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Column: Easy call, Bowen deserves head coach job

Kansas interim head football coach Clint Bowen stops to salute the student section and the Jayhawk fans remaining after their heartbreaking 34-30 loss to TCU on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas interim head football coach Clint Bowen stops to salute the student section and the Jayhawk fans remaining after their heartbreaking 34-30 loss to TCU on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014 at Memorial Stadium.



Box score

Kansas University athletic director Sheahon Zenger’s phone rings. He answers it.

“Sheahon, Chuck,” consultant Chuck Neinas says. “Let’s make a deal. I’ll donate $25,000 to charity, pocket the other $25,000 to cover taxes, etc., and let’s call the whole thing off. What do you say?”

Zenger: “Great. We’ll send an airplane to bring you here for a Monday press conference so that you can bring attention to the charity of your choice.”

It seems like the reasonable thing to do on everybody’s part.

Although it’s common for teams to play better when an assistant coach is promoted to interim head coach, nothing is typical about the way Clint Bowen has transformed a depleted roster into a high-flying, hard-hitting ball of focused fire.

Bowen’s Ballers won respect and followers Saturday. They won points for toughness. They won everywhere but on a scoreboard that showed TCU 34, Kansas 30 when the seconds were gone and the last visible breath had ridden the biting wind through frigid air.

The stands had more bodies in the second half than the first, an indication of just how far this team has come in seven weeks and six games under the former KU defensive back who had worked as an assistant under four different coaches at his alma mater.

The Jayhawks lined the sidelines, letting their passionate voices be heard by teammates from start to finish. Across the way, the Horned Frogs, one of the toughest teams in college football, week in and week out, crowded a pair of heated white benches, squeezing closer to each other than the fans in Allen Fieldhouse.

“I think being up and being supportive of your teammates is something that we really try to work on have it be something that is a strength of our game, bringing juice and bringing enthusiasm,” senior tight end Trent Smiley said. “It’s hard to do that from sitting on the bench. And we practice in that stuff all week and we don’t get to sit on the bench in practice, so why do it now, right?”

Practice is where Smiley gets most of his action as a pass catcher. It wasn’t for naught. When the wayward snap for a short field goal was dropped and quickly picked back up by holder T.J. Millweard, who was screaming “Fire! Fire! Fire!” Smiley knew where to go, a couple of yards past the first-down marker on the left-center side of the field. Millweard hit him with a low throw and Smiley had a first down that enabled a touchdown.

It was one of many big plays that didn’t start out so hot for KU. It pumped pride into the stands, the sidelines, the program.

Kansas hasn’t had a lot of tangible reasons in recent seasons to feel proud.

“Maybe from the outside there aren’t reasons to be, and I could understand how people see that,” said Smiley, a serious guy who attended a recent career day at the Booth Family Hall of Athletics, despite having such a busy schedule. “I have always been proud to be a Jayhawk. However, there has been a new sense of pride and enthusiasm about being here. It’s great and it’s refreshing and it’s totally with coach Bowen.”

How so?

“We’ve adapted to his mentality and his outlook on this place and put that in an external showing. I think it’s definitely something that we can build on, something we can use, and have used, to be competitive,” Smiley said. “Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to finish these games, but it’s pretty apparent that we’ve improved.”

Kansas is 1-5 under Bowen, all in Big 12 games. Now that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has stripped the taboo from discussing sports wagering, it’s only appropriate to point out that KU is 5-1 under Bowen against the spread. That’s such a rare number because Las Vegas and the betting public usually adjust to such things, but it’s been so long since KU has been competitive in the Big 12 that it’s difficult for even the professional forecasters to absorb.

“I think it fits. I think it fits,” Smiley said of Bowen coaching KU. “It feels right for everyone involved. It doesn’t take long to be around this place to say, ‘You know what, that works.’ There is something about it. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not readily apparent to me I guess, but it’s something. It’s there.”

Maybe it’s as simple as a smart, tough, driven football player coaching so long and for so many head coaches at his alma mater, absorbing what works and what doesn’t, and relentlessly applying what works.

