Column: Weis’ claims of his deepest KU roster up for debate

Charlie Weis gave those who cringe their way through his press conferences a break this time at the annual Big 12 media days, a year after his steamy remarks put him at the bottom of a pile of criticism. Weis did, however, make two statements off-podium in Dallas that merit scrutiny. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Love, Wiggins trade logical

The public posturing from both sides surrounding a potential Andrew Wiggins-for-Kevin Love swap has spiced up the short NBA offseason. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Kansas basketball should boast better depth, intensity

Every summer, watching a camp game is all that’s necessary to trigger a debate as to whether this year’s Kansas University basketball team will outdo last year’s. For a better read on the basketball team’s 2014-2015, consider the head coach’s words. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Ben Heeney the face of KU football

The psyche of a Kansas University football fan in recent years has slipped from euphoria to frustration to anger to the dangerous place it now resides: apathy. By Tom Keegan

Column: Sixers had guts to draft Embiid third

In my book, Sam Hinkie, general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, came to the plate for Thursday’s NBA draft with an 0-2 count. But man, what a two-strike hitter this Hinkie guy is. He showed that underneath his mound of statistical printouts and inside the cone of silence lies a man with a burglar’s guts. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: This year could make memories of No. 1 at NBA Draft

This week marks the fifth year in a row that I’ve made the summertime trek to the Big Apple to cover the NBA Draft, an obvious sign that the Kansas University basketball team has had some pretty good players during recent years.

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Column: Kansas center Black could be taken late in NBA Draft

Not all of the intrigue surrounding members of the most recent Kansas University basketball team during Thursday night’s NBA Draft will take place toward the front of the lottery, where teams will make decisions on Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins.

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Column: NBA mock drafts a mockery; Embiid still No. 1

Trace the origin of most mock drafts to lies and misdirection plays. So instead of looking at NBA mock drafts to try to figure out what your favorite lottery team will do Thursday night, just ask yourself what you would do by ranking 1 through 14 the prospects available for this draft. In so doing, you’ll probably get closer to draft results than the mocks constructed by those who have NBA sources. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: KU newcomer Graham positive at point guard

In some ways, the less you notice a point guard, the better he’s playing. It can mean he’s keeping the ball moving, getting it into the right hands at the right time, not monopolizing it. I didn’t hear much about freshman point guard Devonté Graham’s play in last week’s Bill Self Camp exhibition game featuring past and present Kansas University basketball players, so I decided to take in the camp game Wednesday. Column by Tom Keegan

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Column: Pierson should play RB, not WR

The closer it gets to college football season, the more columnist Tom Keegan thinks about ways to get the ball in the hands of Tony Pierson more often.

Column: Wind woes bend, don't break Woodland at Open

Gary Woodland yanked his tee shot left, deep into the waste area that hugs the fairways at Pinehurst No. 2, up against a fence, in among the pine trees. From there, Woodland’s round went backward. Literally. Column by Tom Keegan

Column: Call Thompson anything except overwhelmed by U.S. Open debut

All of his life his name had been Chris Thompson. And then, at age 37, he finally qualified for a PGA Tour event and his name became Nicholas Thompson. Per the official bag tag he was given upon his arrival Monday to play in the 114th U.S. Open in which he tees off at 1:42 p.m. today at Pinehurst No. 2, his name now is “Casey Thompson.” Thompson took to Twitter to have fun with the latest case of mistaken identity, posting a picture of the bag tag and a message: “How you know when you’ve arrived.” Column by Tom Keegan

Column: Triple-A hasn’t changed ex-KU player Robby Price

The third of the baseball Price sons is watched in a very modern way, but it’s Robby Price's old-school qualities as a ballplayer that keep him moving steadily up the Tampa Bay Rays farm system. Column by Tom Keegan

Column: Ex-KU golfer Thompson preps for next shot

The way most of us look at it, the fine line between birdie and bogey, a foot here, a bounce there, is a matter of luck. That’s not how those who make a living playing golf explain it. Column by Tom Keegan

Column: Newest recruit shows courage

Even for someone 16, an age at which fear tends to take a back seat to the need to experience the new and thrilling, Kansas University basketball recruit Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk showed courage on many levels in deciding to become one of the youngest college basketball players in history. By Tom Keegan