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Tom Keegan: Kansas' streak should hit 13

On paper at least, barring a major, major upset, Kansas University will earn at least a share of the Big 12 basketball title for a remarkable 13th consecutive season. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas pitcher Krauth simply a winner

In Big 12 play, when left-hander Ben Krauth is the starting pitcher for Kansas University, the Jayhawks win. When it’s somebody else, they lose. It’s almost that simple, although Saturday’s doubleheader sweep of Oklahoma was a welcome exception.

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Tom Keegan: Hadl deserves a bust in Canton

I intended to write about the professional football draft history of players from Kansas University, but then I glanced at the opposite page in the media guide and the lid flew off my head again, courtesy of one of the greatest injustices in sports. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Linebackers give KU optimism

The big increase in the number of athletes in the Kansas University football program who achieved specific standards for strength and speed heading into this past spring football season, as compared to heading into the spring of 2015, revealed encouraging signs on a few fronts.

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Tom Keegan: Ten shot putters ready for show

The buzz starts a day early, when pedestrians stop on sidewalks and watch city workers build the shot-put sector on Eighth Street between Vermont and New Hampshire. Everyone who sees it spreads the word that the behemoths are back in town, ready to super-charge another night in front of a big, boisterous crowd. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Top 10 potential KU football weapons

Here are 10 players who have the potential to deliver for Kansas University in a big fourth-quarter spot in a tight game. By Tom Keegan

Tom Keegan: Brad Frederick finds UNC's title-game loss still stings

Just 1.1 percent of the 351 Div. I college basketball programs advance all the way to the Final Four, at which 75 percent of those schools finish the experience on a sad note. Nobody can feel the difference between one side of that microscopic line that separates euphoria from torment, one shining moment from a hovering dark one, more deeply and freshly than those associated with the North Carolina basketball program. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football scoring prospects slim

Overall, it appears Kansas University’s football team has more depth than at the end of spring football 2015, but still not have sufficient depth by Big 12 standards. The defense in particular looks deeper and more experienced. Yet, the search is on for signs that Kansas will have an easier time scoring than in recent seasons. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks should improve; how much is unclear

The Kansas University football team held its second public and 14th overall practice of the spring Tuesday afternoon.

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Tom Keegan: Latest No. 1 like Wiggins

No. 1 in his class. Slender. Explosive dunker. Best suited to play on the wing. In those ways, Josh Jackson is similar to former Kansas University one-and-done sensation Andrew Wiggins.

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Tom Keegan: Spring ‘game’ good time to practice truth-telling, too

The spring football event, which used to be but no longer is a game, also serves as a dress rehearsal for reporters who cover the Kansas University football program. That’s another way of saying it’s a day to practice writing the truth without being mean, no easy juggling act in recent seasons. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Likens’ title is wrong, but attitude is just right

It doesn’t rank high among the many reasons I believe David Beaty made a move he will live to rue when he decided to take the offensive reins from the hands of Rob Likens, but doing so while still leaving “offensive coordinator” as Likens’ title does eat at me.

Tom Keegan: Kansas WR coach Phillips’ résumé loaded

Jason Phillips, Kansas University's first-year wide receivers coach, is on the low-key side and doesn’t reference the big names and accomplishments of his football career unless you introduce them into conversation. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks finished as 3rd-best in nation

The answer to what happened to Kansas University in the NCAA basketball tournament as in what went wrong elicits a very easy four-word response: Villanova happened, that’s what.

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Tom Keegan: My KU draft order

Pretend you’re an NBA general manager holding a pick late in the first round. You have a balanced roster with no one glaring position need. For the sake of argument, you can only choose from players on the 2015-16 Kansas University basketball roster.