Jimmay Mundine was the happiest guy in the stadium when Smiley made what Smiley called, “definitely the favorite play of my career,” because he knows how hard his backup works. Mundine pointed to another reason Bowen has made such a positive change in such a short time.

“I really think it’s coach Bowen getting guys better, mentally and physically,” said Mundine, who danced his way to a remarkable career day, making tackler after tackler miss him. “Guys just want to give more for him and go all out for him.”

It’s like anything in life, if a person’s work with you makes you better at what you do, you’re going to want to work all the harder for him and your tolerance for pain increases.

The university hasn’t always exhibited a great deal of self-esteem in regard to its football program. No louder way of reversing that inferiority complex exists than believing in one of your own, believing your eyes, which are telling you that there is no better fit for the job than the guy who has it, even if your ears don’t want to hear it.


Joe Ross 5 years ago

Im becoming a believer in Bowen. He is methodical and motivational all at once. A few weeks ago, I was about 5% in favor of Coach Bowen. Right now Im 50%. For me, it rides on Kansas State. The scales will be tipped if Bowen and the Jayhawks just MAKE IT A GAME. If they do, I think he will have done enough to justify his place as the next head football coach at the University of Kansas.

John Randall 5 years ago

"MAKE IT A GAME" –– You must be reading Bill Snyder's mind!

Joe Ross 5 years ago

And by the way, Nigel King should be drafted into the NFL.

Aaron Paisley 5 years ago

Not the 2015 draft, King is only a junior and he and Cummings have great chemistry with one another and will be the featured weapon in 2015. It also appears that Taylor Cox is going to be back next year as he wasn't involved in the Senior Day tributes.

Tom Keegan 5 years ago

Agreed, but can improve his stock by returning for senior year. He's an amazing receiver, Mundine a great tight end. Cummings has found them and Cozart could not. These numbers from this blog were before the game King and Mundine just went nuts in:

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

Tom - Will there be an article about Kiesau bring him in after the last class was complete? Hopefully, there are plenty more recruiting victories like that. Jimmies and Joes.

Stephen Johnson 5 years ago

Great article. A player knows when a coach is getting it done. It obvious not only on the field, but in practice and in the locker room. The players see it, now let's see if the Zenger can.

Ashwin Rao 5 years ago

I agree with Joe... I am leaning heavily in favor of Bowen. He has now proven that he is a great coach. Kudos to all that he did the last 4 games! Makes Zenger's life very easy! Not a controversial hire, fans love him, One of "us". Represents KU well... Get the contract ready already! ;)

Bryce Landon 5 years ago

My first choice is still Ed Warriner, but I'm no longer opposed to Bowen getting the promotion after nearly pulling the upset.

Aaron Paisley 5 years ago

I was at the game today and the energy of the players on the sideline and the fans that toughed it out all game was amazing and something that this program hasn't seen since Mangino. After witnessing firsthand what I did today, I'm now 100% sold that Clint Bowen is the right fit for this job and Eric Kiesau is the right OC going forward. A few changes to the coaching staff to enhance player development and get more Texas recruiting ties and this program will be competitive in the Big 12 sooner rather than later.

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

Coach Bowen and Coach Kiesau as OC is seeming more and more like the right fit for this job. I'm guessing that Reagan's bags are practically packed already. Holsopple came with Weis. Do you think he would stay as well? S&C is probably the 4th (HC, OC/DC) most important position on the staff, and even that might be undervaluing it. He brought the TE, Kent Taylor (?), from the gators as well. Hopefully, he can step in next year and be another transfer for TK to write about having a positive impact.

Aaron Paisley 5 years ago

I would keep Holsopple, conditioning is not an issue. Basically, the coaching staff changes I would make would be a new QB coach who knows the spread and has strong recruiting ties in Texas because that's where the spread originated and the best spread QB's come from. I would get rid of the TE coach because the OLine and WR coaches can teach those skills. I would use this spot on another special teams coach because Matsakis can't scheme coverages at all. Matsakis is a good kicking coach so I would keep him for that. On defense, you don't need a safeties and corners coach, so combine the two (Campo if he wants to) and use the other spot to hire a new LB coach so Bowen can focus on the HC/DC duties.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

While the game was on, I brought up on my laptop to get some other scores. WE were the headline score, complete with a pic of Cummings. That was pretty sweet!!! Nice job, Bowen, hope you get the job!

