Kansas defeats Baylor, 70-66

  • 6 p.m., March 11, 2016
  • T-Mobile Center, Kansas City, MO

Friday, March 11, 2016

Clocked: Wayne Selden Jr. highlights KU’s semifinal victory

Kansas teammates Kansas forward Carlton Bragg Jr., left, Jamari Traylor, and Devonte Graham react to a thunderous dunk by guard Wayne Selden Jr. against Baylor during the second half, Friday, March 11, 2016 at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas teammates Kansas forward Carlton Bragg Jr., left, Jamari Traylor, and Devonte Graham react to a thunderous dunk by guard Wayne Selden Jr. against Baylor during the second half, Friday, March 11, 2016 at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.


— ESPN’s Holly Rowe walked with post-game interviewee Wayne Selden, Jr., to a TV monitor Friday night and showed the star of Kansas University’s 70-66 Big 12 semifinal win over Baylor not only a replay of his vicious dunk in the face of Baylor’s Ishmail Wainright, but the wild reaction of Selden’s much-beloved uncle, Anthony Pitts, in the Sprint Center stands.

“He’s my No. 1 fan in college. I love him, but he’s crazy. He’s really a kid at heart. He was having fun with it. I’m glad he had the opportunity,” Selden said after Uncle Anthony shared the spotlight with his nephew not only on national cable television but with print media members after a victory that pushed KU into Saturday’s 5 p.m., final against West Virginia.

“He’s been like that since I was a kid. It’s great to see him out here watching me play,” Selden added.

Selden, who had three of KU’s eight dunks, brought Pitts to his feet following an acrobatic baseline slam that gave KU a 33-26 lead with 16:51 to play. 

That dunk had everybody buzzing — but the one that made Anthony a  celebrity — came off a drive down the lane with 10:52 left, KU up, 46-33.

Anthony, who wore a huge, red Flavor Flav-like clock around his neck (the clock had a picture of Selden dunking inside it) — ripped the hat off his head and made all sorts of gyrations and faces while celebrating the length-of-the court dunk.

“You already know what I think about it — Whoa!!,” Anthony exclaimed. “There was so much emotion I couldn’t contain it. He’s my guy,” Pitts added.

The dunk was so remarkable it had everybody wondering where it ranked on all-time lists.

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Self, Graham and Ellis discuss KU's semifinal win over Baylor

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self, as well as players Devonté Graham and Perry Ellis, answer questions from the media following the Jayhawks' 70-66 win over Baylor in the Big 12 semifinals, in Kansas City, Mo.

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Anthony, who is from Selden’s hometown of Roxbury, Mass., wasn’t ready to call it the best he’s witnessed from Wayne, who finished the game with 11 points off 5-of-9 shooting with four assists and two turnovers in 31 minutes.

“The first time I saw him throw it down like that, honestly, he was 13. It got thrown off the backboard and I didn’t know if he was going to make it. I was like Whoa!! He’s been making them like that ever since,” Pitts said.

The author of the dunk, Selden, said: “I don’t know (where it ranks). In high school  I used to dunk a lot more. At KU I think that could be No. 1.”

The man who was dunked on, K.C. native Wainright, complimented Selden on his slam in the handshake line.

“He said something about ESPN or SportsCenter, something like that. That’s my guy. It’s just basketball. It’s nothing deeper,” Selden stated.

It may or may not be KU’s top dunk of the season. Remember Jamari Traylor had a vicious one on Feb. 29 at Texas.

“I don’t really focus in on mine,” said Selden, who was stone-faced after Friday’s amazing slam. “Jamari’s whole elbow was on the rim. I think I’ll give it to him.”

Traylor, who had six rebounds in 19 minutes against Baylor, chimed in with his opinion.

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Wayne Selden breaks down his monster slam vs. Baylor

KU junior Wayne Selden breaks down his monster slam vs. Baylor in Friday's Big 12 semifinals at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

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“I’m a little biased. I might go for my own dunk,” Traylor said. “Wayne’s was an amazing play. I might actually have to give it a tie at least,” Traylor added.

