Thursday, February 28, 2013

KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament



Promotional photo from @adidashoops Twitter account

The adidas custom impact camo uniforms that the Kansas men's basketball team could wear at least one game during the Big 12 tournament in March 2013.


Courtesy JocksNitchKU Twitter account

Kansas University adidas camo alternate jersey uniform tops from the front.


Courtesy JocksNitchKU Twitter account

Kansas University adidas camo alternate jersey uniform tops.


Courtesy JocksNitchKU Twitter account

Kansas University adidas alternate uniform camo white shorts.

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What do you think of the adidas camo alternate uniforms?

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  • Indifferent — it's just a game or two 14% 522 votes
  • Undecided 0% 34 votes

3564 total votes.

The Kansas men's basketball team will be wearing alternate camo uniforms from adidas for at least one game in this year's Big 12 tournament, KU coach Bill Self confirmed during a weekly press conference Thursday.

Photos of the uniforms, which include a blue-and-white camouflage pattern on the shorts, were released on adidashoops' Twitter account Thursday.

"We agreed with adidas several months ago to sport that uniform as part of their marketing campaign in the Big 12 tournament," Self said. "Now, how much we wear them in the Big 12 tournament will probably depend on how we play in them or whatever. But we will sport them in the Big 12 tournament at some point in time."

KU officials said that no money was involved in the Jayhawks' decision to wear the uniforms.

"Sometimes, you've got to be a team player, and adidas has certainly been good to us, there's no question," Self said. "And this is something that was important to them, that they are able to market it with some other schools that they feel that can help them in this area. Certainly, we're going to do that to try to help them, but it's not going to go any further past the Big 12 tournament."

Self was non-committal on whether KU would wear the uniforms for more than one game in the Big 12 tourney.

Of wearing the alternate jerseys for a game or two, he said, "I don't think it's that big of a deal in the Big 12 tournament."

"As everyone here knows, Kansas tradition and history should be what is promoted in our look, and we've done that for years," Self said. "But this is the one game or whatever that we will make that exception for adidas."

When asked what he thought of the uniforms, Self said he hadn't seen them in a while, but that he didn't think as much of them as the typical home white jerseys that the Jayhawks would wear as a higher-ranked team in the Big 12 tournament.

KU's players had mixed reaction to the alternate uniforms.

"I don't think too much of ‘em. They are jerseys at the end of the day. You can't go out there with no clothes on," KU senior guard Elijah Johnson said with a smile. "That’s all that really is. When Coach says, 'Put 'em on and go play,' we’ll put em on and go play, whether it’s a practice jersey, a new jersey or old jersey. It’s about the game and not how we look out there."

Added KU senior Travis Releford: "I've seen a few pictures of them. I think they're all right."

A petition started by KU fans on the White House's website to not allow the uniforms was removed Thursday afternoon for violating "Terms of Participation."


clevelandjayhawker 5 years ago

This is what I would expect some tier 3 program to wear, not the school where James Fricking Naismith himself coached.

JayHok 5 years ago

Completely and totally agree. On the positive side by contract we only have to wear it one game. That would be the first game surely. The blue ones look terrible. As luck would have it for KU's traditional look, it can barely be seen on the white jersey which is what we'll wear certainly in the first game.

Ted Hume 5 years ago

I really have just one comment on this whole topic, so here it goes: WHO CARES? Why are people wasting their energy and bothering KU officials with calls and emails over such a non-issue. Did any of you even read Self's comments about the uniforms? Please take a breath and exhale, crazed fans with way too much time on your hands, and return to work; or let's talk about Brady Morningstar a bit instead...

JD Roth 5 years ago

Tradition!! That is why people care. Is this Adidas U??? Ridiculous in my opinion!!

Ted Hume 5 years ago

yea, but over the course of our long and historic program, our athletic teams have worn literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different uniforms. Part of "tradition" is that it is built upon, and encompasses a hell of a lot of history, and wearing a crazy uniform for one game is certainly nothing new, and in fact is just part of this long, historic process that we call "tradition". Just think of what an embarrassment and insult to tradition our current Jayhawk logo was to the guy who remembers wearing that cool early century bird with the crossed legs and arms...

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Seriously, who at Adidas said, "I know...CAMO" and at KU said, "love it!"???

Matt Kenton 5 years ago

And then they said, "we'll get how much money for wearing these?"

