Collins, Aldrich take top spots in Keegan Ratings


After each KU basketball game this season, this is where you can find out the hardwood equivalent of The Nielsen Ratings from Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan. He'll rate the Jayhawk scholarship players' individual performances, telling you who was worth tuning in to watch. If you agree or maybe even differ, make sure to comment and tell Tom how you really feel. (Scoring: Each week, the top player in the ratings will be awarded 10 points. Second best gets nine points. Third best gets eight points, and so on and so on. The season standings are at the bottom.)

1. Sherron Collins: Matched a career-high with 26 points. Made 3 of 6 three-pointers, showed off a nice mid-range game, extended his streak to 23 consecutive free throws made and showed what good condition he’s in by playing 39 minutes.

2. Cole Aldrich: Was the only one capable of slowing Iowa State’s Craig Brackins, though he didn’t spend much time on him. Started the game slowly but finished strong with 16 points, 12 rebounds and two blocked shots. Follow-up slam after Collins was blocked driving to the hoop silenced the rowdy crowd after Iowa State had made its second-half run.

3. Tyshawn Taylor: Iowa State wanted to slow it down. Next to Collins, Taylor is the biggest reason teams have trouble slowing it down against KU. Played well defensively and mixed in 10 points, six rebounds and three assists.

4. Brady Morningstar: Credit him with another outstanding defensive effort, this time against sharp-shooter Lucca Staiger, who made 1 of 7 three-point attempts.

5. Mario Little: Will he ever again miss a shot from the field? Has made his last 11 shots from the field. Good luck trying to block his fadeaway jumper. Limited to 12 foul-plagued minutes, he had time enough to spark the team with nine points. Two-game totals: 26 minutes, 24 points.

6. Tyrel Reed: Not shying from taking the big shot, Reed made 2 of 3 three-point attempts and all four free throws. Knows his role and is filling it well.

7. Quintrell Thomas: Had four rebounds in seven minutes. Isn’t afraid to bang.

8. Marcus Morris: Fouled out in 19 scoreless minutes, did not have an assist and turned it over three times. Had six boards.

9. Markieff Morris: Again had more fouls (three) than points (two) to go with two turnovers in seven minutes.

10. Travis Releford: Played one minute.

The Keegan Ratings: Season Standings (total points)

1. Sherron Collins (168 points)

2. Cole Aldrich (166 points)

3. Tyshawn Taylor (132 points)

4. Brady Morningstar (118 points)

5. Tyrel Reed (102 points)

6. Marcus Morris (101 points)

7. Markieff Morris (87 points)

8. Travis Releford (64 points)

9. Quintrell Thomas (47 points)

10. Mario Little (35 points)

11. Tyrone Appleton (22 points)


Greg Lux 11 years, 1 month ago

How can I disagree with that accessment .. Well said.. I still believe we need the twins to step up and be a lot hungrier the rest of the season if we are going to compete for the title in the Big 12. I know they are young but someone needs to get them a play to get them started. Someone teach them how to block out PLEASE !!!! They have great potential but it not going to happen on its own... OH and lastly .. can someone add 4 inches to Mario ... Wow what a player he could be on both ends.. anyway Great game Jayhawks in a truely tough place to win..

KWufan 11 years, 1 month ago

Ok, Twins, here's how to improve the most this yr. Your not going to add extra weight and strength until next year. What you can change is your attitude on the court. Way too many times have I seen you guys with a rotten look on your face after a marginal call early in the game. Yes, the call was probably a little tick-tack, but when you make a face and argue with an official early, you put a bulls-eye on your jersey for that guy the rest of the game. He is going to really get you with fouls later on for showing them up. I understand it was a bad call, but you need to bite your tongue and just run down the court. that will in turn make you look like a man and give you a little more leeway with the refs. Also, too much pushing in the back, yes they are slight pushes, but on replays you can easily see the foul in the back your trying to hide from the ref. It's not working, use your hips and legs not your hands when trying to push people around, you will get much more leeway. And that's my cure for the Morris twins, boom, instant improvement this yr. One more thing before I go, BIG 12 officiating has gone WAYYYYY downhill the past few yrs and it's not just our games, but many of the other games I have been watching on TV. Make a call you see guys, not a call you THINK you see or anticipate.

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