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Column: Norm and Justin Roberts chasing tourney titles this weekend

The best evidence of how deeply the father-son love shared by Norm and Justin Roberts burns lies in how badly they don’t want to see each other over the next couple of days. Norm, one of Bill Self’s three assistant basketball coaches, and Justin, junior co-star of the Lawrence High basketball team, both have two teams to root for this weekend. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Mickelson’s progress encouraging for Kansas

An encouraging development with this gritty Kansas University basketball team bubbles beneath the surface of concerns regarding Perry Ellis’ knee injury and the in-limbo eligibility status of freshman center Cliff Alexander.

Geno Auriemma tops this KU wish list

The Kansas University athletic department is in the beginning stages of another coaching search, this time for a women’s basketball coach. As with any fantasy GM and/or real athletic director, I have five a list of five names of potential candidates in my pocket. By Tom Keegan

Column: RIP RPI; long live TVM

The RPI, which some in college basketball like to use as an indication of a team or league’s strength, stands for Really Poor Indicator. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Jayhawks as tough to figure out as ever

Is this the worst team among Bill Self's 11 Big 12 champions at Kansas? Probably not. Hardest to figure out? Yep. Most inconsistent? You bet. Toughest to predict? Absolutely. Saturday's road loss to the Sooners was all the proof you needed of that. By Matt Tait

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Column: Fearless Frank Mason delivers when Jayhawks need it most

Players from both sides competed with such vigor that easy buckets were tough to come by, so it’s no surprise then that the toughest guy in a Kansas uniform, Fearless Frank Mason, didn’t let his team lose.

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Column: WVU’s Huggins belongs in college basketball

I always suspected that Bob Huggins was more like legendary coach/color commentator Al McGuire than any coach before or after Al. By Tom Keegan

Column: Big 12 could have 5 champs

The final week of the Big 12 men’s basketball season begins with the chance that the conference that markets itself with the slogan “one true champion” could crown five true champions. By Tom Keegan

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Column: End nearing for Bonnie Henrickson?

I must admit, I was excited about the future of the Kansas University women’s basketball program when I saw how the freshman class played three years ago. Now they’re seniors. The future is now. And it’s bleak. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Jayhawks’ problems not too difficult to explain

The tendency when it comes to basketball, more than most sports it seems, is to search for psychological reasons for a player’s slump, an underdog’s upset, even a team leading a race and falling back to the pack.

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Column: Celebration turns ugly with aggressive court-storming

For Kansas State, Big Monday's Sunflower Showdown was a beautiful victory against favored in-state rival Kansas, 70-63. And then the students, taking advantage of lax security, stormed the court. In a blink, the scene of highly entertaining basketball theater grew ugly, unnecessarily dangerous. By Tom Keegan

Column: K-State will be fired up Monday night

On paper, this should be a blowout, with the team fighting to hold onto a one-game lead in the Big 12 hammering divided Team Turmoil. All of the evidence that adds up to a blowout also could lead Kansas State to pull itself together for one night and play its best. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Perry Ellis's week goes from low to high

With one hand, Perry Ellis corralled an alley-oop pass and hammered it through the net. And, upset of all upsets,  the junior forward from Wichita who is so stoic he makes the guards at the Buckingham Palace seem like drama queens by comparison, cracked a smile. By Tom Keegan

Column: KU football staff serious about in-state recruiting

In making his latest stop on a tour of the state, this one Thursday night at Sporting KC’s headquarters, first-year Kansas University football coach David Beaty shared more information with the surprisingly big crowd that shows he’s sincere about wanting more of a Kansas flavor to the roster.

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Column: Kansas gets RPI dance just right

Television earned the nickname “Boob Tube” because it really can turn our brains to mush. Particularly in sports, most notably in discussions comparing NCAA Tourament résumés and seedings. By Tom Keegan