Sunday, November 11, 2007

KU passes test, moves to 10-0

Jayhawks improve to 10-0 with victory over Cowboys

The Jayhawks flock to their fans following their 43-28 victory over Oklahoma State.  Kansas improved to 10-0 with the win Saturday in Stillwater, Okla.

The Jayhawks flock to their fans following their 43-28 victory over Oklahoma State. Kansas improved to 10-0 with the win Saturday in Stillwater, Okla.


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2007 KU-OSU Football

Reader poll

After Week 11, who do you consider to be truly the nation's best college football team?

  • LSU 16% 659 votes
  • Oregon 15% 614 votes
  • Kansas 64% 2605 votes
  • Oklahoma 2% 109 votes
  • Missouri 1% 54 votes
  • West Virginia 0% 11 votes

4052 total votes.

— This is beyond a nice little run, beyond a cute storyline and into the world of straight-faced seriousness.

Kansas University has one of college football's top teams in 2007. Because, without fail, it has an answer for everything.

A counterpoint for every point. A backup plan for every hiccup. A victory for every challenge.

Ten in all.

KU's magical season continued Saturday down its improbable path, as the No. 5 Jayhawks defeated Oklahoma State, 43-28, at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Kansas now is 10-0, the last unbeaten team among college football's major conferences and, deservedly, one of the first two or three schools tossed out there when brainstorming national-championship possibilities.

It's all surreal, except it's like this every week.

"It's awesome. It's unbelievable," quarterback Todd Reesing said. "To be at this point in the season and be undefeated is beyond our wildest dreams."

Still, KU's players seem fueled by a sense of national disrespect, no matter how much it goes away each week. As the players marched to the locker room as victors, cornerback Aqib Talib bellowed, "But we ain't played nobody yet!" to nobody in particular.

Fullback Brandon McAnderson, meanwhile, declared, "We talking, but nobody's listening!"

Slowly, that's starting to become inaccurate. The nation, anymore, has to start respecting this team's work.

It has no choice.

The intangibles that have made KU great were on full display Saturday with much of the nation watching. When adversity slapped Kansas at times in each half, the Jayhawks answered with a hearty wallop right back in its gut.

The story of the season so far.

Oklahoma State led 14-10 in the second quarter, and Kansas answered in three minutes to take the lead for good. The Cowboys then cut the score to 33-28 in the fourth quarter; the Jayhawks put it away immediately with a long scoring drive.

The perseverance of this bunch is hard to ignore.

"We always seem," coach Mark Mangino said, "to find a way to shut the door."

Part of it is an explosive offense that refuses that make mistakes. Reesing threw for 308 yards and three touchdowns and for the fifth straight week threw no interceptions. His favorite target Saturday was Marcus Henry, a lightly recruited Oklahoma native who had 199 receiving yards. The biggest blow was an 82-yard touchdown catch on a third-quarter post route that put Kansas up 27-14.

All the while, Brandon McAnderson slipped through holes created by the offensive line, running 25 times for 142 yards and three touchdowns.

It was true versatility, and all it needed was a decent defensive effort to pay off.

Oklahoma State (5-5, 3-3) made it tough, but the Jayhawks capitalized on OSU errors in the second half and won the turnover battle yet again.

"When it came down to it," defensive tackle James McClinton said, "we came out and executed."

The true execution came in that fourth quarter, when Oklahoma State drove 89 yards on just four plays to score and cut the deficit to five. The ensuing kickoff was returned only to the Kansas 11-yard line, and the Jayhawks needed an 89-yard answer when they could barely see the pay dirt they were gunning for.

No problem.

A 12-yard run by McAnderson, an 11-yard run by McAnderson, a 24-yard completion to Henry, an OSU penalty, a 13-yard pass to Henry. On third-and-goal and wanting a touchdown badly, Reesing rolled right, bought time and fired the ball to a stretched-out Henry in the end zone.

With 8:26 left - and Talib's pick coming a minute later - it was all she wrote. The fans started to file out, another batch with newfound respect for the team out of nowhere.

