Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kansas hoops recruit Kelly Oubre feels ‘love’

Kansas recruits Kelly Oubre, left, and King McClure watch from behind the bench during Late Night in the Phog, Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas recruits Kelly Oubre, left, and King McClure watch from behind the bench during Late Night in the Phog, Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 at Allen Fieldhouse.



Kansas recruits Kelly Oubre, left, and King McClure watch from behind the bench during Late Night in the Phog, Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Blue-chip high school basketball wing Kelly Oubre, a 6-foot-7 Richmond, Texas native who is attending Findlay Prep in Nevada his senior season, told reporters at last weekend’s USA Basketball developmental camp in Colorado that he had an amazing time at Friday’s Late Night in the Phog.

“It was love, man. I loved it a lot,” Oubre, the country’s No. 12th-ranked player according to, told “I love their chemistry and all the things that they displayed on my visit. The personalities and love from the fans and everything. It was a pretty good experience.”

Oubre has a final two of Kansas University and Kentucky.

“Just filling in for Andrew (Wiggins). Of course he’s going to the league this year so they just need another big wing to come in and just fill that spot. He pretty much told me everything’s there for me,” Oubre said, referring to what KU coach Bill Self told him his role would be.

He said he likely would announce his college choice shortly after his visit to Kentucky for Big Blue Madness on Oct. 18.

“They (UK Wildcats) just need to replace seven guys,” Oubre told zagsblog. “They need some more wings. They pretty much need to fill every spot. They’re recruiting a heavy class again this year and that’s what they’re going to continue to do.”

Of Oubre’s play at the USA camp,’s Eric Bossi said: “Oubre has been absolutely torching the nets out here. Don’t think he’s missed tonight. He and (Rashad) Vaughn are gonna be filthy at Findlay.”

Added Evan Daniels of “My USA Basketball Camp MVP’s? Top 2014 performer? Kelly Oubre. Top 2015 Performer? Diamond Stone. Top 2016 performer? Jayson Tatum.” Earlier, Daniels wrote: “Oubre has been as impressive as any wing early on here at USA Bball. Has shot working. Not missing from three. Competing on both ends.”

Crazy visit for King: King McClure, a 6-3 junior shooting guard from Dallas’ Triple A Academy and the No. 14-rated player in the Class of 2015, told that Late Night in the Phog was “crazy. As soon as we walked in the arena, about 17,000 fans stood up and gave us an ovation. Man, that was just a crazy experience.

“I talked to Wayne Selden and Andrew Wiggins during my visit,” he added. “Both of those guys are pretty cool, and it was a real honor (talking to them).”

He is considering KU, Baylor, Florida, Indiana, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and others.

Cliff notes: No .4-ranked Cliff Alexander, a 6-8 senior forward from Chicago Curie High, wrapped up his official visit to KU on Sunday. “No interviews or quotes for the night I’m chillin,” Alexander tweeted Sunday.

Alexander is set to visit Memphis on Oct. 18 and Illinois on Oct. 26. He’s already visited Arizona and DePaul and still has Michigan State on his list.

Pope likes KU: No. 17-ranked Malik Pope, 6-8 senior small forward from Laguna Creek High in Elk Grove, Calif., who attended Late Night in the Phog as part of his official visit, tweeted, “Kansas is nice,” on Saturday. Pope, who also has Gonzaga, San Diego State, Arizona, Washington, USC, Oregon, UCLA and California on his list, recently broke his leg, the same leg he fractured last season.

Henry hits for 29: Former KU guard Xavier Henry is off to a great start in his attempt to make the Los Angeles Lakers roster.

The 22-year-old Henry scored 29 points off 9-of-15 shooting in the Lakers’ 104-95 exhibition victory over Golden State on Saturday at Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, Calif. He hit two of four three-pointers and nine of 11 free throws with seven rebounds. Henry had 15 points, making four of eight shots and seven of nine free throws, on Sunday in a 97-88 preseason loss to Denver.

According to the L.A. Times, “the guard whose addition to the Lakers’ training camp roster didn’t cause much of a stir was a crowd favorite (Saturday) with several amazing plays, including an alley-oop pass on an inbounds play and a shot from beyond half court at the halftime buzzer.”

Henry, a free agent last offseason, averaged 4.5 points a game during his first three seasons in Memphis and New Orleans.

