Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Girod indicates search for new athletic director drawing to a close

University of Kansas Chancellor Douglas Girod attends a Kansas Board of Regents meeting Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, in Wichita.

University of Kansas Chancellor Douglas Girod attends a Kansas Board of Regents meeting Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, in Wichita.


The search for a new athletic director at the University of Kansas is on pace to be done by the end of summer, but could wrap up as shortly as two weeks, Chancellor Douglas Girod said Wednesday.

At a Wednesday board meeting for Kansas Athletics Inc., Girod told board members that he was pleased with the process to find a replacement for Sheahon Zenger, who was fired by Girod in May after the chancellor had determined the department had lost key momentum.

“The search is continuing, and I think with a good pace,” Girod said. “By the end of summer, I expect to have some good news there.”

After the meeting, though, Girod was asked about reports that he previously had told a crowd of boosters that the process may be about two weeks from completion. He also said that was a possibility.

Girod declined to confirm that interviews of candidates were taking place. Girod did say he was pleased with the level of interest the position was receiving.

Wednesday’s meeting was the first one for the Kansas Athletics board of directors since Zenger’s firing. Girod, though, did not specifically address the subject during his comments to the board. He did thank interim Athletic Director Sean Lester for his work during the transition period.

“While we have our challenges to address, we are confident about the team we have moving forward,” Girod told the board.


Brett McCabe 4 years ago

It's a good sign that this search is as quiet as it is. Seems as if those involved are on top of the process. That's step one in finding the right replacement.

Job one for the eventual AD is to fire Beaty and start the clock on his buyout, and to re-energize an apathetic fan base. It's impossible to imagine any harm being done to the program by firing Beaty within a week. It's much more possible to imagine immense harm being done by the Dead Man Walking sequel.

We have two oral commitments to-date. Our chances are better at keeping both by having a new head coach named shortly after the conclusion of this season. In fact, everything about KU football is better by getting an interim coach in place, getting HC targets identified and then going after them like Ben Heeney pursuing a bubble screen.

It would be unconventional, but when you have fostered the worst football program in the country, you might want to get over the idea of doing things in your traditional manner. Instead - try doing things in a smart, proactive manner. Send a message that the time for biding time is over.

Jay Scott 4 years ago in bowel movement... same excrement every day. Fire everyone.

Is there no mental health provider near you that accepts Medicaid?

Curious BM. What do you do for a living that affords you such organizational expertise?

Danny Hernandez 4 years ago

Really, like the position isn't a fracking great job! On one hand you have one of the most popular and best draws in Kansas basketball and then the allure of creating a football program that can only go up!

Joe Ross 4 years ago

Good timing!

A new AD--one who didn't hire Beaty--has a free hand to get rid of him. He will be around, evidently, before the start of the season. This means that if Beaty under-performs in early games--games which in the fourth year of his tenure he should be expected to win big, both because of the level of competition and because by now the program reflects the influence of the coach in place--then he can be fired easily.

Get the Funk Out, Beaty!

Robert Brock 4 years ago

Hope the new AD is a good one. If not, KU may soon be thrown out of P5 conference consideration.

Tim Orel 4 years ago

I really don't believe KU would not be considered for P5 because their basketball team is one of the best in the country year in and year out, with sellout games at home and on the road. I also believe any P5 conference would look at KU's football team and, as Danny said above, it can only get better, with a new stadium on the horizon. KU also has the academic standing many others lack. KU will remain part of a P5 level conference.

Aaron Paisley 4 years ago

David Beaty has 6 games next season to earn his job the rest of the season. KU plays 6 games, then has a bye week, then plays 6 more games. The bye week is the logical point to fire Beaty because it does give him a fair shot to show something next season to keep his job. If not, it gives the interim coach 2 weeks to prep for the second half of the season and because it's in mid October, gives the new AD plenty of time to identify potential candidates during the season and interview them after Thanksgiving and hire someone before Christmas.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

Aaron: "It gives the interim coach 2 weeks to prep for the 2nd half of the season". That's comical. What's he going to change in 2 weeks? Implement a whole new system? The "interim" coach would be from his current coaching staff.

Brett McCabe: I still prefer your 2018 assessment. Here it is once again: "I've notified my ticket sales guy we won't be renewing next year (2018) and wished him luck, and also advised him to send his resume to a school that actually cares about football. (Today) is a really sad day for me because it's the day I've said that enough is enough. I'm done (with KU football." But yet, Brett: Here you are...

Jay Scott: You get it!....

Aaron Paisley 4 years ago

It won't be a new system or playbook, but an interim coach would have his own routine and point of view on gameplanning that would be different from Beaty's and two weeks would give the team time to adjust before a game .

Dirk Medema 4 years ago

Aaron- Great observation about the schedule. It's rather amazing that you even have to explain how the transition works. Anybody that's been paying attention at all has seen it before and not that long ago as well- unfortunately.

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