Those 89 yards defined KU's season to date. And with two games against Iowa State and Missouri to close out the regular season, the Jayhawks march one step closer to a finish few dared to dream about just weeks ago.

"To be able to score when you have to in tough situations like that," Reesing said, "is a tribute of a great team."

A team with all the answers. A team that has passed every test.


kmarti49 13 years, 5 months ago

haha and i did any catch lou holtzs great line after he turn purple yelling at mark may on why kansas is so good?

"my dad fought in the war, so you could say stupid things" haha that was great!!

ILUVJAYHAWKS 13 years, 5 months ago

can anyone tell me where to vote for Todd Reesing?

vmyers 13 years, 5 months ago

KCTV-9 in Kansas City announced last night that the KU-MU game is the 7:00 game on ABC.

KUAlum2000 13 years, 5 months ago

Iowa state first folks. Anyone see they beat Colorado last night? One at a time.

Brandon Snook 13 years, 5 months ago

Here is the Davey O'Brien voting page. You'll have to register and get emailed a special link for you to vote. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Dan Harris 13 years, 5 months ago

Reesing is ahead by 950 votes. Keep voting people!

Kevin Long 13 years, 5 months ago

Man, how hungover am I? What a win! This is just one unbelievable ride. This KU team is just something special. They overcome adversity like no KU team I have ever seen. I am going to ride this train as long as it goes. ROCK CHALK!

CasperCorps 13 years, 5 months ago

Good game Hawks!!! Best Jayhawks team since the 1800's!!!!!!!!!! Rockem Hawks!!

JJHawq 13 years, 5 months ago

Brent was struggling to get the zipper on Boone's fly down while KU sealed the deal. Classic.

Chicago_JHawk 13 years, 5 months ago

As long as Kansas keeps winning games, the BCS will take care of itself. An undefeated season would include wins over the current BCS #5 and #6, so the SOS will get better, as will the human factors. The computers already love us!

sevenyearhawk 13 years, 5 months ago


you owe me a new monitor - I just spewed my double moca latte all over it!!!

seattlehawk_78 13 years, 5 months ago

I read this post in the Star and thought it was funny.

I'm still waitin for KU to play somebody good like Kstate, uh I mean like Colorado....uh I mean like Texas A&M, uh I mean like Nebraska, uh I mean like Oklahoma State.....

Posted by: Typical MU Fan

mojayhawk 13 years, 5 months ago

Oh, one last thing. Did Kirk Herbstreet make a slip and say ABC will be in KC for the Mizzou game in 2 weeks? They haven't officially announced , but I think that is what he said.

Scotty63 13 years, 5 months ago

I can recall a great many electric moments delivered by Ray Evans, Charlie Hoag, Lee Flaschbarth and so on: Fitzenreuter, McClinton, Hadl, Coan, Sayers, Douglas, but never by everybody functioning like a big cobalt blue machine. I'm glad I've lived to see it.

sevenyearhawk 13 years, 5 months ago


someone text messaged me about that ... ABC is coming, that's almost a given, they just haven't announced whether it is 2.30 or 7 ...

or maybe, JUST MAYBE ...

He meant the COLLEGE GAMEDAY SHOW!!!!!!!

Dan Harris 13 years, 5 months ago

Anybody know how bad Henry's sholder injury was ?

Jonathan Allison 13 years, 5 months ago

Make that Joe Monatana and John Taylor, I didn't continue reading. Forgive me for being too young to remember John Taylor.

Jonathan Allison 13 years, 5 months ago

but I have definitely seen the Dwight Clark catch repluied a million times

jackhawk 13 years, 5 months ago

Anyone else thrilled, as I was, to get to listen to Boone Pickens talk at great length about his proposed water pipe from northern Texas to the cities as KU drove the length of the field for yet another touchdown?

Jonathan Allison 13 years, 5 months ago

Don't forget to vote for Todd Reesing

63BC 13 years, 5 months ago

Right on, jackhawk. When did Musburger start thinking he's Charlie Rose?

