Originally published March 27, 2012 at 12:00a.m., updated March 27, 2012 at 10:14a.m.

Tyshawn Taylor not yet dome-free

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor laughs between teammates Thomas Robinson, front, and Jeff Withey after it was brought to his attention by a media member that he is yet to make a three-pointer in the NCAA tournament when playing in a dome, Saturday, March 24, 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor laughs between teammates Thomas Robinson, front, and Jeff Withey after it was brought to his attention by a media member that he is yet to make a three-pointer in the NCAA tournament when playing in a dome, Saturday, March 24, 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.


When a reporter informed Kansas University senior guard Tyshawn Taylor the day before the North Carolina game that he never had hit a three-pointer in a dome, more stewing than laughing took place on the platform at which the coach and five starters sat.

Such a fact had not made its way into Taylor’s head, and once it did, it wasn’t likely to leave until he hit one.

Taylor played well in Sunday’s 80-67 victory against the Tar Heels that sent KU to the Final Four, but his bizarre NCAA Tournament long-range shooting slump continued.

He made 10 of 14 two-pointers, had six rebounds, five assists and five steals, but missed all five three-pointers and had three turnovers in a 22-point game. As usual, some of the high numbers were in the right places, some in the wrong places, but when they all were added up, the positives outweighed the negatives.

“When he doesn’t play well he gets a lot of attention, and when he does play well he gets a lot of attention,” KU coach Bill Self said Monday. “He’s one of those kind of kids. I’m so proud of him and how far he’s come.”

Taylor’s atypical three-point shooting stats compiled in four NCAA Tournaments: 3-for-37 overall; 0-for-17 in domes; 0-for-17 in this season’s tournament.

Taylor has the loudest, friendliest personality on the team. One day after being informed of his shooting futility, he was able to laugh about it.

“I don’t even care,” he said. “I don’t care one bit. I don’t like domes, but they love me, it seems like, because we won, you know.”

Proving he had not spent much time looking ahead, Taylor asked a question in hopes the answer would set him dome-free the rest of the way.

“Is New Orleans a dome, too?” Taylor asked.

Yes, the Superdome is indeed a dome.

“Oh, man,” Taylor said, disappointed.

Although it’s rare for a player to shoot 8 percent from three in NCAA Tourney games and 41 percent in all others, as has Taylor, poor dome shooting afflicts many.

“It’s depth perception, no question about it,” Louisville coach Rick Pitino said on a Monday conference call that featured the Final Four head coaches. “It’s the wide-open space. It’s something you need to get a little practice in and get used to, and I think you’ll feel comfortable in it.”

Taylor’s next assignment pits one of the toughest guards to guard against Ohio State’s Aaron Craft, one of the guarding guards. In the Dec. 10 game won by Kansas, 78-67, in which injured Buckeyes center Jared Sullinger didn’t play, the point guards played to a stalemate. Taylor had 13 assists, seven turnovers and did not attempt a three-pointer. If he can trim a few turnovers, repeating the other two stats might make for a ticket to the title game for Taylor and teammates.

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tommy glenn 2 years ago

Im so jealous of all you guys that live in such close proximity to all that is KU, but do not believe there are not those of us far away that dont share your passion. Do you know how hard it is to get KU stuff in myrtle beach sc?????? i have to order everything, but i do share you guys (and gals) passion, and want you all to know jayhawk nation is alive and daughter was videoing me on sunday when we won....take a look.....


jhawkrulz 2 years ago

Now thinking about it. When KU played UK, we lost during about a 4-6 min span, and UK was drilling the 3s (we weren't quite shifting on our D).

If UK somehow makes it the championship, this dome thing might actually be a good thing for KU. UK is more dependent on the 3 and with domes in theory would be more prone to miss.

Don't count the Jayhawks out (like all of those ESPN announcers did, I think in the 3rd round).


KansasComet 2 years ago

Not the least bit concerned about Tyshawn Taylor making 3 pointers. He is one of my favorite guys and I believe in him. I am more worried about foul trouble. Sullinger tends to draw a lot of fouls. To me, that is the key to the game. If we stay out of foul trouble and get rebounds, we should be in good shape. Elijah has shown he can be "Mr. Big Shot" if we need that. Let's let Tyshawn do what he does best, play great basketball and score baskets by any means.


