Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reluctant recruits: As KU, others eye Penn State football departures, players vow loyalty

Penn State senior running back Michael Zordich, left foreground, and senior linebacker Michael Mauti, right foreground, give a statement in support of their team Wednesday, July 25, 2012, in State College, Pa.

Penn State senior running back Michael Zordich, left foreground, and senior linebacker Michael Mauti, right foreground, give a statement in support of their team Wednesday, July 25, 2012, in State College, Pa.


Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis on Tuesday might have been one of the only coaches to talk about the idea of adding Penn State transfers to his roster. But he was hardly the only one thinking about it.

According to an article by college football reporters Joe Schad and Don Van Natta Jr., a handful of unnamed Penn State players have been offered “up to 50 scholarships” by football programs across the country.

As his team tries to rally together for the start of the upcoming football season, PSU coach Bill O’Brien told that he would like any coaches interested in talking to his players to call him as a professional courtesy. While reaching out to O’Brien is not required, coaches like Weis have been asked to contact Penn State in some manner. To that end, the article said the Penn State athletic department had been “flooded with faxes and emails from other schools.”

According to the NCAA’s punishment, any Penn State players interested in transferring would be free to do so and would not have to sit out a season. They also would not count against their new school’s scholarship limit. In addition, Penn State is not allowed, in any way, to restrict a player from pursuing a possible transfer.

O’Brien, who called the activity “an NFL free-agent system” in college sports, has become increasingly upset with the way things have unfolded.

“Our players are in our building right now and they don’t want to leave because there are coaches from other schools in the parking lot waiting to see them,” O’Brien told “These kids don’t want to leave Penn State. They want to play for Penn State. It is my opinion these coaches should leave them alone, but if they don’t want to leave them alone, they should make sure they give me a call before they try to recruit them.”

Based on his comments Tuesday, which emphasized the need for respect and compassion for Penn State’s players and coaches, it’s unlikely that Weis was one of those coaches in the PSU parking lot Wednesday.

However, according to Frank Bodani, of the York Daily Record, KU was one of eight schools to contact Penn State’s Kyle Baublitz, a 6-foot-5, 275-pound defensive tackle who is set to enter his third season with the Nittany Lions. Baublitz’s father, Steve, confirmed to Bodani that his son was contacted by Baylor, Boston College, Cincinnati, Hawaii, Houston, Kansas, Texas Tech and West Virginia. However, on his Facebook page, Baublitz said he was committed to staying at Penn State.

The idea of KU’s adding a defensive tackle certainly would make sense, as Weis and defensive coordinator Dave Campo have said repeatedly that upgrading KU’s D-line was a top priority. Other players that the Jayhawks might be monitoring include offensive linemen and linebackers.

Although the likelihood of any Nittany Lions leaving in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal dipped Wednesday, when more than 30 PSU players held a joint news conference to announce they were staying, a couple of Penn State players said through spokespeople that they were keeping their options open. The most notable of those was sophomore running back Silas Redd, who is contemplating a move to USC.

Still, with a large chunk of the PSU squad standing united in commitment to the school, O’Brien figures to have several familiar faces in blue and white when the Nittany Lions open fall camp on Aug. 6.

“We want to let the nation know that we’re proud of who we are,” said senior running back Michael Zordich, who on Wednesday stood with two dozen teammates and spoke on behalf of those who were staying put. “We’re the true Penn Staters, and we’re going to stick together through this. We’re going to see this thing through, and we’re going to do everything we can for the university. We know it’s not going to be easy, but we know what we’re made of.”


manginorh00lz 10 years ago

Too bad these guys don't have more time to think about it. They are running on raw emotion right now and many will ultimately make poor decisions because of it.

Darin Bradley 10 years ago

Tend to agree. And the upperclassmen are most likely pressuring others to stay. The biggest issue will be getting new recruits to come in. Penn State football will never look the same... and that's not really a bad thing.

Scott Murphy 10 years ago

Honoring their commitment to PSU is not a bad thing, so they can't play in a bowl game, so what! They still get to play on TV, they still will play in front of 108,000 fans 6 or 7 home games and if their goal is to play at the next level they will still get noticed by the NFL just as much as they would at any other school. I have no problem with the players staying and actually have great respect for them for doing so.

chicagojayhawk87 10 years ago

Really, I got no respect for a player staying with a program that attempted to cover child rape

danmoore 10 years ago

I have nothing but respect for players who decide to stay with the program and by doing so they are in no way condoning the actions of Sandusky. I think your vindication for what happened at Penn State is misplaced.

chicagojayhawk87 10 years ago

Agree to disagree... But you're wrong.