“I just never had that opportunity to really show what I can do,” Henry told the Times.

“His biggest thing is shot selection and getting confidence,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said, “and tonight he did that, and if he can continue to do that, he can play.”


Doug Cramer 8 years ago

Ol Xavier - makes you wonder how much further along he would be if he hadn't left so early.

Brad Hall 8 years ago

It seems like Xavier has been gone forever. I was surprised to see he was only 22 and on his third team.

Scott MacWilliams 8 years ago

Can somebody please explain how these 'prep schools' work? Are the players parents forking out big $$ to send them there? I guess they are certified for their educational parts to make sure players qualify academically, but are they getting much beyond the basics, with lots of hoops training taking up the rest of their time?

I have friends whose daughter was a pretty good HS player, and they wanted her to get a D1 scholarship if possible. To that end they sent her to a LOT of summer hoops camps, at considerable expense, to boost her skills. She got a small college schollie, so I guess their investment paid off, but they had the $$ to spend to start with. How are these kids from poorer families getting their extra camps and prep schools paid for? Seems like a way for some shady dealings to happen, someone taking advantage of the kids in need.

Anyone with more detailed back story here?

Dirk Medema 8 years ago

Not sure of all the details, but the NCAA does monitor the funding of prep schools and AAU programs. There are likely scholarships, and for prep schools host families, but the funding must be consistent with other students.

As with everything, guys BB & FB gets extra funding.

nuleafjhawk 8 years ago

If the kids are going to Kentucky, prep school is free. Everyone else pays through the nose.

What's jaybate's line? All fiction, no malice. Yeah - something like that....

dylans 8 years ago

Many prep schools offer scholarships. The prep school that Wiggins went to is getting ready to have its eligibility stripped as well as another similar prep school.

Kevin Huffman 8 years ago

That could spell trouble for Josh Perkins who I think is going there - ex-prep. KU was interested in who committed to Gonzaga.

Adam Tyler 8 years ago

Kelly Oubre and Myles Turner = my dream scenario for the 2014 recruiting class.

Cliff Alexander not thrilled with the visit? Or simply likes to keep things to himself and reveal little?

Justin Steele 8 years ago

Remember Andrew Wiggins and his parents super bored faces at late night last year? Everyone speculated he wasnt feeling KU, but here he is!!

Alex Peekeaton 8 years ago

Andrew Wiggins did not attend late night last year.

Ben Berglund 8 years ago

Yeah, it was Senior Night against Texas. I remember thinking he looked bored as well.

dylans 8 years ago

He looked very bored, I thought KU had no chance.

Kevin Huffman 8 years ago

Actually, it wasn't Texas. It was Texas Tech.

Julius Randle was at our game against Texas.

Rob Wempe 8 years ago

He visited during a regular season game.

Ben Berglund 8 years ago

BBall2012 is right. Jojo, Wayne, Conner, I think maybe Brannen and Aaron Gordon(?) were all here for Late Night, but Andrew came to senior night against Texas. I remember thinking he looked bored as well. I guess you never know with these kids.

Adam Tyler 8 years ago

I wasnt really referring to his picture, that caught only one second of the multiple hours he was in the Fieldhouse. Just the comments, or lack of comments that followed his visit make me curious.

Sean Doherty 8 years ago

Cliff Alexander is tired of answering questions that aren't relevant to his situation. He already KNOWS where he is going. But if he told the world where he intends to play now, he wouldn't get free trips to visit Memphis, Illinois, Michigan State, and whatever else might pop up before the end of the signing period. Wakey wakey people, eggs and backey! Cliff is in it to win it with KU.

Sean Doherty 8 years ago

I noticed a trend. Just a hunch, but here it goes:

According to ESPN recruiting rankings: KU has a great shot at fetching everything at the top:

Jahlil Okafor: #1 C Cliff Alexander: #1 PF Tyus Jones: #1 PG Rashad Vaughn: #2 SG Kelly Oubre: #3 SF

This is possible. So possible in fact that some KU players may redshirt or transfer in 2014

ohjayhawk 8 years ago

The only fly in the ointment with that scenario is that the only way to free up a scholarship is for players to transfer.. Taking a redshirt still ties up that scholarship for that year.