JayhawkInMO 2 years ago

I'm not worried at all about 3's. KU just needs to play like they did in the 2nd half against NC. If they do, they are better than OSU and Kentucky.


Benjamin Piehler 2 years ago

I prefer Ty driving at the basket anyway...


jaybate 2 years ago

"Some Keeganisms that the Editors Did Not Miss Last Night"

~Johnsons’s next assignment pits one of the most workman like 2 guards to guard against Ohio State’s Lenzelle Smith, another one of the most workman like guarding guards."

~"Sullinger...hick-up...will not guard...hick-up...Robinson. He will...hick-up...Withey."

~"Destillery Thomas will guard Thomas Bushmills."

~"Travis Daniels Red will guard W.L. Buford Weller."

~KU may come out cold as ice in a tumbler."

~Ohio State is almost certain to score a snifter of points.

(Note: all fiction. No malice. Cheers, Tom.)


HawkKlaw 2 years ago

"Taylor’s next assignment pits one of the toughest guards to guard against Ohio State’s Aaron Craft, one of the guarding guards."

What a ridiculous attempt at a coherent thought.


Tony Bandle 2 years ago

Short form response to icthawkfan316:

1] Yes 2] Fired 3] Baylor [Drew, the new Quinny] 4] Manning

Tony Parker, we'll be great next year, EJ, TR, JW, BenMac and Perry, Landon Lucas, another big would be nice, we are great this year, TRob hands down, let's talk about Tyshawn, no one get injured, OSU is going down at full strength and due to high pressures boiler plates need to be relative thick with pop-riveted joints.

Good enough??


Hawktacular 2 years ago

Fact: we didn't need Tyshawn to hit threes to win on Sunday vs. UNC and we don't need him to hit threes on Saturday to beat OSU. Tyshawn needs to play his game on Saturday and the offense will come.

Fact: Monday we need everyone to hit threes. Self might even need to hit a couple.

Final Four- this is so awesome! Rock Chalk!


Gil Ek 2 years ago

Final Four should be in Allen Fieldhouse every year!!! To Hades with all the dome BS.


Randy Bombardier 2 years ago

Best comment" Roy couldn't win ugly. How true. Very frustrating. If KU was playing poorly you knew they were going to lose.

As far as Ty Taylor? He will get over it. It could be a depth perception thing with having to look up at the time clock, perhaps the distance and placement of the clock is related. Be interesting to see if he could just look at ground level to see the clock what the effect would be.


jgkojak 2 years ago

If I could pick a rival? I'd like KSU to be a Top 20 program and make those games incredible every year. Since that's a long way from happening thanks to Curry, second would be Iowa State, who we have a longtime series with and who always plays us tough.

My top 3 coaches to hire: 1) Bill Self 2) Danny Manning - no seriously, he'd recruit the big men, even to a mid major 3) Izzo


WilburNether 2 years ago

Way to go, idiot reporter. Now he's going to be jacking up one 3 after another to try to shed this "jinx."


Scott Smetana 2 years ago

Domes suck for fans, especially when they put the court in the middle of the football field. All seats except for those on the field itself suck. They have to pump music from the band over the loudspeakers to hear it. The tourney belongs in basketball arenas.... there are some awesome venues out there for NBA teams.

On another note.... The 'experts' forget one huge thing when comparing matchups for the KU/OSU game. The Coaches. To me that's huge. That's why we beat UNC.


REHawk 2 years ago

Speaking of Big 12 matters, has reported sources claiming that Frank Martin is taking the South Carolina job. If he was actually cut ouf of the loop in the decision to suspend Jamar Samuels the day before the Tournament, I figured he was bound to wave goodbye to the Wildcats the moment a decent opportunity arose to get back closer to his Florida recruiting base.


flyingfinn 2 years ago

In response to icthawkfan316 and having lived and worked in Mizzou for many years I have found somethings to be interesting about others rooting for KU. We have K-State friends and Mizzou grads that actually were very nice and congratulated us on KU's recent runs in the tourney. The most rabid , hateful Mizzo fans are the ones that live in Mizzery but did not even go to Mizzou. I call them Mizzou want-a-be's and for the life of me I do not understand their mentality at all; I think that they are REALLY still living in Civil War times. I wear my KU colors all of the time and most people while giving me some good natured kidding are pretty nice, but the ones mentioned above are total A$$holes.


jaybate 2 years ago

"Dome Free"

(A Duet to be sung for Quantum T by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga before the start of the KU game to ensure he goes 5-5 from trey versus Lo-hio State. And, yes, they would sing this, if asked, for our stellar guard from Sinatraville.)

