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Tom Keegan: Carlton Bragg's forecast quite bright

A look at the statistical profiles of past highly recruited power forwards who played for Bill Self at Kansas University forecasts a season of significant improvement for sophomore Carlton Bragg Jr., who showed promise in limited action as a freshman. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas starters not easy to pick

Predicting Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self’s starting lineup seldom is as easy as it seems on paper during the offseason. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas receiver outlook improving

Coach David Beaty’s desire for an ultra-fast-paced Air Raid offense demands a deep stable of wide receivers, and it looks as if his Kansas University football team is making progress in that regard. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: K-State makes Kill-er hire

The first time Bill Snyder decided to retire as Kansas State football coach, the school didn’t get it right in hiring a replacement. By Tom Keegan

Tom Keegan: KU tennis coach fulfills ‘vision’

Coming off back-to-back Big 12 titles at Texas Tech in women’s tennis, Todd Chapman decided to give that up and take a job at a school that was in the midst of a 15-year NCAA Tournament drought. My first thought was he must have lost a bet on a golf course. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Expansion bad idea for Big 12 but might help KU

It will take expanding all the way to 16-member conferences for power brokers in college athletics to realize that the size that makes most sense is cutting that number in half.

Tom Keegan: Recruiting 'formula' working for KU men's golf coach

When Kansas last qualified for the NCAA Tourney in men’s golf, Todd Reesing had not yet started a game at quarterback, Danny Manning played for the last basketball team to win a national tournament and Kansas Golf Hall of Fame inductee Ross Randall was the coach. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Nine potential successors for Self

The recent report that the coach-shopping Houston Rockets were “intrigued” by Big 12 bosses Bill Self and Shaka Smart served as a reminder that all good things come to an end. Eventually, although not likely any time soon, Self will probably want to take a crack at coaching the best basketball players on the planet and see if he can join one-time mentor Larry Brown as the only coaches to win NCAA and NBA titles. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas should go corporate route to relocate Cozart

Just this once, I would like to see a slice of corporate structure used by the Kansas University football program to solve the issue of what to do with Montell Cozart, such a graceful athlete blessed with such a positive attitude. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas golfer ‘Mook’ always learning

Winning golfers never stop learning, forever turn bad experiences into growth opportunities. Watch Jordan Spieth next April at Augusta eat up No. 12, the hole that ate him up last month in the Masters. If it takes him more than one Masters to conquer that demon of a par 3, so be it. He’ll never stop embracing the challenge.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas' streak should hit 13

On paper at least, barring a major, major upset, Kansas University will earn at least a share of the Big 12 basketball title for a remarkable 13th consecutive season. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas pitcher Krauth simply a winner

In Big 12 play, when left-hander Ben Krauth is the starting pitcher for Kansas University, the Jayhawks win. When it’s somebody else, they lose. It’s almost that simple, although Saturday’s doubleheader sweep of Oklahoma was a welcome exception.

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Tom Keegan: Hadl deserves a bust in Canton

I intended to write about the professional football draft history of players from Kansas University, but then I glanced at the opposite page in the media guide and the lid flew off my head again, courtesy of one of the greatest injustices in sports. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Linebackers give KU optimism

The big increase in the number of athletes in the Kansas University football program who achieved specific standards for strength and speed heading into this past spring football season, as compared to heading into the spring of 2015, revealed encouraging signs on a few fronts.

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Tom Keegan: Ten shot putters ready for show

The buzz starts a day early, when pedestrians stop on sidewalks and watch city workers build the shot-put sector on Eighth Street between Vermont and New Hampshire. Everyone who sees it spreads the word that the behemoths are back in town, ready to super-charge another night in front of a big, boisterous crowd. By Tom Keegan