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

It was a storyline on the 10 o'clock news in Monterey, CA.

Rick McGowwan 5 years ago

I'm not opposed to HCCB, but I still think we take a long hard look at some other candidates on the list. There are a couple that are ahead of him for me still, but I respect the job he has done, and if he is named the coach I will not be filled with the same fear and anger as when Charlie was announced.

With that said, 5-1 vs. the spread, but 1-5 in the W/L record doesn't impress me. I see that it's picking up steam in articles and in the posts now, but it just isn't a stat that impresses me much.

Ray Winger 5 years ago

Two thoughts: 1) HCCB is working with Weis's staff, though he impacts it immediately, and they seem to work well together. 2) Clint Bowen is Head Coach material. This is said by other coaches, and many with better knowledge than mine. Timing is everything. If KU were to pick someone else, Clint Bowen will be targeted and scooped up by another school.

Brian Skelly 5 years ago

 Im kinda with Joe on this one.    It's obvious if one has watched the team under Bowen its different than before.    The results arent yet,  and let's be honest,  thats what really matters here.    I think i've personally downplayed Bowen simply because sentiment has been pulling towards him.    But these kids are playing far, far harder -- or are simply better prepared -- than they were under Weis.    I dont know which it is,  it could be both.    I watched most of today's game and the thing that stuck to me was that I WASNT that shocked at what we were doing.    You could see bits and pieces of this the past several weeks.    Now, a lot of it came together today and last week.    To be honest,  at this point I would be shocked if we just got destroyed in Norman and Manhattan.    Im not predicting wins,   but Michael Cummings has embraced his opportunity unlike no QB has since Reesing left.     It's just fun to watch.    But whats even more fun watching these guys move up and down the field,  is it looks like they expect to be doing it.    Who could have said that the past year and half?   Again, more than anything its fun to watch again.    I'd love a W either of the next two weeks -- I think that gives the job to Bowen.

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

We're still in the season. We're not wasting anything, because nothing of substance is going to change for at least a couple weeks, and more likely a month - regardless of whether Bowen is the next coach or not. This is not to say that you are wrong about Bowen being the next coach. There's just no difference whether the decision is made now or in a month(ish - depending on recruiting schedules).

Larry Ralston 5 years ago

Not wasting anything? $500,000.00 to form a search committee and we aren't wasting anything? Making coach Bowen wait gives him, (or anyone that would be named head coach later), less time to set his coaching staff AND it leaves less time for recruiting. Yes Dirk, KU is wasting a lot by waiting.

Joe Ross 5 years ago

If Im coach Bowen and I get the job, one of my first orders of business is to decide on what to do with Montell Cozart. I still keep him in the mix at QB and get him some reps in practice, but he is at the bottom of the depth chart at that position (how Cummings got buried so deep--behind Heaps AND Cozart--I'll never know; save that Cummings was not a Weis recruit and the others were). Bowen had the wisdom to see that Cozart needed to be replaced at quarterback, and I wonder if his same intelligence moves Montell to receiver. Cozart is both fast and has good size. Having played quarterback, he must already know the routes receivers run so the learning curve will not be very steep in terms of the playbook. He may need help with running routes effectively and the practical aspects of actually catching the ball, but Bowen is good with making sure the fundamentals of every position are acquired from everything I gather. He may not be cut out for taking snaps, but he might have a home playing receiver.

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

Montell has only been playing QB for a couple years. If Willis comes in a tears things up next year, or we find a Reesing recruiting us in the next year, maybe consider moving him. Otherwise, give him rep (scout team!) and give him a chance for the mental development to catch up with the physical. There aren't a lot of options after Cummings, who has played through dings the last couple weeks at least. Any competent program needs at least a hope as a back-up.

Dale Stringer 5 years ago

Stop dishing on Heaps. He played during a year when all our receivers dipped their hands in butter while the defense was on the field. How many times did he make a great pass to just to watch slip thru someone's hands? It wasn't until this year that Coach Kiesau came in and taught everyone how to catch. Heaps would be doing great this year with King, McCay, and a greatly improved Mundine.