Eric Williams 10 years ago

The players didn't do anything wrong. Most of these guys would be buried on another depth chart if they decided to leave.

It IS possible to respect the players and not respect the institution.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

They're not banned from TV, but they certainly aren't guarenteed to be on TV, or does the BigTen network broadcast every game? The conf could still choose their own sanctions as they did in denying the revenue from last year on top of the NCAA penalty.

dylans 10 years ago

The NCAA gave them until 2013 to transfer without penalty.

kellerman411 10 years ago

Kansas is an absolute perfect fit for a senior ex-Nittany Lion. No offense to our team, I think we've really improved roster wise but it would still be relatively easy to earn playing time and KU has two coaches with maybe some of the deepest NFL ties of any two coaches in the NCAA. Wins really aren't that important for a guy trying to get into the league. You don't want to go 2-10 but you can stand out on a .500 team and get some looks.

As mangino already stated, some of these kids are making a poor decision to stay at Penn State. You have to admire their loyalty though.

Gary Wirsig 10 years ago

I could be wrong, but I believe your argument could be used as a reason to stay at Penn State.

kellerman411 10 years ago

You have to remember that I badly want them to come to KU ;)

willie_fu_fu 10 years ago

I agree manginor, alot of these players can say this now but in a couple years when they are playing with a bunch of walk-ons and losing games everyweek they will regret it. Plus that could hurt their nfl chances aswell.

JayDocMD 10 years ago

I'm as excited at the prospect of adding another quality player or two as the next fan. But unless they are stuck behind someone on the PSU depth chart and wont get PT, what exactly does a junior or senior gain by coming to KU? Bowl game? Unlikely. TV exposure? I'd wager there will be more PSU games on national TV than KU. If they are an NFL talent, coming to KU doesn't improve their draft stock. There's a slightly better arguement for an underclassmen to take a look at KU - but I'd be surprised if we see it.

Robert Brown 10 years ago

I agree with you. Moving half way across the country to KU has to be a tough change. Our stadium is half the capacity of Penn State's. If someone wants to leave, there are probably better fits.

texashawk10 10 years ago

There are a handful of players that on PSU's roster that were recruited by either Notre Dame or Florida while Charlie Weis was at those schools and there's a kid from Olathe on PSU's roster as well. Kyle Baublitz was one of those kids so those are the kind of players likely to get an offer from KU because of a prior relationship with Coach Weis.

Kman_blue 10 years ago

Stats for 2011 & 2011? LOL

I know, just a typo, but it's still kind of funny to me at least.

And you're right. Silas Redd is a junior this year.

waywardJay 10 years ago

Let's not begrudge them their loyalty, It's honorable, even if it is stupid. Theres alot to gain, for example In Silas Redd's shoes. and chances are there are a few more players like him on that team. Great talent, who will likely thrive given other situations.

That's 30 kids of what 80.... that's not a great number, really. how many of those are seniors and Juniors? The two talkers are seniors, and they may have less to gain by leaving.

Vernon Riggs 10 years ago

I know Mike Mauti. I bought my house from his family in NOLA. They moved one block away. Our families hung out together. His dad, Rich played for PSU. His older brother played for PSU. I don't think finishing your dream is stupid. Staying is right for him. Staying may not be right for somebody else.

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Two questions? Who is the red haired geek next to Jared Allen? Why would anyone want to be apart of that mess. They are going to be forever linked to child molestation. All in the name of sticking together. That ship has sunk move on.

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Oh you went to Pedophilia Ephebophilia Nepiophilia Neurotic State? What are you some kind of sick freak? This is what people will ask if they stay.

KGphoto 10 years ago

I suggest this comment NOT be removed so everybody has a chance to witness what a complete pinhead you are.

bad_dog 10 years ago

"Our society's acceptance of homosexuality will lead, sooner or later, to an acceptance of pedophilia."

Wow, how transparent is that comment?