The good thing is, as the (hopefully) top seed, we will be wearing the white and not the more noticeable blue. I bet we see them first game and that is it.

SaltLakeHawk 5 years ago

  1. White >>>>> Blue

  2. Blue = swimtrunks

  3. Repeat after me: "Beware OF the phog." Of. OF. OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Strayer 5 years ago

swimtrunks? first thought was next thought was the 1980's Zubaz pants....barf.

John Strayer 5 years ago

I guess it was actually the early 90's when Zubaz were "poplular"....I think I still have a pair in KC Chiefs colors...probably in a rag pile somewhere...

Luke Kay 5 years ago

On point 3... I just noticed that. They better fix that. How can the University care enough about our relationship with Adidas to wear an ugly uniform that Adidas didn't care enough to make accurate??

5 years ago are asking the wrong question. It is not about how much we care but about how much money Adidas brings to the program.

The contract with Adidas paid over five times the deal we had with Nike.

Phoggy_Notion 5 years ago

Have to admire school's like Indiana who maintain a consistent look for their men's basketball unis. I really cannot stand this trend in college sports. Thanks Oregon.

Tom Longhofer 5 years ago

Exactly right. Someone should explain to adidas that KU is a little different than Marquette. Other than these latest uniforms, though, I'm glad we're with adidas. I had a pair of adidas 9.9's (track spikes) in high school that made me an adidas fan for life.

Chad DeShazo 5 years ago

I sure hope the guys get to ride onto the court in clown cars to match their uniforms.

MarioBros400 5 years ago

Calm down there going to wear it for one game.

Brian Zachary 5 years ago

Wow, someone is feeling a little froggy hiding behind the keyboard today... Didn't realize they could talk smack in Colorado

jayhawkinATL 5 years ago

A troll comes on here for THIS story??? Comical.

nuleafjhawk 5 years ago

Oh CU fans, how we miss those two guaranteed home wins per year........................

Ben Kliewer 5 years ago

You are aware we came back around and annihilated them after we pulled our heads out of our asses, right? Or did you stop watching all sports television after that game?

5 years ago

Isn't 470 becoming a toll road? Everything in Colorado costs money to ride...

nuleafjhawk 5 years ago

470 is a road?

I figured that was his/her weight.

Or CU's winning percentage.

Michael Leiker 5 years ago

oh no, hadn't even thought of that...

ldjayhawk 5 years ago

The short looks like a beach short. Very wired in my opinion. Top looks all right but nothing new. Like the logo of "beware of the phog" a lot though.

WETSUhawk 5 years ago

While we have the beach wear shorts, let's add flowered shirt and black socks with sock suspenders.

Have the team drink Gator-aid from a tall glass with a little umbrella.

John Strayer 5 years ago

Actually...its "Beware the Phog"...Adidas forgot/drop the word "of"....shows how much they know our school and it's traditions.

5 years ago

The white jerseys are pretty cool I think, and if we win out that's all we will wear as the #1 seed.

Doug Roberts 5 years ago

Sports marketing has just hit a new all time low. And that's saying something!

dustfan 5 years ago

I think they should wear the '88 throwbacks the rest of the year.

Doug Roberts 5 years ago

"Camo" uniforms? For what, the local water park?!?

Michael Leiker 5 years ago

Like where you are going with this. I'll vow to never buy another Adidas KU item of any kind if I see them in these.

Phil Leister 5 years ago

Your stance may seem a bit extreme to some, but you know what, if adidas and KU Athletics saw this comment, I actually think it'd go a long ways. I'm with you.

drewfuss 5 years ago

They make the previous adidas marketing gimmick jerseys suddenly seem pretty wonderful.

Robin Smith 5 years ago

these sure look awesome, now

that'll teach us

by that same token maybe we should like the Zubaz for that fact that they aren't what the future holds :-)

these sure look awesome, now that'll teach us by that same token maybe we should like the Zubaz for that fact that they aren't what the future holds :-) by Robin Smith

stinkybulldog 5 years ago

they should wear water moccasins too!

jay381 5 years ago

I understand it is all about revenue. Undoubtedly Adidas offered the best revenue overall to the university at the time of the last contract. I also understand there are considerations to branding that go further than just basketball. It has become a huge business. I would only suggest that when this contract expires an attempt is made to explore a competitor like Nike or Under Armor to obtain a contract that is lucrative but does not require the team look like something that is totally ridiculous.

