Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kansas football moves forward

James Sims (29) pushes into the end zone for a touchdown in the second half of KU's 30-23 loss to the Northern Illinois Huskies on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb, Ill.

James Sims (29) pushes into the end zone for a touchdown in the second half of KU's 30-23 loss to the Northern Illinois Huskies on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb, Ill.


After taking its normal day off Monday, Kansas University’s football team will get back to work today even though the Week Five bye leaves the Jayhawks without an opponent this weekend.

Heading into their off week with their minds full of thoughts and visions from Saturday’s disappointing loss at Northern Illinois was not the way the Jayhawks hoped to spend the week prior to their match-up with Kansas State. So instead of dwelling on the loss, KU coach Charlie Weis plans to move forward.

Unlike a normal game week, Weis said the Jayhawks would get a couple of days off this week. KU will practice today, Wednesday and Thursday before using Friday and Saturday as days to recover and regroup.

“(Today) and Wednesday will be a combination practice of us-against-us for development purposes,” Weis said. “And (we’ll also work on) Kansas State first and second down.”

Although preparing too far in advance for the next opponent could be a gamble, the schedule allows Weis to begin game-planning for K-State because the seventh-ranked Wildcats, who upset No. 6 Oklahoma on Saturday in Norman, Okla., also have a bye this weekend.

“Because they don’t play any more games between now and when we play ’em, we’ll treat it as if we were playing ’em this week, preparation-wise,” Weis said. “We’ll spend half the practice practicing against each other and half the practice practicing on Kansas State.”

That’s today and Wednesday. On Thursday, Weis said he planned to have a full-on scrimmage, complete with officials, a game clock and special teams.

“What I’ll do is I’ll scrimmage the guys that don’t play as much,” Weis said. “Full-speed scrimmage.”

While having two weeks to think about a loss is hardly ideal, KU running back James Sims said he hoped the team would use it as motivation.

“It’s tough,” Sims said. “But this is a loss we gotta build on. It’s gonna be with us throughout, but we have to move on from it. It’s over and done with. We just didn’t come through like we were supposed to.”

Kickoff set for K-State

The Kansas-Kansas State football game will start at 11 a.m. on Oct. 6 in Manhattan and will be televised on FX, the Big 12 announced Monday morning.

Both KU and KSU will be making their second appearances of the season on FX. The Jayhawks fell to TCU, 20-6, in their first game on the network this year.

K-State has won three straight in the series by a combined score of 135-38. KU’s last win against the Wildcats came in November of 2008, when Todd Reesing and company clobbered KSU, 52-21.

The Gridiron wins another Emmy

For the second year in a row, former KU football player Micah Brown, who most recently served as the producer of the KU football Internet series “The Gridiron,” recently accepted an Emmy on behalf of Kansas Athletics for his work on the behind-the-scenes football series that ran during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

Brown, who played wide receiver at KU from 2007-08, since has left KU and founded his own production company, Second Wind Creative, which is focused on the development of documentaries and features for Internet and television. Already this season, Brown has done productions at Notre Dame and Michigan State and has plans to do work at Iowa and Ohio State. “The Gridiron” is no longer a feature at KU.

NFL update

With seven former Jayhawks currently playing in the NFL, Sunday afternoons have become a little more interesting for KU fans. Here’s a quick update on a few of them.

Former KU All-American Aqib Talib was Tampa Bay’s defensive star of the game during Sunday’s loss to Dallas. Talib recorded seven tackles, a pass break-up and an interception, his first of the season.

After missing Week Two because of injury, Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris returned to action and recorded four tackles and one pass break-up during Denver’s 31-26 loss to Houston.

Former KU wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe played in his second game with Washington but is still looking for his first catch with the franchise.


Micky Baker 10 years, 2 months ago

K-State's 2010 and 2011 recruit classes ranked behind Kansas's.