Now Coz is a different story, Cummings should have been ahead of him. His problem is mental... as in he takes too long to go thru the receiver progression and ends up running. It might be because that iss what he is tuned into since he was brought in to be a running QB because our line is so back it can't pass block.

Aaron Paisley 5 years ago

Redshirt Cozart next year, and hopefully he can develop enough to be a reliable QB. If not, then Millweard or incoming freshman Ryan Willis can be ready to go in 2016.

Steve Corder 5 years ago

Bowen is the easy choice for all previous reasons given, but it is also the "safe" pick for Mr. Zenger. If Bowen is not the choice then Mr. Zenger's man had better match this team's intensity and focus next year or the "heat" is back on the AD.

TCU was wounded by Bowen's kids, and although they won they may have lost out for the playoff spot.

Bowen will be the next KU football coach.

Darin Bradley 5 years ago

Happy for Bowen and impressed with the energy he's brought to the program. If he's truly a strong candidate, we can let the process play out for a coach and he'll still be standing. There's a lot of emotion clouding the Bowen support (1st Big 12 win and solid showing against ranked opponent) and I'd hate to see KU make such a critical decision based off that. In my opinion, this is make or break for Zenger so he better let the process play out.

Joe Ross 5 years ago

Well, youre right about one thing. Basing decisions on emotion rather than evidence is taking your chances. I was very slow in warming up to the idea of Clint Bowen as head coach for exactly that reason. But the evidence that Bowen is competent and would produce results is revealing itself, and to me very impressively. Yet Im still only 50% sure he's the guy. Why? Ironically, Bowen provides the answer. Follow me here and I'll explain. Though the results in the W-L column have not yielded a picture of progress, the performance on the field is remarkable and is attributable to changes at the top. In a word, "Bowen". In essence, the coach has made the difference between the old picture of Kansas and the feelings of hope that have been inspired of late. No question, Bowen is the reason for that inspiration. So what he points out is that the whole direction your program is going has a lot less to do with the players than some might assume (though they are certainly a part of that equation) and more to do with the coach. So the question in my mind is whether or not you can plug in another coach and duplicate what Bowen has done on the field. I personally think you CAN. But what you don't get from other coaches, I think, is Bowen's passion and Bowen's devotion as a Lawrence product. Those will be hard to reproduce with any degree of fidelity. Bowen also has familiarity with the program from a longitudinal perspective. He's seen the lows prior to Mason (obviously as a fan), the highs during Glen's tenure, the lows afterward, the highs under Mangino, and the lows ever since. Bowen knows the ups and downs intimately, and its hard for me to imagine that this fact would not influence his coaching in a positive way. He knows the frustrations of Kansas fans. He also has a rapport with the current players, and a new coach walking in does not give you that. Most importantly to me is the fact that Bowen has been a part of a coaching staff that witnessed a turnabout in the program. To me, that's huge. In short, there are not only many more positives than negatives when considering Bowen in a vacuum, but there are probably more positives than negatives when considering Bowen against other potential candidates. Zenger's thought process as AD is different than mine as a fan, but I certainly divorce myself from emotion when making a personal decision about who Id like to see as the next head coach. A rational person can now make a solid, evidence-driven argument that Bowen should be our next coach.

DaNeille Dani Davis 5 years ago

Great game! I don't think you'll get guys who will play harder or with more passion for anyone else but Bowen! Hire him now and we beat K State!

Greg Ledom 5 years ago

I believe we need to complete our due dilligence, but make no mistake;

Clint Bowen*Head Coach*EOM

Charlie Gaughn 5 years ago

Right after we showed Weis the door I was in complete agreement. However, seeing the difference in this team in a few short weeks I'm completely in favor of Bowen. Problem with taking too long is that you risk losing staff members once the season is completed. If they're in a lame duck position and another offer comes along they're probably going to take it.

John Strayer 5 years ago

My only concern with Bowen is recruiting. Next coach has to bring in good players to develop. If Bowen is HC next year...its gonna be a tougher year...cupboard is bear thanks to prior coach's failed JUCO path.