He even offered the unbelievably lame, "Don't want you to think I've forgotten about the football game, folks."

If you need that disclaimer, you have a problem. Looked like Brent wanted Boone to adopt him.

63BC 13 years, 5 months ago

Oh, BTW. Anybody catch Brent referring to Jake Sharp's hometown of "Suuhhhleeenaass, Kansas."

That's Salinas, California Brent.

"Suuhh LINE uh" Kansas.


mojayhawk 13 years, 5 months ago

UNbelievable! What a ride! What a time to be a Jayhawk! When was the last time we had 2 "Top Ten" teams, no make that 2 "Top FIVE" teams! When was the last time our FOOTball team out ranked our BASKETball team?!?!?! Unbelievable! Great exposure for our school. Keep it going guys. Don't overlook the 'Clones next week, and the party will be on in KC. This is once in a life time!

Go Hawks!

Jonathan Allison 13 years, 5 months ago

The following quote found on Fox Sports may mark the first time any Jayhawks have been compared to Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

"The two players who provided the lion's share of the heroics for Kansas were quarterback Todd Reesing and wide receiver Marcus Henry. This pitch-and-catch combo made plays as significant on the scoreboard as they were athletically impressive. Offering both prolific production and artistic quality, the Reesing-Henry hookup represented the main difference in this contest. In the process of securing yet another huge victory in a season for the ages, Reesing and Henry wound up imitating the great pairs of San Francisco 49ers playmakers from the 1980s."

Find it here,

speedy 13 years, 5 months ago

lets hope the mizzou game is the early game. abc will cut off the late game for some dumb west coast game like they did yesterday. i think i have seen just one game this year. maybe colo. thank you again for lazer. com. boone pickens? isn,t he the corp. raider who stole the coleman co.? go big blue. 4 more games to go. win out

100 13 years, 5 months ago

Great job Jayhawks. Quite a game -- OSU was definitely a great football team with a fantastic quarterback. Time to begin preparing for one team, and one team only: Iowa State. They are also for real. They have surprised a couple teams who weren't expecting much from them, including K-State. We need to play Iowa State as tough as any team we've prepared for. To the writer of this story: Part of the magic of this season has been the KU coaching staff and players NOT getting caught up in any "labels" of "how good we are". By putting a label on the team in your opening paragraph you've added gas to the fire. Please stop this type of journalism -- we haven't proven anything yet about our final place in the polls. Stop worrying about how good people think we are RIGHT NOW. Who cares? The only thing we need to be worrying about now, after celebrating last night's win is... Iowa State. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!

speedy 13 years, 5 months ago

today is voting day. yep the day the bcs shows again how fixed their system is. reminds me of the old political days when the winner was already decided before the voting was counted. strengh of sched. ha. boise st again never mentioned. one loss eary on and their out. ohio st lost their out. hawaii --forget it . why can,t we have a playoof system thats makes sence instead of comp. and fixed results. ku will get scre-- again. but i hope we arn.t #2.

actorman 13 years, 5 months ago

For those of you who haven't started voting for the Davey O'Brien award yet, please get on board. The difference is still only 800 votes or so between Reesing and Tebow. That's a little too close for comfort.

Thanks, plastic, for continuing to post the O'Brien info. And thanks for posting that email address. I just sent the Edmond buffoon an email telling him he was right on the mark and saying I didn't know how KU was going to survive the stomping.

And I'm right there with you, speedy. A 16-team playoff system would be so right for college football; I'm just hoping I see it in my lifetime. In the meantime, let's pray that LSU or Oregon loses so KU can be sure to control its own destiny. And course let's enjoy every second of this incredible ride.