Steve Reigle 10 years, 2 months ago

Then maybe you should take the next step up and see if you cut it. Let's see, from JUCO the next step is a four year college. From backyard, let's see, maybe neighborhood is next. Do well there and we'll consider a high school scholarship. :)

Matt Kenton 10 years, 2 months ago

Point taken about Quinn Mecham, and I'm not by any means saying Baty is going to succeed at this level. But I'd like to see him Saturday IF Crist continues to do what he has already done. If he does, I have no reason to believe we will win another game this season. And if we won't, and this is Crist's last season, why not give Baty a shot and see what he can do? I'd rather see a QB who has at least succeeded at some level of college rather than one who has not.

Eric Dawson 10 years, 2 months ago

It's all relative. A Crist completing almost 60% of his passes is way better than one completing under 50%. It was Crist's best year, and if he was duplicating it at KU our record would be at least 3-1. The point to takeaway is that the almost 60% Crist does not seem to exist anymore.

Andy Tweedy 10 years, 2 months ago

You're both right. It IS the defense, but is most certainly the offense as well. Both have been awful late in games.

Eric Dawson 10 years, 2 months ago

Very true -- but the O does nothing in the 4th quarter except give the ball back to the other team after 3 plays and a punt or a missed 4th down attempt. When the failure to make first downs or scores results from highly inaccurate passes from a QB who has the time needed to hit his wide open receivers, that is the QB's fault.

The O does anything in the 4th quarter against NIU and KU wins that game. They didn't, gave the ball back to NIU and NIU scores 17 unanswered points.

Sure the D failed, but the O did nothing to help. And if defenders know their O can't get it done, the D becomes less confident and things spiral down.

Nic Andrews 10 years, 2 months ago

huh??? "defense has been handed double-digit leads" it was the defense that gave us the double-digit lead in the NIU game. and offense did nothing with it. I just wish every turnover the defense causes they could turn them into points right then & there because the offense, even when they are handed a handful of turnovers, can't manage to score enough TDs off any of them. But to frank, other than Crist and a couple of O-line issues, I don't blame the players. the offensive play calling in the 4th quarter and during other critical moments is highly suspect.

NebraskaJayhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

Man...I can't argue with you at all. And believe it or not, I am in total agreement that he's not getting it done. However, if what Weis says is true, he has a plan to turn this team into a winner. I personally believe he thinks our best chance in teaching the existing and new players this pro style offense is to play Crist. That's what he brought him here for was to teach the system. Maybe he can do that without being the starting QB though, I don't know. I agree though...I would like to see what Cummings or Baty could do with the offense. Not sure we will see that though, and so I will continue to support the decisions of our head football coach.

Micky Baker 10 years, 2 months ago

Sacks count as rushes. Offensive line didn't block well last Saturday.

Jeremy Hays 10 years, 2 months ago

So Jaykan7 I have a question for you.... What happens if in years 3, 4 & 5 at KU if they win bunches of games? Will you come on here and say great and positive things about Charlie and his recruits? Will you admit that you were wrong?

My take is very similar to Atl.... At ND, Charlie tried to do everything and was very arrogant at doing it. It turned a lot of people off and made it harder for him. Listening to him at several functions and even getting a chance to ask him while he was at a school recruiting, it seems he has learned from those mistakes. I am not going to tell you that Charlie will become Bill Snyder but better, but before the season started all I heard was be competitive and we'll be happy. yes I counted 3-1 at worst, too. However, EVERY game they have been in and could have won... Now If Crist is better and the WR are better, who knows 2-2, 3-1, 4-0??? but at the same time could you say that last 2 years???

Lucas Town 10 years, 2 months ago

I was just asking a simple question about what happened during the decline at ND. But to answer your question, yes. If they can get it turned around I will be on here being positive and say great things. But, before the season started I said that I was going to be reserved with my optimism because this thing will be hard to turn around in a couple of years and everyone who loves Weis to me acted like we would be tops in the Big 12 and bowling within 2 years. As of yet I'm not buying it.

Savion Havon 10 years, 2 months ago

Florida had a offense full of explosive players. A great coach adapts his offense to what he has

Lucas Town 10 years, 2 months ago

Great point about not rebuilding at ND versus KU, and you are also right that Weis needs a real chance to turn things around. Like I stated I was just being reserved with my optimism, keeping myself grounded as opposed to those who said we would flirt with bowling in Dec-Jan.

danmoore 10 years, 2 months ago

“One less Crist throw against Rice and one better Crist throw in the Northern Illinois game and Kansas might be 3-1 instead of 1-3.”