Scott Burkhart 5 years ago

My vote is for Coach Bowen. Playing "what if"; What if Coach Bowen had been coaching this team through the last off season and had been their head coach when this team took the field for the first time? What would they look like today? This team has embraced change at the midpoint of the season and look at the results. To see a few changes, implement them, and then add in the enthusiasm to bring it all together into a very competitive football team, Coach Bowen is a leader! He didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater like Gill and Weiss. I say Coach Bowen is a better evaluator of talent, position, and abilities. My warning to A.D. Zenger. If you don't offer Coach Bowen the position, you should make your next pick as if your position depends on it, because it does.

Jack Joiner 5 years ago

The excitement from Bowen, the players and the fans bled over into my household as we were watching the game. We yelled and screamed, jumped out of our chairs every time a big play was made, It's going to be interesting as I listen to Sooner radio this week. The Sooner state is down, time to give them one hell of a game and kick their asses. And, lets give Bowen the job now, he has earned it!!!!!

Robert Brown 5 years ago

Perhaps another reason to hore Bowen is that many of the skills players will be gone next year. The talent level will probably be lower and we need patience to rebuild. What Bowen has done in a few short weeks has changed KU football from a joke to at least a tough out. Right now, I would say KU is better than ISU, TT, and probably Oklahoma State. Too bad, we have already played them.

Erich Hartmann 5 years ago

The passion and energy Bowen has for KU Football was sooo evident when we finally had no chance at the very end after Cummings interception...he almost looked emotional because he knew how hard his kids worked, and what such a W would have meant to JayhawkNation. That was his focus and pride. Not worrying about what to say at some press conference afterward, like the 2 previous very-high-dollar coaches were possibly considering. I see passion that I havent seen in years under Clint.

But everybody realize we lose many key seniors, so next season could have its own challenges.

Here's some positive thoughts for next season (of course add any positives from @OU and @KSU...): Cummings, King, Cox, Bourbon,... and then hopefully the staff of BOWEN, Keisau, Reagan (o-line), Campo, Holsopple...

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

I can't imagine Reagan staying around next year. Not after essentially being demoted.

It will be a loaded backfield, and hopefully Kent Taylor can live up to his HS rating in replacement of Mundine. There's a bunch of JC OL help on the way that hopefully can shore up that group, but we'll definitely need more DL help.

Micky Baker 5 years ago

He's still the Offensive Coordinator, and I don't think that taking something off his plate(play calling) to focus on the O-line is a demotion. It is a necessity.

Aaron Paisley 5 years ago

Bourbon's not going to be back based on yesterday. He was one of the seniors honored during the Senior Day tributes and Taylor Cox wasn't so I'm guessing that Bourbon is moving on from football.

David Atchley 5 years ago

Are you insane? Bowen has ZERO credentials to take over a Power 5 program...Yes Kansas...wake up to the fact you're not some Missouri Valley football program. Zenger should have never been hired, and should be fired for being the only person in America that thought Charlie Weiss was a Head Coach...the "Hiring Committee" continues to be a Power 5 School....hire a Power 5 caliber AD and a Power 5 Coach. Kansas has decades of incompetency as a football program and the best Coach they had was Mangino (who btw in the spirit of Todd Reesing..has another stud QB from Lake Travis going to Iowa State) Moral victories vs. TCU who was naturally flat and uninspired to play Kansas, and a nationally embarrassing tearing down of the goalposts vs Iowa State...should not anoint any interim coach...but in the spirit of Turner Gill and Charlie Weiss...continue to uphold the tradition of mediocrity...and hire Bowen.... BTW...have you noticed West Virginia and TCU have pushed the Kansas Football Program further down to the bottom?

Bryce Landon 5 years ago

Your little rant was one of the most incoherent things I have ever seen on these message boards. Are you drunk?

Mike Barnhart 5 years ago

If hired, I hope Bowen's teams will be tough, fundamentally sound and play with intensity. Since we're probably never going to sign a bunch of four star Texas studs he'll also need be a smart recruiter. (Bill Snyder has built a hall of fame career by getting maximum effort out of 3 star athletes.)

I'll be overjoyed with non-con walk overs, competitive conference games, occasional upsets, bowls and a nine win season every now and then. Why can't we be on the same level as an Oklahoma State?