Larry Smith 13 years, 5 months ago

If Kansas takes care of business and wins out, they will be in the National Championship game. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. With victories over 2 other top 5 bcs poll schools, there is no way they don't get in. No need to panic, just take care of business. I'm loving this season.


loudog 13 years, 5 months ago

I agree that a playoff system would be best... but I think if KU wins out, there's no way they'll be ignored for the national championship game, because they'll have beaten two top-ten teams to get there. Out of the KU, LSU, and Oregon, KU clearly has the hardest closing schedule and I think they'll be rewarded for winning out.

Matt Lacey 13 years, 5 months ago

Re: Game Day at Arrowhead

Look at the schedule for that week. Where else would they go? Sure there are tons of rivalry games, but nothing involving 2 top 10 teams. There are other storylines, but nothing like KU's this year.

Maybe Corso will put prodigally on the Baby Jay head, though with his record I'd have no problem seeing the tigress.

lovemyhawks 13 years, 5 months ago

tell me where to vote also........ for any of them....... i want to help out!! this season has been an unbelievable ride and i hope it continues....... november and we are still following the FOOTBALL team instead of being RELIEVED that basketball has finally come to our rescue!! WOW!! i've loved EVERY second of the dream and can't wait to feel the electricity in lawrence on saturday. loved lous holtzs comments too.... ALL of them. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!

JBurtin 13 years, 5 months ago

Wow, KU is now second in the nation in scoring offense, trailing only Hawaii, and second in the nation in scoring defense, trailing only Ohio State.

There are others that put up more yards than us, but we're finishing drives and putting up the points. And there are others allowing less yards per game, but our defense is locking down when it counts and limiting the actual points on the scoreboard. A few long passes from teams playing from behind are slanting the total yardage numbers.

Keep up the good work!

lovemyhawks 13 years, 5 months ago

thanks for the link to vote..... i just registered AND voted and will continue to do so. let's all stand behind him and give him our votes....... i believe he is WELL deserving!!!!!

thanks again bdsnook. and yes, remember, and i DO agree, we think of isu and ONLY isu first...... one game at a time but still enjoy every second of it!!!!! this will be my first game to watch in person this year and i want to see a wonderful game and wave the wheat all afternoon!!!

Larry Smith 13 years, 5 months ago

Hawks gonna be 4th in the coaches poll. probably the same in ap poll. have to wait for tonight to see bcs rankings. #1 in the sagarin ratings tho. and they use that as part of the bcs rankings.

Jonathan Allison 13 years, 5 months ago

The Sagarin Ratings are one of 6 computer polls used in the BCS. But for each teams computer ranking in the BCS equation they drop your highest and lowest computer poll ranking. The Sagarin hasn't counted for Kansas all season because its always had great respect for us.

seattlehawk_78 13 years, 5 months ago

I wouldn't be concerned with the BCS. If we win out, they can't deny us. Those last two games will be the toughest opponents we've faced thus far. Fortunately both will be on neutral fields. First let's worry about Iowa State who not only beat Colorado yesterday but beat K-State the week before.

10 wins from a team comprised of players that most schools didn't want. Having Reesing's name mentioned for the Heisman (sp?) is enough for me and there is no way a sophomore will win but if Mangino doesn't get coach of the year then something is seriously wrong.

Dirk Medema 13 years, 5 months ago

Aqib Talib bellowed, "But we ain't played nobody yet!"

There is the truth of the season. Most outside the program have used the mediocre schedule as proof that we don't belong. But a look at the rankings shows a line of teams that are littered with losses to nobodies like CU, KSU, UofI, ... (Mizzou is actually one team that has taken care of all the nobodies on their schedule, but weren't able to keep from self-destructing against the one quality team they have played, and so they too have a loss). There are a few people around the country like Herbie last night that are recognizing the significance of playing 10 nobodies and still remaining unbeaten.

It's also no secret that our schedule is back loaded, so the toughest games and real tests are still to come. (100 - OSU is NOT a great team. They have a great O, but their D is thin as paper.) Fortunately, as much as AT's proclamation is defiance to the doubters, it is also a bit of the team mantra that has kept them grounded enough to realize that the next game is the most important game. You can count on Magino and the crew focusing the team on ISU this week - the team that has upset a couple of the nobodies this week.

