Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jayhawks tapped 11th in preseason men’s basketball


Kansas University’s basketball team — which has been ranked preseason No. 13 by both the Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today — has been tapped No. 11 nationally by hoops guru Ken Pomeroy.

Pomeroy, who has a legion of fans who follow his RPI ratings, believes KU will finish the regular season with a 22-7 overall record, 13-5 in Big 12 games. Pomeroy has KU finishing two games ahead of Baylor (11-7) and Missouri (11-7). He has Texas A&M;, Texas and Kansas State tied for fourth at 10-8.

According to, KU will lose to Kentucky in New York and Ohio State in Allen Fieldhouse, and also fall at Texas, Missouri, Baylor, Kansas State and Texas A&M.; The MU and Baylor road games are Feb. 4 and 8, respectively.

Favorites:’s Andy Glockner picks KU to win its eighth-straight league title. Texas A&M; is second, followed by Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas, Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

“If you want to be the champ, you have to beat the champ, and very few have done that over the years in this league,” Glockner writes. “These Jayhawks do not have the talent level of recent KU clubs, but with the rest of the challengers having questions of their own, the Jayhawks are the prudent default choice. Thomas Robinson steps into the frontcourt limelight and will try to make up for the loss of Markieff and Marcus Morris. The backcourt still has senior lead guard Tyshawn Taylor and junior Elijah Johnson. Can a three-man core win a league as deep as the Big 12? Depends on the contributions of players like Travis Releford and Loyola Marymount transfer Kevin Young, as well as what they can wean from a lower-profile freshman class that lost Ben McLemore and Jamari Taylor to eligibility issues (until next season). The Jayhawks could go 15-3 or 10-8 and neither would be a complete surprise. With Bill Self and Allen Fieldhouse as the guides, something closer to the former seems more likely,” Glockner added.

Ellis to ink Wednesday: Perry Ellis, a 6-foot-8 senior forward from Wichita Heights High School, will sign a national letter of intent with KU at 8 a.m. Wednesday in a ceremony at the Wichita City League school. Wednesday is the first day of the weeklong early signing period. Ellis is’s No. 24-rated player nationally. Zach Peters, a 6-9 senior from Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas, is also expected to sign with KU that day. He’s the country’s No. 144-rated player. He orally committed to KU as a sophomore.

Shabazz to wait until April: No. 1-rated Shabazz Muhammad will not choose a school in the early-signing period. Muhammad, a 6-6, 215-pound senior guard from Bishop Gorman High in Las Vegas, has officially visited Texas A&M; and Kentucky and made an unofficial to Southern California on Friday/Saturday. He’s expected to visit Duke for the North Carolina game on March 3, according to, and also is considering UCLA, UNLV and others.

Muhammad’s dad, Ron Holmes, told that Muhammad will visit KU.

“It’s a done deal (visiting KU), but we just have to figure out what game,” Holmes said.

White update: Andrew White, a 6-6 senior from Miller School in Chester, Va., is expected to sign with a school during the early period.’s No. 56-rated player has visited KU, Louisville and West Virginia officially as well as North Carolina State and Richmond unofficially. Georgetown just recently offered a scholarship, according to

Here’s analyst Jerry Meyer’s take on the situation:

“There is no doubt that losing Kaleb Tarczewski to Arizona was a painful recruiting loss for Kansas. But as the cliché goes, you win some and you lose some. So the Kansas staff will keep plugging along on the recruiting front. The main thing I’m hearing about Kansas is that the Jayhawks are moving into a strong position in the recruitment of Andrew White. It is tough to get a gauge on exactly how White feels about his other schools.”


Alohahawk 10 years, 8 months ago

I'm a glass half full guy when it comes to KU this season. And as we all know, pre-season rankings don't mean jack.

Whatever happens, I find it interesting with the difficult pre-conference schedule KU has that Pomeroy ranks the Jayhawks this preseason at 11th, the major polls each 13th, and ESPN at 14th. With KU's short bench it would seem to indicate how much the Big 12, as well as the college ranks in general, have dropped off in quality this season. Either that or the voters are finally giving HCBS and his staff their just dues. I like to think it's a combination of both.

And if the injury bug stays away, the above rankings seem about right. Depending on how the Jayhawks are playing at tournament time, it would give KU a 3 or 4 seed for the NCAA's. I think most of us would accept that at this point in time.

Alohahawk 10 years, 8 months ago

I should clarify that the ESPN ranking I referenced above is what just ranked KU as, not the major national poll "ESPN/USA" mentioned in the article.