The KU brand is well respected and what any marketing department is looking for. Perhaps a competitor in the sports apparel business will not be so eager to make a product that makes the team look absolutely ridiculous.

However we do have to trust the current administration to do what is in the best interest of all the university programs. I was told that in a time of need one of the sports apparel providers (I do not know which brand but the information came from a source I trust) was of a lot of assistance to the marching band. There are a lot of considerations the AD has to weigh beyond the ugly uniforms I see in this photo. I would add I hate them as much as anyone.

kuilander 5 years ago

i dont see how its a big 12 mandated thing when other schools arent with adidas, its a school by school thing. and i cant believe our University is allowing this to happen and tarnish our brand.

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

Lord.......these things make the black and white football jersey/helmet combo look almost divine!!!

Honestly, if the pants had been two shades of blue instead of white and blue, the new uni's would have been upgraded to at least not totally humiliating!!

Maybe what we can do is wear them during warm-ups, let everybody see them then put on regular uni's when it counts.

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

PS I do like the "non-capitalization' of adidas in the title block, even though it is their brand logo!! LOL!!

Phil Leister 5 years ago

Sorry man, adidas is never capitalized. Even adidas themselves don't capitalize the 'a'.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

Personally, I don't like them. In fact, I think they look ridonkulous! But if the players like them, I'm all for it. I'm not 18 any more, but if the kids (and the recruits) like them, I say go for it!!!

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

"ridonkulous".......awesome new word!! :)

KU_alum_2001 5 years ago

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

But as much as I hate them, who remembers these?

Pitthawk34 5 years ago

Just need some leg warmers to go with that.

Ron Prichard 5 years ago

Love the Beware the Phog logo. Absolutely hate the uniform.

sarcastichawk 5 years ago

I don't see what the big deal is. These are nice uniforms.

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

Living up to your posting ID.....well done!!

Tony Bandle 5 years ago

If we lost in these abominations, Bill would burn them all the next morning, thus vaulting these things to the top of the list of those things which could ALMOST justify losing a ball game!!!

The solution is play a rotten game in them, still win, then dump them forever!!

WETSUhawk 5 years ago

Hopefully our opponents will be laughing so hard that they'll forget to defend.

Iowa State fans will just say that we now look like the zebras (refs) that they claim are on our side anyways.

parrothead8 5 years ago

Will fans be required to join the ridiculousness?

Hoosierhawkfan 5 years ago

What a rinky-dink uniform. I can't believe one person is "undecided".

Kyle Sybesma 5 years ago

This is something our football team should do to attract recruits. Not the basketball team. This is embarrasing. We are now on the same level as Baylor.

jahawkdave 5 years ago

The Adidas person that designed these and the ones that approved the design should be fired immediately. If they are hoping to sell these I will be shocked if anyone buys them, they'll be on clearance racks in 2 weeks and given to 3rd world countries along with the Championship game loser's shirts/hats by April. There are so many other classic options they could have come up with other than played out camo/neon colors.

At least we don't have sleeves like UCLA and Lou or the hideous ND version...

nuleafjhawk 5 years ago

I just had an ephipany !

Adidas must be owned by an Iowa State alum. These uniforms are payback for the last two losses.

KGphoto 5 years ago

Hmm, wait. Were these unis shipped via UPS?

Aligned 5 years ago

And I understand an agreement is in place for next year that will have us wearing “puffy shirt” jerseys for the game in Ames.

jahawkdave 5 years ago

These look like some WT crap Mizzou would wear, I'll be listening to the game on the radio when these are worn.

at least we will be wearing white / the lesser hideous version.

Kyle Sybesma 5 years ago

This does look like Misery tiger stripes. I'm not buying any Adidas KU gear until we switch to Nike.

Ron Franklin 5 years ago

"No Fear" marketing strategist take over adidas?

Navyjayhawker 5 years ago

Awesome comment as always! Maybe "Starter"

FL_Jhawk 5 years ago

More selling out of college sports to corporate America. This is twice now we have had to wear crazy uniforms that debase the heritage of KU basketball. How many times will it be next year in order to keep the corporate donations coming? When we will be "asked" to wear company logos on our uniforms, in order to keep the donations coming? I can see it now, the "Drink Coca-Cola" logo on the backs of future uniforms. Where will this end???

