Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Incoming guard Doyle hoping to live up to legacy of Chicago Jayhawks

Kansas University newcomer Milton Doyle works out with the Jayhawks for the first time during Bill Self's basketball camp on Monday, June 18, 2012, at the Horejsi Center.

Kansas University newcomer Milton Doyle works out with the Jayhawks for the first time during Bill Self's basketball camp on Monday, June 18, 2012, at the Horejsi Center.


The city of Chicago has been kind to Kansas University’s basketball program during the Bill Self era.

“I know Sherron (Collins) from being back home and Mario (Little) from here and some other guys (Julian Wright, Jamari Traylor),” said Milton Doyle, a 6-foot-4, 175-pound guard from Marshall High — the latest Windy City native to play for Self’s Jayhawks.

He spoke to the media on Tuesday in Allen Fieldhouse on his second full day on campus.

“I’ll try to follow in their footsteps and play like they do,” Doyle said.

Doyle — he’s never played against KU red-shirt freshman Traylor of Chicago’s Julian High — initially was committed to Florida International, a team coached by Chicago native Isiah Thomas.

Doyle decommitted after Thomas’ firing in April.

“Basically I was sold before I came, knowing the history of Kansas,” said Doyle, who visited KU in mid-May. “Finally being here, I was able to put it together. It was a hard decision ... but it’s Kansas.”

Doyle, who still needs to have a couple of online courses approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse before he’s free to play at KU, also had Marquette on his revised list, but never visited the Milwaukee school.

“It feels good to be here, to finally work out and be around the team, be around the guys,” said Doyle, who will wear his high school jersey number — 25 — at KU. “They welcomed me in like I was already part of the team from the beginning.”

KU coach Bill Self said Tuesday that Doyle, who averaged 19.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, 5.0 assists and 5.0 steals per game his senior season at Marshall, figures to play both point and shooting guard.

“I think there’s a difference in being a point guard and being able to play some point,” Self said. “He’s a guy who definitely can play some point, no question. The way we play, whoever gets it brings it. Tyshawn (Taylor) wasn’t a true point at least the way we played. Elijah (Johnson) is not a true point. We’ve got a lot of combo guards. He’ll be one of those combo guards.

“He’s a good athlete, has great length. He has to get stronger, which is natural for all freshmen. He probably has to get where his stroke is a little more consistent. We have minutes to be earned back there from a depth standpoint. He should provide us extra depth, no question.”

Of his role, Doyle said: “Combo guard that can play any spot, who is able to go out there and play whatever the coach tells me to play ... a good defender, all around player.”

Doyle — who once was a Duke fan, but switched allegiances to KU about the time the Jayhawks won the national title with Collins playing a major role in 2008 — has played point guard pretty much all his life. He credited his mom, Lisa, a former Mississippi Valley State player, for “putting me in the gym ... it was out of her job because she works for the park district, so I was always in the gym.”


Kansas University senior forward Kevin Young is back on campus after trying out for the Puerto Rico Senior National Team earlier this month.

Young happy to be home: KU senior forward Kevin Young said he enjoyed competing with the likes of J.J. Barea (Minnesota, NBA), Shabazz Napier (UConn), Mike Rosario (Florida) and Renaldo Balkman (South Carolina) at the recent Puerto Rico national team tryouts.

“It was fun. I learned a lot. I think I grew a lot as a player, too,” said Young, who was one of 12 players asked to play in a tournament this week in Puerto Rico, but was told he would be bumped from the Olympic team once several Puerto Rican pro players reported to camp.

“I worked on my shot, my handles a bit. Hopefully I’ll show a little bit of improvement when I get back in the gym, today,” Young added.

Young said he will try to make the Olympic team in 2016. “I’ll go back next year for the world championships,” he said. “I really didn’t get an answer what I need to improve on, the reason I was cut, what I didn’t do right. Hopefully I can change it next time I go down there.”

KU coach Self said he heard Young played well at tryouts. “The last game he plays five minutes, gets eight points, four rebounds, is 2-2 from three which I was kind of excited to hear about. Kevin will have a good year this year because he’s going to be a lot more comfortable,” Self said.

Frankamp on U17 team: Future KU guard Conner Frankamp of Wichita North survived final cuts and is a member of the 12-man, USA Basketball Under-17 men’s world championship team. He will compete in the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championships June 29-July 8 in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Freedman Moor 10 years ago

I love it that Doyle WANTS to be here. Story has it that Julian Wright also made up his mind before he visted campus as well. Self dropped in for an in-home and JuJu made up his mind on the spot.