Kevin Huffman 8 years ago

Or players to leave early.

A lot of people think that we could end up with 4 available.

1) = T. Black exhausting his eligibility 2) = Wiggins leaving (OAD)

....Ideally, you get Cl. Alexander & Oubre OR J. Okafor & Tyus Jones....either pairing now.

THEN, if it seems pretty obvious that Selden & Embiid could be OAD, the ideal situation would be to land R. Vaughn & M. Turner who are said to be waiting until the Spring (most likely for that very reason - maybe not KU specific but simply to see what players that aren't OBVIOUS (like A. Wiggins) are also leaving whether it be from KU, UK, UNC - wherever).

Kevin Huffman 8 years ago

What SG is rated ahead of Rashad Vaughn in this class? I thought he was the #1 SG?

texashawk10 8 years ago

ESPN has D'Angelo Russell ahead of Vaughn, but Vaughn is the top SG on Rivals.

jaybate 8 years ago

Now we know recruits, not players.

Now our relationship is longer with recruits than with players.

Now we will have and

Now we will hang jerseys of the best we ever recruited, whether they came to KU, or not.

Now our recruits will never play for us.

We will just cheer them for what they might have done.

There will be reunions of teams that never were.

Jerseys never worn will be retired.

Guys that never played here will retire here.

Thanks for the virtual memories.

It's a Philip K. Dick kind of game now.

The sport is now recruiting.

ParisHawk 8 years ago

jb, you are right to use hyperbole now, because soon it will be too late.

We are in the midst of a Wiggins bubble that may not last as long as the dotcom bubble.

With Wiggins, we have passed from a team with at most 1 OAD per year, to a team with 1 or more OADs per year - at least this year.

High-level recruits get to come here and hang out with the most hyped guy since Durant. They get to play pickup with him.

Now let's burst the bubble.

  • No potential OAD has yet committed for next year.
  • No Wiggins next year.
  • Without Wiggins, will next year's top recruits be so eager to visit?
  • With so many sophomores next year, will next year's recruits see immediate minutes available?

It's way too early to tell if this year is the exception or the new rule.

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

"We are in the midst of a Wiggins bubble that may not last as long as the dotcom bubble."

Great quote. And true. Paris nailed it.

Is Oubre a presumed OAD? I don't know. I posted on this yesterday. Look what Self told Oubre (which has been reported on in other media before this article) -- Oubre comes in and takes Wiggins spot (the 3 spot). My response yesterday was that I'm sure that's great news to Greene and White. bennybob responded saying that Greene and White would have to beat Oubre out on the court. My response -- sounds like the fix is in. Oubre isn't competing. Top 10 guys don't go to compete. In 2013, they want to know their spot.

Nothing against the OADs. They have leverage, right? They're the best guys, and they have the leverage to dictate terms.

But they only have that leverage if a coach is willing to give it. A coach can ignore it. A coach can ignore the drama of the freshman athlete that can dictate terms.

Personally, give me Jackson/Kaun, Arthur, Aldrich, Morris/Morris, TRob, Withey and Ellis. Give me the guys that will play as part of the program. Give me the guys that don't have one foot out of the door. And give me the guys, as I've mentioned before, that have to earn a trip to the first round of the NBA draft by their work at KU.

If coach Self wants to make KU a pit stop, that's his call, He's the head coach.

jb said above - "Now our relationship is longer with recruits than with players." We recruit many of these players longer than their tenure will ever be at KU. "The sport is now recruiting." Indeed, it is.

I want to see Brannen Greene develop into a player that becomes a first round NBA draft pick after his junior season. I want to see Frank Mason take over the helm his junior year and be the player many have speculated about. I don't want to see Tharpe sit his senior season because we recruit some hot shot, OAD, point guard. I want to see guys like TRob and Withey build to monster level. And I don't want any player, who thinks he's bigger than the program, using this program as one season lay over. It is the inevitable consequence. Wiggins may be the humble one. But what about the next guy? Are we simply becoming UK west?

I believe without any hesitation that coach Self can simply ignore all presumed OADs and still win a national title. The guy came within minutes of doing just that with 5 guys and fumes in 2012.

The 2013-14 "Wiggins experiment" is now under the microscope. Its impact will be deep.

clevelandjayhawker 8 years ago

I too fear becoming what we all hate, a OAD stop.

