Monday, September 26, 2016

Jayhawks’ leadership on full display at Boot Camp 2016

The Jayhawks come together at center court before the start of their fifth day of Boot Camp in the practice gym on Friday, Sept. 23, 2016 just after 6 a.m.

The Jayhawks come together at center court before the start of their fifth day of Boot Camp in the practice gym on Friday, Sept. 23, 2016 just after 6 a.m.


After a much-needed, two-day break from the preseason conditioning grind known as Boot Camp, the Kansas men’s basketball team was back at it bright and early Monday morning for Round 6.

Last Friday, when speaking with local media members invited to watch the final session of Week 1, KU coach Bill Self said he was thrilled about the way the first week went, particularly in the area of leadership.

Whether it was in the lead-by-example style displayed by senior guard Frank Mason III or the let-em-hear-ya philosophy favored by several other Jayhawks, Self said he liked what he saw and heard during the first week of the two-week conditioning camp.

“Frank’s not real vocal naturally,” Self said. “But Devonte’ (Graham) is, Landen (Lucas) is, Carlton (Bragg) is and Josh (Jackson) is. And Lagerald (Vick is) not bad. I think we’ve got better talkers than we’ve had in the past and maybe just because they’ve gotten older.”

The development of various leadership skills throughout the course of one’s career is common in college basketball circles across the country. But three of the five players Self singled out as vocal leaders were underclassmen.

Of Bragg, who leads most often with volume and a smile, Self said being a vocal leader was something that came naturally to him. As for Jackson, who showed off his chatter at times but also consistently finished at or near the top in most of the sprints and other timed drills, Self smiled and nodded his head when asked if the freshman’s performance was expected.

“Josh hasn’t surprised us in any way,” Self said. “He is what they said he is from a competitive standpoint.”

2018 PG coming Saturday

Matt Scott, of, reported on Monday morning that Class of 2018 point guard Immanuel Quickley is the latest prospect to make known his plans to attend this year’s Late Night in the Phog event on Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Quickley, along with nearly a dozen other prospects from the classes of 2018 and 2019 will be in Lawrence on unofficial visits. In addition, five prospects from the Class of 2017 — point guard Collin Sexton, big man Billy Preston, forward Cody Riley, wing Troy Brown and point guard Tremont Waters — will be on campus on official visits.

Quickley is a 6-foot-3, 175-pound, five-star prospect from Bel Air, Maryland. ranks him No. 12 in the 2018 class.

New rings

The KU men’s basketball team picked up their newest Big 12 championship rings over the weekend.


Andrea Hudy, KU's assistant AD for sports performance, arranged her dozen Big 12 championship rings to look like the No. 12 and shared the photo on social media sites in honor of KU's recently received new hardware and 12 consecutive Big 12 titles.

For some, like fifth-year senior Landen Lucas, the experience of opening the box and inspecting the new bling was a familiar one.

“Got to get one for each finger,” Lucas Tweeted with a hand emoji holding up the number five signaling Lucas’ goal for a fifth straight title during his KU days.

Andrea Hudy, KU’s assistant AD for sports performance, showed off her familiarity with ring day with a creative post on social media, as she arranged all 12 of her Big 12 championship rings in the form of the two digits in the number.

With a crimson and blue Jayhawk dominating the top, the ring features shiny diamonds all around, with the player’s name and words “Big 12 Champs” engraved on the side.


Tony Bandle 3 years ago

Only half kidding, I'm surprised the NCA#HOLES don't come down on KU for the rings being "improper benefits"!

No team in the upper ranks of Division One has the experience level that the Jayhawks will have. I am fully expecting a trip to the Final Four with the thirteenth Big 12 title pretty much a done deal already.

P.S. After watching these two chuckle heads in the debate last night, I'm going to write in Bill Self!!!

Tony Bandle 3 years ago

PSS Are you sure the photo above was before the practice started??? LOL.

Joe Ross 3 years ago

Ive been on record as saying these boot camp photos look increasingly like Pentecostal prayer meetings.

Mike Greer 3 years ago

So Joe, I'd be praying too it I knew what coach had in store for me for the next couple of hours. I'm sure this isn't the only program where the guys have to get in shape or die trying.

Scott MacWilliams 3 years ago

Of course. Pretty sure they're saying something like AAAURRRRGGHHHFFF!! during those drills...

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