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Tom Keegan: Televised or not, Jayhawks handle road test

Since most of you don’t have access to the cable network that covered Tuesday night’s Kansas University basketball game against San Diego State in Viejas Arena, I thought I would do something a little different. I’ll  share what I saw and heard in chronological order, breaking the game down into the eight segments that stretch from one TV timeout to the next. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Greene has shot to lead nation

If Brannen Greene consistently puts forth the effort in all areas that he did in Saturday’s rout of Montana, then it’s not premature to say Bill Self already has made his best move of the season by suspending Greene for six games (minus one for good behavior). By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: KU post with most? Pick 'em

If your name’s not Perry Ellis and you play in the post for the second-ranked Kansas University basketball team, chances are good you’ll watch more minutes than you’ll play. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: KU still searching for best post combo

On a day Wayne Selden Jr. infused the entire team with crazy energy by applying serious defensive intensity, phenomenal passing and relentless effort, freshman Carlton Bragg followed that lead and weighed in with a strong game at a position where the team needs help. By Tom Keegan

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Matt Tait: Kansas volleyball progress impressive

The Friday morning banquet inside the CenturyLink Convention Center provided all the proof needed to illustrate that Kansas University volleyball coach Ray Bechard and his staff have begun to recruit the types of athletes needed to compete at the highest level.

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Tom Keegan: Future is bright for KU volleyball

The most successful, thrilling season in the history of Kansas University volleyball ended Thursday night in front of the largest crowd ever to watch the sport in a collegiate match. By Tom Keegan

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Benton Smith: Carlton Bragg makes his case for minutes

When Bill Self needed a victory Saturday night at Sprint Center and decided the best way to get one would be shortening his bench in the second half, Kansas University’s basketball coach knew only one of the four big men sitting near him would get a crack at helping the Jayhawks rally. By Benton Smith

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Tom Keegan: Coaching harmony key to KU volleyball success

The particulars of how the final, vital piece of Ray Bechard’s coaching staff came into place revealed a lot about how Kansas University has risen to volleyball prominence in recent years. Everybody played a part in making it happen. By Tom Keegan

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Matt Tait: KU takes the good and bad with Brannen Greene

A five-minute stretch midway through the first half of Wednesday's 92-59 Kansas University basketball victory over Holy Cross at Allen Fieldhouse perfectly summed up the hot-and-cold career of KU junior Brannen Greene. By Matt Tait

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Tom Keegan: Don’t swear off KU just yet

If only all those people who rifled remotes at their TVs and swore off Kansas University basketball for life when Harvard tied the score with 7:36 remaining Saturday could have exercised just a wee bit more patience. They could call themselves a fan of the No. 2 team in the nation. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Perry Ellis hasn't been himself

The alleged mystery surrounding Perry Ellis’ sluggish play isn’t all that mysterious. He’s a perfectionist and when perfectionists are burdened by imperfections beyond their control, it sometimes bothers them more than most. It changes their routine, eats at their focus. By Tom Keegan

Matt Tait: Horejsi Center kind to KU

Need an explanation for why the Kansas University volleyball team chose to host first- and second-round NCAA Tournament matches inside cozy, 1,300-seat Horejsi Family Athletics Center instead of quadrupling the attendance by playing at Allen Fieldhouse? One word tells the story — attitude.

Tom Keegan: Border War is just part of match

The gigantic television screen in the Naismith room on volleyball Selection Sunday revealed that Missouri had been sent to Lawrence for the NCAA tournament and the Jayhawks immediately erupted, a show of emotion that proved today’s Border War match involves more than a spot in the Sweet 16, which in itself is plenty exciting. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Mason owning defensive boards

Defensive rebounds per inch. The statistic doesn’t exist yet, but the way the world is going, it won’t be long in arriving.

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Tom Keegan: Uptempo Jayhawks play with style, substance

Take your pick of favorite moments from a spectacular second-half display of high-speed basketball Tuesday night in Allen Fieldhouse, where Kansas University ran Loyola-Maryland ragged, 94-61. By Tom Keegan