Michael Sillman 5 years ago

The earlier the decision to hire Bowen is announced, the better the recruiting class will be for next year.

I don't see how the "coach committee" could rate any up and coming coordinator from another school higher than Bowen. None of them have been in a head coaching role to show what they can do. Bowen has shown his moxie as HC.

If the committee comes up with another name, it would have to be an established head coach with a winning record to make any sense. How many of that type of coach will be applying for the position?

Aaron Paisley 5 years ago

McElwain will cost ANY school that hires him at least $20 million. He has a $7.5 million buyout and makes $1.5 million per year on a 5 year deal that gets extended by a year every year. He won't leave CSU to make the same amount of money and he won't leave for a bottom feeder program either. I wouldn't be shocked if his name pops up in the Florida search as a candidate should Dan Mullen turn them down.

Bob Bailey 5 years ago

Dave Atchley is right.

Being a Great Jayhawk DOE NOT solve ANY football problems. Special Team was a calamity.

No one EVER taught Tackling, a la Heeney as our last chance sprawled the middle of the field.

Virtually no coach uses Zone effectively, a la 4 defenders 2 yds away from the receiver and NO One covering him.

There is a place for Bowen -- but he has no idea what he needs to teach!

Ethan Berger 5 years ago

I think you are watching different games...

Jerry Walker 5 years ago

Well, that was pretty incoherent, Bob.

Stephen Johnson 5 years ago

Bob is stuggling to be coherent, don't pick on him guys

Dale Rogers 5 years ago

The true "hero of the game" for TCU, in my opinion, is the guy up in the box who called down to let the TCU coaches know that 12th KU player did not quite get off the field before the snap. That cost us 6, maybe 7, points and that is the difference in who won this game.

Ethan Berger 5 years ago

It's obvious Bowen deserves it. Unless Harbaugh comes along, he should be at the top. This team has grown more in 6 games then the last 5 years. To those who expect wins with a mid season coaching change with the worse power 5 school, you have some crazy expectations. Our offense isn't only respectable, it's been looking good. Specials teams has taken away a couple wins this year. Weve been saying we want to be competitive, well we got that. Bowen deserves the job.

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

Did we say we wanted to lose consistently?

Does close losses = competitive?

Micky Baker 5 years ago

Dirk. You really missed the point didn't you? You were one of those that were angry about not even being competitive. He took over what he was handed this year without any notice. Relax a little.

Ethan Berger 5 years ago

With the state of our program, yes. 2 conf wins in 5 years before Bowen took over. Mid season change and team is much improved. We just took a team that beat tech by 60 and almost won.

Bill Hill 5 years ago

For those who think Bowen isn't the man for the job, then who? Seriously look back at the last three decades of Kansas Football and tell me when hiring a new coach has resulted in sustained success? Glen Mason at 47-54? KU needs something it hasn't had and that's stability. It's worth the risk. Give him the next three years and see what happens. Repost from other article: I think Bowen's "audition" for the HC position continues to be a motivating factor for both Bowen and the players. No reason to award him the position during the season. That was the best KU football game I've seen in the last 5 years. I hope the last two are as much fun to watch. This team was horrible before Bowen took over this year and his impact has been significant. I can't imagine a scenario where he does not get the job. Even the best possible (big name or on the rise) coach could fail here. I've seen 30 years worth of coaches cycle through KU and this is the first time I see long term potential for sustained success.

Imagine if we took a chance on a KU guy and we ended up with a coach that spanned decades. Imagine if we were the stable football program in Kansas and the other team was cycling through coaches to replace Snyder. I think this a rare opportunity for KU football and any other direction will likely be more of the same.... not just just the last 5 years, but last 30 years.

Randy Bombardier 5 years ago

Very well said. You hit the nail on the head. Right or wrong the decision will most likely be made later. I just hope we don't wait til the new year. Personally I think I'd be disappointed if we named Nick Saban as the new coach because I'd be wondering how long this will last.