Do you even understand the definition of pedophilia? It applies to adults that desire inappropriate relationships with children of either sex. Female teachers having heterosexual relationships with male students are also pedophiles.

bad_dog 10 years ago

That's because it doesn't need to be "taken into account". You say either way, it's abominable yet you aren't decrying heterosexual pedophilia as a basis for mainstreaming pedophilia into social norms.

What does it matter whether the pedophilia is homosexual or heterosexual in nature? A victim is a victim. You are trying to make a connection between gays and pedophilia that is nothing more than fear mongering based on unsubstantiated speculation. If you have something more to base your opinion upon, post a link to a valid study. Otherwise, it's just your opinion and not one that reflects favorably upon you IMHO..

Calijhawk 10 years ago

No, people who THINK will not ask that. I have two KU degrees, and I can honestly say that I had never seen the terms “Ephebophilia” and “Nepiophilia” before today, and don’t feel any less intelligent or uninformed for it.

There were, at the most, 5 people with the power to stonewall a heinous situation, and they did. PSU is going to suffer because it created and allowed a closed administrative culture in which a few people could make gross, sick decisions on behalf of many.

This being said, if a recent graduate applies to me with a degree in Sports Science from Penn State tomorrow, I am not going to suddenly throw his resume in the trash because of Jerry Sandusky and 5 high level idiots. I am going to jump at the chance to interview them because of the reputation of PSU’s Sports Science program. If I don’t, I make a judgment of their ability on criterion having nothing to do with their ability. Now I’m the stupid one.

I also do not believe that these kids are making decisions off the cuff. They’ve known about this for 6 months, and they are not stupid. They’ve thought about where they would go if PSU received the death penalty, or if they would have the options they now have. They have undoubtedly talked about it among themselves.

I know this may be a foreign concept to you, but athletes do base decisions on non-athletic factors. If they fell in love with PSU the way I fell in love with KU, a majority of them may stay. They may see themselves as PSU’s version of Kentucky’s basketball “Unforgettables”, which may put them in huge standing with Alumni in terms of jobs after graduation, notoriety within the PSU community, etc.

Even if I am an underclassman football player, a degree from Penn State still means something. My chances of going pro are as miniscule as they always were. When I THINK for myself, and not listen to the pundits who view me only as a piece of athletic meat, I would be inclined to stay.

jhox 10 years ago

If I were a Junior or Senior there, I doubt I would want to transfer. That's their school and they've been working toward their degrees there. It doesn't make much sense to throw that away just because they can't go to bowls. They should be competitive for at least a couple of years, so the fans will still come and support them.

If I'm a Freshman or Sophomore, that's when the decision becomes difficult. By their last couple of years the program is going to stink. If I'm one of those guys, I'm looking for the door out.

eastcoasthawk 10 years ago

Completely agree with jhox. Beat me to it. Well put.

jhox 10 years ago

I get that, but I also think you have to take into account the social network these kids have developed. Would you have seriously considered leaving your college friends with a year or two to go to your degree, with the only real advantage being the possibility of a bowl game appearance elsewhere? Basically one or two weeks of fun added to your life in a 2 year period of time. I may be wrong, but suspect the vast majority of Juniors and Seniors would not make that decision.

As others correctly point out below, if they're an NFL prospect, their association with PSU isn't going to cost them at all in those scouts eyes. Really, the only benefit to upper classmen, that I can think of, is bowl games. (With one possible exception being those kids who do not believe they're in the mix for significant playing time. I could see some of those kids taking this opportunity to make an exit, much as all of our 5th year transfers did from their prior programs.)

Brak 10 years ago

I totally disagree and based on the numerous comments I've heard on TV and talk radio I would say you are in the minority. Most people realize that those kids had nothing to do with what happened and feel bad for them because they are going to be punished for it. I sincerely doubt any NFL team will think twice about drafting a Penn St. player based on what has happened.

eastcoasthawk 10 years ago

The NFL teams will draft anyone who is up to their standard and meets their need. The current players had nothing to do with Sandusky. Yes, PSU has a huge black mark on it but that should not carry through to the players who are caught up in this mess that others created for them.

Nitt10 10 years ago

Some of you are funny. Since Penn St players can't go to a bowl game, they should transfer to ku so they can what, not go to a bowl game? Nice logic.

thjhawk 10 years ago

KU might be just a couple of key players on defense away from earning a bowl invitation this coming year.....These couple players could be the start of much bigger and better things for KU football, They would becomre revered for their contributions.