Kye Clark 10 years, 8 months ago

Sucks that we'll have to wait til the late signing period to hear anything on Shabazz. My hopes aren't high for us landing him, but there is some hope. Would be nice to get Andrew White and have a little positive recruiting momentum going for us

Ron Franklin 10 years, 8 months ago

ict--I get the feeling (based on on quotes on this site the last couple of years) that Shabazz isn't interested in KU, but his Dad is buddies with one of the coaches, so he'll oblige by doing an official visit. I just don't sense he's interested in coming to Mr. Oread either. It seems like KU is losing its 'STAR' appeal to these young kids now. I know we passionate fans see all the great reasons to come here, but it seems like these young, elite recruits have a different perception of the greatness that truly exists at Kansas. I am completely burnt by Tarc--I don't know how he didn't look at DManning and think--that's my ticket to the league. I guess maybe that's just another example of outsiders' perception of KU not equalling mine.

Priest Fontaine 10 years, 8 months ago

i feel you. He would have immediate substantial playing time at KU. With him and Withey as the 'twin towers', ben mack and trailor in the mix along with our other new recruits (zach peters, perry ellis) and veterans releford and elijah johnson... How could he not see this as the perfect opportunity? Let me just say that Nike won again. Adidas is hurting our recruiting. This very well may be the main reason for these struggles. I'm not just saying this out of no where. I actually have been doing research with athletes for over 7 years for Nike, Adidas and many other major brands. Nike is king. So much so that the top high school athletes will not even consider anything other than a Nike school. It is actually more of a consideration than academics. Of course this is not true with all of them, but for the most part this is a huge factor that not many people address.

diegohawk 10 years, 8 months ago

BlownJay - spot on. All the quotes I've read indicate either a heavy Kentucky or Duke lean. He's waiting 'til April so he can find out what the new CBA from the NBA looks like to make his decision. Would love to have his talents on display at Allen though. Kid's nasty.

Kye Clark 10 years, 8 months ago

BlownJay - I get that feeling too, but who knows. Maybe he'll come here, have a dream like Shady did of playing at KU, and decide to come here. But yeah, I'm not going to be massively disappointed if he signs elsewhere. Not like I was with Tarc. I'm right there with ya. I don't understand that miss either. We had just about everything in our favor (other than climate), and couldn't close the deal. I think maybe it might have been the case of the kid wanting to win now, and he saw a more talented and promising roster at Arizona. It could also be a case of Miller having the hot hand in recruiting, and Self having lost a bit of his swagger. Perhaps the toll of having lost a few high profile recruiting battles is showing, and Tarc picked up on that and that's what led to his "gut feeling". Maybe instead of recruiting guys with the expectation that they should choose KU, Self is recruiting from a position of desperation. Of course this is pure speculation, but that's why I say it's important to build up some positive momentum.

birdmanict 10 years, 8 months ago

I just wonder what our "high profile" losses over the past years have done image wise with the 10-18 year old dempgraphic. Sure, we had a great decade with 3 final fours and a National Championship in the 2000-2010 era. But, there were also several notable, infamous losses. Bucknell, Bradley, Northern Iowa, VCU. In some circles KU has a more recent reputation as the choke team. Being on the wrong end of the upset of the year for ESPYs doesn't send a great message. I don't know how this all impacts recruiting, but it can't really help. This reputation can really only be earased by living up to expectations for a few years, then memories will fade.

Kye Clark 10 years, 8 months ago

birdman - Good to see a fellow Wichitan posting. I agree that those losses have hurt us in recruiting, probably more than most fans want to admit. Awhile back someone had written a post counting our 7 consecutive conference championships as some kind of impressive recruiting currency. I responded that those 4 losses you mentioned carried far greater weight than an endless string of conference championships. Kids don't pick a school to try and be a part of winning a conference.

I have been working on an extensive, comprehensive post to offer my opinions on the recruiting difficulties, and hope to post it in the next couple of days. Those 4 losses are one of the biggest reasons.

tomkeegslovechild 10 years, 8 months ago

Unfortunately, we have no chance on this one. It seems that HCBS has lost some of that recruiting magic of late. Almost all top 10-25 recruits will have KU on their list, but hardly anyone commits. It seems as though KU has become a safety net if Duke, NC, Kentucky, or Texas choose to pass on them. I hate to see it but it looks as though kids now want to go to the schools that play "look at me" basketball.

Chris Shaw 10 years, 8 months ago

Let's like anything............ESPN wants viewership and with the Championship Classic and then the Maui Invitational the following week, ESPN would like to have a ranked KU squad should KU lose to UK.

Chris Shaw 10 years, 8 months ago

Oops, suppose to have meant, "It's like anything".

Jeff Coffman 10 years, 8 months ago

I must say the Big XII is actually pretty weak this year with a lot of questions. Having KU win the Big XII isn't surprising to me.

Predicting a loss in AFH is a rare thing to predict even against a top notched team.

The computer rankings don't account for injuries/suspensions etc. If KU can avoid both of those, it does have a top team.

