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Column: Bowen expects defense to be tested by SDSU

Clint Bowen has the best permanent job he ever has had, is getting paid more than he ever has and is working for a friend in first-year head coach David Beaty. Just as is the case with offensive coordinator Rob Likens, he’s heading a unit that lacks experience and, even more so, depth. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Winning’s the key to better football attendance

One good omen for the Kansas University football team can be found in the broadcast booth for Saturday’s 11 a.m. kickoff against South Dakota State.

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Column: Decisions, decisions, decisions

Kansas trails by two points with two seconds remaining and has the ball on South Dakota State’s 18-yard line. A decision will have to be made whether to send Matthew Wyman, the kicker with the stronger foot, or Nick Bartolotta, the more accurate kicker on short distances, to attempt the 35-yard field goal. By Tom Keegan

Column: Athletes driven by hearts of Lions

When last we spoke, indomitable Abby Vestal, one of my all-time favorite athletes, was busy making arrangements before heading out of town to chase a dream. By Tom Keegan

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Column: SDSU likely lone win for KU football

It’s that time of year: time to predict the Kansas University football team’s record, and then get ready to duck from verbal darts accusing me of a “negative” slant. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Kinner, Mann give KU needed RB depth

Maybe the coaching staff can get creative and find ways for junior-college transfer Ke’aun Kinner and senior De’Andre Mann to play at the same time, with Kinner lining up in the slot or motioning out of the backfield and lining up as a wide receiver. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Kansas’ opener will be tester

Every school’s football schedule has a litmus test. The season opener vs. South Dakota State of the Football Championship Subdivision qualifies as Kansas University’s. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Jayhawks hoping for reliable receiving targets

Now that Montell Cozart has been named starting quarterback, it’s time to look at the most promising targets he’ll look for when a pass play is called. To Cozart’s detriment, tight end Jimmay Mundine and receivers Nigel King and Nick Harwell have exhausted their eligibility. They all had a knack for getting open and consistently catching what was thrown their way.

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Column: Junior QB hearing freshman footsteps

The purpose of head football coach David Beaty’s news conference Monday inside Mrkonic Auditorium was to announce Kansas University’s starting quarterback of the present, Montell Cozart. Those listening closely could hear the thundering footsteps of the program’s QB of the not-necessarily-distant future. By Tom Keegan

Column: Kansas’ ends crucial for CBs

In recent years, Kansas has been well-equipped in the secondary, but a steady pass rush has been lacking. Now, it looks as if the Jayhawks have the athletes to bring heat, but could get exposed at the back end of the defense when the quarterback has time. By Tom Keegan

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Column: KU’s plans may mean risk now, rewards in future

The more possessions a game has the more it favors the team with more talent, the favorite. That’s pretty much true in every sport. By Tom Keegan

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Column: In-depth guesses

A look at how Kansas' football depth chart is shaping up

First-year Kansas University head football coach David Beaty hasn’t revealed a depth chart, even to his players, but one appears to be falling into place. By Tom Keegan

Column: How to kickstart a Kansas kicker

As is typical of so many student-section spectators, Matthew Wyman watched the Kansas University football team compete and told himself he could do better. By Tom Keegan

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Column: Which Kansas unit has edge?

For a change, instead of comparing how the team looks compared to the 12 opponents on one of the nation’s most difficult schedules, let’s take a look at which side of the line of scrimmage is closer to looking as if it at can compete for big chunks of games. By Tom Keegan

Column: Kane able to see progress at linebacker

Five things needed to happen for the linebacker position to undergo an upgrade from frighteningly thin to adequate. So far, the Jayhawks are 5-for-5. By Tom Keegan