Jim Jackson 10 years ago

Seems like we're in better position than you guys are, no matter what way you look at it buddy. I'd bet we go 6-6 this year with or without your guys.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

Some guys like the fact of being seen on TV too...which, of course, you guys won't be for quite a while.

JayDocMD 10 years ago

I don't think that is correct - my understanding is TV exposure is one of the main selling points PSU coach Obrien is using to try to retain players/recruits.

clevelandjayhawker 10 years ago

Prior to 2005 or so I always imagined Penn State fans as classy and respectful, kind of like their coach, but after my father went on a family trip to see his cornhuskers play psu (Larry Johnson night game, psu won) and he told me how the fans treated him and other Nebraska fans at state college, I have looked at penn state in a different light. Your “Grand Experiment” got too big! Even after all of what has happened you come to a KU website to talk trash? This is what I would expect from a missery or Texas or Oklahoma fan base, now I must include psu in that motley crew of a group. I would like to root for your team to rebuild and to make an impact in the big ten for years to come….but it’s your fan base that makes that difficult.

KGphoto 10 years ago

• You don't have to use the Sandusky shower or wonder what might have happened where you are sitting while you get changed.

railer20 10 years ago

I am as pumped about this year and the future as anyone else but good grief you just made it sound like we will be competing with OU, LSU and Alabama in the next year or so. I am sure Weis and Campo open a lot of eyes for KU but I also think we are still KU and for football purposes it's not that great until we prove otherwise.

KGphoto 10 years ago

I think it's kind of unnecessary to not only post that logo, but to continue posting it and labeling the entire university as pedophiles. Not only unfair to the students and faculty that have nothing to do with it, but MOSTLY unfair and inconsiderate to the victims by turning it into a cartoon and a joke. It's cheap and classless. I'm all for making fun of other universities, rivals, etc. but this is about children being victimized and you just can't go there. And you especially can't continue going there in every comment.

rockchalker5 10 years ago

Completely agree with KGPhoto that this post by CrimsonAndBlueForLife is totally unnecessary. And quite frankly I'm embarrassed that a "so-called" KU fan posted it. You make us all look bad when you post mindless stuff like this....moron.

KGphoto 10 years ago

Because the Penn St. fan didn't make a joke out of the victims. How's that so hard to understand?

Sam Constance 10 years ago

Why are you even here Nitt10?

Did you visit the websites for Baylor, Boston College, Cincinnati, Hawaii, Houston, Kansas, Texas Tech and West Virginia too, or are you just cherry picking the programs that you feel are inferior enough for you to maintain some misguided sense of superiority?

The reason they should transfer to KU--and I'm not saying they necessarily should--but if they did, the reason would be to remove themselves from a situation where child rape will be in the minds of every person who comes into contact with the program. Every game broadcast, every mention of the Lions on SportsCenter, the list goes on...

Even though I think most people probably view the players and remaining coaches with sympathy, given the fact that they are having to deal with the completely heinous actions of a small group of administrators/coaches, but the bottom line is that it will be more difficult to be a Penn State player over the next decade (or more) than a player at any other school in the entire country.

I tend to agree with a couple of the comments above--that these kids are in an unfortunate position for several reasons:

1) They have to decide their fate pretty much immediately, with no time for deeper thought or introspection, while emotions are still high.

2) They are getting serious internal pressure to stay at Penn State from their coaches, which is unfortunate, because the reason for that pressure is because it's good for the coaching staff and the university for them to stay. Not necessarily because it's good for the individual player.

3) They are also getting heavy pressure (I would imagine) from the upperclassmen who don't stand to gain much by leaving. Again, that pressure is because it's good for those upperclassmen, not because it's necessarily good for the players being pressured.

Sticking to a commitment is an commendable thing to do, and I don't begrudge any player who chooses that as his path, but the bottom line is that it will be nothing but an uphill battle.

I'll close by saying that you and your fellow Penn State fans are probably the most obnoxiously clueless fanbase I've ever come into contact with. The stubborn defense of Joe Paterno and complaining about the penalties from the NCAA is just garbage. The best thing you guys could do for your school at this point would be to either speak out against the actions of your own school and accept the punishment (even though we all know that the people getting the brunt of the punishment didn't commit the wrongs--this is the NCAA, since when is that a new thing?) or kindly shut the **** up.