What is nice is we have a limited number of schollies for the next few years, so we shouldnt have more than 3-4 in any given year. The uk way is load with 5-8 OAD then do it over the next year. I think Self is trying to find the right mix of experience and potential. I too worry about becoming what we hate, but I trust Self. And I think there could be a mix that plays out.

Kevin Huffman 8 years ago

Here's the problem with that thinking. When you start recruiting a kid and falling in love with his talents; when you're a team like KU the prognositcators take notice and that player's stock rises.

We recruit a Myles Turner when he's ranked back in the 70's or an Embiid (outside of the Top 100), etc. & then they skyrocket up into the top 5 - 10. Are they to stop recruiting them once the scouts go crazy over them?

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

That is a very good point.

Embiid is different than Turner, though .. Embiid only entered OAD territory after signing. Selden too.

But it is buyer beware now on Turner. All three of the top big guys are likely OADs. I view Turner differently than Oubre, though.

I'm not opposed to OADs to fill holes. Obvious holes. I don't like it when recruiting over highly ranked guys, like Oubre over Greene and White could be.

Getting one the top big guys, if Embiid leaves, gives me no heartburn (recruiting over low/unranked guys). I would rather recruit and develop guys outside of OAD territory -- 15ish to 60ish -- like Ellis.

But you raise a great point.

jaybate 8 years ago

Paris, great take. Self has hinted at the possibility of this phenomenon you describe so well. Either way things go, there is going to be some adjusting to do!

Ad Astra per Aspera!

jaybate 8 years ago

Post script to Paris: how long this will go will probably depend mostly on how much and how long Adidas needs to spike sales state side to off set the Euro slump and satisfy their most aggressive shareholders. It kind of appears there was some kind of linkage between KU being a good teammate to Adidas and AWigs signing. Not saying anything illegal happened. Just saying that within the rules as currently interpreted by the NCAA, there appears room for ShoeCos to vary unwritten downstream shoe contract expectations and so variably valve where the top 5 or so players go any given year. In certain cases, in order to preserve both members of the SHOECO duopoly, a Nike guy is incentivized through expectations to go Adidas and vice versa. This implies some "co-opetition" (both cooperating and competing) among oligopolists Nike and Adidas, which fits the oligopolistic competition model of contempo economic rationalizations by scholars keeping their grant bread abundantly buttered. The implication is: once Adidas has been helped to bridge through its crisis, the status quo of Nike getting the top guy restores. In this model, KU Competes for all recruits, but SHOECO duopoly dynamics trigger who actually get the top guy.

Benz Junque 8 years ago

How long this will go depends solely on how long the NBA keeps their OAD rule as it is. KU having one or two OADs every year or two isn't a bad thing. With the way that Self and staff develop players, there will always be some great upperclassmen providing experience and growing together.

UK is just in a unique cycle where they had a huge pile of schollies to fill when Cal started there. A few more OAD misses and a few more NIT bids will slow that roll until they get back down to having a smaller number of schollies available each year.

Nothing is forever. Alabama football SUCKED before Saban arrived. All sports run in cycles. Let's not forget that every year he coaches at KU, Self gains a better feel for how to do his job.

JayHawkFanToo 8 years ago

"Alabama football SUCKED before Saban arrived."

This the equivalent of saying KU sucked in Basketball before Self arrived. Alabama has 15 national championships (12 of them before Saban) including 6 by Paul "Bear" Bryant.

jaybate 8 years ago

Self does not ever want to go to another national final carrying a knife to a gun fight. Period.

Self did not work his butt off all these years to rise from ORU, to Tulsa, to Illinois, to KU in order to be outgunned in talent. Hell, he could have stayed at ORU had he wanted to be outgunned for talent.

Cal and Self and all the coaches are playing a game of who can monopolize, duopolize, or oligopolize the talent.

Bottom line the ShoeCos are better off with two university brands to tie their top starts and shoe lines to.

This is a business in which two things are constantly being developed and promoted: a super player, and a shoe brand.

Shoe Brands you can promote by having teams in every university that is near a major media market wear your shoe brands. This lends itself to building up relationships with as many universities as possible to market your shoes as broadly as possible.

