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Tom Keegan: 'Stache in the Pan gone; time to fantasize about getting Marvin Bagley on board

If Jack Whitman’s departure from the Kansas basketball program were nothing more than a convenient means of clearing a roster spot for the possibility of landing Marvin Bagley, then that would have happened much later, so it’s not that.

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Tom Keegan: Joe Dineen leading way for Kansas football

The statistics say Joe Dineen had a productive sophomore season, but he’s serious enough about becoming a better football player than to let numbers tell the story.

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Tom Keegan: K-State coach Bill Snyder remains in son's corner when time comes to name replacement

The best at their jobs in sports transcend rivalries and gain the respect of the enemy. In college football, Kansas State coach Bill Snyder has reached that level of respect, regardless of the loyalties of fans, players and coaches. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Texas upset still echoes for Kansas football

So far, third-year Kansas football head coach David Beaty has something in common with the three other men, one interim head coach and two permanent ones, to fill the office once held by Mark Mangino. By Tom Keegan

Tom Keegan: Matt Gogel driving force behind Jayhawk Club golf course facelift

When Alvamar Country Club turned 25, Matt Gogel was a member of the University of Kansas golf team. When it turns 50 under a different name next year, he’ll take pride in being a driving force behind its facelift.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas-Missouri basketball game possible as soon as 2018

All the whining in the world isn’t going to bring the Border War back to life, but an NCAA tournament bracket has the potential to make it happen as soon as March of 2018. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football better than 101 ranking

ESPN uses a formula that ranks all 130 Football Bowl Subdivision schools. It’s called Football Power Index (FPI) and is defined as “a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team’s performance." By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Jacob Bragg ready to pop back up on depth chart

Historically, Kansas hasn’t landed many recruits who play in prestigious, nationally televised high school football all-star games, so when Jacob Bragg, a three-star center from Nacogdoches, Texas, did in 2013, hard-core KU football fans celebrated the news.

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Tom Keegan: No stopping rise of Daniel Wise

Family and close friends at the Wise household in Lewisville, Texas gathered to watch the television coverage of the third day of the NFL draft. Everyone in the room was confident that an NFL team would select Deatrich Wise it was just a question of when.

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Tom Keegan: Zac Woodfin brings scientific mind and savage mindset to KU football

The message on the T-shirts of the athletes grabbed the attention of visitors to the Kansas football program’s weight room during a recent workout session for the offensive and defenisve linemen: SAVAGE MINDSET.

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Tom Keegan: Walk-ons centers of attention for Kansas football

A pair of Class of 2015 offensive linemen from Kansas, one from Louisburg, the other Overalnd Park, didn’t receive any scholarship offers to play Div. I-A football and read those snubs the same way.

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Tom Keegan: Respected recruiting analyst ranks Kansas women's basketball class No. 23 in nation

Entering his third season as women’s basketball coach at Kansas, Brandon Schneider is almost starting from scratch, welcoming a recruiting class of seven players, including four from junior colleges.

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Tom Keegan: NBA draft packed with suspenseful moments

Two suspenseful moments in the NBA draft came and went without hearing the name of a Kansas basketball player. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson attractive trade bait

This year’s NBA draft makes for a particularly interesting guessing game, thanks to a deep pool of one-and-done prospects and to the presence of a team near the top of the draft closer to contending for a title than is typical for lottery participants. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Optimism surrounding KU defense starts up front

Kansas defensive end Dorance Armstrong, with his long-and-strong arms and growing list of accomplishments, casts such a wide shadow it leaves little room for teammates from a 2-10 squad to get much of the spotlight, but Daniel Wise manages. By Tom Keegan