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Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson would make a great Celtic

Nobody can dispute the identity of the greatest champion in the history of team sports. Bill Russell won 11 NBA titles in 13 seasons with the Boston Celtics.

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Tom Keegan: Ross Randall Par 3 Shootout set for Twin Oaks in June

The mad scientist in long-time club pro Jeff Burey has come up with another terrific idea for an unconventional, entertaining day of golf.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks will go as far as Udoka Azubuike can take them

It’s that time of year again when a national media outlet picks Kansas No. 1 in its way-too-early college basketball top 25.

Tom Keegan: California Dreamer took indirect path to Big 12 weekend pitcher

When Taylor Turski was 10, he told his father he wanted to play baseball in the Big 12. When he was 13, he told his dad he couldn’t wait to turn 18, so that he could begin the process of covering himself in tattoos. When he was 21, nearly three full years from last having thrown a baseball, he told his father he wanted to resume his baseball career.

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Tom Keegan: Lawson family could make Lawrence a high school basketball hotbed too

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self understandably was delighted to welcome not one, but two talented Lawson brothers into the program from native Memphis. Try to imagine the extent of euphoria a high school coach would experience if he could do the same and welcome a pair of Lawson brothers into his basketball program.

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Tom Keegan: Jack Whitman addition makes sense on many levels for Kansas

When a basketball player transfers from William & Mary to Kansas, it’s not difficult to predict the questions that immediately surface, such as: William and Mary? Jack Whitman? Why Jack Whitman?

Tom Keegan: Kansas men's golf coach Jamie Bermel has team in NCAA regionals again

The fifth year of a rebuilding project generally is considered the first truly fair time to take the temperature of a college coach in any sport. Enough time has passed that the entire roster was brought in by the coach, who also has had ample opportunity to establish a culture.

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Tom Keegan: Seven original KU recruits plus seven transfers equals one talented roster

By the time Kansas basketball players start summer school in June, the roster will be down to 13 scholarship players. At the moment, it stands at 14 and exactly half are originally signed with Kansas. That makes it easy to split the rosters into two teams: The Originals vs. the Transfers. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: KU football offense projects as best since 2009

Counting backwards from 2016, this is where the Kansas football team’s offense finished the past four seasons in scoring among FBS schools, of which there now are 128: ninth-worst, sixth-worst, 11th-worst, fifth-worst. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Kansas pitcher Jackson Goddard knows power more powerful with change of pace

Any day that Jackson Goddard is scheduled to pitch for the Jayhawks projects as a good one and those days fall every week on Saturday, the middle day of three-game Big 12 series. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Predicting statistical leaders for Kansas football offense in 2017

Now that spring football has ended for Kansas, it no longer is too early to take a guess at statistical leaders in various categories.

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Tom Keegan: KU Relays set to blast off at Rock Chalk Park

The 90th Kansas Relays get underway today at Rock Chalk Park when the starter's gun for the 100-meters portion of the decathlon blasts at 10 a.m., the beginning of four days of track and field, the biggest events scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

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Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson best of Bill Self one-and-done players

Josh Jackson clearly established himself as the best of the Kansas one-and-done players. Two-thirds of the one-and-dones were worth recruiting, another way of saying that 33 percent were net negatives. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Safety Mike Lee adds teammate to his greatest hits collection in spring game

Alabama transfer Daylon Charlot made the prettiest play of the day, pulling a Peyton Bender pass out of the sky in traffic and keeping a foot inbounds for a 28-yard reception. The loudest moment came courtesy of none other than the Water Moccasin himself, rising sophomore safety Mike Lee.

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Tom Keegan: Too many Kansas football fans in show-me state of mind

Sure, when Todd Reesing was tougher to catch than the wind, scrambling in every direction and still managing to keep his eyes downfield, spectators flocked to Memorial Stadium to watch him lead Kansas to victory. It became very fashionable to attend games and talk about them all week.