Super players are being developed for the next level: the pros.

Super players need to be placed for one year in the most recognizable and dependably successful program you can find. You want to find one, or two, teams and coaches that you can park you potential super players with year in and year out, so the public begins to know where the super players are that will super promote your brands.

KU has a lot of advantages that make it worth stacking with talent and one glaring disadvantage. It is one of the winningest program the last 25 years and the winningest the last ten. It is the cradle of the game. Naismith court is here. The rules are here. Its the greatest program in the history of the game. It is the heart of America. All strategists understand you have to control the center. It is in the midwestern time zone, and if the nobs at the B12 ever get their shizz together and add an eastern time zone division, then KU will have a presense in the eastern time zone.

The big neg on KU is that it serves a small media market relative to the big eastern teams. But here's the thing: it doesn't help being in the eastern time zone, if your program isn't a consistent winner. Further, if KU markets itself as Americas team, then when it meets UK the networks and gamblers get to pull both the eastern and midwestern and even the conservative parts of mountain and western time zones.

So: the game is to stack UK and stack KU with the 10 of the top 20 players, and always the Number 1, every year so that the potential super players are getting the maximum branding bounce for the year they are in college.

jaybate 8 years ago

It is only a year, so you don't want to waste time with the public searching around for where your potential super players are. You want them right where the public knows they will be every year. UK and KU work well, because being from these markets, the superstar does not develop any brand negatives for eventual placement in the major media markets of the NBA. For instance, a super player at St. Johns would have a strong positive with the Knicks and Nets, but would pack a negative to be overcome with the Lakers.

KU and UK are neutral ground as far as branding go, yet they are nearly certain to get the players into the big dance, and the coaches are good enough that they will often go far.

Nothing is certain. UK can have injuries and wind up in the NIT. KU can get upsight by a mid major in the first round.

But the idea is to get your super player up high on the shelf in a familiar location, so the media shopper knows how to turn right to him in the store.

wrwlumpy 8 years ago

For a superstar like Wiggins, more millions will come from Adidas than his first contract. Until the second contract, the big bucks will come from the shoes and the clothes and the car companies and the Vodka ad and the new spokesman for Haines.

REHawk 8 years ago

Cliff, I like your poise. Until I could get a take on the June situation re Embiid and Ellis, I might be just chillin', too. (Or the recruiting situation re Okafor.)

REHawk 8 years ago

Hey, jaybate, LJW has stripped the color from my icon. Or perhaps I have done so, unwittingly. How do I restore?

nuleafjhawk 8 years ago

Go into your profile and reload your avatar.

REHawk 8 years ago

Thanks, nuleaf. But akin to telling a 2 year old to fix his own lunch! I am about as computer savvy as a blind chimpanzee.

nuleafjhawk 8 years ago

I have faith you in brother - I did it and I'm dumber than a box of rocks. Do this:

1) Click on your little gray, lifeless, blank logo.

2) Click on " change your avatar "

3) Click on " choose file "

4) Scroll through the choices and find the avatar of your choice.

5) Click on " open "

6) Click " upload " and you should be back in business.

dylans 8 years ago

My avatar was never so phallic, so if you want yours back click on the blank avatar and it will take you to your page to make the necessary changes.

BucknellJayhawk3 8 years ago

Would love to have Oubre at KU but he's got two who have been waiting for playing time in Jr. AW3 and Soph. Greene. If he’s talented enough he’ll come in and take it and things will be hunky dory.

I hope we land another good big for this class, so at least by soph season when Ellis/Embiid leave (if not before) he’ll be groomed for some big minutes.

While we have the Wiggins bubble, I imagine it’s a clusterbeep at Kentucky- how many of those guys will go to the draft? How many scholarships will they have available? How will recruits know where they can find playing time until the draft entry deadline?

REHawk 8 years ago

...and how will the Wildcats continue to draw attention if once again they sift their individual talents into the endofseason NIT?

namohcan_99 8 years ago

I am guessing we'll be recruiting 3 or 4 players in this next recruiting class. Getting Oubre to commit now to us would be huge. Would be nice to have our class figured out early, too. Might happen that way this year.