David Atchley 5 years ago

There are a number of coaches with deep roots in Texas high schools. Chad Morris who I had jumped up/down in favor of before the brilliance that was Charlie Weis. To hire Bowen at such a critical crossroads (post lack of recruiting in Gill and Weis) is similar to the problems that Texas Tech is experiencing with Kingsbury. Being a former player is 'NOT" the reason to hire an inexperienced young assistant as your HC. Only difference is Kingsbury is a Texas High School football legend, heartthrob and former QB Coach of Johnny Manziel. He has deeper recruiting roots than Kansas has ever enjoyed.

If Harbaugh returns to college coaching it isn't going to be at will be his alma mater at Michigan.

SMU has thrown around the names of Mack Brown and Chad Morris and both would be coups if Kansas could convince them. They both come at a high-price but there's no two bigger ambassadors (exception being Briles) in Texas High School recruiting than Chad Morris and Mack Brown.

David Robinett 5 years ago

Bingo Brett. that was an invalid comparison

Stephen Johnson 5 years ago

Mack Brown!! Are you kidding me? This guy couldn't win with 5 star talent at Texas. What would he do at Kansas? He would fair worse than Weis. Please NO.

David Robinett 5 years ago

For you guys saying "yeah, but he's 1-5":

Get real. A Bill Walsh - Bill Parcells - Urban Meyer hybrid could not get more wins out of the same schedule that Clint has dealt with.

As pointed out, he is beating the spread and the team is progressing - taking the #4 team in the country to the wire.

He has proven to be the executive manager that a HC needs to be. He motivates. He makes decisive changes (new OC, new QB, Pierson to RB)

Passion and Progress is what KU needs to recruit, and Clint has that. Coaching continuity is what KU Football needs to thrive -- and Clint will provide that.

Michael Leiker 5 years ago

Hiring Bowen now makes his job harder the next two weeks. The kids are playing hard for him, and probably would anyway, but part of that motivation has to be that they are playing to get him the job. No reason to do this now if you know you are going to do it. Let's see if the guys can pull one of these next two out and then make the announcement. No reason to remove any bit of motivation they have left to finish the season strong.

Lloyd Kinnison 5 years ago

Bowen has a great opportunity for recruitment, now. That is when he is selected as the next head coach. The longer the process takes, potential players for next year will make a decision to go to another program. Recruitment is enhanced with Bowen. Hire him. Lloyd Kinnison

Randy Glenn 5 years ago

Watching from the field during warm-ups I saw our Coach running w the players-standing right beside the linebackers leading their drills-handing out wrist-bands to 2 young Jayhawk fans!! He CARES and deserves the job NOW so he can recruit!! Naming Kiesau as the play caller was a good move!! Shore up the special teams and we might have beatin OSU AND TCU!! Sure he dont have the big time name but we all know that didnt work out already!! I vote for BOWEN!!!!!

Al Martin 5 years ago

Actually, the special teams bit is the one thing still nagging at me. We lost to Okie State on a kickoff return. Shouldn't we have fixed that? I know it's not as simple as that, but It was depressing to lose another game on yet another kick return...

Dale Kroening 5 years ago

Bowen is the man for the job......PERIOD.. Those who even think Harbaugh would come here are dreaming with drool running down the side of your mouth. He either stays in SF or the NFL . Name Bowen head coach now so we can make sure to keep the recruits we have signed stay signed. He already knows what we will have left on the roster and those players want to play for him. Even though it hasn't shown in wins and losses this team looks totally different than the team that started the season and in a positive way. Its also a bonus that he's a Lawrence guy , former player , and he will be cheap. If they don't hire Bowen and give some unproven guy or retread the job we will once again see KU FB take steps backward instead of forward. Since he took over it not only feels different , it looks different. Its a no brainer IMHO... Rock Chalk !!!

Larry Ralston 5 years ago

If I am a recruit, I am looking at coach Bowen's enthusiasm, fire and desire to have a solid program. I look at coach Bowen's ability to turn this program around and I look at the potential for playing time. Losing all of the seniors means a lot of playing time and that is important to a young player. I would see it as a win / win. I get to play and coach is turning the program around with a fervor that excites me. Not only do I have a chance to get a lot of playing time, I also have the chance to help build a consistent winner. Hire Bowen NOW!

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