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

Any one else cringe when they read "...approved by NCAA clearinghouse..."?

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

Probably after they have finished with all the football players.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

"approved by NCAA clearinghouse" made me think he gets to become buddies wit Hudy.

The picture seems to indicate he has the frame to build on.

Alohahawk 10 years ago

KY is currently listed at 6' 8". If he "gro's the fro", does that mean he'll measure out at 7' tall next season? That way KU could have two 7 footers in at one time. Scare the daylights out of the competition!! ;>)

And congrats to Conner Frankamp for making the 'final cut to 12' for the USA U17 team. Help win the gold, like you did in the U16 tournament.

As for Doyle, glad to have you aboard. Like some others have already said on here, I've got a feeling you will surprise/surpass expectations. And I, too, like it when a recruit states they're excited about being a Jayhawk. Good luck, persevere on the defensive end, and you'll do fine.

mojayhawk 10 years ago

Google some youtube of Milton. He's got game. Welcome, Milton!

Michael Pannacciulli 10 years ago

Frankamp also has game...he just is a scoring beast.

Doyle is the steal of the recruiting season. Remember Isahiah was a poor executive, decent coach, great talent scout.

april28 10 years ago

There's no way Frankencamp makes Team USA with his Rivals ranking. Must be a mistake, right?

I forgot for a moment how much I like Kevin. The guy just exudes positivity.

This is going to be a fun team to watch and an easy team to cheer for. I may need a program for a few weeks to keep track of who's who but it should be a really exciting season.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

"He will compete in the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championships June 29-July 8 in Kaunas, Lithuania" . Frankamp.

Kaunas...similarities in spelling to Kansas. Maybe in Lithuanian it is the same as Kansas. You never know!

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Literal translation......"The Land of OZ."

jhox 10 years ago

No surprise at all on Frankamp. He's been tearing it up on the AAU circuit already this year, and turning a lot of heads. I'm glad our coaching staff spotted him and got his committment early. I hope we're going all out to get Semi, as well. We were a little late to the game on that one, so it may be an up hill battle.

I heard junior to be, Tyrone Taylor, a point guard out of Grandview scored in the upper 30's in a game last weekend. I've seen him play three or four times, and he's not even a score first kind of point guard. He's a kid who takes what comes to him, and he's also a kid who has a solid outside shot. I hope our coaches get out and watch him next month. He's long and quick, and looks like a kid who could grow to 6'4" or 6'5", and he's a natural point guard, not just a guy who can play the point.

Robert Brock 10 years ago

Since the staff is trying to land a couple of bigs from the pack such as Randle, Lawrence, Gordon, Mickey, Shepherd, and a super-quick, ball-handling point guard such as Anthony Barber, it looks like Semi is not a high priority.

jhox 10 years ago

I hear you, but just don't know how we could overlook a guy as talented as Semi who lives 15 or 20 miles from campus...a bird in the hand...

I think he's likely to end up at a place like Duke, given that his family apparently puts such a high priority on education. I hear he's not a big fan of KSU and not likely to end up there. I think if our coaches worked him hard enough, we'd stand a chance. I'm just not sure how hard we're working him.

I hope we don't lose out on Randle, he's got out of this world talent. I don't know what his relationship is like with Peters, but let's hope he's hearing great things about KU from his former teammate. UK seems to win every guy like him who comes along though. They're obviously paying pretty well over in Lexington.

Robert Brock 10 years ago

Walker - how could I have overlooked that dude? He is probably a Florida lean but we are still in it for now.

Vernon Riggs 10 years ago

IF Adams doesn't work out, then we have one more scholarship to give.

However, if the scholarships stay the same at four, two are committed to Frankamp and Greene. One should go to a Big (Walker or Shepaherd maybe Randle). The fourth may be a point (Barber or the kid from Self's old HS) or roll the dice with best available.

Jim Jackson 10 years ago

Glad to have Milton on the team. I'm from Chicago and anyone who was first team all public league and 2nd team all state in IL can flat out play.

Do we know anything concrete about Anrio Adams? I read that he will be on campus in a couple weeks but do we have anything concrete?

