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Tom Keegan: David Beaty and Clint Bowen hope former boss Mark Mangino has big crowd for return to Memorial Stadium

Listening to Kansas football head coach David Beaty and defensive coordinator Clint Bowen talk about what Mark Mangino's return to Memorial Stadium means to them and listening to Mangino talk about the role his gratitude for KU’s loyal football fans played in his decision to come back, a thought occurred: Could the season-opening game vs. Southeast Missouri State be the school’s first football sellout since Mangino was head coach?

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Tom Keegan: James McClinton deserves banner on Memorial Stadium exterior

A second-team All-American in 2007, James McClinton was a beast of a defensive tackle, so explosive, so quick, so strong, so consistently enthusiastic.

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Tom Keegan: Mark Mangino explains why he accepted invitation to return to Memorial Stadium for season-opener

Kansas went 50-48 in eight seasons under Mark Mangino and is 14-70 in the eight seasons since. In his final two seasons, the average attendance at Memorial Stadium was 50,907 (2008) and 50,581 (2007). Attendence has dropped every season since and was 25,828 in 2016.

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Tom Keegan: Five close battles for starting spots highlight Kansas football camp

Five position battles for the top spot on the depth chart stand above the rest as most intriguing during the Kansas football team’s fall camp. By Tom Keegan

Tom Keegan: Hakeem Adeniji growing bigger and better by the minute

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the most passionate fan bases on the planet but even given that, it would be difficult to find one who watches the team as often and as closely as Kansas left tackle Hakeem Adeniji.

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Tom Keegan: USATF official not happy with news in wake of Junior Olympics at Rock Chalk Park

If Royals general manager Dayton Moore had taken the podium during the World Series parade of 2015 and announced, “We’re hiring a new manager,” and that was the first Ned Yost had heard of it, it would have come as no less a surprise than what happened in the wake of a successful USA Track and Field Junior Olympics event at Rock Chalk Park.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas linebacker Keith Loneker Jr. doing name justice

As his father was dying, Kansas junior linebacker Keith Loneker Jr. took a break from summer conditioning to be with him. Upon Loneker’s return, head coach David Beaty took him aside.

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Tom Keegan: Solution to free-throw woes lies down under for Udoka Azubuike

As well as he did in so many other areas in a pair of exhibition games in Rome, center Udoka Azubuike did nothing to quiet concerns about the gaping hole in his game: He can’t shoot free throws. If he doesn’t become significantly better, he leaves himself open to opponents employing a Hack-A-Dok strategy against him on a regular basis.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas quarterback competition has everything but controversy

Peyton Bender and Carter Stanley take the fun out of what could be a percolating quarterback controversy because they’re good friends, roommates even. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: Football transfers need more than talent to succeed

Sometimes, if it seems too good to be true, it’s false.

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Tom Keegan: Maturity translates to minutes for Marcus Garrett

Sometimes the players who don’t hog the highlights are the ones who end up becoming most popular with Allen Fieldhouse spectators. The little things they do that play huge parts in long winning streaks give them crimson-and-blue-collar appeal.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas counting on Chase Harrell to turn potential into production

One minute he has a roof over his head, is looking forward to finishing his final high school football season, starting his final basketball season and graduating in the spring with his friends. The next minute, he, his brother and mother are evicted from their home. By Tom Keegan

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Tom Keegan: 'Stache in the Pan gone; time to fantasize about getting Marvin Bagley on board

If Jack Whitman’s departure from the Kansas basketball program were nothing more than a convenient means of clearing a roster spot for the possibility of landing Marvin Bagley, then that would have happened much later, so it’s not that.

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Tom Keegan: Joe Dineen leading way for Kansas football

The statistics say Joe Dineen had a productive sophomore season, but he’s serious enough about becoming a better football player than to let numbers tell the story.

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Tom Keegan: K-State coach Bill Snyder remains in son's corner when time comes to name replacement

The best at their jobs in sports transcend rivalries and gain the respect of the enemy. In college football, Kansas State coach Bill Snyder has reached that level of respect, regardless of the loyalties of fans, players and coaches. By Tom Keegan