Chris1955 10 years ago

This "we are Penn State", us against the world attitude, is precisely why I wanted the NCAA to issue the death penalty against the football program. This was pretty predictable behavior based on student reaction to Paterno's firing by rioting at PSU, the "threat" of Voldemort's err... Paterno's statue being removed, etc.

I would suspect that the vast majority of PSU fans are feeling that their school was unfairly penalized over this affront to near universal human morals, sexual child abuse. Now, the many of the PSU fans are going dig in their heels and assume a self righteous, holier than thou attitude. I fear they have made the "We are Penn State" mantra even worse.

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

Hilarious cover on SI: "We WERE Penn State" LOL I guess "We are...f*cked" just missed the cut.

clevelandjayhawker 10 years ago

Someone posted about this yesterday- Why/how in the world could you ever shower in that locker room? Knowing what happen in some of the facilities and having to use them would make me want to puke, infact it makes me sick to type about it.

I like that our coach is honest (sometimes too honest), I would think there are a lot of open spots for the guys that do want to transfer. And us having a new coach means there are no set starters and he has no loyality to favor anyone (other than Crist, but no one is taking his spot)

KGphoto 10 years ago

I posted that they need to tear down that entire facility and start from scratch. NO WAY I'm using those showers. I would change in the street before I used that locker room.

It would be a statement from the university that they are serious about rebuilding the program, and it would go a long way to keeping recruits.

I imagine we'll hear something about this soon. Camp is coming and those showers are all they have. I mean, it hasn't been in the news yet, but do you want to be one of the guys using those showers when ESPN catches on? PSU better get on this, like yesterday.

Sam Constance 10 years ago

Yes, because they've been so proactive through all of this /sarcasm

I will say this--the most proactive and correct thing they did was firing Joe Paterno immediately. It's too bad that decisiveness hasn't carried over to some of the other related decisions.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

Let's remember a couple things before we judge these college kids who had absolutely nothing to do with Sandusky.

First, the kids have forged friendships and brotherhoods with each other. They have girls on campus, for some its a school they love even though 4 guys made a terrible terrible mistake. They didn't touch those boys, they committed to Penn State. I applaud them for staying loyal.

Second, just because they go to Penn State doesn't mean they all touch kids. Unfortunately the media has help lead this charge in believing everyone at Penn State was involved. All the Men who were involved are being punished by the US law. Lets be honest, if anything like this happened at KU, this board would be screaming at the NCAA. I've seen the reaction from academic suspensions, I think the majority of you guys calling this kids stupid would be reacting the same way as Penn State right now.

Third, Penn State is a good football program, not a football factory. They only send a couple players to the pros every year and most don't pan out. Tamba Hali and Sean Lee are the most recent success in the past like 7 years. So the kids who would be pros, will be pros almost not matter what.

Since when is it in our judgement to judge kids who want play with each other?

Warren 10 years ago

Yeah, Penn State football games are going to be on TV. But how much of the broadcast is going to be devoted to the kids playing on the field, and how much is going to be devoted to the child molestation that the football program covered up for 12 years?

DJay23 10 years ago

I'm a displaced Jayhawk who lives an hour and a half from the PSU campus. I've been to dozens of PSU games. My wife is a big PSU fan. My father-in-law relies on PSU games on the radio to advertise his business locally. As a teacher I have both colleagues and former students who are Penn Staters. Including the players, none of these people did anything wrong. They are in a smaller way victims of a horrible horrible circumstance. That said, they are all still loyal Penn Staters. Like someone else said don't begrudge them their loyalty.

Do you love KU? Would you still love her if something horrible like this happened in Lawrence? Would it make your heart sick if people associated KU with something horrible like child abuse, justified or not? Ask yourself those questions and then put yourselves in the shoes of the players, students, alumni, and fans. Outside of Central PA, folks don't understand the depth of feeling people have for Paterno. They thought of him as part of their family. Like a grandpa. And that's not hyperbole, and it's been carried down over generations. I've seen SHRINES to the man for goodness sake. If you found out years later that your grandpa did something wrong, would you still love him? Conflicted about him yes, but he's still your grandpa. That's how crazy these people are for PSU. Consider that when you hold your nose in the air toward students who don't want to see a statue taken down.

