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Column: Texas wins recruiting battle, but KU still team to beat in Big 12

It’s difficult to imagine fans of any of the six schools that did not land Myles Turner, including Kansas University, reaching into the sore-loser bag to fire the typical darts. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Downtown Shot Put should be quite a show

The Downtown Shot Put, an event that has greatly overshadowed the rest of the Kansas Relays the past few springs, will do so more than ever again Friday evening. By Tom Keegan

Column: Kansas corners stand up, out

The days of Kansas University cornerbacks, short to begin with, shrinking in the rear-view mirrors of tall Big 12 receivers are gone. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Second-year QB sure looks like Jayhawks’ starter

The play that killed any suspense for me as to the identity of the Kansas University football team’s quarterback this coming fall came long before Montell Cozart busted a 60-yard run, long before he found the end zone on two short runs. Column by Tom Keegan

Column: Five intriguing elements of KU football's upcoming spring game

Saturday’s spring football game will give Kansas University fans a chance to see plenty of elements of Charlie Weis’ third Jayhawk team. Column by Matt Tait

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Column: Todd Reesing recalls career, has hope for KU's new offense

Coaches often downplay the importance of spring football, particularly the spring game, but significant developments do take place during the 15 practices. It was during the spring of 2007 that Todd Reesing beat out Kerry Meier for the Kansas University starting quarterback job, a development that greatly strengthened both ends of the KU passing game. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Joel Embiid top 5? Puh-lease

Every time I hear someone say that Joel Embiid will be a top-five pick in the next NBA Draft, I wonder if I have missed something. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Watch KU football go as Cozart grows

Charlie Weis hinted Tuesday that the goal for his third Kansas University football team equals the win total of the last three seasons combined (six). That might sound unrealistic, but if one player with exciting raw talent develops at a far faster pace than anyone has a right to expect, six is not only a reasonable goal, but as good a place as any to set the over-under bar. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Embiid waits; public wonders

In most cities, “Hello, how are you?” is the most commonly asked question, although it’s really more of a greeting than a question. Nobody listens to the auto-answer. In Lawrence, it ranks a distant second to the runaway winner: “Why hasn’t Joel Embiid announced his decision yet?” The implied, though not stated, finish to that sentence is, “so that I can get on with my life already.” Column by Tom Keegan

Column: ’Cats, Huskies like cats, dogs

Here’s the beauty of tonight’s matchup for the college basketball national title: It blows to bits every theory about what it takes to make it to the season’s final night. By Tom Keegan

Column: Harwell obvious standout wideout

To watch wide receiver Nick Harwell run is to recall all the words typically used to describe athletes when they’re doing something right: balanced, smooth, precise, efficient, graceful, powerful, tireless. By Tom Keegan

Column: Senior urgency driving Kansas football this season

Every magic bullet — another new coach, another new quarterback, a blockbuster junior-college recruiting class — wrapped in hope and designed to reverse the sagging fortunes of Kansas University football opens one more wound in the heart of even the most optimistic fan. The cause for hope this year is the most substantial, least flashy of any in recent years. It’s called experience. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Kansas RB Miller veteran learner

Looking ahead to his third season as a Kansas University football player and not behind at the two that ended with him leaving to address personal problems, Darrian Miller is happy to be back on the team, slipping tackles with the ball tucked under his arm. By Tom Keegan

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Column: KU WR Coleman breaking out this spring

Spring football is the season for blossoming and Rodriguez Coleman’s name has popped up so often among coaches and teammates that it’s obvious the junior-to-be wide receiver is catching more eyes now than he did footballs last season. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Kansas football's potential on defense intrigues

If defensive coordinator Clint Bowen and the Kansas University football position coaches can draw maximum effort and attention to detail out of the players, KU should field a competitive defense this coming fall. The blend of talent, experience and depth is the best it’s been in years. Column by Tom Keegan