Friday, October 21, 2011 staff’s Week 8 college football picks college football staff picks. college football staff picks.


The following are the Journal-World staffers' picks for Week 8 of the college football season.

Week 8 games

Kansas State at Kansas

Oklahoma State at Missouri

Illinois at Purdue

Wisconsin at Michigan State

Penn State at Northwestern

Georgia Tech at Miami (FL)

Off-the-wall question: What is your favorite commercial?


LeBron James/ESPN commercial

Matt Tait (28-8 overall, 5-1 in Week 7)

Kansas State 38, Kansas 28

Oklahoma State 49, Missouri 41

Illinois 30, Purdue 24

Wisconsin 35, Michigan State 33

Penn State 27, Northwestern 21

Miami 31, Georgia Tech 27

Question: As far as I'm concerned, every commercial that's ever been done for ESPN's SportsCenter is absolute gold, but the one above is of my favorites.


Drew Barrymore/Covergirl commercial

Tom Keegan (23-13 overall, 4-2 in Week 7)

Kansas State 34, Kansas 24

Oklahoma State 44, Missouri 35

Illinois 28, Purdue 21

Wisconsin 34, Michigan State 21

Penn State 31, Northwestern 28

Georgia Tech 41, Miami 38

Question: Drew Barrymore Covergirl commercial. It made my eyes pop.

Gary Bedore (21-15 overall, 4-2 in Week 7)

Kansas State 49, Kansas 24

Oklahoma State 27, Missouri 20

Illinois 22, Purdue 20

Wisconsin 44, Michigan State 29

Northwestern 28, Penn State 27

Miami 34, Georgia Tech 21

Question: Advertising selling land in Meadview, Arizona.


Andres Cantor/Geico commercial

Eric Sorrentino (20-16 overall, 4-2 in Week 7)

Kansas State 32, Kansas 21

Oklahoma State 45, Missouri 35

Illinois 30, Purdue 20

Wisconsin 24, Michigan State 21

Penn State 27, Northwestern 14

Miami 30, Georgia Tech 24

Question: Could switching to Geico really save you 15 percent or more on car insurance? ... Can futbol announcer Andres Cantor make any sport exciting?

Google Video

ESPN Y2K commercial

Jesse Newell (19-17 overall, 4-2 in Week 7)

Kansas State 42, Kansas 14

Missouri 49, Oklahoma State 45

Purdue 21, Illinois 17

Wisconsin 42, Michigan State 31

Penn State 24, Northwestern 17

Georgia Tech 35, Miami (FL) 31

Question: ESPN Y2K: "Follow me to Freedom!"


nuleafjhawk 2 years, 6 months ago

Hamhocktoe - is there a remote possibility that any of you purple princesses could come up with something original?

The 13-1 thing and the donkey noises (emaw, emaw) are getting a tad old. You know it's bad when it sounds stupid even coming from K-Staters.

I'm guessing you're about 9 years old, or you would know that K-State just about administered the lethal injection to the so-called football program before Moses took over. They were dead last, in offense, defense, special teams, mascots, cheerleaders, facilities, and concessions for about 100 years before that.

Now you're dead last in intelligent, witty fans.


Janet Scott 2 years, 6 months ago

Sorry to say, but KU will tommorrow look like a crossdresser trying to put on a bra for the first time.


danmoore 2 years, 6 months ago

What's with all the big10 games? Might as well include Conference USA.


texashawk10 2 years, 6 months ago

I feel like quoting Joe College shirts right now (I miss them).

I'd rather drop out of school in Lawrence than graduate from that sh*thole in Manhattan. The only sign of intelligent life in Manhattan, KS: Lawrence, 87 miles If your kid goes to KSU, don't worry you can always get another one. I had a nightmare I was a Wildcat. (Not Joe College, but could be if they were still in business): It could be worse, we could have EcoKat for a mascot!

I really enjoyed this too:


Cole Hogan 2 years, 6 months ago

KU will win. the stats point towards it. final score? 28-27 KU


ahpersecoachingexperience 2 years, 6 months ago

Based on TK's video last week, the commercial this week, and recent sports takes I think his cable carrier has switched channels. Replacing espn with lifetime!


jhawkrulz 2 years, 6 months ago

I've always said this is a very winnable game, but KSU has been outlasting teams and KU hasn't been finishing games (and in some cases OSU not even starting the game). All that being said is KU hangs in until adjustments are made, knowing that HCTG doesn't make ingame adjustments, KU loses.

I was surprised to see some people having OSU only scoring like 20-something points and on top of that Missouri winning in some cases. If MU wins it will be because they outscore OSU, not because of the defense.

the rest of the games are Big 10 games and I don't know why we would be picking those games.

Although I think there are some great commercials, some that have been funny lately are: The one where the guy smashes the other guys cellphone with a picture of a taratula on it, makes me laugh everytime. The new one will the VW car and the two guys are going on a roadtrip and the guy didn't bring any music, but has a spanish language learning the end they are yelling at each other in Spanish...again makes me laugh.

An old timer - Love the MJ/Bird original Horse for MickeyD Fries.

If you are talking about ESPN, the one in 3D, where they break the 3D camera, is awesome, at least in 3D.


texashawk10 2 years, 6 months ago

KSU 38 KU 34

Jordan Webb throws a pick very late and KSU steals another win this year making it 5 out 7 win that are come from behind.

OSU 52 MU 27

OSU rolls Missouri.

Illinois 45 Purdue 21

Purdue still isn't that good and Illinois will be playing angry

Wisconsin 48 MSU 24

Wisconsin keeps on rolling

Penn St. 34 Northwestern 7

JoePa's got another one of those teams with a great defense but very little offense.

Favorite commercial:


troutsee 2 years, 6 months ago

I do not agree with Jesse. This will not be a blow out. If Webb is on, we win.


manginorh00lz 2 years, 6 months ago

Jesse Newell wins the favorite commercial competition.

Keegan makes honorable mention for being a sleaze.


jayhawkintx1973 2 years, 6 months ago

Kansas 38 Kansas State 28 (If Turner Gill learns that he has to make adjustments during a game). The game plan doesn't have to change completely, but if you want to use running backs you don't have to hand them the ball every time.

Shovel Passes. Screen Plays (Middle, Flat, Outlets) Hot Reads Tight End Leak out Pass plays (fake a block and leak out for a pass) Tim Biere is very good at this

Hook and Lateral(Hmm, that worked with John Randall) Christian Matthews throwing the ball out of the wildcat? He was recruited as a QB, by the way. Maybe bringing in a McDougald for an offensive play or too at least as a decoy. We did that with Charles Gordon and Aqib Talib.

These kids are capable Turner Gill. I'm holding out on if you are capable. I was quite excited when you first hired, and I was very wrong about that. Turner Gill, WIN THIS GAME! This a huge game for recruiting! This is a huge game for the University of Kansas. WIN THIS GAME, whatever you have to do personnel wise, WIN THIS GAME. Audible out of running plays to a screen pass if they show blitz. Jordan Webb is smart enough and good enough.


hihawk 2 years, 6 months ago

Looks like everyone is picking Kansas ST. to drill KU. I guess I am right a long with them, only 49-14 another blowout like last year. Bill will teach turner how to play football again.


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