Coach Bill Self, whose Jayhawks actually saw a 16-point lead with 1:51 left dip to three points at :05.4 (he had to bring his regulars back in the game for a group of reserves) — acknowledged Selden’s dunk was mighty special.

“I’ve judged a lot of dunk contests. I thought it was great,” Self said. “I thought it was an athletic play. Certainly he moreso than anybody else can give us confidence through physical plays and that was one of them. I don’t know how I’d rate it, but ’Mari’s at Texas and probably this, probably the two best we’ve had this year.”

Traylor, who is Selden’s roommate at McCarthy Hall, has met the junior’s energetic uncle before.

“His uncle is a pretty funny dude. When he comes see Wayne I see him a lot,” Traylor said. “He had that wacky clock on. He wore it around his neck. It’s a little badge of honor for him.”


Wayne Selden Jr.'s uncle, Anthony Pitts, at Sprint Center, in Kansas City, Mo., on March 11, 2016.

Anthony Pitts explained the history of the clocks he wears for Wayne.

“I used to wear it (Wayne’s picture) on jewelry. Every year I’d change the picture,” Pitts said. “Now I make one every game so tomorrow it will be different. Usually it lights up. I broke the ‘light-up thing.’ I can’t light it up today. Tomorrow I’ll have another one. I might go get a big one with a mirror. I might overdo it tomorrow.”

Of the clock, Selden said: “They’ve gotten bigger and bigger. It’s probably his 10th clock by now, I think. Actually every time he comes out here he ends up doing something. Last year he was on the front page of the newspaper. He comes out here and finds a way to make his mark. I’m just excited he’s here.”

Pitts, Selden said, “has been like a brother to me. He’s always been there for me and always will be there for me.”

That is the case, Pitts said.

“We have a real tight family. I keep up with Wayne period. It has nothing to do with basketball. I text him every day and say, ‘I love you,’’’ Pitts said.

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By the Numbers: Kansas 70, Baylor 66

By the Numbers: Kansas 70, Baylor 66


Ron Sterling 6 years, 5 months ago

What Selden did to Wainright may have been a hate crime.

Yonatan Negash 6 years, 4 months ago

Why can't it just be a great dunk???

Why add the sarcasm about something that is real and unfortunate?

Before you reply back, please take a step back and think of what you just said.

Black on black crimes are real and they are unfortunate. Many variables contribute to the issues facing the black communities. It's a serious problem and shouldn't be made fun of because quite frankly death no matter what race is not something to make fun of.

KJ Quartermaine 6 years, 4 months ago

A lot of crimes are "real." So you're all up-in-arms about my use of "Black-on-black crime" but not the previous poster's use of "Hate-crime?" Do you know the difference?

Quit lecturing me, and calm down. I'm a white male, and some of my very best friends in the world over the years were black. The only person perpetuating this and making it a race-thing –– is you. talk about making a mountain of a molehill and blowing this thing out of proportion

Yonatan Negash 6 years, 4 months ago

Listen, just take a minute, breath and think about what you said. I assume you're a college graduate and I trust that you're able to think before you start throwing words that happen to be offensive.

When you say, "It was definitely black-on-black crime"at a minimum that qualifies you as being stupid or ignorant about something you have no idea about.

No one is lecturing you just pointing out facts. I'm beginning to think if you need someone to tell your statement doesn't have a place here, than it's hopeless to even try.

Do yourself a favor, don't talk about something you obviously don't have a clue about. Talk about basketball, may be you'll begin to start making sense.

Yonatan Negash 6 years, 4 months ago

Personally, if any KU player would have done that no matter the race would have been great.

Why bring race into this??

There is too much of that crap going on these days. Let's just keep it clean.

Mallory Briggans 6 years, 5 months ago

" SELDENS COMING AGAIN !!!!!!!! OHHH MERCY!!! HE HURT HIM!!!!!!.....HE GAVE HIM A FACIAL ......OH BABY !!!!!!!!!!!! SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT !!!!!!!!!!!YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHH ...............SAVE THE WOMWN AND CHILDREN !!!!!!!!!!! .........................Brent Musbergers call on Wayne Seldens slam...........................CLASSIC LOL


KJ Quartermaine 6 years, 5 months ago

Isn't it actually supposed to be "Hide the women and children"? He screwed that up. And you forgot the "manicure" part

Bryce Landon 6 years, 5 months ago

Maybe he should leave that to the other guards who can and take his game inside.