Hawk8086 8 years ago

These are all great points. I tend to agree that I would rather have the 3 and 4 year guys. But it's hard not to (as a coach and fan) desire to have the best talent. A mix of maybe 1 OAD, top level 2-4 year guys and role players would be ideal, but it's not that simple. It appears that we are in good shape to get at least 2 potential OADs this year. All of the recruits that are considering us are in this category. But.....who knows. If Self does not try to get at least a couple of these guys, we could compete for a NC next year if we only lost Wiggins and Black. The problem is we don't know what is going to happen to Selden and Embiid. I hate the rule that fosters the OAD, but of course I don't see it changing anytime soon since it benefits the NBA.

BucknellJayhawk3 8 years ago

Just for poops and giggles: projected picks are Wiggins #1, Selden #6, Embiid #8, and Ellis #18. So at most we have 5 scholarships to give (+ Tarik). I really hope we don't have to reload at 5 spots! But at the same time we're pretty good at losing our starting 5 and bouncing back strong...

Waylon Cook 8 years ago

Because those draft predictions are ALWAYS right lol.

Perry will be here for 4 years folks. Hell of a player just will be here 4 years.

Joe Baker 8 years ago

Ellis and family seems to be a true "student athlete."

texashawk10 8 years ago

Losing 5 is very possible with Wiggins, Selden, and Embiid jumping, Black graduating, and if KU signs Oubre, White or Greene transfers.

BucknellJayhawk3 8 years ago

Pretty deep at the 3 spot. I imagine it would be very tough for an AW3 or BG to be 3rd string at any point in their college career.

REHawk 8 years ago

texashawk10, you bring up an interesting point. Why would White or Greene redshirt THIS season if Self is recruiting a replacement for Wigs at the starting 3 spot? They would get caught up in the NCAA 5 year rule. Another dimension pops up in our speculations about possible redshirts....

JayHawkFanToo 8 years ago

Ellis was the Valedictorian at his high school; he will graduate in 3 years and then leave.

Ken Sedgwick 8 years ago

JayHawkFanToo, why can't people understand that?

JayHawkFanToo 8 years ago

I don't know. Perry and hi family have always indicated that he plans to get a degree.

Tony Bandle 8 years ago


1] OADs may be considerd a curse by some of you basketball purists but as long as A} they are out there. B} other colleges grab them, C] they are critical for maintaining our share of college's elite competitive status, I say embrace the future and just win, baby!!

2] I somewhat disagree with the "Wiggins Bubble" concept. I think of it more as the 'Wiggins Reciprical" other words Andrew beget Cliff and Kelly. Cliff and Kelly beget Diamond, Jaysom, etc......maybe just more a matter of semantics.

3] Spoiler: NON BASKETBALL - At the current rate of improvement the Jayhawks Football Team will be bowl eligible by 2017...gosh, I hope I live that long!!

4] Just a suggestion to the KU AD DEPT,. maybe if you have thousands of fans standing outside Allen unable to see Late Night, maybe, just maybe, you could find a projector and at least broadcast the images on the side of the building. Just a thought!!

5] I have the perfect solution for line cutters getting into the game....station Soccer Moms along the attendance line and if anybody tries to cut in, let the ladies take care of them!!! Also, better have medical personnel standing by. :)

6] I vote for Kelly Oubre's Hair as the best style in the recruiting Class of 2014!!

7] Regarding the football game Saturday... I did like the first quarter and the red helmets. That was about it!!

bad_dog 8 years ago

Oak, as I understand it, the plan was to broadcast Late Night at Hoglund. They had to call that off due to the thunderstorms that blew through Friday evening.

ParisHawk 8 years ago

Thanks to jaybate and HEM for the kind words and thanks to all for some very interesting reading.

I wonder how most UK fans would react to our "fear" of too many OADs?

Less than a year ago Self couldn't recruit, now he recruits too well! Never heard that complaint about a coach before.

Seriously, your concerns are well founded: how do you reconcile the "program" philosophy with OAD recruiting? How do you keep faith with the 3-5 year players if OADs keep making them sit - especially if there is some guarantee of playing time to privileged recruits?

I think it's too early to say KU is changing philosophies. We are in the midst of a "bust/boom" cycle in recruiting: for a few years we got good but not great recruits, then all of a sudden we broke the bank. Are we going to keep our OAD momentum? Too early to tell.