Dome free, as free as the threes flow As free as the trinity Dome free to follow your heart

Shoot free and trinities arc true The swish will astound you Each time you shoot it from far

Stay free, where no fouling divides you You're free as the roaring tide So there's no need to hide

Dome free, and treys are worth giving But only worth giving 'Cause you're dome free

(Stay free, where no picks can divide you) You're free as the roaring tide So there's no need to hide

Shoot free, and life is worth living But only worth living 'Cause you're dome free


tis4tim 2 years ago

Nevermind the 3-point shots. As long as they're good looks (i.e. not a 1 on 3 anti-fastbreak) I can live with whatever the outcome. If, however, TT doesn't cut out the lazy one-handed push passes just after crossing the timeline, Craft will score in double digits based on steals and layups alone. McAdoo had at least four points on interceptions of such passes in the UNC game.


BCRavenJHawkfan 2 years ago

the cavernous space of a Dome is like shooting from distance out here on the flat high plains of West Texas. Right now Taylor's shot is just a little flat as evidenced by the rim rattler's he has put up. Most threes are a little strong because of the changed trajectory. The bigger question is, does Taylor really need the three ball? My answer is NO. So far he has proven he can get to the lane where good things happen. He has also shown he can hit at any of what I call those "Around the World" areas (history lesson for young'ins, Around the World is a game where you must make in succession shots along the lane, up one side down the other, then move out two feet and come back around. In old school days it forced one to develop off the glass shots as well as not). I think Ohio St. is willing to give up that mid range jumper and to me Taylor has proven he can knock it down.


William Blake 2 years ago

TT just needs some time in these domes to tune his trey. He should pump up as many practice shots as possible before each game. The depth perception is different in domes.

0 - 17 ?

He'll need to go 10 -10 this weekend (from trey) to bring up his average to at least respectable.

There is your new hill to climb, TT! If it isn't interesting to do, then just go out and win two more games and forget about it!


Dyrk Dugan 2 years ago

Tyshawn had one shot that pinballed out....he'll make one in New Orleans....maybe two. :)

His legacy is set...he doesn't have to worry about any of that now, he can just play.

the point is, it really doesn't matter...with his defense and dribble drives. that's what he should emphasize. Yes, he had a nice year during the season pct. wise on the three, but that's not the focus now.

Neutralize Sullinger, and basically be aggressive like we were in Lawrence the first time, and we'll be fine.

Go Jayhawks!


jahawkdave 2 years ago

Almost all kids grow up shooting and playing ball outside. There is no bigger dome then that. TT go take a couple shooting sessions at a nearby outdoor court, it's all in your head. TT and Teahan have been shooting 3's with a shooting not to miss attitude, instead of a shooting to make it stroke, sounds silly, but it's a big difference, happens all the time at the free throw line. Rock Chalk


Bagarski 2 years ago

Tyshawn had three turnovers against UNC, not five. Please get your facts straight before you write a story. Checking a box score (ESPN,, etc) is not hard.


jayhawkinATL 2 years ago

Two of the regional finals (East and West) were played in NBA arenas, not domes. Wonder how the Superdome setting will affect those teams (Ohio State and Louisville)???


ccarp 2 years ago

Get your threes the old fashioned way, drive for 2 and get to the line. You got that all day!


Keith Hummel 2 years ago

Am I the only person who doesn't understand this sentence?

"Taylor’s next assignment pits one of the toughest guards to guard against Ohio State’s Aaron Craft, one of the guarding guards."


Martin Rosenblum 2 years ago

“I don’t even care,” he said. “I don’t care one bit. I don’t like domes, but they love me, it seems like, because we won, you know"

I know this quote is sort of out of context. But, when a player makes a statement that he doesn't like something and not indicate that he's willing to seek the answer to a nagging and blaring deficiency in his productivity because of that dislike, it sounds a lot like he's being selfish and not having the team's goals as his goals. Negative statements like "I don't even care", "I don't care one bit" and "I don't like domes" set the tone for his single minded, self-centered attitude. Then to go further and to suggest that "they love me, it seems, because we won" is very much taking ownership for the victory, also a self centered attitude.