Michael Lorraine 6 years, 4 months ago

When he drives the lane good things happen. Not so on the perimeter. We have lots of players who can shoot the 3. I don't think Wayne is one of them.

Cam Shef 6 years, 5 months ago

That dunk alone should boost his draft stock. Ridiculously athletic

Mallory Briggans 6 years, 5 months ago

I see Joe Lunardi got a new hairpiece..........Must have went to Wayne Seldens new barber shop .......Wainwright can attest to that ....... Who needs Sports cuts when you got Wayne


Harlan Hobbs 6 years, 4 months ago

What a marvelous story. Uncle Anthony and Wayne's grandfather who attended the Kentucky game in Lawrence are simply jewels. To see that kind of love expressed in a family is so rewarding. If someone wants to start a fund to pay their way to the NCAA tournament, I'm all in. Just kidding, NCAA watchdogs! My guess is that they will find ways to get there on their own.

Of course, I want all good things to happen for Wayne, but I really hope that he will return for his senior year and Senior Night. Uncle Anthony, Wayne's grandfather, and Wayne's mother should all get to come out on the court for the pre-game ceremonies. I'd fly back and buy a "scalper's" ticket to see that one.

Michael Lorraine 6 years, 4 months ago

Wayne could improve his NBA stock if he returned next year just like Perry has improved his value but I don't think it would be a fatal mistake if he leaves. Would LOVE for him to return but who could blame him if he bolts.

KJ Quartermaine 6 years, 4 months ago

Actually, Wayne's NBA stock will go through the roof if he keys a deep tourney run. Forget about next year. You should know by now that seniors rarely improve NBA stock according to NBA GMs. Seniors generally are what they are

Michael Lorraine 6 years, 4 months ago

The NBA drafts on potential and upside. That being said he needs to improve his perimeter game. That's what Perry did his senior year and his stock has improved. A deep tourney run will be of little value unless he is the reason for it.

KJ Quartermaine 6 years, 4 months ago

That's false. I've lost count of the times over the years where a deep tourney run has either solidified or sent players stock through the roof. Returning for a senior season rarely ever improves a players stock. Again, this is according to NBA GMs. You know, the guys actually doing the drafting?

You made my point for me, of course NBA GMs draft on upside. And NBA GMs hardly ever view seniors as having high up-side. Perry was a fringe 2nd-round pick entering his senior season, and is now projected as possibly a mid 2nd-round pick

Billy Derringer 6 years, 4 months ago

Hope selden likes the D leauge if he leaves same with Dialllo, Perry has a chance to be a nice bench player,......

wouldnt Svi be the highest pick?

KJ Quartermaine 6 years, 4 months ago

Diallo is projected as the 21st overall pick in the June draft. GMs tend to draft based off potential, and will take risks on high-upside players like Diallo

Mallory Briggans 6 years, 4 months ago

The bad thing about Diallo and players like him is getting poor advice. Embiid had second thoughts and admitted he wanted to stay in school but it was to late to and he had to go in the draft . Unfortunately he has yet to play in the league. Diallo has barely scratched the surface as far as potential same goes for Bragg. As we found out with Lucas playing time opened the door to show his potential and it would be best for Diallo to perfect his craft at KU .but its not our decision to make but Diallo's we can only hope that some seedy agent or someone advising Diallo are being honest with him as far as whats best for him.and Diallo has to be honest with himself if he's ready or not.The NBA is a business where you can become a star or have your ego crushed when you are overwhelmed only to find out you aren't ready...... and play in the D-LEAGUE in an empty high school gym . Not quite AFH .

Harlan Hobbs 6 years, 4 months ago

Perry improved his NBA stock by returning because he developed more consistent offensive moves and three point shooting. I'm afraid that Wayne is a different story as a guard.

Generally, it is harder for a guard to make huge progress from year to year. In my opinion, Wayne's stock has risen more this year than what his potential is for next year. I hope that I am wrong because I would love to see him experience a senior season. However, if he decides to leave early, I won't fault him.

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