Thursday, June 13, 2013

Off the Beaten Plate: Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

The Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

The Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery



The Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

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Cheers to the American college town — a land where restaurants make homemade big-shell mac ‘n’ cheese, sprinkle it with herbed bread crumbs, pile spicy buffalo fried chicken tenders on top of it, let the hot sauce swirl into each forkful of hot pasta and melty cheese, then name the meal after the man who, according to Kansas Athletics, has made their favorite team the winningest program in Division I for the last six seasons.

23rd Street Brewery staffers say that while Kansas University men’s basketball coach Bill Self didn’t necessarily create his namesake dish, he has been known to order it. Fittingly, when it comes to things on a plate, the Bill Self is easily one of Lawrence’s winningest combinations.

Where to get it: 23rd Street Brewery, 3512 Clinton Parkway

What you’ll pay: $15.99

Try it with: 23rd Street’s Bitter Professor IPA. Chase the intense combo with that cool, creamy little mint that comes with the bill.

Also on the menu: Naked Nachos (chips come on the side), 23rd Street Meatloaf (smothered in gravy), brats, pizzas, calzones, the Charlie Weis (mac ‘n’ cheese with chili and Fritos), the Manly Stanley (double burger with cheese, bacon, egg, fried pickles, onion ring and wing sauce), and miscellaneous other dishes named after KU sports figures.

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Jonny Swift 5 years ago

some quality chicken strips and macaroni, obviously

Pitthawk34 5 years ago

Nope...Really good...I get it about every other time I am there. Get a side of blue cheese to top it off.

stravinsky 5 years ago

23rd Street Brewery generally sells overpriced mediocre food. Great drink specials, but don't go there looking for anything more than marginally-above-Applebees quality.

Sam Constance 5 years ago

Either you haven't eaten at Applebee's in a long time or you have no tastebuds.

Eric Dawson 5 years ago

Live in Lawrence, been to 23rd St more often than I care to admit because friends like the place for some reason. IMO, Applebee's has better food, and Free State has way better beer.

As for the featured dish -- should be named the Hari Kari -- again, IMO (but the dietary facts support that name). Sure hope Bill doesn't imbibe in that too often.

Sam Constance 5 years ago

Sounds like your friends are trying to save you from yourself if you like Applebee's better. Blech.

mattiesdad 5 years ago

He won't be our coach for long if he keeps eating that kind of stuff. Self better set up an appointment with his cardiologist.

texashawk10 5 years ago

That's what Hudy is for, to work off those calories.

Ryan Woods 5 years ago

The Bill Self is in my top three meals in Lawrence. It's great. Don't hate it 'till you try it.

John Strayer 5 years ago

I guess we now see why our coaches have "bellies"...not exactly a slimming diet. I'm joking of course as I can't complain as my diet isn't the best either :)

Lisa Beran 5 years ago

I can't believe only one of you has apparently ever had the Bill Self. It's my son's favorite and everyone I know who has tried it just raves about it. 23rd Street has amazing mac 'n cheese!

Duane Rice 5 years ago

The Bill Self is amazing but, their beer taste watered down and their prices are way to high for the quality of the food.

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

$16.00 for chicken strips and macaroni??? WOW!! That's a profit margin of close to 500%!!

A better title for the place would be The 23rd Street Usury!!

Sam Constance 5 years ago

You guys are crazy. The idea that the beer tastes watered down at 23rd Street is insane, and while $16 may seem expensive, I would point out that the strips are clearly hand breaded (hard to tell in the picture, but they definitely TASTE hand breaded) and the mac & cheese is made from scratch.

By comparison, Applebee's chicken strip platter (since it was mentioned above) is $11 for some pre-breaded freezer crap that they drop into a frier and french fries. They have a similar cheesy chicken and penne dish for $12.

I'd gladly pay the extra $4-5 for quality ingredients, especially quality ingredients that are made fresh and for which the money supports a local business.

Jim Tebow 5 years ago

23rd Street Brewery isn't exactly a local business. It is a satellite branch off of 75th Street Brewery which is in Kansas City, Missouri. The company is owned and headquartered in Missouri

Sam Constance 5 years ago

Nope. 23rd Street separated from the company that owns 75th Street several years ago

Nick Cole 5 years ago

I might be marginally obsessed with buffalo chicken in anything, and this is one delicious dish. I've had it more times than my arteries would like, and I will have it again the next time I go here. There are places in KC where you get half as much food for the same price, and it doesn't taste as good. Those of you who say 23rd is not good are fools. You all must eat at only the finest french restaurants across the globe. My taste buds are not that sophisticated, but that doesn't mean I don't know good food when it hits my mouth hole. $16 is a bit pricy, but it's worth it.

Michael Pannacciulli 5 years ago

Ummm that's fricken nasty looking folks. I just lost my appetite.

texashawk10 5 years ago

That looks better than the Stouffer's Mac n Cheese that I decided to spice up with some Taco Bell Fire Sauce and crushed Ritz crackers on top of it. It wasn't the worst meal ever, but definitely not the best meal ever.

johnsont1 5 years ago

Tastes good. Overpriced. Unhealthy. Poor service, most of the time. But it does taste really good, seriously!

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