Only two plays from being 3-1.

Savion Havon 10 years, 2 months ago

That would be something if he went back home to texas ended up lets say Baylor and came back to beat his old team. If they arent goign to open up the competition they should let im and Turner go pressure bust pipes or makes diamonds

danmoore 10 years, 2 months ago

Not very many schools, including KU, are willing to weather the storm. If a Bill Snyder came along not sure if he would last. We fired Mangino and Fambrough. Both mistakes IMO.

Terry N Tom Denner 10 years, 2 months ago

I like Charlie but I really hope he does not put the game in Crist hands and hope he can pass the thing to get a win. if KU has to start passing to make up ground their screwed !!! Run game and short passes will keep the D in check. I pray they at least beat the spread. KST fans are getting as bad as some MU fans lately. Rude, arrogant & down right A$$HOLES with this up coming game.

beebe1 10 years, 2 months ago

Why doesn't anyone suspect the Defense scheme? Our Defense Scheme is NO GOOD!

In SDS game Weis mentioned a kickoff return to the 24 yd line. That was their Worst return. Typically they got to the 38 yd line +-! Either Rice or TCU got to the KU 48 yd line. Everyone did well against us. How much evidence do you need to understand Bowen can't coach DEFENSE!

Our kickoff return --TCU kicked it to about the 4 yard line, three times in a row -- right in front of me! We ran it back -- all the way to the 11-16 yd line! How much evidence do you need to understand Bowen can't coach Offense either!

Bowen/Campo concede 5-8 yds on Every Pass. Well, it is about 5-10 yds better than the last two years. It takes about 3 to get a first and 10.

Campo claims to understand "The Notre Dame Defense", but he worries about them catching the ball behind you. Wrong. The ND Defense is man-to-man, an 'adjustment' of the Self Defense. Except it was 'invented' before any of you were born -- maybe Campo may have been 8 or 9. You CAN'T defend a pass from behind the receiver! You have to be in the passing lane -- a line from the ball to the receiver. When you are in his face, intercept, deflect, bat down the ball BEFORE it gets to the receiver!

The DC callls out each man's opponent by the Defensive play called -- unless he was smart enough to line them up the week before the game: our best defender against their best receiver -- for all 4 receivers. There are 6 players eligible to carry/receive the ball. That leaves the QB and his protector with 2 more assignments to make, depending on the play.

The problem with the other guy coming from behind is NOT tiring players. What did the DC call to protect our lead? Cover 2? Prevent? Whatever it was was no daxx good. The DC's calls have been bad news for about 9 years.

We haven't had a good DC since Mangino came, maybe before. Mangino intervened when Bowen and our other guy were co-coordinators. He improved thing some. But we hoped you would bring in an expert. No luck.

Zenger was a great supporter of Weis - many were. But you have blown it -- BIG!. Discuss it with Zenger. Get a solution. Solve the problem NOW! We can't afford another financial disaster in less than 3 years!

beebe1 10 years, 2 months ago


Many people know these problems. They should be readily correctable.

  1. Crist gets too excited and overthrows the receivers. He overthrew #20 in the end zone vs SDS. The Blitz's got him. He tried to overcome the Blitz by throwing over to #3. Too low,and too hard; #3 couldn't handle it. He over threw #20 twice in the en d zone. He hit the mark every time in the spring game.

  2. Again, he threw twice to #20 and hit him in the hands; both times the pass bounced back in the direction of the passer. Ga Tech game, the ball passed thru the receiver's hands, hit him in the helmet, bounced way high, and was intercepted. There needs to be some coordination between the passer and the receiver! He hit the mark every time in the April game!

  3. Crist 'telegraphs' the receiver he is using, and the defenders congregate. He threw 3 times in a row to the left side of the line, the area defended by #2, their best receiver. He successfully defended. The receiver on the right end of the line ran right at me -- Crist NEVER looked over there. He thought he was wide open. If to do nothing else he needs to look over the field to 'stop telegraphing' his receiver.

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