Nip it in the bud now.

Jonathan Allison 5 years ago

I'm glad that we'll be wearing the whites not the blues.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

Good point, that's reason enough to win out and get the top seed!

Jesse Johnson 5 years ago

Speaking of KU players wearing different jerseys, check out the mock draft lottery tool from ESPN's website. This is a screenshot of a possible scenario where BMac is taking first by the Suns. ESPN seems to think that the Suns really want BMAC and will take him if they can get an early enough pick. Phoenix would definitely be my favorite team if they had three Jayhawks on the team!

Ethan Berger 5 years ago

I actually like the whites ones, the blue ones might be the worst uniforms sported by a KU team...ever.

JayCeph 5 years ago

I like the 'whites' too. I'm not even 'toerating' them. I actually like them. The 'Blues' are pretty rough. The jerseys are fine but the shorts... yeesh. Almost as bad as the all yellow and all red uniforms. HATE the yellows and HATE HATE HATE the reds.

JayCeph 5 years ago

I like the 'whites' too. I'm not even 'tolerating' them. I actually like them. The 'Blues' are pretty rough. The jerseys are fine but the shorts... yeesh. Almost as bad as the all yellow and all red uniforms. HATE the yellows and HATE HATE HATE the reds.

Jim Pendleton 5 years ago

"As everyone here knows, Kansas tradition and history should be what is promoted in our look, and we've done that for years," Self said.

This comment alone should tell you we shouldn't be doing this. If you want to put this stuff in the Bookstore or Kansas Sampler and sell it, go right ahead. People will wear anything just to have it. It is also one thing to change the font on the jersey, but to come up with this junk to wear in a game? No thank you!

I said this on a facebook post when I saw the pic of the six schools wearing them. It is one thing if you are a school with no tradition and you are trying to draw attention to your program any way you can. We are Kansas for crying out loud, we don't need to resort to wack job uniforms to show we are a great program. Rock Chalk, call me a traditionalist!

Phil Leister 5 years ago

Here's a petition, done on the appropriate platform so it shouldn't get removed. We can't let these things see the court.

Cody Riedy 5 years ago

When looking at these uniforms, I don't even get to the question of "What about tradition?" I'm still at "WTF are those camo pants?"

MinorThreat 5 years ago

Kansas has been all class ever since... just a uniform? Yes. But we can't allow little kinks in the armor like this... horrible jerseys IMO.

John Randall 5 years ago

I preferred the original armor – the kind with chinks in it. None of this kinky stuff for me!

not_that_crazy 5 years ago

I like the Notre Dame camo uniform better than I like Notre Dame.

Sam Constance 5 years ago

Good lord people. Get a grip.

I agree that these uniforms are an eyesore, but of all the things to be up in arms over... who cares? We won't be the first or last "blue blood" program to wear alternate uniforms that may have been designed by a blind person (no offense intended to blind people).

Actually, I don't mind the white version quite as much as the blue one, but either way it's not something I have the patience to waste my effort on. Especially after all the patience-testing garbage about the Iowa State game.

The one thing about this article that did amuse me is this idea that real decisions about uniforms are going to be made on how we perform in said uniforms. I get that, as fans (and even athletes), there is a certain element of superstition at play. Heck, after we lost to Oklahoma, I posted something online to the effect of "Well, I've worn all three of the KU BBall shirts that I own (that still fit) over the past three games. Now what?"

But the idea of using that kind of superstition to make actual decisions is hilarious to me. Only in sports.

kucapcity91 5 years ago

i like the white ones but the blue on the other hand is just too light..

Jace FitzGibbon 5 years ago

new bill self motivational speech

"Guys, win out these games so we dont have to wear those terrible blue shorts."

kay_you 5 years ago

Those are tough on the eyes. Looks like something Oregon would wear.

George Powell 5 years ago

They just look like pajamas, why have a contract with a company that wants you to wear crap like this. At least put a JayHawk on the front of the leggings.

Chuck Stones 5 years ago

This is the best reason to win out this season, so we will only have to wear the white ones as the 1 seed. The white ones aren't as bad as the blue ones.

Max Walker 5 years ago

My feelings on those jerseys in the words of Sir Charles

Max Ledom 5 years ago

Jerseys: Now the reason teams win or lose games according to the fans on this board.

