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Column: Addition of Diallo makes this Self’s best

We never will know what shape last season would have taken for the Kansas University basketball team had Devonté Graham not missed six consecutive games from the middle of December through the first week of January with an injury. By Tom Keegan

Column: ‘Dock’ proof Kansas volleyball for real

Sometimes college coaches really do tell the truth when recruiting athletes. Kansas University senior volleyball player Tiana “Dock” Dockery can attest to that. By Tom Keegan

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Column: KU can't drastically improve overnight — nor in one offseason

Barring a phenom-filled recruiting class, a rarity in college football, where players at most positions must learn to crawl and then walk before soaring, it’s going to take time for the Kansas University football program to become competitive in games, much less the standings. By Tom Keegan

Column: Wildcats present special problems

The early-in-his career play that portended greatness for former Kansas University linebacker Ben Heeney came against Kansas State at the end of the first half on Oct. 6, 2012. K-State couldn’t get a play off against KU, enabling the visitors to stay within a touchdown at halftime. The Wildcats went on to win 56-16, but the memory of Heeney’s play endures.

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Column: Snyder’s brilliance evident early

As college announcing tandems go, Gary Bender and Dick Vermeil were tough to beat. When Bender looks back on those days with ABC, his mind often drifts to a moment that with the benefit of history would reveal Vermeil as a prophet.

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Column: Jayhawks embracing quality 3-point attempts

It makes little sense that, with its best shooter sitting at home back on the mainland, the Kansas University men's basketball team would roll through the field at the Maui Invitational with the three-pointer serving as the team's most dangerous weapon. By Matt Tait

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Column: Devonté Graham defense keys KU victory

Tuesday night, during a 92-73 slaughter of UCLA in the Maui Invitational semifinals at Lahaina Civic Center, sophomore guard Devonté Graham showed with absolute certainty that all of that attention on the scoring end of the floor did not do any harm to his ability to defend. By Matt Tait

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Column: Jayhawks display veteran response in Maui opener

After a long trip and all of the distractions that paradise has to offer, a sluggish and sloppy victory by Kansas to open the Maui Invitational might not have surprised anybody, especially when you consider that Chaminade has been known to get hot from three-point range and ride the triple to some serious point totals. On Monday, it was Kansas that put up the serious point total, storming to a 123-72 victory. By Matt Tait

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Column: Time right for Svi to shine

Andrew White III was part of the Kansas University Class of 2012 basketball recruiting class, and Conner Frankamp and Brannen Greene came on board the following year, ensuring that the Jayhawks had an embarrassment of riches in terms of ultra-soft, three-point-shooting touches from the wing. Except that nothing in life is guaranteed. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Rivalry game looming, plenty of drama left

Not all Big XII entertainment derives from the top half of the loaded football conference's standings. Sometimes it’s amazing what you can find rummaging around in the basement too. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Friday night football a huge event in Texas

The first indicator that the high school football program plays a more prominent role than in your average affluent town shows itself in the names of local businesses.

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Column: Bledsoe to KU? Makes sense

The more I think about it, the more I believe that Kansas has a legitimate shot at landing Lawrence High senior defensive end Amani Bledsoe, the top local football recruit in decades. A variety of factors play into that belief. By Tom Keegan

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Column: KU football just might have a shot at first win

The gap between telling yourself you can do something and actually believing it can be wider apart than the hands a lying fisherman describing his latest catch. That’s why if Kansas University had taken its anticipated beating Saturday at the hands of TCU, the claim of KU junior linebacker Marcquis Roberts that KU could win its next two games would have been emptier than Allen Iverson’s bank account. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Your daily dose of Diallo

Another day in the ongoing saga of Cheick Diallo’s quest for eligibility came and went Thursday, and a news conference scheduled to preview tonight’s regular season opener at Allen Fieldhouse against Northern Colorado quickly turned into the latest dose of your daily Diallo update. By Matt Tait

Column: Kansas volleyball setting loftier goals

Eighteenth-year Kansas University volleyball coach Ray Bechard’s program has come so far so swiftly in the past handful of years that the Jayhawks took mighty Texas to five sets Wednesday night in electric Horejsi and instead of strutting at that achievement they kicked themselves for not winning it in four sets. And rightly so.