Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CB Boateng dismissed from KU football program

Kansas cornerbacks Matthew Boateng, left, Ronnie Davis, Brandon Stewart and Tyrone Miller Jr.

Kansas cornerbacks Matthew Boateng, left, Ronnie Davis, Brandon Stewart and Tyrone Miller Jr.


Four days before the 2015 season opener against South Dakota State, Kansas University football coach David Beaty has dismissed cornerback Matthew Boateng from the team.

The news came out in press release sent out Wednesday afternoon.

“Matthew has been dismissed from our program for a violation of team rules,” Beaty said in the release. “We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

No further details about the rules violation were made available but Boateng's dismissal figures to be a blow to the already-thin KU secondary. Projected as a second-string cornerback behind starters Brandon Stewart and Tyrone Miller Jr., Boateng was one of the few KU cornerbacks returning with game experience.

In 2014, the true freshman from Toronto played in eight games, recording nine tackles, one forced fumble and one interception.

It remains to be seen who will slide into Boateng's spot on the depth chart, but it will certainly be a player with far less experience. Beaty did not release a Week 1 depth chart, but it's likely that senior Ronnie Davis is slotted as one back-up cornerback. And it's possible Davis' role may expand to backing up both Stewart and Miller.

Sophomore Colin Spencer, a converted wide receiver who appeared in 10 games last season (most on special teams), could be another option to fill Boateng's role, while transfer Marnez Ogletree, walk-on Chevy Graham and incoming freshman Shaq Richmond also could find themselves moved up on the depth chart.

Of that group, Ogletree seems to be the most ready for action. The 5-foot-10, 190-pound transfer from Fullerton College arrived at KU with a reputation as a big time athlete and potential impact guy in the secondary.

KU opens the 2015 season at 11 a.m. Saturday against South Dakota State at Memorial Stadium.


Brent Held 7 years, 3 months ago

I'm just curious what happened to chase harrell and if kyron watson is doing anything productive right now.

Matt Tait 7 years, 3 months ago

Watson appears to be running third string right now behind Marcquis Roberts, Courtney Arnick, Joe Dineen and Osaze Ogbebor. He looks better physically and sounds more mature/experienced but isn't ready for a prime time role yet.

And Harrell keeps battling but is just at a very deep position. Last I heard he was in the 9 or 10 slot among KU's receiving corps.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 3 months ago

It's funny to read that the WR's are very deep when we have virtually no experience. I understand what you're saying tho - there are at least lots of bodies, unlike DB's where we are limited in experience and numbers.

Gavin Fritton 7 years, 3 months ago

It almost feels like Coach Beaty deserves to have his contract extended just based on all the stuff he's had to deal with before the season has even started.

Len Shaffer 7 years, 3 months ago

Nothing like a last-minute distraction to help a team's chances ...

On another note, Matt, could you explain how Ogletree is an incoming freshman if he's a transfer from Fullerton College?

Dirk Medema 7 years, 3 months ago

Unless the text has changed, it says that Richmond is the incoming freshmen and Ogletree is a transfer, and Jr according to the roster.

Russ Freeman 7 years, 3 months ago

Sorry if I missed it somewhere else........what has happened to Schyler Miles? Injuries? Or just another example of Weis' over-sell/under-deliver on football talent evaluations.

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 3 months ago

Miles has been injured for basically the past 2 years. You don't recover from missing 2 years overnight. I believe it was knee injuries so he may also never be what he once was or could be because of those injuries.

John Fitzgerald 7 years, 3 months ago

The good thing is Beaty is setting the tone regardless of the circumstances. Even though we keep losing talent, he still makes everyone follow the rules, and that shows he has respect for the program and especially the players that do follow the rules. It'll be a tough year, but years 3-5 will be mighty fun to watch. RCJH! Excited for Saturday!

Suzi Marshall 7 years, 3 months ago

What I find sad about this is none of students seem to care or have any interest to find out the full story about the rules violated. If anything, such as Traylor or Greene's suspensions, the campus becomes electric to find out all the details.

Perhaps it might be worthwhile to find out some details. Is Beaty trying to run a first class program with quality kids? Is Beaty trying to run off as many players as possible from the previous coaching staff to open up more scholarships for his guys? The answer may provide some insight to what kind of guy Beaty really is.

Brandon Mahon 7 years, 3 months ago

No offense but this is the complete opposite of what is actually happening. Why would he want to run off players so he can open up scholarships that he can't even use this year? Also he knows what position he is in why would he want to make it worse? Anyone who has paid any attention to the program since Beaty took over you know he is the complete opposite of Weis and not just running players off. Avery got kicked off for steal (rumored), Coleman for attitude and failed drug test. Beaty has embraced many of the last staffs players because they are at KU and he wants them to be successful and he knows he needs them especially with the #s they have.

Suzi Marshall 7 years, 3 months ago

I'd like to think and am inclined to believe all you say is correct.

Let's hope he is genuine and remains committed to build a first class program. So far, I really like everything we see. However, nothing has changed my expectations for the teams performance this season or next.

Jason Spangler 7 years, 3 months ago

We still don't even know what Corey Avery or that guy Rodriguez did. They're just terrible football players.

The basketball players who get suspended that everyone worries about aren't much better.

Brannen Greene? Really? Who cares. he sucks

Greg Ledom 7 years, 3 months ago

Wow, random basketball player slam. Nice JS........not.

Glen Miller 7 years, 3 months ago

You're right...... losing our best 3 point shooter and a guy that was shooting above 50% (during a stretch at the time) from behind the arc...... he really sucks. Sometimes I wonder if you people even know what you are talking about or if you just have a miserable life of your own and like to bring others down to make yourself feel better.

Jason Spangler 7 years, 3 months ago

Unfortunately you can't have a good football program without criminals.

Mizzou's sign and place program takes players that don't qualify at any other school and enrolls them in juco. If they pan out they get to play for Pinkel, never attend class and win some games...ala Sheldon Richardson.

Baylor and OU openly accept rapists and woman beaters.

KU's criminals just aren't good enough to matter. College Football is a cesspool.

Suzi Marshall 7 years, 3 months ago

I'm afraid this seems to be the view a lot of people have. Even the NFL is full of criminals. I hear a lot of people talk about not wanting to know anything about the players personally because it's so bad. Basically keeping all that bad stuff out of sight/out of mind. They look to their programs strictly as entertainment value of watching and winning games. I know a lot of people who attend or have attended schools like LSU, Alabama and Kentucky. This is their attitude. I hate it.

Still I'd like to see the Kansas programs represent something more than just using the kids for entertainment value. I'd like to see our players get a great education, graduate, get great jobs, have a happy family. Basically to make them better people.

Jim Stauffer 7 years, 3 months ago

Then quit picking at Beaty and sit back and enjoy. We have a solid coach and an even better person running our program.

Suzi Marshall 7 years, 3 months ago

Not at all picking on Beaty. I just don't really know him yet.

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