Casey Gee 5 years ago

If we do this we are crossing that invisible line that separates KU from kstate.

jayhawkinATL 5 years ago

The team should just flat-out refuse to play in them!!!

jayhawkinATL 5 years ago

Too soon to bring back the "tone out" unis from the UWV game???

tvnolan 5 years ago

Who comes up with these foolish schemes??? I promise you that no one will rush out to buy their commemorative unis. Blech!

Dan Harris 5 years ago


JayhawkPurist 5 years ago

There's no way to sugarcoat it: the camo uniforms are an insult to the heritage of the KU program. I for one don't even like the Trajan font which was unveiled in 2007, but at least they're an attempt at being current while still respecting the past.

I propose all concerned fans write an email to the athletic director opposing the uniforms (the KU athletics website says his contact is -- Vaunda Lane, his executive assistant). We were successful at keeping the previous athletic director and his staff from playing techo music during halftimes, etc. by staging such a campaign, which I and many others perceived as a classless assault on the uniqueness and sanctity of home games at Allen Fieldhouse. I honestly think that if Mr. Zenger receives several thousand emails the uniforms will never be worn.

I sent my email. Who's with me?

Jack Wilson 5 years ago

You mean we could be talking about soccer, right?

Benjamin Piehler 5 years ago

Whats "soccer"?

Haha... just kidding... I'm not one of those "football" nazis.

Soccer is awesome though, really. Its a lot less boring once you begin to appreciate the finer aspects... and it boasts the most diehard fans outside of US college sports.

JayHawkFanToo 5 years ago

Soccer players do not wear elastic bands in their thighs and they wear shin guard under the socks. The pants are way too tight to afford the mobility required by soccer. Those are definitely not soccer uniforms; maybe rugby?

Benjamin Piehler 5 years ago

I think you're right actually. The two gents on the right would be pretty buff for soccer... would prlly be too slow to play most positions.

Michael Gentemann 5 years ago

I can't believe we got this far down the comment list before someone noticed they screwed up the tag line. The "of" is a pretty essential part, plus they put that on the road jersey. makes no sense. Good spot JayDogger.

Priest Fontaine 5 years ago

So bad.

May as well get sponsored by Zubaz.

May as well get sponsored by Zubaz. by Priest Fontaine

DanR 5 years ago

Blue ones look like trailer park "hold my beer and watch this" gear. The white ones look like Tiger stripes. Barf. Who approved that?

Does the Phog need to be pay heeded and bewared at the Sprint Center anyway.

Priest Fontaine 5 years ago

"Beware the Phog"???? Come on Adidas! Whatever they are paying, it's not worth it. Go back to Nike. This is a joke. So many amazing possibilities of alternate uniforms and they go with a cheesy Zubaz Camo theme!

RL 5 years ago

Chalk up another reason we should switch back to Nike

Doug Roberts 5 years ago

I like the "Beware the Phog" on the ROAD jerseys. Nice touch by adidas that says "Oblivious".

Ryan Shelton 5 years ago

If we have to wear it, wear it against Emporia St. You don't change around things in the post season!

Michael Gentemann 5 years ago

These were obviously stitched together in an Asian sweatshop where prepositions are not part of the language.

bwag 5 years ago

Just say no...trailer trash wear, not acceptable.

Deb Engstrom 5 years ago

Who cares! Just play ball and win!!

Priest Fontaine 5 years ago

thumbs down. Play ball and win - yes. But of course we should care. We need to have standards.

JayhawkPurist 5 years ago

For those of you who don't like the camo unis, you'll have no one to blame but yourselves if you don't speak up and make your opinion known and the squad actually wears these monstrosities.

Email Athletic Drector Zenger and voice your opposition (the KU athletics website says his contact is -- Vaunda Lane, his executive assistant). If Mr. Zenger receives several thousand emails, the uniforms will never be worn.

I sent my email. Who's with me?

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

107 comments and not ONE of the positive... Great marketing Adidas! And someone let them know that it the other kansas school that is prone to camo, not us.

Phoggy_Notion 5 years ago

'prone to camo' is a bit of an understatement, in regards to those purple people.

cklarock 5 years ago

Holy what, Adidas? These are AWFUL. I'm throwing out my Adidas shoes.

Poor Jayhawks. Having to say something even remotely polite about these abominations. "Well, at least we're not going to play naked."