Here's a limb I will go out on: Coach Self wants another banner and will not let "program" related scruples stand in his way. After 10 years in the same job, your goals get less long term.

milehighhawk 8 years ago

I'd hate for the "Wiggins Bubble" to burst, 'cause then we'd be reduced to a pre-Wiggins state. A condition so unspeakably wretched and miserable, that the most-hyped recruit took pity upon us!

I prefer not to think of it as a bubble, but more of striking while the iron is red-hot.

jaybate 8 years ago

Dear online editors,

It was a good idea to separate the pro blogs from the amateur blogs.

But it was a bad idea not to keep a link for the latest amateur blog posts.

jaybate 8 years ago

I am very excited for Xavier. He has massive talent. He should be a huge star do LA if his health holds up.

jaybate 8 years ago

I want to make clear I am pro signing OADs as long as the rule lasts. I just want the rule eliminated and the players left free to choose.

I also think UK and KU will be OAD duopolists as long as Cal and Self stay put.

ParisHawk 8 years ago

I read this twice, but can only "like" it once.

Alex Peekeaton 8 years ago

"I might go up in flames over this next comment, but here goes... maybe we need to thank John Calipari for giving us the ultimate lesson two years ago by beating us in the NCAA Finals and was led by freshman-sensation, and POY, Anthony Davis. Could it be that this was what moved CS into changing his tune concerning OADs?"

You are exactly right. As I said before, both Self & Calipari learned valuable lessons over the past two years. Self needed more elite talent after the NC game and got it last year, while Calipari needed to sign more recruits (only 8 scholarship players last year and 7 when Noel went down) and did so as well. I doubt you will ever see either one of these coaches shorthanded in the recruiting world again.

Steve Gantz 8 years ago

That line struck me too Dragon. Pretty incredible when you see the the seriousness of what that young man did.

Kent Wells 8 years ago

If dude was feeling love, I suspect the ladies sporting the OSU sweatshirts were behind it (or in front of it).

Robert Brock 8 years ago

I expect Ellis and Embiid to return.

dtdjayhawk 8 years ago

Were the players out on the court during Self's speech when he said we need to hang another NC banner?

Was it HEM or Jaybate that said they wanted to hear Self say he wanted another championship? I too wanted to hear something along those lines.

dtdjayhawk 8 years ago

Ah yes, drgnslayr! And I agree 100%.

Chris1955 8 years ago

Houston. When you absolutely, positively, have to blow a NFL playoff game with a 32 point 3rd quarter lead, or get swept in the World Series, there's no place like it.

REHawk 8 years ago

slayr, I recall that Bill Self employed some Valvano-like stuff in his late game encouragement to his championship squad in '08. Kept them pumped with the "Ya gotta believe" bark.

JayHawkFanToo 8 years ago

"They showed it took more than luck to win it all."

I agree that Valvano was a great motivator, but without a truck full of luck, NC State does no win the NC. Luck was the primary reason why NC State won the 1983 Championship.

REHawk 8 years ago

ralster, this is why White, Traylor and Lucas must stay patient and ready. There will be moments when Bill slaps a towel to the court and leaps up to yank a talented newcomer who is just not "getting it." Of course, at most positions he also has access to another talented newcomer who might have edged out White, Traylor or Lucas in the previous practice session....

soapisurfriend 8 years ago

Kelly Oubre just tweeted "big news tomorrow!!!". You know what that means? It's Kansas.

Jonathan Even 8 years ago

Does anyone remember highly talented and highly ranked Withey and Robinson waiting their turns behind the Morris twins? Withey was a 5-star and Robinson was ranked in the 30's right? But they both waited til their junior and senior seasons to have breakout performances. The difference with the Morris twins and Oubre is that the Morris twins developed for two years while Oubre will be good enough to come in and play right away. One of either Greene or White will start at the other wing spot, and the other will still get serious minutes as a backup (maybe enough to average 20 minutes/game). The year later Greene will be a junior and White will be a senior and they will both have their time to shine.

If you are Greene and White you want Oubre to come. You get better playing against the best in practice. Isn't that how we turn out highly developed big men each and every year? Do you think either one of them are going to get better playing against lower ranked freshman? Plus you get more exposure when your team is better, and KU WILL be better with Oubre than with a freshman ranked 20-50.

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