Column: Big 12 really is best league

It happens every March in every power conference. As Selection Sunday draws closer, coaches take the podium and talk up their league as “the best in the country.” This year, it happens to be true for the Big 12. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Kansas not so dynamic without freshman duo

Even on a day Andrew Wiggins totaled 41 points, eight rebounds, four blocked shots and five steals, he needed another superior talent, fellow freshman Joel Embiid, for KU to knock off a hungry West Virginia team that played a terrific game. By Tom Keegan

Column: Weis makes winning moves in offseason

Seven years as a college football head coach and 10 years of wisdom later, humility has replaced fantasy for Kansas University coach Charlie Weis. Column by Tom Keegan

Column: At KU, confetti cannon overkill

If KU were to break out the confetti cannons and stage a full-bore celebration Wednesday, it would signal a step away from authentic and onto a slippery slope toward Hollywood. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Desperate Cowboys steadier than KU

Kansas University had Marcus Smart’s Oklahoma State team, which desperately needed a victory to revive sagging NCAA Tournament hopes, on the ropes. Then Markel Brown got hot. Then Smart smelled blood, and when that happens, all best are off. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Andrew Wiggins the right choice for Big 12 Player of the Year

Even with three games left in the Big 12 season, it’s difficult to imagine anything happening that could prevent Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins from winning the Big 12's Player of the Year award. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Familiar song emanates from Allen Fieldhouse

The lyrics and notes change, but the song remains the same. High school All-Americans around whom their teams revolved come to Kansas University with little clue just how hard they must compete to maintain a winning tradition like few others in sports. By Tom Keegan

Column: WSU deserves top spot in poll

In the chummy world of college basketball, everybody knows who sits at the cool kids’ table. Wichita State is not welcome at the cool kids’ table and will not be ranked No. 1 when today’s Associated Press college basketball poll is released. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Defensive decapitation keys Jayhawks' thumping of Texas

Statisticians have a number for everything else, so why not decapitation execution? Translation: Stop the opposing point guard’s dribble before he gets anywhere near the paint. Cut off the head and the body dies. By Tom Keegan

Column: Freshmen duo’s KU stay short, sweet

I hate the one-and-done rule, but with no change on the immediate horizon, maybe it’s time to relish the gifts the rule has bestowed upon Lawrence. After all, one year of watching Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins certainly trumps not getting to watch them at all, doesn’t it? Column by Tom Keegan

Column: Kansas guards’ defense subpar

So far this season, Kansas University’s point guards have encountered difficulty preventing several opposing point guards from going where they want to go with the play and from playing at the pace they desire. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Joel Embiid thrives in return to Kansas lineup

After the bumps and bruises that tend to gain steam through the night settle in, more will be known about just how close freshman Joel Embiid’s long, graceful, athletic body is to a full recovery from knee and back injuries. But he was far enough recovered to play a huge role in Kansas University getting out of a United Spirit Arena with a victory. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Kansas' Perry Ellis strives for perfection on, off court

Show me a straight-A student, a high school valedictorian, and I’ll show you a perfectionist. Perry Ellis is no exception. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Jamari Traylor learns from punishment

Backup forward scores career-high 10 points in return

Membership on a team, any team, is a privilege, not a right. Jamari Traylor, Kansas University’s third-year sophomore reserve forward, did something to have that privilege revoked for a game that his teammates lost without him. By Tom Keegan

Column: Movie, hate-bill timing divine

What else but divine intervention could explain the accidental, pluperfect timing of the release of “Jayhawkers,” Kevin Willmott’s film centered on the racial climate in Lawrence when Wilt Chamberlain came to town? By Tom Keegan