Kyle Neuer 5 years ago

Does Adidas not do focus groups before they invest large bucks and roll trash like this out? What deaf, dumb and blind kid thought these looked good?

texashawk10 5 years ago

Players and great coaching win games, not unifoms. Now go out and kick a$$ for the next 3 games, put the regular season trophy in the case, then kick a$$ in KC and wear the alternates for the 3 games and add another tournament trophy to the case, then kick a$$ in KC again, Dallas, and Atlanta and add another NC trophy to the collection and banner on the north side of the Fieldhouse. My point being, go out and KICK A$$ regardless of the uniforms and hang that 6th banner in the north rafters of AFH.

Kip_McSmithers 5 years ago

Matt Tait's latest Tale of the Tait has a photo with KU wearing said uniform.

lincase 5 years ago

I'll say this for the "alternative" uniforms: they are good for a laugh. I have enjoyed reading the posts about this and also the comments after the WV game. KU fans are very witty people. Thanks for starting my morning off with a smile.

Phoggie_Thinking 5 years ago

These remind me of those truck stop stands in some state west of Colorado. You check to see if there is any Kansas gear and you find some strange thing that just makes you giggle, but then it's clearance so you think, ummmm maybe.

Dale Sprague 5 years ago

JUST SAY NO ! Fans endure corporatification of our University's athletic department too much already. Why throw it in our faces again and again by knuckling under to another mega-corporation's marketing, profit program?

This is just another "one small step" into the abyss of corporate greed.

FearlessJayhawk 5 years ago

Bad idea! We're not the Harlem Globe-trotters. If you want to look like a clown, join the circus. I predict it's going to have a negative on the players and the game. This decision will come back to haunt whoever the idiot was that came up with this stupid idea. The Jayhawks are going to be the laughing stock of college basketball. I live in Ohio and I can hear some to the remarks right now.

greatgatsby 5 years ago

Yes the jerseys look awful but you have to remember that Adidas has only two choices in the Big 12. Kansas University and Baylor. As the company would you rather see your name crappy blue and white "camo" on a good team or crappy dark green and neon yellow "camo" on a decent team? If Adidas, for one knew how to make good looking camo and for two had Tech, K-State or OSU I could understand it because of the rural school feel and the connection with the military but they don't have that option. It's all about business.

CHEEZIT 5 years ago

They could go like the old track uni's. I remember the shorts were pink. Picture doesn't do it justice!

Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

I was hoping the camo uniforms would be you couldn't see them. I was significantly disappointed when I could not only see them, but they are colors that aren't even associated with KU. Definitely have to win out, so we can be the top seed.

Clint Poteete 5 years ago

Please phone the KU Basketball Offices at 785-864-3056 to register your disgust. Call often.

Cameron Cederlind 5 years ago

"KU officials said that no money was involved in the Jayhawks' decision to wear the uniforms."

Uhh no, someone lost a bet somewhere.

Steve Kubler 5 years ago

Better than those blackout or whatever they called them uni's but not by much. At least you can read the players number and name. Not something I'd want to be seen in public wearing, particularly the blue!

Micky Baker 5 years ago

If they're going to be camo unis make them actual camo and honor the military by doing it. These are terrible looking unis Adidas.

flloyd 5 years ago

I think we ought to wear as much "true" camo as possible so we can get away with more missed calls by the refs like at Iowa State!

Lash 5 years ago

We our need to make sure our uniforms are designed by KU or change companies...

notjustbread 5 years ago

Duck Dynasty...heavy on the nasty.

ahpersecoachingexperience 5 years ago

Lindsey Lohan, Honey Boo-Boo, and KU hoops. We're in good company!

JayhawkRock78 5 years ago

The track shorts were hot pink, more like neon pink brought in when a ku runner clearly won a race and a timer gave the race to the wrong athlete. They were a great tradition that matched a period of ku dominating big 8 track and were contenders for national championships. We were down for quite a while but the last year or two coming in strong especially our girls.

We've got an All American triple jumper that is a beauty. If she was playing tennis, golf, or she would be a household name like Lindsey Vaughn the skier. I will try to find a link and maybe we can get some exposure to another deserving KU program.

Jerry Long 5 years ago

Call Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey - We found their clown suits, come and get them.

brooksmd 5 years ago

Come on coach, give them to the custodian staff for dusting rags. We have nice uni's now and don't need this stupid crap.

BabsJG 5 years ago

The uniforms look ridiculous! YIKES!

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