the line, dropped the ball, jumped up and high fived a teammate, no flag. Had he crossed the line, jumped into the air, pumped his fist, then jumped again to high five a teammate, no flag. One official tried to explain it to me as being a penalty for "drawing attention to oneself." In that case, breaking the return in the first place is a penalty. And that's why I hate the penalty.

bmcmich1 14 years, 4 months ago

I think it's a dumb penalty too--he's a young guy who hasn't seen the field much, and he runs back a punt for 77 yards--I'd sure hope he would be excited about it! As far as the whole 'grandstanding' and 'drawing attention to himself' stuff, after he dove into the end zone he hugged and celebrated with his teammates in a huddle in the end zone--they were all frenzied and excited TOGETHER--it DEFINITELY didn't appear to be a selfish enough deal to warrant unsportsmanlike conduct.

BUT, however dumb it may be, it's still a penalty, and it is the job of every player out there to know what will get them flagged and what won't.

sevenyearhawk 14 years, 4 months ago

As a co-worker of mine said about something unrelated this week:

"Ignorance is nine-tenths of the law!"

/yes, he's a knucklehead, and we pointed that out to him after we all stopped laughing our a$$es off!

sevenyearhawk 14 years, 4 months ago

Speaking of knuckleheads, here's that lame video made by a Luckeye fan:

seattlehawk_78 14 years, 4 months ago

Looks more like the work of a mizwho fan. Don't know what self respecting suckeye fan would talk trash after last years two sport disaster. They probably went to Florida for spring break.

Kevin Long 14 years, 4 months ago

If that was the work of some MU fan someone could make quick work of it. Something like, they are picked to win the north every year and have yet to see that. Kansas has beaten them 3 of the last 4. They will do what they always do and choke it away. They almost did last week! I don't even think they are a bowl team.

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