Tony Bandle 10 years ago far only wood and bricks!!

nuleafjhawk 10 years ago

“Basically I was sold before I came, knowing the history of Kansas,” said Doyle, who visited KU in mid-May. “Finally being here, I was able to put it together. It was a hard decision ... but it’s Kansas.”

I've not seen M.D. (Doc ??) play, but I like the way he thinks!

tis4tim 10 years ago

Taking jersey #25 is a bold choice if you're lacing it up at KU, regardless if it was your high school number or not.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

I posted this thought yesterday, but take a look at this kid. Look at his expression and check out the videos.

Does he look like an end of the bench "garbage time" player? I think fact I think we may have uncovered a gem. do need a nickname and this site is the place to come.

My first shot, Milt "The Coil" Doyle. Fellow your magic!!

REHawk 10 years ago

Nuleafjhawk hit it on the head: M.D.>Doc Doyle.

nuleafjhawk 10 years ago

You know Oakville, I thought the same thing. Can you get a clue about someone by looking at a picture? Maybe KGphoto can answer that!

I don't know, but one look at that pic above and I thought " This dude looks like he means business. Like he could really contribute."

I think I like him already.

nuleafjhawk 10 years ago

Thanks for your input drgnslayr, and you are right about Hudy. She has been vital to our success for a while now!

ku_foaf 10 years ago

Just seeing the picture posted here in the article makes me think he will be good. Intangible, but he looks the part.

justinryman 10 years ago

Can't be "Doc" that nick name is already taken by the new addition to Coach Self's staff, i.e. Doc Stadler.

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

Which can be read two ways: Dr. or Drill inois, which is even funnier.

JayDocMD 10 years ago

It's all Doyle all the time here at the LJW.

Not sure Xavier and Selby got this much play when they arrived. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have the good doctor on board (M.D.) And I know its a slow news time, but lets get some fresh subject matter. How about another one of those Keegan statistics articles that are so popular?

vd 10 years ago

With 5 times as many FB players as BB players, you would think they could pull an interview with a FB player. Of course the readers would rather have 4 articles on a single BB player then 1 article on any FB player. Makes FB recruiting tougher, BB recruiting easier.

John Boyle 10 years ago

the sucky football tradition makes the football recruiting harder not the number of articles in LJW.

REHawk 10 years ago

Bill Self is doing a marvelous job without annual stables full of 4 and 5 star horses. I really like the way he fills slots on his teams and on his staff. Thank the hoops gods that he bit the bullet to take Lew's advice on Andrea Hudy. We really have something great going with Jayhawk Basketball.

RockChalk26 10 years ago

Nope, you are right, he played a ton better. I noticed too.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Me pro 'fro .. skinny black dudes with the big 'fro is the essence of basketball .. ABA, finger rolls, Dr. J. Pro hoops was never better.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

My favorite player from the "Fro Days" was the "Fro King", himself, Artis Gilmore!! AG gained 6" with that 'do.

I vote EVERYBODY including Bill Self and Joe Dooley grow "Fros".

nuleafjhawk 10 years ago

Artis Gilmore was a bad Mo-Fro.....

RJ King 10 years ago

Pro Fro, high socks, and short shorts.

tical523 10 years ago

Pro Fro For Sure! The Fro definately fits him but don't know what Bill would say.

Phoghorn 10 years ago

Chicago Jayhawks? Is that the Windy City's new Soccer Team? How cool!

KemDooKU 10 years ago

Young, Doyle, Withey, Travis, B-Mac, Wesley, Peters, Lucas, Ellis,Johnson, White, Traylor, and possible Adams - how long has it been since these young guys road the bench during basketball season..... Ugh Never. Let's see how mentally tough these young guys are because the bench will always be warm with the amont of depth we have. But look on the bright side younglings - you get to sit court side and watch big boy basketball for free and throw in a full ride which saves your parents hundreds of thousands- livin the dream!!!

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

In HCBS's world, there's always PT for the guy that can play shutdown "D".

jmsuther 10 years ago

Im guessing Doyle wont red shirt this year, will avg 3 min per game and transfers next summer.

Ludwig Supraphonic 10 years ago

I'm hoping Milton Doyle exceeds your expectations.

wrwlumpy 10 years ago

If Adams isn't on the team and Tharpe hasn't yet learned which color to throw the ball to, then this is EJ's backup.

HAWKS1 10 years ago

Since he is such a mystery to us all, how about "Sir Arthur Conan" Doyle? Or just "Sir Doyle"? Welcome aboard Milton!