I'm a huge KU fan, but having been in both places Penn State football is WAY bigger in PA, especially the large portion of the center of the state, than KU basketball is in Kansas. There is nothing else here that people pull for as much as Penn State football. Well maybe the Steelers, but even that is split with the Eagles a little.

I have to say that it disgusts me that people who call themselves Jayhawks would stoop to the level of making jokes about this situation, while at the same time riding on your moral high horses and calling Penn Staters everything short of child molesters themselves. Sandusky deserves death for what he did in my opinion. Paterno made a horrible and selfish decision and his legacy got what it deserved. For it's part, the PSU administration and football team were hit hard too. Let's leave it at that and allow the players, students, and entire region try to rebuild the reputation of a proud institution without the incessant and ghoulish heckling. I especially can't stand seeing it from Old KU.

Those of you who are capable of independent thought and compassion please carry this message on to other Jayhawks.

KGphoto 10 years ago

You think the players, students, alumni and fans are also guilty of this crime? How would you know football around PSU isn't bigger if you haven't lived in both places? I think that's the arrogance and ignorance DJay23 is referring to. He/She said Paterno's legacy got what it deserved and Sandusky should get death. What do want?

I haven't seen any PSU students rallying to keep the statue either. They get it. It was awful. The statue is gone, but so is a part of them so why don't you give them a break.

Sam Constance 10 years ago

"Outside of Central PA, folks don't understand the depth of feeling people have for Paterno."

So the ** what? They were WRONG to think about him as a grandpa, and the fact that they did only underscores the completely screwed up priorities that sports have imposed on our society. You feel conflicted about your actual grandpa because he's blood. He's family. You love him because of that. Those feelings shouldn't apply to a football coach, and if they do, they should immediately go away the second you learn that he actively worked to cover up child abuse so that his football program wouldn't suffer. I don't know how you get much lower on the scale of human ethics.

If it came out in 20 years that Bill Self actively protected a pedophile, leading to the abuse of more children--all to protect KU basketball...

...I would instantly lose all respect for Bill Self. Instantly. Nothing about this "but what about all the good he's done?" or misguided and idiotic comments like "HE REPORTED IT TO HIS SUPERIORS" (as I saw one especially moronic fan yell at a protester who was standing at the Paterno statue demanding it come down). If the evidence was as clear and irrefutable as the Freeh report, I would have no second thoughts.

I would welcome strong sanctions and penalties, as much as it would break my heart to see that happen to our beloved basketball tradition. Not because I would want to see the great tradition at KU tarnished and possibly forever ruined by penalties that made it impossible to compete, but because that would be the only way that I could reasonably distance myself from a heinous act that I would be unfairly associated with. For all the talk about the unfortunate players who remain, who are also victims of Sandusky and Paterno's coverup, I don't feel like there are nearly enough PSU students/alums saying things to the effect that the NCAA punishment--or any punishment--was warranted and they understood. Too much of it has been this "us against the world" or "unfair!" attitude, which fair or not, just continues to associate those people with the wrongdoing. It makes it sound like they have some tacit approval, even though we all know that's completely absurd.

My biggest fear is that if something like this were to happen at KU, there would be plenty of Jayhawk fans who would take a similar approach to the PSU fans, lashing out at the people enacting and condoning the punishment, rather than going all-in to support the punishment, and that would just make KU fans look like a bunch of a-holes to whom their university's ability to compete in athletics outweighs their basic sense of human morality, which is how most Nittany Lion fans look right now.

hammr25 10 years ago

I'm not sure why a Penn State player would transfer to Kansas. They wouldn't be playing in a bowl game either way.

Sparko 10 years ago

Imagine that; Penn State University trying to manipulate or coerce young men to make life crushing decisions. This is why the death penalty HAD to be imposed. They are trading on the kid's loyalty now. Frankly, one of the ideas of penalties is that it would impact FOOTBALL uber alles University. It has not had the desired effect.

KGphoto 10 years ago

While I've commented several times now that they should tear that building down, your comment is ridiculous and I think you know it.

danmoore 10 years ago

Completely disagree. Might as well tear down the Vatican while you're at it.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

I hate to see KU mentioned in this poaching operation. We should have more class than this.

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