As I pointed out in an earlier post, he had 22 points for the game. But, until there was only about 4 inutes left, he only had 10. True, he had some assists and steals, in the first 30 minuts that he played. But, as in other recent post season games, he seems to turn his attention to scoring only at the end of a close game. His lack of efficiency with 3 pointers in games in domes could be a problem in the next game/s that could spell the difference in our victory or defeat, should he lay back until the last few minutes to try to "save the game" without previously contributing points consistently. Driving to the basket has not worked against some tournament teams for him. He needs to play a complete game start to finish.


wrwlumpy 2 years ago





Bangkok_Jayhawk 2 years ago

Tyshawn is a guy, like Sherron Collins, who certainly had his up and down moments off the court. Winning does not make you a good person and losing does not make you a bad person. I hope that the Tyshawn Taylor we see leaving Kansas is as solid of a person off the court as he is on the court. My bet is that he will be!

Get em Tyshawn!


Cmill1221 2 years ago

I will admit I said back in December that we were a sweet16 team at best mainly B/C of depth and I felt like foul trouble in the tournament would do us in. Still I really believed we would win our 8th straight b/c I didn't think anyone was good enough to take it from us. I think we match up well and will beat Ohio State b/c I really believe our guards are better. I keep hearing about this Craft kid and how good his defense is. I really feel like when they say things about defensive guards it's a nice way of saying they suck. It's like talking about a Head Coach and how his players love him and he has a good graduatin rate but his record is something like 10-200 (turner gill status). Even tho they call releford a defensive guard he still had a game where he put up 32 so yeah, he can play. I didn't see anything that really scared me at AFH even if they would have had sullinger, I think our guards are the difference. But even if we get by them I really don't see anyone beating Kentucky. I know we have gotten a ton better as the season has gone on but so have they. But if there is one thing I have learned this season (As if 08 wasnt enough) it's you can NEVER give up on a Bill Self team.


jaybate 2 years ago

  1. Those that believe incompetent elites deciding who is good and who is not, and cloaking those dubious choices in hype, are good for the game, will cheer for Contucky, Lo-hio State, and Slick'deVille. Those that believe in an America where unhyped groups of talented, skillful, and hard working citizens band together under superior leadership to solve problems, get things done, and achieve greatness, while wearing red, white and blue, will cheer for KU.

Kye Clark 2 years ago

At this point of the season, all the arm-chair analysis is in. Not much more to be said regarding what we'd like to see, how the team is playing, etc. Just a LONG wait 'til Saturday. I'm sure someone will bring up Tony Parker, or next year's team in general, and half a day or more will be killed watching posters outline how they think our line-up will look next year, try to rationalize how Ellis will play the 3 and we "really need another big", who should redshirt, etc. There will also be the lauding of praise on this year's team & HCBS (well-deserved), maybe some POY talk about how much more deserving TRob is than Davis. Should a player be singled out (like Tyshawn here) as the topic for an article I'm sure there will be some conversation focusing on that. Hopefully there are no "developments", injuries or anything of that nature, that warrant discussion. This goes for both us and OSU. I don't want any of their players to miss the beating we lay on them this time around.

Anyway, in lieu of the usual boilerplate discussions, in honor of the Final Four, here's four random topics/questions. Discuss at your leisure:

  1. With the exception of Mizery, I think most KU fans will root for Big XII schools in the tournament. Same goes for Coach Self & his team. That being said, do you think the other teams in our conference are rooting for us this weekend? Either their fans or the coaches & teams?

  2. Whatever happened to Gus Johnson? Did he call any tournament games this year? I don't recall ever hearing him this year, which is a bummer because he's the best!

  3. Some (myself included) have said in the past that KU is in need of a true rival in the conference. We all hated Mizery, but they were never a rival in the sense that they rarely challenged us for conference supremacy. If you could choose, what school would you like to see ascend to that position, and who do you think is the closest right now?

  4. On the heels of the Jason King article yesterday about Bill Self, in which he states if he was starting a program today Self is at the top of the list for coaches you'd want to run your program, who do you think is #2? Even if it's someone you despise right now. (As per the King article, it is not "who has the best resume". Here's a link for anyone that missed it: )

Anyway, just trying to break up the monotony. Like I said, gonna be a LONG week.


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