REHawk 10 years ago

If the moniker "Doc" fails to catch on, "Conan" might work well. Like the superhero.

Chris1955 10 years ago

I can't believe anyone hasn't come up with "Popeye" Doyle. At least, I think that was the name of the Gene Hackman character in the French Connection. I seem to remember his charater being a serious bad-ass.

Titus Canby 10 years ago

Popeye or Doc? I like them both. How about a vote? Maybe part of the LJW summer series.

And definitely Fro for KY.

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

I'm guessing you were born in '55. Most kids could not identify Hackman, a fantastic actor. Lex Luther, etc.

tom123kufan 10 years ago

Off the subject, but did anyone else notice Dwayne Wade cussing on live TV last night as he walked into the locker room? He was saying F'ing Mario Chalmers over and over again, of course to pay heed to Chalmers good game. None the less I was surprised it happend and couldn't he see the camera right in front of him? Any one else see this?

Brianna Zaleski 10 years ago

D Wade is a pompous a-hole. He probably did see the cameras but chose to let fly anyway. I liked him much better when he was a humble young player

KemDooKU 10 years ago

Oops I left out Tharpe - sorry Tharpe I did not mean to leave you out. I count 14 with Tharpe.

REHawk 10 years ago

I'd like to read an update on Tharpe, what he has been doing since April. Quite a bit of Jayhawk success could hinge upon his development, year two. He now will have Anrio (hopefully) and Doyle (hopefully) breathing down his back. If those two recruits do not qualify, Tharpe will really have to step up, from the getgo. Dicey business, EJ returning from surgery.

REHawk 10 years ago

Very understanable, Bill Self's excitement about adding Doyle...whom he views as a possible TT clone.

chi_town24 10 years ago

Lol at the nicknames. I kinda like "doc" bcuz of his initials but his nickname is silk bcuz of his smooth and natural game but don't if u guys would like it

Iandhi 10 years ago

I like "silk", I could see that catching on with fans as well. Maybe a combo of the two, The Silk Doctor. However, that is kind of long for a nickname. @drsilk

REHawk 10 years ago

Welcome back, chi_town24. Please do not allow any of us to ruin your day. These posts undergo a daily variety of hot/cold and stupid. Plus, we get some irritating outsiders stirring up mayhem. After awhile you will become familiar with the avatars for posts worth reading, even though you might not concur with what you read. Some folks inject lopsided twists just to stir raging debates. All in all, this is one of the most terrific sports sites in Div. I Hoops. p.s. By now, your bro knows that lockdown defense and protecting the ball are two essential ingredients to Bill Self court time. Intense practice effort and focus, plus making use of Andrea Hudy's training facilities are an absolute must, right from the getgo. If Bill Self says he reminds him of Tyshawn Taylor, then I am super enthused for his future in Lawrence. Lawrence is a far cry from Chicago (or from St. Louis, as Ben McLemore soon discovered). A laid back peaceful place where every move a hoops player makes is up for inspection and comment. Milt has landed in the greatest collegiate hoops site in the modern world! If he is patient and industrious, I look to see him play a lot of Jayhawk ball, sooner or later. He will probably never know beforehand when a key injury to someone might cast his number onto the court. I like that "upside" prediction for a recruit whose h.s. senior year stats were loftier than Tyshawn's.

RJ King 10 years ago

I'm excited about Doyle. Definite hopeful similarities to Tyshawn - body type, style of play, and the recruiting scenario.

Don't know if HS stat comparison means much. As I recall Tyshawn was something like the 5th or 6th best player (or most coverted recruit) on his team so he was just a spoke in the wheel.

Hmmm. Where are they now? Mike Rosario (Rutgers), Jiovanny Fontan (Fordham), Travon Woodall (Pittsburgh), AJ Rogers (St. Joseph’s), Alberto Estwick (Fordham)???

Here's from an article around the time of the HS "championship" game:

"In Hurley’s eyes, Taylor is the best athlete on his team. Taylor is known for his thunderous slams and great speed. However, he is much more than a great athlete. Taylor showed off his defensive skills when he kept Tyreke Evans, one of the nation’s best players. Many believe that Taylor has the highest ceiling of all of Hurley’s guards. He has improved the most over his four years at St. Anthony."

And, as we know, his improvement continued.

Welcome Mr. Doyle. Let's rewind the tape!