Bill Self always seems to play conference play good. I don't see losing at KSU or at MU, but BS can never figure out how to win at OSU. Anyways, I have them at about 14-4 in the conference, if everyone stays reasonably healthy and if they don't do stupid things to get suspended.

Eric Bernauer 10 years, 8 months ago

It has been noted in this and other articles about KU's recent losses in recruiting battles. For most of us that bleed red and blue, it is unthinkable that anyone would turn down an offer to run through the tunnel and into the Phog to the roar of approval from the faithful. Some have suggested that Coach Self or his staff have lost their touch. Others have suggested it is due to uncertainty over conference realignment, losses in March and other various factors. I'm sure all these factors play in recruits decisions plus a hundred other un-named reasons. Of course we can only guess, but one of the considerations voiced by Tarc in his decision was to go to Arizona was how well he liked the other players. I read the exerpt from the book (I don't remember the book name, but the exerpt was here on about the current players role in recruiting and wonder if some of our current players may have soured recruits on KU. Of course I have no idea who, if anybody, and most likely, neither does anybody on the boards. It just seems like Self and his staff have won many recruiting battles in the past, so what is different now? Of course the recent losses may just stand out more because they are recent. I seem to recall losing recruiting battle after recruiting battle in the past and being disappointed, and that was before the recent National Championship.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Steve Gantz 10 years, 8 months ago

This is going to be an interesting season. I'm looking forward to the semi-underdog role for a change, seeing us exceed expectations.

The bigger concern for me is the future. Need some of these kids to start signing with KU again. I'm glad Perry and Peters are coming. But we're going to be in major rebuilding mode next year, so we need some more kids.

With a cancelled NBA season looking more and more possible, some regrets that the Morris twins and Selby decided to leave for the NBA. I believe that's why some guys with a little more foresight, like Sullinger, stayed in college.

REHawk 10 years, 8 months ago

Barring major injury or freethrow woes, 14-4 in the league sounds reasonable to me. I think 13-5 might win it, or at least tie. Gotta hope that Gillispie's Red Raiders or all those transfers at Ames don't slip up on us. The first 8 days of Feb. appear to be vital to Big 12 standings. Would be esp. sweet to knock off Drew's talented youngsters at Waco. If we can manage to hold the fort in The Phog, another league title should be within grasp. Always an uphill battle for a well-scouted conference contender to walk off with a victory in the fieldhouse.

Alohahawk 10 years, 8 months ago

+1 Your first sentence could well define how KU goes this season.

And: I've said all along, Iowa State has some very talented and hungry transfers. I'm still not convinced Texas A&M is what everyone else believes them to be. I'm hoping the Baylor and Texas players realize that their coaches can't coach their way out of a paper bag. That K State and Mizzery have fun fighting for 6th place in the Big 12. And that HCBS can beat his alma mater twice in one season.

1.KU, 2. Iowa State or Baylor, 4. Oklahoma St., 5. Texas, 6. K St. or Mizzery, 8. Texas A&M, 9. Oklahoma, 10. Texas Tech.

As for the border war, this season could be the last time KU plays Mizzery (unless it's in tournament play) and I'm hoping we win out against them and drive nails into the Antlers's coffin. Lots of incentive to beat the you know what out of the yokels.

As for marchphog88's statement below, I also agree. It would have been nice to have been playing a little more of the underdog role this year, and to have given our players a little more to prove. As the previous two years have illustrated all too well, being highly ranked can lead to too much disappointment if KU loses early in the tourney.

Finally: The season opener is only five days away!!! And as Bette Davis said in the movie, All About Eve, "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night."

Sam Constance 10 years, 8 months ago

This is annoying. The Jayhawks for this year should get the benefit of playing the underdog card, given the losses of talent, the thinness of our bench, and the top-caliber schedule.

But the media, in all their infinite wisdom, FINALLY decided to give HCBS the benefit of the doubt with what he will do with his team. Unfortunately, they decided to do it in a year when we could stand to gain from a little bit of "sneaking up" on the competition.

Oh well. I'm still excited to see what this team is capable of, and I would not be shocked to see KU beat OSU in AFH. Sure, OSU still has Sullinger, but they lost some big-time leadership and three-point shooting after last year, so they will have to re-learn how to play, so to speak. Honestly, I think Withey might be trouble for Sullinger, IF (big if) he can avoid trying to body him up all the time and use his length and timing to disrupt his shots. Obviously Sullinger is stronger than Withey, but Withey is longer.

Eric J. Baker 10 years, 8 months ago

Does Pomeroy factor in things like coaching changes? Considering our lack of depth and lack of inside presence, I would peg road games at TAM and Mizzou as possible, if not likely, losses, but not with the coaching changes (and especially not Mizzou's step down coaching change, and loss of Bowers). With those coaching changes, I think KU wins both. And god help me if we lose to the pathetic K-State this year.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 8 months ago

Shabazz's dad's name is Ron Holmes. Just curious how a kid gets the last name Muhammad and dad is Holmes .. sounds like a good late 70's boxing match.