The BCS will take care of itself. It almost always does. There are always those pointing out its flaws at this time, but the season will take care of itself. And KU will be there if we take care of the next game, and the next game, and the next game.

1977kufan 13 years, 5 months ago


seattlehawk_78 13 years, 5 months ago

I don't know where this team will end up when the dust settles but this has got to be the classiest team in college football. They don't talk trash and they don't admire themselves in the end zone whenever they score. I've seen plenty of SEC, Pac 10 and Big 10 powers that should take some lessons from us.

Dan Harris 13 years, 5 months ago

The only thing that bothered me watching last nights game was having to listen to the village idiot BM. Lets be focused for Iowa St. they have won 2 in a row and will be pumped for an upset. Man I can't believe this all isn't a dream, ENJOY THE RIDE KU FANS!GO HAWKS!

bryswaz 13 years, 5 months ago

@seattlehawk_78: You could not be more right. We are the most humble team in the sport right now (considering how good we really are), and I truly believe that this is the attitude that will take us to the big dance and storm New pun intended.

Dirk Medema 13 years, 5 months ago

jhawkdan42 - Nobody will know anything about Henry's sholder, because that is the way MM is. He landed on it after the reception, so it is possible that it is a shoulder seperation, but more likely that it is just tweaked. Kind of falls into line with Reesing and MclClinton's comments after the game, "Limp? What limp? It's a contact sport."

The really great news is that there are enough receivers that he could start, but just have his reps limited to give him a rest day against ISU and we'd still be fine.

Dan Harris 13 years, 5 months ago

dagger108- thanks for the feedback, I was wondering if anybody that went to the game saw anything on the sideline to indicate how bad it might be?

jayhawkox 13 years, 5 months ago

To any Jayhawk players who might be reading: no matter what happens from here on out, thank you, thank you, thank you for this season. I can't remember the last time that I was this happy or this proud. The campus is electric and I can barely find the words to describe it. I will cherish the memories of this season for as long as I live. Keep gettin' after it, keep fightin' for each other and let's see where this ride takes us! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

MitchumMan 13 years, 5 months ago

This is just a rumor, but I heard that if we won against OSU (and we did) then College Game Day was going to be in KC for the KU-MU game. I heard that they will be doing something with the KU ROTC members. Once again this is just a rumor. But it did sound like that rumor was coming true when Kirk Herbstreet slipped up and said it looks like they will be in KC for the KU-MU game at Arrowhead. I'm so pumped! Go Hawks!!

rockchalk23 13 years, 5 months ago

WOW 10-0!!!!! first time since 1899 is amazing ive got to tip my hat to dez bryant man those catches were ridiculous!!!! your exactly right kualum2000 we definantly can't overlook i-state next week just gotta take it one game at a time as mangino says it.. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!! o and someone needs to tell anthony webb to fair catch the dang ball he scares me to death everypunt!!!!!

bryswaz 13 years, 5 months ago

rockchalk23: That is the exact same thing I say every punt. They are always closing in so close to Webb, and he hardly ever calls for the fair catch. Maybe he will learn after getting absolutely planted on one punt in the OSU game.

troutsee 13 years, 5 months ago

We are not doing a good job of blocking the gunners. If we can't block the gunners, he needs to fair catch the ball. Hopefully, in the next games, we will do a better job of blocking the gunners.

jayhawkee84 13 years, 5 months ago

jhawkdan42, and those of you who cringe whenever having to listen to the unispiring and ill-prepared play-by-play from Brent Musberger, especially for a Jayhawk FB game.....

Check out my suggestion for a MUCH better play-by-play announcer alternative (Post #8 on the KUsports site below):

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU!!!

34_5_20_nbaTitle 13 years, 5 months ago

Mr. R. Wood great writing. I really, really dig the first sentence. Plus the "batch" talk is great! We keep cooking em', been cooking em', and the cupcakes taste real good right now.

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