REHawk 10 years ago

As I recall, Hurley's St. Anthony team finshed TT's senior season ranked #1 in the land. So, even tho Milt's senior stats were loftier, he probably did not practice daily with the high caliber of athletes of Hurley's group. Tyshawn did not get to play over 60% of the game minutes, so his stat line was hampered.

REHawk 10 years ago

Sorry about the redundancy. For some reason, my first reply to BayHawkaholic was not posted until I sent in the second one. I am not getting the "review post" on my computer screen today.

Sally Presson 10 years ago

Cringe??!!! Heck yes, I cringed when I read NCAA Clearing House. There's something wrong with the NCAA, could it be they have way too many MU people on the board of ax choppers? It's always good to have one of our recruits excited about coming to KU. They will never regret their decision. Best place on earth to play basketball, we love our Hawks!!!

ku_foaf 10 years ago

Kevin Young has become a favorite player. I like the way he does things and he got better through the whole season.

Chris Bruning 10 years ago

Milton Doyle- Been on campus two days, out of the several pics ive seen its been nothing but business and game face. Like this kid!!! Rock Chalk MD

Brianna Zaleski 10 years ago

Jeff Hawkins orTyrel?

You are one of my favorite posters, Kong, but I'm having a hard time w/ that comparison. Both hard workers who earned court time that way?

jaybate 10 years ago


Self and Perry and Perry's HS coach started the rumor during Perry's recruitment.

Why do you suppose they did that, if Perry were going to just be a 4?

I have been curiouser and curiouser. :-)

Counting KY, Perry, Jamari, Justin, Jeff, Zach, and Landon, Self has 7 bigs!

Self never uses more than 3-4 bigs.

His best recruit and best returning 4 can swing 3 and 4. Why in the world wouldn't he swing them, when he has 7 bigs to play?

Heck, he could play them at the three full time, red shirt another big, and still have 4 bigs!

Work with me on this. :-)

EJ, BenMac, Travis are locks, when healthy. But who would make us stronger subbing at the 3? White, Milton, Naadir, or Perry? :-)


And who would make us stronger backing at the 2? White, Milton, or Naadir?


And that leaves Milton and Naadir in a dogfight for backup minutes at the 1.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

I can accept all of this. But why would you even think that White would play in front of Milt at the 2? Or that Ellis would be in front of Milt at the 3? White doesn't look near as tough as Milt. I'm not sure if White looks like a player. And Ellis isn't a shooter, and played in Kansas. Not the vaunted Chicago public league.

I see it this way:

  1. EJ (back up Milt)
  2. McLemore (back up Milt)
  3. Releford (back up Milt)
  4. KY (back up Ellis, unless Milt grows a little)
  5. Withey (Milt, and we play small)

The arguments here have been compelling. Gems like this rarely present themselves like Milt has. He's not here to sit on the bench. I just see it in his eyes (and the video clips). He means business. A kid from the mean streets of Chicago. His high school coach knows talent. And he hit two three pointers in the scrimmage the other day.

I did see where Anrio Adams' coach said that if all goes well, Adams will start at the point this season. He compared Adams to Dwayne Wade.

I do think it's realistic that Adams and Doyle start over EJ and McLemore this season. We'd then have Dwayne Wade and Russell Westbrook (as I recall a poster compared Doyle to).

That could end up being the best backcourt in KU history. Mark it down.

Jeremy Caudle 10 years ago

Young will be starting at the four at the beginning of the year. CS won't let us lose too many early games due to the problems all of these freshman will encounter. Having McLemore starting is probably a given.
Given what I have seen from the guys coming back from last year, and how last year played out with those guys, I am going to predict this as our starting lineup and depth at each position.

1 - Johnson - Tharpe 2 - McLemore - White/Doyle 3 - Releford - White/ Doyle 4 - Young - Ellis 5 - Withey - Lucas

I think Traylor and Peters will see limited playing time but could very well work their way into the rotation but doubtful. Wesley as well but we have seen just about everything he can offer at this point on the court. As the season goes on CS will figure out who plays the best with each other in certain scenarios and such. I would bank on seeing this lineup however with our starters seeing quite a few minutes...hope that knee is feeling strong EJ cause we are gonna need it to hold up.

Jeeveshawk 10 years ago

Of all the Chicago natives Doyle could be compared to, Mario Little is likely his ceiling. He most likely will never be a starter, but he may be a sixth or seventh man later in his career.

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