Did the boy convert to Islam?

Tony Bandle 10 years, 8 months ago

Maybe someone should remind the pollsters who ranked us 11th that:

  • Marcus and Markieff declared for the NBA Draft
  • 3/4 of our '11 recruiting class will be in the stands or in another state
  • we are one injury to TRob away from becoming a very ordinary team
  • the bench will be so light we may need to anchor it to the floor
  • there are question marks at three positions
  • our sixth man is a Zach Efron ringer

If it was me, I would change that first "1' to a "2".

JHawk74 10 years, 8 months ago

KU is expected to be a top 15 program every year why does it change this year? Our team is mostly made up of Junior and Seniors and have a couple freshman and sophmores as back ups. The experience level of each player is somewhat limited but most of the players have been in Bill Self system for at least a couple of years or more. It will be nice not to depend on a Henry or Selby type player to provide valuable minutes. Actually I believe Henry and Selby both reduced our ability to be a good team even though they had great upside (but never showed it at Kansas). I believe in Bill Self coaching ability to put a great team on the court every night. Rock Chalk!

Justin Daniel 10 years, 8 months ago

Most of the reports I have seen have White as a West Virginia lean...How many recruits are we going to have to miss out on before Norm Roberts is brought back? IMO we need to replace Hinson with Roberts. He would at least get us back in with East coast kids, i.e. Tyler Ennis.

kerbyd 10 years, 8 months ago

I know Hinson cannot do any coaching on the bench since he is not an assistant. I am not sure if he can do any recruiting because of this either.

Kye Clark 10 years, 8 months ago

Your hinging the season on the outcome of the UK game is possible, but remember a couple of years ago we were blown out by Michigan State and went on to have a decent year. One game does not a season make (unless it's in the NCAA tournament, where a bad loss can totally erase an otherwise successful season). Regardless, I'd agree with most of your analysis regarding the game. It just sucks that we're getting this game this year when we're relatively down on talent, because more than any other team I really hope we kick their teeth in (the few teeth that those Kentucky fans have anyway).

Ozarkace68 10 years, 8 months ago

What is the story on Nino Jackson? Not listed on the ESPN-U top 100 yet shows up as a top 50 on Rivals with KU as the only High interest school with an indication that he has been offered a scholarship. Anybody know the straight scoop?

Steve Gantz 10 years, 8 months ago

What's Dicky V got us at this year? 11th?

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

Gambling-media complex is at work again.

When KU is stacked with talent, KU is under-rated.

When KU is thin as micro fiber, KU is over-rated.

This is just sheep shearing with phony expectations.

This way worse than running a weighted roulette wheel.

Somebody ought to be arrested.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

Were you expelled from the Anger Trolling institute?

Were you a bad security risk? :-)

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

jaybate news service (jns):

Dateline: Somewhere near the nexus of the Gambling-Media complexus.

Slug: On-line gambling on children in Texas high school football is reputedly the latest debasement of American children by money vampires.

jns stringers interviewed via cell phone texting one Vinny Parmesiano-Reggio, the book maker in Kuala Lampur Malaysia's Bet on Anything Depraved Online Casino.

Parmesiano-Reggio will decide the betting spreads on children playing high school football in Texas.

Parmesiano-Reggio says, "There's no moral issue in betting on kids. They're just like fighting dogs, fighting roosters, and horses. They are minors. They got no rights."

When asked what was driving demand to bet online on children playing Texas high school football, Parmesiano-Reggiano said, "There's a lotta perverts around the world that like to bet on children, especially if they won't get arrested for doing so. And this Texas high school football is televised by the University of Texas' own network, fer Chrissssakes. Nothing that happens on television is actionable anyway, right? And the beautiful angle is these poor dumb Texas high school kids, dey pay to play in the games that are bein' televised. Dis ain't like pros where we gotta pay 'em. See? And its way better even that college ball. Dem college kids, dey get scholarships, and cash under the table, and interest free car loans, medical care, and on and on. But these sap high school kids, dey pay to play the dumb game. They pay to go out and get brain damage from banging their dumb heads against each other. Its the best, man. And the University of Texas is carryin' it all on their own network, see? And I put the spreads on it and da perverts that bet on all the other violent sports, like pro football, college football, cock fighting, dog fighting, and what not, well, day aint' too smart ya know? And so we can over hype a little here, and under hype a little there, and then we can shear some sheep, capice?"

(Note: All fiction. Some satire. Some sadness. No malice.)

KGphoto 10 years, 8 months ago

LMAO. I think you melted hihawk's brain with that one. He fell off his tractor.

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